Monday, October 25, 2010

Launch Party: The Lies that Bind by Kate Carlise

Today, we’re celebrating the November 2 release of THE LIES THAT BIND! Can I hear a “Woo hoo?” Yeah!

I have to confess I LOVE this book! My protagonist is back in San Francisco, teaching a class on bookbinding—and investigating murder, naturally! All my favorite characters are back, too, and some fascinating facts will be revealed about several of them. I hope y’all love the book as much as I do!

Now for the par-tay! Bring your PJs because this is a good, old-fashioned slumber party! We’re going to play games, eat way too much sugar, and in honor of Halloween, we’re going to read a spooky story.

But not too spooky.

(Yes, the story we’ll read is THE LIES THAT BIND. Hey, it’s my party! THE LIES THAT BIND is a cozy mystery, so the emphasis is on the mystery, not the blood. No nightmares.)

Here’s a new game we’re going to play—and it makes for a fun ice breaker. Just go to your favorite search engine and search for the following phrases, with quotation marks. Then come back and tell us what you learned about yourself.

1. “[Your name] loves to”

I searched for “Kate loves to.” The first two things I love to do (apparently) are X-rated, so we’ll just skip right past those as I pretend I’m not blushing. Some of the other phrases that appear are:

“A tall blonde bombshell, Kate loves to have fun!” – Okay, I can go for that.

“Kate loves to read.” – That’s certainly true.

“Kate loves to say, ‘I don’t look like a Rodriguez.’” – This was apparently from Kate Hudson but holds equally true for me.

2. “[Your name] hates to”

“Kate hates to be without a man in her life.” – Also from Kate Hudson, and also somewhat true for me. I do love my husband.

“Kate hates to sweat, and this was just another opportunity for her to be difficult.” – It’s like they can read my mind.

“Kate hates to leave the kitchen when a customer wants to compliment her on one of her special dishes.” – So not true. I am always happy to leave the kitchen. In fact, I’m happy to avoid going into the kitchen.

3. “When I met [your name] she”

“When I met Kate she had to ask somebody to check the ladies toilets before she'd go in to see if any spiders were lurking…” – What can I say? Spiders have it in for me.

“When I met Kate, she was working as an art director for a top agency in San Francisco.” – This could be me! Except it’s not. But it could be!

“As a sailor, I had had a few sexual encounters, but they all ended when I met Kate. She had told me on our wedding night she was a virgin…” – Wow. I have led an exceedingly interesting life.

Okay, now it’s your turn. Do your google searches (I’ll wait here!) and let us know what you found out about yourself. And if you have ideas for other fun phrases to search, share them. It’s fun to be a girl! (I’m pretty sure men don’t do things like this.)

What’s your favorite slumber party snack? Cheetos? Candy Corn? Pizza? (I’m leaning toward Kit Kat bars and Bailey’s on the Rocks. :D)

I’m giving away a signed copy of THE LIES THAT BIND today! Just leave a comment for a chance to win!


Linda Henderson said...

I hope he's mine, I haven't had him in a while.

Jane said...

Congrats on the GR, Linda.

Congrats on the upcoming release, Kate. I've never googled my name and might have to wait till later to play the search game. I'm already readying myself for some weird results. Martinis are a must for a slumber party and so are nachos.

Linda Henderson said...

Well, this was certainly interesting.

1. Linda loves to clean.
Ha! that really doesn't suit me.

2. Linda hates to see you go.
That depends on who it is.

3. When I met Linda she was welcoming and easy to talk to.
Well, that could be true, people usually don't have a hard time talking to me.

My favorite slumber party snack would be pizza and cream soda.

I'm in my pj's already so I'm good to go for the slumber party.

Laney4 said...

Wow. I agree with Linda. It certainly WAS interesting!

Laney loves to eat bacon.
Nailed me on that one....

For the next one, I included the preceding sentences, as it made no sense to me without them:
It has been a hard adjustment for the Lovely Little Laney to have the new puppy around. She is making progress each day. She even lets the puppy lick her face sometimes. Really the only time that Laney hates to have Addie around is when she is tired. She does not want Addie in her sleeping area (read that the area right next to Andy's side of the bed.)"
Well ... I can't get past the "Lovely Little Laney" part of the paragraph, LOL!

There weren't any for "When I met Laney she", so this was the closest:
Laney informs. "Everyone has their own dirty little secret. ... Ever since we first met, she's been strong and had raw attitude.
Well ... I consider myself strong, but I'm not sure about this raw attitude thing, LOL!

Well, I want to go to Linda's slumber party with the pizza (but I'll drink white milk with mine)!!! I too am in my pj's, so let's party hardy!

Thanks for a fun blog, Kate! I'll make a point of reading all the entries in the morning!

Sheree said...

"Sheree loves to travel to new places, she is an accomplished chef, and enjoys gardening, hiking, and boating with friends." - not so much the traveling nor the cooking but I could go with the other ones.

There's no "Sheree hates to" but thanks to "The Real Housewives of Atlanta", there's this bit of info: "And the top reason we love to hate Sheree is the fact that even if she didn’t leave Nene off the guest list, which is still under much suspicion, she seemed to take great pleasure in the fact that it happened." - I'm nothing like her, thank goodness.

There's also no result to "when I met Sheree she" but there's this interesting sentence: "From the minute we met Sheree I knew our wedding was going to be unforgettable." It could almost come from a romance novel! Some wacky contemp, no doubt.


Helen said...

Whoo Hoo Linda have fun with him

I am soo looking forward to this book I got an email the other day from my favourite romance bookstore with the November releases so I know it won't be long before I order it and can read it yay. What a fun way to start the slumber party of

Helen loves to connect with individuals who want to take action in the direction of their own dreams and create the lives they most desire. ...

Helen loves to pamper her clients and believes excellent customer service is what will make your business grow. ...

Helen hates to fight with her sister. Nobody wants to die

Helen hates to do dishes. :).

When I met Helen first I was inspired by her appearance which was always lovely and greatly flattering. I was not in the least surprised when I found out ...

How funny these are LOL let the party begin lots of chocolate and champagne and of course fun
Congrats on the release Kate

Have Fun

Donna MacMeans said...

Kate - What fun! I also got some unmentionable responses to "Donna loves to" - so I skipped those.

Donna loves to hear from readers (so true!)
Donna loves to garden, is a passionate fly fishing woman and dreams of having her own cooking show. (LOL the gardening part...maybe)
Apart from her obvious interests, Modeling (ROTFLMAO), TV and Dance, Donna loves to spend time with her family and friends. (True if we're talking watching TV and modeling clay. I do love to dance!)

Donna hates to read (WHAT!!!!! - so not true)
Donna hates to be punished in front of strangers, although she does it to me all the time. (Okay - I thought maybe they were talking kinky here, but it's a tennis site).

When I met Donna on the shores of Kalapaki, she had just completed an epic paddling adventure, (another kinky reply?), paddling from one end of the main Hawaiian Island chain to Kalapaki Bay on Kaua'i. (Okay - thought Kim from Hawaii would like that)
When I met Donna, I saw her take horses in for training that were, in my opinion, "brutes". (I wonder if that training involved paddles? - grin).
It was Sept. 1990 when I met Donna. I was attending a craft fair in Sparks Nevade and I wandered into her booth. (where she was apparently punishing horses with paddles)

Actually the last one referred to an artist, and I do paint so that one had a bit of truth.

I love popcorn at a slumber party. Watch me toss it in the air and catch it in my mouth (grin). Fun game Kate.

Deanna said...

Ah Launch Party ... congrats! Funny, today I was at a launch party for the Masterchef (for those of you who know the series) chefs cookbooks. Got to meet Gary and George and Poh from Masterchef. Also got the autographed cookbook thing.

Anyway, on to the game:

(there were not so many choices to choose from in the Google results)

1. Deanna loves to eat cotton candy, dim sims and fettuccine alfredo. >> I do love dim sims, not keen on the cotton candy (visions of rotten teeth) and can't have the fettuccine alfredo even though I love it 'cos I'm lactose intolerant.

2. Deanna hates to touch a pole and as a consequence if she's unsure about a fence..she'll just choose not to do it! >> this one had something to do with horses and jumping.

3. When I met Deanna, she was an extremely, almost painfully shy person >> I'm not a shy person. This one is probably the most off the mark, but it was the only search result that came back.

Congrats again, Kate!!!!!

Linda, congrats on the golden chook. Have fun.

Deanna said...

Oh and I've never had a slumber party in my life. Can't comment on the snack and the experience. Am I missing something?

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

WOO HOO!!! Congrats on the release of The Lies that Bind, Kate! I really REALLY love that cover and can't wait to get my hands on the book!

Congrats on capturing the chook, Linda! Maybe that should be the answer to Linda loves to... take home the GR! ;-)

What a FUN game! This might turn out to be funnier than sticking bras in the freezer. :-P

Apparently Cindy loves to do many kinky things also, Donna! LOL! But, looking past those...
1. Cindy loves to bake... Um, not really. Loves to VISIT a bakery -- YES! Do the actual work? I'll defer to Joanie who is the baking expert in the Lair. ;-)

2. Cindy hates to clean up the kitchen. Apparently this is an example in some psychology textbook, as it appeared multiple times. I will now be on the lookout for psychological types peeking in my kitchen windows!

3. When I met Cindy she was wearing a reddish robe, brown sandals and her head was shaved. WTH?!?! Okay, I do own a red bath robe and brown sandals, but the shaved head in this family belongs to my son, NOT ME!

Since I'm already in my bath robe, looks like I'm ready for this slumber party! Pass that popcorn, Donna... and there better be LOTS of chocolate... and MARGARITAS! What's a party without margaritas?!?!


Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

NEVER been to a slumber party, Daz?!?!? Oh you poor, culturally deprived dear! We're going to remedy that terrible gap in your experiences today. ;-)

Shall we start with karaoke? Give each other pedicures? Someone light a bunch of candles and we'll tell each others fortunes! Let me read your palm, Daz... Aunty predicts you will wash your hand very very soon...


SiNn said...

soundas aweosme congrats on the release and honestly

pizza and cocacola never been a drinker lol so thats what the snack would be

Pissenlit said...

"Woo hoo!"

- Jacqueline loves to promote contemporary African fashions.
- Jacqueline loves to shoot people and would, someday, like to work in fashion photography and child portraits.
- Jacqueline loves to cook and is an ace at it.
- Jacqueline loves to play with toys.
- Jacqueline loves to meet with readers and writers of all ages.
- Jacqueline loves to sing or listen to music in her spare time.
- Jacqueline loves to garden and explore local parks.

2. Apparently I don't hate to anything!

- When I met Jacqueline she was casting around for a couple of knights to escort her to 11 Downing Street dressed as Lady Godiva.
- I had just joined a ship, the Scarlet Blade, when I met Jacqueline. She was a young thing, still is really, and the daughter of the ship's captain.
- That was when I met Jacqueline, she took me under her wing and became my inspiration.
- When I met Jacqueline she was organising a herbal medicine workshop and was full of information about the medicinal properties of lemon balm and elderflower.

My favourite slumber party snack is the Party Mix put out by Humpty Dumpty Snack Foods. Back in high school, my best friend and I made sure we brought it to sleepovers and trips. We called it "breakfast".

That was a fun game. I lucked out with some pretty good ones. Made me smile and I could sure do with a few more of those at the moment. Thanks!

Jo Dixon said...

Oh, Kate, this was so much fun! And a huge congratulations on the new book - I LOVE the cover.

1. Jo loves to travel, and take the path less traveled (oohh, I think this is fabulous, yes and yes)

2. One question Jo hates to receive is 'what is life like as a female writer'... (ha, ha, I don't mind this question, in fact I'd be thrilled to be recognised as a writer)

3. When I met Jo she was a Bunny Girl at the Playboy Club. (Truly, that was what Google gave me. I luv it. Completely untrue, but what a fabulous line.

And I had to add one of my one.

4. Jo is famous for...hating femine trappings and for wanting to get rich by her own efforts, and thus apparently has no real faults by modern standards. (not quite there, I do like pretty things)

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Kate, huge congrats!!!! I love your books and do you know what else I love? I love your covers!!! I think they're so clever and gorgeous. Hey, a bit like you, hon!

Love the game. Actually, sadly you and I clearly cruising the mean streets together and doing stuff our mammas wouldn't be too happy about. But the G rated version of Anna loves to includes "dance" and "play this game" (I kid you not!).

Anna hates to drive. Well, that's true! I'm sure even if she COULD drive, she'd hate it. And Anna hates to control things too much. Snork! Yeah, that's SOOOOO true. If there was such a thing as an anti-control freak, it's Anna Campbell. What's that? Howls of disbelieving laughter from the lair. You people are SOOOOO rude. Go and do some housework and do it the way I like it or there will be trouble!

"When I met Anna, she said she had not slept for three days because she had been modelling." Oh, so right! My secret life at last becomes public. Move over, Naomi Campbell! Your cousin Anna is here!

"When I met Anna, she looked thin and depressed." That can't be right. If ever in my life I look thin, I intend to look EXTREMELY HAPPY!!!!

Fun game, Kate. Can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Linda, congrats on the chook!

Anna Campbell said...

Helen, all of yours are TRUE!!!!!

Anna Campbell said...

Deanna, Polish people all round the world are very interested in one of your answers ;-)

Anna Campbell said...

Pissenlit, you love to SHOOT people???!!! Even Poles?

Maureen said...

Congratulations on your new book! Here are my searches:

1. Maureen loves to be loved.
Doesn't everyone?
2. Maureen hates to dress up.
Sometimes that is true although a new dress can be inspiring.
3. When I met Maureen she scared me. I am too nice to scare people.

For a slumber party I would pick ice cream.

Unknown said...

well done Linda Enjoy GR
Hi Kate looking forward to your new book..... loved your others....

Barbara is the patron saint of miners, sailors and architects, St. Barbara is called upon to defend them against untimely death like lightning strikes. hmmmmmmm I don't like lightning LOL

Barbara is foreign and strange

pjpuppymom said...

Congrats on the upcoming release of The Lies That Bind, Kate! I'm counting down the days until November 2nd. Can't wait to read this one!

I'm still a bit fuzzy this morning so no drinks for me yet. Off to discover what "I" like! *g*

Gillian Layne said...

Gillian loves Joe. Whoever Joe might be. ;)

Gillian hates TV. Hmmmm...only the bad shows.

When I met Gillian she...? Didn't come up with anything.

Hey, huge congrats on your release and another fab cover! Put me down for BBQ thick-cut potato chips at the party, please.

pjpuppymom said...

My favorite slumber party food is pizza. When I was a kid hosting slumber parties it was the Chef Boyardee "make your own" kind but we thought it was terrific! Now, we know better! lol!

I'm still in my puppy dog jammies so I'm ready for the party to begin!

Here's what I googled:

"P.J. loves to travel, both domestically and internationally, believing that exposure, experience, and personal involvement with the various cultures of the world increases understanding and influences patience and compassion for others." (Wow, that one nailed me!)

"PJ loves to play! She loves to fetch tennis balls too!" (Uh, that one not so much.) lol!

"PJ hates to walk on leash especially when the entire family isn't walking." (Apparently, a lot of people name their dogs "PJ.") lol!

"You know how Pj hates to admit an error." (Ok, this one is true.)

I couldn't find any "when I met PJ" so I went with my other nickname.

"When I met Patty I couldn't help but shake my head and wonder what year it was."

"That's when I met Patty. I was completely captivated by her. She was a seductress of the best kind."
(I can live with that!)

Christie Kelley said...

Congratulations on the new release, Kate! I can't wait to read this one.

Okay, I used Yahoo to search since it's my homepage but it's all the same.
I had to go five pages in before I found something acceptable for the first one.

1. Christie loves to sing (only alone in my car)

2. Christie hates to be visited more than once a day in person. (no idea what this means)

3. When you met Christie for the first time, it took only minutes to learn that she was from Greenwich, Connecticut (interesting but I'm not from Connecticut)

Dianna Love said...

Kate –
Congratulations on your new book. Sounds wonderful. I’ve gotten back into mysteries this year and look forward to reading this one. Fun blog today – I found the exercise entertaining.

I had to skip a couple since we’re not doing an X rated blog (it was not romantic sounding – geesh!), but here goes:
Dianna loves to play the piano (be serious), cook (ROFL) and read (got one right).
Dianna hates to sleep on her back (true!), have her picture taken alone (okay) and dwell on sad things (true).
When I met Dianna she had three beagles (love dogs, but never had those), she introduced me to the Prey series by John Sandford (that definitely could have happened) and she never made me fee less than her (I certainly hope that’s always the case).

Best wishes on your release week!

Kate Carlisle said...

Woo hooo, Linda! Congratulations! How shall you entertain Sir Rooster today?

Jane, LOL Come back any time. You should get some fun results with the searches. Remember, in this case, you're only Googling your first name, so it's less pressure. ;)

Martinis and nachos... what a combination!

Linda, since you love to clean, I'd love to invite you to my house.

And oooh, pizza. That sounds so good!!!

Kate Carlisle said...

LOL, Lovely Little Laney! Guess you'll get Canadian bacon on your pizza. Isn't this just a fun, silly thing to do? I love it!

Sheree, It's just wrong to make a bride and groom uncomfortable. You naughty girl, you!

Since you have an unusual name, has it been weird for you since the Real Housewives Sheree came on the scene? Do you get a lot of comments?

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

(took some poetic license with the spelling)

Well the first was
1.Dianna loves Macgyver, which is really hilarious because my other screen name besides Hrdwrkdmom is MizMacgyver.

Diana loves to be needed.
Don't we all?

Dianna loves to cook. Believe it or not I do love to cook, I hate to clean up but I do love to cook.

2.Diana hates to write jokes in bios.
Ummmm, I can't remember that I ever wrote a joke in a bio or anything else but I am sure it wouldn't be one of my favorite things to do.

Dianna hates it when people crowd her.
Well, yeah sometimes I do but again, don't we all?

Diana hates to see any cat not eating.
Yeah, I got to agree to that one too, I have two very fat cats to prove it.

3.When I met Dianna she was honestly one of the sweetest people I had ever met.
That is a wonderful thought and I certain hope peeps would say that about me.

When I met Diana, she had just spent two straight days doing readings from her books.
Well obviously that isn't me unless we are talking about reading from books I own.

When I met Diana around thirty years ago, she was a very sexy lady.
Maybe 30 years ago.

Favorite snack is Classic Lays Potato chips, no flavoring but salt. I also like the crunchy cheetos. Favorite drink is a Roasted Toasted Almond.

Kate Carlisle said...

Helen, LOL!!! I'm glad you hate to fight with your sister... but why on earth would someone have to die?!!! That's what's so fun about this game. The responses are soooo intriguing.

Donna, your commentary had me in tears. LOL!!!!! Back away from the paddles, young lady!

I love popcorn! We'll get one of those big, red popcorn machines. And an unlimited supply of butter!

Kate Carlisle said...

Daz, until you explained that the second one was about horses, I had no idea. So I wondered what would possibly make Deanna hate poles so much that she was leery of fences.

Life without fettucine alfredo... That's no fun. Lactose intolerance must be a real pain.

Cindy, Red robe, brown sandals, shaved head... maybe you were a hare krishna! Do you remember spending a lot of time at airports?

I'm mixing up a batch of chocolate martinis for you!

Kate Carlisle said...

Wow! Jacqueline is all positive, all the time. A real bundle of sunshine! I'm *very* intrigued by the gentleman who met you when you were dressed as Lady Godiva. Did you ever find your knights?

Humpty Dumpty snack mix coming right up!

Jo, Snort!!! That's hilarious. Who knew you were a bunny at the Playboy Club?! Don't you love learning these little things about yourself? That's a classic.

I just Googled "Kate is famous for" and discovered that I am famous for being infertile and for nothing but giving birth to some children. (Both referring to Kate Gosselin. She has usurped my name, darn it!) I'm also famous for my bojo waves. (Kate Hudson, to whom I'd much rather be compared.)

Kate Carlisle said...

Anna, You are soooooo funny!!! Thank you for the cover compliments. I think it's so fun that our recent covers are color coordinated. So not only do we have THAT in common, but we also have international modeling shoots to bring us together!

And by the way, I had the same thought when I read about the hatred for poles... but I couldn't figure out what that would have to do with fences!

Kate Carlisle said...

Maureen, Thanks for bringing the ice cream! That is a definite must-have for slumber party madness. I agree... you're far too nice to be scary!

Barb, looks like you Googled "Barb is," so I'll go see what Kate is...

Hey, whattaya know! I'm releasing a new fragrance called Boyfriend.

Uh-oh. Kate is dead. I'm so sad. I'll miss you all.

Kate Carlisle said...

Thank you, PJ! I hope you love THE LIES THAT BIND! You can get a jump start on my website, with the free excerpt.


Kate Carlisle said...

Gillian and Joe, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

Mmmmmm, potato chips. I'll take sour cream & chives flavor for mine.

PJ, I'm laughing at the thought of you fetching tennis balls! Hysterical! You seductress, you.

Kate Carlisle said...

Christie, Maybe you only like to be visited once a day because any more interruptions cut into your singing time. :D Thank you so much for the happy thoughts on my book release. I am so excited to get THE LIES THAT BIND into readers' hands. Can't wait to hear what everyone thinks.

Dianna, Those X-rated ones make you wonder, don't they, about the people who would post such gross things online? Ewwwwwwww!

Doing this exercise is a lot like reading about your astrological sign, isn't it? We read it and tick off which points are true and which are wayyyy off the mark.

Kate Carlisle said...

LOL, Ms. MacGyver!!! Maybe that site really was talking about you. That is just so on the money. In fact, maybe all the sites are talking about you. They seem to have nailed you on every point! That's amazing.

Anna Sugden said...

Wooohooo on the launch of another fabulous Kate book. Wonder how long the Amazon pigeon will take to deliver this one!

Like the other Anna - I got a lot of unmentionable answers to Anna loves ... obviously we're quite the women of the world LOL. The few ordinary-ish ones I found were

Anna loves to ride horses ... not so much

Anna loves to cook for her dates ... well, I love to cook, but lovely hubby might be a little pissed off about the dates ;)

Anna loves to define herself as pop, as in popular ... uh huh - if I knew what that meant I'm sure I'd disagree *g*

Anna hates Lady Gaga ... never heard one of her songs

Anna hates to drink fake blood/hates to drink sugar-free vampire blood (apparently this refers to Anna Paquin) ... yup, only the good stuff for me LOL

Anna hates b*tches who talk sh*t ... totally *g*.

The only when I met Anna's I could find were the same one as the other world famous model, Anna, and ...

... she was interning in the fashion department at iD magazine.

Bring on the hot, buttered popcorn and the bubbly!

Suzanne Ferrell said...


A new Kate Carlisle book out on MY Birthday!!! Yippee! I know what I'm getting myself besides The Cheesecake Factory's Dulce deLeche cheesecake!

OKay, off to play the game..

1.Suzanne loves to...

"Suzanne loves to cook, often showing up with gourmet meals for neighbors, friends, firefighters or mere acquaintances she sense could use her special brand..." okay, maybe I'm not that generous, but I do take food to sick friends, to coworkers on a busy night...and would LOVE to feed the firefighters!

2. Suzanne hates to...
(I could only find 4 which had nothing to do with me and more about weird stuff....[hush Kate].So I modified the search.)
Suzanne hates her kitchen, but lacks the inspiration - and the time - to redo it. (yep that's me)

3. When I met Suzanne, she...
When I met Suzanne she asked intelligent questions about what I wanted and went to work. :)

Kate Carlisle said...

Anna, Tell your husband to relax. He can be your date, and then you can cook for him. And for me because I love to watch people cook. And I'm okay with being a third wheel.

You must watch this Lady Gaga video for her song "Bad Romance." Then come back and let us know what you think. If you can express yourself after having your mind blown.

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Favorite slumber party snacks and drink, huh?

Count me in for a vodka collins and for the, first warm then cold... Yeah, I know, but that's what we always had @ 3 AM when the adults were asleep and no microwaves in the houses at the time!

Kate Carlisle said...

Suzanne, What a fun birthday!!! Ah, the luxury. Dulce de leche cheesecake and a brand new book. Life is good.

Let me know when you're feeding the firefighters! I want pictures!

Kate Carlisle said...

Nothing wrong with cold pizza at 3 AM!

Kate Carlisle said...

By the way, everyone, I've issued a fun challenge on my Facebook page: If we reach 750 fans by Friday, I will go to Venice Beach, which is filled with quirky and outlandish people, and I will find the weirdest person there. I'll ask to get my picture taken with him or her. And I will report the whole, embarrassing story.

Yes, I will humiliate myself in order to be "Liked." Please click Like on my Facebook page if you haven't already!

<a href="></a>

Anna Sugden said...

Uh ... yes ... great music, but the vid was like Madonna on speed or something *g*. Bizarre.

So, no, don't hate her *g*

Jennifer said...

1) Jen loves Key.
That one cracked me up as Key is a character in a book I have coming out and I do love him!

2) Hate Jennifer Club Website
That one creeped me out. I looked and it's a bully website. Sad.

3) Jennifer Aniston met Brad Pitt's daughters
That wasn't me, for sure!

Congrats on the release of THE LIES THAT BIND! I'm so excited to read it!

Fedora said...

Wooot! Happy release, Kate!

Hmm... interesting...

1. Apparently the coach of the Golden Eagles is Larry Fedora, so:
"Fedora loves to throw" and
"call 'vertical seams'"

It's also a Linux thing, so
"Fedora loves to use Linux Logical Volume Manager partition"...

2. "Although Fedora hates to admit it, they serve as the development branch of RH(although since F7 they are independently controlled," I do hate to admit many things, so maybe there's something to this... :)

3. "when I met Fedora, I remember now, that was her stage name," from Self Portrait with Woman, by Andrzej Szczypiorski.


Favorite slumber party snacks? Potato chips (preferably BBQ, but I'm not too picky!) and gummies!

Congrats on the GR, Linda!

Maureen Child said...

LOLOL.............that was fun! Kate, congrats on the launch party! Can't wait to get my hands on that book....though to be honest, I've already read it so I know how fabulous it is!

Maureen loves to travel...(They know me!)

Maureen hates to dress up (seriously, this is getting spooky)

When I met Maureen she knew how much I loved the breed. (HUH? WTF? And we were doing so well....)

Janga said...

Congrats on The Lies That Bind, Kate--another great title, another great cover, and I'm sure in a couple of weeks I'll be adding "another great book" to that description.

Late October is a marvelous time for a pajama party. It's the perfect time to tell ghost stories, an activity i remember as a favorite. Count me in with the pizza crowd for food. Make mine Canadian bacon, pineapple, and cheese. (And, PJ, I remember those Chef Boyardee pizzas too.)

I tried the Google game with Janga, but the hits were nearly all from my own blogs and all for what I love. Since that seemed cheating, I'm using the results for Janice:

Janice loves to
cook! She attended Culinary Arts School to perfect her skill. (Everyone who knows me is laughing hysterically at this one.)

listen to Edith Piaf songs, she doesn't understand the harsh reality of Piaf's difficult life.
(I've listened countless times to "C'est toujours la même histoire." Does that count?)

write and listens to pretty much any kind of music. (Today I hate writing, and while my taste in music is eclectic, there is music I don't listen to. Lady GaGa, for one)

Janice hates to
have her picture taken. (Exactly right on this one.)

hear people cracking their knuckles. (Does anyone like this sound?)

be alone. (Big error here--I've adopted Mary Chapin Carpenter's "I Have a Need for Solitude" as my theme song.)

When I met Janice she

was failing in all of her classes and was described by her teacher as totally lacking in motivation.
(Oh, no! Never!)

rekindled my passion for creativity. (I'd like to think this one is true.)

showed me that my dreams could come true. (I hope so.)

Kate Carlisle said...

Jennifer, how fun that it's already out, how much you love Key! LOL!

Fedora, I didn't understand a word you said, so it must've been high tech. Technology gives me hives. As you can see from my previous post where I failed to do a link correctly. Sigh. Computers are hard.

Maureen, LOL!!! If they had said "TO breed" instead of "the breed," it would've put us back into blushing territory. As it is, we'll just give them a confused look and say, "HUH?!"

Kate Carlisle said...

Janga, Good for you, rekindling creativity wherever you go! No wonder I like you so much!

Thanks for the happy thoughts on THE LIES THAT BIND! Wait till you see how things heat up between Brooklyn and Derek Stone...

Susan Sey said...

Susan loves to...

"--change her hair frequently!" I would love this to be true but sadly it's not. I sometimes re-comb my pony tail after I've slept on it overnight but not as often as I probably should.

Susan hates to...

"--be kept waiting." This was four of the top five returns so it must be true. Unfortunately, it's not. I always have a book in my purse & love to be kept waiting more than about anything, especially if I'm kid-free. Luxury!

When I first met Susan...

"--she was so cute!" Okay, I had to scroll a ways for this one but it was legitimately there! The other one I considered was "she told me I had an iodine deficiency" which I thought had potential til I ran across the thing about cute. Because I totally am cute. So cute. (I wish.)

As for my favorite slumber party snack, I'm going to be totally boring & say popcorn. Because it goes with movies and giggling & secrets. Looking forward to finding out some good juicy ones about your characters, Kate!

Sheree said...

Hi, Kate! Thankfully, no one has made any comments about my name due to "The Real Housewives" nor do I attempt to spell my name with "you, know, like that Real Housewife of Atlanta".

Also, wouldn't a wacky wedding planner make the couple bond more over the insanity? Aren't there movies or books like that already?

I forgot the slumber party question: given that I had a slew of cousins, I never had a slumber party with friends until college (if having a couple of guy friends sleep on my dorm room floor in order for them to save a few bucks on a motel counts as a slumber party).

catslady said...

Jeanne loves to hear from you.
- read, write, hike, run, bike, go to the beach and laugh.
-hang out with her partner in life.
-create in many ways: fantasy drawing, photography, writing and making up songs.
-garden and travel and yoga and dancing.
-speak to audiences

Wow, I'm a busy girl lol.

Jeanne hates to have her picture taken.
-crying in public

At least that's a shorter list lol.

Kate Carlisle said...

Susan, I love that you love to be kept waiting! We're always in such a rush these days, it's refreshing to hear from someone who takes advantage of those unexpected moments of stillness.

And btw, you're not limited to one. You can have an iodine deficiency and be cute. ;)

Sheree, yes, there are wedding planner movies, but I can't think of one in which the couple bonded. It seems like the wedding planner breaks up the marriage before it happens.

Jeanne, so if you're forced to eat peas, do you cry in public? Torture!

Joan said...

I'm good for crawling back into my PJ's at 5's cloudy and rainy (thank God) here in KY. Pass the movie style popcorn and Diet Coke!

Congrats on Lies That Bind Kate! You know I am a number one fan and Cricket and Grayson have forgiven you for not adding them to your cover :D

Joan loves to: flirt and is likely to have sudden romantic relationships Wow, don't I wish though I will say...I can get the flirt a coy sort of way.

Joan loves to bake and cook. Could see that one coming.

Joan hates to match and fold socks. Had to ROFL at this. Just recently cleaned out my sock drawer. Who knew I had collected about fifty pairs of navy socks???? All just THIS MUCH a different shade...

Joan hates to jog. Bingo. Even when my hip isn't hurting

Joan hates to look at faces in her food. Doesn't everybody?

The best, I saved for last.

When I met Joan she gave me a quick kiss on the lips and her playful tongue made a quick touch on mine before she drew back

Demetrius! Discretion.... :D

Beth Andrews said...

What fun! I love a slumber party *g*

1. Beth loves to work with clay. This could be true. Except I've never worked with clay. Unless Play Doh counts.

2. Beth hates to see him heartbroken. Okay, not sure about this one. Depends on who "him" is *g*

3. When I met Beth she immediately reached out and connected with me. I think Tawny wrote this one ;-)

Super congrats on the release of The Lies That Bind, Kate! I can't wait to read it!!

Oh, and my favorite slumber party snack is hot air popped popcorn with parmesan cheese *g*

Anna Sugden said...

As lovely as Derek Stone is ... you know who I really want to see ;)

Anna Campbell said...

PJ, you seductress! I like that much better than the kennel references - although they made me laugh!

Unknown said...

Congrats on your new release Kate, can't wait to get it.

I googled myself and it appears that I own a winery and make wine, who new!

Try mixing candy corn and peanuts together in a bowl, its a great snack.

traveler said...

I enjoy eating yummies like ginger ale and pizza for a slumber party. My name was a joke and it said plenty of fun things.

pjpuppymom said...

VraiAnna said, As lovely as Derek Stone is ... you know who I really want to see ;)

Me too! Me too! :)

(You are talking about G-man, aren't you, Anna?)

pjpuppymom said...

PJ, you seductress! I like that much better than the kennel references - although they made me laugh!

Anna, considering that I spent the weekend with four dogs, those kennel references are probably much closer to the mark than the seductress! lol!

Kate Carlisle said...

Joan, LOL! I've never heard it described quite that way - "a sudden romantic relationship." And I had to laugh again at hating to look at faces in your food. WHAT?!?!?!

You did, indeed, save the best for last. And I guess that was sort of suddenly romantic. LOL!!!

Beth, in my book, Play-Doh always counts. I don't want to live in a world where Play-Doh doesn't count.

Thank you so much for celebrating with me!

Kate Carlisle said...

Virginia, I should've known you were a vintner. You have a very sophisticated vibe. For example... your candy corn and peanuts recipe sounds ahbsolutely diviiiine, dahling!

Traveler, we definitely have pizza. Seems to be the most popular choice! One of my favorites, too.

I'm still laughing about PJ fetching tennis balls!

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

1. Marilyn loves to fish! She even served as Grandpa's worm helper and brought him worms to use... much more into fishing than her mother. . Go figure, could have fooled me!

2. Marilyn hates to lie, but there comes a time when you have to. It makes her feel like a dog. But, in the end, people . . . have to make their living. ... Wow, a dog?

3. When I met Marilyn, she was repeating her mother's coldness with her own children. Her pain and loneliness were such that she was often too consumed. Scary!

Now if I Googled my name it would definitely say that I love reading romance and sharing it with others.

Kate, congratulations on your release!

Louisa Cornell said...

Yay, Linda! Someone needs to Google The Golden Rooster and see what happens!

SO excited about the new book, Kate !!

Apparently - Louisa loves people and loves to be petted. (Louisa is a beagle at the Maryland Beagle Rescue Adoption site!)

Louisa loves to play and help out at the barn. (This Louisa is a kitten. I detect a theme here!)

Louisa says she hates men ogling her bikini-clad body. (Not EVEN going to touch this one!)

When I met Louisa on her California trip, she said that this fall book was inspired by "fairy walks" with her children out in the Yorkshire ...

My favorite ?

(When)I met Louisa in the shade, And, having seen that lovely Maid, Why should I fear to say That, nymph-like, she is fleet and strong, And down the rocks can leap ...


And my favorite slumber party snack?

Pizza !!!! Pepperoni with double cheese!

Christine Wells said...

Snork!! What a great game, Kate! Mega congrats on another fantastic release in your mystery series!

Christine loves to hang out with your beaut echidnas :) I agree, they're cute but... hanging out with them could get a little prickly.

Christine hates to be late. Yes that's true. I am married to a man who hates to be on time. It creates some friction...

When I met Christine I could see immediately who was in charge.

Snork! That is so not me.

Slumber party food... Cherry pie and donuts (a memory of a Twin Peaks slumber party when I was in high school)

Can't wait to read The Lies that Bind!

Nancy said...

Linda, congrats on the bird!

Kate, my favorite slumber party food is probably brownies. Though I wouldn't balk at a chocolate Coke float. Or Milk Duds. Basically, if chocolate is involved, I'm there. :-)

Congratulations on your new book! I'm so very much looking forward to reading it.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Kate! This is so fun!

BTW, if I had Kitkats and baileys I'd go into a sugar coma.

Fav slumber party snack, like several others, is popcorn. Grins. And pizza.

Now, for the googles:

Jeanne loves to play scrabble - true.
Jeanne loves to make all your stampin' wishes come true -, not so much. Grins

According to Google, Jeanne hates a lot of things, including her grandmother, her father, basically her whole family, stupid *BLEEP!* morons.... - gotta stop here because this is SO not me. Snork. I actually hate very few things. Bad Smells. Clogged drains. Yeah, just a few. Grins.

Apparently other Jeanne's hate to throw away food (I'm with that) and hate term papers, which I loved, for three.

"Jeanne was fun and exciting when I met her during WWII, that is our wedding photo at the end."

Awwww...That's cool. Not me, but cool.


Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hey Linda! Congrats on getting the GR!

Kate, this is some party!

Kate Carlisle said...

Marilyn, Wow! I never knew you loved to fish. And I must say, I can't see you being cold to children - your own or anyone else's!

Thank you so much for celebrating release day with me!

Louisa, LOL!!! I love to be petted, too. Isn't it fun to find out we have something in common? ;)

Thank you for sharing the Wordsworth quote. That was lovely. Not typical slumber party fare, but we aren't the typical slumber partygoers, are we?

Kate Carlisle said...

Christine, OMG! Cherry pie!!! Bring it over here! I love you!!!!!

And Nancy brought brownies. I'm picturing a slumber party mishmash... a brownie topped with cheery pie filling. Mmmmmmmmmm.... Isn't it time for dessert?

Jeanne, I love your WWII quote. That is unbelievably romantic. So sweet.

Cassondra said...

From the age of 2, Cassondra has always loved performing! Why yes. Yes, I have. (grin) My name is Cassondra. I love the feeling I experience in front of the camera. Why yes, yes I do.

NOT. Snork.

Apparantly I don't hate to do anything in particular, but Cassondra hates to be called Cassie (I DO HATE THAT! HOW DID THEY KNOW????) My name is totally sexy and guys love it... Ohhhh yeah. Right.

I was named after the greek goddess of doom, and that's the best thing about being named Cassondra (really now, she was CassAndra, but the whole doom thing...there are times when I could get into being a goddess of doom....when Steve won't pick up the living room, for instance....)

Cassondra said...

Congrats Kate, on the new book! Woooot!

I can't WAIT!!!

It's on preorder, baby!

Pat Cochran said...

Congratulations, Kate! Great party!

Pat loves to DANCE!(Me to a T!)

Pat loves to quilt (I love to
watch others quilt & love quilts.)

There were no "hates to" but lots
of "hates," and that is so not me!

When I met Pat she was always laughing.

When I met Pat she made me feel

For a slumber party, my favorite
snacks are popcorn, Cheezits, and
strawberry margaritas!

Pat Cochran

Kate Carlisle said...

Cassondra, Thank you so much for pre-ordering THE LIES THAT BIND! I hope you love the book. I can't wait to hear what readers think!

Pat, I think my favorite of yours was that you were always laughing. That just makes me smile! Thanks for celebrating with me!

Deanna said...

Aunty, thank you for the slumber party. Um ... am I really required to sing for the karaoke section?