Thursday, November 4, 2010

Caridad Pineiro Returns to talk sin and sexy sports heroes

with Anna Sugden

I'm delighted to welcome back to the Lair, a great friend and an awesome author - Caridad Pineiro. We always have such fun when she drops by and I know this time won't be any different, especially as she's here to talk about her sexy sports hero in need of redemption (and we all know how much I love sports heroes!)

So without further ado, let me hand over to Caridad.

Thanks, Anna. It's great to be back with the Banditas and BB's.

I’m a tv-holic. I even watch television while I write, usually mixing up what I watch to match what I’m writing. When I’m doing paranormals, I’ll pop in something like UNDERWORLD. Big action scenes? Out comes KING ARTHUR or GLADIATOR. Feeling like I need a little romance? Any Sandra Bullock film, but especially MISS CONGENIALITY or TWO WEEKS NOTICE.

I guess that need for visual inspiration all goes back to my family and how I grew up. My future husband-to-be once asked me, “Doesn’t your family know where the power button is on the television?”

In my family’s home the television was on all the time because we were always watching something. Whether it was scary movies on a rainy Saturday, a James Bond film or a big athletic event, my family would gather around the television.

Those three things in particular left an indelible impact on me, cementing my love of paranormals, suspense and sports. It seems only natural that one day I would combine all of them into a story!

That’s how the basic inspiration came about for Stronger Than Sin, but when it came to the sports part of it, I wanted to dig a little deeper. Like many children, I grew up admiring sports heroes, in my case Chrissie Evert and Billie Jean King. Unfortunately in recent years, though there have been inspirational figures like Bo Jackson and Tim Tebow, there have also been a lot of cases where the cult of celebrity has placed more than one sports hero in a negative light.

The hero in Stronger Than Sin, Jesse Bradford, is one such hero. Jesse allowed fame and fortune to take him on a wrong path. One which had him deviating from the family values with which he was raised. What I wanted to show in Stronger Than Sin is how a man is capable of redeeming himself and getting back on the right path in life.

I fell in love with Jesse as he rediscovered honor and loyalty. As he made difficult choices and did what he could to protect the heroine, Liliana, as well as the family that had forsaken him because of his sinful ways.

I hope you’ll fall in love with Jesse also!

Do you feel sports heroes have let you down or do you not see them as role models? Are there any examples of sports heroes who are good role models? Who is you favourite sports hero in a romance novel?

We have some fabulous prizes to give away today! A copy of Stronger Than Sin, a Stronger Than Sin T-Shirt and a Stronger Than Sin Tote Bag! All you have to do is take part in today's fun with Caridad.

Caridad Pineiro is the NYT and USA Today bestselling author of sexy paranormal romance and killer romantic suspense. Her vampire series The Calling has won numerous awards and her South Beach Chicas have received much acclaim. You can find out more about Caridad and her books at


flchen1 said...

I do like sports heroes in my books--a favorite is still Dan from SEP's It Had to Be You. I also really liked the hero from Heaven, Texas...

Congrats on Jesse--I'm sure I'll love him, too, Caridad!

flchen1 said...

Oh, and I do love redemption stories--I love them in real life, and I also love them in the books I read.

It's true that some sports heroes aren't able to live up to the expectations placed on them. I do still greatly admire Jerry Rice, Steve Young, Joe Montana, Michael Jordan, Kristi Yamaguchi, and some other athletes. But it's truly a combination of on- and off- the court/field behavior that makes a player a hero (or not).

Cath's Chatter said...

Hi Caridad and Anna,
my sports hero is my 12 year old daughter.....she has always been a sports bunny playing netball, soccer, volleyball, track and field and her fave is hip hop dance. Sadly she has had to give them ALL up due to discovering that she has Patello femoral disorder in one knee and Osgood shlatter disease in the other. (bloody painful)
This has been a big blow for her but she has not let it get her down......she is now learning to umpire her fave sports and has started helping with the choreography for the hip hop class =]
Amazingly she hardly ever complains even when she is crying with pain.....
So my daughter Gaby is my sports hero ♥

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Fedora, he really is returning to his old roosts, isn't he? Congrats!

Caridad, what an interesting post! Anna, thanks for inviting Caridad to the lair today.

Actually one of the things I find disturbing isn't that sports stars go wrong - after all, they're usually young and silly and surrounded by temptation. I'm disturbed that the media and the team selectors tend to treat really serious ethical breaches as unimportant just because someone can run or throw a ball. We've had a number of cricket scandals here (Shane Warne springs to mind although a lot of my US friends will have no idea who I'm talking about) where I think the full weight of disapproval and consequence wasn't leveled on the culprits. Someone who engages in illegal betting should NOT be allowed to represent my country, as far as I'm concerned, for example. But clearly I'm old-fashioned! And these ought-to-be-disgraced sports stars are still presented to kids as heroes - I think it's dangerous.

Oh, dear, a serious answer! Sorry!

Clearly my visit to the dentist has me thinking along VERY somber lines! ;-)

flchen1 said...

Anna, I'm right with you there--I loathe when famous people get a pass because of their talent in some other area. And even the not-so-famous--for instance, student athletes need to adhere to the same standards as the rest of the student population, in my book...

And Cath, you've got quite a daughter to be proud of! :)

jo robertson said...

Hi, Caridad, welcome back to the Lair. It's always good to have you visit. I'm glad to find someone who has the telly on when she writes like I do!

I don't think I've read many sports heroes books, but I do love stories of redemption, so I'll definitely pick up STRONGER THAN SIN.

Cybercliper said...

hmmm, I don't think I've ever read a book with a sports hero - does the rodeo count as a sport?

Anyhooo, I don't feel let down by professional sports heroes. I feel more let down by the regulatory agencies and sponsors. They think fines and a game suspension makes up for allowing unsportsman like conduct. Really bad message there - you can buy your way out of anything if you have the money.

Kim in Hawaii said...

Hola, Caridad! Como esta?

Aloha, Anna! Thanks for inviting Caridad to the Lair! I enjoyed SEP's sports heroes ... but Caridad takes them to the next level. Looking forward to "meeting" Jesse from Stronger than Sin!

Donna MacMeans said...

Welcome back Caridad! I love books with physically strong heros who can protect the heroine, so naturally those sports heros with those killer arms are right up my alley. I love SEP's books, including Fancy Pants - her story with the golf hero.

I imagine it's understandable how these young gladiators can be lead astray with all the temptation thrown their way, but that doesn't make it right or desirable. Someone should warn them - the higher the pedestal, the greater the fall. Can't wait to read your story of redemption.

Cath - Your daughter, Gaby, sounds like a true sports hero. How terrible that she's only 12 and has already experienced such painful disabilities. How wonderful that she's managed to keep sports part of her life.

Cath's Chatter said...

Hey thanks everyone for your comments =]
She is a star alright!!
Its the school's athletics day tomorrow and she's helping with all the score/time keeping etc so that she still gets to have a part in the day. Gotta give the school credit for keeping her involved and not putting her in a classroom to do lines!!.............

Minna said...

I really don't see sports "heroes" as role models! They are fun to watch, all right, but role models? Nope. I always just keep wodering who has been using doping.

SiNn said...

honestly im not sure how i feel about athletes in general i likethem in books as far as role modles go if it was a college athlete or a coach or something that taught kids or young adults that its ok to follow ur drema and still get an education id be all for it I think the media plays a huge spot in why athletes make bad role modles tho I do love a sensitive hero ina book that has all the good role modle qualities that an athlete should have great psot

Sheree said...

Hi! the only way I see sports heroes as role models is in terms of perseverance and hard work. other than that, they're human, too.


barb said...

well done Fedora .... yours again

Hi Anna ... I like the sound of your book and look forward to reading it..... we have a rugby league player here who a couple of years ago was banned for a year for bad behaviour and has since turned around and was player of the year this year and picked to play for Australia... so they can do it ... this is the sort of story I like to hear about

barb said...

Sorry I should have said Hi Caridad and thanked Anna for introducing Caridad

Anna Sugden said...

Good morning all!

I love all SEP's sports heroes, Fedora - she does write great, flawed men. But, like you, Dan and Kevin (from This Heart of Mine) are my faves.

If you haven't read Kate Angell's Bat Pack series, I can recommend them too.

And I know you'll love Jesse!

Anna Sugden said...

I love your list of sports heroes you admire, Fedora. Interestingly Jerry Rice was over in the UK this weekend for the NFL UK game.

One of things I love about hockey players is that, by and large, they don't get the huge contracts and all the fanfare of the other sports, so many of the players are good, hard-working, down to earth men and excellent role models - yes, even the goons who fight. They're often some of the best guys you'll meet.

Anna Sugden said...

Your daughter Gaby truly does sound like a sports hero, Cath. I had to look up Osgood Schlatter - sounds horrid.

But what an inspiration to us all that she's taken her adversity and made something happen for herself to keep up with her love of sports. Giving up what you love for health reasons is one of the toughest decisions in sports and Gaby is a gold medallist/world champion to us for her attitude and approach.

Helen said...

Well done fedora have fun with him

Hi Caridad welcome back and this book sounds really good I am a big sports fan here in Australia and I have to agree with Anna on the Shane Warne thing and with Barbara about the footballer Todd Carney who has turned himself around big time and has had lots of awards given to him this year.

I have only read one book about a sports star and that was Marie Force's Line Of Scrimmage and I loved it I must add some more of these books to my list.

Thanks Anna for inviting Caridad back today great post

Have Fun

Helen said...


Well done to your daughter Gaby she sounds amazing

Have Fun

Anna Sugden said...

I agree with you, Anna. Aside from my personal dislike of Shane Warne - I don't think moral/ethical breaches should be supported or endorsed or let slide.

There was a similar issue in hockey with a former player involved in a betting scandal and he's allowed to continue coaching!

I'd much rather teams and the leagues are tougher than they have to be, than let such things slide.

Oh, and I don't think Hollywood starlets, TV celebs or rock stars (or Royalty for that matter *g*) should get away with it either.

I can also never understand why teams don't crack down more on their players eg don't let them drive drunk. For the money you're paying them, surely you can provide limo service to make sure they don't drive drunk!

Anna Sugden said...

Forgot to say, hugs on your trip to the dentist, Anna!

Anna Sugden said...

You write with the telly on too, Jo? Wow - I can't have anything to distract my poor little brain. I think that's because I'm an auditory person - though I was able to focus on marking books when I was a teacher and could do that even with a classroom full of kids at wet playtime!

As you can imagine, I have read a few sports hero books *g*. I'm pleased to see that sportsmen and athletes becoming more acceptable as romance heroes! As well as Caridad's fab book (she's also the only author whose vampires I love!) you might want to try Sandra Brown's Play Dirty.

Anna Sugden said...

Cybercliper, I can see cowboys all over the country getting mighty riled by your question LOL. Definitely a sport - a crazy one, to be sure, but still a sport!

I'm with you on the leagues' approaches too - fining someone several thousand when they earn millions hardly seems like a deterrent! I also don't like one rule for the stars and one rule for the journeymen!

I also think teams should take more responsibility for looking after their players - especially the young guns. How can you give an 18 year old millions and expect him to stay sane?!

Anna Sugden said...

Aloha Kim - glad to see another fan of Caridad's wonderful books! She does write great heroes *g*.

Anna Sugden said...

Killer arms, killer bodies, fitness beyond belief - what's not to like, Donna *g*

I think, for me, there is a real possibility for genuine redemption with a sports hero/athlete in the same way there is for the rogue cop or warrior - because underneath it all, when you get back to the boy who loves the sport and lives for the sport, you get back to the honour that drives and separates the great ones from the flash in the pans!

Anna Sugden said...

Hope Gaby has a wonderful day, Cath!

Anna Sugden said...

It is hard not to become cynical about athletes, Minna - look at all the controversy that surrounds Lance Armstrong!

For me, doping in sports is like plagiarism in writing. Cheating, pure and simple!

Anna Sugden said...

SiNn, I can fully understand your point of view. Until I met some of the players on my fave hockey team, I wondered about athletes in general as role models. After all, that's who the kids look up to! I know I used to love Peggy Fleming and Yvonne Goolagong and want to be them.

Meeting the players showed be how hard-working and dedicated they are. They're also incredibly polite and humble, well-mannered and genuinely care about the younger fans. They don't get all the media attention for the work they do outside the game, but many of them do incredible things to help their communities and young kids who want to play hockey.

It certainly opened my eyes! Some of our football stars (soccer) could learn from them!!

Anna Sugden said...

You're right, Sheree, they are human too ... only sometimes they forget that LOL!!

Anna Sugden said...

Hi Barb - I know you'll love Stronger than Sin. I love to hear stories like that - of redeemed players who turn themselves around. Good for that rugby player and what a great example he's set for all those young ruby wannabes.

Anna Sugden said...

Hi Helen - yes, Marie's book was great!

For those of you who might want to try out some hockey heroes *g* Rachel Gibson and Deirdre Martin do fabulous hockey players.

What about sports heroes in movies? Any favourites?

Caren Crane said...

Welcome back, Caridad! (Fedora, do "enjoy" the GR today - I will light a candle for you. *g*)

You know, I am not from a sports-crazy family and my husband isn't really into sports, either. I had no idea the World Series was going on and just ended. Really.

So, I have never considered sports figures "heroes" of any sort. They are just guys who happen to be good at something sporty, rather than something arty or brainy or whatever. I have no expectations that they will be less human than the rest of us, so I'm not disappointed when they turn out to act like humans.

I think it's kinder to them not to elevate them, really. Most of these guys are barely grown when they are thrust into the limelight. I'm certainly glad my formative years were not scrutinied by the media, so I feel sorry for them.

I do, however, know that many people (especially young boys) idolize their sports heroes. I think it's a cop-out when someone acts as if they do not know they are idolized. I recall when some bad boy basketball player tried to act as if he didn't know he was a hero and his behavior should be better. That was just wrong!

I do love SEP's sports heroes, though, and I have a real soft spot for movies like "Bull Durham" and "Remember the Titans".

I'll be checking Jesse out, Caridad!

Caren Crane said...

Cath, what a brave girl you have. She is my hero, too!

Christie Kelley said...

Hi Caridad, welcome back to the lair.

I have to admit I'm not much of a sports person so reading about them isn't a favorite pastime. Some of sports stars are great role models for kids but most just aren't. They get too caught up in the money and fame and do stupid things.

I admire people who can write with the TV or music on. I need quiet. Some classical music is okay because there are no words to focus on.

Laurie said...

One of the first romance sport heroes books that I read was Nobody's Baby But Mine by Susan Elizabeth Phillips with Chicago Star quarterback Cal Bonner!
Jill Shalvis's Slow Heat has a baseball player (catcher) Wade O’Riley. Victoria Dahl has an ex-baseball pitcher. Carly Phillips has several books with athletes her Hot Zone agency represents athletes.

Rachel Gibson's See Jane Score Seattle Chinooks goalie Luc Martineau is my personal favorite!!!!

Pamela Britton has a series of wonderful NASCAR books.

Today I admire Tim Tebow!! My three sons attend the University of Florida (2 grad school, 1 undergrad) so he was quite the role model for all the students. Such dedication, dignity, courage and poise!

I'm very disappointed in Brett Favre. I've been a Packer fan forever! He's really taken a tumble this year after such success last year with the Vikings. His wife Deanna is amazing. I hope he straightens this situation out and turns his life around.

Movies: Heaven Can Wait- Warren Beatty who returns in another's body as he died too early. Plays a quarterback.

The Replacements with Keanu Reeves!! Quarterback replacement who helps a team win the Superbowl

The Cutting Edge -hockey player with a spoiled figure skater

Remember the Titans very inspirational HS football with coach Denzel Washington.

also Rudy! Notre Dame student who inspired his team. His dream was to play on the team and he did for one final play!

Laurie said...

I admire Lance Armstrong and ex-speed skaters: Eric Heiden, Dan Jansen and Bonnie Blair!

PJ said...

Hi Caridad! I'm looking forward to meeting your Jesse. He sounds fascinating!

I love sports, especially football and hockey so stands to reason I'd also enjoy sports heroes in my books. Those by SEP, Rachel Gibson and Marie Force's Line of Scrimmage come to mind.

Fo, I agree with everything you said about sports stars gone wrong! Until they're held accountable for their actions, I'm afraid too many of them will continue on the path of "I'm a star, I'm a millionaire, I can do whatever I want with no consequences."

One of my favorite sports stars who is an excellent role model is Warrick Dunn. At the age of 18, his single mother (a police officer) was killed in the line of duty. He could have gone any number of bad directions after that but, instead, Dunn raised his younger siblings while attending Florida State University, staying out of trouble, doing well in the classroom and setting all kinds of football records that still stand. I also credit Charlie Ward, FSU Quarterback, star basketball player and Heisman Trophy Winner (and excellent role model), for taking Dunn under his wing at FSU and keeping him on the right path.

After graduation, Dunn then went on to the NFL and, again, set records and won awards without even a hint of trouble attached to his name. But the biggest reason he's a hero to me is because of what he does with his time and money. He founded two organizations that help struggling single parents buy homes. With other NFL players, he founded an organization that encourages (and helps) other pro athletes get involved in charity work. He raised over 5 million dollars to help the Gulf Coast following Katrina. He never forgot the lessons his mother taught him and he leads his life in a way that would have made her proud. To me, he's a hero.

PJ said...

Congrats Fedora!

Cath, your daughter is not only a hero but a wonderful role model as well!

Anna Sugden said...

Well said, Caren. There are way too many pressures on the kids and I feel sorry for them.

That said, I've seen some really good examples of kids who've made it big in footie (soccer) and who are shining examples of how good care by the parent team can really make a difference to how they turn out.

Ooh Bull Durham - just love it! Just saw 'We are Marshall' recently as was impressed - not a bad film at all!

Anna Sugden said...

I'm just like you, Christie - any words in the song and I'm singing along instead of writing!

But, I can critique to music - I know, my brain works in mysterious ways.

Nancy said...

Caridad, welcome back! I also like sports heroes and stories about people finding their way back from the dark side. This book sounds great!

I noticed you liked King Arthur, my favorite Clive Owen movie, and Miss Congeniality and Two Weeks Notice, my favorite Sandra Bullock movies.

When King Arthur came out on DVD, the dh came home from the store grinning. I was watching King Arthur at the time, and he said a guy left the store directly in front of him and was talking on a cellphone. The dh overheard the guy say, in disgusted tones, "No, she's not coming. She's home watching King Arthur." *g*

Anna Sugden said...

I saw Tim Tebow at the weekend, Laurie - he was over here too, playing for the Broncos.

You've mentioned some great books. I have the Jill Shalvis books on my TBR pile.

I LOVE Heaven Can Wait, and the original Here Comes Mr Jordan.

I also love Miracle (about the US Olympic hockey team) and Mystery, Alaska.

Yes - totally disappointed in Brett Favre.

Anna Sugden said...

Warrick Dunn is an inspirational figure, PJ. I knew some of his story, but not all -thanks for sharing that with us.

The thing I find inspiring about some sports heroes is that they overcome such adversity in their personal lives and through their love of sport and their determination to succeed, they beat the odds against them. Instead of a life of crime they are professional athletes. Instead of dropping out, they encourage other kids like them not to. Instead of joining gangs, they join teams and find way to get others to do so too.

Anna Sugden said...

I think well-written sports heroes are like the knights of old, Nancy. I know that in hockey there is a code of honour that is sacrosanct.

I must admit, my fave Sandra Bullock movie is Practical Magic.

Scorpio M. said...

I enjoy watching sports esp. baseball and American football but I have never looked up to these men (or women) as role models. I watch to admire their skill and passion. Sports culture is filled with many temptations and it seems many players choose to indulge in them.

Some very honorable sports stars that I can think of include Lou Gehrig, Jackie Robinson, Peyton Manning.

In books, my favorite sports heroes are from Rachel Gibson's hockey books but her guys a bit of reformed bad boys, lol! :)

Susan Sey said...

Good morning, Caridad! I love a good sports hero, maybe because there are so few athletes who live up to our weird expectation that they be good role models as well as elite athletes.

I like outside-the-box athlete heros, too. Like SEP's lazy golfer. I keep waiting for somebody to write a soccer hero, too. I wrote one myself but my agent is skeptical, & we've never pitched it.

I'm really looking forward to Stronger Than Sin!

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Hey Anna and Caridad! Welcome back to the Lair Caridad. Always fun having you here.

Sports heroes, huh? Much to my hubby's disgruntalment, I love Peyton Manning. Have since he played for Tennessee. Loved him through the dark days of no team for my Browns and still do as I watch him play general to his troops every Sunday. (His commercials are fun too!)

As to sports heroes in novels, I adore SEP's Cal Bonner in No Body's Baby But Mine. He's yummo, smart and eats the nastiest cereal!

Suzanne Ferrell said...

If y'all watched the World Series, you probaby heard about Josh Hamilton. He's a sport hero who has and continues to try an redeem himself from a bad mistake that nearly cost him his career!

Anna Sugden said...

Hey Scorpio! Sports figures aren't necessarily my role models either, but I think for lots of kids they can be. It's great to see stars like Payton Manning (as much as it infuriates me to see him on every other advert!) who do so much work outside of the game for others.

If you like Rachel's hockey heroes, I can recommend Deirdre Martin. Body Check is one of my all-time faves!

Anna Sugden said...

LOL Susan - I wrote a soccer villain, if that counts. In my ms Bad Boy, Good Man, the ex is a horrid soccer almost superstar and the hero is a bad boy hockey player.

Perhaps I need to think of a new idea with soccer heroes. I have the perfect inspiration at my fingertips!

Anna Sugden said...

LOL on the Peyton Manning thing, Suz. I can see why - not too keen on his younger bro Eli, but then he does play for the Giants.

OTOH I can't stand Tom Brady - great player as he is, to me, he takes the 'mickey'.

Anna Sugden said...

ROFL - I knew you'd get a mention of JH in here, Suz!

You know, all this talk of sports heroes has put me in the mood for a nice massage ... where is hockey hunk Zach?

petite said...

Sports heroes who have integrity and are people to be admired for their character are important.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Morning, Caridad, and WELCOME BACK! :> Sorry to shout, but I'm glad to have you back. Grins.

OMGosh that's a fab pic of Tim Tebow. He is just hawt, I don't care how young he is. Snork.

I do think many of the sports figures today don't have any idea what kind of role model they ARE, much less, sometimes that they even are one. The coaches and teams don't emphasize that anymore, anymore than the music biz does. I mean, can you imagine anyone who came out of the old Motown system of starmaking acting the way Kanye West has? Yikes! Grins.

Those suystems have their flaws, but they sure did help young stars navigate the dangerous waters of fame. I don't think anyone woks with the young atheletes taht way now....hopefully, I'm wrong. Grins.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Cath's Chatter, now your daughter is my hero too. :> That's outstanding. I have a 10 y/o son who's "Mr. Baseball", and he plays basketball and football too. :> TO hear how your daughter has handled adversity is really inspiring.

Caridad Pineiro said...

Thank you all for dropping by and a big thanks to the Banditas!

Cath - Your daughter Gaby is a true hero and I hope she has a nice day today.

So many of you have said much of what I was thinking as I developed Jesse. Being able to throw a ball better, run faster, etc. should not excuse superstar athletes from abiding by the law and being decent individuals. I read a horrible story the other day about some trash talk basketball player and thought, "This is just downright cruel."

Sadly, many young children like I was at one time do look up to these athletes because they are sometimes larger than life and because we do recognize that it takes a great deal of hard work to accomplish those skills.

I wish that the media would spend more time on the good guys, like a Tim Tebow or Bo Jackson, rather than on trash talkers and those who don't play by the rules.

Looking forward to sharing more with you later!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Anna said: One of things I love about hockey players is that, by and large, they don't get the huge contracts and all the fanfare of the other sports, so many of the players are good, hard-working, down to earth men and excellent role models - yes, even the goons who fight. They're often some of the best guys you'll meet.

Anna, I think you just like your hockey players skating by and being large. SNORK! Sorry, couldn't resist.

Seriously, you're very right about these guys. They don't get the media adulation som many sports figures do, and yet they work just as hard or harder. I can't magine doing what they do on skates in the cold. Brrrr. :>

BTW, Anna, you'll be interested to know that my youngest has announced that he wants to play hockey. Did I mention BRRRRR? And shudder on 5 am practces? Of course, he'll have to learn to skate...but he's so agile, he'll knock that out in a minute, I'm sure. Sigh

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Anna said: For me, doping in sports is like plagiarism in writing. Cheating, pure and simple!

Amen, sister, amen.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Anna asked: What about sports heroes in movies? Any favourites?

The Rookie, with Dennis Quaid

The Replacements with Keanu Reeves

Miracle on Ice with Goldie Hawn's husband. Grins. He'll forever be the Computer Who Wore Tennis Shoes to me. Snork.


Angel in the OUtfield

Can you tell I have a 10 y/o baseballer? Snork.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Laurie, you named a couple of my other favs that I'd forgotten. Cutting Edge is great as is Remember the Titans. Fab movie.

PJ, I'm a big fan of Warrick Dunn's as well. I'm also a fan of David Robinson, nicknamed "The Admiral" because he went to the NBA from the Navy. He's been a stellar role model. I think Michael Jordan has managed to stay pretty much on the up and up as well. :> Another current player who's a big charity supporter s Erlacher from the Chicago Bears. And you couldn't find a better man and role model than ex-coach-turned-broadcaster, Tony Dungy. He's taken Michael Vick under HIS wing and is the reason that young man has any chance of redemption, in my not-so-humble opinion. :>

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Anna said: Ooh Bull Durham - just love it! Just saw 'We are Marshall' recently as was impressed - not a bad film at all!

Oh, yes! Loved both of those. And that Durham Bulls ballpark has now been replaced, sad to say, with a new stadium. Sigh. And Rudy, and We are Marshall is superb.

How could we forget The Blind Side?? That's a faboo movie!

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Anna: OTOH I can't stand Tom Brady - great player as he is, to me, he takes the 'mickey'.

LOL, what the heck does that mean? Translation from English to American, please!

Anna Sugden said...

They certainly are, Petite!

Anna Sugden said...

I think some systems do take care of their young players, Jeanne. Just two that I know of are the New Jersey Devils and Manchester United (and no, I'm not biased!). They have an expected conduct which stretches throughout the organisation from the youth teams up to the main pro team. And they have shown time and time again how they take of players - especially those who've fallen off the rails and need guidance.

I think a lot of that comes back to the belief that it is the badge on the front, not the name on the back that is important.

Anna Sugden said...

Yay to your youngest, Jeanne!! Was that influenced by his school winning that prize from the Washington Capitals? I'm sure he'll pick up skating in no time.

Oh yes and uggh on the early morning practices.

Anna Sugden said...

Sorry Suz - what I mean about Tom Brady is that he loves the adulation and goes out of his way to live the rock star life. His attitude kind of turns his nose up at the position he has as a role model for kids etc etc.

He may be a great athlete, but I don't like what I see of him off the pitch.

Minna said...

I don't know how good rolemodels the sportsmen I ran into in Canada are all in all, but they certainly were polite and helpful. I had this huge bag with three months worth of stuff in it and then some. One of the Canadian golfers who were going to the same airplane helped me with it when he saw me and my aunt strugle with it. Mind you, I wouldn't have known that little bit of information -about him and his pals there being professional golfers if someone wouldn't have told me that.

Caridad Pineiro said...

Loving all your comments on athletes and right and wrong.

You all mentioned favorite sports movies and I have so many. Rocky. Miracle. The Rookie. The Natural. Major League. Cutting Edge. The Replacements (totally watch that one multiple times!)

catslady said...

I'm afraid after Tiger and our own Steeler quarterbacks debacle (and of course let's never forget O.J.) that I pretty much decided no one should be put so high up because it's farther for them to fall/fail.

Linda Henderson said...

I think that sports heroes have in general let us down. Although I think in real life we shouldn't make any of the sports figures into heroes because they are human and fallable just like the rest of us. After saying that, I do love most all sports and enjoy reading books with sports characters. I enjoy Jill Shalvis's baseball stories.

Anna Campbell said...

Helen, haven't you read Susan Elizabeth Phillips???!!! Get her - you'll adore her. She's one of my favorite writers. Try Lady Be Good or Nobody's Baby But Mine or Match Me if You Can or... Actually, just try any of them and you'll be hooked. One of my faves, although it's not a sports hero, is First Lady. Gorgeous story!

Anna Campbell said...

Anna, so glad people are getting where I'm coming from this. I sometimes think because so much is given to these people, the standards should even be set a little higher. Talent in sport in now way excuses weasel behavior in my book! Actually DEFINITELY in my books! LOL!

Anna Campbell said...

Actually while the dentist was a bit traumatic, I was expecting major work including a crown and it ended up just being a big filling instead. Not nice but better than major reconstructive work - and much easier on the wallet!

Anna Campbell said...

Actually having expressed my lack of admiration for Shane Warne, I'd like to express my admiration for former Aussie cricket captain Steve Waugh. He's set up orphanages and schools in India specifically for female street children. He said he became involved in that cause when he used to tour to India and see how so many girls were just thrown away onto the streets like so much trash. Now, that's someone you can really give a cheer to!

Leni said...

I don't feel that sports heroes have let me down because I don't look to them for guidance or anything like that. It's entertainment for me. I do believe that they put themselves in a position to be looked at as iconic sports figures and it shouldn't come to them as a surprise when people do look up to them.

Anna Campbell said...

Wow, PJ, what an inspirational story! That's fantastic!

Anna Sugden said...

Gotta love those Canadians - a lot of great hockey players are Canadian ... though I do know some great Finnish players too.

Anna Sugden said...

Tiger was a nasty one ... Ben wasn't too great either ... nor was Brett!

You're so right, catslady.

Still, I'm glad that there are more good guys than bad out there!

Anna Campbell said...

Actually another thing I like about Steve Waugh was that he did a lot of good for a lot of people but he did it quietly and without making himself the center of attention. Always admire that!

Caridad Pineiro said...

I admire those who do it without seeking glory as well. Those are the true heroes.

Helen said...

Yes sounds like I need to add SEP to my list as well Anna and yes Steve Waugh has done a lot and very quietly I have met Steve a couple of times, my Dad played cricket for the same team (in a different era of course) and was good mates with Steve and his twin brother Mark and Steve is a very quiet person. Glenn McGrath is another cricket player that has done a lot for breast cancer sufferers after losing his wife Jane to it.
Sorry you had to go to the dentist Anna that is one place I don't like to visit.

As for sports movies one I really liked was Mighty Ducks the coach had been given the coaching job as penance for drink driving and he learn't so much through coaching those kids and turned himself around big time

Have Fun

booklover0226 said...

Hello, All.

I'm not a big sports fan but when I was younger, I recall kids AND adults lovin' Mean Joe Green. (and I really liked that Coke commercial).

Nowadays, I'm sure there must be some athletes kids can look up to and admire but I don't feel comfortable with that because they aren't tangible.

OK, that's my two cents!

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com

flchen1 said...

Oh yes, Anna--I quite enjoyed Kate Angell's too! I also enjoyed Deirdre Martin's hockey players, and I've got Jill Shalvis's on my TBR. I think Jaci Burton's got some new books coming out with some truly droolworthy covers...

Kate Carlisle said...

Welcome back to the Lair, Caridad! And thanks to Anna for inviting you back!

As far as sports heroes go, lots of you have already mentioned SEP so I'll jump on that bandwagon, too. I'm a huge SEP fan! I loved Dan from It Had to Be You, and Cal from Nobody's Baby But Mine. And Parks Jones, Nora Roberts' hero from Rules of the Game, is one of my all-time favorites!

Can't wait to read about your Jesse, Caridad. And wow, fabulous cover. Congratulations!

Kate Carlisle said...

Did somebody mention BULL DURHAM? I love that movie!! One of the best sports movies ever! IMHO :-)

PJ, what a wonderful, inspiring story about Warrick Dunn. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

Forgot to mention Jill Shalvis's baseball heroes. Yummy!

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Kate:Did somebody mention BULL DURHAM? I love that movie!! One of the best sports movies ever! IMHO :-

While I agree this is a great baseball movie, Brian's Song is probably the best for being a true life tear-jerker. And I also rank Major League as one of my personal favorite baseball movies!

Kate Carlisle said...

Ooh, Brian's Song was great, Suz, and a total weepfest!

But I'm thinking of that shot in BULL DURHAM, near the end of the film, when Kevin Costner's sitting on the swing on the veranda, waiting for her ... double sigh. :-)

PJ said...

Suz said, While I agree this is a great baseball movie, Brian's Song is probably the best for being a true life tear-jerker.

Can't tell you how many times I've sobbed my way through that movie. Growing up near Chicago, I was very familiar with the Brian Piccolo/Gayle Sayers story.

Sheree said...

As for books, aside from SEP and Jill Shalvis, how about Lori Foster's MMA series?

I'm not that into sports but the last person I squee'd over was Valentino Balboni, the former test driver for Lamborghini (saw him drive a Lambo out of the parking lot a couple of months ago and nearly swooned with delight). Do drivers count? How about Erin McCarthy's Fast Track series then?

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Kate: Oh well, if we're talking about great romantic shots...

The Natural with Robert Redford and Glenn Close, when he's up to bat...and she stands up, the lady in the white dress and hat, and then he hits one out of the park for her?


Suzanne Ferrell said...

Hey Pj!

Can't tell you how many times I've sobbed my way through that movie. Growing up near Chicago, I was very familiar with the Brian Piccolo/Gayle Sayers story

Growing up in Columbus I was weaned on football, but I think that movie, when it came out I was almost barely in my teens, taught me to see the players as human men, not just sports stars. And ohhhhhhhhhh I cried many a tear over that movie! LOVED James Cann in it!

BrookeBooks said...
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Christine Wells said...

Hi Caridad! Welcome to the lair, and thank you Anna for bringing Caridad along.

This book sounds awesome! Wow on the trailer too. Love sports star heroes -- not sure why they were ever such a no-no in romance. I don't buy into the cult of celebrity and I don't think sports stars should have to be role models in their personal life. That's really driven by sponsorships, IMO, trying to turn these athletes into "personalities" so they can sell more beer or whatever. I do think we can take a page from their book regarding dedication to their field of expertise, though. You have to give your all to play at the elite level these days and that kind of dedication is inspiring.

Pat Cochran said...

Sports heroes I've read and enjoyed are those written by SEP and Carly Phillips. I seem to like the fellas who are rascally yet when it's time to "man up" they are at the head of the line!

As to right or wrong, I've always felt that one cannot teach how to be right. One must exemplify that
characteristic quality.

Caridad, it is so nice to see you
in the Lair today!

Pat Cochran

Caridad Pineiro said...

Thank you all! I'm glad you liked the trailer and thanks for your nice comments about the first book. You've all made such salient comments about sports heroes and how we view them.

OMG - Brian's Song. I remember watching it and bawling. I have not been able to watch it a second time. Too emotional for me. There's another football movie that's similar that I recently saw - The Express. Wonderful movie about Ernie Davis, the first black player to win the Heisman Trophy. Very sad, but worth seeing.