Saturday, November 13, 2010

That Which Does Not Kill Me, Will Make My Head Explode

by Joanie

Which sounds like an oxymoron since, being a medical professional, I can attest that a blown up head will kill you.

No, I'm talking of a slower demise....modern technology.

Seriously, the tech world has painted a big target on my back these past two months and I've about had it! First my DVR on my cable screwed up. couldn't record vital shows like DWTS for corn's sake!

Then decided I needed to upgrade my perfectly functioning 8 year old computer. Studied different ones, listened intently to the knowledgeable young man and bought one with lots of bells and whistles. And that's where things took a drastic turn.

First, the arranged tech guy who was supposed to come hook everything "wirelessly" up was a no show. In an effort to satisfy me, the customer, the store got a special ok for a tech manager to come do it. Great except he never hooked up the printer to PRINT, only to fax.

That's when I first met my new love. The Geek Squad Agent. In two seconds he had me connected and running. No problems. Even hooked up my cute little Acer to the printer. Woohoo! I was cooking with gigabytes.

Then the cat ran over the keyboard.

What do my precious little babies have to do with technology? Well, ends up they are psychic. When Grayson danced across the keys while I was reading email, it disappeared. Could not find it no matter where I looked including under the desk, in the closet, out the wasn't there.

Oh, honey....I need you. Agent Bob answered online. His remote analysis (which made my head spin as I watched on my screen) revealed bad news. My hard drive is on the verge of failure with corrupted files that he states cannot be fixed. My new 2 mo. old computer!


Now I have another new computer that my guy is coming to hook up tomorrow (Hmmm...will it be Ted, Bob, or ummm...Roberto>) even as I wade once again through the features, the monitor, the wireless capability I recognize that I am hooked ENOUGH on it to feel out of kilter when I'm not connected.

What about you? How dependent are you on technology. What could you NOT live with out? What would you like to see invented? (Me? I'd like an automatic cat nail trimmer).

Now excuse me....but my garage door opener is making noise...Oy!


Sheree said...

Sometimes I lament having the internet in the first place.

Jane said...

I'm very dependent on technology. I cannot live without the internet, cable and the microwave. I'm lucky that my brother is my geek squad because there is no way I can set up anything digital, but I do know how to set the clock on the vcr(not that I still use it.) An automatic cat nail trimmer sounds dangerous.

Sheree said...

When was the last time I opened a dictionary? Why should I when I can check words online. And cell phones. I used to grouse that my cousin's lack of one was tantamount to child abuse (who could have a baby and not have a cell phone for emergencies?).

As for an invention, I'm still waiting for flying cars and jet-packs although now they'd have to run on solar power or some other renewable energy.

Helen said...

Well done Sheree have fun with him


I know your pain with technology our PC went bang a couple of weeks ago while I was at work and Hubby was on it he rang me at work and because I cannot think of being without the internet anymore I sent him out to buy a netbook amd a router so as we could have wifi and use that till our PC was back they had to re build our PC but saved all of our files etc (thank heavens) but now we have the PC back and no wifi to use the netbook I have to get another cord apparently to hook up somewhere so as they will both work LOL. I will get my son in law over this week to get it fixed for us.

What would I like to see invented perhaps a clone of me just to go to work everyday so as I can stay at home LOL

Have Fun

Sheree said...

Thanks, Helen.

And another use for my cell phone that I cannot do without: the calculator function. Once I started trigonometry, I quit doing basic arithmetic in my head so a calculator is invaluable. Now, I can use my cell phone instead of carrying a calculator (or abacus, although I never learned how to use one) with all the other stuff in my purse.

Deb said...

What would we do without computers? I use mine A LOT.

There's something new at our school they expect teachers to use---interactive whiteboards. Great, but show me how to use it. Don't install it in my classroom and expect me to know the whys and wherefores without instruction! Geesh.

Last week, Jerry and I got new touch screen cell phones and WE.HATE.THEM. After messing with his for most of Saturday evening he muttered, "Need a PhD to figure this out." Yet, 10-year-old Shary had my phone figured out in less than an hour. We are going back today to get new ones again---basic, nothin' fancy, I-want-to-text-someone-in-less-than-5-steps, kind of phones. :)

PJ said...

I hope the new computer lasts a bit longer than the other one, Joanie! Thanks for the reminder that I need to go back up some files!

I can't imagine life without my computer and, especially, without internet. Without the internet, I wouldn't know any of the Bandits nor any of the Buddies either. I'd have to wait weeks for communication from friends in Australia. No! I wouldn't have to wait because I wouldn't know them! Not a good thought! :(

I'm waiting for someone to invent the teleporter so I can go visit all those world-wide friends as quickly as I can send them messages online. *g*

Joan said...


Congratulations on the GR!!! I've heard he's fairly handy with GPS, wireless headsets and remote viewing (that psychic thing the military tried ) :-)

I own a dictionary, Sheree! But when I started using Word 2010 I paniced when I couldn't find my spell checker! PANICED! Dear Lord! They expect me to remember how to spell!!

Joan said...

I hear you Jane. I HEART the internet. I mean, you have things like Bejeweled Blitz, Pumpkin Solitaire!!!

Online Scrabble!

I finally got rid of my was rejected by my DVR...very sad story. But of course now, said DVR remote will not PLAY once I Fast forward....sigh

Joan said...


I SO get where you were at!!!!

I'm gonna see what the original conputer tech people say, but I'm not up for weeks of repair waiting and am pushing for a refund. I have writing to do!!!! I need instant solutions!

I need FARKLE!

Glad they could retrieve your files....

Joan said...


Stop right there Sharee....

That makes my head hurt plus really, they probably have an App for it :-)

Joanie who still uses her light powered Texas Instrument hand calculator to add up my computer costs

Joan said...


I've heard about those whiteboards. On one hand, sounds cool but on the other...would miss the smell of chalk....

I've got a tweener when it comes to cell phone but I'll admit to iPhone envy....just don't want to pay the monthly costs of that type of phone. But last night it sure would have come in handy to find my way to this scratch that place I can't reach on my back :0

Joan said...

I hear you PJ....the internet has connected so many of us! I can't fathom not having me you and the others.

Just. Can't. Imagine.

Good luck on your files. If you have any trouble, I'll send Roberto to your house....I'll send him anyway if yanno, you need anything um, backed up

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Oh honey, without the internet, I would know no one. I would also have paper all over my house and no way to figure out what I put where. I do have a problem with back up though. I had a very old computer and it crashed taking pics of my granddaughter with it. Still trying to find someone to see if they can extract those files for me.
I had an I-Phone, I now have one that though it will "do" the internet I am not so likely to access it accidentally. I am not a texting type person, I still like to hear voice but if I want to talk to my daughter it is text all the way.
About the only technology I could live without would be the microwave, maybe.

Anna Sugden said...

Love technology when it works - hate it when it doesn't!

And I back up everything, all the time, religiously, to an external hard drive!

We tend to use the internet and our iPods more than we watch TV.

I'd like one of those Star Trek transporters instead of having to spend ages at airports or in the air.

MsHellion said...

I'd say the internet. I could probably go back to living without it at home, if I *HAD* to, but when it's out at work, or my computer is being fixed, I'm at a loss.

I don't have cable or DVR, but know I definitely couldn't live without my microwave or my DVD player. (I love rice and movies.)

And this isn't remotely new tech, but I'm always behind, but CDs and my car's CD player. I've only had a CD player for the last couple cars, but I love listening to books on CD.

catslady said...

I'm sort of in the middle. I tend to fight new technology but eventually give in to some things. Isn't it amazing how we can't live without some things that we did perfectly fine without for ages - there's no going back. I really miss having my now college bound daughter around to fix things or tell me how things work and I too have cats that have made things disappear and even worse, change settings that take me forever to figure out (sigh).

Cassondra said...

Oh, poor Joanie.

I am dependent. Of course, I recognize that this would all go away, poof, if I didn't have it. I'd be back to non-dependence quickly. But you'd hae to force me. I think I have to have it. And granted, if I want to keep my job, I DO have to have it. I work remotely--from home.

If I could figure out how to disconnect myself from the unnecessary time I spend on line, clicking and re-clicking the refresh button, thinking somewhere out there, someone has responded to something I've posted, emailed, or otherwise put out into digital cyberspace, I'd be a lot better off. It's a major time sucker.

Cassondra said...

What would I like to see invented? A weather controler. One that would give me the weather I wanted or needed, but wouldn't mess up anybody else's plans.

Cassondra said...

Sheree, great nab on the rooster!

Cassondra said...

PJ said:

I'm waiting for someone to invent the teleporter so I can go visit all those world-wide friends as quickly as I can send them messages online. *g*

OHHHH...a teleporter. That's a great idea!

But...that would mean you could pop in on my horridly messy house with no warning. Oh. That would be bad.

*rushes to get underwear out of floor*

Christine Wells said...

JT, hugs on all the computer woes! When we go away to our beach house, there's no cable connection and no phone line so I have to do without the internet. It used to drive me crazy and I'd grab any chance to go to McDonald's (the only place nearby with free wireless access). Now, I'm not as wedded as I was. I don't think I'd like to be without my laptop entirely, though.

I also love my garbage disposal :)

Would love to see one of those meal machines in the JD Robb books invented, where you just program it and voila!

Yay, Sheree got the bird!!

Joan said...

Sorry to have been gone so long. My Geek BFF just left and I'm all hooked up....

Except my Outlook won't show emails past yesterday and when I originally tried to post this message it gave me an error message.

(eye twitches) I'm ok...I am...

I. AM!!!


Joan said...

Ok, I've had some Tylenol and dinner....I'm ready to tackle it.


I hear you on the lure of the iPhone. If I had internet access all the time, I'd never get anything done! Hope they can retrieve your pictures. How old is your granddaughter?

Joan said...

Anna, wouldn't that transporter be cool?

Beam me up Joanie!!!

ZAP, sorry...the transporter needed software and you and Cricket crossed in the airwaves...nice whiskers

Joan said...


At the hospital, we rely on computers for all of our documentation. It went down for 2 hours the other day and we were sweating.

I've never listened to books on CD but I know a lot of people who travel a lot do. Might need to try that.

Joan said...


I know. I imagine our parents wondering what they used to do without air conditioning.

The few times I've had to do without that I thought I'd die!

As to our kitties, I suspect they hold the key code for the entire web....and they want TREATS before they'll let it go!

Joan said...


You're right, it can be a time sucker. That's why I resist Twitter...I'd constantly be wondering just how much underwear is on your floor (raises brow)

Louisa Cornell said...

Wow, Sheree! Is it your first time to be visited by the GR? Lock up the chocolate, your car keys and the liquor!

So sorry you are having technological difficulties, Joan!

My nephew says I am technologically challenged. He's too polite to say his aunt is an idiot!

I LOVE technology when it works. It has enabled me to meet the Banditas and Buddies and visit with them on a daily basis. And the internet can take up huge chunks of my day if I let it. And I do let it.

BUT, I don't have cable or satellite or even local reception television. In other words I am television-less. Which means I can spend more time online. LOL

I'd love a teleporter and a time travel machine. And something that scrubs wooden floors all by itself!

Sheree said...

This may be the second time I have the bird.

Sometimes, I grouse about spam and other annoying side effects of the internet: in my day, only universities and certain large corporations have email and we didn't spend time discussing ways to get cheap drugs or enlarge penises. *grumble, grumble* Of course, now no one needs to remember DOS commands for their computers (although I had tried to access batch files when I got really upset at my computer) so at least that's an improvement. *grumble, grumble*