Thursday, April 15, 2010

Do you remember the first time?

No, not that first time. Do you remember the first time you went to Walt Disney World or Disneyland, if you've been? For many people, they have memories of that first magical, childhood visit to the Magic Kingdom. For me, it came a bit later -- when I was in my 20s and fairly newly married. But you know what? It wasn't any less magical. I was as excited as if I were six years old, and I fell in love with Disney World the moment I stepped into the Magic Kingdom that first time. There's something about the Disney parks that truly is magical, that makes you feel like you're experiencing a few days outside of real life.

During that first trip, hubby and I visited the Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center and what was then MGM Studios (now Hollywood Studios). When we returned for a second visit in 2004, Animal Kingdom had been added and we visited it instead of MGM. I was in my mid 30s then and still loved it. So now, as the days are ticking away toward my 40th birthday, I went back for a third time recently -- this time with good writer friends Terry McLaughlin and Stephanie Feagan and Stef's 20-something daughter. She's about the same age I was when I visited Disney the first time. Here's a bit of a look at how we spent our time with commentary, a Disney travelogue a la Trish, if you will.

Woohoo, Main Street USA and Cinderella's castle. Hey, we romance writers are suckers for a good fairytale where the heroine gets the prince.

If you haven't ridden Pirates of the Caribbean for awhile, it's worth a return trip. It's been Johnny Depp-ified. Tawny, try not to swoon. :) From left: Terry, me and Stef.

I am so not a fan of roller coasters or things that spin, so there were no rides on Space Mountain or the Mad Hatter's teacups. I'm more of a It's a Small World kind of gal. The last time I was at Disney, it was closed for renovation. So this was my first time seeing the new-and-improved version. It's been updated but still has that wonderful sweetness to it.

One of my favorite spots in the Magic Kingdom isn't a ride at all. It's the Swiss Family Robinson tree house. I loved the book, loved the movie, and so I walk through every time I visit Disney. Here is the kitchen area of the tree house.

One of my favorite characters is Winnie the Pooh, and there's a store in the Magic Kingdom called Pooh's Thotful Shop where I purchased the cutest stuffed Pooh, Eeyore and Roo. Then when I went back outside, I noticed a line of kids waiting to get their photos taken with Pooh and Tigger. Don't think I didn't consider getting in the line with them.

Day 2 we spent at Animal Kingdom, mainly on the safari, and then dining and shopping at Downtown Disney. Here I am hanging with Sleeping Beauty outside the World of Disney store, which always gets a good bit of my money when I visit. What can I say, I have two nieces and they have such adorable stuff for little girls.

Near World of Disney is a candy store, where I also dropped some cash and saw probably the biggest candy apples I've ever seen. One had Mouse ears, and the other was decorated in honor of St. Patrick's Day, which was during the week of our visit.

Day three brought our visit to Epcot Center. When I first visited Epcot, we saw just about everything. But now, I totally skip Future World and head straight for the World Showcase, miniature replicas of countries around the world. Here's Germany, where I tried to remember some minuscule amount of the German language I studied for three years in high school. Guten tag, meine Freunde! (Good day, my friends.) We also got some giggles out of saying the name of the toy store in the Germany section -- Der Teddybar. Go ahead, say it to yourself. :)

We had a yummy lunch in the France section at Le Chefs du France, where the rat from Ratatouille made an unexpected and very fun appearance at our table. He was just like in the movie, same sounds, same actions. Too cute!

I spent quite a bit in the China section at a clothing store. If you're coming to RWA's national conference this summer, you might catch me wearing some of it. I am endlessly fascinated by Chinese culture and film, so it's one of my favorite sections of Epcot.

Throughout our trip, Stef's daughter was having us take really funny photos of her posing at different sites. I don't have too many of those of me, but here's the Viking dude in Norway asking, "You spent how much in China?"

So, now it's your turn -- have you been to any of the Disney parks? If so, which is your favorite? What are your best memories of those trips? What are your favorite rides and attractions?


limecello said...

Yes! No! :D lol

limecello said...

I've only been to Disney World and I was... 3? 2? 4? Wow. I feel like I should remember more. (Clearly?) But I slept pretty much the whole time we were at Disney. So. :P (There was definitely still stroller action going on.)
My most vivid memory is... well my family went with another family - we rented a big conversion van and drove down to Florida. I remember stopping at 7/11's and getting strawberry milk, the hotels... it was around Christmas too. Lots of fun :) Heh - but nothing concrete or clear. Obviously.

Helen said...

He is back with you lime have fun with him

I love the photos and I have never been but it is one place I would love to visit I would love to take my grandchildren one day you never know I may get to do it. Two of my sisters have been there and I really enjoyed watching the videos they had taken while they were there.
We used to have a big theme park about 10 mins from my home called Wonderland and they had different areas for different age groups there was Hana Babera land and I can't think of the other areas they put in a beach area with slids and pools and then an animal park and the rides were awesome but it closed down a long time ago. In Queensland they have a few theme parks up there which I am sorry to say I haven't been to either Dreamworld, Seaworld, Movie World and Wet and Wild most of my kids have been to them and have loved everyone of them Jayden and Hayley loved them all.

Have Fun

Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

LOL on the stroller action, Lime. The first time I went to Disney, it was just before Christmas and it was awesome. The lines weren't long because kids were still in school. It was just before they would have all gotten off for Christmas break.

Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

Wow, Helen, I guess it would be a huge haul for you Aussies to get to a Disney park, eh? Is the one in Tokyo the closest to you?

Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

Okay, going to bed. Eyes are drooping. See you chicas in the morning.

Tawny said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I LOVE Disneyland!!!! I adore the Mouse! I hadn't been there since I was about 7, then a couple years ago we went to Disneyland for my daughters birthday. We loved it so much, we went last year in early December (pre-holiday break) for my other daughter's birthday :-) Its so awesome.

It really is the happiest place on earth. Especially when you ride on Pirates of the Carribean and see all the Johnny love *g*

I haven't been to Florida or Disney World, but its high on our someday list. Especially now that they'll be opening the Hogwarts/Harry Potter theme park there soon.

btw, I'm so jealous that you got to hang out with Terry :-)

Donna MacMeans said...

Hi Trish!

I have no childhood memories of Disneyworld (other than watching the Wonderful World of Disney with my family every sunday) because I didn't make it there till after I was married. Like you, I've always been fascinated with the massive treehouse - love it. My favorite ride is the Haunted House, esp. when the ghost shows up in your car. We took the kids there when they were little and I've been back as an adult a few times. I still enjoy the dinosaurs in Epcot Center and that retro ride that glides you past the marvelous inventions of ovens and microwaves and suggests what the future might be like.

Actually, I prefer the rides at Universal - but there's still something magical about the mouse. Glad you had a great time.

Donna MacMeans said...

LOL Limecello - your post reminded me of our drive down to Florida with the kids in the backseat. We left Columbus at something like 3 or 4 in the morning so the kids would sleep through a good part of the drive. We stopped in Knoxville, TN for breakfast at MacDonalds. My son work up, ate breakfast (or was it lunch) then announced - "Okay, we can go home now!"

Virginia said...

I have only been to Disney World once and that was about 24 years ago! Its been a long time but I enjoyed it. Also went to Sea World on the same trip and thought it was awesome. Both in Flordia, also visited the Sea World in Ohio on another trip!

Jane said...

Hi Trish,
I've never been to Disney World or Disneyland. I do want to visit Epcot Center and Magic Kingdom. I do hope that I'll get to go someday soon. I have an aunt in Holland who says she'll take to the Disneyland in Paris if I come visit her.

Congrats on the GR, Lime.

PJ said...

Oh, Trish! You've done it now! Disney is one of my favorite topics. I could go on and on...and on and on...and on, and...well, you get the idea. *g*

My first Disney trip was to Disneyland and it occurred during my 12th summer. My first impression of the part was that is was *so small*! LOL! Favorite memories from that trip were America the Beautiful circarama, losing my 6-yr-old brother in Frontierland then finding him fighting Indians on Tom Sawyer Island, the Fantasy in the Sky fireworks show (complete with Tinkerbell) and relaxing on a bench near one of the gazebos while listening to a unknown quartet with amazing harmonies (The Osmond Brothers).

PJ said...


My first trip to Disney World was in 1971, two months after the park opened. It was a *very* memorable trip! My mom was pregnant with my youngest brother and on complete bed rest so the day after I got home from college for Christmas break, Dad packed me and my three younger brothers into the car and we took off for Florida, leaving our parents in cold, snowy Michigan. My first impression of Disney World? "Wow! It's so *big*! lol!

Our first day at DW was a blast. On our second day, one of my brother's had severe chest pains. Heart attack at 15? Yikes! I took him to the first aid station and they swooped us down into the underground (fascinating place!), put us on a golf car and took us to the hospital. He was okay, just a bruised sternum, but my dad had to fly down since I was only 20 and the hospital didn't consider me an adult. That turned out to be a good thing! Dad checked the hotels at Disney (only two in those days) and the Contemporary had a cancellation. Voila! We moved into a suite on the 11th floor, overlooking the lagoon, for (are you ready?) $28 a night! We had a blast! Unlimited monorail riding, unlimited access to the park (only Magic Kingdom in those days)from opening to closing (actually, past closing), cute lifeguards at the hotel pool (we college girls have our priorities, you know) ;-)

I've been to Disney World more than 20 times since that first trip but it never gets old for me. Even when I lived in Florida and went several times a year, I still got excited every single time. It truly is the "happiest place on earth."

Trish, I love to wander through the World Showcase and explore the different countries. One of my favorite Epcot rides is Soarin'. I'm not big on heights, or even the illusion of height, but I love that ride!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Good morning, Trish!

My first vacation to Disney World was when I was 20. I took my then 17 year old sister with me. We drove from Ohio to Florida by ourselves. I am sure my mother didn't sleep a wink the entire time of our trip!!

We drove through some hellatious rain, but managed to get 3 days of sun while we were there. That was long enough for 2 days at Disney world and a day at Ft. Lauderdale beach.

Since we'd always spent every vacation visiting my grandparents in Tennessee, we were absoloutely having an adventure. Our hotel was less than a mile from the Disney resort and we bought 2 day passes.

The whole thing was magical for me. We road The Pirates, The Haunted Mansion, sat through the Hall of Presidents, 20,000 Leagues under the sea and everything else imaginable!! Day 2 had us at Epcot. We went through every ride, walked through every country and stayed for the fireworks at night! In my hope chest at my parents' house I still have the Cinderella watch I bought on that trip. :)

After our day at Ft. Lauderdale, it rained, again, so seeing that the weather channel said there was sunny weather in Eastern Tenn. Sami and I drove up to visit our grandparents and aunts, before going home! hehehe

Suzanne Welsh said...

Before we moved to Texas, my family lived in Florida, exactly 2 hours due west of Disney World, door-to-door!

If you're a resident of Florida, you can buy a resident pass each year. It's been a while, but I believe it let's you go to any park any day all year long. Needless to say, with a family of 5, we always invested in one.

From October until mid June, we'd take a day every 6 weeks and go visit one of the parks. Great fun! And the kids went for field trips from school or to sing with their different choirs.

Christie Kelley said...

Trish, what a great post! The first time I went to DisneyWorld, Space Mountain wasn't even open yet. Okay, I'm really dating myself now!

We've taken the kids twice and had a blast. The time we went in August, which I thought would be miserable but the weather was really nice. We only had two really hot days.

I love Animal Kingdom and Epcot. I could spend all my time at those parks. The safari is my absolute favorite thing to do. And like you, I love to wander the countries in Epcot. There are always fun things to find.

Beth said...

What a fun post, Trish, and I love the pictures!

I've only been to Disney World once and that was when I was around 10 or 12. I remember It's A Small World and the teacup ride and the long drive in the back of the station wagon to get there but that's about it *g*

Hopefully I'll get bac there someday :-)

Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

Tawny, I'm really looking forward to visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios too. I think the next time I go to Orlando, I'm going to go there since I've been to Disney twice. The last date I've heard for the grand opening is sometime in June.

Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

Donna, I used to love watching the Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday nights.

And I remember the first time I went to Disney World and rode the Haunted House ride. I was surprised when the ghost showed up beside me.

Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

Donna, that's funny about what your young son said. Like the vacation was all about breakfast at McDonald's in a different state. :)

My BIL and SIL did the driving in the middle of the night thing to Florida once so my older nephew (who was the only one at the time) would sleep during most of the trip.

Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

Virginia, the second time hubby and I went to Orlando, we went to Sea World too. While I enjoyed it, I always have conflicted feelings about animal parks and zoos.

I didn't know there was a Sea World in Ohio. Speaking of Ohio, my hubby grew up in northern Kentucky, just about 45 minutes south of Cincinnati, so his family would go to King's Island.

Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

Jane, I think it would be really interesting to visit the Disney parks in Paris and Tokyo to see how they compare. I've not been to Disneyland in California either.

Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

PJ, I love the story about your brother. LOL! And how cool that you saw the Osmond Brothers there.

We used to have a theme park here called Opryland, and I miss it, though it couldn't compare to Disney. It was still fun to go out there and hang out for a day. One of the last times, if not the last time I went, was with my sister and mom. We took Mom to see a concert by Johnny and June Carter Cash.

Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

PJ, how scary about your brother's chest pains at Disney World. Glad it wasn't something more serious. But how cool that you got to see the underground. You know, I think the next time I go there, I'd like to do that tour.

Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

Suz, your trip sounds like fun. This most recent trip was the first time I'd stayed until the Spectromagic night parade and the fireworks. And this was the first time I stayed on Disney property (the Port Orleans Riverside), which was awesome. We used the buses to the parks and the river taxis to Downtown Disney.

Joan said...


I LOVE Disneyworld! Before I discovered Ireland, I'd been about 10 times in 8 years. Haven't been in a long time.

My brother loves the Haunted Not so much. My fav is "It's a Small World". I favor the Magic Kingdom first, then MGM, then Animal Kingdom then Epcot.

My second favorite attraction is that American Showcase presentation at Epcot. I love the song at the end and the images of brave Americans... I'm craving Mickey...

PJ said...

But how cool that you got to see the underground. You know, I think the next time I go there, I'd like to do that tour.

It was pretty scary at the time but, looking back, it's kind of funny. Here we were, zipping through the underground - which is a fascinating world unto itself - with one brother moaning and groaning and the other two craning their necks to take everything in while "oohing" and "aahing"! I'd love to tour it sometime when I'm not worried about someone keeling over. *g*

Joan said...
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Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

Christie, I think Epcot's World Showcase and Animal Kingdom do a really good job of making you feel like you're actually in whatever country you're "visiting". It helps that the workers in each area are actually from those countries, and the restaurants serve native foods. We ate at a good place in Animal Kingdom this time called Yak & Yeti, which had Pan-Asian cuisine and was decorated with Himalayan artifacts.

In Epcot, I've eaten in Norway (eew, cold fish and cheese, though the bakery is nice), China (good), Mexican (good but it's true Mexican, not my preferred Tex Mex), and France (good). I really wish they could expand Epcot and add more countries.

Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

Beth, I think you'd really enjoy it as an adult. I made kind of an offhand joke one time while there that they should have one adults-only day. I wonder if we'd all revert even more into children if no one had to keep up with actual children. :)

Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

Joan, I was actually disappointed that they didn't have an Irish store in the UK part of Epcot. But let me tell you, the Irish pub at Downtown Disney was really hopping on St. Patrick's Day. I've never seen so much green. I wanted to get some of the special St. Patrick's Day Mickey ears, but I look dreadful in hats.

Joan said...

Ah now Trish....a TRUE Irish store would not be part of UK.....

The Republic, don't you know :-)

The British pub there though was nice? My brother got a crush on one of the waitresses :-)

I do have a Mickey icon collectible pin that is the color of the Irish flag.

Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

True, Joan, but I figured if they had one it'd be there. We couldn't get in to the Rose & Crown. We'd not made reservations. But I want to do so the next time I'm there.

Terry McLaughlin said...

Fun pics, Trish--they bring back lots of happy memories :-).

Trish put together the entire package for us, and she did a wonderful job and chose all the right spots. Any time spent with writer friends is special, but sharing our visit with the Mouse made this trip extra memorable.

Karyn Gerrard AKA~Drew said...

I went to Disney World in 2000. Just for one day, so I didn't get to Epcot or MGM, some other time, if I ever get to Florida again.
Space Mountain scared the bejeezes out of me.
I went on all these thrill rides at Universal and loved them, but Space Mountain? I thought..."This damn thing is going to go off the track, I am going to die" It was horrid. LOL!

Kim in Hawaii said...

Thanks, Trish, for a trip down memory lane! We lived in Miami when Disney World first opened in Orlando - my mother has vivid memories of the long line to pay for parking! I vaguely recall having to use "coupons" labeled A through E. The A coupons were good for the trolley bus and Cinderella's carousel. The E coupons were good for Pirates of the Caribbean and Jungle Cruise. Those rides would now be Cs, reserving the Es for Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Thunder Mountain Railroad.

I treated my children to a week at Disney before we moved to Hawaii last summer. They agreed that the Pirates were the best ride to cool down from the Florida heat. Even the winding line is inside a "fort". But our favorite rides were Buzz Lightyear's Laser Tag at Magic Kingdom (I was the champion) and he Toy Story Arcade Adventure at Hollywood Studios (my older son was the champion).

We have also been to Disney/Tokyo and Disney/Paris. Both are expensive but popular within the region.

Disney is building a resort (not a park) on the southwest corner of Oahu near Ko'Olina. So we'll soon have Mickey here in Hawaii!

Anna Sugden said...

Aww - how lovely. And you got to spend time with one of my favourite people, Terry M!

I've only been to Disney World in FLA once - and that was when I was about 9 or 10. We'd just moved to the US and this was our big treat. This was, sadly, before EPCOT and Space Mountain! I loved it - especially the monorail ride and The Haunted Mansion.

As an adult, though, I must admit, my affections lie with Universal. When we went to Orlando a few years ago, hubby and I spent all our time there and at the sister park Islands of Adventure. Back to the Future was my favourite of all the rides.

Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

Terry, I'm so glad you had a good time.

Karyn, see, that's why I can't do things like Space Mountain. I'd probably have a coronary before I could get off it.

Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

Kim, we did the Buzz Lightyear ride too. It's fun, but I'm not very good at it.

And how cool that you've been to the Paris and Tokyo parks too.

Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

Anna, how many days would you recommend for Universal Studios?

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

FUN Pics, Trish!

Well, Aunty is older than DIRT, but my DH is even older. HE went to Disneyland in SoCal THE DAY IT OPENED! True, he was barely 4 years old and his father drove the two of them (2 days each way) down to Anaheim for the grand opening. He still remembers it. :-)

I went for the first time when I was 14. The family finally had a good enough car to make it over the Grapevine. Pirates of the Caribbean was brand new then. My sister and I SCREAMED going down the first waterfall.

They also had an exhibit called "Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln." Anyone else ever see that? It featured a very lifelike animatronic figure of Abraham Lincoln. About halfway through the "talk" my brother (who was 9) leaned over and in a very loud whisper said, "Cindy, are you SURE that thing's a dummy?" Everyone around us cracked up!

I've been back to Disneyland many times since then (including my Senior Grad night). Plus I've been to Disneyworld and Epcot (LURVED Epcot!!!), but you're right Trish. There's nothing like the first time. ;-)


Nancy said...

Trish, I'm also not a fan of things that spin. Or of things that swoop. Or drop off sharply. Pirates of the Caribbean is about as adventurous a ride as I want.

I first went to Disneyworld when the boy was 3, and seeing it through his eyes was a joy even though it rained most of the time. The rides weren't crowded. Then the sun came out our last day and brought hordes of people with it.

I love the Peter Pan ride, the Alice one, Pirates, Star Tours, and Buzz Lightyear. And Dumbo, the exception to the spinny rule.

I also like It's a Small World although the song is insidious.

But I'm sorry, Sleeping Beauty's dress needs to be BLUE. Like in the movie! If little kids were smart enough to tell her apart from Cinderella when the movie came out in 1950-whatever, they still are.

And y'know, Sleeping Beauty has one of the more dynamic princes. Killed the dragon, and all that. I'd buy a t-shirt with him on it if they had one. He didn't just go carting a shoe around or ride around on a horse and kiss the princess or anything of that ilk.

Nancy said...

And what's up with the princes being so incredibly absent at the Disney shops? Without the prince, there's no romance. :-/

MsHellion said...

I haven't gone to DisneyWorld yet, but I have been to Universal Studios in CA--and I will be going to the Harry Potter World in June, and I'm very much looking forward to that.

However, as for family vacations, we didn't have many, but there was one that stands out. (My dad wasn't much from staying away from home for more than one night, if at all.) We went to Branson, MO, which is about 6-8 hours from us. (Maybe closer to 8 hours when we went because the roads weren't as swift then.)

Actually we went twice. When I was 4 and we went, I rode my stick horse all day and got very tired, so much so that Dad had to carry me back to the hotel room because I just flat out crashed in exhaustion.

When I was 6 and we went, I remember we rode a train. The train was held up by outlaws, who happened to live out in the woods, and one good-looking outlaw (which explains my love for cowboy fiction and bad boys to this day) grinned at me and said, "Hang over your money, little lady." And I said, quite earnestly, "I don't have any money, but my Daddy does. Daddy, give him your wallet." Which for some reason made my Dad break out in one of his rare grins; and the outlaw burst out laughing entirely.

Deb said...

I went to Disneyland about 15 years ago and loved it! I was only there for 4 hours and that definitely was not enough time. I didn't go on any exciting rides, but did enjoy "A Conversation With Mr. Lincoln".

We have an amusement park in Iowa called Adventureland and it's fun and I went for the first time last summer. My daughter and DH loved it and plan on going back this summer. I do not like roller coasters, but there are tons of other rides including one called Raging River. My husband talked me into going on the Space Shot and I HATED, HATED, HATED it! I recall screaming some obscenity at him during the ride.

Deb said...

I forgot to mention that my husband has been to Disney World 4 times. He was based in Jacksonville for the Navy at the time---pre-Deb time, that is. He seems to think DW is better than DL.

Deb said...
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Pat Cochran said...

It was much later than my 20s for
me! I went to Disneyland with 100+
of my favorite folks sometime in
the 1980s. I chaperoned a band
contest trip where I was talked
into actually boarding a roller
coaster by my buds Fran & Pam. When I staggered off the ride,our band students were at the bottom of the stairs, applauding and taking photos. I made two band trips to Disney World during the
same time period. No more roller
coasters! I enjoyed Epcot best
of all my then-new experiences.

Pat Cochran

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hey Trish! What a fun post! I adore Disney and Epcot. I haven't been for a number of years, but we're planning a trip next year. the youngest is about ready for it, I think. Grins. I adore roller coasters, btw, so it'll be Space Mountain for me and the older boy. heehee. And everything that whirls and spins? we're there. HA!!

I'd love to do Harry Potter too, and all the others. Most weren't there or were just too much time when I was last there.

One of the most fun memories is taking my Dad there when my Sis lived in FL. He was as tickled as a kid by all the anamatronics and Futureworld was such a hoot with him detailing how all these things had been such a marvel to a boy from the rural South as they came along.

We ate in Mexico, as I recall, which was really good.

I do remember the first time though, too. I was in my early 20's, just out of college. Wow. SO much fun. I remember wanting to see everything. I got sunburned, ate too much candy, and had a blast. ha!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Oops, forgot to say Congrats on teh GR, Lime!

PJ said...

Deb, I had to lol at your reaction to riding Space Shot. I'm sure mine would have been identical. No roller coasters, or any other type of thrill ride, for me!

Was your husband stationed at NAS Jax or Mayport? We lived in Jacksonville for many years. I loved having a base nearby for shopping.

Deb said...

PJ, Jerry was stationed at NAS Jacksonville for 3 years. He was in Squadron VF-15 and then transferred to Corpus Christi. He's a Navy vet and was an Air Force brat. :)

Deb said...

A l-o-n-g time ago, when I was still Miss N., one of my 3rd grade boys was going on vacation to DW and I told him to say hi to Prince Charming for me and to tell him I was available. Ryan came back and I teased him about talking to PC for me and he said, "I didn't see him, Miss N., but I saw The Beast and I told him you were single." His dad confirmed that he actually did say that to Beast, LOL!

Terry Odell said...

I was 9 years old when I went to Disneyland (in California) for the first time. That was the year it opened. If anyone wants to do the math ... go ahead. My brother was 5, and one of the first rides we went on was Mr. Toad. Scared him to death and he wouldn't go on another ride except things like the trains, which he loved. They also had stagecoach rides then, and Indian war canoes and Huck Finn style river boats pushed with poles that took you to Tom Sawyer's Island. Nothing like that exists anymore -- couldn't handle the crowds.

Pissenlit said...

Nopers, never been to any of the Disney parks. As a kid, I had a poster of one of them on my closet door, though. I think I wanted a bunch of those colourful mouse-head shaped balloons more than I wanted to meet Mickey, himself. :)

Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

Cindy, how cool that your husband was at Disneyland the day it opened. I can't imagine the crowds.

Nancy, I like the Peter Pan ride too. Like flying over London. On the opposite side of the World of Disney entrance was Cinderella in her blue dress.

Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

MsHellion, I love that story about the outlaw. How cute it that! And I'm so jealous you're going to the Harry Potter park in June. I hope to go when the crowds lessen a little.

Deb, I hear tell someone yelled an obscenity on Space Mountain while we were there, but I'm thinking that happens pretty often. :)

Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

Pat, there is no one on this planet who can get me on a roller coaster. Ugh. And speaking of bands, we saw a big high school marching band marching and playing through the Magic Kingdom the first day we were there.

Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

Jeanne, your first time at Disney sounds a lot like mine. I remember being so wide-eyed and didn't want to miss anything.

Deb, that is too funny about your student talking to the Beast about your availability. LOL.

Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

Terry, though I didn't do it this last time, I've gone over to Tom Sawyer island at DW and liked it. And rode the riverboat around the island.

Pissenlit, we saw the coolest Mickey balloons. They were inside a bigger clear balloon. I never saw where they were selling them, but I'm sure they cost a pretty penny.