Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's That Time Again

by Beth

It's that time again! Time for Summer Movies! Some blockbusters are already playing but there are plenty more to be released in the next three months. Since we rarely go to the movie theater and only hit the Drive-In about once a summer, my goal this summer is to watch at least a few new movies in the theater. Here (in no particular order *g*) is a quick list of the ones I'm willing to pay good money to see:

Up. I'm a huge pixar fan and I've already been cracking up at the trailer, especially the dog with the talking collar *g*

The Proposal. I love both Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds and this romantic comedy looks like a lot of fun!

The Ugly Truth. Another Rom Com, this one with Katherine Heigl and the super yummy Gerald Butler *sigh* (What can I say? I'm a romance writer. I love romantic comedies *g*)

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Yes! The next HP film will be out in July! My kids and I (and millions of others) can't wait :-)

Funny People. I recently saw the trailer for this and it looks really good and Seth Rogan cracks me up *ggg*

Here are some I'm willing to wait to watch when they come out on DVD:

X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Don't get me wrong, I love Hugh Jackman and enjoyed the first two X-Men movies (especially the first one) but since it's been out for a few weeks I know I probably won't get a chance to see it.

Star Trek. I've never been a Star Trek fan but this movie looks so good, it may just change my mind :-)

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. Looks really cute and I adore Jennifer Gardner.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. I realize some movies are better seen on the big screen and I'm guessing this is one of them but if it's as long as the first one, I'd rather be home where I can pause the movie for snack breaks *g*

What movies will you try to see at the theater? Anyone else enjoy the Drive-In? Have any of you ever walked out of a movie theater because you thought the movie was so bad? What's your favorite snack to splurge on at the theater? If you could take the Golden Rooster to a movie this summer, what would you see?

If you want to check out the movies I've mentioned, click on their titles. I've included links to their official websites. Just don't forget to come back ;-)


PinkPeony said...

Hi Beth! I just finished A Not So Perfect Past! It was FAB! Dillion was major hubba. :)

Jane said...

I've never been to a Drive-In. I would take the GR to see Christian Bale as John Connor in "Terminator Salvation." I think the GR is fan of action movies. I'm also eagerly awaiting the release of the G.I. Joe movie in August. My favorite snack is popcorn with extra butter. I also like noshing on Milk Duds and Goobers.

Congrats on the GR, Pink Peony.

PinkPeony said...

Beth...unfortunately, most of the drive-ins around here are closed. My parents used to take us to the drive-in during summer when we were kids. We saw a lot of the Disney movies...The Love Bug, Parent Trap, Son of Flubber...I think the drive-in is ideal for families because it's so much cheaper! I can't remember the last time I was in a movie theatre. I think we saw Pride and Prejudice because it was a very hot day and we don't have air conditioning. Two movies come to mind that I wanted to walk out on...Glengarry was so abusive, not exactly uplifting and the other was Pulp Fiction. I couldn't understand the rave reviews it received. Yes, it was campy and funny but the violence was too gratuitous for me. Favorite snacks would be good popcorn and a Diet Coke. The GR and I have only spent one day together so I'm not sure what he'd like to see, but I'd make sure we'd sit near an aisle in case he needed to make a run to the snack bar or use the facilities. :)

Amy Andrews said...

Hi Beth. I saw Ghost of G'friends the other day. I was actually a little reluctant to go cos as much as I lurve rom coms, and I do, I really, realy do, it somehow just didn't appeal. Maybe it was something to do with the truly awful Fools Gold. But it was interesting watching it from a writers perspective - they really gave him a good GMC!!
Can't wait to see the Sandra Bullock one you mentioned and the Kathryn Hiegel/Gerard Butler one - think I need a Gerard Butler hero....
Basically, I love, love, love movies!!! Would love to try my hand at a filmscript.

Ahhh, Drive-Ins. These are a dying tradition in Oz. Think my nearest is an hour drive away now :-(
I saw Grease for the first time at a Drive-In (how apt)
But oh!! The movies I missed when I was a teenager at the Drive-In with my then boyfriend (later my husband). Man oh man, I love the Drive-In. Great memories. Great for kids too. Saw quite a few when our kids were babies (and we were too tired to do anything other than watch!!!) and they'd fall asleep about 5 mins into the first movie. We'd get out of the car, take the portacot and a bottle of red and hey presto!!! Heaven!!!

And seeing as how she's obviously not going to, I'm going to out Fo. Anna Campbell has just been nominated for the most prestigious award in Oz for Romance writing -her 2nd, I believe - the RBY. Well done my friend! So very, very exciting!!!

Helen said...

Congrats Pink Peony have fun with him and I totally agree Dillion and A Not So Perfect Past fantastic book and hero.

Firstly huge congrats Anna on the nomination

Beth great post I am a bit like you I don't go to the movies much at all we usually wait for them to come on DVD but there is one movies I will not miss at the theatre and that is the Harry Potter one The Half Blood Prince can't wait to see it we usually all go together Hubby and the daughters and daughter in law we are getting excited about it.

I too used to love going to the Drive In and I agree with Amy there were a lot of movies that I never got to see them to the end LOL we only have one left near us and it is about 30 mins away

If I was going to take the Golden Rooster to the movies with me I would take him to see The Half Blodd Prince I could see him with a wand LOL

Have Fun

Christine Wells said...

Hi Beth! What a fun blog. Thanks for the run-down.

I think the last movie I went to see was Sex and the City (how long ago was THAT??) so I'm just about ready to go again:)

Love me a romcom and it's great to see there are a couple out. And of course, couldn't miss Harry Potter. Might even go Gold Class for that one!

CONGRATS to Anna for her R*by nomination!!! Great news, Foanna:)

And yay for Jen nabbing the rooster. Lots of good news today.

Gillian Layne said...

We are really looking forward to Night at the Museum II (that's not the right title). Two more days and school is out!!! Hurray!

I'm sure we'll see Harry Potter more than once. I think it opens when you all will be at RWA Nationals--you guys should grab a bunch of people and go! We'll probably see Terminator more than once, too.

I think UP will be adorable. I like movies I can take the youngest to.

Our biggest issue isn't the movie prices, but the food--I want my 10$ popcorn! But the waste...sheesh. I am a believer in the "big purse" at theaters but sometimes I just want to buy it there.

Gillian Layne said...

Anna, sweetie, congratulations! :)

Beth Andrews said...

Morning, All!

Pink! Thank you so much! I'm thrilled you enjoyed ANSPP *g* I have a soft spot for Dillon as well :-)

Congrats on nabbing the GR! What do you two have planned for the day?

Beth Andrews said...

Hi, Jane. I'd say you're right on target with the GR's move preferences. I'm sure action/adventure tops his list *g*

I haven't seen any of the Terminator movies (I can hardly believe it either) but may have to rectify that so I'm not totally lost when I see Terminator: Salvation.

I also want to see G.I. Joe. (The theme song from the cartoon is now stuck in my head.) Loved that show when I was a kid :-)

And I'm with you on the popcorn - the more butter the better!

Beth Andrews said...

Pink, we love the Drive-In because it's so affordable with the kids. The only problem is, both of the Drive-Ins in our area are a good 40min drive away which means we sometimes don't get home until 3a.m. Much too late for my husband, which is why we don't go very often *g*

I don't think I've ever walked out of the theater but there were times I wanted to. Such as during My Giant (my son and I were the ONLY TWO people in the theater and they still ran the movie)

Seating the GR on the aisle is a smart move. We know from when he was at Jeanne's house how much he loves popcorn. I hope you can get him free refills :-)

Beth Andrews said...

Hi, Amy! I love movies too. Actually, since I've renewed my Netflix account and I now have movies I can watch instantly, I've been wanting to watch movies all day *g* Which, sadly, doesn't bode well for the WIP :-)

How cool you have so many fun memories of the Drive-In! My husband and I went once when we were dating but I remember snuggling up next to him in the front seat of his truck ;-)

Beth Andrews said...

And seeing as how she's obviously not going to, I'm going to out Fo. Anna Campbell has just been nominated for the most prestigious award in Oz for Romance writing -her 2nd, I believe - the RBY. Well done my friend! So very, very exciting!!!Yay!! Thanks for outing Fo, Amy.

Congrats, Anna!! So thrilled for you :-)

Beth Andrews said...

LOL, Helen! I can so easily picture the GR with a wand. And perhaps, a Wizard's hat? :-)

Oh, wouldn't the GR be wonderful IN a movie? Perhaps, instead of all those gorgeous owls delivering mail to the students at Hogwarts, the GR could deliver a package or two *g*

I'm hoping to see the new HP at the Drive-In with my daughters. There's just something about that HUGE screen that makes movies so exciting!

Beth Andrews said...

Christine, I think you have me beat. (or I have you beat *g*) I believe the last movie I saw out was when I took my daughters and their friends to see Wall-E and Get Smart at the Drive-In last summer.

I really need to get out more ;-)

What is Gold Class? Is that like First Class for movie theaters?

Beth Andrews said...

Gillian, Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian looks like so much fun! My daughters and I were forever quoting the first one after we saw it. Owen Wilson as Jedediah the cowboy and Steve Coogan as Octavius cracked us up

I'm a fan of the Big Purse as well but there's nothing like popcorn from the theater, is there?

I used to bring Airheads to the movies for my kids and then we'd get a large popcorn to share *g*

And your kids only have 2 more days of school? Lucky kids *g* Mine still have two more weeks :-)

PinkPeony said...

I think GR and I will pack some care packages and make two pear pecan coffeecakes.
I, too, am a fan of big purse...the cost of popcorn and a soda at the theatre is the price of an adult ticket!

Louisa Cornell said...

Congrats, on nabbing the GR, Pink! Perhaps you two can take in a matinee.


I have fond memories of the drive-in as a child. My folks used to pile us into the station wagon every Friday night and go to the Selmont Drive-In in Selma, Alabama. Saw lots of John Wayne and Disney movies there. Saw The Magnificent Seven on the big screen there and never forgot it.

I really want to see Wolverine in the theatre, but don't know if I will get there.

Definitely want to see the new Harry Potter!!

I have problems with his lifestyle and behavior, but Brad Pitt's new film Inglorious Bastards looks good.

I am a big fan of Raisinettes, thank you very much. YUMMY !!

But Aunt Pam's Movie Purse is legendary and can hold three large drinks and plenty of candy. Twizzlers for my niece. Goobers for one nephew. Milk Duds for the other nephew and Raisinettes for me.
You can buy those movie sized boxes at Wal-Mart for a buck!

However we do have to buy ONE bucket of buttered popcorn. Can't watch a movie without it.

Deb Marlowe said...

Congrats Pink!

Yay, Fo! Fingers are crossed for you!

Great post, Beth! Love the movies. I used to love the drive in when I was kid, too, but there aren't any around here. Somebody should open one, there are so many families--they'd make a mint!

I think this is going to be a big movie summer for us! The whole Fam LOVED Star Trek and there is a long list of 'must sees' on the dh and the kids' list!

I'm going to have to round up some girls for a couple of those rom coms! Sigh--Gerard Butler looks adorable in that trailer!

Deb Marlowe said...

Forgot to say--have to have the popcorn--no butter.

Our local theater ran this great promo--buy the Indiana Jones plastic bucket of popcorn, get it refilled for 18 MONTHS for 50 cents! Can't beat that!

Susan Sey said...

Good morning, Beth!

Oooooh, summer movies! Movies are my husband's & my favorite indulgence. We love to get a sitter, go see a movie where things blow up or with subtitles (we're omnivores) then go out to dinner & talk about the story. Or lack thereof.

It's so satisfying to do the entire experience, from trailers to opinions, in one fell swoop. When we're with the kids, everything is all disjointed. You know, stop for snacks, a bathroom break, baths, bed time, discipline, etc. Then maybe come back & finish the movie. Or maybe fall asleep on the couch. Then ask each other over breakfast about the twenty minutes between point a & b where we were sleeping.

So going out to the movies is such a treat! I'm most looking forward to the Transformers on the big screen. I have a soft spot for movies where stuff blows up & I'll confess right now to a raging cougar crush on Shia LaBeouf.

And I'm half in love with Optimus Prime, too. So Transformers it is!

And, weirdly, I just can't get excited about Up. It's getting rave reviews, & the trailers look cute, & I know I'll take the kids to see it, but...

I don't know. Maybe I'm missing something.

And as for movie treats? A giant bucket of popcorn, baby! I'm a traditionalist. They don't call 'em popcorn flicks for nothing!

Susan Sey said...

Oh, & I'm with Jane. I'm a huge Christian Bale fan, so we're springing for a baby sitter when the new Terminator movie comes out, too! Yahoo!

Susan Sey said...

Hey, Pink Peony--

I walked out on Glengarry Glen Ross, too. I realized later it was a David Mamet thing. I hate, hate, HATE his dialogue. All that stilted repetition? Ack.

jo robertson said...

Great topic, Beth! I lurve movies! Ironically, when I was teaching I saw one or two movies a week! Yes! I'd sneaked off and use the time to download all the stress of my life. Since retirement and writing full time, I've been lax on my movie going.

However, Harry Potter is definitely on my list. And the new Wolverine movie, even though the reviews weren't so good. Star Trek is a definite must. I grew up on the original William Shatner series and still love to watch the reruns. Funny because the dialogue and acting are so stilted, but the show was so innovative for its time.

Love me a good romantic comedy too, so I'll watch the new Gerald Butler movie even though Katherine Heigl's in it and I've gotten sick of her because of Grey's Anatomy.

Nancy said...

PinkPeony, congrats on grabbing the rooster! And I also just finished Beth's book and thought it was wonderful. Both Dillon and Nina were spot-on, and their conflicts were engaging and heart-wrenching. I especially liked the role the kids played.

Beth, Star Trek has hunky guys blowing stuff up. What's not to like? Get thee to the multiplex and see it! Oh, and it also has excellent portrayals in a character-driven story, just so you know. :-)

I plan to see it at least twice more on the big screen.

As for the questions, I would not take the GR to a movie because I'd be afraid he would embarrass me by staging a raid on the refreshment stand. Not to mention his tendency to ogle women.

I might let him go if Demetrius or Marcus came along to keep him in check.

My favorite movie snack, which I rarely indulge since sitting in the dark with an open box results in a syndrome remarkably like the clean plate compulsion, is Milk Duds. And Coke. Not Pepsi. Coke. *g* And that combo sends me into orbit on a sugar high that leads to a dramatic crash later, another reason to avoid it most of the time.

I plan to see Terminator and close out the summer by seeing the "real" Kyle Reese, Michael Biehn, at DragonCon. We're eagerly awaiting the Harry Potter film. We read the books aloud together, and we truly love them.

I like romantic comedies, too, and I love action movies. On the recommendation of a friend, I rented Vin Diesel in Babylon A.D. It was a bit more violent than I generally like, and highly dystopian in the beginning, but overall, it was a good movie. Though I prefer my endings a little more upbeat, which is the main reason (along with all the impaling) I won't be gong back to Wolverine.

My favorite X-Man was Jean/Phoenix, with Scott (Cyclops) coming in close behind, and they're toast now. *sigh*

The last drive-in around here closed years ago. My high school friends and I went one night, cramming 9 people into a Chevy Impala because the admission was $1 a carload. I think that may have been the last time I went. The dh and his family frequently went to the drive-in when he was little. They're fading pieces of Americana.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hey Pink! You got the chook! Go you! :>

Beth, this is a great topic. I adore movies and I'm going to see Star Trek this weekend. I'm DYING to see it, being a trekkie from waaaaay back.

I think both the rom coms look good, and I adore Sandra Bullock.

Snacks...hmmm...I usually don't indulge, but I adore popcorn and red twizzlers. :>

I'm with Jane, I think Terminator is the GR's kind of movie, Star Trek too. He's like me and Nancy, he likes lots of "BOOM!" Grins.

p226 said...

Star Trek was obligatory because of my wife. I kid her mercilessly about being a geek because of her trekkiness. Coming from a computer forensics guy, being called a "geek" must be particularly annoying. :D

Transformers will be obligatory because of my son.

The rest, I'm not that excited about. Nor will, I expect, my family.

I have heard some rumors that Tom Hanks is going to be doing a "Pacific" Band of Brothers. I'll renew my HBO subscription JUST to see that if he does.

limecello said...

How on earth did you forget Public Enemies?! :P Actually, that's a movie I only recently discovered. But I so want to see it.

Hellie Sinclair said...

I saw Ghosts of Girlfriends Past and I thought it was funny. He was quite an ANTI-hero, but it had its moments. I'm not a Matthew M. fan, but I do usually enjoy him in rom coms.

I am looking forward to the Proposal too (I love Sandra Bullock movies; and I think Ryan Reynolds is HAWT).

I *cannot* wait for Harry Potter. Cannot-cannot-cannot.

I also think UP looks hysterical (because of the dog scene) and will be going to see that. Pixar does do great stuff. I just finally got to watch Wall-E, and man was that funny. Practically no dialogue--but Wall-E is a great character. *LOL*

I need to see a clip on The Ugly Truth. I can always watch another rom-com. :)

A movie that's on my list--but probably few others--is Year One with Jack Black. I'm not a Jack Black fan. I'm not a Michael Cera fan either. But the content and jokes that make up the screenplay looked very amusing in the trailer. Black's character eats the "forbidden fruit" and he's banished from the tribe. On their journey they meet Cain and Abel who immediately start beating the crap out of each other...there's a stoning. Laughs galore really. I love irreverent stuff ala Life of Brian.

OH, and I have to see Public Enemies with my darling Johnny Depp. Helllllooooo.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

P226 said: I have heard some rumors that Tom Hanks is going to be doing a "Pacific" Band of Brothers. I'll renew my HBO subscription JUST to see that if he does.

Oh, crap. That means my DH will be drooling over seeing it and we'll have to re-up for the duration of it as well. :>

Keira Soleore said...

Congrats, Pink Peony, on nabbing the Chook.

I want to see Star Trek & Angels & Demons. Hoping to snag a babysitter so we can go and see them both in the theater. Both these movies wouldn't have the same effect in the much smaller TV-format.

Unknown said...

Congrat Pink Peony on nabbing that rooster today!

Sorry we never go to the movies anymore. We used to wait and rent them on video but we don't do that much anymore. The video we use to use has closed and we just haven't found another one yet!

Beth Andrews said...

I think GR and I will pack some care packages and make two pear pecan coffeecakes.Yum! Great idea. And as the GR is an expert Spy, you won't have any problem sneaking your treats in

Beth Andrews said...

But Aunt Pam's Movie Purse is legendary and can hold three large drinks and plenty of candy. Twizzlers for my niece. Goobers for one nephew. Milk Duds for the other nephew and Raisinettes for me.LOL, Louisa! Snacks AND drinks? Aunt Pam is a marvel *g* I'm all for Twizzlers at the movies. For some reason I prefer them over chocolate when at the theater.

I'm on the fence about Inglourious Basterds. I'm not much of a Quentin Tarantino fan.

Thanks for sharing your Drive-In memories with us. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend a Friday night *g*

Terri Osburn said...

My kiddo and I are SO excited for the new Transformers. (high 5s Smoov!) I didn't get on the bandwagon until the first one hit HBO but now we've probably watched it a dozen times. Our new kitten is even named Bumblebee. :)

Other than that, I'm looking forward to Up. Add me to the Pixar fan list and I loved this one the first time I saw the trailer months ago.

I saw the trailer for GI Joe and it actually looks good. Channing Tatum is so yummy so that helps.

Congrats Pink on the GR and Anna on the nomination!

Beth Andrews said...

Deb, I should move down there and open a Drive-In! I could write during the day and watch movies all night *g*

I LOVE the trailer for The Ugly Truth! See? If I lived closer, we could see it together.

That's it. I'm moving :-)

Beth Andrews said...

Our local theater ran this great promo--buy the Indiana Jones plastic bucket of popcorn, get it refilled for 18 MONTHS for 50 cents!Fabulous deal! When I was kid, a local movie theater was in the mall and we used to buy popcorn from there to take home. I wonder if you can still do that? I'd be there every weekend :-)

Terri Osburn said...

How could I forget Public Enemies?! Gosh, I'll be seeing that one too.

I have walked out of a theater because a film was terrible. It was Sin City. SO AWFUL! I couldn't take it, so we just left.

Beth - I grew up going to the drive-in but haven't been to one in forever. I'd love to take my daughter some time. I need to figure out if there's one anywhere around me.

Beth Andrews said...

Susan, my husband enjoys movies but doesn't love them as I do so he's just as happy to watch them at home *g* But now that the kids are old enough not to need sitters, maybe I can talk him into going with me more often!

We used to have Family Movie nights every Friday when the kids were little. We'd take turns picking dinner (take out) and the movie. It was so much fun but now that the kids are older, it's a rare treat since one is working and all three have busy social lives :-)

And it's even harder to pick a movie that a 17yo boy, a 14yo girl and a 12yo girl all want to watch :-P

Beth Andrews said...

LOL, Jo! I'm glad I don't watch Grey's Anatomy because I'm really anxious to see The Ugly Truth :-) I really liked Katherine Heigl in 27 Dresses. And, although I may not be the target audience, I do want to see Knocked Up. Did I mention Seth Rogan cracks me up?


My son wants to see Star Trek and he's not much into Sci Fi so I'll be interested to see what he thinks.

Beth Andrews said...

Thanks, Nancy! I'm so glad you enjoyed ANSPP :-)

Beth, Star Trek has hunky guys blowing stuff up.Okay. I'm in. ;-) I do love movies with lots of action - and hunky guys.

I love all kinds of movies except for horror. I can watch a movie that doesn't end happily IF I'm mentally prepared *g*

Heck, I'm almost embarrassed to admit it but I even want to see The Hangover which, will looking totally offensive, also looks too funny :-) Then again, I adore that guy who plays Andy on The Office!

It is a shame about Drive-Ins becoming extinct. At the one we frequent, adult admission is only $5 and kids under 12 are free so for a few years, it was a really good deal *g*

Beth Andrews said...

Yes! Jeanne, I'm totally with you on the popcorn and red Twizzlers!

Sandra Bullock (she's one of my faves too) has another movie coming up with Bradley Cooper (he's everywhere lately *g*) called All About Steve. I'm not sure when it's released but it looks cute. She plays a slightly dorky, free spirit who falls for him. Too bad at first, he doesn't fall back *g*

Pissenlit said...

Congrats to Anna for the nomination!

Saw Star Trek and though I have some issues with it, it was a really fun movie!

My friends are trying to talk me into going to see Up. I'll probably see Harry Potter, Transformers, possibly G.I. Joe and The Time Traveler's Wife in theatres.

I think I'll wait to see the Wolverine movie on dvd.

I've never been to a drive-in and I'm not sure there are any still around here. I've also never walked out on a movie in a theatre though I've stopped watching ones on dvd or tv. Favourite snack? The largest bag of popcorn they offer with butter because you just can't risk running out partway. It used to be that plus a large soft drink but I haven't done that since they started charging an arm and a leg for it all. I'd take the GR to Transformers...'cause well...'SPLOSIONS!!! Fun. :)

Beth Andrews said...

I have heard some rumors that Tom Hanks is going to be doing a "Pacific" Band of Brothers. I'll renew my HBO subscription JUST to see that if he does.Oohh...that would be fantastic,
p226! I'd sign up for HBO just for that.

My son watches Band of Brothers at least once a year, usually during the summer or over a long school breaks. My FIL was a Pathfinder with the 101st so watching it is sort of like watching HIM. So much of what he experienced and talked about was portrayed in the movie.

My husband doesn't get excited about too many movies either. Although he's a good sport and even sat through Bolt with me and our daughters a few weeks back ;-)

Beth Andrews said...

How on earth did you forget Public Enemies?!Eek! Tawny will never forgive me for forgetting Johnny Depp! Sorry, Tawny :-(

It does look like a good movie, doesn't it? And it has Christian Bale and Billy Cruddup is playing J Edgar Hoover!

Beth Andrews said...

and I think Ryan Reynolds is HAWT

I concur *g* I started crushing on him in Just Friends and loved him in both Definitely, Maybe and Blade: Trinity :-)

I actually don't mind Jack Black (he was good in School of Rock and The Hoiday) and Michael Cera (although I liked Michael more in Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist than Juno *g*) I know my son thought Superbad was super funny *g*

Their new movie sounds good. I'll have to look it up :-)

Beth Andrews said...

Both these movies wouldn't have the same effect in the much smaller TV-format.That's so true, Keira. Big movies need that big screen, I think. And really, watching a movie at the theater makes just about all of them better :-)

Beth Andrews said...

Virginia, we're down to only one movie rental place in our town, too. Just a few years ago we had four.

That's why I renewed my Netflix account. I figure that way I can hopefully get caught up on my movie watching plus they have some movies and TV shows you can watch instantly on your PC :-)

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Terrio said: I'd take the GR to Transformers...'cause well...'SPLOSIONS!!! Fun. :)

Yep, that says it all, doesn't it?


Beth Andrews said...

terrio, when my youngest saw the trailer for the new Transformers she asked, "do we have to watch it?" LOL! She thought the first one was way too long *g* But we did both enjoy it.

As for Channing Tatum, she has a HUGE crush on him and has since first watching She's The Man and then Step Up :-)

Love your kitten's name!!

Beth Andrews said...

Favourite snack? The largest bag of popcorn they offer with butter because you just can't risk running out partway.You're right, pissenlit! Missing part of a movie while you run to the snack bar or bathroom is the worst. And though I'm rarely on time, I hate being late for a movie and missing the previews. I LOVE previews :-)

My kids and I love the Drive-In but it's not always easy to go. Our favorite one is by a river so during the summer, there are mosquitoes galore. We have to hide inside the car and douse ourselves with bug spray just so we aren't bloodless by the time the movie is over *g*

Terri Osburn said...

Jeanne - That was Pissenlit, but I'd take him to the same flick. LOL!

I guess since I watched Transformers at home, it didn't seem that long. The comedy they throw in between the action is always fun. And there are some great lines in the first so I'm hoping they pull that kind of dialogue off in the second as well.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Ooops! Sorry Terrio and Pissenlit!

Either way, I'm thinkin that if it goes BOOM! the GR's gonna want to see it. Grins.

p226 said...

Either way, I'm thinkin that if it goes BOOM! the GR's gonna want to see it. ..

Are you saying the GR needs to come hang with me for a while?

Nancy said...

Jane, G.I. Joe looks good to me, too. I think the boy wants to see it, so he and I, at least, will go. His dad may go but isn't as big a fan of stuff blowing up as the two of us are.

Transformers could be good. The boy liked the first one. I'll watch his DVD and decide.

Nancy said...

p226 wrote: Are you saying the GR needs to come hang with me for a while?He seems to like hanging with you, what with all the boom, but he does complain that you work him too hard. Considering how much snacking he has done lately, he could use a workout.

So yeah, that might be good for him. Just please don't impart any addiitonal stealth skills. He has enough of those!

Nancy said...

Amy and Beth, I own both Lara Croft movies. I consider the first one much better than the second, but I watch the latter just to watch Gerard Butler.

Donna MacMeans said...

Beth - I took my sister on Monday to see Star Trek. First time for her, second for me. I loved it - even though I knew what was coming. They brought back so much of the fun from the series that was lost in the sequels. Can't wait to see the next ST film.

I remember drive-ins, though they're hard to find these days. The real estate just got too valuable. It's a sad loss as there's something special about watching the movie in the open air, with those tinny speakers and the opportunity to get up and wander to the concession stand and not miss a bit of the movie. Also loved that they had double features & those corny intermission reels.

Popcorn is my fave, though I apparently have a hard time getting it all in my mouth. When we go home and I'm undressing, kernals tend to reappear is some unusual places! *g*

Nancy said...

Christine, we went to Wolverine as a family, and I think that's the first movie the dh amd I have seen together in a year. In fact, we couldn't remember what the last one was. Sometimes one of us goes with the boy, but he mostly goes with friends now. Then we saw Trek, and we'll go to Terminator and Harry Potter.

As a rule, though, we have to really want to see that movie to ante up the $7.50 each for a "bargain" matinee and really, really, really want to see it to pay $9.50 in the evening.

Nancy said...

Gillian, Night at the Museum is definitely on the boy's list and a possibility on mine. We enjoyed the first one.

There's been some talk of trying to get a group to Harry Potter in DC, but the heavy RWA schedule makes that unlikely. It'd be fun, though.

Nancy said...

Beth wrote: I haven't seen any of the Terminator movies (I can hardly believe it either) but may have to rectify that so I'm not totally lost when I see Terminator: Salvation. . . .

(remembered the little dots this time!)

Start with the original, Beth. You have to overlook the awful '80s clothes and hair, but the movie is fabulous. And Michael Biehn and Linda Hamilton are SO good together!

Nancy said...

Anna C., you go, girl! Untouched is a wonderful book, and I'm glad to see it getting recognition.

Christie Kelley said...

Yay, movie time! I've already seen Star Trek and LOVED it! Next up is Night at the Museum 2 on Sunday for my 12 year old's birthday party. I still want to see Angels and Demons and The Proposal. Not sure about Up yet. I'll have to wait and see what the boy says.

Beth, I can't remember the last time I was at a drive-in. I think I was a kid (so a very loooong time ago). I always like the drive-ins, except for the sound. The theaters are so much better for that.

I've never walked out on a movie. And my favorite movie snack is popcorn and a soda.

Nancy said...

Jo wrote: And the new Wolverine movie, even though the reviews weren't so good. . . .

There was much to like about Wolverine, Jo. I just got tired of all the impaling. I think they did a good job with the character, and Hugh Jackman was very sympathetic and believable (which can't always be easy with honkin' long blades stuck to your hands). The ending meshes with the character's comic book mythos. I just personally didn't love it, but I don't want to say too much and spoil it for anyone.

There is a surprise at the very end of the credits on Wolverine. Each print has one of two additional scenes. Trish and I saw different ones. So stay to the end.

Nancy said...

MsHellion, the boy loves Jack Black, so I know he's eager to see Year One. I sometimes like Black's films and sometimes don't, so I may wait for the boy's take before I decide. If he likes it, he'll want to go again.

Nancy said...

PinkPeony, putting the GR on the aisle is probably a good idea. That way, if he squawks or clucks or, heaven forfend, crows during an explosion, he won't do it in a stranger's ear.

Ya gotta watch him around popcorn, though.

Pissenlit said...

Nancy - (remembered the little dots this time!)

If you include the break inside your tags, you can forgo the dots. :)

Pat Cochran said...

I join the list of those who are
not such great movie fans. I don't
hate movies, just don't see many!
The last drive-in movie we attended
was back in the '70s and I cannot
tell what movie it was, it was a
film which the children chose!
Of the movies you listed, the only
ones that I might want to see would
be The Proposal & The Ugly Truth. Fave snack: hot buttered popcorn!
A film to see with the GR: That
would have to be my grandson's
favorite, Chicken Little! There's
a lot of "boom" in part of it!!

Pat Cochran

Minna said...

Nice to know what I'll be watching on tv or dvd at some point.

Jimmy Kimmel Live / Hugh Jackman Talks About Wolverine, and His Son

Aikakone - Keltainen

MAARIT Tuuli & Taivas (Wind & Sky)


Neiti Kevät

Pave Maijanen - Lähtisitkö

Tomas Ledin - Sommaren är kort

PinkPeony said...

Susan, It's been years since I saw Glengarry Glen Ross, but I remember I was with a guy who was on our sales team and it was hardly the kind of "motivational" film someone in sales should see. I'm on the fence with David Mamet. Some of his stuff is really good but lately...meh!'re lucky you got to go to the concession stands at the drive-in. My mom wouldn't let us out of the car! She brought our own popcorn and sodas from the house and used to complain it didn't taste the same as the stuff from the snack bar. P226...Tom Hank's war mini is slated for March 2010...seems a long way off, huh? Link:
I don't have HBO but I might have to get it.

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Jen, way to go on the rooster. I hope you're feeding him wonderful gourmet food and... Hold on, what am I saying? He was definitely becoming a portly old gent on his last visit to me. I hope you're feeding him dry crackers and water - and not too much of them!

Great post, Beth! I used to be such a movie fiend. I was living in Central Sydney and great cinema was everywhere around me. These days, I'm starting to catch up on things I missed via the local equivalent of Netflix which I'm enjoying. Would like to see Star Trek on the big screen but I think realistically I probably won't.

Last film I saw at the movies was courtesy of a visit to Sydney and a catch up with wonderful Annie West. It was a quirky little movie called Bottle Shock about the Californians winning the wine taste test against the French in the 70s. Had a lovely cast - Alan Rickman (sigh, drool, dribble), Chris Pine and Bill Pullman amongst others. One of the lovely things for me is that it was shot in the lovely Napa and Sonoma Valleys, places I'd been lucky enough to visit when I came over for the SF conference.

Minna said...

Oh, and Star Trek and/or Babylon 5 fans: this isn't a new movie or terrible good one either, but there is a movie called Starwreck. You can download it -legally- for free from the Starwreck page.

Beth Andrews said...

I guess since I watched Transformers at home, it didn't seem that long.We watched it at home too but she still thought it was long *g* She prefers shorter movies, I guess :-)

Beth Andrews said...

Are you saying the GR needs to come hang with me for a while?Yes! He's starting to get soft. Or maybe that's just a layer of pudge *g*

Beth Andrews said...

Amy and Beth, I own both Lara Croft moviesWe have them both too, Nancy. I love the first one. Only watched the second one once though - although I still vividly recall the scene where she walks into Gerard's cell and he's working out :-)

Beth Andrews said...

LOL, Donna. I sometimes have popcorn for a snack at home and I get it all over *g*

Our favorite Drive-In has incredible French Fries and bottles of vinegar! My oldest daughter and I are all about the vinegar and ketchup on our fries

Beth Andrews said...

Nancy, I honestly couldn't say the last time my husband and I went to a movie. I can't even remember the last time he went to the movies. I do know we saw Pearl Harbor at the Drive-In. And one of the HP movies.

Yikes. I'm going to have to take that man on a movie date!

The cost is nuts which is why the kids usually go with their friends and we stay home *g*

Beth Andrews said...

Start with the original, Beth. You have to overlook the awful '80s clothes and hair, but the movie is fabulous...(I didn't know about the little dots!)

Thanks, Nancy! I'll definitely start there. Maybe I can talk my son into watching it with me.

And LOL on the clothes and hair. I was a teen in the 80s so I've seen (and probably wore *g*) it all before.

Beth Andrews said...

Christie, I think the sound is better now that you can get it through your car's radio - no more speakers *g* I can't imagine going to a Drive-In that was by a busy road though. Traffic noise would have to take away from the experience.

Have fun at Night at the Museum 2 and Happy Birthday to your 12 yo!

Beth Andrews said...

A film to see with the GR: That
would have to be my grandson's
favorite, Chicken Little! There's
a lot of "boom" in part of it!!

Pat, that's a great idea! Perhaps the GR even knows some of the movie's stars. I'm sure he's had...relationships with famous before ;-)

Beth Andrews said...

Nice to know what I'll be watching on tv or dvd at some point.

Minna, I'm already looking forward to the ones I won't see at the theater coming out on DVD :-)

Beth Andrews said...

Thanks for the link, Pinkpeony! I already can't wait.

We let our kids get one thing from the concession (those French fries I mentioned *g*) but bring the rest of our snacks. And we try to avoid the restrooms. Let's just say that while I love the Drive-In, I don't love their restrooms. Yuck :-(

Beth Andrews said...

I've never heard of Bottle Shock, Anna. I'll have to see if Netflix has it. I really like Bill Pullman and Alan Rickman *g*

Congrats again on your well deserved final!!

Anna Campbell said...

Thanks, Beth. The final was a lovely bit of news!

Kate Carlisle said...

Beth, I'm a big romantic comedy fan, too, so I'd love to see the ones you mentioned. They look so cute! But we never get out to the movies anymore. Sad, because I used to love going to movies. So it'll be DVD's for us. Same with Star Trek. I'm not a trekkie but the new one looks fabulous!

Hey Pink, congrats on the GR!!

Joan said...

Not much of a Terminator or robo-GI Joe

Wolverine was...ok. Not enough plot for me but then...looking at Hugh Jackman necked....didn't need it.

Star Trek was AWESOME!!! I've seen it twice and wouldn't put it past myself to see it again.

The Night at the Smithsonian looks fun so might go this weekend....especially since you've all got me CRAVING POPCORN!!!!

Tawny said...


Harry Potter is coming out!!! I cannot WAIT to see it. I'm going to have to sneak away from conference, though, because its out that week and I refuse to wait until I get home *g*

I do miss the drive in -we haven't been in a few years. There, we bring our own snacks - pizza and popcorn. If we do the walk in theater, we buy the hugest refillable popcorn and eat most of it before the movie starts, then hubby goes for more *g* I love movie popcorn. (even after knowing what goes in it LOL)

Beth Andrews said...

Kate, I'm so hopeful we'll get to see a few of these in the theater but honestly, I'll be lucky if we get to one *g* I'm pretty sure it'll be HP and I'm sure my kids will have already seen it a few times before I can bribe them to go with me :-)

Beth Andrews said...

LOL, Joanie! I'm hungry for popcorn now too but I doubt I'll be able to get the theater this weekend and popping it at home just isn't the same. Although it is quite a bit healthier :-)

Beth Andrews said...

I love movie popcorn. (even after knowing what goes in it LOL)I think that's one of those things where we pretend to have clue how bad it is for us *g*

You're making it a habit to sneak off during the conference to see HP :-)

Nancy said...

Thanks for the tip, Pissenlit. :-)

Nancy said...

Beth wrote: although I still vividly recall the scene where she walks into Gerard's cell and he's working out :-)

Oh, you mean the scene where he's hanging from the ceiling doing full-body pullups? Yeah, I remember that scene *G*

I did twice walk out of movies. Once was many years ago. I'd gone with a friend to some arty movie about heroin that had "sky" in its title. All the people were cruel to each other and negative about everything and involved with drugs, and there was no one I liked. Or cared about. Or wished I cared about. So I apologized to my friend and walked out. Better to dive into my imagination for a while than sit through any more of those people's interactions.

When the boy was little, we had a pass to some new movie about ninja kangaroos in a parallel world. We like ninjas, kangaroos, and parallel worlds, but not as combined there. He was bored and fidgety. I asked if he was enjoying it, and he asked if we could leave. So we did.

And I'm with Joan on Star Trek. I also had some issues with it, as Pissenlit did, but overall, JT, I'll see your "awesome" and raise it to a "freakin' awesome." *g*

Pat Cochran said...

Congratulations to our dear Miss
Anna! I join all the commenters
in wishing you the very best in the
R*BY competition!

Pat Cochran

Pissenlit said...

Oh, you mean the scene where he's hanging from the ceiling doing full-body pullups?

*happy sigh* Okay, now I really want to pull out my Lara Croft dvds and pop some popcorn...