Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Psychic Secrets

posted by Nancy
Best-selling author Anna DeStefano returns to the Lair today. She writes classic contemporary romance and contemporary psychic fantasy for Dorchester Publishing. She's won and finalled in numerous national contests, including twice winning RTBook Review's Reviewers Choice Award.

Today we'll talk about her newest release, Secret Legacy.

Welcome, Anna!

Who is the heroine of Secret Legacy, and what's her background?

Sarah Temple and her identical psychic twin share a powerful, supernatural legacy that warring factions are fighting to control--a center of government scientists who want to harness their gifts to weaponize daydreams, and a brotherhood of psychic warriors who have sworn to protect the Psychic Realm and its secrets at all costs.

Sarah's barely escaped with her sanity the Center's attempts (in Book 1, Dark Legacy) to highjack her sister's gifts (by using Sarah' comatose mind to program and control Maddie Temple's dreams). Now the Dream Weaver program they thought they'd defeated is still going strong, only this time it's Sarah's sleeping mind the government is haunting--using her mysterious psychic connection with a lost child no one else believes exists. The only way for Sarah to protect the little girl and her legacy from being manipulated into a long-range, direct strike weapon is to trust her gifts and the warrior who's already betrayed her once.

What's her biggest problem in this book?

Sarah, like many of us, can't see the promise of who she and her twin are destined to be, because the damage and mistakes and potential evil that she so far hasn't been able to keep her legacy from becoming. She doesn't trust her potential to be a warrior for good, capable of protecting not only those she loves, but other legacy families within the psychic realm, too, from suffering at the hands of those who only seek power and profit as they hunt the metaphysically gifted. At it's core, Secret Legacy reflects the same journey of discovery and acceptance we all face, as we search for who we are and what we're meant to become. It's a celebration, when Sarah not only claims be destiny, but valiantly fights to make the same magical promise possible for generations to come.

Your website refers to a psychic warrior who broke the heroine's heart. How do they meet again, and what issues lie between them?

Secret Legacy begins only a month after Dark Legacy's cliff hanger ending that left so many readers panting for more ;0) Dr. Richard Metting was initially one of the "villains" of Dark Legacy. One of the government scientists, we thought, who were weaponizing daydreams by hijacking the mysteries within Temple twins' minds. Except Richard turned out to be the lead watcher for a brotherhood of psychic warriors whose mission is to shut down the Center's Dream Weaver program at all costs--even if it means sacrificing Sarah and her twin's sanity.

Richard breaks from the Brotherhood's mission, though, to protect the Temple Legacy, and in the process becomes deeply attached to Sarah and her fight for survival. We find him at the beginning of Secret Legacy, now within the protection of the Brotherhood's bunker, battling to regain Sarah's trust and to help her control her disintegrating gifts before he loses her for good.

Can we have a peek inside the book?

Sure! The prologue and first chapter are up on my website:

http://issuu.com/annawrites/docs/secret_legacy-excerpt?mode=a_p onclick=

Here's an author interview and book trailer for the Legacy Series:


And a Blog Talk Radio interview that delves deeper into the dream theory and parapsychology behind my Psychic Realm:


This book ties in with an earlier one, Dark Legacy. What's the connection?

That cliff hanger I mentioned above... At the very end of Dark Legacy, a secret child is discovered who holds the key to the heart and future (either good or evil) of the Temple Legacy. No one knew she existed. Secret Legacy begins as no one within the Brotherhood believes the child is real--except Sarah, who hears the little girl in her nightmares, crying for help. Sarah's convinced the Center is experimenting on the innocent child the way they once did Sarah, and she'll stop at nothing until she finds her--putting her family, her legacy and the Psychic Realm at even more risk than ever.

Secret Legacy is a thrilling race in and out of nightmare and deadly psychic visions, to stop the Center and the magical child they've brainwashed from fulfilling the darker promise of the Temple Legacy.

What's next for you?

I'm in love already with the next three books I’m creating for the Legacy Series. Working on that new proposal I a top priority. As is blogging weekly about the Dream Theory, parapsychology, and metaphysics I research to create my Psychic Realm.

I've also submitted a new family drama proposal to Harlequin, so hopefully I'll have something new on the way soon for my contemporary romance fans.

And I'm travelling again, teaching writing craft where folks ask me to ;o) I'll be with the Carolina Romance Writers in June, then at Romance Writers of America's National Conference and ThrillerFest in July. I'm also weekly talking about How We Write and how Publishing Isn't For Sissies on my blog.

It's a lovely life ;o)

For more about Anna and her books, check out her website.

Dark Legacy, Book 1 in the series, is a 2.99 cent download on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc, and starting June 6th Secret Legacy will be a .99 cent download. One commenter today, however, will receive a free electronic download of Secret Legacy.

So tell us, if you could have any paranormal power, what would it be, and why? What's your favorite story of past lovers reunited? What's your favorite movie involving paranormal powers?


Landra said...

Whoo hoo! Yello!

Landra said...

Welcome back Anna! Love psychic's, but have not yet read a psychic fantasy. Sound like it may be that time.

As to psychic power I would want the power of persuasion. The idea that I could convince others to let me do stuff would make my life a lot simpler. I wouldn't abuse the power, but a couple good angles wouldn't hurt.

Favorite movie involving paranormal powers is prolly Phenomenon. I loved John Travolta in that movie and the science behind his ability just made it all the more interesting. The entire idea got my head spinning with possibilities.

Sheree said...

Congrats on the rooster, Landra!

I want teleportation as a pyschic power. Just think of not having to deal with TSA or pieces of the plane falling off.

Anna Campbell said...

Hi Anna! Hi Nancy! Anna, lovely to see you here. I remember you from ages ago when you coordinated a contest I finaled in back in the dim dark distant past. This turns out to be such a small world sometimes, doesn't it? Congratulations on the new book. It sounds amazing with some really high stakes emotions going on there. Wow!

Landra, congrats on the chook! He seems to have a penchant for gals whose names start with 'L' these days!

Helen said...

Landra well done have fun with him

Hi Anna and Nancy

Great post and this book sounds really good actually both books do I have not read a book that is about psychic powers either and if they are for sale on Smashwords I will be looking for them for my
e reader.
As for a power I would like, not sure on that one maybe being in two places at the same time so as I could go to work and earn money but stay at home and read at the same time LOL
I have to agree with Landra I really enjoyed John Travolta in Phenomenon.
I am having a mental blank on the favourite lovers re united I will have to check the books out LOL. Just got home from work and the brain is dead LOL

Have Fun

Nancy said...

Landra, congratulations on the rooster!

I didn't see Phenomenon. Can you tell us a bit about the plot?

There are times I could seriously use persuasive powers. *g*

Nancy said...

Sheree, teleportation sounds great. I'm not a happy flier, either. And think of the benefits when a person is running late!

Nancy said...

Hi, Anna C.--

Yes, very high stakes in this book and a lot of suspense!

Anna Sugden said...

Welcome back, Anna - good to see you. It's so nice to see how far you've come since our days on the eHarlequin boards when you were still waiting for that first sale!

Glad to hear you've got more contemps on the horizon too! They're always a great read.

I'm another one who'd like teleportation as a power. I'd also like to be like Samantha on Bewitched and wiggle my nose to make things happen. Not psychic powers, more magical powers, but I would love them anyway.

Anna Destefano said...

Hey Landra--

I'd like the power of pursuasion, too ;o) But, me thinks the idea of our gifts making our lives easier might just be a double-edged sward. We tend to be challenged by what we excel at. Things tha come easily always tend to come with an expectation of doing more (for ourselves and others), no?

At least that's the running theme in my stories... You know, where I LOVE to torture my characters for the span of 300 pages or so ;o)

Nancy said...

Anna S., that nose wiggle of Samantha's was a nice way to let her work magic unobtrusively. I loved that show!

If I had to pick a psychic power, I'd pick telekinesis. Being able to move heavy things without help would be very handy on those rare occasions when I actually do serious cleaning.

I thought about clairvoyance, second sight, and telepathy, but I think any of them might clue me into things I'd rather not know.

Anna Destefano said...


Teleporation is one of those "near there" powers that many in studying advanced math and physics theories (like string etheory, etc), think might one day actually be proven possible. Like parallel universes and additional dimensions vibrating right beside ours, the concept of time and space being a flowing stream of light both forward and backwards that we can travel is, well, something of a distant possibility to some... Bwahahahaha

Anna Destefano said...

Hey Anna! And Helen (trying to group a few comments so I don't bore you flood the queue...

I like the idea of projecting multiple copies of myself, so I could be in more than one place. It's one of the coolest things I think the "sisters" could do on "Charmed." The writers for the show did a great job initialy of using the power creatively. LOVED it!

Unknown said...

well done Landra

Hi Anna, your books sound very good ...I like the other would love to be able to teleport as I hate travelling but love going places LOL

Anna Destefano said...


Theoris about telekinesis, like many of the gifts we're talking about, hinge on the very real physics of everything in our univers being made up of and connected by energy. So, if you could somehow connect with and harness and direct that energy, there's no end to the fantastical things you could do...

p226 said...

If I could have one paranormal power, it would be the ability to cause spontaneous orgasms in people.

Driving past an officer writing a citation beside the road...

"... Sir, the reason I stopped you today is uhh....g g g ggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"

Or maybe causing the "Harry met Sally" scene thirty or forty times at the DMV.

If I had this power, the State of the Union addresses would be far more entertaining every year.

The list is endless.

jo robertson said...

Hi, Anna, welcome back to the Lair. Your Legacy series is fantastic!

Ever since I read and saw Stephen King's FIRESTARTER, I've been fascinated with that supernatural power. Loved both the book and the movie!

Nancy said...

p226, you would be a very popular man.

Nancy said...

Hi, Jo--

I never read Firestarter, but I saw the movie, which was intriguing.

I think there's an X-man who can start fire. Or maybe it was an evil mutant who joined up with Magneto in the movies.

Nancy said...

Anna, harnessing that energy to move things would be extremely convenient. When we have to get the boy's stuff into a dorm and up to a room this fall, we'll want that power.

jo robertson said...

OMG, P226, what a wish! You just want to torment folks, huh?

Nancy, you should read Firestarter. IMO it's one of his best early works.

Anna Destefano said...

P226--feel free to visit my world with your random, drive-by, "special" power, any time ;o)

Nancy, X-Men is a great reference in a conversation about super powers. The psychological premise for those stories, like mine, is about dealing with being special and different, when the world doesn't necessarily appreciate you for what you are. Powerful stuff I blog about regularly, when I talk about the Legacy series.

Unless we learn to accept and embrace who and what we are, we'll never reach our full potential. Especially when too often conformity is what the world's looking for...

JO--thanks for the enthusiasm for the series!

Donna MacMeans said...

Anna - you sound like one busy lady! The legacy series sounds fabulous. Actually, they sound like they have movie potential - have you explored this route?

Congrats Landra on the GR. I recently rewatched Phenomenon. Excellent movie but the ending is sort of sad. I'd like his powers, but also the ability to keep the powers secret AND to keep on living! (grin).

Thanks for bringing Anna to the lair, Nancy.

Trish Milburn said...

Anna! So good to see you here in the Lair today. I have the first book in this series and so looking forward to reading it when I get past some deadlines (Oh, why won't this article due tomorrow write itself? I have books to read!)

And add me to the teleportation list. You know how I hate to fly.

Nancy said...

Hi, Donna--

I'd love more movies with characters who have psi powers. Maybe some filmmakers maybe don't think telepathy and its ilk are sufficiently visual.

Nancy said...

Trish, good luck with the deadline!

Christine Wells said...

Hi Anna! Welcome back to the lair. And thank you, Nancy, for having Anna with us today.

Oh, my goodness, how on earth do you come up with such an amazing concept? These books sound fantastic.

As for paranormal powers, hmm, it's hard to decide on just one. I think being able to fly would be pretty spectacular. No need to take public transport ever again!

X-Men is one of my favourite paranormal series, although I do like old-fashioned magic, too.

Nancy said...

Christine, I like old-fashioned magic, too. Flight would be a cool power to have, I think.

Landra said...


Phenomenon is about a guy who develops the ability to fully use his brain, giving him powers that include telekinesis, extreme intelligence and the abilty to not have to sleep. Problem is that the cause of the miraculous powers is killing him. There's a love interest and I won't deny that the movie is a little bit of a tear jerker.

Nancy said...

Landra, thanks for the description!