Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Joyous Christmas to All!!!

By Kate

What do the holidays mean to you?

To me, the holidays mean wonderful scents, beautiful colors, happy times with family and friends. It means rushing here and there to find the perfect something for my perfect someone. It means squeezing my eyes shut and wishing for … good health and happiness for friends and loved ones … peace and understanding among countries and people … and – let’s get right down to it! – gifts and goodies under the tree!

That's right! If it’s Christmas time in the Lair, it must be Bandita Gift-Giving Time! So today, one lucky random commenter will win our fabulous Bandita Christmas Bonanza!

This year, we’re including wonderful goodies like these:

* Deadly Little Secrets and Godiva Chocolate from Jeanne

* A signed copy of The Lies That Bind and a mini-bookbinding kit, plus a signed copy of Sweet Surrender, Baby Surprise, bookmarks and bibliophile stickies from Kate

* A $10 Borders card from Joanie

* A copy of The Seduction of A Duke and a notebook from Donna

* Copies of Elly: Cowgirl Bride and Winter Longing (written as Tricia Mills) from Trish

* A glass-handled decorative cheese knife from Nancy

* Copies of Must Have Been The Mistletoe and Riding The Waves from Tawny

* A $10 Amazon GC, a RB frig magnet and post-it notes from Jo

* A signed copy of Money, Honey and a handful of post-it notes and bookmarks from Susan

* Rooster earrings and brooch from Anna Sugden

* A Romance Bandits journal from Caren

* Signed copies of Do You Take This Cop and A Marine For Christmas from Beth

* Signed copies of My Reckless Surrender and The Mammoth Book of Regency Romance from Anna Campbell

* A copy of Sweetest Little Sin from Christine

* An Amazon gift card of $10.00 from Suzanne

* A copy of Scandal of the Season from Christie

* A copy of Delcroix Academy: The Candidates from Inara

* A $10 Barnes and Noble card from KJ

What does Christmas mean to you this year? What do you hope to find under the tree? What is your wish for the New Year?

Do you have a favorite seasonal scent? And what’s on your menu this holiday? Turkey? Ham? Roast Beef? Tamales? Chocolate? :-)

To all the Banditas and friends who have joined us throughout the year, Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year to you all!


Lady_Graeye said...

Merry Christmas Bandits!
I am a sweetaholic. I like the pies, the cakes, the cookies and the candies...Yum! If it has sugar or chocolate in it, I'm there.

Jane said...

Merry Christmas. It's always fun to see everyone at the lair on Christmas. I was hoping to see some neat gadgets(iPad, MacBook Air, Kindle) under the tree, but I don't think I be getting any of those. Definitely hoping for a healthy and prosperous 2011. I like the pine/forest scents, but I also like the smell of baked cookies and pies. Ham is on the menu this year.

Mason Canyon said...

A very Merry Christmas to all the Romance Bandits. Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without chocolate pies and chicken and dressing, the two main ingredients in a great dinner. Happy Holidays all.

Thoughts in Progress

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Well I didn't get the rooster but I was closer than I have been for a long time.

This year it means getting to see my daughter, granddaughter and son-in-law, I am in WV, they live in TX so visits are far between. With extended family holidays are difficult so we had our Christmas the 24th, I am still basking in the afterglow of wonderful visit, good food and "I love you maw-maw".

It means watching my special son pick on his big sister and her look at me like when did he start that? Strange, taking pride in the fact that he picks on his sister but pride it is because it was long road to get there.

I hope all the Banditas and BB's have a blessed Christmas and an equally blessed New Year. Can't tell you all what you mean to me, unlike the Banditas, I just don't have the words.

LilMissMolly said...

Merry Christmas to you too! And a very Happy New Year!

Christmas to me is a time to spend with family. It finally hit home that out of the last 7 years (since moving to Ohio from LA) that we've only spent one Christmas at home. We usually go visiting the in-laws in WV. This year, I put my foot down and decided to stay here. So far, so good! :D We opened some presents after going to Mass and having a pretty good dinner. We then watched It's a Wonderful Life. Tomorrow we'll have Prime Rib and a few more presents. :) Merry Christmas everyone!!

Laney4 said...

Christmas means good times with family. I hope to find a nighty under the tree this year. My wish is to continue to lose weight (as I've lost 16 lbs since Oct 29/10 and have a long way to go).

I'm very sensitive to lots of scents, but I like a spruce tree from a distance. Usual turkey on the menu - that finally thawed out this afternoon (whew!). And brownies. Lots of brownies, just because I've baked the other stuff and given it away, and brownies are what we kept back as much as possible. Decadent brownies. Yummmm.

"A joyous Christmas" to my lovely Banditas as well!

Donna MacMeans said...

Woohoo! Merry Christmas everyone!

Let's see - There's nothing special that I'm hoping to find under the tree this year. What I'm really looking forward to is watching the facial expressions when my kids and husband open some of the gifts I bought for them. I love this family time.

Turkey for dinner and cookies, cookies, cookies, pies and chocolates. Munching all day, feeling stuffed to busting tomorrow night. THEN the diet starts. Congrats Laney on the weight loss. It's not easy, keep up the good work.

Margay Leah Justice said...

We are having ham for dinner and it's just going to be me and my two daughters this time. I spent many years trekking to someone else's house for dinner over the holidays and this year, we decided to simplify and spend the day together, just the three of us. I don't need to have anything under the tree to make me happy - just being with my daughters is present enough.

For the new year, I'm hoping the health of my loved ones improves (three of my siblings have health issues that are worrisome to me).

Wishing everyone a very Happy Holiday!

SiNn said...

Merry Christmas !

honestly i think the fav scentof teh season beside s a real christmas tree is freshbaked cookies orthe holiday feast

for dinner tonight will be

Turkey, and ham mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, peas and corn sweet tea

pumpkin and chocolate and coconut pies

andd a new addition to our family my sister is having her 6th and final child so exciting

Helen said...

Well done Lady Graeye you have the GR for Chrissy have a great day with him

Merry Christmas Everyone I do hope you all have a great day. Well my Christmas Day is just about over it is 5-00pm Christmas Day here in Oz as I type this and all my visitors have left and I am stuffed full of food LOL we had turkey, pork, ham, chicken roast potatoes, pumpkin and carrot with peas and cauliflower and gravy followed by Christmas pudding or peaches or (a friend of my daughters made us a) South American Christmas cake which was wonderful I made custard and there was cream and ice cream to go with all the deserts. I don't think that we will be having much for dinner tonight LOL but there are plenty of left overs in the fridge.
I got some really nice clothes some new car seat covers and a new microwave some gift vouchers chocolates I did well.
Christmas means being able to spend time with my sisters and of course my children and my grandchildren who just were so totally spoilt and had such a great day, watching the looks on their faces as they opened their presents mean't so much to me. The smells of all the cooking is something that I love at Christmas time and it turned out to be a very hot day here about 32celcius I now have the AC on and am going to pick my book up and read for a while to let everything settle.

Thank you to all of The Bandits and Bandita Buddies for a totally awesome year packed with lots of fun and laughter whoo hoo Guys you all rock

Have Fun

Nancy said...

Lady_Graeye, congratulations on nabbing the bird. I'm a sweetaholic, too. :-)

Nancy said...

Merry Christmas, everyone! We're turning in, but I just wanted to pop by and say that.

I'm looking forward to a new book of crossword puzzles. I love the ones from the NYT. Maybe an Osprey book on military history. The dh was very secretive this year and told me no, he didn't need a list of possibilities. So I'm curious to see what he came up with.

What I'm most looking forward to, though, is seeing the boy when he gets up. Teenagers don't have quite that sparkle little kids do--I'll never forget his face the year he came into the living room and saw Tigger sticking out of his stocking--but he's still the highlight for us.

See you later!

Sheree said...

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

I'm going to defrost the chocolate truffle cake in the freezer so I can have it later. Yum!

I also love the scent of pine with a real Christmas tree, but I decided not to get one this year.

Now, I'm going to have some goat cheese on crackers with my tea. Mmmm...

Cybercliper said...

Hubs and I don't do the gift thing - so nothing under the tree for me. Our gift buying is mainly for charities and we do this throughout the year so I'm one of "those people" that have gifts bought by August.

Doing it this way, I don't feel the pressure most talk about this time of year so I can enjoy the sights and sounds - and especially the Christmas Candy - I've eaten 4 boxes of chocolate covered cherries in the last two weeks!! Oh, and Hubs {the snitch} says don't forget the box of Iced Gingerbreadmen - (I didn't think he'd catch those) :-)

Merry Christmas - Health and happiness to the Banditas and all that come this way!

Nas said...

Merry Christmas Banditas and all the readers.

I was hoping for ereader under the tree but no hope of that!
Christmas without chocolate? No way! So lots of chocolate chip cookies and cakes. I love the cinnamon smell at christmas time and nothing can beat the fresh pine smell.
Wish everyone a prosperous New Year!

donnas said...

Christmas means family, friends and relaxation. I am hoping for a happy healthy 2011. For scents I love pine. Sadly I can really only have a fake Christmas Pine smell. Some trees really drive my allergies nuts. We will be eating ham and roast beef. And its not a holiday or even a good day without chocolate in some form.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

Unknown said...

The best thing this time of the year is the time the whole family gets to spend together. The kids are out of school, most of the adults are not worlking... it gives great opportunity to enjoy great times together like manybe no other moment during the year : to shop, have fun, cook and bake and just hang around together.
We're going to my parents for lunch today... I don't know what special treat sh'll have for me and my family but I'm confident it will be delicious !
Have a fantastic week-end everyone, and thank you for this fabulous prize.

Minna said...

Merry Christmas! Well, I got my presents already on Christmas Eve, as usual. For once I got a book I actually liked: it was a cookbook from one of my sisters and from another sister I got a ceramic pie dish and I also got quite a bit of chocolate.

Minna said...

My favorite seasonal scent is pine. This time we have on our menu both ham and turkey -my sister brought a piece of it- and of course we had some Karelian pasties, liver casserole, carrot casserole, Swede Casserole (can't imagine why you call it that), Freshly salted salmon and Mixed fruit soup. And a lot of chocolate.

Hassisen Kone – On jouluy√∂, nyt laulaa saa (It’s Christmas Night, Now You Can Sing)

Pave Maijanen:Kuokkavieras (Gate crasher)

Juice Leskinen-Sika (Pig)

(Christmas Has Been Cancelled) Joulu Peruutettu – Mamba

Thank God It's Christmas

Put a Little Love in Your Heart

Kirsten said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mariska said...

Wow ! i'm here :)
I still remember that one year ago, i was away in South Sumatra, when Banditas celebrated The Romance Bandits 12 Days of Christmas Booty. didn't get any chance to win any of the goodies for sure :(
I wonder whether i will get one this year :D

Even i don't celebrate Christmas but i still have a wish *wink* An E-Reader that i could find 'under the tree' BUT since i don't have the tree so i will substitute it with 'under my pillow' !

Anyway, This is the Blog that I love most !

Happy Holidays everyone (hugs)

Maureen said...

Merry Christmas to the Bandits! I am looking for gift cards under the tree because I love to go shopping and when you have a gift card it is guilt free. For me, Christmas is going to church on Christmas Eve where I sing Joy to the World and then spending some time with my family while having some great food. I am wishing for health, happiness and success for everyone in the coming year.

SiNn said...

We got our gift at 12:36 my sister had our christmas baby shes cute i posted a pic of her on my blog shes on oxygen as apercaution since she was born fastand a week early be off later today

Gillian Layne said...

Merry Christmas!!! My youngest is chomping at the bit right now, ready to open the presents, but we are waiting for dh to link up with us via webcam--Christmas 21st century. :) Then we're heading to help serve Christmas dinner at our local church.

I love Christmas cookies, my mom's fudge, and seeing how much the kids love their gifts.

Have a wonderful day, everyone! :)

cheryl c said...

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas before I hit the road. Last night we went to church and then had gift-opening with the family here. Today we are driving 2 hours to my in-laws for a big dinner with a huge family gathering. Christmas means family to us. It also means celebrating our faith and our blessings. We are hoping for continued good health in 2010. We are also hoping for jobs for our sons in the coming year!

Joan said...

Merry Christmas to all my Banditas and Buddies!!!

runner10 said...

I'm headed to Christmas brunch at my parents. We are having a white Christmas here. Very pretty, but hope the roads will be clear.
Hope you ladies have a wonderful Christmas!!
Be safe.

traveler said...

Merry Christmas Banditas! What a great post. I enjoy the close warmth of family surrounding me. The delectable feast which we prepare together, the goodies, talks and most of all the lovely cinnamon scents.

petite said...

Merry Christmas! I enjoy the aroma of pies and cookies baking in the oven, turkey and yummies too. Health is my priority and enjoyment with family and friends.

jo robertson said...

Merry Christmas!

I wish for family and friends, whatever their situation, safety and peace.

Happy holidays to all!

Dina said...

Merry Christmas Bandits.

Christmas means that just being with the ones you love and cherish the time together and sweet memories.

No presents for me this yr, but as long as my daughter and grandkids are healthy, that is mt present.

Wished for a laptop and ipod from Santa, but no luck, I must have been naughty, lol.

I make turkey for Christmas also, I know its available all yr, but tastes better at holiday time.

I'm by myself today as I celebrated with daughter and grandkids yesterday, her time with them now til they go by daddy.

Silvia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kate Carlisle said...

Merry Christmas to you all!! Greetings and good morning from California! We're all just waking up and starting the coffee, so some of us are stumbling around like zombies still. *g* In a few mniutes, we'll start opening up the goodies in our stockings! :-)

Lady Graeye, I hope you cooked enough for your unexpected guest! He's partial to pie. ;-)

Anna Sugden said...

Merry Christmas everyone! We're totally stuffed from our turkey and have opened our wonderful presents. My hubby and family are all great at getting perfect presents. Just relaxing with a nice glass of wine.

Here's hoping 2011 brings me the one gift I really want - a contract - and you all what you wish for too.

pjpuppymom said...

Merry Christmas to all the Banditas and Buddies! This year, Christmas means a day I don't have to work. Still wondering what I was thinking to take a holiday job in retail! lol

I've spent the day with family and will be leaving for home shortly. Trying to beat the snow that's predicted for our area. It will be our first white Christmas in almost 50 years!

We just finished eating a delicious turkey dinner with all the trimmings and yummy side dishes. Love those smells!

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Happy HOlidays to all my wonderful Banditas and BBs!

CONGRATS Sinn, on your sister's Christmas baby. Wow! She has lots of dark hair! (so did my son) What a very special gift for your family.

I'm wishing all the best for everyone in the Lair for 2011. HUGS to you all! (wish I could deliver those in person)


Unknown said...

Merry Christmas Bandits...
Christmas time is the best...I get to eat all the junk and hide under the hoodies and no one knows....LOL
I love my pumpkin cookies...and fudge.
Most of all I love having my family around, even if it mean just having then via Skype (one day we'll all be together).
I wish everyone a Happy New Year...My be Awesome!!!

Unknown said...

Merry Christmas everyone! I love the smell of the spices used at Christmas and of course the turkey and dumplings. Pies cakes cookies and candies. All those good thing we really should be eating.

shannon said...

It sort of feels like Christmas is over since the kids opened all their gifts by 9am this morning! Now they are playing with their toys amidst discarded packaging and wrapping paper. Mark and I vegging after eating the tradition cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning breakfast. Life is good!

My husband's gift to me is still a surprise as he said he ordered it weeks ago and it still hasn't come. My guess is he just hasn't figured out what to get me yet and is stalling. HA! My gift to HIM was pretty awesome. Last year we had his sister (a pro photographer) take family pictures of us... our first ever and we even included our new puppy, Jack. They are gorgeous, but all year we couldnt figure out how to have them displayed. So a year later I figured I would just take the lead and pay to have them mounted on canvas wrap. The family picture is HUGE... it's going over the mantel and will fill up the entire space. When I surprised him with it he cried! Score! :) I dont' mean to sound pious but I am ALWAYS happier when I surprise or please someone else than when I myself get a super cool gift. That is my favorite part of gift giving.

I hope for the new year that my Mom gets published!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Cassondra said...

Merry Christmas Bandits and Buddies!

I hope you are all having a warm and loving holiday, surrounded by people you cherish.

We're having a white Christmas in Kentucky---we don't get that too awfully often, and I'm not traveling, so this is nice.

Lady Graeye, WOOOOT! You brought home a rooster for Christmas!

Blodeuedd said...

I love the smell of cinnamon and other spices, that say xmas to me :)
Under the tree I want books and got books too

Merry Christmas :D

Karyn Gerrard said...

Merry Christmas!

Turkey, all the way. Mince tarts for dessert. I got lots of chocolate and romance books under the tree, what else could I want?

All the best of the holiday season!

Leni said...

Christmas for me has been about enjoyment and a feeling of calm. I hope to keep this theme and carry it into the new year. I didn't get a camera, but that's just another opportunity to search for one at a good price. The favorite part of the meal was the apple pie. The dessert is always my favorite.

Kennan said...

my favorite part of holidays is the people. that is why i am so sad not to be with my family of origin this year (boo hoo).
we give our children the gift of time every year for christmas. we had a blast playing different games every single night of December (some of those games are getting a little tiresome....) and the kids love it. taking Grace to Harry Potter, Gabe rock climbing and Ezra bowling are some other fun things we're doing. being with family and friends is the best gift.

Kate Carlisle said...

We've opened all the presents and had our midday meal (leftovers! We have our big feast on Christmas Eve and always leave enough for sandwiches on Christmas Day.) It's pouring rain here and we have a big fire going in the fireplace so it's warm and toasty inside. :-)

Jane, I hope you enjoyed your Christmas ham! And I didn't get any of the gadgets I wanted, either. That's okay. They'll all be upgraded soon anyway, so in a few months we'll be able to get the latest versions. I'm sticking to that hope!

Merry Christmas, Mason! Mmm, chocolate pie. Wow, that sounds like a fabulous christmas treat!

Oh Dianna, I'm so happy you had a wonderful holiday with your family. You mean so much to us, too. We're all so glad you're a part of our Bandita family!

Kate Carlisle said...

LilMissMolly, Merry Christmas! I know how difficult it can be to travel during the holiday because we're visiting relatives this year. It's wonderful to see everyone, but the travel does wear us out. Still, we're having fun! Hope you enjoy your prime rib! Mmmmmm. :-)

Wow, Laney, congrats on losing the weight and keeping it off during the holidays! Especially with all those brownies around you! *g* I love brownies, too.

Hi Donna!! It's so much fun to see their faces when they open up their goodies. I got to see my niece and nephew open their presents last night. It really is the best part of the holiday. Enjoy all those cookies!

Pissenlit said...

Woo! Merry Christmas, everyone!

I looooove Christmas! Celebrating the birth of Jesus, all the hustle and bustle of people getting ready for the holidays, lots and lots and lots of good food (and an excuse to eat it all!), vibrant colours, pretty decorations, bright lights, the sound of Christmas carols, the jingle of bells and the general festivity!

Does baking count as a seasonal scent?:D Specifically cinnamon and brown sugar...which reminds me, I think I want to make another apple cake...we're almost done the one I made two days ago. Haha!

I would like it if we made a turkey but a whole turkey is quite a bit for three people and though I enjoy picking at the carcass over the course of a few days, neither my mother or brother are big turkey, we're having steaks tonight(and the rest of that apple cake)! Nomnomnom!

Kate Carlisle said...

Margay, it sounds like you're having a wonderful holiday with your daughters. I'm so happy for you! And I'm sending good thoughts and prayers your way in hopes that your siblings' health issues improve. :-)

Merry Christmas, SiNn! How wonderful that you're welcoming a new baby into your family! Congratulations!

Helen, it sounds like you had a truly joyful and fun Christmas! I think I gained ten pounds just reading the descriptions of all the desserts you had. Yum!

Kate Carlisle said...

Nancy, I hope you'll report back on your boy's reactions to everything. And what about you and your DH? Were there some surprises? Hope so!

Sheree, I hope you have enough chocolate truffle cake for the whole Lair! LOL....that just sounds too decadant and delicious to be real!

Happy holiday, Cybercliper! Okay, you had me at iced gingerbread men. Are those as cute and yummy as they sound? I love gingerbread cookies. :-)

Kate Carlisle said...

Hi Nas Dean! Sorry you didn't find an ereader under the tree, but I hope you'll be able to get one soon. I don't have one yet, but my lucky SIL received one today and she's already ordered a bunch of books. She travels every week and is a fanatical reader (aren't we all??) so she's really going to enjoy the convenience. :-)

Margay Leah Justice said...

Thank you, Kate! Your good thoughts are much appreciated.

Kate Carlisle said...

Hi Donnas! I share your wish that everyone have a happy and healthy 2011. And I share your feeling that it's not a holiday without chocolate! *g*

Emmanuelle, I hope you have a wonderful day with your parents! Having family around is such a joy during this time of year. And thanks for being part of our Bandita family, too. :-)

Happy holidays, Minna! It sounds like you had quite a feast and got some lovely gifts! I received a cookbook, too! I love cookbooks, even though I'm a ridiculously mediocre cook at the best of times. LOL

Kate Carlisle said...

Mmm, Kirsten, cinnamon cookies!! And you said so well what the season means to you -- and all of us. Thank You!

Mariska, we're the lucky ones to have you here! Thanks so much for helping us make the Lair such a warm and cozy spot this year! Hope you find that ereader under your pillow! ;-)

Ahh, Maureen, you're a girl after my own heart! Gift cards are my thing, too! Hope you had a wonderful time singing Christmas carols at church!

Nancy said...

Kennan, I'm looking forward to doing some things with the boy while he's out of school. The video games he plays are too sophisticated for me--too many combos of buttons to push for a move--but we'll probably go to a movie, and we wrapped things together for his dad, which was nice.

Nancy said...

Merry Christmas and Best of the Season to everyone!

We've had a quiet day. The Weather Channel is now threatening us with snow, and the counties north of here are getting it heavily, so we'll see.

If the rain switches over to snow, this will become our first white Christmas in a very, very long time.

I hope everyone else also enjoyed the day.

Kate Carlisle said...

Congratulations, SiNn!!! What a little Christmas angel! I hope mom is healthy and your whole family is celebrating this little miracle!

Gillian, happy holiday!! What a lovelyway to spend the day, serving Christmas dinner to others. Thanks for stopping by the Lair to say hello!

Cheryl, I hope the weather and traffic were mild and your drive was easy. I'm right there with you, wishing for jobs for your sons and lots of others in the new year!!

Kate Carlisle said...

Merry Christmas, Joanie T!!!

Wishing you clear roads and a safe drive and a merry Christmas, Runner10!!

Greetings, Traveler! Mmm, more cinnamon, one of my favorite holiday scents. :-)

Petite, here's wishing you good health and yummy pies this holiday season! :-)

Kate Carlisle said...

Merry Christmas, JoMama! I'm wishing you and your family peace and joy and good health now and in the new year. :-)

Dina, I think you're right about turkey. It just tastes so much better this time of year. And if you've been naughty, you've come to the right place. Hee hee. ;-)

Silvia, thanks so much for sharing your Christmas wishes with everyone in the Lair today. I think I speak for everyone here when I say that we're all hoping for books and chocolate, among other things! :-)

Merry Christmas, Anna!! I'm praying and hoping that all your dreams come true in 2011!! (That goes for all the Banditas!)

Kate Carlisle said...

Merry Christmas, PJ!!! I'm so glad you're not working today! Hope you beat out the snow and enjoyed your white Christmas. And thanks for making the year so special for all of us here in the Lair. :-)

Holiday greetings and HUGS back at ya, Aunty Cindy!! My special wish for you is that you have a very healthy and prosperous 2011!!

LOL BJ!! Hidden goodies taste even better, don't they? ;-) And I love Skype. Just got it and now we can talk to all the cousins and family we don't get to see very often!

Kate Carlisle said...

Mmm, Virginia, turkey and dumplings! I need a moment of silence to contemplate those flavors ..... okay. Yum! Thanks so much for coming by the Lair today. Hope your new year is healthy and happy!

Ahhhhh, Shannon, what a wonderful gift for your husband!! I confess I teared up a little, just reading what you did. :-) And that's a wonderful wish for your mom in the new year. I'm right there with you on that one!

Kate Carlisle said...

Merry Christmas, Cassondra!!! Hope you're enjoying your white Christmas. It sounds so lovely! We're having a WET Christmas here in Northern California, but it's okay. We're all warm and toasty inside. In fact, we've moved onto the napping portion of our day. :-)

Happy holiday, Blodeuedd! So glad you got all the books you wanted! Thanks for coming by the Lair today!

Karyn, books and chocolates are the best gifts ever!! Hope you're having a wonderful holiday!

Kate Carlisle said...

Oh Leni, I hope you found many calm moments this holiday. And I think you've got the right attitude about that camera. Now you'll be able to find an even better deal. Good luck!

Kennan, I'm sorry you couldn't be with all your family this holiday, but it sounds like you had a fabulous time with your children! Rock climbing?? Now there's an adventure! Hope it was fun!

Pissenlit, Merry Christmas!! Baking definitely counts as a scent, especially when it includes cinnamon and brown sugar. Mmmmmmmmm......and apple cake and steak?? I think you've named the four food groups! The important ones, anyway. ;-)

Fedora said...

Merry Christmas, Banditas and buddies! Christmas is celebrating the birth of our Savior and the freedom to enjoy special time together with family and friends! Wishing you all the joy and warmth of the season!

Amber said...

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday.

Christmas to me means spending time with your family. This is the time when everyone is finally able to be together. Which is one of the reasons I love this holiday, and it never hurts to find anything that has to do with books under your tree.

A for favorite seasonal scent I don't really have one. To me it all smells good. On the menu this year is turkey.

elaing8 said...

Merry Christmas

This year is extra special it was my niece's son's 1st Christmas and boy did he get a haul..he laughed so much at all the paper and gifts.I just wanted him to have a great day and he did.
As for the New Year,I don't make any resolutions.I never keep them. I just want my family to be all healthy and happy.
I do like the smell of the turkey but I love the smell of cranberry candles,I have them all year round.
Happy Holidays everyone.

SiNn said...

ty everyone and thats i think is what christmas is really all about family and celbrating life and love and thats what we did had a feast and sat back and spent time together

my motheris going up and seeing the baby and bringin my sister christmas dinner baby and momma are doing great willbe home in a couple days

Pissenlit said...

Kate, if those are the four food groups, then what's cheesecake?? :D

Hellie Sinclair said...

What does Christmas mean to me was my great-niece's laughter, which I got. She was excited about all her gifts, which she got a lot of from us, and she was especially enthralled with her Belle barbie that sang a stanza of "Something There That Wasn't There Before" over and over again. Well, she was especially enthralled when *I* lipsynced with the doll and when the doll stopped, I stopped in whatever position I was in. Apparently she enjoys wild silliness.

Under the tree for me? My Deerhunter. I love unwrapping him. *LOL*

For Christmas dinner, we had turkey, green bean casserole, corn casserole, some veggies, and apple pie. Quite enjoyable. However, I'm reading a great contemporary and he keeps eating lasagna and I really want that now! *LOL*

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Merry Christmas everyone!

It's getting late here in Texas, but it was a fun Christmas, especially with 3 grandkids 3 and under!! :)

May you all have a blessed time with family and friends!

Pat Cochran said...

It's been a really rough two years for our family, so Christmas to me
is a time to reestablish & revive

Christmas to me is for children,
everything under the tree should
be for them. Ok, maybe something
for the adults! Focus on all the
story of the Christ Child teaches
us and less on gifts.

Menu will include ham, brisket,
scalloped potatoes, green beans,
and much more!

God bless us all!

RFTC Blog said...

Merry Christmas everyone. Hope everyone had a great day with their families. For me this year I was excited to be able to spend the whole day with my family. I've had to work the last couple of years on Christmas and this year I was off. I spent the whole day with my family and loved it.