Friday, October 14, 2011

Where in the World is the Bandit Lair?

The Golden Rooster crept cautiously up to the Lair's back door. Odd, how the lights were all off. The place was totally dark.

He tried the door. Locked. What? The lock was supposed to recognize his wingtip. Scowling as best he could with a beak instead of a mouth, he drew his lockpicks from beneath his cape. In a matter of moments, the door swung open.

There. He'd have a word with that smug gladiator, Demetrius, about this. That oughta snarl his sandal strings, making a mistake like locking the famous GR out of the Lair.

He pranced into the kitchen and flipped the light switch by the door. Nothing.

He flipped it again. Again, nothing. Good thing he had a flashlight. He turned it on and swept the kitchen. The place was almost too clean--no cookie jar or knife block on the counter. No bread box by the refrigerator. Come to think of it, the place was way too quiet. Sven and his crew were always bustling around trying to look important.

He crept to the stairs that led to Ermingarde's lair. No sound came up them. He sniffed and couldn't smell dragon.

Had some dastardly villain broken out of some bandita's book and slain them all? If only he'd been here to help! He even would've saved the gladiators.


Was his property intact? His stash of Tim Tams?

He rushed into his suite off the parlor. The lights here didn't work either. His flashlight beam swept over an empty room. Empty?!

No, not quite. On the floor by the door lay a note:

Bird--The Lair has moved to larger and nicer accommodations. When you can stop gallivanting long enough to check it out, you can thank us for moving your things.


PS--You can find us all here, at, where the banditas are kicking off Trick or Treat with many, many fabulous prizes between now and October 31, when we give away the best prizes of all during when Duchesse's biggest Halloween Bash ever.

The Golden Rooster glared at the paper. So that was the big secret, a new Lair and a party. He'd better hurry over there, or the whole thing would fall flat without his dashing presence!

We hope you'll hurry over, too, and join the fun! Because we really, truly are outta here. This is our last Blogger post. Please come join the party at!


Helen said...

Is he coming to my place

Have Fun

Nancy said...

Helen, I guess he is--but hurry over to the new place to be sure!

Nancy said...

Sometime soon, maybe today, this link will stop working. So please check out our new place and chat with us there!

Fedora said...

Oh MY!!!

Loey said...
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Mary Preston said...

On my way!!

Unknown said...

I am coming

girlygirlhoosier52 said...

Heading over.... see you there!!

Laurie G said...

It says you're not available at the new website??

Gannon Carr said...

Tell the GR to hand over the Tim Tams. LOL On my way over to the new Lair. Woo Hoo!

Nancy said...

Thanks for popping in here, y'all and for joining our housewarming party!

Becke Davis said...

Woot! I'll be right over!

Pat Cochran said...

Whoa! Got to get over to the new site!
Don't want to miss any of the exciting

See you there!

runner10 said...

Headed your way.

Nancy said...

Glad you all made it!

LilMissMolly said...

I can never so no to a party!