Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Guys from Oz

by Nancy

Those of us who are, as the saying goes, "of a certain age" probably remember music's British Invasion of the 1960s--the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Herman's Hermits (fronted by that cutie, Peter Noone)--with hordes of screaming girls outside hotels. Now we're in the midst of a quieter invasion, this time of Australian actors, who inspired today's topic of guys from Oz.

There are also prominent actresses from Australia, like Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman, and several up-and-comers, but I'm in the mood to discuss guys today, so that's the territory we're covering.

We're all familiar with that Lair favorite Hugh Jackman, right? Guy who turns up--sometimes sporting adamantium claws but usually in a tux--at every party we throw? I realize many of us would be happy if I just stuck up a bunch of pictures of Jackman. I'm sure we could all find a lot to say.

But wait!--as the informercials like to say--there's more! In fact, there are a lot more.

Of course there's Russell Crowe (born in New Zealand but residing in Australia), who has his own rooting section, especially when it comes to his role in Gladiator. Our gladiators get kind of huffy about that movie, but they'll just have to deal. And Crowe is a big star, albeit a little short for my personal taste. He also gets points for being able to wear a tunic and not look silly.

So we have Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe, not exactly a bad duo to start with. There's also Mel Gibson, maybe not as big a star as he once was and also a bit short for my personal taste but with a long and distinguished resume.

Brian Brown, who costarred with Jackman in Australia, was hot in Hollywood for a while in the 1970s or 1980s but then apparently went home. David Wenham, who also costarred in Australia, was fabulous as Faramir in LOTR, but that was filmed in New Zealand and so doesn't count as invading the US. Of course, there's also the fabulous Geoffrey Rush, but today we're focusing on romantic leading men--just 'cause that's what I'm in the mood to talk about.

Terminator Salvation featured Sam Worthington, who was wonderful as a terminator who believed he was human and clung to his humanity even after he had to accept that he was a machine. Worthington was also a hit in Avatar, but he was harder to recognize, being blue and all. He was again recognizable, and convincingly earnest, in the remade Clash of the Titans. He also gets points for not looking silly in a tunic.

As anyone who saw Trish's movie blog knows, Chris Hemsworth, another tall Australian, has stepped into the boots of Marvel Comics' Norse God of Thunder, The Mighty Thor. The movie will open in May. And he certainly does look the part.

I remember him from the opening sequence of Star Trek, when his portrayal of George Kirk sending his pregnant wife to safety while he drove his crippled ship to its doom brought tears to my eyes. I think Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, is in good hands.

I loved the Thor comic and am cautiously optimistic about the movie, though my favorite Thor love interest, the warrior goddess Sif, doesn't appear to have as big a role as I might like. I expect to see Thor (if you click on the link, wait after the hammer appears and the dust settles - the trailer will load) for Mothers Day or my birthday, and possibly several more times.

I recently learned (via a YouTube clip) that hunky Alex O'Loughlin, formerly vampire Mick St. John on Moonlight, was also Australian. He's now Steve McGarrett on the revived Hawaii Five-0, after a detour to play Jennifer Lopez's love interest in The Backup Plan.

I'm old enough to remember the late Jack Lord as Steve McGarrett, and with all due respect, I think O'Loughlin's portrayal will be warmer, perhaps because we no longer expect our police officers to be icemen. The old McGarrett didn't have many scenes trading punches with the bad guys, but the new one does that a lot.

I have a special soft spot for Hawaii Five-O (even though we usually watch Castle on Monday at 10 since it hooked us first) because, of course, I played the theme from Hawaii Five-O in marching band. Didn't every high school marching band in the country play that? In the version our band used, clarinets actually had a melody line along with the cornets and trumpets, unlike the version my college pep band used.

Anyway, off of memory lane and back to the topic at hand. We also have Simon Baker of The Mentalist. I remember him from The Devil Wore Prada, too. He has lots of fans in the Lair and among our buddies.

Less well known is Matt Passmore, star of A&E's quirky cop show The Glades. His character is a Chicago detective who didn't play so well with others and so departed for the quirkier climes of Florida. Near the Everglades. It's a fun show, a little offbeat and, well, quirky.

Liam McIntyre is taking over the role of Spartacus on the Starz network show because of original star Andy Whitfield's unfortunate health problems. Ryan Kwanten plays Sookie Stackhouse's lamebrained brother, Jason, on HBO's True Blood (which I find a lot more intense than the books).

I've noticed that Australian and British actors, like Battlestar Galactica's Jamie Bamber, the only non-Australian who gets a picture here today, seem to have no trouble with American accents while American actors often cannot sustain any other accent. (We won't even think about what they do to the Southern accent, also American but apparently incomprehensible to Hollywood.) I think the Australian proficiency with American accents is the reason I didn't realize some of these guys were Australian until I started researching.

I know there are others out there. I did do some research, as I said, but the list is so long as to be intimidating.

If you had to pick a date from among these guys or the characters they play, which would you choose, and why? If you were choosing one to be the hero of a book you've recently read, which would you choose, and why? Do you have a favorite actor who's not a U.S. native?

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Jane said...

Cool. I love Aussie and British men, too. My current crushes include Henry Cavill and Richard Armitage. I love The Glades. Can't wait for the new season to begin.

lisagk said...

I think I would like to go on a date with Jim, (Matt) from the Glades. He keeps some of himself hidden even when he wants to get close to Kiele's character, he seems fun, he is loyal (see relationship with Kiele's son) and I could go on and on, and for a character for a book, Mick, of couse (Alex)long suffering vampire, wants to be human again, but when it might be possible to find a "cure" gives it up to save the girl? Who could be a better character?

Jane said...

Forgot to mention how much I love Eric Bana and Christian Bale(Welsh.)

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

GREAT topic, Nancy! And BIG THANK YOU for all the loverly eye candy!!

Hey Jane, you got that suave Bird-about-town, the GR! Make him dress up and take you out. ;-)

Heh, heh! How did I KNOW you'd mention our ever-lovin Eric, Jane?!?! OOOO! LA LA!!


Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Regarding the accents, I do sometimes hear Simon and Alex "slip" and say a word or phrase with their native accent. I think it's a credit to all actors (and their coaches) who can pull off different accents and have the audience believing them.

I agree with you, Southern American accents seem to be difficult. I remember when I saw "No Country for Old Men" the first time. Halfway through, I told the DH, "I can certainly tell which actors are actually FROM Texas. Can you?" To his credit, he could. It wasn't that the other actors were BAD, but they just didn't ring as true.


June M. said...

I have to pick Hugh Jackman. Whether as Wolverine or whatever, he is HOT!

BTW, someone that some women really like is Keith Urban...musician but still Aussie! I don't see it my self but my sister LOVES him.

June M. said...

Oh...The late Heath Ledger! A hottie that both myself and my 17 year-old neice agree on!

Kim in Hawaii said...

Aaa-low-haaa! Do I really need to answer this question? Back in October, the Hawaii Five O crew filmed a scene on the Hickam Flight Line, literally 500 feet from my house. But they filmed at 6 am on a Saturday morning ... presumably to prevent fans (like me) from hanging on the fence.

A local cable station broadcasts reruns of the original Magnum PI and Hawaii Five O shows. Indeed, Jack Lord delivered no nonsense Steve McGarrett ... whereas Alex is a bit sportier with the character. Still, there's something about the original show that makes you cheer (and cringe) at the same time. My children just laugh at the '60s outfits.

Helen said...

Have fun with him Jane


I do love all of your choices and yes I would pick Hugh Jackman LOL I did so love him in the movie Kate and Leopold and Australia as well. As for setting him a book that I have recently read I am reading one of Cindy Gerard's at the moment To The Limit and yes I could see him as the hero Mac in this one and I could see him as Kylemoore in Anna's CTC as well.

There is also Hugh Laurie who plays House he is another British actor that I really like and he does the American accent so well.

I don't watch TV really so I haven't seen any of the shows these Guys are in but I do see bits and pieces of them because Hubby watches them LOL

Have Fun

Anna Sugden said...

I'm a huge Bryan Brown fan - have been ever since the wonderful series A Town Like Alice. In fact, the reason I want to at least set foot in Alice Springs this summer is because of him and that series.

Yup - really like Hugh *g*.

OMG Sam Worthington looks like a hockey player on Jane's favourite team - Sean Avery!

I went off Mel a long time ago. He lost me at Braveheart. Still kind of like Russell - especially in that awesome series Brides of Christ.

I have a big soft spot for Travis Fimmel - who starred alongside the lovely late Patrick Swayze in The Beast.

Oh and I used to love the guy from the Flying Doctors (the dark-haired one!)

And, McLeod's Daughters was always good for some strapping hunks!

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Oh Nancy, what a wonderful way to start my day! Pictures of hunks I love to drool over!

Hugh, Russel and Brian withstanding, my newest aussie love is Alex O'Laughlin! Dear God the man is sexy!! He makes Steve McGarrett a man's man and a woman's wet dream! Like you I watch Castle on Mondays but thanks to, I never miss an episode of Hawaii Five-O!

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Oh and can I just say "amen" to Hollywood and Southern accents?

The only....ONLY part of True Grit I hated was the way Matt Damon said adios.

Now living in Texas I am well aware of the two ways that's pronounced.

ah-dios, (by people who speak Spanish)


ad-dios, (by Southern people with real accents)

NO ONE says

A dios (long sound of A).

Matt, Matt, Matt....what were you thinking? A Texas ranger would NOT mispronouce that word like that!!

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Can I not just have them all? Okay, I know greedy gut I am. Hugh is already grabbed so I will just go with Liam, I even like his name not to mention the rest of him. Yum, yum.

EilisFlynn said...

Nancy, this blog brought to mind all the times that the Hub (he who is known as Mike) has complained about non-Americans playing Americans. I keep telling him apparently Americans can't act (just to rile him). But it was only recently, when Henry Cavill got named to be Superman, that it really became obvious: NON-AMERICANS ARE HOT! Ahem.

That said, my current Oz fave has to be Alex O'Loughlin, mainly because he and Scott Caan (a little short for my taste, as you say, but chews scenery with such great glee that you can't help but be charmed) are so much fun to watch on Hawaii 5-0. He sent me to sleep on Moonlight, but not here. Also, I kept yelling, "GET A HAIRCUT!" when he was playing a vampire.

Susan Sey said...

Good morning, Nancy! This is a wonderful topic, as I dearly love discussing hot men with gorgeous accents. :-)

Me, I'm all about the classics. I want me some Russell Crowe, preferable in that leather skirt he wore in Gladiator. Though I wouldn't kick Hugh Jackman out of bed for eating crackers, right?

Gannon Carr said...

Yum, yum! Gorgeous men! I love Hugh, always and forever, but I wouldn't say no to Alex O'Laughlin, either. LOL

jo robertson said...

Delightful topic, Nancy. I do like a bit of Oz in a man. I'm guessing it's the accent.

I've recently discovered Jamie Bamber who plays a detective on Law and Order UK. He's oh-so-young, but plays an innocent, but savvy foil to his partner. I also find the British court system very interesting.

jo robertson said...

June M., I have to agree with you. I'd pick Hugh Jackman. Not only is he a wonderful actor and delightful to look at, he also seems (from the interviews I've watched of him) to be an all-round nice guy.

Donna MacMeans said...

Sorry, Nancy - I refuse to pick one. I want them ALL. Yes, all of them surrounding me, demonstrating their undying devotion. I know that's greedy, but heck - it's my fantasy and I'm sticking with it.

Nancy said...

Jane, congrats on the bird!

I hope The Glades will catch on. You never known with cable series, and they seem to have very short "season" or "half season" runs with breaks in between. A quick check via Google didn't turn up the date the second season starts, but I'm keeping an eye out.

You KNOW Armitage has fans here! *g*

I haven't been watching the Tudors, so I was unaware of Henry Cavill until he was announced as the next Superman. Then I started doing research. He's going to look awesome in the cape and tights. I saw a clip of him discussing Henry VIII's court on YouTube. It was a long clip, and he was very articulate, as many actors are not when working off-script.

Nancy said...

Lisagk, that episode of Moonlight, wherein Mick goes back to being a vampire so he can save "his Beth," was on yesterday. Very wrenching!

I missed the end of Season 1 of The Glades. Apparently sparks flew?

Nancy said...

Jane, I loved Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne.

Eric Bana--I forgot him! He had a tiny part in a movie I love, Field of Dreams, but he was so great in it.

Nancy said...

Hi, Cindy--These guys are not hard on the eyes at all, are they?

Speaking of not hard on the eyes and non-US actors, I'm watching Tasmanian-born Errol Flynn swashbuckle his way through Nottinghamshire (as portrayed by Southern California) in that fabulous classic, The Adventures of Robin Hood.

Nancy said...

Cindy, I've heard British actors slip in their Americanisms ("consider yourself chasTISED" instead of CHAStised" or "I could do" instead of "I could." The occasional slip is one thing. But when an actor goes in and out several times in the course of one speech, I figure s/he should just hang it up and go with whatever is normal. It's less noticeable.

There are some things I've just been unable to watch because my native accent (which is actually not one homogeneous accent but has many variations) is butchered so badly, usually in a way that trends toward Stupid Ignoramus imagery.

Speaking of cable shows, I've been cautiously pleased by the southernisms in Justified, which is set in KY (second season just started on FX network, and it's definitely not a show for kids). People from rural KY might feel differently, but the actors sound reasonably--and NOT stupidly, which is key--Southern to me.

Nancy said...

June, our Joan seriously adores Keith Urban. She'd be right there with your sister.

Nancy said...

And definitely Heath Ledger belongs on any list of terrific Australian actors. His Joker was a bit too intense for me, but I loved him in The Patriot.

Nancy said...

Kim, people were not allowed to call me on Thursdays at eight because I was busy watching Magnum, PI. I loved that show!

There was a clarity of purpose in the original Hawaii Five-0 that was appealing. There were fewer gray areas, I think, in most of our entertainment then.

Nancy said...

Helen, Hugh Laurie is great! He has a nice supporting role in Sense and Sensibility.

I thought Jackman was fabulous in Australia. Aside from the fact that I think every character deserves a first and last name unrelated to his/her job, The Drover was a wonderful character.

Nancy said...

Anna, I don't think McLeod's Daughters made it over here, but I've heard good things about it. I wish Australian and British shows were easier to get in US-compatible formats.

Our video rental place used to have a VCR of Paperback Hero, one of Jackman's early movies, a lovely romantic comedy in which he did sing, but they no longer do. I'm wondering if someone "lost" it. :-/

Or, being a VCR tape, it might've broken or worn out. You never know.

Nancy said...

Suz wrote: . . . my newest aussie love is Alex O'Laughlin! Dear God the man is sexy!! He makes Steve McGarrett a man's man and a woman's wet dream!

Well, the author of The Surrender of Lacy Morgan would know. *VBG*

Welcome to the Amen Corner on Southern accents. I am really sick and tired of the way Hollywood makes people from the South sound. And the fact that superstitious, thuggish villains seems mandated to have lousy Southern accents (e.g., Highlander and Smallville, to name two shows I normally like that have inflicted this stereotype on us at least once.)

The Ewings of Dallas were trashy people, but they didn't sound like ignoramuses, and they did occasionally engage in actual cultural activities. In between back-stabbing each other.

Nancy said...

Dianna wrote: Can I not just have them all?

*G*Sure! You can have as many as you can grab.

I don't know much about these guys' personal lives, but I've heard Jackman's wife, Deborra Lee Furness, is apparently not only an accomplished actress but a pretty sharp woman. She has apparently taken on making adoption easier as a cause.

Nancy said...

Eilis, is the Hub apoplectic over Cavill and Superman? (I was tempted to say Cavill and Kal-El, just for the alliteration, but notice, I resisted.)

I agree that O'Loughlin and Caan are a great buddy duo.

Nancy said...

Hi, Susan--I just felt in the mood for something light today. I'm guessing it won't be a huge day for guy commenters.

You wrote: Though I wouldn't kick Hugh Jackman out of bed for eating crackers, right?

Uh, would ANY woman here?

Nancy said...

Gannon, I agree Hugh and Alex are a great pair!

Nancy said...

Jo, I discovered Jamie Bamber when he was in Battlestar Galactica. I didn't know he was British until I got the DVD and saw an interview with him. We rented the first Hornblower disc (Ioan Gruffydd), and Bamber played a doomed shipmate.

He has been to DragonCon several times, and I have yet to hear any grapevine gossip about jerky behavior, so I'm concluding he's probably nice to his fans.

I'm also enjoying Law and Order: UK. A few weeks ago, the lawyers were walking down Oxford Street near Marble Arch, and I recognized the the area! We stayed near there when we were in London.

Harriet Walter, who plays the top cop, was Harriet Vane in an PBS/BBC adaption of Dorothy L. Sayers' Strong Poison.

Nancy said...

Donna, of COURSE you can have them all! *g*

Nancy said...

I don't model characters on actors. I know a lot of writers do, but that just doesn't work for me. If I had to pick, though, the hero of my British-set contemporary would be a cross between Hugh Jackman and Richard Armitage.

BJ said...

OMG I guess I'll just go stag and steal your dates...LOL
I mean why work so hard to get them there if you guys are already bringing them there for me :0)

I would have to bring Heath or Hugh of course!!! Loved and love them!!!!

On a side note...I maybe too young but I do love the song by Hermits (don't recall the name, use to have the LP)...Does your chewing gum loose it's flavor on the bedpost overnight...your mama says not to chew it, do you swallow it in spite....LOL

Cath's Chatter said...

Sam Worthington and Alex O'Laughlin..........YEAH BABY ♥♥♥

that's all I have to say on the subject!!!!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Jane, the rooster promises to fake an Aussie accent for you. After all those Tim Tams, it's second nature!

Nancy, what a fun post. Hey, did you know Anthony La Paglia is an Aussie too? A lot of Americans are astonished when I say that because he looks so Italian-American and he really has got the accent down pat. I didn't know about the guy from the Glades(although I've watched the show a few times and just can't get into it! He's cute, though!).

Oh, and you forgot Aunty Cindy's fave, Eric Bana!

Anna Campbell said...

Jane, I'm with you on Christian Bale. I can remember when he was an excellent child actor - a lot of actors don't make the transition but he's done it beautifully.

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Cindy, interesting you see Hugh as Kylemore. I wonder if he might be jsut a little too NICE for Kylemore, although he definitely is pretty enough for the part ;-) Kylemore was kinda Daniel Day Lewis. I'd written the story when I first saw Richard Armitage (thanks to Bandita Christine) and realized THIS was my tormented Scottish duke.

Anna Campbell said...

Ooh, Nancy, love that old Robin Hood. Still think it's far and away the best cinema version. And wasn't there a lovely romance in it? Lovely!

catslady said...

I love almost anyone with an accent. Patrick Stewart comes to mind but I wouldn't turn down any of the men you mentioned. Hugh Jackman seems to be able to change into so many different characters and hot in all of them!

Nancy said...

BJ, I know the song you're talking about, but I can't remember the title.

There's a great song by, I think, Hoyt Axton, "You're the Hangnail of My Life," and the refrain is "you're the hangnail of my life, and I can't cut you out."

Nancy said...

Cath, the boy and I agreed that Sam Worthington was the best thing in Terminator Salvation. He had the most complex and interesting character. Christian Bale, we thought, did a great job with his role, but he didn't have as much to work with.

I think Superman Returns suffered from a similiar problem. James Marsden as Richard White had much more internal conflict and came off as more emotionally nuanced and generous than Clark/Superman. Brandon Routh was great, but he didn't have as much to work with. We thought.

Nancy said...

Anna--Oooh, your new cover is gorgeous! Yes, I do think Flynn's is still the best Robin Hood. It has some anachronisms, but nobody has ever, imho, buckled a swash better than Errol Flynn.

He had a worthy opponent in Basil Rathbone, in this and other films (Captain Blood is fabulous!). Rathbone fenced for Britain in the Olympics, and Flynn took his action scenes seriously. Maybe that's why their duels are so great.

I never would've guessed about Anthony LaPaglia. And Cindy has duly reminded me about Eric, as did Jane. *g*

I didn't know about Matt Passmore, either, until I saw an interview with him.

Speaking of Hugh and niceness, I saw a clip of him on one of the morning shows, in which the host commented how excited the staff were that he was coming on. The host commented that they get a lot of celebrities through but few get that happy welcome. So I think he must be a nice guy--nice to people who maybe don't "count" in a lot of people's books, and I think that's a good test.

Nancy said...

Catslady, I have a friend who is absolutely mad for Patrick Stewart. He just has such a resonant, wonderful voice, even if he didn't have an accent!

MsHellion said...

If I have to restrict myself to Oz, I'd probably go with Hugh Jackman, though Simon Baker would be my back up plan.

However, right now, I'm crushing on Liam Neeson because I just watched The A-Team last night and he was so HAWT. *LOL* Bradley Cooper wasn't bad either, but I think he looks a bit like a weasel so it's hard for me to like him entirely.

Nancy said...

MsHellion, you don't have to restrict yourself to Oz, though that's a great duo.

I still haven't seen The A-Team. Was it good?

Nancy said...

Just watched the last hour of Kate & Leopold on a local station. The cable stations held no appeal, and the local choices were pro or college basketball, not involving teams of interest to me, Night of the Living Dead, or Kate & Leopold.

Not a hard choice.

Caren Crane said...

Jane, you grabbed the chook, you saucy wench! I hope you're making him run laps around the neighborhood today. He definitely needs the exercise!

Nancy, I wrote a song about my favorite Aussie actor: "If I can't have HUGH, I don't want nobody, baby. If I can't have HUGH, a-a-ha, oh!" Okay, maybe I stole that song, but it's so true!

Hugh is not only a great dramatic actor, but also a fine comedic actor, singer and sancer. All in one very pretty package! One of my favorites of his roles was in The Prestige. If anyone missed this movie, WATCH IT ASAP. You will love it!

The thing that threw me off in The Prestige was that Christian Bale actually played an Englishman. I'd only ever seen him in American films before that and didn't realize he was English. I wondered why his British accent was so good. Crazy time!

So, yes, I would definitely let Hugh take me out on the town. I could not, of course, actually be unfaithful to my husband (nor Hugh to his lovely bride), but it would be a lovely date, complete with dancing!

Caren Crane said...

Ms. Hellion, I just wanted to say that I wouldn't kick Liam Neeson out of my bed for eating crackers! He is amazing and so very wounded now that he is a widower. I badly want to comfort him!

Caren Crane said...

June, I didn't think of poor Heath. He was so adorable! My girls and I love to watch A Knight's Tale. It's a very stylized, inaccurate depiction of the period, but such great FUN! Heath, of course, was incredibly heartbreaking and precious in that film. *sigh*

Also, we just watched The Dark Knight the other day, which is a real treat with Christian Bale AND Heath Ledger. Poor Heath!

Caren Crane said...

Jane, I am totally with you on Henry Cavill. He won me over as Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, on The Tudors. I love that show!

Christine Wells said...

Hi Nancy! What a great post! We grow them big and beautiful down here, don't we? I was actually surprised at the number you listed. Have to laugh--the last I saw Matt Passmore was on Playschool (a lot of well-respected actors work on P/S so that's not something to sneeze at)

There's also Julian McMahon, who was in Charmed and Nip/Tuck and the blond guy in House (can't remember his name. Mind like a sieve!)

I think I'd have to be predictable and say Hugh Jackman is the one I'd like most to date, followed closely by that fabulous Baker boy--Simon Baker is just too gorgeous to be true, isn't he? New Zealand can definitely have Russell Crowe--he doesn't appeal to me at all, I'm afraid! I saw him in Robin Hood most recently and he can't do a northern accent for nuts. Really pulled me out of the story.

Thanks for the treat today!

Christine Wells said...

OMG, did someone say Henry Cavill? What about that scene with Gabrielle Anwar in the Tudors on the ship? Very hot!

Christine Wells said...

Oh, yes, I love Eric Bana, particularly in Troy. In fact, apart from Brad Pitt's buttocks, he was probably the *only* good thing about Troy!

Nancy said...

Caren, I love your song! I actually have seen The Prestige. It was kinda creepy--Jackman wasn't such a good guy in that or the film he made with Ewan MacGregor and Michelle Williams (can't remember the title).

He says he's "not a dancer," and I gotta say, if that's true, he fakes it well. Watching Errol Flynn today and popping into the blog, I started thinking--has Jackman ever done a costume piece with broadswords? He moves so well, I'd think he could learn fencing faster than a lot of actors might.

I thought Christian Bale was Welsh, but I don't know where I got that.

So we had a British Batman (Bale), an Australian Joker (Ledger) and now are about to have an Australian Superman.

I first learned of Charles Brandon and Princess Mary (not Margaret, apparently?) from a highly fictionalized piece called "When Knighthood Was in Flower" on the Wonderful World of Disney. Wikipedia says it was based on a novel by that title published in 1898.

Nancy said...

Christine, I'm not a huge Crowe fan, either. No specific reason--he just doesn't appeal to me particularly. Neither did his vision of Robin Hood. I much prefer the traditional version, which seems more chivalrous and romantic.

Nancy said...

Christine, you wrote: I love Eric Bana, particularly in Troy. In fact, apart from Brad Pitt's buttocks, he was probably the *only* good thing about Troy!

LOL! I've never seen Troy all the way through.

What is Playschool? Is it like Sesame Street? Lots of famous actors do bits on Sesame Street, including, I think, Jackman.

I've seen that bit with Cavill and Anwar. I love her as the explosives-happy Fiona on Burn Notice.

Nancy said...

Christine, didn't Julian McMahon also play Dr. Doom in the first Fantastic Four movie?

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Hey Nancy,
Just popping in to say that the forest scenes in the Errol Flynn and Olivia DeHaviland Robin Hood were actually filmed in Chico, California, about an hour north of Sactown! They filmed in one of the city parks. :-)


Christine Wells said...

Nancy, Play School is like kindergarten on TV, hosted by two actors, usually a man and a woman. They do craft, sing songs and do the actions, tell stories and act out little roll plays with costumes or dolls and teddy bears. It's the sort of thing that could be embarrassing but the actors really get into it. They seem to wear it as a badge of honor to do the show.

Actually, I'm not surprised you love Gabrielle in Burn Notice. I used to watch her when I was a teenager in a British show called "Press Gang" which also starred Julia Sawhala who played Lydia in the BBC Pride & Prejudice.

I didn't see the Fantastic Four movie but Dr. Doom sounds like JM!

Margay said...

Hands down, I'd pick Alex O'Loughlin. I've been watching him since Moonlight, really liked him in Three Rivers, adore him in Hawaii Five-O, and of course I caught him in August Rush (as the brother of Jonathan Rhys Meyers) and The Backup Plan (which was surprisingly good, by the way). So, yeah, I kind of mentally cast him in books, maybe even a couple I am writing.

I have to admit that many of my favorite actors are not native to America. High on top of that list is Richard Armitage (holy wow - amazing talent and good to look at, what more do you want in a man). After seeing him in North and South, I am spoiled for all others.

Also on that list is:

Matthew MacFadyen
Matthew Goode
Toby Stephens
James Macavoy
Henry Ian Cusick

Nancy said...

Cindy, thanks! No wonder the English countryside looks so park-like in the movie.

Nancy said...

Christine, that's interesting about Play School. It's not like Sesame Street but sounds as though it's aimed at the same demographic.

Nancy said...

Margay, that's a nice list. I recently acquired Season 1 of MI-5, and of course Matthew McFadyen is great in that. I first saw him in Pride and Prejudice.

Margay said...

Me, too,Nancy! I never saw him in MI-5 but I am watching it on Public Television right now because Richard Armitage is in it!

Nancy said...

Margay, We get MI-5 on public TV, too. It goes away during pledge campaigns, though.

Jill said...

I love all your choices, but I have to say I'm amazed that none of the Aussies that popped in have teased you for your choice of the words "rooting section."
I found out the hard way that "rooting" has a very different connotation in Australia than it does in the U.S. ;-)