Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Home Cookin'

by Beth

My son comes home tonight for Easter break and after four months of college living he is very much looking forward to some home cooking *g* He's asked for Cheesy Chicken Pockets and Paninis this go around. Over Thanksgiving it was roasted chicken and Paninis. At Christmas he wanted my mom's goulash and Paninis.

In case you missed it, my boy loves a toasty sandwich! He'd often make one or two of what he called Man-wiches for breakfast, lunch or a snack, piling it high with meat, at least two types of cheese and more often than not, a fried egg *g* Sadly, those days are gone as his dorm doesn't have a stove, only a microwave. Which means I'll have to make sure we're stocked up on bread, deli meats and cheeses and eggs this summer.

Some of my guy's other home cooked favorites include cheeseburger soup, cheeseburger pie, barbecue ribs, twice baked potatoes (his aunt is making these for Easter so he'll be thrilled) steak roll-ups and snickerdoodles.

I also try to have all of his favorite foods and snacks on hand. Funny how my grocery bill goes up significantly when he's home :-)

But that's okay. It's worth it to have him in hugging distance!

What home cooked meal would you ask your mom (or any family member) to make for you?


Kim in Baltimore said...

Aloha, again!

Kim in Baltimore said...

Since I am not a good cook, I ask my mother and mother in law to cook pot roast and pork chops for hubby and sons when we visit them during summer vacation.

In Hawaiian culture, the men cooked and the women ate!

Jane said...

I would ask my dad to make beef fried noodles. That's his specialty. If I were at my cousin's house, I would ask her to make chicken parmigiana.

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

My aunt used to make my birthday dinner, pinto beans, salmon cakes and spinach. Sometimes it would be ribeye steaks, loaded baked potatoes, and pineapple salad.

Anything my mother cooked made me warm and fuzzy. I think she could have cooked a shoe and I would have ate it. I would really love to have some of mom's potato salad.

Helen said...

Well done Kim have fun with him


I would have been happy with anything Mum made for us when we went to her place but one of my favourites was her pea and ham soup and then for desert either Syrup Rolly Pollys or apple pie yummo sadly I have never been able to do a good pastry like my Mum so I just don't even try them these days LOL.

When my kids come for dinner at my place they always ask for certain things as well Bec will ask for braised steak & onions followed by apple sponge, Joel always wants curried sausages or meatloaf any desert for him will do, Brooke always wants curried sausages and her fav desert is apple sponge as well and Kirsty would eat spaghetti bol everyday of the week and she likes a rice custard for desert.

Have Fun

Anna Sugden said...

Welcome home to your son, Beth! Hope he's had a great year at college (I know he's been enjoying those hockey games, lucky boy!).

I love my mum's Persian cooking and always request my favourites. I can make some of them myself, but not all, so she makes me the ones I love. And, she always tops up the cupboard with my favourite Persian sweets *g*.

Beth Andrews said...

Congrats on nabbing the rooster, Kim! Hmm...I wonder what the GR's favorite meal is?

In Hawaiian culture, the men cooked and the women ate!

Sounds good to me *g* My husband can cook but I'd rather do that and let him do dishes.

That's so great your sons get to eat their grandmothers' cooking! I'm sure they'll have fond memories of those meals :-)

Beth Andrews said...

Hey, Jane! I've never had beef fried noodles. Sounds tasty *g*

The only meal my dad ever cooked was scrambled eggs :-)

My daughter asked for Chicken Parmigiana the other night but then changed her mind. I think I'll make it for Sunday dinner next week.

Beth Andrews said...

Dianna, those birthday dinners sound fabulous! Is it too early to be craving loaded baked potatoes?

What did your mom put in her potato salad that made it special? My family loves my sister's potato salad - she adds sweet pickles and has a heavy hand with the mayo ;-)

Beth Andrews said...

sadly I have never been able to do a good pastry like my Mum

Helen, I'm the same way. My mom makes the best pies (and she often gets requests from her grandkids for her apple pie) but mine don't quite turn out right.

Your kids are so lucky to have you cooking their favorites for them. I'm very interested in this apple sponge you mentioned. I'm pretty sure it's not how I'm picturing it *g*

Beth Andrews said...

Thanks, Anna. He loves college which makes it much easier to have him far away. And he's already talking about the hockey league he'll be playing in this summer *g*

Moms are good at making sure we have enough to eat *g* My mom always tries to send food home with us and when the kids were little, she'd stock their favorites. All they had to do was mention they liked something and she'd be sure to keep it on hand :-)

LilMissMolly said...

Roasted chicken and big fat dumplings. YUM!

Susan Sey said...

You know what your boy needs, Beth? A George Foreman grill! My mother brought me one from the depths of her bottomless closet (she had two; I can't imagine why) and I scoffed. I was like, "Isn't this the thing Michael Scott cooked his foot on?" (It's an episode of the Office, a good one.)

Anyhoo, flash forward 18 months & I'm cooking everything on my GFG. Including toasty-melty sandwiches. Yum. Just plug it in, use it, wipe it clean. You kiddo will love you for it.

Happy Easter break with your baby. :-)

Dianna Love said...

Wow Kim - the GR will never come back stateside after a vacation in Hawaii. ;)

My mom made the best meatloaf and I never got her recipe so years after she passed away searching for a really good meatloaf recipe became almost a quest for me (yes, I did eventually find the "one"). I remember that as one of my favorite comfort meals and would ask for it any time we hadn't had meatloaf in a while.

Nancy said...

Beth, I loved my mom's roast beef wirh rice and gravy. I always wanted that when I came home.

Cheeseburger soup? Sounds intriguing.

Kim, congrats on the rooster!

June M. said...

Love peanutbutter fudge that my mom makes. I also love the chicken and dumplings that my grandmother makes.

Deb said...

My mom is a great cook. I always request fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and gravy. NO ONE can make fried chicken like Mother. I also like her potato salad. Sometimes mine turns out fine, other times it's flat.

I would also request a homemade cherry, peach, or apple pie. My mom learned from the best---her mother.

Kaelee said...

My mom was from English background and my dad was from Italian background. His mother would always cut up a turkey and sort of stew it. Although I helped my mom many times to make Italian style turkey as we called it, I never did write down how to do it. I regret that so much.

I love our electric grill. Gave one to my brother who scoffed at it but he's single and he's found it works wonderfully.

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Hey Beth!

When I'm home in Ohio I love to have my mom's bean soup and corn bread. (My sister hates it, so I of course ask for it!!)

Speaking of home cooking, today I'm making chicken pot pie to take to my daughter's family. She just came home with baby #3, so I thought I'd prepare a home cooked meal:
Chicken Pot Pie with veggies
Cherry/pineapple Dump Cake

Dtchycat said...

I wouldn't ask my mother to cook anything unless I was craving something burnt...not likely to happen anytime soon. I do miss the days when my boys would come home from college and ask for me to make them their favorites...going to cry...less than 4 weeks to go when my youngest crying...going to party, never thought he would make is past semester one, here we are at semester 8!!!!

Donna MacMeans said...

Unfortunately both my mother and my mother-in-law have passed so I have only memories of their specialities. Neither exactly used recipes - just mixed and cooked from the heart.

My mother made candy apples to die for. They were coated with a chocolate fudge that hardened enough not to be drippy (except for the puddle created while they cooled) but was soft enough not to threaten teeth. She made them for church carnivals and fundraisers. The recipe, stated in terms to make maybe 100 apples, came from her mother who sold the apples during the depression. It's said she was once offered a ton of money for the recipe, but she wouldn't sell. Otherwise, mom made good seven-layer salad and a mean lasanga.

My mother-in-law made fabulous potato salad. My attempts to copy it have come pretty close and has become one of my son's favorite foods. It's really good - but really fattening. All that mayonnaise!

Beth Andrews said...

LilMissMilly, that sounds delicious! Roasted chicken is one of our very favorite meals here. Can you believe I never had it growing up? My mom doesn't like chicken *g*

Beth Andrews said...

You know what your boy needs, Beth? A George Foreman grill!

Susan, we loved our George Foreman grill. We used it so often, we wore it right out *g* He would probably love one but he's not allowed to have certain things in his dorm like coffee pots so I doubt he could have an electric grill. I'll be sure to get him one when he moves into an apartment in a few years!

And he's a huge Office fan so his first thought might the same as yours about Michael's foot ;-)

Beth Andrews said...

Dianna, I'm so glad you found a recipe for meatloaf that reminds you of your mom's meatloaf.

For my son's last birthday, he wanted his grandma's stuffed cabbage rolls so I had my mom over and she taught me how to make them. And this Friday we'll be making ricotta cheese pies for Easter - it's a tradition and one I cherish.

Beth Andrews said...

Hey, Nancy! Your mom's meal sounds so good!

Cheeseburger soup? Sounds intriguing.

It's good but fattening. Not that the boy has to worry about that yet *g* It's a nice hearty meal on a cool day and one of my kids' favorites.

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Oh Dianna,
Salmon cakes are GREAT! My Gramma taught me how to make them. My son loves them too. I haven't made them in ages... time to buy the ingredients!

And June, my Gramma made the world's BEST chicken and dumplings! Same as yours, I'm sure. ;-) What I wouldn't give for a big bowl of that wonderful dish.

Dtchycat, our mom's must be related. Mine wasn't much of a cook either though she made THE BEST divinity candy and carrot cake. I haven't been able to eat carrot cake since my mom passed away. It's just not the same.

Thanks Beth, for all the wonderful food memories. Enjoy having your son home for Easter!

And CONGRATS on the GR, Kim. Might want to cover his eyes and ears after all this chicken & dumplings talk. LOL!


Hellie Sinclair said...

I've pretty much always been the cook, even from a young age.

BUT my dad cooks breakfast, so sometimes, I like to go to the farm on Saturday mornings and get biscuits, gravy, bacon, sausage, and eggs. *sighs*

Beth Andrews said...

Hey, June. Peanut butter fudge. Oh, man, that sounds good right now *g* I'm craving something sweet. Love chicken and dumplings, too!

Beth Andrews said...

Deb, I would love to be able to make really good fried chicken. What's your mom's secret?

And another mom who bakes wonderful pies! My mom always makes two pies at a time. She doesn't like to heat the oven just for one :-)

Beth Andrews said...

Kaelee, at least you have the memories of helping your mom. Sorry you haven't been able to replicate the recipe!

My father's grandmother only taught my mother one recipe and that's for the ricotta cheese pie I mentioned earlier *g* Oh, and meat stuffing which my mom makes for my dad and brother on Thanksgiving.

Tawny said...

My mom's lasagna is amazing. So are her sweets- she makes a fabulous German Chocolate cake. And her caramels are so great!!

My gramma's kugel, or really anything she cooks (because gramma's always cook best).

YAY on your boy coming home for the holiday :-) I'm so happy for you!!! I'll bet he's just as thrilled to get home. Have a wonderful visit!!!

Beth Andrews said...

Suz, congrats again on your new grandbaby!

Speaking of home cooking, today I'm making chicken pot pie to take to my daughter's family.

LOL! After I had my third baby, my mom made me chicken pot pie and cake, too (can't remember what kind of cake, though *g*) It's a wonderful meal!

Beth Andrews said...

Dtchycat, congratulations on your son's upcoming graduation! I'm anxiously waiting until it's time to pick up my son from the airport. I can't wait to have him home again *g*

Beth Andrews said...

Donna, that is so cool about your mom's recipe for candy apples. They sound delicious *g*

My older two love potato salad. LOVE it. But neither one likes macaroni salad :-)

Beth Andrews said...

Hey, AC! It's fun to think of all those family meals and special recipes, isn't it?

And I'm getting some great ideas for upcoming dinners!

Tracy Garrett said...

You've made me hungry, Beth. Favorite food every Easter--deviled eggs. My mom makes the best ones, and she passed the talent on to my sister.

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Beth Andrews said...
What did your mom put in her potato salad that made it special? My family loves my sister's potato salad - she adds sweet pickles and has a heavy hand with the mayo ;-)

She used sweet pickles too, a little carrots and radishes for color and a little mustard for the devil... She always said that when she was making it.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hey Kim! You snagged the chook again!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Were my Mama still here do to it, this week she would be stocking up on roasted, glazed ham with pineapple slices, shelly beans, potatoes (for mashed potatoes), early-in yellow squash and onions to fry up, and chicken to fry. We'd all be coming home for Easter and ham was THE Easter meal. grins. Whenever I would come home from college, no matter what time of year it was, I would ask her to make this meal, if the ingredients were available. LURVE me some pineapple ham and fried chicken and all the fixins. Now, I'm hungry. Thanks Beth.

Pork chops was another fav for me, though I don't really know why. My Mama would cook pork to absolute death. I still loved it.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Oh, and I forgot the desserts...cookies, pie, cake, did I mention pie? Love me some pie...

Joan said...

Ok, SO hungry now!

I would ask my Mom for her chicken and dumplings and/or baked chicken and dressing.

Sending you honey baked ham and Velvetta to help you thorugh his visit :D

Beth Andrews said...

Hellion, that breakfast sounds fabulous! I love a hearty breakfast on the weekends *g*

Beth Andrews said...

And her caramels are so great!!

I know this from firsthand experience *g* Wish I had some right now ;-)

I hope the boy is happy to be home. He says he is but he might just be excited to see his friends again *ggg*

Beth Andrews said...

Tracy, I've gone and made myself hungry, too! Which wasn't the plan but I'm not complaining *g*

Yum on the deviled eggs. I love them. My daughters do too but for different reasons - one eats the filling and the other eats the egg white :-)

Beth Andrews said...

and a little mustard for the devil

LOL! Love that *g* I use a little mustard too.

Beth Andrews said...

Jeanne, we're having ham for Easter here, too. I'm hosting this year and when I suggested something other than ham, my siblings about came after me with pitchforks and axes. So, ham it is *g*

Your mom's Easter meal sounds delicious!

Beth Andrews said...

Sending you honey baked ham and Velvetta to help you thorugh his visit :D

LOL. Thanks, Joan! I'm sure he'd make a mess of grilled cheese and ham sandwiches with it :-)

Jeanne M said...

I'm actually the one that everyone comes to when they want home cooked goodies. Everyone's favorite dessert seems to be cherry covered cheesecake!

My husband's family is Italian so one Thanksgiving besides the usual "Thanksgiving" fare I made lasanga and wine biscuits to round out our traditional Thanksgiving dinner (whcih also included homemade pumpkin and apple pies).

Oh, did I mention that I'm a juvenille diabetic so all those goodies I bake are on my "do not even think about eating" list? Oh well at least I get the enjoyment of everyone else eating all my goodies!

Louisa Cornell said...

The GR is craving some good Hawaiian cooking - sans chicken of course!

Now that is an easy question for me. My Mom's chicken and dumplings made completely from scratch !! And for dessert she makes my grandmother's chocolate pie. YUMMMMYYYY!!

Anytime I visit Mom I know the chicken and dumplings will be waiting. My baby brother and I fight over who gets to take the leftovers home. We go so far as to hide the bowl of leftovers in various places in Mom's house. The person who has custody at the end of the day gets the prize!

She also makes the best macaroni and cheese on the planet. My nephew comes home from college almost every weekend. Does he stay at his parents' house? Nope! He stays at Nana's! Why? because as he and his sister and his cousin (my other nephew) say "Nana makes REAL food!"

She always sends him back to Bama with her homemade banana nut muffins, hamburger soup, banana pudding (to die for!) potato chip cookies and mac and cheese. Oh and her corn casserole too. His roommates LOVE to see him coming on Sunday nights.

Enjoy having your son home! And I KNOW he will enjoy all of your great home cooking!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Beth said: I'm hosting this year and when I suggested something other than ham, my siblings about came after me with pitchforks and axes. So, ham it is *g*

Hahah! I was usually the one with the pitchfork or ax when someone suggested "axing" the traditional meal, so I know what they're doing. Grins.

Jeanne M, I like the Italian "sides" for Thanksgiving. That's cool.

And Louisa...banana pudding. *Jeanne goes into rapturous delight* I adore banana pudding. YUM!!!

Karen C said...

My mother didn't cook. I do know that my daughter loves my shrimp muffins. They're the first thing she asks for and I usually have to double the batch so the rest of the family can have some.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Karen...shrimp muffins? How does one make a shrimp muffin!?!

Pat Cochran said...

No question as to that request: My
Mother's Baked Chicken Cacciatore!
In fact, most anything that Mother
cooked was outstanding. she's gone
now and she took all her recipes with
her. She never shared her special
recipes with anyone, even us, her