Sunday, December 27, 2009

To Be Read

by Beth

My To-Be-Read pile has somehow grown into a To-Be-Read hill. It's gone from three separate piles (one romance, one nonfiction and one for non-romance fiction) to four piles (I went on a buying spree and had to make a pile for my paranormal YAs and urban fantasy books *g*) I know quite a few of you can relate to my multiplying books, or perhaps your own TBR piles are more like mountains. Either way, all I know is that at the beginning of 2009 I had a goal of reading more and keeping my TBR pile manageable.

Well, I did read more than I have in the past few years. I also bought more books. Many, MANY more books. Which is how I discovered a few new-to-me authors who are now on my Auto-Buy list including Rick Riordan, author of the Percy Jackson & The Olympians YA series, and Kristan Higgins who writes fabulous romantic comedies.

One thing I've noticed about my current TBR piles is that there are many more books by authors I haven't read before. To be honest, I'm not sure why that is, all I know is that I'm anxious to get through every story in the hopes of transferring even more books from the TBR pile to my Keeper Shelves *g*

Here are the books by New-To-Me authors I plan on reading next month:

Evermore - Alyson Noel

The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins

Prime Time - Hank Phillippi Ryan

The Blue Zone - Andrew Gross

Highland Scandal - Julia London

She Thinks Her Ex Is Sexy - Joanne Rock

Start Me Up - Victoria Dahl

Outcast - Joan Johnston

Kiss of Midnight - Lara Adrian

Nightwalker - Jocelynn Drake

Soul Magic - Jennifer Lyon

My Favorite Witch - Lisa Plumley

Night's Cold Kiss - Tracey O'Hara

Servant: The Kindred - L.L. Foster

Have you read any of the books listed above? Are there any you'd recommend move to the top of my TBR pile? What does your TBR pile look like? Did you discover any new authors in 2009?


Helen said...

Is he coming to my place

Have Fun

Helen said...

Well the GR will be coming on drive with me to visit Jake in the morning so I am sure he is going to enjoy it.


I probably have 3 TBR mountains and I keep buying more and more I am addicted to buying them then stress myself out trying to choos what book to read next LOL. From your list I have Julia London's book and a few more of hers to read and have enjoyed the Julia London books I have read. I have read a few new to me authors this year and really loved them Lori Brighton's Wild Heart was excellent and I have recently finished Sharon Archer's Single Father: Wife and Mother Wanted this is a M&B Medical very good. I also have one of Jennifer Lyon's on the TBR pile that I am looking forward to as well. As I always say I really need to retire so as I have more time to read.

Have Fun

Minna said...

I don't think I have read any of those books yet.

Well, I discovered Tess Mallory's books this year.

Amy C said...

I just recently read The Lightning Thief after having the first three books for months. I loved it! It was just a lot of fun to read :).

Donna MacMeans said...

hi Beth - It's so hard to juggle fiction that I want to read and research books that I need to read. My daughter gave me four more period research books for Christmas. Of the books on your list, L.L. Foster is, of course, my friend, Lori Foster. Her servant series is dark, dark, dark.
Victoria Dahl is the one who awarded me my Golden Heart medallion - so she instantly became a must read. However, at that time she was writing historicals and they were very good. This one looks like a contemporary.

New authors - Tessa O'Dare, Susan Heino, Lisa Cooke - all debuts that I read this year. Kristin Higgins was new to me this year. I loved her blog when she guested with us and so ran out and got her book. Loved it. Hmmm...can't think of other new authors that I read - but I do go through them. Must say that I enjoy this kind of "business reading." Beats the heck out of reading the tax code (grin).

Nancy said...

Helen, have fun with the rooster!

My own TBR pile has grown exponentially. There was a time when I didn't own, at any given time, more than 3 or 4 books I hadn't read. Of course, that was before I had a family life, but now I look at the stack and could swear the books have cloned themselves!

We're leaving in a little while to rendezvous with the boy's girlfriend and her folks, to bring her back here for a week. She sent me a bookstore gift card as a hostess gift, in advance. So what came home last night? MORE books!

But I did convince the dh to get one for himself, which he's loath to do because he has so little time to read anything he isn't teaching. So that was a coup!

Nancy said...

Beth, I've read Hank Phillippi Ryan's first two books, with the third to go. They're really good, and they read fast. And she's guesting with us in February. So I'd move that one up the stack.

A lot of my TBR pile is familiar authors. But there are also new ones on there, more than would once have been the case. Part of the reason, of course, is that we have so many interesting guests here in the Lair. Another part is that the market in paranormal has exploded, with so many new permutations lately, and so I pick those up.

And it all means more books on the pile. I hope to whittle down some over break.

Stacy McKitrick said...

The Hunger Games is an excellent book and I'll guarantee you'll want to read the next in the series, "Catching Fire". My daughter and I are both hooked!

But I understand your dilemma. My pile has grown so big, I have them in a box so I don't lose them! I've also found several new authors (to me). I've always loved to read, but don't understand why I limited myself to such few authors in the past. I love exploring now.

Deb said...

Hi, Beth. My TBR pile consists of books in a small crate on the floor of my closet. I don't have any particular order to the books unless there is a book or author I want to read right away, then those books go at the top of the heap. I usually only go to my little bookstore once a month, sometimes twice, since it is 45 minutes away. (They are good about sending me books if I call and ask.) So, I can have up to 20 books in my TBR crate.
New authors for me this year are Tessa Dare, Melissa Mayhue, and I know there are others, I just can't seem to think of any right now.

Anonymous said...

Beth, I sense a bit of a YA trend in your book list! ;-) You will love the ones you've got on there. Hunger Games is huge, though a bit dark and definitely violent. But I loved it, and I generally love dark and violent. (She's my dream blurb author, BTW!)

Rick Riordan is my son's absolute fav, and we share the same editor, so you must adore his books. Well, half the world under the age of 15 adores his books, so it won't be hard. But they are a bit more for boys. Lots of action, not as much romance... LOL.

Evermore is great, and Alyson Noel is a sweetheart (and I like reading books written by nice people, I must confess).

Another YA you could add to your list that is a great romantic urban fantasy is Shiver, by Maggie Stiefvater. I loved her hero.

I just started Jane Porter's current Harlequin Presents (a sheik book). Very fun. I'm off to our cabin in the wood for the next few days, so I'm taking a whole stack of books out with me. No phone, internet, or TV out there! Wahoo!

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Highland Scandal by Julia London is good. She is an auto buy for me.
My TBR pile is so out of control even my neighbors feel threatened.

chelleyreads said...

my tbr pile has also grown into a hill but i try to control how many books i have on my bookshelf at a time by donating many i've read to the library every few weeks. i REALLY want to keep all the books i've read but it's impossible.

most of the books i've in 2009 were from authors that are new to me. many i'll continue to read in 2010, not only those who write series that i'm really into but those whose book was so fantastic that i'll definitely be reading more from them.

great new pile, beth! i've been wanting to read many of the books you've listed, but the only one i've read is the hunger games--just finished it yesterday and OMG! it was sooo amazing! it even moved me to tears... been a while since a book's done that to me. i suggest you move that one up :)

Joan said...

Wow! A hill? I have bags of books.

I have discovered a whole slew of new authors thanks to this particular blog. Two this past year were Jessica Anderson and Virginia Kantra. I am indeed, obssessed with Nightkeepers and selkies.

Lori Handeland, while not a new author to me, did intrigue me with her Apocolypse series. That woman can write!

I'm in the midst of "An Improper Aristocrat" by BB Deb Marlowe...I bow in abject humility that I had not gotten to this book yet but...

I. Am. LOVING. It!!!

And Donna, Kristen Higgins's books are TOO good aren't they? I can't wait for her next title to come out!!

Now, off to see Sherlock by my lonesome....

Kirsten said...

Hi, you should start with Highland Scandal by Julia London. I thought it was great fun!

Louisa Cornell said...

Good on you, Helen! You know the Golden Boy cannot resist a visit with Little Jake!

I have to agree that the Julia London book is great fun. I love her stories.

And my fellow Pixie Chick, Tracey O'Hara has written a fabulous book. You will love it!

Kandy Shepherd's Love is a Four-Legged Word is a new author for me and her book is WONDERFUL!! It is so much fun!

Another Pixie Chick, Kelly Gay, has written a fantastic debut - The Better Part of Darkness - edgy urban fantasy with a heroine who kicks butt and takes names. Great read!

For a historical romance that will have you laughing out loud try yet ANOTHER Pixie Chick debut - Susan Gee Heino's Mistress by Mistake. This one took the brass ring at the Golden Hearts in 2008 and when you read it you'll know why.

I have Lori Brighton's debut on my TBR stack. I've read Tessa Dare's first two and have her third on my stack.

I have so many TBR stacks it is frightening. And that does not include the Regency research books I buy like Imelda Marcos at a shoe sale.

I have decided that God would never be so cruel as to take me before I read all of these books and at the rate I buy new books I simply have to live forever! Either that or I am taking them all with me! Heaven is a big comfy library in an elegant English country house with an endless supply of hot tea and sweets to keep me and my books company!

Virginia said...

Congrat Helen on getting the rooster! Have fun with him!

I have a pretty nice TBR pile but haven't read any of the ones you've got there! Although I have read Jennifer Lyons first book in the series called Blood Magic, it was a fabulous read so I kind of want to get Soul Magic too! Its on my to buy list! During Christmas I didn't have much time to read and I was also watching a lot of Christmas movies.

Beth said...

Happy Sunday, All!

Helen, congrats on nabbing the GR! When you're done with him, could you send him to my house? I could use some help cleaning up from Christmas *g*

Sounds as if you found some great new authors this year! And retiring so we have more time to read sounds like a great idea :-)

Beth said...

Minna, I haven't read Tess Mallory. Which book of hers would you recommend to someone who hasn't read her yet?

Beth said...

Amy C, I so agree with you about The Lightning Thief! I absolutely loved it and can't wait to read the other books in the series.

And, it's coming out as a movie in Feb! Yay :-)

Beth said...

Her servant series is dark, dark, dark.

Hey, Donna *g* I'm trying to read a few darker books because the YA idea I'm working on seems to be darker than what I'm used to writing and reading. I'm not sure I can combine the dark plot with my not-as-dark voice but it'll be fun to try :-)

Yes, Start Me Up is a contemporary. I believe Victoria has a one or two contemps out. I've heard great things about her writing so I'm really looking forward to reading her book *g*

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Helen! Go the Aussies! Feed him some Tim Tams so he comes back - it's been a while!

Hope you all had a marvellous Christmas!

Oh, Beth, I hear you on the TBR pile! Mine has moved from the bedroom to the dressing room and it's looking like it's going to have to burst out of there to somewhere else. I can imagine one day I'll wake up and there'll be no room for ME in this house.

I went on a bit of a buying spree before Christmas too - partly because this is the time of year when they put out a lot of fantastic stuff to catch Christmas. And those wicked folk at the Book Depository had a 10% off voucher for regular customers (do I have to tell you I'm a regular?). For a while there, I think the postman thought I was opening up a bookshop, so many books turned up in the mail ;-)

I'm taking a few days off and doing a bit of reading right now. Had a wonderful time reading Tiffany Clare's new book, The Surrender of a Lady, which isn't out until next year. Hubba hubba, is it sexy! Then I read the new Laura Kinsale, Lessons in French. So wonderful to have her writing again. And yesterday, I devoured the latest Sarah Mayberry, Her Secret Fling, which was fabulous. Tossing up today between Wicked All Day by Liz Carlyle and a Julie Anne Long. Ah, what a delicious decision!

Anna Campbell said...

Helen, so glad you enjoyed Sharon's book. I think she does beautiful stories!

Actually the other book on the TBR pile that will be among the next three pulled off is Where Serpents Sleep by C.S. Harris. I love her Viscount Devlin Regency mysteries!

Jane said...

Congrats on the GR, Helen.

Hi Beth,
I've only read "Outcast." It was my first book by Joan Johnston. I loved "Outcast" and look forward to reading more about the Benedict family. I agree with Helen about Lori Brighton's "Wild Heart." It was one of my favorite historicals.

Beth said...

Nancy, I'll definitely move Prime Time up to the top of the pile! I'm looking forward to her being with us in the lair *g*

And yes, my TBR pile has grown as a direct result of all the fabulous authors we host in the lair as well as the growth in the paranormal and urban fantasy subgenres. I'm always thrilled to add more Must Buy Authors to my list :-)

catslady said...

I haven't read any of these but I at least recognize most of the authors. It's everending. My tbr pile is going to outlive me because I can't stop buying books lol.

Beth said...

Stacy, I've heard nothing but wonderful things about The Hunger Games! I can't wait to read it. I think I'll give it to my older daughter to read first since I have a bit of research reading to do first *g*

Beth said...

Hey, Deb! Our local bookstore doesn't have a huge selection but I adore Amazon - especially since they'll deliver the books right to my door. Of course, I also stop at my bookstore whenever I can and I always pick up books at Walmart when I go grocery shopping :-)

Minna said...

Which book of hers would you recommend to someone who hasn't read her yet?

Well, as at least all the books by Tess Mallory which I have read have been part of a series -and it's annoying not to be able to read them in order- you could start with the book Highland Dream. This is the series I've been reading, but I haven't been able to get all the books (including Highland Dream)or really read the series in order. Argh!

Beth said...

Beth, I sense a bit of a YA trend in your book list! ;-)

LOL - I figured you'd notice that *g*

I'm trying to get my hands on as many YAs as possible but I haven't even made a dent in the list of YA books I'm interested in reading.

I'm not usually into dark books but as I mentioned earlier, the YA I'm working on wants to go darker so I figure I'll give it a shot :-)

Have fun at the cabin! Sounds like heaven ;-)

Minna said...

Then there are the paranormal books by Cynthia Eden and Alpha Wolf by Linda O. Johnston. I think Alpha Wolf is part of a series. And evidently also the book thief in the mail thought it was good, as it certainly never arrived in my mail box. Fortunately I was eventually able to get it as an ebook. And I just got this book called Dragon Lovers by Jo Beverley, Mary Jo Putney, etc. I especially liked the story Anna and the King of Dragons.

Helen said...

Joan I went to the movies yesterday to see Sherlock Holmes it is a great movie I loved it I am sure there will be another one I hope there is.

I look forward to Sharon's next book I really enjoyed the first one.

I am reading Olivia Parker's To Wed A Wicked Earl at the the moment and loving it I loved her first book The Bride Hunt Ball.

Have Fun

jo robertson said...

Congrats, Helen. Love that picture -- your grandkiddies, I assume.

I acquired so many new books last year, Beth, but I'm still wending my way through my 2008 pile of TBR books. I've made a new rule: if I don't like the first 50 pages, I'm stopping and donating the book to the library!

Right now I'm reading Kathrynn Dennis' Shadow Rider -- her "horsetoricals" are smart and well-written. Also, Laurie King's A DARK PLACE and Meg Gardiner's KILL CHAIN, an Evan Delaney book.

Hank Phillippi Ryan said...

Oh, I love being on the TBR pile. It's so exciting--really, it's like when I'm at a signing, and someone new comes and buys my books. And I watch them walk out of the store with it...and I think, oh, my book is going to a new home. Someone is about to meet Charlotte McNally and become part of her life.

Does that sound sappy? Even sappier--as an author, it's like someone reading the book is the fulfillment of the book. SO--thank you. And see you all soon!

(In the--lair? Oh.)

Pissenlit said...

Wee! I loved Riordan's Percy Jackson series! I haven't read any of the books in your reading-next-month list though, so I can't give any suggestions.

My TBR list is never-ending. I just keep discovering new authors to add to the ones I already follow. I've come to accept this. :D

Off the top of my head, some new-to-me authors that I've come across this year include Mike Carey, Mark Del Franco, L.A. Meyer, Moira J. Moore, T.A. Pratt, Deanna Raybourn, C.C. Humphreys Maria V. Snyder, Jonathan Friesen, Sherwood Smith, Scott Westerfeld and Ariana Franklin.

Beth said...

My TBR pile is so out of control even my neighbors feel threatened.

LOL, Dianna! Mine isn't quite that bad...although if I don't get reading it may get to that point

I'm moving Julia London's book to the top of the pile!

Beth said...

Chelley, I'm pretty good about keeping my Keeper Shelf pared down but it is hard to get rid of books that I love *g* I actually re-read many on my Keeper shelf. Anyone else do that?

Okay, The Hunger Games has moved up, too! Maybe I'll get to it this week :-)

Beth said...

Joan, I adore Virginia Kantra's books! I didn't discover her until her Eden books for Silhouette Intimate Moments but luckily I've been able to read most of her backlist *g*

Have fun at the movie!

Beth said...

Kirsten, thanks for the recommendation! I'm definitely moving that book up :-)

Cassondra said...

Hey Beth!

Great subject considering the year is about to turn. I am getting rid of stuff in all areas of the house--trying to reduce the piles, and am even giving away some of my old favorite books from the keeper shelves, trying to make some room for more. It is HARD saying goodbye to books you've loved, but at some point, I have to do it. There simply isn't enough room. This paring down has caused me to become really careful what I buy or bring into the house in almost all categories of my life. Except for books. *sigh* I can't seem to stop myself when it comes to that.

The trouble is that it's been so long since I had any time to read just for pleasure. I used to burn through a lot of books. Now it's a luxury if I get a couple of free hours to read. This year I'm doing what you did last year--resolving to actuallly read more.

I HAVE discovered some new authors in the past year though. Madelyn Alt is one (I've gotten into mysteries and isn't that just terrific--a whole other GENRE to add to the pile). All of the Bandit books are auto-buy for me of course, but some of our guests have become auto-buy as well.

I bought a new bookcase for my bedroom. Had it custom made so I would have more space. And you know what? It's full. And about half of them I have not read. It's getting out of hand.

Cassondra said...

Woohooo Helen!

Congrats on the bird! Smart rooster, he is...coming down there to you where it's WARM. It's freezing here.

Beth said...

I have decided that God would never be so cruel as to take me before I read all of these books and at the rate I buy new books I simply have to live forever!

LOL, Louisa! I love this!

Thanks for all the great recommendations. I'm so excited to read so many new authors :-)

Beth said...

Hey, Virginia! I've been too busy over Christmas to read, too. I'm actually pretty upset about it but I plan on making up for it next weekend *g*

Beth said...

Anna, I went on a buying spree before Christmas as well *g* I'd decided I needed to read as many urban fantasy an dark paranormals as possible so I ordered a bunch while I finished up my Christmas shopping!

I envy you and your reading days! I may do that as soon as I whip my current proposal into shape :-)

Beth said...

Hi, Jane! Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed Outcast! I love the hero on the cover *g*

Beth said...

LOL, Catslady! Buying books seems to be an addiction many of us on this blog share :-)

Helen said...


It is cool and raining here at the moment it really hasn't fined up since lunch time Christmas Day although it is very humid as well and the cricket is on TV today for us to watch as well LOL

Have Fun

Beth said...

Thanks, Minna! I can read books out of order so that won't bother me *g*

Linda Henderson said...

My TBR pile is pretty good sized. I've been so busy with kids and grandkids over the last month I haven't read as much as I usually do. Now I've got to catch up.

Beth said...

Jo, do you read several books at a time? I used to do that as well but with all the books waiting to be read, I no longer allow myself to even think about starting a new book before I'm done with the current one :-)

Beth said...

Hank, that isn't sappy at all! I totally get what you mean and I'm super excited to read your book and even more excited about your visit with us :-)

Nancy said...

Hank, sorry I was on the road when you were here! We're looking forward to having you visit.

Beth said...

Pissenlit, I haven't read any of the new authors you've recently discovered but my daughter loves Scott Westerfeld *g*

Beth said...

Oh, Cassondra, I'm green with envy over your custom made bookcase! Just today my husband promised me he'd turn one entire wall of my office into a built-in bookcase but who knows when that will actually take place *g*

Beth said...

Linda, it's funny how busy we all can get. I'd be happy with even an hour a day to read but some days that just doesn't happen *g*

Nancy said...

Beth, who've I discovered this year? In my haste to get on the road, I forgot that part.

Hank Phillippi Ryan's Charlotte McNally

Lori Handeland's Doomsday series

Terri Garey's Nicki Styxx series

Tessa Dare

Catherine Mann's Dark Ops series

Cheyenne McCray's Lexi Steele books (so far, there are only two)

I know there are others, but I'm drawing a blank. The teetering TBR pile doesn't count, I guess, since I haven't actually, you know, _read_ those.

Nancy said...

Cassondra, I've always read a lot of mysteries, though not as much in recent years. And I read a lot of SFF.

Oh, I thought of someone else--Elizabeth Moon. I read her Paksenarian series years ago (fantasy) but then forgot about her until I picked up Kylara Vatta's first adventure, Trading in Danger. And ripped right through the rest of them. Excellent SF. So I guess she'd be a rediscovery.

Nancy said...
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Nancy said...

Helen, thanks for the report on Sherlock Holmes. We're taking the boy and his girlfriend to it this week. I love Holmes and so am always just a bit nervous about any new incarnation.

Kim Howe said...

Beth, great post! I am a huge fan of Andrew Gross' work. He used to co-write with James Patterson, then he decided to write darker thrillers on his own. I had the pleasure of meeting him at Thrillerfest and he's a charming and warm person.

Beth said...

Nancy, aren't Terri Garey's books awesome? I adore Nicki almost as much as I do Terri :-)

Beth said...

KJ, that is so cool you met Andrew Gross! Now I'm definitely moving his book up to the top of my pile :-)

Joan said...

Helen said: the cricket is on TV today for us to watch as well LOL

And of course my first thought is Jiminy?

(rolls eyes at self)

Pat Cochran said...

Hi, Beth,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New
Year to all!

My TBR pile consists of 7 boxes of books (approx.70 books in each)
plus an assortment of storage bins
containing my newer books from the
past couple of years. Will I get through all these books? God alone
knows, I'm certainly going to try to get well into the newest books!
(I'm 73!)

Pat Cochran

Pam P said...

I have Tracey O'Hara's book in my current TBR pile. One new-to-me author is Kimberly Frost, just finished second in her series, Barely Bewitched - fun series, with a love triangle with the witch.

My nephew loves Rick Riordan's series.

Beth said...

Wow, Pat! Now that is one staggering TBR pile :-)

Beth said...

Hey, Pam! Thanks for stopping by and I'll have to check out Kimberly Frost's books - sound like fun *g*

flchen1 said...

Hi, Beth!! My TBR is huge--it started out as a couple trays of books in a corner of our bedroom. Now it is under the bed, fills one corner, has expanded to several stacks in the former baby room, has a couple piles in the living room, and a pile in the pantry. Oh, and a couple boxes downstairs in the basement. I have a ton of books by new-to-me authors as well as ones I've read before... And the pile KEEPS GROWING!!

As for your TBR, I haven't read any of the titles you listed but have read others by some of the authors! I'm guessing that you'll enjoy whichever one you pick up first! Happy reading!

Congrats on the GR nab, Helen!