Monday, August 3, 2009

Now For Something Different with Jo Davis

interview by Suzanne

The Bandits are welcoming Romantic Suspense author, Jo Davis back into the Lair, but this time to talk about her debut release, an Erotic Suspense from NAL Heat. So grab a pillow, make yourself comfortable and find out what's got Jo, and probably us when we read her newest book, all hot and bothered!

Suz: Hey Jo, welcome back to the Lair. WHEN ALEX WAS BAD is your first erotica for NAL Heat. Can you fill us in on all the juicy details?uh, the non-X rated ones?about the plot?

Jo: Thanks, Suz and the Bandits for having me back. ALEX explores a couple's desperation to revive their dying marriage. How many of us have been married 15-20 years and suddenly find we no longer know the person we love? That we feel unwanted and undesirable? In that situation, how far would you go to save your marriage? ALEX takes that premise and pushes the boundaries to a solution most of us would never entertain-to agree to an open marriage in order to revive our passion.

Suz: We've been friends for years and I'm always amazed how your mind works. How did you come up with the premise for WHEN ALEX WAS BAD

Jo: Believe it or not, ALEX began as a personal writing exercise as a way for me to work on something besides my contracted books, to loosen up and keep the creative juices flowing, so to speak. Nobody was ever supposed to see it-but then my editor asked for erotica from me, I sent in the first chapters, and the rest is history. I took the premise mentioned above and played the "what if" game. What if a woman pushed the envelope to regain her lonely husband's passion? What if the plan worked a little too well? What if things weren't exactly as they seemed, putting everyone in danger? I took this and ran with it, and the story exploded to life.

Suz: Not all women would use such a unique way to save their marriage, why do you think Olivia came up with her plan?

Jo: Olivia saw firsthand, painful evidence that she was about to lose her husband to a younger woman. A woman who would make Alex feel wanted and sexy again, one who wouldn't leave him alone and longing for companionship each night while Liv runs her upscale restaurant. Rather than throw in the towel, she gets creative. Why not indulge in the fantasies she and Alex used to entertain together? Liv has a lot to lose, but even more to gain.

Suz: What erotic elements did you choose to use in WHEN ALEX WAS BAD

Jo: It might be easier to list which elements I didn't use! In a word, you won't find the flavor vanilla anywhere in this story. There are multiple partners, BDSM, and male/male elements, though none of these encounters are gratuitous. Each one serves a specific purpose in pushing psychological as well as physical boundaries, propelling Alex and Olivia's metamorphosis as a couple, and cementing their relationship with their lover, Jason.

Suz: This isn't just an ordinary erotica with lots of unique sexual experiences. You've woven in an intriguing suspense plot, too. Why did you do that, and did you find it difficult balancing that plot and the sex angle?

Jo: Weaving suspense into my plots, no matter the level of sexual content, is natural for me. As an author, it's hard for me to think in terms of a storyline with no twist, no bad guys to defeat. So no, that part wasn't difficult. However, with this story I did pull the suspense forward more when the book was optioned with Mandalay Pictures. I found myself in the unique position of selling ALEX to NAL on proposal-and going book to film with Mandalay as well, only one week after the book sold to my publisher. Yes, you read that right. ALEX was optioned on proposal as a major motion picture. I had the mind-blowing opportunity to write an erotic suspense from scratch along the lines of BASIC INSTINCT for the big screen as well as for my readers. No pressure, right?

Suz: What do you see as the difference between super sexy romances and erotic romances?

Jo: To me, the difference between super sexy and erotic romance is in the author's handling of 1) the psychological mindset of the sexual situation(s) and/or 2) inclusion of alternative lifestyles. (GLBT, multiple partners, etc.) The author knows what she/he is delivering and the readers know what they're getting when they choose the book, so I have never understood why some find "erotic" so difficult to define. It's not rocket science, ya know?

Suz: As you mentioned before, WHEN ALEX WAS BAD has been optioned for a movie. What was it like going through that process? Can you tell us any details?

Jo: As I said, ALEX was optioned by Mandalay Pictures last year right after I sold the book. What some may not know is that the acquiring producer is Mandalay President Cathy Schulman, who won the Best Picture Oscar for Crash in 2006. The film is in development now, and the screenwriter is at work on the screenplay. Being optioned, especially by a producer of her stature, is right up there as one of the most thrilling experiences of my life. I got to speak with Cathy and Executive Vice-President David Zelon (CABLE GUY, THE NET, SLEEPY HOLLOW, I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER, just to scratch the surface) on the phone in a long-distance conference, along with my agent and my book-to-film agent. The conversation was so surreal, words can't describe my emotions.

The writing process to complete this book was, as you might imagine, the most stressful project I've ever undertaken. Isn't it every writer's fantasy to capture your publisher and Hollywood in the same week, based on nothing more than premise? Oh, yes, without a doubt. Then you have to pull off a fantastic story, with important people on both the east and west coasts waiting to see what you produce. Not a picnic, folks. But very, very rewarding in the end.

Suz, with a mischevious grin: Big what if. IF you could cast the movie yourself, who would you put in the three major roles?

Jo: Ooh, this is fun! To play Alex, I'd have to go with Mark Wahlberg, hands down. I just love that talented man, and he's perfect for my handsome, just-turned-40 attorney hero. Angelina Jolie would be my choice for Olivia, all sultry beauty and grace. To play Jason Strickland, our hot young hero who joins Alex and Liv? Hmm. I have to admit I'm not sure who I'd go with for that part. After my readers have devoured ALEX, I'd love to hear some opinions on who could play Jason!

Suz: So what other Heat books do you have planned?

Jo: In February 2010, I'm launching the SHADO Agency series, starting with I SPY A WICKED SIN. Think of this series as BOURNE IDENTITY meets JAMES BOND and goes erotic! My spies are sexy, uninhibited, and will do anything to get their man-or woman. The first book in the series features a blind hero, Jude St. Laurent, who does not remember his life as an assassin for SHADO?and has no clue that the tempting Lily Vale has been sent to make sure he never does.

Suz: Any news about the Station Five Firefighters you'd like to tease our readers with?

Jo: I thought you'd never ask! Julian's gripping story, HIDDEN FIRE, will be released on December 1, 2009. In this installment, Sean Tanner's arc will be furthered, and readers will get a hint that someone new might come to town in the future. In 2010, Tommy Skyler's story, LINE OF FIRE, will be released in June, and finally, RIDE THE FIRE, Sean's story, will be released in December! In 2010, one of our beloved Station Five heroes will see the tragic end of his firefighting career and nope, I'm not telling who! Also, look for one of your favorite Sugarland men to take on a larger role in the action. Will he eventually get his own story? That remains to be seen?

Suz: So Jo is going to give away a signed copy of WHEN ALEX WAS BAD to one lucky commentor. Given what you know of the story, who would you cast in the movie version? And have you ever taken drastic measures to solve a problem? Did it turn out as you expected?


Elyssa Papa said...

Wow, that's fabulous news! Congrats, Jo! WAWB sounds incredibly hot . . . I'll definitely look for it on the shelves.

Elyssa Papa said...

Oh, so cool that the Golden Rooster is mine. Maybe he'll bring some much needed good luck.

Helen said...

Congrats Elyssa have fun with him

Great interview and huge congrats Jo on the release and the movie deal way to go.

I get a catologue posted to me from Rendezvous Books every month with the new releases in it and I was looking through it when it came and I saw this book and the author Jo Davis and I read about it and I thought WOW amazing.

The book sounds fantastic congrats again, Do you think it is harder to write an erotic romance than romantic suspense.

I am looking forward to the next Station Five Fighters book as well.

Congrats again Jo

Have Fun

Anna Campbell said...

Wow, Jo, world domination is just around the corner for you! Fantastic to see you really riding high! Congratulations!

And speaking of congratulations, Ely, one chook for you. It's been a while, hasn't it? Sorry you weren't in DC! I missed you!

Suz, great interview!

Minna said...

Great post!

Jane said...

Hi Jo,
Congrats on the upcoming release. I love your Station Five books and can't wait to read your first erotic suspense. I think Robert Buckley from "Lipstick Jungle" would be great as Jason.

Laurie said...

I like Mark butI dislike Angelina... way over hyped. I think Catherine Zeta Jones would be a wonderful choice. She's sultry & sexy. As for the young sexy guy... Orlando Bloom.
Darker sexy guy... Josh Brolin.

Jo Davis said...

Good Morning, Banditas!! Thanks for having me back today!

Thanks so much! ALEX is out tomorrow, which I can't believe. Boy, time flies, and yet I thought the date would never arrive.

Congrats on grabbing the Golden Rooster! :)

Stacy~ said...

I'm currently read WAWB now, and whoa, it's scorching hot. It needs to come with a warning label.

So thrilled to hear about all these other books. Yay Jo :)

Jo Davis said...

Hi Helen,
Thanks a bunch! I'm pumped about this release, and the next firefighter books, too.

That's so cool about ALEX being featured in Rendezvous! Love my friends over there to pieces. :)

Hmm...if one is easier, per se, I'd have to say the erotica is less challenging for me to write. That's because there are few restrictions on me, few taboos. I enjoy pushing the envelope, as you guys might have gathered, so writing erotica is very freeing to me. Though I do love the fast pace of romantic suspense.

Jo Davis said...

Hi Anna!
I don't know about world domination...but hey, it has a certain ring to it! :)

I can't wait for your new release, BTW!

Jo Davis said...

Hi Minna and Jane,

Jane, thanks so much! Ooh, I'm going to have to Google Robert Buckley now! :)

Jo Davis said...

Thanks for stopping by! Angelina is in the news a lot, but I like her acting. Catherine does have that sultry appeal as well, though. I hadn't thought of Orlando Bloom for Jason, but I do adore him. :)

Jo Davis said...

Hey Stacy!
Big wave! Glad you're reading ALEX and hopefully enjoying it. Thanks so much for the congrats! Yes, we have more firefighters on the horizon... :)

Hmm, forgot to mention that the end of LINE OF FIRE (Tommy's story) is going to deliver a shock...

Llehn said...

How about Ryan Gosling for Jason?

Donna MacMeans said...

Welcome back Jo! WAWB sounds fabulous and hot, hot, hot! Let's hope concerns about global warming don't ban the book! (grins)

I'm curious about the Hollywood sale. Did your book agent recognize the potential and suggest a film agent? Or did you secure a film agent yourself based on the premise that Hollywood would be interested? How exciting to see your work on the big screen. I can imagine the pressure was INTENSE. Good for you for surviving, growing, and succeeding. I'm in awe!!

Jo Davis said...

Oh Jane,
Robert Buckly is tooo cute!! He'd be perfect for Jason, especially with his hair a little longer. :))

Jo Davis said...

Hi Llehn!
Ryan Gosling is cute, too! Sans the mustache and beard for Jason, but very cute. :)

Jo Davis said...

Hi Donna!
This book is a scorcher, for sure. Do not read without a cool beverage handy. :)

To answer your question, my agent has a working relationship with my book-to-film agent. He takes on author's projects that have commericial potential. Mandalay actually scouted ALEX off the Publisher's Marketplace posting for the book sale, requested material which we sent, then Mandalay wanted to buy, and the B-T-F agent was brought in to negotiate the entire process. Mind-boggling, still, for me to look back on!

Susan Sey said...

Wow, Jo, that's an incredible story about how When Alex was Bad made it from your head onto the page--and onto the big screen! Congratulations! Can't wait to pick up a copy for myself.

As for big, bold problem solving, I'm usually a big scaredy cat. However, the one time I took a big chance, it was on my husband. He wasn't my husband then, of course, just some guy I was dating. But after a year of long-distance, we decided we needed to live closer to together to see if this relationship really had what it took. So I quit my job (the first 'real' job I'd ever had) after barely a year, left my family & my friends, packed up my life & moved to MN to be with him. You can't imagine how many "why buy the cow" speeches I heard, moving across the country without the benefit of an engagement ring.

But I went. I was scared but I was in love, too, & I went.

We celebrate our 9th anniversary last month (apparently my husband didn't get the memo about free milk & not buying the cow) & I have never, ever, for a single moment regretted taking that huge chance on him.

limecello said...

Hi Jo - thanks for visiting with us today, and congratulations on the GR, Elyssa!

As for who I'd cast :X well I admitted last night I don't know any actors, really. Gerard Butler, Christian Bale, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt and I'm basically maxed out. Although I really wouldn't mind seeing any of them star in anything ;)
As for doing something drastic- I wouldn't really say so but others might disagree. I think I can safely make the blanket statement that nothing ever seem to turn out quite the way I planned.

Jo Davis said...

Hi Susan,
Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy ALEX. :)

What a lovely story about moving to be near your sweetie! I'm so glad things worked out, and that you listened to your heart. Melting sigh... :)

Tracy Garrett said...

Hi Jo and Suz and Banditas! (waving wildly)

Jo, you know how much I love your Station 5 guys. And Alex? Whew! Somebody get me a fan, quick.

To play Jason, take a look at Chris Pine, Capt. Kirk from the latest Star Trek movie. Looks perfect to me. ;-)

Jo Davis said...

Hi limecello!
Thanks and it's great to be here. I love all those actors you mentioned--they make of the majority of the movies I go see!

I don't think I've ever done anything drastic either, but I'm giving it some thought. :)

Jo Davis said...

Hey Tracy! (my good friend and CP, ya'll!)

Thanks for stopping by! And Chris Pine--OH, MY, YES!!! What an absolute DOLL!! I have a new fave, folks. :D

Tracy Garrett said...

He's definitely got the look. Just grow out his hair a little and put him in a tight black t-shirt...

One of the advantages of being Jo's CP? I got to read Alex. (Teehee-pant-pant-pant-fan-fan-fan!)

flchen1 said...

Hi, Jo!

I love the premise of When Alex Was Bad--I'm always interested in stories that start after the initial HEA, where the couple is already in a relationship. As for casting the movie, I'm really terrible about knowing any actors since I watch so few movies! Mark Wahlberg *is* a hottie though! For Olivia, maybe someone like Juliana Margulies? I've liked her roles though I can't recall how she does with sultry.

And drastic measures to solve a problem? Haven't done it yet that I can remember... I don't tend to be a drastic kind of person :) Maybe with the right incentive...

Thanks again for sharing about WAWB and your other upcoming books--can't wait, Jo!!

Congrats on the GR, Elyssa!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Good morning everyone! Pardon my tardiness, but I was up late adding pics to the blog!

Congrats on winning the GR this morning Elyssa. Do you have any great plans for him today?

And WAWB is extremely hot! The characters, plot and sex just keep you turning the pages!!

Jo Davis said...

Hi Flchen1,
Great to see you here! Hmm, Juliana Margulies is a great suggestion. Love Mark! Isn't he divine?

Thanks so much and I hope you enjoy ALEX. ;)

Sandy Blair said...

Great interview, Suzy and Jo! Having heard about this story (Alex's) for well over a year, I can't wait to get my hand son it Thursday.


Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey, Helen!

I swear woman, you are one of the most loyal romance readers I've ever met. It's great to see you enjoying the S5F and WAWB has the same intensity as those.

Joan said...

Morning Jo! Great to have you back in The Lair Where Cabana Boys and Gladiators are Bad :-)

Your book sounds fabulous. At this moment, I'd vote Gerard Butler as Alex (He is a RIOT and sexy in The Ugly Truth)and ooohhhhh yes to Chris Pine. I can just see him with a bit of a devlish look in his eyes.

It was great seeing you in DC!

jo robertson said...

Hi, Jo! Welcome back to the Lair and congratulations on your movie option for When Alex Was Bad. What exciting things have been happening to you!

Hmm, I think I'd cast Jude Law for the role of Jason. He probably has the right balance of wickedness and innocence to pull it off.

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey, Anna!Sorry I missed you earlier. Between Jo and you and the other Bandits, I feel like my friends are working on world dominance several books at a time!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Minna! Hey Jane!

WOW on Robert Buckley, Jane!!! I can see him as Jason, the next door neighbor and major player in the book, easy!!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Laurie, I'm with you on the Angelina thing. Me, I like Kate Beckinsale for Olivia. I think she does sultry easy! Mmmmmmmm, some Josh Brolin. I fell in love with him when he was on The Young Riders on TV.

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Stacy! Come on over by the giant fan....if you're reading WAWB right now, honey, you're gonna need it!!

I kept it and the hubby close by while I was reading WAWB!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Llhen!

Ryan Gosling, huh? He really is a great young actor. And he does suspense, like in Murder By Numbers, very well.

It's fun playing casting director, isn't it?

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Donna! WAWB sounds fabulous and hot, hot, hot! Let's hope concerns about global warming don't ban the book! (grins)..

LOL...yes, please don't tell the EPA!!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey, Susan!

moving across the country without the benefit of an engagement ring.

But I went. I was scared but I was in love, too, & I went.

WOW!!! DO NOT EVER say you're a chicken again, (especially around the GR), girl!! I think that takes great guts. Having moved thousands of miles twice, I have some idea how hard that was, but I had a hubby and three kids with me. To go on alone the basis of what your heart is telling you...that takes cajunas!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Jo said: Mandalay actually scouted ALEX off the Publisher's Marketplace posting for the book sale, requested material which we sent, then Mandalay wanted to buy, and the B-T-F agent was brought in to negotiate the entire process. Mind-boggling, still, for me to look back on!...

As one of your CP's,(and I'm sure Tracy G felt the same way), it was fascinatingly exciting watching the process and (virtually) holding your hand on the sidelines, too, Jo. Learned quite a bit, actually.

Jo Davis said...

Hi Sandy!
That makes two of us--I can't wait for ALEX to be released! Thanks for coming by! :)

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey, limecello!

MMMMMMMM, all good choices for Alex. Wouldn't say no to any of them! :)

I think I can safely make the blanket statement that nothing ever seem to turn out quite the way I planned....

It's funny how that happens. I think in WAWB, things didn't turn out quite how Olivia had them planned, either!

Jo Davis said...

Hey Joan!
Ooh, did someone mention Cabana Boys and Bad Gladiators?! I'm SO there!

Yes, I'd take Gerard Butler in any role, any way you dish him up!! And that accent...shiver (in a good way)!!

It was great to see you in DC, too!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Tracy G!!!

High fiving you on the firefighters and Alex heat. They do require extra cooling down for the reader, don't they? Luckily for me, the swimming pool's right outside the back door here!

Chris Pine is definitely a pick for Jason. Mmmmmmmmmmm mama!

Jo Davis said...

Hi Jo!
Thanks so much for the congrats!

Oh, YES, to Jude Law! Isn't he gorgeous? Have you seen the new previews of SHERLOCK, his movie coming out with Robert Downy Jr?! Jude plays Watson, and the trailor makes it look SO good! :)

Suzanne Welsh said...

Tracy G said: One of the advantages of being Jo's CP? I got to read Alex. (Teehee-pant-pant-pant-fan-fan-fan!)..

Girl, I sooooooooooo love this part!! AND we get to say to her...."write faster, dammit!"

Jo Davis said...

Hey Suz!
Aren't we having fun today? :)

Yes, you and Tracy G did hold my hand through the entire movie process, and still are! You guys always keep me sane no matter what's going on, and it seems something always is... :)

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Fedora!!

Always good to see you in the Lair! And I've always loved Mark Wahlberg. When Jo told me she'd love to cast him as Alex in WAWB...I was like..."OHHHHHHHHHHH yeah!!!"

Suzanne Welsh said...

Morning, Ms Sandy!!! Always lovely to see my other CP on the Bandit blog! Even though I've read WAWB...I'm gonna be at the bookstore, bright and early to get my hands on a copy, too. The cover is quite yummy!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Joanie!!

Gerard in any form is yummo, isn't he?!?

I LOVED him in The Ugly Truth, 300, and Lara Croft: The Cradle Of Life. But have you seen him in Beowulf? OMG!!!! It's a few years old, so you have to get it on DVD, but hhhhhhhhhmmmmmm mama!!

tetewa said...

My choice would be Jared Padalecki from the Supernatural series, he's HOT!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey, JoMama!!

I'm with you on Jude Law. He's very easy to watch on a screen.

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Tetewa!

Jared would be PERFECT for Jason.

Ohhhhhh, Jo...can we have him as Jason, pleaseeeee???

Suzanne Welsh said...

By the way, When Alex Was Bad wasn't the original title for the book/movie. to tell everyone what your working title was for the book? (I so love that title!)

Jo Davis said...

Suz, good question! My working title for ALEX was THE SEVEN CONFESSIONS OF ALEXANDER QUINN. My publisher loved it, but said it was too long. (waa!)

On a good note, that's still the working title Mandalay is using for the film, last I heard! :)

Suzanne Welsh said...

Sigh....I just adore that title.

Now, I'm thinking WHEN this gets made into a movie, and I personally think it should...can we have a big gala opening in Dallas? I promise not to touch the actors!!

Joan said...

But have you seen him in Beowulf?

No but I saw him YEARS ago in a made for TV movie about Hannibal....the one who attacked Rome?

Gerard + loincloth + barbarian demeanor =....beeeeeeeeep

Suzanne Welsh said...

Okay...getting back to the movie thing...

What did you find to be the most frustrating part, so far, in having a book optioned for film? The most fun?

Jo Davis said...

The most frustrating part is how long it takes for a film to be made. Each step in the process takes months. From inception to screen, a film can take 3 years, or forever.

The most fun part is speculating who the actors would be, dreaming of attending the premier (Yes, my hubby and I get to go!) and fantasizing about paying off bills. LOL. :)

Suzanne Welsh said...

Jo, I think that's what's amazed me about the process.

At work I hear all the time about how slow the publishing industry is. "It takes how long to get a rejection?" "It takes that long to make a book?"

Just imagine what I'd hear if I told them how long it takes to get a movie made?

Jane said...

I'm so glad you approve of Robert Buckley. You might also want to check out Channing Tatum. He's one of the stars in the G.I. Joe movie.

Gannon Carr said...

I cannot wait to read WAWB! It sounds beyond HAWT!

Definitely Gerard Butler for Alex. Mmmm, good enough to eat. ;) I could absolutely see Channing Tatum as Jason. I think I'd choose Catherine Zeta-Jones over Angelina.

Jo Davis said...

Jane, I'll check him out! :)

Jo Davis said...

Hi Gannon!
Mmm, 2 votes for Channing...I'll definitely look him up!

Thanks and I hope you enjoy ALEX!

Nancy said...

Jo, welcome back to the Lair! You've had great things happening, and the new book sounds terrific.

Mark Wahlberg is hard to argue with in casting. Rugged leading men of the right age seem to be in short supply lately. Rob Lowe has aged nicely. Brad Pitt might be good.

Congratulations on all these wonderful developments.

Nancy said...

Elyssa, congrats on taking home the rooster! I hope he brings you the luck you want.

Beth said...

Welcome back, Jo, and super congrats on all you have going on! When Alex Was Bad sounds like a scorching hot, intense read *g*

Loved the interview, ladies!

And congrats to Elyssa on nabbing the GR :-)

Jo Davis said...

Hi Nancy,
thanks so much! I agree on finding the right leading man these days--any of those guys are fabulous. Hard to think of them, finally, as aging, though! How scary is that?!

Jo Davis said...

Hi Beth,
Thank you, it's great to be back! I hope ALEX puts many libidos in overdrive. :)

Now I'm off to look at Boston terrier puppies with my family (we lost our 11 yr old Boston to cancer in May)...hoping to be home with a new baby soon! I'll check back in later tonight... :)

flchen1 said...

Ooh, hope you have fun choosing a new puppy member of the family, Jo!

Jo Davis said...

Thanks Flchen1,

We have a Boston terrier puppy!! She's precious and has one blue eye! The other eye is half-blue. She's smart and very playful. :)

Will post a pic or 2 on Facebook tomorrow. :)

flchen1 said...

How adorable! Can't wait to "meet" her--glad she's found a new home with you!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Congrats on the new puppy, Jo! What are you naming her?

Nancy said...

Jo, congrats on the new puppy! We're serious dog people at our house.

I went to your website and read the excerpt. That is one smokin' book, and I mean that in the best possible way. :-)

As for the heroine, I think I'd cast Teri Hatcher. For the younger guy, I think I'd go with Orlando Bloom, too, as Laurie suggested.

PJ said...

Hi Jo! It was wonderful meeting you in DC. Congrats on the upcoming release of WAWB! I can't wait to get my hands on it and I'm counting the days until the next Station 5 book.

I love your choice of Mark Wahlberg. I'd have to second Robert Buckley or Chris Pine for Jason. Yum!

I don't like Angelina. I'd definitely go with Catherine Zeta-Jones over her.

PJ said...

Jo, congrats on the new family member!

kim h said...

those are hot guys whooo

i say keanu reeves would do good
please count me in

Pat Cochran said...

Love that Mark Wahlberg, he is absolutely great in anything and
everything! Great choice!

Pat Cochran

Maija P. said...

I have been waiting for this release for months now. Walhberg is a good choice!