Saturday, December 18, 2010


by Jo Robertson

It’s inevitable.

Someone has a birthday on a holiday or a holiday season -- Christmas, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day.

Or an oddity of a birthday, like me, who was born on February 29 and only has a “real” birthday every four years.

I’ll bet everyone has a family member or knows someone in such a position. Our own Aunty Cindy's birthday is today!

For the birthday guy or gal it totally sucks. Or so my oldest daughter, who was born on December 27, tells me. In all of the hullabaloo of holidays, the birthday babe or dude is often forgotten.

Their presents come wrapped in holiday paper, so the sense of "birthday" is lost.

Or worse, they're given a single gift which is "supposed" to cover both Christmas and their birthday! How does that make the birthday "special"?

If it's a Christmas birthday, you might end up with the name Noel, Joy, or Holly, which may or may not be fine with you.

So, what do you do?

I have a friend who “changed” her birthday. She literally celebrates a December birthday in June. She claims it was very poor planning on her parents’ part.

A solution my daughter came up with for a milestone birthday was to throw a party for herself. Since she was a teen during the eighties, the theme was The Eighties, and guests dressed up in costumes, they had a dessert buffet, a DJ, and even an intermission dance and song performance.

Follow the YouTube link below to check out some of the highlights of the event.

My daughters and I always celebrate birthdays with a HHFD (Happy, Happy Fun Day). We go out to dinner, catch a movie, spend some time together. This year we're adding an "Ornaments and Decorations Giveaway."

I'm passing on many of my holiday items to the girls (including the daughters-in-law). We sit in a circle, place the items out for all to see, and take turns choosing items until they're all gone. I think it'll be great fun!

So what about you? Do you or anyone you know have a holiday birthday? How do you make the event special? And if you are one of the rare persons who doesn't know a Holiday Birthday person, how about sharing a favorite recipe. Here's one I just got from my friend Judy:


1 package Oreo cookies (use cookie including the cream center)
1 8 oz. package cream cheese (softened)
White chocolate bark

1. Finely crush package of Oreo cookies and stir in softened cream cheese. Use the back of a large spoon to help mash the two together.

2. Roll the mixture into 1” balls and place on wax paper covered cookie sheet. Refrigerate or freeze for a few minutes until balls set up.

3. Melt chocolate as directed on the package and then dip balls into chocolate, tap off extra and set aside on wax paper cookie sheet to dry. Sprinkle with holiday sparkles.

4. Makes about 36 truffles.

It's FINALLY here! The Romance Bandits 12 Days of Christmas Booty. Every day between now and Christmas, one lucky commenter per day will win a daily prize and on some days, additional goodies from that day's blogging Bandita or guest. On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, we'll give away more booty including autographed books, GR mugs and much more! Come join us! Tell your friends! Let's make the Season BRIGHT!


Margay Leah Justice said...

I wasn't born on a holiday, but every few years, my birthday falls on Thanksgiving. yeah, all that food and a cake, too. I say stick a candle in the turkey and call it a day.

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Margay, you're getting a rooster to celebrate today! Yay!

It's Aunty Cindy's birthday today, isn't it, Jo?

Aunty Cindy, happy birthday!

jo robertson said...

ROTFLOL, Margay! What a great attitude.

I guess it could be worse. Someone could call you the "old bird" LOL.

Congrats on getting the rooster!

jo robertson said...

Yes, Anna C., it's Cindy's birthday today, but I won't spill the beans about what her age is. She's basking in the sunshine of lovely Mexico right now.

Margay Leah Justice said...

Well, Jo, I guess they could call me the old bird now, because I'm chugging along at a good clip now in that direction!

Forgot to say Happy Birthday to Auntie Cindy!

And yay, I finally got the rooster! Woohoo!


jo robertson said...

Say it isn't so, Margay! You don't look a day over 29 1/2!

Not an old bird, but a young chick.

Margay Leah Justice said...

Jo, you're awesome! Can I keep you for those times when I need a boost? And hey, sometimes I feel like I;m 12, so it all balances out!

Helen said...

Well done Margay have fun with him

Firstly loved the youtube clips excellent.

I often share my birthday with Easter my birthday is 2nd April but I gotta say I always get birthday presents and not just Easter Eggs LOL. I have 2 Grandsons that have birthdays in December Corey was 2 on 13th and Jake was 2 on 16th and so far they have not had a combined present or presents wrapped in Chrissy paper, I am sure that as they grow up it may very well happen but never from Nana LOL.

Happy Birthday AC I do hope you are having a wonderful cruise

Have Fun

Jane said...

Happy Birthday to Aunty Cindy. I just celebrated a birthday this week, so I know all about having a holiday birthday. As a kid, I hated those birthday/Christmas combo gifts. Instead of two I got one, but now I don't mind as long as the combo gift is a nice one.

Linda Henderson said...

My brother's birthday is December 14th so he always got short-changed when we were growing up. He always got a cake, but not much in the way of presents because Christmas was so close. I have an August birthday, much better. Happy Birthday Aunty Cindy.

Laney4 said...

I just read about someone having a birthday Dec 27, so they celebrate Nov 27 every year instead.

As for recipes, this is always a winner with friends and family:

Laney's Butter Tarts

1 cup (250 mL) brown sugar
2/3 cup (160 mL) corn syrup
2 eggs
1 tbsp (15 mL) butter
1 tsp (5 mL) vanilla
24-32 frozen mini tart shells (or make your own)

Mix first 5 ingredients well. (I use the electric mixer.) Pour into tart shells approximately 2/3 full. Bake in 425oF (220oC) preheated oven for 13 minutes.

* Can add raisins if you like.

Minna said...

I don't know anyone who has a holiday birthday and I don't have a holiday birthday, either. But I do have a recipe:
Cream Toffee
18 oz sugar
2 cups cream or coconut milk
2 oz butter
1 vanilla stick

Measure all ingredients into a thick bottom kettle. Heat up and stir the mixture for about 60-70 minutes until the mixture thickens. Remove the vanilla stick.

Cover a low dish with parchment paper and pour the mixture in the dish. Let the mixture cool in the fridge. Cut the hardened toffee into squares and enjoy!

Instead of sugar+vanilla stick you can also use homemade vanilla sugar.

You can replace vanilla with cardamom and cinnamon and make toffee that tastes like cinnamon buns.

If you use coconut milk, don’t use cinnamon! It seems to react strangely with coconut milk.

Besides vanilla I sometimes add few pieces of dark chocolate or unsweetened cacao powder. This toffee goes very well with Brazilian Baia tea (coconut-cacao-vanilla tea).

Fedora said...

I'm not born on Christmas, but my birthday's coming up, too, and thankfully my family's been good about celebrating that separately from Christmas :) I also have several friends with birthdays right around now, so we often make a date of it, and take the opportunity to celebrate together :)

Thanks for the delicious truffle recipe--mmm.... :)

Congrats on the GR, Margay!

Unknown said...

Congrats on GR Margay
Happy Birthday AC
Hi Jo My birthday is just after Christmas but I have always had 2 presents thankfully. my Aunt and Uncle only celebrated their wedding anniversary every 4 years Feb 29 and I have a friend who is very young as she was born on Feb 29 LOL

Nas said...

Hi, my problem's not holiday birthdays but my daughter's and mine falling one day apart! Mine's twenty sixth and daughter's twenty seventh so normally I forgo my b'day to celebrate hers!
Happy Birthday to Aunty Cindy!

Enid Wilson said...

My birthday is in fact New Year Eve, but I'm now celebrating it on 30 Dec. Still, friends tell me it's too hard to organise birthday party because all venues are booked for NYE...So annoying.

Fire and Cross

Kirsten said...
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Maureen said...

My son was born on the 22nd and I was always very aware that his birthday could get lost in the Christmas rush so when he was younger we would have his birthday party earlier in December. He always receives separate presents on his birthday and a cake on that day which often goes stale in the days following his birthday.

Donna MacMeans said...

Jo - You are evil, evil, evil to post that luscious recipe (grin). My daughter and I are looking for some good Christmas recipes that aren't high-sugar, high-calorie. We're not having much luck.

My sister was born on December 31. I'm sure she was bummed out as a kid, but as an adult she has a party every year! My dad's birthday was in December and my mother's was in early January. To be honest, I don't really remember celebrating my parent's birthdays. It wasn't a big thing. I have an Asian client who feels similarly. She was surprised that we make a big deal over birthdays in this country - she couldn't understand why.

Love the decoration giveaway idea. We seemed to collect a lot of decorating stuff when the kids were I have boxes of decorations that just never make it out of the box. TIme they find a new home...maybe to my sisters...for her birthday (grin).

Blodeuedd said...

I know someone, but we usually celebrated her bday the week after

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Mine is the end of January but historically it was a sucky birthday. Everyone was still broke when my bd came along. My anniversary with BF is New Year's Eve, that was not good timing either but that is what the fates planned for us so we just go with it.

Deb said...

Ooh, Jo, I love those Oreo Balls! Thanks for the recipe.

My sister was born on Dec. 22nd. The nurses brought her to my mom's hospital room in a large stocking on Christmas morning. My parents always had a birthday party for her that wasn't Christmasy, but my aunt never separated the two by giving her a present every year, saying, "Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas." Cheap and inconsiderate gesture on her part.

My BIL and my niece have birthdays Dec. 5 and 12.

My other BIL is a Valentine baby, but he's never said whether that bothers him or not.

I had twin students a few years ago who were born on Christmas Day. They told me Christmas celebrations were in the morning and at noon and their birthday supper and cake were always at night.

I have a recipe for a candy called Maple Nutty Bars if anyone is interested.

Anna Sugden said...

Great post, Jo. My fab nephew was a Christmas Eve baby and we've always gone out of our way, as have his parents, to ensure his birthday is celebrated as an event in itself. We always give separate presents.

Now see my birthday is in August, so when I was a kid at school, I missed out on the fun of a party at school and special treats. Most people would be away when it came time for my birthday. Of course, now I appreciate having the celebration in the summer *g*.

Laurie G said...

My oldest son was born on November 29th which occasionally falls on the day after Thanksgiving. He actually liked it because we always got together with the family and celebrated his birthday too. I was born January 15th and I have to agree my Birthday always was forgotten by my relatives and SIL's. No one wants to think about buying presents right after Christmas. Or I would get a combination Christmas /Birthday which was really equivalent to a Christmas gift.
My third son was born on July 8th so we try to celebrate with the family on the 4th.

I really think it's those born closest to Christmas that get really screwed!

Danish Pastry Apple Bars Source: Midwest Living Magazine

Bake: 50 minutes Prep: 30 minutes Ingredients
2-1/2 cups all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon salt 1 cup shortening 1 egg yolk Milk 1 cup cornflakes 8 to 10 tart cooking apples, peeled, cored and sliced (8 cups) 3/4 to 1 cup granulated sugar 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1 egg white, lightly beaten 1 cup powdered sugar 3 to 4 teaspoons milk
1. In a large bowl combine flour and salt. Using a pastry blender, cut in shortening until the mixture resembles coarse crumbs. In a liquid measuring cup, beat egg yolk lightly. Add enough milk to make 2/3 cup liquid. Stir well to combine. Stir milk mixture into flour mixture with a fork until combined (dough will be slightly sticky). Divide mixture in half.
2. On a well-floured surface, roll half of the dough to a 17x12-inch rectangle. Fold dough crosswise into thirds. Transfer to a 15x10x1-inch baking pan and unfold dough, pressing to fit into the bottom and sides of the pan. Sprinkle with cornflakes. Top evenly with apples. In a small bowl combine granulated sugar and cinnamon. Sprinkle mixture over apples. Roll remaining dough to a 15x10-inch rectangle. Fold dough crosswise into thirds. Place atop apples and unfold dough. Crimp edges or use the tines of a fork to seal. Cut slits in the top. Brush top with beaten egg white.
3. Bake in a 375 degrees F oven for 50 minutes or until golden and apples are tender, covering with foil after the first 25 minutes of baking time to prevent over browning.
4. In a small bowl combine powdered sugar and 2 to 3 teaspoons milk to make a drizzling consistency. Drizzle over warm bars. Let cool completely on a wire rack. Cut into bars. Makes 32 bars.

Deb said...

Oops, Laruie's post made me remember DH's Nov. 24th birthday. It sometimes falls on Thanksgiving Day. He said when he was a kid he thought everyone always came to their house for his birthday dinner. :)

gamistress66 said...

Happy B-day Aunty Cindy!

Like Margay, I'm a turkey baby. Since my oldest sister moved across state when I was young, we always celebrated my b-day on Thanksgiving whether it actually fell on that day or not. Never bothered me too much. Everyone was there, had a big parade in the morning on TV, a fabulous huge dinner in the afternoon that ended with cake & pumpkin pie & presents for me ;) --best part when young-- and then family time/games in the evening. It was a whole day celebration and to this day Thanksgiving feels more like my b-day than the actual day itself.

Do admit, I'm gald I was about a month early so that I was a turkey baby and not a xmas baby cause I don't think that would have been as much fun.

Nancy said...

Margay, congrats on the bird!

AC, Happy Birthday!

Jo, what a yummy recipe. We have a friend whose birthday is December 24. She happens to be Jewish, so she has better luck on that than her Christian friends born around the same time.

It's ironic because she loves all Christmas kitsch. She and her husband used to come decorate our tree with us every year, and she made us a beautiful, embroidered Christmas tree skirt and a cross-stitched angel we switch out for the Punch and Judy sampler (also made by her) in the living room every year.

She and her husband moved out of state a few years back, so we no longer exchange gifts, but we used to have a "couple" gift for them and something for her birthday, just for her.

One of my cousins was married the day after Christmas. We went to Florida before Christmas for the wedding, and it was the only Christmas dinner I've ever eaten sitting at a picnic table outside and wearing shorts. I wonder what they do for anniversary celebrations.

Gillian Layne said...

Happy Birthday, Aunt Cindy! :)

My SIL's birthday is the 24th. She has a nice dinner and a very small cake with her family, and then they celebrate Christmas the next day! I think I'd go with June if it was me.

Nancy said...

Jane, I can see why you hated combo gifts. Really, would it have been so hard to buy a second thing at another time in the year and wrap it separately, in birthday paper?

Another friend of mine was born 12/4, and that's far enough from Christmas for her to be safe.

Nancy said...

We just put our tree up, though we won't decorate until tonight. This was probably our fastest tree selection ever, but rain is threatening and has already caused us to postpone twice. Can't put electric lights on a wet tree.

Well, we could, but we tend to avoid taking risks that involve electricity.

This is probably the last tree the boy will be home to choose, and it's big. They cut part of the top off at the tree lot, and the dh had to cut off a few more inches to clear the ceiling.

Nancy said...

Margay, I work on keeping the spirit of a 12-year-old, especially when it comes to keeping my comic book and science fiction interests.

Nancy said...

Gillian, I like Jo's idea of June, too. HM Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her birthday in June, but it's really some other month. April, maybe? If it works for her, why not for the rest of us?

Nancy said...

Dianna, January tends to be a lean month around here, too. We have no January birthdays, though.

traveler said...

My birthday was this week as was my sons so we celebrate together each year and delight in this fun.

jo robertson said...

Absolutely, Margay! Good for you on the feeling like twelve sometimes, and I believe it does even out.

You remind me of my SIL Sylvia who took up swimming in her later years and is now a lifeguard at age 69. She plans on being a Timex watch in the next life. She takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'!

Hellie Sinclair said...

I'm a Feb 25 baby (so lucked out on not being a Leap Year baby--though I'd be really young, so that'd be cool), but I have 3 friends are December babies.

Holly's (see that Holly name!) is Dec 13, so she's kinda safe--we did do her birthday separately.

Susan's is worse: she's a Dec 26 baby! She's definitely in the Forgotten Category. And it doesn't matter how old you are, it makes you cranky.

Terri's is Dec 31 so hers is definitely forgotten what with NYE--and it makes her cranky, though she does usually get a gift. For herself. Since her family is usually too broke to bother with Christmas let alone birthdays...

My Dad's is also Dec 31, but he was raised in the Depression and has been raised early on not to expect anything cool for Christmas OR his birthday. He says he understands kids who get bent out of shape when they get socks for Christmas. *LOL* Who wants SOCKS for Christmas?

jo robertson said...

Helen said, "I am sure that as they grow up it may very well happen but never from Nana LOL."

Lucky grandkids to have you as a Nana!

Having a birthday around Easter must be hard because of the religious solemnity. Then, OTOH you can never have too many Easter eggs or those marshmallow chicks our Joanie loves.

jo robertson said...

Jane said, " Instead of two I got one, but now I don't mind as long as the combo gift is a nice one."

Ah, that's the key. I always try to make my Shannon's birthday gift a really nice one. I don't give presents to my seven grown children, but I do for the 16 grands. It's so much fun when they're little.

jo robertson said...

Yay, for August babies, Linda! I'd hate a Christmas birthday, mainly because it doesn't seem special enough. No one wants to party because they have so many holiday parties to attend.

jo robertson said...

Laney4 said, "I just read about someone having a birthday Dec 27, so they celebrate Nov 27 every year instead."

Good idea! I'll pass that on to Shannon.

Yumm! on the recipe. Sounds like my kinda dessert.

I hope ya'll know I save all these recipes and try out most of them!

Margay Leah Justice said...

Thanks, Jo, I consider that a compliment (to be compared with your SIL).

jo robertson said...

Hi, Minna! Thanks for sharing your toffee recipe. I have never made toffe; I'll definitely try it out.

jo robertson said...

Fedora said, "I also have several friends with birthdays right around now, so we often make a date of it, and take the opportunity to celebrate together :)"

That's a brilliant idea! And how fun to get together with friends in the same situation.

Kudos to your family for making your birthday special.

I think birthdays are very important. It's the ONE day you have that's uniquely yours.

jo robertson said...

Barb said, "my Aunt and Uncle only celebrated their wedding anniversary every 4 years Feb 29 and I have a friend who is very young as she was born on Feb 29"

Yay! I've never known anyone who got married on Feb 29 and few people born on that day, like me. However, I did teach with a woman who was born on the same date AND year as me. That was fun and I never forgot her birthday LOL.

jo robertson said...

Nas Dean said, "Hi, my problem's not holiday birthdays but my daughter's and mine falling one day apart!"

You're a good mama! We have a similar situation: Dr. Big's birthday is the 23rd, our youngest child's is the 22nd and our anniversary is the 21st of May. A very busy week for our family!

jo robertson said...

Oh, Enid, soooo not fair! I think New Year's would be the worst day to have a birthday.

I'll bet there's nary a building that's not filled with New Years revelers!

jo robertson said...

Definitely the company is more important, Kristen. I've never known anyone born on Michaelmas.

Can you tell us about it? Isn't it celebrated in the fall and honors St. Michael?

jo robertson said...

Hi, Maureen! I like your idea of celebrating your son's birthday early in the month before the holiday season gets too hectic. Makes it special.

jo robertson said...

Hehehehe, Donna. The Oreo Truffle recipe is definitely NOT low-sugar, low-fat. Normally I don't care for truffled, but this one is more cakey and very delicious.

I understood that in Asian cultures people celebrate their birthdays on the Chinese New Year, so no one has an individual birthday.

jo robertson said...

I'll let you know how the Decoration and Ornament Giveaway goes, Donna. I'm hoping the girls will want to keep a few as cherished memories.

I also have an angel collection and a nativity collection. I'm not sure I'll put those out. I still have the first nativity set we bought as a family many years ago.

jo robertson said...

Hi, Bloudeuedd! Does your friend mind celebrating her birthday after the event?

Oh, yeah, Dianna! Everyone's out of money by the end of January and often still paying off Christmas!

How romantic to celebrate your relationship on New Years Eve, though. Everything's always sparkly and lively for you!

jo robertson said...

De nada, Deb. And yes! Send us the recipe. Maple Nutty Bars sound delish!

My daughter was sent home from the hospital in a red and white Christmas stocking too. Maybe all the hospitals do that, but I thought it was darling.

Wow, you've got a lot of holiday birthdays in your family!

jo robertson said...

Anna S. said, "Now see my birthday is in August, so when I was a kid at school, I missed out on the fun of a party at school and special treats."

Oooh, I'd forgotten about the school parties. Bummer! When you're little, that's the best part of birthdays, isn't it?

jo robertson said...

Hey, Laurie, my only sister was born on January 15 too! And I think that's Martin Luther King's birthday. You two are in good company!

But yes, as a girl I often forgot my sis's birthday. Now I feel really bad and try to make up for it.

Great-sounding recipe. Thanks for sharing.

jo robertson said...

Deb said, "He said when he was a kid he thought everyone always came to their house for his birthday dinner. :)"

That's too cute. I can see this little guy thinking all those people showed up to celebrate his birthday. Darling.

Gannon Carr said...

One of my sisters was born on New Year's Day, so her birthday, in her opinion, got lost in the holiday craziness. Of course, we could take advantage of those after Christmas sales when shopping for her. ;-)

I have a friends whose son has a December birthday, and they always have a birthday party for him in July. Whatever works, right?

And speaking of birthdays...Happy Birthday, AC!

jo robertson said...

Gamistress66 said, "It was a whole day celebration and to this day Thanksgiving feels more like my b-day than the actual day itself."

I think if I had to choose a holiday birthday, Thanksgiving would be the best. No one else gets presents like at Christmas, and there's always family and a huge dinner, so it'd be a real festival!

jo robertson said...

Hi, Nancy. A lot of my Jewish friends celebrate Christmas, not religiously, but by decorating their houses (including a menorrah) and giving presents.

Hi, Gillian, thanks for stopping by. I think I'd go for June too. Dec 24 can't be a fun birthday.

Deb said...

Maple Nutty Bars

12 oz. chocolate almond bark (1/2 pkg. + 2 squares)
1- 12 oz. pkg. butterscotch chips
1 1/4 c peanut butter
1 c butter
12/c evaporated milk
7 3/4 c to 8 c powdered sugar
3 c dry roasted peanuts
1 small box of vanilla cook-n-serve pudding (not instant)
1 1/2 Tablespoons maple flavoring

In saucepan, melt chocolate and butterscotch chips. Remove from heat and stir in peanut butter. Lightly spray a jelly roll pan. Spread half of the mixture in the pan (about 2 cups). Put in 'frig to harden. In another pan, melt butter, evaporated milk, and vanilla pudding. Cook until thick, stirring constantly. Don't let it get lumpy. Remove from heat and add powdered sugar and maple flavoring. Spread over cooled chocolate mixture. Add peanuts to rest of peanut butter-chocolate mixture (may have to remelt). Spread the rest of the mixture on top of the vanilla layer. Cut into small squares because they are so rich. The combo of maple, peanut butter, chocolate, and butterscotch really taste great together.

jo robertson said...

I agree, Nancy. I think people should really try to celebrate a birthday separate from the holiday. I always try to keep lots of non-crissy paper and birthday bags around the house.

jo robertson said...

Ah, Nancy, that's another bitter-sweet milestone -- when your children are no longer around to help pick out the Christmas tree.

We got an artificial tree a few years ago. It's a nice one a lot easier than cutting our own (which we did when we were much younger LOL).

jo robertson said...

Hey, I didn't know the Queen celebrated her birthday different from her actual one. Do you know why, Nancy?

jo robertson said...

Happy birthday, Traveler! And to your son too.

And another loud shout-out for Aunty Cindy's mumble-mumble birthday. I think she's 29 1/2 years old too LOL.

Off to Weight Watchers now. They have a new PointsPlus Program (no, I'm not a WW promoter LOL), but I do like this program.

See you folks later!

RFTC Blog said...

OMG, I loved the video. So creative. I love the pac man background. I totally want to have an 80's party now.
My cousin was born on December 26. He usually celebrates it a couple weeks later in January or the first week of February. My aunt was born on Thanksgiving and absolutely HATES it when her birthday falls on it. I don't know why she hates it so much but I mean she hates it.
Hope everyone has a great holiday.

runner10 said...

My bro-in-law's b'day is New Year's Eve. He has an excuse to celebrate extra that night.

Nancy said...

Jo, I don't know why HM the Queen celebrates in June. I suspect it's traditional. If Anna Sugden pops in, maybe she will know.

Our friend who made us the tree skirt refused to put up a tree or decorate. She said she didn't feel right doing it, but she did love all that stuff, so we were the beneficiaries.

We'll decorate tonight, and I'll call them, out in the Southwest, to let them know.

Anonymous said...

My brother was born Jan. 2. By then everyone is so tired of the holidays and celebrating, they don't want to hear about more. We never thought of shifting the date 6 months. Back then, people didn't make as big a deal of birthdays as they do now. My birthday is mid-January. We both spent most of our birthdays snowed in, so it didn't matter much.

librarypat AT comcast DOT net

Susanna Fraser said...

I was born on New Year's Day. When I was little, my parents just had my party a few days late and I barely noticed. By the time I was in high school my presents came a few days early in the form of money to shop the after-Christmas sales, and I liked it that way!

As an adult, my birthday gets a bit lost in the shuffle. Though when I turned 25, my roommate arranged to have a cake hidden away at the party we were both at, and as soon as we'd watched the new year in and drunk our champagne, she and the hostess brought it out and everyone sang to me.

I turn 40 in two weeks. (Gulp.) We'll barely be back from spending Christmas with my in-laws on the 1st, so my husband made reservations at a really posh restaurant we've never been to before for a week later.

jo robertson said...

Happy almost-40 birthday, Susanna! That's a real milestone birthday. I hope you have a wonderful time with your husband.

When I turned 40, we had just moved to a new city, I had a house full of teenagers, and I was terribly lonely for my old friends. Fortunately, some new friends from my church showed up on the doorstep dressed as old ladies and sang to me. It really helped me get over my loneliness.

jo robertson said...

I think you're right, Librarypat. We didn't used to make such a big deal of birthdays. When I see elaborate parties for two year olds, I wonder what comes next?

But it's a bummer to miss out on a celebration, even a small one, when your birthday's in January.

jo robertson said...

Runner10 said, "My bro-in-law's b'day is New Year's Eve. He has an excuse to celebrate extra that night."

Hehehehehe, he's no dummy!

jo robertson said...

Danielle said, "OMG, I loved the video. So creative. I love the pac man background. I totally want to have an 80's party now."

Thanks, Danielle. It was so much fun. You're welcome to borrow any of the ideas. The guests enjoyed dressing like they did in high school, brought their prom pictures and yearbooks.

jo robertson said...

Deb! Thanks for the Maple Nutty Bar recipe. Sounds to-die-for!

I'm such a little piggy at the holidays.

Uh, but I did manage to lose 2/10 of a pound in spite of all the goodies people keep dropping off at my house!

jo robertson said...

MsHellion said, "I'm a Feb 25 baby (so lucked out on not being a Leap Year baby--though I'd be really young, so that'd be cool), but I have 3 friends are December babies."

It's a wee bit fun having LeapYear as your birthday. I always celebrate on Feb 28 on non-LY years. And when you're 64, you can have a "sweet sixteen" party!

jo robertson said...

MsHellion said, "My Dad's is also Dec 31, but he was raised in the Depression and has been raised early on not to expect anything cool for Christmas OR his birthday. He says he understands kids who get bent out of shape when they get socks for Christmas. *LOL* Who wants SOCKS for Christmas?"

Wow! You've got lots of family with Christmas birthdays!

Had to LOL at the "socks" comment. I always tried to get my kids a toy AND an educational gift, but my oldest still teases me about the Christmas Santa got him a dictionary!

Uh, I meant well.

jo robertson said...

Margay said, "Thanks, Jo, I consider that a compliment (to be compared with your SIL)."

Definitely a compliment. She's a crackerjack!

jo robertson said...

Gannon said, " Of course, we could take advantage of those after Christmas sales when shopping for her. ;-)"

True! If I can delay gratification, I try for the after-Christmas sales. But I'm so impatient.

Unknown said...

My husband and nieces birthday is on Dec 27, I aways put his gift in a birthday bag and sometime we go out to eat but that's about it. There is just to much going on this time of the year.

Pissenlit said...

Happy birthday to Aunty Cindy!

One of my second cousins was born on Boxing Day. Her mum, my first cousin once removed, went into labour Christmas evening. Every year, after everyone gets their Boxing Day shopping done, they throw her a big birthday party with a big cake and lots of presents and food. No one ever gives her one of those 2-in-1 gifts, always a Christmas present and a birthday present.

Leni said...

I don't know anyone born on Christmas, but there are a few born on Halloween and their birthdays are usually the focus instead of Halloween.

Nancy said...

Leni, I've had a couple of Halloween-born friends over the years, but we never talked much about birthdays. I would think that holiday would be easier to subordinate.

Nancy said...

Susanna, what a cool thing your roomie did on your 25th! Your dh sounds like a neat guy, making reservations at a posh place for a later celebration because you're visiting family on the day.

We'll be kicking off the new year here (while many of the men in our lives watch football teams kick off in a very different way) on January 1 and will think of you.

Lois said...

*waving* Yeppers, holiday birthday right here -- next Wednesday, I turn 34, and more importantly, I get my Carvel ice cream cake. Sure look forward to that cake every year! LOL Oh, and looks like I got a Christmas and/or birthday present down below too! Thanks guys! :)


shannon said...

I must say that having a birthday 2 days after Christmas does indeed suck. But not so much now that I am a grown up. As a child it was terrible because I NEVER got to choose a prize from the birthday box or stand on my desk and have kids sing to me like the other kids got. People DID forget my birthday a lot. My own Dad forgot one year and I remember asking for a bowl of cereal (the sweet kind like Captain Crunch that we only got on special occasions like when we had a babysitter and ate it for dinner :)... I asked for the cereal and my Dad snapped at me, "No!" I was crushed and ran to my room and cried. He came in a few minutes later (probably because my MOM reminded him it was my birthday... moms never forget) and he apologized. But that still stands out in my mind. Once I became an adult I took control of my birthdays (like the 80s prom for my 40th!) and now I just TELL my husband what I want... which is always just FREE TIME away from the KIDS! :) That way I am not disappointed and he can't forget. So it's not so bad now. The good thing is everyone is off work or in town for the holidays and are ABLE to spend time with me. Christmas is OVER so it's not so hectic. A birthday a few days BEFORE Christmas would REALLY suck! :)

Carol L. said...

Well my Mom was born on Halloween but we always had a big party before we went trick or treating. My son was born on the 27th of Nov. the day after Thanksgiving of 65.But he too always loved the fact that there was always lots of family and friends were around for the holiday.
Thanks for the recipes. :)
Happy Holidays all.
Carol L

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Jo, I always feel bad for the babies born on the holidays, well except for Labor Day, which to my mind is very apropriate, or New Years, because everyone is TRYING to deliver at midnight!

We have no holiday babies so far, except for my husband and daughter occasionally fall on Easter. But we never wrapped their presents in Easter wrap. (Had thought of giving my hubby colored eggs filled with little presents though for his!)

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Hey Nancy, I like Jo's idea of June, too. HM Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her birthday in June, but it's really some other month. April, maybe?

According to my father it's April 21. How does he know this, you ask?'s HIS birthday. :)

Suzanne Ferrell said...


jo robertson said...

LOL of your dad knowing the Queen's birthday, Suzanne. He must be a whiz playing Trivial Pursuit!

Now, ask him why she doesn't celebrate with HIM!

jo robertson said...

Suz said, "except for Labor Day, which to my mind is very apropriate"

Oh yeah, heck yes!! No way having children can't be called labor of the first order. And the labor doesn't end there, either.

jo robertson said...

BTW, if everyone hasn't taken notice of Suzanne's gawgeous cover for THE SURRENDER OF LACEY MORGAN, take a look. Tres beautiful!

jo robertson said...

Yes, Suzanne, the tax angle really promoted my interest in delivering Shannon on Dec 27. Turned out kind of bad, however, as she was an induced 8 1/2 pound breach baby.

Oy, the things they did back in the day in those tiny Idaho towns!

jo robertson said...

Carol, I think Halloween would be a fun birthday to celebrate -- costumes, pinatas, candy -- what more could you want?

Okay, Carol, inquiring minds want to know. Who is your Avatar? I thought it was Richard Armitage, then thought it might be Ian Somerhalder who plays Damon on The Vampire Diaries.

Are my eyes failing me LOL?

jo robertson said...

ROTFLOL, Shannon. That's terrible that your daddy snapped at you on your birthday. Your mother must be a saint! (tongue in cheek).

Thanks for weighing in. Have your ears been burning today. We've been talking about you :-D.

Nancy said...

Suz, Her Majesty should ask your dad to a birthday party!

jo robertson said...

I just read Shannon's comment to Dr. Big and he answered, "Gee, I'm the bad guy in this scenario." He thought a minute and then added, "They had cold cereal for dinner?"

Hell, yes. Where was he? LOL.

jo robertson said...

Whooo hooooo, Lois!!! Happy birthday. You deserve LOTS of ice cream cakes. Have a good one.

Wish I could be 34 again (picture me pouting, which can't be pretty LOL).

jo robertson said...

You're right, Virginia. There's SOOOO much going on at the holiday season. Sometimes I really like the hustle and bustle, but some years, I get frazzled.

Dec 27!! Your husband's in good company with my daughter. I don't think guys fret as much as girls over a missed birthday, do you?

jo robertson said...

Pissenlit said, "Every year, after everyone gets their Boxing Day shopping done, they throw her a big birthday party with a big cake and lots of presents and food. No one ever gives her one of those 2-in-1 gifts, always a Christmas present and a birthday present."

I'm going to show my ignorance and ask when Boxing Day is, Pissenlit. It celebrates giving to the needy, doesn't it?

jo robertson said...

Hi, Leni, thanks for stopping by. Halloween used to be my favorite holiday growing up (even though it's not a real holiday.) My students always wondered why they didn't get out of school for Halloween so I tried to do something spooky and fun that day. It'd be cool to be born on Oct 31.

jo robertson said...

Nancy, whenever I think of you, I will always think "comic books" and "a 12-yo spirit." You go!

Hope your tree went up with no electrical mishaps.

Nancy said...

Thanks, Jo. The tree went up without hitting the living room light fixture, so that's good. We haven't put lights on yet. The dh had to go assist with graduation and is headed home now. We had snow before he left, and that would've hugely complicated parking. The snow turned to rain, though, which is easier for us to cope with around here.

Christine Wells said...

Hey, Jo! I feel terrible for babies born around 25 December. If it were me, I think I'd designate a day in June or maybe some time in the spring.

Hope you have a lovely Christmas and New Year!

Ooh, Margay got the bird this time. Congrats, Margay!

susied said...

My poor son has a birthday near Christmas and it seems like it isn't as good as one earlier in the year. We usually try to have a cake and go out to dinner with family/friends to make it special. However, I really feel badly for his uncle - his is the day after Christmas!

chey said...

Happy Birthday to Aunty Cindy!!

A friend's birthday is close to Christmas. When she got married, she chose a July date. She didn't want her anniversary to be close to Christmas!

Kate Carlisle said...

Great post, Jo! And what a fabulous recipe! I may have to try it this week since I'm in a baking mood.

My youngest brother was born on December 26. I'm eight years older than him so I have a clear memory of Christmas Day all those years ago, the day before he was born. My very pregnant mother gave out all our presents, cooked a fabulous meal, vacuumed the house, changed the sheets on all the beds, then packed a small suitcase and came out to the living room to announce to my father that it was time to take her to the hospital. Five or six hours later, he was born. :-)

We always give him separate birthday gifts and he and his wife find fun ways to celebrate the day.

Congrats on snagging the Christmas bird, Margay!

Susanna Fraser said...

When I turned 40, we had just moved to a new city, I had a house full of teenagers, and I was terribly lonely for my old friends. Fortunately, some new friends from my church showed up on the doorstep dressed as old ladies and sang to me. It really helped me get over my loneliness.

That's awesome. At one point my husband was threatening me with a New Orleans jazz wake for my 40th--despite my pointing out we live a LONG WAY from New Orleans--but I eventually convinced him that might be just a leetle too much.

Nancy said...

Deb, that recipe looks fabulous!

catslady said...

My birthday is Nov. 29th so it's stick a candle in the pumpkin pie. My sister had a June birthday and I was always jealous because she got parties and I never did lol. Just by accident this last year it was so busy and our schedules were hectic that I actually didn't celebrate until June! My one daughter gave me a gift of dinner and a movie so I waited until both daughters and son-in-law and significant other and my husband could all attend and it was a movie we all wanted to see. So far my birthday is delayed again lol.

catslady said...

Oh, meant to wish Aunt Cindy a very Happy Birthday!!!!

Karyn Gerrard said...

I was always so glad my birthday was in June, breaks up the years nicely, gift wise!

I have a cousin born in Xmas Eve, and he always felt he got the short shrift, though my aunt and uncle did make sure he got a birthday party.

Louisa Cornell said...

Late to the party. Had to work! Congrats on nabbing the GR, Margay!


I feel your daughter's pain, Jo. My birthday is December 29th and it is definitely no fun!

That truffle recipe is calling my name! Sounds delish!!

For anyone who is interested I blog from time to time on Romance Magicians and my post today features A Writer's Twelve Days of Christmas and a question about what sort of Magic Fairy you might want to come your way with Christmas wishes. Drop by if you get the chance!

Lance said...

Don't forget your son, who was born the day after Valentines Day. If Shannon thinks getting a birthday-slash-Christmas present sucks, how does that compare to being in the doghouse on your own birthday simply because you neglected, the day before, to get someone a box of chocolates?

Happy birthday Cindy.

alinaduffer said...

Hi Jo! I was due on leap day but was stubborn and didnt come until March 2nd. I have always been very grateful for this. My oldest was also due on Mother's day but he was 3 days early. So we have a few close ones, but not any on holidays.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

pjpuppymom said...

kMy youngest brother was born Christmas morning. I'm laughing because we're all together this weekend for my niece's wedding and I just gave him his "combo" birthday/Christmas gift. In my defense, I usually get him separate gifts but combined them this year to get him something special. Since I don't have to ship his present this year I could splurge a bit on something big.

Btw, I learned many years ago to never send him a Merry Christmas Birthday card. *g*

Sheree said...

One of my cousins is born on Christmas. Poor guy! A nephew's birthday falls on one of the days of Hanukkah. Still, it only matters in childhood; I don't think my cousin cares now.

jo robertson said...

Hi, all. I'm baaaccck! I drove up to my former DIL's to pick up some grandchildren piccies that I'm doing a project for. And I got lost coming home! Oy vey, and the traffic was horrendous. Even the freeway was backed up both ways.

jo robertson said...

I think you're right, Sheree. It's very disappointing to children not to get their special day. Even if little or no money is spent, they usually get their parents' full attention. And that's hard at Christmas especially!

jo robertson said...

OMG, PJ! You take the cake! But you had a very good reason for combining the gifts. I've done that with Shannon before. That way she can get more (usually $$ when she was in college).

Doesn't work with kids who have no idea what stuff costs LOL.

jo robertson said...

Hi, Alinaduffer! Close but no cigar, huh? I think you're pretty lucky actually. For the 20 years I taught my students ALWAYS asked which day I celebrated my birthday, Feb 28 or Mar 1. I got so tired of the question I told them I woke up exactly at midnight on Feb 28, said "happy birthday" to myself and went back to sleep.

Silly kids believed it. Teenagers, you gotta love them.

jo robertson said...

Spoken like a true man, Lance! I guess we know what your parents did on Valentine's Day before you were born. As I remember you weren't due until Feb 28!

Oh, you never, ever forget Valentine's Day. Just in case.

jo robertson said...

Hi, Louisa! December 29, huh. You're in the same boat as all the other Crissy babies.

jo robertson said...

Karyn, June's a great birthday month. You can always count on lovely weather!

Catslady, Aunty Cindy will be dragging herself back from Mexico tomorrow, but I'm sure she'll read the blog. And I'm sure she had a great time.

Kennan said...

my husband would be so happy to have his birthday on a holiday. that way, he could remind everyone not to do anything only once instead of twice. he's such a holiday/birthday humbug!
i love having a March birthday. right at the time when there aren't any real holidays (sorry Irish) for awhile and everyone has the winter blues.
and i have to say Shannon's 40th was the best birthday bash i've ever been to!

jo robertson said...

Susanna said, "but I eventually convinced him that might be just a leetle too much."

New Orleans jazz wake. OMG, that's too hilarious. It's like you've got one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel! Glad you talked hubby out of it.

jo robertson said...

Catslady, I think that delaying or "forgetting" your birthday until June is gonna work out nicely for you! Smart gal!

jo robertson said...

I agree, Christine! Merry Christmas right back at you!

jo robertson said...

Hi, Susied! The important thing is that you try to make it special for your son, don't you think?

jo robertson said...

OMG, Kate! That's an amazing story! Your mother must be a true pioneer. I can't believe she did all that for your family and then calmly went to the hospital to have your brother. What a treasured memory.

jo robertson said...

Hi, Kennan! Oh yeah, Mike's a real Mr. Bah-Humbug. Did it ever bother you to have your birthday so close to your brother's?

For those who don't know, their birthdays are only two days apart.

jo robertson said...

Hi, Chey! Smart friend. I think having your anniversary near a holiday would totally suck. People usually try to remember birthdays, but unless you're a spouse, you don't usually remember anniversaries. All of my children are married, and I don't remember any of the dates!

Pat Cochran said...

Of our 18 immediate family members,
4 were born on a holiday or within
a week of one. DD1 has a pet peeve
which she calls "b-day theft." That
is having a family member born on
your b-day! She & a cousin share a
b-day, plus two anniversaries are
on or within 2 days of that date!
Two of the grandsons - a week apart, two of the granddaughters 6 days apart, one born the day before my b-day, granddaughter #1
born on DD2's b-day, and another
granddaughter was born one day
after DS2's (her father)b-day.
Confusion thy name is Cochran! I
have a calendar close at hand to
keep everyone's b-days straight!

Pat Cochran

Pat Cochran said...


Forgot to wish dear Aunty Cindy
the very best of holiday birth-

Pat Cochran

Book Chatter Cath said...

I have a sister-in-law who has a birthday on boxing day (26th) and she absolutely HATES it :(
Although this year is her 21st bday and so far she's had 2 parties to celebrate!!!

I have bday fun with my girls....Feb 18th, Feb 19th, and March 8th!!!

SiNn said...

mybirthday day is Jan 3rd and mynephews is dec 30th its so close after christmas we usually wait till feb most times to keep us from missing out lol

every year one more kid in our familysborn we have another neice who wa sborn on the 21st

jo robertson said...

Hi, SiNn, thanks for stopping by. It sounds like your family's growing by leaps and bounds!

Hi, Cath, sounds like you planned it right to have a big bash with your three girls' birthdays so close together.

jo robertson said...

Hi, Pat, laughing aloud at DD-1's term "birthday theft." Darn right, nobody should usurp your special day!

jo robertson said...

Thanks to all for playing with us today. Be sure to keep watching for the winner of todays 12 Days of Christmas prize!

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Carol L. said...

Jo, neither was right :) It's actually Eduardo Verástegui an actor who starred in a movie called Bella and he's a male model.
Carol L

Dina said...

my birthday is 12/23 so close for me, dont think I know anyone on an actuall holiday.

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

WOW! Thanx for all the lovely bday wishes Banditas and BB!

Sorry I wasn't here but I had a GREAT bday this year. I celebrated the night before on my cruise. They gave me TWO bday cakes! Both chocolate... do they know me of what?!?! Then I spent the next night (my actual birthday) with my brother's family -- my bro and SIL, all 4 daughters & hubbies and ALL TEN grandchildren (ages 11 to 1 month)! WHEW! WHAT A HOUSEFUL!

My youngest niece was born on my birthday so it was a dual celebration. And for ONCE, NO packages with Christmas paper!!

HUGS to you all for remembering yer olde Aunty's 39th (AGAIN) birthday. ;-)

Dina said...

Aunty Cindy, I think I may now need to start going backwards as this is a big one for me. ;)

jo robertson said...

Thanks for the name on the piccie, Carol. He's very boootiful!

Dina, Dec 23?? That's way too close to Christmas. I feel your pain.

Welcome back, AC!!! So glad you had a happy happy birthday celebration.