Friday, May 14, 2010

Isn't It Romantic

by Tawny

I'm about halfway through my current WIP (work in progress, currently titled Breaking the Rules) and it's taking a much more romantic turn than most of my previous stories. Oh, sure, I'd like to think all my romances are romantic *g* But I'm feeling a much sweeter edge to this one.

Sweeter, and more romantic.

Which, since it pertains to writing, makes me instantly want to delve deeper. So in my usual fashion, I started making lists. Romantic lists, that is. Here's what I came up with, and as you can see, the lists aren't complete.

Soooooo.... Help? Can you add to my lists?

Best makeout songs:
  1. Always and Forever - Heatwave
  2. All My Love - Led Zeppelin
  3. Truly Madly Deeply - Savage Garden
  4. Wicked Game - Chris Isaac
  5. Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton

Most romantic movies:
  1. Casablanca
  2. The Notebook
  3. Princess Bride
  4. Beauty and the Beast
  5. While You Were Sleeping

Most romantic places to make whoopie (to harken back to the Newlywed Game)
  1. Under a waterfall
  2. In a magical forest
  3. On a Harley (okay, maybe not romantic, but it's hot, right?)
  4. Against the wall, just inside the front door. It has that, now, as soon as we have privacy desperation to it
  5. In a Sheik's tent on a satiny mountain of soft pillows

And, of course, top romance novels?
  1. Easy peasy, anything by the Bandits :-D

I'd like to build each list up to at least ten - what would you add?


Fedora said...


Tawny said...

Woot, Fedora :-) Congrats on the lovely privilege of playing host to that sweet natured and ever-so friendly rooster today *ggg*

and yep, 10 :-D

Fedora said...

OK, Tawny, I am terrrrrrrrrible with music, so I will leave that to the more musically inclined...

For movies, I'd nominate Ever After, Dirty Dancing, Grease, Ghost, and An Officer and a Gentleman.

As for novels, definitely the Banditas! You all know how to write a rocking romance! And Sarah Mayberry's Anything for You; a couple by SEP, and a couple by Jennifer Crusie... I'm sure I could add another zillion to this list, just of authors! :)

Fedora said...

LOL! Hmm... hope the GR's well rested! He's in for a busy day tomorrow :) There some house cleaning and kid-herding ahead; he'd better be prepared to move those tail feathers! ;)

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

WTG Fedora! Keep that chook occupied. ;-)

LOVE your lists Tawny-Depp. I do have a few additions...

Make out song: Revell's Bolero (gets louder and louder in case you do too!)

Romantic Movie: Ladyhawke (one of my all time Faves)

Place to make whoopie: the shower (yes, there's a very hawt scene in the shower in The Wild Irish Sea) ;-)


Tawny said...

Oooh, Fedora, great list :-) I loved Ghost and totally forgot about Ever After!

I love anything Sarah writes, she's so awesome, and yes, SEP and Jenny Crusie are absolute faves.

You have wonderful taste :-) As a reward, I think you should have the rooster give you a nice soothing foot rub. Ignore any feather tickling. He can't help it *g*

Tawny said...

ROFLMAO AC, on the ascending loudness of both Bolero and potential whoopie :-D

I keep hearing that Ladyhawke is amazing and still haven't seen it. I'll have to fix that this summer.

Mmmmm, showers. Definitely adding that...

Kim in Baltimore said...

RomanticSong: Iris by The Goo-Goo Dolls

Romantic Movie: Drew Barrymore’s movies First Kiss, Ever After and The Wedding Singer

Romantic Place: The Cove made famous by Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr in From Here to Eternity:

or any crumbling castle in Scotland with the Cabana Boys

Romantic Books: Jane Austen’s titles (second only to the Banditas)

Tawny said...

Kim, I write to Iris all the time! *smacking forehead* How could I leave that off the list?!

I'm sighing so deeply over The Cove, I'm almost hyperventilating. Ohhhhh so romantic. So's the Scottish Castle, although I have fear of high crumbly places and overenthusiastic whoopie. Those Cabana Boys are pretty wild.

PinkPeony said...

Hi Tawny!

Ten, huh? Okay, here's my 2 cents.

Music: When A Man Loves A Woman and "She" by Elvis Costello (which is more romantic than major nookie kinda music.) p.s. I love Heat Wave!

Movie: An Affair to Remember

Nookie Place: In a walk-in linen closet with piles of clean, snowy linens OR a concierge level hotel suite with a view...(concierge cause I gotta have coffee in the a.m. or I am a crab.)
Congrats, Fedora!

Jane said...

Congrats, Fedora.

Hi Tawny,
You've got some of my favorites on your lists.
Make out songs: "Love's Theme" by Love Unlimited Orchestra and "Smooth Operator" by Sade

Romantic movies: "Last of the Mohicans" and "French Kiss"

I'm another who thinks the shower is a great place for some fooling around.

Books: Besides anything by the Bandits, I'll go with Julia Ross' "The Wicked Lover," Loretta Chase's "The Last Hellion" and Julie Garwood's "Saving Grace"

Christine Wells said...

Hiya, Tawny! How intriguing that your writing is taking a more romantic turn with this book. Can't wait to read it! Hot and romantic is a perfect combination, IMO:)

Make out song: Hmm. How about a waltz playing in the ballroom while my hero & heroine have found a dark room down the corridor?

Romantic Movie: Can I make it a miniseries? North and South? (The English one)

Place to make whoopie: in a bluebell wood in England. Or down the corridor from a ball:) Fear of discovery lends such an edge.

Congrats on the bird, Fedora!

Unknown said...
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Tawny said...

Oooh, Pink. Great songs.

And hey, I had a very hot linen closet love scene in COMING ON STRONG! It didn't include coffee, though *g*

Tawny said...

Jane I just listened to both songs on iTunes and had to download Sade right away :-D I can see this blog is going to add a great deal to my playlist :-D

GREAT movies, and yay on another water baby :-D I'm thinking there will have to be many water scenes in this book.

Love your book suggestions, and now I'm itching to go read Saving Grace again. LOVE that story!

Tawny said...

Hey Christine :-D

Actually the last story I turned in, RIDING THE WAVES, was inching a lot closer to a traditional romance. It was fun! I'm hoping I'm as happy with this one when it's finished LOL.

As for picking a series, sweetie, you can pick anything romantic that you'd like :-)

Now I have a waltz to hum...

Tawny said...

Pink - I forgot to ask, by loving Heat Wave, do you mean the Castle book? You got it? You like it? I've read bits of it on the free downloads off ABC but hadn't read the whole book yet :-D I'll have to pick it up!

Helen said...

Congrats Fedora have fun with him

I love these lists
Have I Told You Lately That I Love Rod Stewart
Places to make whoopie LOL
In a park
All of the Bandits books to many to choose from

This is going to be good fun I am off in the morning to spend the weekend in The City for The ARRA Awards and I will be cheering the nominees on
Anna Campbell
Christine Wells
Loucinda McGary
Annie West
Jo Davis
Nalini Singh just to name a few
Good luck everyone

Have Fun

Gillian Layne said...

Tawny, you have the best titles for your books!

Helen, I hope you have big fun and cheer loudly for all of the rest of us, ok?

I love lists like this, especially reading what others come up with. Let's see...

Music: Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman, Bryan Adams. Desert Rose, Sting. Wonderland by John Mayer. In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel.

Oh, and any long hair rock from the '80s. Good decade. Great memories. ;)

Movies. For us, it's Casablanca, The Quiet Man, People Will Talk, LOTR, Sabrina, The Holiday, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

For my husband, it's Rob Roy. Pretty violent, but he says it's all about cherishing and protecting the woman you love. Like the Last of the Mohicans. It's a primal man thing.

Top Romance Novels? Besides the delicious work of the Bandits--Mary Balogh makes me cry and sigh, and Sylvia Day is hawt!

Deb said...

I like the song "The Rest of Mine" by Trace Adkins. It was a song that resonated with my now-husband and me. (I even sang/recorded the song 3 days before our wedding and played it during the ceremony.)

Movie---An Affair To Remember

Books---too many to name. :)

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Who buy out mody organized Bandita would want to start my day off with lists!! hehehe

Music: When A Man Loves A Woman, Kiss From A Rose by Seal, I Do It For You by Bryan Adams

Romantic Movies: Last Of The Mohicans, The Quiet Man, French Kiss, The African Queen, Sabrina (the new version).

Best Places to make whoopi: In a garden just behind a row of hedges, the backseat of a '57 Chevy :), on the front porch of a mountain cabin with rain pelting the porch roof just after dusk.

Romance Novels: Saving Grace by Julie Garwood, Night Play by Sherrilyn, In Bed With The Devil by Lorraine Heath

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Okay, still on drugs from the periodontist yesterday!!! hehehe

That first line should read: Who but our very organized Bandita...

Hellie Sinclair said...

Well, on my list, I'd have:

Song to make out by: Brighter than Sunshine (Aqualung) or Shiver (Maroon 5)

Romantic movie: The Young Victoria; North & South (Gaskell movie); Braveheart (to me it's romantic); Dirty Dancing; Last of the Mohicans

Place to make whoopie: on the bedroom dresser (if only so the next day you can go, "Why is there a smudge on my mirror?" and then go, "Oh, yeah." And giggle.) I love the shower. Slippery but fun.

Book: Pleasure for Pleasure, Eloisa James; The Bride, Julie Garwood; Whisper of Roses, Teresa Medeiros

Christie Kelley said...

Fun post, Tawny!

For music: Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman, Bryan Adams

Romantic movies: I loved While You Were Sleeping! Or Pride and Prejudice.

Places: Hmm...there are just so many :)
Is there really a best place?

p226 said...

Most romantic places to make whoopie (to harken back to the Newlywed Game)


In a raging thunderstorm.

Deb said...

Oh, yeah, places--
the shower is a good place...soaping all the fun parts, ya know!

In a car in the middle of a cornfield; not too exciting, but, hehehe, I do live in Iowa!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hey Tawny! Fun post!

I'm with Fedora on Dirty Dancing, Grease and Officer and a Gentleman. I'd add The Wedding Planner (cheesy but sweetly romantic), Sabrina (the new one), and the Thomas Crown Affaire (hothothot)

Whoopie spots: Anywhere outside, in an elevator on Stop, and I'll give a second shout out to AC's shower scene as a faboo spot. Oh, and in the pool.

Music: Footloose *vbg*

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Ooh, Gillian, great lists. YOu wrote: Music: Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman, Bryan Adams. Desert Rose, Sting. Wonderland by John Mayer. In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel.

These are great! Wonderland. Sigh. And I adore the Peter Gabriel one. Hmmm, do I have that on my iTunes? Must go check!

Keira Soleore said...

Congrats on the chook, Fedora.

Tawny I'll add to your Most Romantic Movies with the usual suspects (not the movie Usual Suspects though it was marvelous): P & P, North & South, My Fair Lady, Sound of Music, Gigi, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner.

As far as whoopie goes, the one I recently read about has me scratching my mind: They fall into the river and go over a short dam, through a small waterfall, into a pond-like area with strong undercurrents. They're struggling to get to the bank. Both can hardly breathe. And he? All he can think of is how hot she is, how hot for her he is, etc. etc.

My favorite ONoes variety of whoopie is the one The Lair knows about: on a camel's back.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Ms Hellion wrote: Place to make whoopie: on the bedroom dresser (if only so the next day you can go, "Why is there a smudge on my mirror?" and then go, "Oh, yeah." And giggle.)

SNORK!! Love it!!!

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

LOL! Glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks the shower is the perfect spot for some good clean fun. ;-) A hot tub can be nice to as long as the water isn't too hot.

And THANK YOU, Fedora for mentioning Dirty Dancing. Love that movie! And of course, P&P.

And Thanx Gillian for adding Bryan Adams, though I think I'd pick "Against All Odds" for the song. Such romantic longing... Ahhh!


Anna Sugden said...

Great post, Tawny and some great answers from the BB's.

Romantic songs: Have I told you lately (Rod Stewart or Van Morrison), You're the Meaning in my Life (Chicago), How Long Has this been Going On? (Ella Fitzgerald), Arthur's Theme - The Best You Can Do(Christopher Cross) I also really like The Beautiful South's The Prettiest Eyes.

Movies: Tombstone, Desk Set, Charade, How to Lose a Guy etc, Sliding Doors, The Philadelphia Story, Pretty Woman, Runaway Bride, Bull Durham, Straight Talk, Pillow Talk, Notting Hill, 'Truly, Madly, Deeply', My Favourite Wife ... I could go on LOL

Places for whoopie - can't top Hellion's dresser LOL. Love the kitchen table scene in Bull Durham. Nice big bubble bath or in the sea.

Books - Oh man, too many to mention - but if pushed (and leaving the historicals to the others) I'd have a Susan Mallery eg Falling For Gracie, a Kathleen Kane, Get Bunny Love by Kathleen Long, Total Rush by Deirdre Martin, Drive Me Crazy or Crazy for You by Kate Angell and PC Cast's Goddess of Spring.

Nancy said...

Fedora, conrats on the rooster!

Tawny, I never stopped to think about these questions, but I'll give them a shot.

Makeout song: An oldie, Killing Me Softly by Roberta Flack. Or Poetry Man by Phoebe Snow.

Romantic movie: I planned to go with Ladyhawke, but AC already did that, so I'll nominate Music & Lyrics, with Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant.

Hmm, most of the DVDs on my shelf involve stuff blowing up, not people cuddling. Wonder what that means.

Makeout spot: A shower, the kind with hot water, not the kind you get outside. Or a bed in the fanciest suite of any hotel with a view in Hawaii. Or a mountain cabin with snowy woods visible through sliding doors and candles all around.

Just BTW, TD, your books ARE very romantic--not necessarily sweet, as you feel the new one is, but very romantic.

Romantic book: The Chronicles of Lymond, by Dorothy Dunnett, which is actually a saga but, if one persists through it, has many moments of heart-wrenching tenderness on the way to a heart-ripping ending I won't reveal.

But Anna Campbell, at least, knows.

Pat Cochran said...

Hi Tawny,

Let's all jump on the "Way-Back
Machine" for my first choices
and then swing back to present
day for the last one. (After
all, I was a teenager in the
early 1950s!!!)

* Earth Angel by The Penguins

* Love With A Proper Stranger,
Steve McQueen, Natalie Wood

* On a deserted moon-lit beach,
late at night

* Not just anything by our
Banditas, but everything by
all of our Banditas!

Pat Cochran

Tawny said...

Helen, you are probably having the time of your life right now with all the authors :-)

I'd totally forgot Rod Stewart for hot music, hmmmmm he does have a sexy voice!

And Ghost... oh yeah, that pottery scene is hot!

Pissenlit said...

Okay, on top of what everyone else has suggested...

-Jon McLaughlin - So Close
-Paul Gross - Kiss You 'Til You Weep
-Howie Day - Collide
-You Belong To Me(Jason Wade cover)
-Hoobastank - The Reason

-Much Ado About Nothing
-various unmentioned Audrey Hepburn movies
-um, and I always really liked the Anne of Green Gables movies...*happy sniffle* :D

Pissenlit said...

Oh oh! I knew I forgot to mention something...

-Mrs. Mike by Benedict and Nancy Mars Freedman

Tawny said...

Gillian, thank you :-) Quite often the Bandits help brainstorm titles with me. Kate gets credit for COMING ON STRONG and GOING DOWN HARD (the titles, that is... not making any personal assumptions). RIDING THE WAVES, though, was my editor's brainstorm :-)

Oooooooh, your songs!! Oh man, I forgot how sexy Bryan Adams songs were (I'm listening to each suggestion when I see it, its going to be a fun day!) and Wonderland is pure makeout magic for sure!

I had a huh? moment on LOTR, then I remembered my sobbing happy moment at the end when Arwen arrives at the coronation. Ooooh, I want to go watch that again!! I'm not sure I'd feel romantic watching Rob Roy, but I can see your husband's point :-) My husband would probably agree with him LOL

GREAT author suggestions, too :-)

Tawny said...

Deb, you recorded the song to play at your wedding?!?!!!! That is so awesomely romantic! Wow, I'm in awe :-) I'll bet that was the highlight of the celebration.

Tawny said...

Oh, Suz, I'm so glad you posted again and clarified that. I stared, I mumbled, I read it backward even *g*

My iTunes is humming along to Bryan Adams now, I do love that song :-) Great suggestions.

LOL on the 57 Chevy, I'm partial to a 66 myself LOLOL

Tawny said...

ROFL at the smudge on the mirror, Ms. Hellion :-D What an image!!

Great lists :-D I'm adding all! I think I need to add more $$ to my iTunes account, though :-D

Tawny said...

Christie, you know, I'm seeing Bryan Adams mentioned the most here, today.

I don't know why I didn't have any of his music on my playlists. I still watch his music vids because his models had the fabbest shoes... I'll have to download some tunes, too.

Tawny said...


In a raging thunderstorm.

Well then...


That scene practically writes itself :-D

jo robertson said...

Oooooh, great topic, Tawny.

Great moments in romance.

Definitely the Banditas' books. Donna's Mrs. Brimley book in one of my all time faves.

Hmmm, favorite spots -- I go for ambiance and comfort, so I'd say on the heavily padded carpet in front of a roaring fire!

Tawny said...

Deb :-D Cornfields? I'm picturing things getting so hot, those fields are filled with popcorn by the end.

Pissenlit said...

Tawny - I'm picturing things getting so hot, those fields are filled with popcorn by the end.

Oh gosh, I snorted my tea... :D

Tawny said...

Dirty Dancing is as popular as Bryan Adams on these lists :-) Definitely a keeper!!

I haven't seen the new Sabrina, it rocks, huh?

Elevator, huh, Jeanne? Glass ones? *ggg*

Tawny said...

Keira, I'm with you! That's not quite my idea of 'oh, yeah, baby, lets rock'. Unless, of course, I was a spawning fish. Then that sounds just about perfect, romance-wise *g*

And the camel. Ohhhh nooooooo!!!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Tawny said: Elevator, huh, Jeanne? Glass ones? *ggg*

Ohhhhh no. No glass. Haven't lost that last 15 lbs yet....when I do....

Nahhhhh, not even then. Grins.

Tawny said...

AC, I think we need to start piping Bryan Adams songs into the writing caves. They'd be awesome motivation music :-D

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Tawny said... Oh, Suz, I'm so glad you posted again and clarified that. I stared, I mumbled, I read it backward even *g* ...

Yep, no hidden message when read backwards, just me being really loopy on narcotics. Called work last night about midnight, and apparently they had me on speaker phone. Can we say cheap date?

Tawny said...

WOW. Anna, I can see you'd have no problem with listing 20 ;-) I struggled to get my 5, I'm impressed!

Some of your songs are ones I hadn't heard before. My iTunes account thanks you ;-)

And Oh oh, I adore Kathleen Long's Get Bunny Love!!

Tawny said...

LOL Nancy, on the blowing up attraction. Mine are all romantic comedies, so I'd say it reflects our taste pretty well, huh?

I'm now humming Killing Me Softly while considering signing up for NetFlix just so I can watch LadyHawke. Its been recommended by some of my fave people, after all :-)

Thanks, so so much, for the sweet words :-) I'm glad you think my stories are romantic.

The Chronicles of Lymond? I'll have to look for it, but with reading time being so scarce these days, I'm not sure I could do a saga :-D I'm starting to eye novellas and go hmmmm *g*

Tawny said...

YAY!! A ride in the Way Back Machine :-D I love it, Pat. Great additions to the list, and thank you for the Bandit kudos :-D

We all appreciate them!!!

Tawny said...

Oooh, Pissenlit, great song suggestions :-) I couldn't find the Paul Gross ones, but the others are definitely romance-worthy :-D

And I'm with you - anything Audrey Hepburn *happy sigh*

Tawny said...

Mrs. Mike? I'm going to have to check this out!!!

Tawny said...

Jo, I'm giggling at the heavily padded part of your scenario :-) I guess I can't get Keira's wild ride out of my brain as a contrast *g*

Tawny said...

Ohhhhh no. No glass. Haven't lost that last 15 lbs yet....when I do....

Nahhhhh, not even then. Grins.

LOL Jeanne!!! I hear ya. There's a lot to be said for solid walls. Less worry about falling through them, for one!

Tawny said...

Yep, no hidden message when read backwards, just me being really loopy on narcotics. Called work last night about midnight, and apparently they had me on speaker phone. Can we say cheap date?

LOL- The important thing is that you feel better soon, so you can go out and enjoy being a cheap date!!!

gamistress66 said...

interesting list and some great adds in the comments too. place -- how about a nice cabin hidden in the woods (as long is there's running water); for making out only -- a car parked in somewhere quiet and dark (feel like teenager once more), then go home, hotel or such to really get down to business in comfort ;)

movie -- The Quiet Man with John Wayne & Maureen OHara set in beautiful Ireland. While lots of fun the scene of them courting in the country side and getting caught in a storm by the ruins; him fighting for her to prove his love & her worth. love it.

Pissenlit said...

Tawny, I found the Paul Gross song on the Men With Brooms soundtrack. I'm not sure if it's on any other album, though.

Nancy said...

Tawny, if your time is scarce, you might want to save Lymond. Each book is massive, and there are six of them.

Nancy said...

Pissenlit--That's not the Paul Gross who played the Mountie in Due South, the Canadian actor, is it?

Pissenlit said...

Nancy, yep, that would be him. :)

Nancy said...

Pissenlit said: Nancy, yep, that would be him. :)

(Meaning Paul Gross of Due South, for those who missed the earlier exchange).

Wow. Multi-talented guy!


Pissenlit said...

Tawny: Mrs. Mike? I'm going to have to check this out!!!

Whoops! Missed this.

That was my reaction exactly when I kept hearing good things about the book and found out Mike happened to be a Mountie. Gotta love Mounties. *grin* But yes, I totally loved the book. :D

Pissenlit said...

Uhhh...I meant, Tawny's response was my reaction...not the "Whoops! Missed this."...

I think I'm going to have to go to bed earlier than usual today... :D

John The Bookworm said...

Gone With the Wind nomination for movie AND book. So romantic.... :)

Beth Andrews said...

Great lists! I think I'll add:

Song - Unchained Melody

Movie - so many to choose from! I do think It's A Wonderful Life has some very romantic scenes *g*

Whoopie Place - hmm...well, my first book had a love scene in the laundry room so let's go with that ;-)

Laure said...

Clearly I have not been keeping up on romance pop culture. I've seen very few of the movies, recognize fewer of the songs. Must work on this!

Deb's rec of "for the Rest of Mine" by Trace Adkins would be high on the list. It's one of my Mom's favorite songs ever, so for me it's not so much romantic, lol. But gorgeous! "Hot Mama" is great for a fun make out song, too.

Just about anything by Gary Allan would work. Driving music and sexy growl in the voice. "Man of Me," "Right Where I Need to Be," or for fun "Nothin' on But the Radio."

"Keeper of the Stars" Tracy Byrd

anything by Andy Griggs -- again, sexy voice can sing anything and sound hot.

Tawny said...

Gamemistress, I hear you on the running water requirement :-D And a cabin in the woods has such a romantic Little Red Riding Hood feel to it.

I haven't seen The Quiet Man, but it sounds wonderfully romantic!!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Pissenlit, I haven't thought about Mrs. Mike in a long time. That was a classic one, like Yankee Stranger, that Nancy and I talk about so much. Right up there with Silver Chief for making the Mounties seem larger than life. Grins.

Tawny said...

Oooh, I found Due South, Nancy and Pissenlit :-) And the album has a couple songs by Paul Gross. His voice reminds me of a few bluegrass singers my husband listens to.

Tawny said...

Six. Massive. Sagas.

Oh my ;-)

thanks for the warning, Nancy. I'll wait until the kid graduates and I have actual time to myself again LOL

Tawny said...

Mike the Mountie? Due South with a Mountie?

Pissenlit, I'm detecting a theme here *g*

Tawny said...

Hey John :-D

I wondered if anyone would recommend Gone With the Wind!!

Tawny said...

Ooooh, Beth. Unchained Melody. Can anyone hear that and not visualize the pottery scene in Ghost?

And yep. You're right. Your first book did have a laundry room scene and I will say it was totally hot and awesome *g*

Tawny said...

Awwwww, Laure :-)

Keep of the Stars was my wedding song - my husband and I danced to it for our first dance :-D

I looooove that song!!! And I feel like a total doofus for not listing it. We'll just not tell him, okay?

Tawny said...

You too, Jeanne?

Apparently I need to find me some Mounties to watch!!

Pissenlit said...

Tawny - Mike the Mountie? Due South with a Mountie?

Pissenlit, I'm detecting a theme here *g*

*nudges Due South dvds under the rug* Ahem, sorry, what was that? :D

Tawny said...

So what is it? Mountie Magic? The big hat? Tell me the appeal :-) I can't help wondering, since my total exposure to Mounties boils down to Dudley Do-right

Pissenlit said...

Oh dear. Someone needs to watch Due South. *grin*

Mountie Magic? Ha! Sounds about right. Guess I got my first dose of it when I was 2. I've still got the photo of me and the really tall smiley friendly Mountie in full Red Serge. :D

Tawny said...

Awwww, Pissenlit, I'll bet that's a cute picture :-)

Fedora said...

Pissenlit, I happen to be partway through Mrs. Mike! It's in one of my purses... :)

Laurie G said...

True Companion-Marc Cohn
Nights in White Satin- Moody Blues
Lady In Red- Chris DeBurgh
Thank You -Led Zepplin
Finer Things- Steve Winwood

Romantic Movies
Pretty Woman
French Kiss
Sound of Music