Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Lure Of The Past

Why do historical romance writers select certain periods in which to set their novels? What drives them to choose the dangers of the Wild West, the adventures of the Medieval era, or the elegance of the Regency Period? Three authors in the new anthology, An Invitation To Sin, talk about their chosen historical settings and why they love them.

Sally MacKenzie says:

I think we can safely blame a librarian for my fascination with the Regency. Growing up I read a lot of science fiction and what I guess might be called fantasy--Lloyd Alexander, P.L. Travers, Edward Eager, E. Nesbit, Andre Norton. When I reached about middle school age, I must have been casting around for something new, because a friendly librarian introduced me to Georgette Heyer. It was love at first page. What’s not to like about rich, handsome, nobles with grand estates looking for marriage? But it was more than that with Georgette. I loved her humor, the way she had the hero and heroine match wits, her use of language. My husband, even back when we were dating as law students, accused me of using Regency-isms in conversation. (Doesn’t everyone know the word “brangle”? And don’t you just love the sound of it...or the sound of balderdash, rapscallion, bamboozle, namby-pamby, shilly-shally?)

Now that I’m writing and researching for my books, I realize how much the world was changing during the Regency with the end of the Napoleonic Wars, the spread of industrialization, and the migration of people from country to city, but it wasn’t history that pulled me into the era. It was Georgette Heyer and that helpful librarian.

Vanessa Kelly says:

I became interested in the Regency period in the same way many his
torical romance writers did – through the novels of Georgette Heyer. From there I moved on to Jane Austen, which pretty much sealed my fate as far determining my favorite period of history. In graduate school I studied British women writers of the Georgian and Regency era, especially Fanny Burney. Her diaries are a detailed and riveting account of life in artistic circles and at the court of George III and, boy, did those real-life accounts ever suck me in further!

I guess what I love most about the period is that fascinating combination of glamour, glitter, and wit exemplified by London’s elite society, co-existing alongside a truly gritty and widespread underworld. The beauty and culture of the Mayfair mansions were only a few blocks away from the worst stews of London. But those worlds often intersected in a strangely democratic way in places like Covent Garden and Vauxhall. Talk about lots of opportunities for conflict, drama, and adventure!

When you
throw in the danger and intrigue of the Napoleonic Wars, you have a killer combination for setting a historical romance.

Kaitlin O’Riley says:

I have always loved the Victorian era, ever since I was a
little girl and wanted to wear a big hoop skirt like Scarlett O’Hara and carry a dance card tied with a ribbon. Although I’ve since realized that hoop skirts are an entirely impractical and most uncomfortable contraption, I still love the Victorian era. I tend to write stories that take place toward the later end of Queen Victoria’s reign, from about1870 to 1880, well past the fashion of the hoop skirts and more along the lines of the bustle gown.
Quite simply, the past has always intrigued me. Somehow it seems less complicated and more romantic than the present day. I know that was not always the case, but you have to admit that flickering candle light is far more romantic (and flattering!) than florescent bulbs. There were no telephones, no email, no text messaging. If you wanted to contact someone, you had to extend the effort to put pen to paper and actually wait for a response. And there’s something infinitely charming about handwritten notes. Although I am the biggest fan of electricity and air-conditioning there is, the past still calls to me. The overall slower and calmer pace of life without all the 24/7 pressure we have now seems luxurious! I also find the manners, the customs, and the fashion of the Victorian era inspiring. The idea of that era is old enough to be quaint and familiar, yet recent enough to not be ancient history, which is why I set my novels during that time.
Today we live in an era where anything goes, so it’s nice to slip back in time once in a while to when there were very strict social standards and have my characters break the rules a little. In “A Summer Love Affair,” my hero and heroine do just that…

USA Today bestselling author Sally MacKenzie writes the Naked nobility series--funny, hot Regency-set historicals--for Kensington Zebra. Her sixth Naked book, The Naked Viscount, arrived on bookstore shelves June 1, 2010, and the seventh, The Naked King, will be out in June 2011. You can reach her on the web at:

Called one of the new stars of historical romance by Booklist, Vanessa Kelly writes Regencies with sizzle for Kensington Zebra. Her latest book, Sex And The Single Earl, is on shelves now. My Favorite Countess, her next Regency-set historical romance, will be released in May, 2011. You can reach her on the web at:

Acclaimed author Kaitlin O’Riley writes historical romance for Kensington Zebra. Desire In His Eyes and Yours For Eternity, a vampire anthology with Hannah Howell and Alexandra Ivy, are her latest releases. You can reach Kaitlin on the web at:

What time period do you enjoy reading about the most? If you could go back in time, would you? If so, what time period would you

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jo robertson said...

Hi, Christie, thanks for bringing these three delightful historical writers to the Lair. Welcome, Sally, Vanessa, and Kaitlin!

I love each of your enthusiasm for the period you write about! I, too, am partial to the Victorian era, more later than early Victorian, maybe even pushing into the early 20th century.

I've added your anthology to my must-buy list!

jo robertson said...

Oh my, did I get the rooster? I'm not sure I can handle the wily fellow on Saturday. I have lots of work to do. Hmmmm, must get my whip out and threaten the little guy not to get in my way!

Anna Campbell said...

Wow, Jo, the chook! You haven't had him for ages!

Hey, welcome to the lair, Kaitlin, Vanessa and Sally! Especially waving madly to my buddies Vanessa and Sally. Great to have you here. Have a cabana boy!

I loved your descriptions of why you fell in love with the past. I think my fascination started with Errol Flynn who was a midday movie fixture when I was REALLY young(I'm talking three or four). He really could wear a great pair of tights! Hmm, and I think he knew how to take them off too even if only half the stories are true!

I'm currently re-reading Georgette Heyer. Read The Grand Sophy and Venetia over Christmas and have Cotillion and Frederica waiting for me as we speak. She's just as sparkling as ever! Do you girls have a favorite GH?

Jane said...

Welcome ladies,
I enjoy regencies and medievals, especially those set during the Norman invasion. I think it would be an adventure to travel back in time. I want to visit ancient Egypt and Rome to experience the political intrigue and culture.

Kim in Hawaii said...

Aloha, Sally, Vanessa, and Kaitlin! My heart belongs to Regency although I also enjoy Victorian. These eras are far enough in time for escapism but still have some "modern" connections. Plus the Kingdom of Hawaii flourished during these periods, so it is interesting to visit historical site (and read Hawaiian history) as it correlates to my romance reading!

flchen1 said...

Ooh, what a great sounding collection of stories! As for favorite time period, I'm not sure I have one! I like to read them all, from medieval to futuristic :) Depends on my mood :D

Congrats on the rooster, Jo! Keep him at work ;)

Donna MacMeans said...

Welcome to the lair, ladies, and can I just say up front that I'm a Naked Reader and have the button to prove it (grin).

Speaking of which - somewhere on your camera, Sally, you have a photo of me and two of the Mr. Romance contenders (one wearing my hat) in...Orlando, I believe?

I think we can safely say that I'm a fan of the Victorian era. Maybe because in many cases they had indoor plumbing! And the can you not love the clothes of the later Victorian period? (Victoria sure had an extended reign, didn't she?)

Hey Jo -Congrats on snagging the wily rooster. Come to think of it - I have photos on my camera of Sally with the bird (the rooster that is).

June M. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
June M. said...

think I would probably have to pick the Regency Period, b/c alot of my favorites were set in this time period. I love Gaelen Foley's Knight series, Karen Hawkins McLeans, Sabrina Jeffries Brotherhood/Heiress/Hellions, and so many more. It seems to be a very popular time period to write about.

I also like stories set in Scotland from the 1300's to the 1600's, including Hannah Howell's Murrays and Monica McCarty's Highlanders.

I guess really anytime in historical romances, but ending around the invent of automobiles.


Helen said...

Well done Jo and yes you might get the whip out and get him to help with the work have fun with him

What a great post Ladies I too love the regency era all the balls and country estates not to mention the servents to do everything for you LOL. There are so many Rakes and Dukes etc love that era. I would love to visit but in truth not sure whether I could really live like that without electricity reading by candle light is a bit difficult for me LOL.

Congrats on the release Ladies sounds like a book I would love. Thanks Christie for inviting Sally, Vanessa and Kaitlin along today.

Have Fun

Maureen said...

I enjoy reading about the Regency time period and I think it would be amazing to go back in time to see one of those balls.

desere_steenberg said...

Hello Everyone !

I love the Regency era and if I could be stuck inside one of Vennessa , Kaitlin or Sally's book I would be as happy as can be and would never want to escape !

Thank you to everyone for your great work !!

All the best

Christie Kelley said...

Jo, I love the late Victorian/early Edwardian time period too. All of the new inventions of the time are fun to work with as a writer.

Christie Kelley said...

And yes, you did get the rooster :)

Christie Kelley said...

Anna, I haven't read GH in so many years. I can't even think of a favorite of the top of my head. I may have to go back and check through her list of books.

Christie Kelley said...

Hi Jane,

Ancient Greece or Rome would be fascinating.

Christie Kelley said...

Kim, I love the little tidbits you've posted about Hawaiian history. They really don't teach much about and because it's so different I think they should.

Christie Kelley said...

Fedora, futuristic is the one time period I just can't get into. I've tried a few time but it just doesn't appeal to me.

Christie Kelley said...

Donna, we know how much you love the Victorian period. I do too but I still haven't written about it...yet :)

Christie Kelley said...

June, Regency is a popular time period because so many readers love it. That's why so many writers choice it.

Christie Kelley said...

LOL, Helen. We do love our Dukes and rakes.

Christie Kelley said...

Maureen, I've always wondered if we writers went back to a regency ball how different would it be from our descriptions. I'm sure it would be fun.

Sally MacKenzie said...

Oh, my, you ladies are early risers! Well, what time is it there, Anna? I have to find some breakfast and see if Mr. M is intent on going off to the gym this morning, and then I'll be back, perhaps with a functioning brain. Thanks for having us here!

desere_steenberg said...

Hello Everyone !

I love the Regency era and if I could be stuck inside one of Vennessa , Kaitlin or Sally's book I would be as happy as can be and would never want to escape !

Thank you to everyone for your great work !!

All the best

Sally MacKenzie said...

Anna, I just reread The Corinthian. The romance didn't do it for me--I think it's like Jo Beverley's story in our antho--the heroine is only about 17 and the hero is quite a bit older--but I was still chuckling and admiring the way the great Georgette has with dialog and story telling.

And I find it very hard to believe you were anything more than a twinkle in your parents' eyes when Errol Flynn was performing.

Ok, gotta scoot. We are walking instead of going to the gym, and the husband is not the most patient. See you all in about an hour and a half.

Vanessa Kelly said...

Hi gals! Thanks for having us in the lair, and I'm always happy to take a cabana boy.

Anna, Errol Flynn's Captain Blood had quite an impact on me as a girl - that guy sure could rock the historical outfits!

As for my fave Georgette Heyer books, I think I'd have to go with the Grand Sophy and Frederica. Both such funny books but with a lot of heart.

Vanessa Kelly said...

Hi Desere! Nice to see you here. I think I'd much rather be stuck in the world of our novels than in the real Regency world. I always remember Eloisa James saying that no woman ever gets a bladder infection in a historical romance, which is one of the funniest comments I've ever heard about the difference between the worlds we create and the real thing!

Vanessa Kelly said...

Hi Christie! Thanks for having us in the lair. It's the most hopping spot on the romance internet, IMHO. Always so much fun to be here!

Vanessa Kelly said...

Hey banditas! I'm off to my First Coast Romance Writers chapter meeting. See y'all later in the day!

PJ said...

Hi Vanessa, Sally and Kaitlin! Welcome to the lair! I'm looking forward to reading this anthology. It sounds scrumptious!

I don't really have a favorite era. I enjoy everything from medieval to early Americana, love contemporaries and even have a few favorite futuristics. It's the writing and the characters that speak to me most strongly rather than the period of history.

Jo, congrats (condolences?) on nabbing the rooster!

PJ said...

Anna said, I think my fascination started with Errol Flynn

Oh my, yes! Many an adolescent dream of mine featured being a high seas captive of Captain Blood! ::Sigh::

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

I lean toward the Regency but I think that is mostly because that seems to be where most of "my" authors write. Medievals are wonderful as well and I read any and all I can get my hands or my Kindle on.

Like June, Hannah Howell is one of my fav authors not residing in the lair. I have a serious fixation on Highlanders.

If I had to go back in time I would be with Donna and the indoor plumbing in the Victorian era, if I am having a distracting period while reading I worry about how the Regency ladies dealt with "things" and no indoor plumbing. Once again my anal side is showing.

Sally MacKenzie said...

Back from our walk. We cover about 5 miles--eldest son tracked it on some cool Google feature (at least I think it was that) where you can trace your route, even when it's off road. I was glad I had my fleece lined jeans on and I wished I had my fleece hat. It's warming up here in D.C. land, but it's still chillier than I care for. Think we'll get another storm, Christie? Though maybe you guys got some of the stuff we dodged.

Sally MacKenzie said...

I remember that rooster. He got a little fresh the first time I met him--I think it was at the Orlando RT. Donna, did I never send you those pictures? Hmm. Wonder if I can still find them. Are you going this year? I can take another shot--I'm sure you'll be hanging around those guys again, eh?

Margay said...

My favorite time period is the Regency. There is just something about it that grabs me and won't ;et go. If I had a chance to go back, I just might!

Sally MacKenzie said...

Anna, on our walk the husband pointed out that Errol Flynn was not SO ancient. I think I was thinking about someone like Rudolph Valentino. I'm afraid was never much of a movie girl--or I just have no memory. Mr. M can quote old commercials--my mind is a blank.

Sally MacKenzie said...

Jane--yes, ancient Egypt and Rome...and I'd add Greece...would be interesting, but I'd definitely want to be one of the noble class.

Kim, we miss you here in the Maryland burbs! I'm expecting to see you at RT and catch up.

Kaitlin O'Riley said...

Well it's only 7:30 on the west coast and I just woke up! (I would definitely keep "town hours" if I had lived back then.) So good morning! It's so exciting to be here!

Kaitlin O'Riley said...

I think it's hard choosing one time period I love best. I love the Regency period because I've read so many wonderful books placed at that time. Actually I love READING about any time period, but when it comes to WRITING, I find myself drawn to the Victorian era.

Sally MacKenzie said...

I confess I like futuristics, too. In fact, that's what I was writing--I think I was at about chapter 5--when The Naked Duke sold, and so I stayed in the Regency. But some day I'd like to get back to that book. Oh, and now that I think about, one of my very first manuscripts--written on a typewriter!--was a futuristic, but I think that was before futuristics or even romance was identified as a genre. I might take a look at that some day, too, though the experience might be too painful, LOL.

There were times, especially when I was writing my second book and in fear and trembling of the "regency police" that I wanted to run away to the futuristic where I could make everything up.

Minna said...

What time period do you enjoy reading about the most? 19th century.
If you could go back in time, would you? If I could be sure I could come back to this century when I want to.
If so, what time period would you choose? 19th century.

Back to the Future Tribute -- Back In Time

Michael Bublé - Hollywood (OFFICIAL Video)

Cybercliper said...

I really mix it up on the time periods - it mostly depends on my mood. But I'd love to go back in time and watch the Vikings from 11th or 12th century explore North America and the peoples they encountered. So much of the information doesn't exist.

I wouldn't mind a quick visit if someone had a time machine but just a quick peek - I like toothbrushes, coffee, and air conditioning too much to give it up.

BADklv said...

Ladies, the anthology looks great. I haven't found my favorite time period yet, but I'm working on it diligently!

Kaitlin O'Riley said...

I agree with you, cybercliper. If I travelled back in time, it would have to be a very short visit. I'm too much of a wimp-- I need indoor plumbing, clean clothes, and air-conditioning! But it would be very fun to take a peek!

Kirsten said...

I love the regency, mainly because of Jane Austen and also the books by Julia Quinn & many more great authors. There are SO many stories taking place during that time that I became the most knowledgeable about this period besides of course our own time. So I think I would love to visit England in that timeframe. But I would still want to come back for my life is pretty good and comfortable here and now.

Virginia said...

With me it all depends on the mood I am in. Sometimes I want to go into the old deep south like in Gone with the Wind other times it Regency or even the old west. Sometime I just like to read about todays times. So it really hard for me to choose just one time period.

Deb said...

Hello to Sally, Vanessa, and Kaitlin!

I like reading about Regency and medieval England and the Scottish Highlands (any time period). I think it would be a lovely experience to attend a grand ball during Regency England and wear a gorgeous gown of fine silk and lace. Perhaps a rake would catch my eye and I would catch his. ;)

I think I would like to go back in time during the American Revolution. The country was beginning its road to become a new nation and it has been a time in history that has fascinated me for a long time.

Errol Flynn was a HIH (hunk in hose)--or any sort of costume, for that matter!

Kaitlin O'Riley said...

Virginia, I think it depends on mood too. Sometimes I want to visit Henry VIII's court and other times Colonial America.

And Deb, it's all about meeting a dashing rake, isn't it? No matter what the time period!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hello ladies! Welcome to the LAIR!! Sally, I have to send a special HELLLOOOOOOO! out to you, my fellow WRWer-r you! Grins.

Vanessa and Kaitlin, welcome!

Hey Jo! You got the Rooster! Well, good! He'll get good dose of work, if you've got your whip out. Snork!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Ooops, forgot to answer the question. What time period woudl I want to go to? Hmmmm.

Egypt at the height of her power.

The court of Elizabeth I.

Boston, in Revolutionary times.

Oh, so many...

Janga said...

I love Regency-set historicals, but I also enjoy a variety of periods. I'd hate to have to limit my reading to any single period. I'd be thrilled to read a romance set in Greece during the age of Pericles and Aspasia. But when it comes to writing, I'm strictly contemporary.

Anna Campbell said...

Sally, you're very kind. Those Errol films were mainly from the 30s - I think my parents weren't far off being twinkles in their own parents' eyes at that stage. But he was a staple of our TV over here when I was a wee girl.

Sally, there's a couple of Heyers I didn't particularly like. The Corinthian was definitely one! Another was Regency Buck which is actually the favorite of a lot of people, I know. Another is the Convenient Marriage where, like the Corinthian, the age difference is just so big. I know there's a big difference in These Old Shades but Leonie is somehow an old soul in the way the other two heroines aren't.

Sally MacKenzie said...

Hi back to you, Jeanne. You know about the author panel/book signing at the Baileys Crossing Borders tomorrow? Sadly, it's across the river, but at least I'll get to see some other WRWers.

LOL, Janga. My husband says I never was contemporary! I doubt if I could write a contemporary to save my life.

The problem with going back to one of these time periods to live is I just can't get over all the "issues." The lack of indoor plumbing and electricity, but also the lack of modern nutrition and medicine. And I've always wondered if those spectacles would have been strong enough for me. That's why I guess if I had to actually live in a different time period, it would be the future--but a nice future, LOL, without bombs and terrorism and pollution.

Sally MacKenzie said...

Aha, Anna! So I wasn't so wrong. Mr. M told me to Google E. Flynn to see what his time period was--now there's something I couldn't do even a decade ago--Google something.

I don't believe I've ever re-read the Convenient Marriage, but I remember not liking it at all when I first read it in middle school or so. I have a sense it wasn't romantic or HEA enough for me, but I really don't remember. Maybe I'll go back and read it sometime and see.

Powder and Patch, if I'm remembering correctly, was one I didn't care for. I could never get into the Georgian hero with make up and heels. I'm afraid I'm a writer's nightmare reader--I like specific things and it's a battle to get me to move beyond them.

One book I hated but many people--I think Kaitlin is among them--love is Gone with the Wind. Again, I read it when I was in grade school, and I must have cried for days afterward. I wanted a happy ending. I was scarred for life--for the longest time I would check a book's ending before I started it to be sure everything ended well.

Barbara E. said...

I enjoy a lot of different time periods, but the one I like the most right now is Victorian - either England or America. If I could go back in time I would, but only for a short time, as long as I knew I wouldn't affect anything. I would most likely choose Victorian England, just to see how not only the rich lived, but the not so rich as well.

Linda Young said...

If I could go back in time I would go back to the Scottish Highlands somewhere between 700-1600. Even though living was hard back then, it was a simple life.

Even today my biggest dream is to live in the highlands. My maternal ancestors go back there.

Your anthology is now on my to read list.

Jeanne M said...

I love to read any type of historical romance and always learn something new about the time period of the story. My love of reading started in 5th grade when I read every bibliography I could find about women in the local library.

I was amazed at what I learned about the time period in which they lived so it was no surprise when I found historical romance and fell in love with the genre.

My husband is a history buff so it's no surprise that our interest overlap.

Thanks to all of you for the many hours of wonderful reading pleasure that you have shared with all your readers!

MsHellion said...

Right now, I'm really enjoying authors writing in the Georgian era--I like the wigs and dresses. But I'll read most anything set from 1700-1910. Typically in England, but American is also very nice (though rare).

I've also been enjoying a series set in Scotland in the early 1300s--which is a favorite period of mine, with the wars of Scottish Independence. They have been very wonderful to read.

Sally MacKenzie said...

Barbara E, good point about not changing anything. I remember reading a science fiction story years ago--and of course I can't remember the title--about a company that would take people back in time. Someone stepped off the path and stepped on a butterfly and changed the course of history.

Linda Young, my husband has relatives is Sky. I'm all Irish, though. I suspect I'd be a scullery maid if I lived in Regency times.

Kaitlin O'Riley said...

There are too many exciting time periods to choose from... And it's so much easier to romanticize them now, and ignore the plumbing and bathing issues! That's what makes reading historicals fun to read. And write.

And Sally, the great thing about the end of Gone With the Wind is the hope that they will get together!

Kaitlin O'Riley said...

And I don't think I have the creativity to write stories set in future worlds. Too much responsibility. I need guidelines!

I think it was reading all those Victoria Holt books when I was a teenager that influenced my love of past eras. Being a history major didn't hurt either.

BJ said...

I would have to go for Medieval to maybe 1800s Max!
I would have a BLAST!!! OMG!!!
Where's "Bill and Ted" and their Phone booth ehn you need them???
(sorry way too many retro movies on my to watch list lately...LOL)

Congrats JO .....I hear a secret that he's a bit still tired from all the partying this week, so he might be tame this Saturday *Grin*

Kaitlin O'Riley said...

I think movies weave their magic of romanticizing the past over us as well. Somewhere In Time. All the Jane Austen adaptations. And, yes the Errol Flynn movies!

Danielle Gorman said...

I can't wait to read this book. Four great authors mean four great stories. This one has been on my wishlist for sometime now. I hope to pick up my copy soon.

I love reading about the Regency and Victorian periods. I also, just read some Edwardian and I like that a lot too.

I think that I would like to go back in time and do a little visiting. I wouldn't want to stay long because I'm sort of a diva. I need to shower everyday and I like having electricity. But I would love to experience a London season. I think it would be so awesome to be able to get all dolled up in a big dress and waltz with a handsome duke.

Vanessa Kelly said...

I'm back! And look at the fun conversation you gals have been having!

Sally, I'm with you on Gone With The Wind. It depressed the hell out of me!

Anna, it's interesting about people's like and dislikes with Georgette Heyer. I'm one of those people who loves Regency Buck, but I'm pretty sure it was because it was my first GH. And I liked that the hero was both an alpha male and a dandy - what a combo! I'm also very fond of My Cousin Kate, which is a Regency suspense, with a budding serial killer.

Oh, and Sally, I love futuristics! Could you please write one, some day?

Donna MacMeans said...

Sally - Alas, I'm not heading to RT this year. It's just too expensive to fly to LA without a book to sign. My next one comes out in August...too late for RT - but I'll see you in NYC or whereever the 2012 RT is held. They should be due for the East coast and closer to home.

Sally MacKenzie said...

Darn it, Donna--I'll miss you. Is the rooster coming at least?

I won't have a new book out, either--The Naked King is a June release--but I'll have this antho and I hope I get my act together to do some King promo. They've just changed the color of the cover, so I've been waiting for that. I'll be at RWA, too--will you? And I just saw RT is in Chicago next year. I dunno if I'm going--I hear you about the expense. I'm taking the husband along to LA this year.

And now whenever I think of conferences, I think of Anna and the prairie dogs. Well, I suppose Anna thinks of me and the prairie dogs. I was quite taken with them, and I introduced her.

Vanessa, hope you had a great meeting--and I'm so glad someone else reacted to GWTW like I did.

Now that Vanessa's back, I'm going to duck out. I'm headed into town to have dinner with a few college friends...and since my youngest "baby" is now a senior in college, you might surmise I've known these folks for a while. But we've been pretty much limited to Christmas card updates--our paths haven't crossed in person very often. Should be fun. I'll try to check back in here when I get home--unless it's too late and I'm totally beat. Can't keep those late hours any more.

It's been fun! I love it in the lair.

Jeanne M said...

I came back to remind everyone to support Go Red for Women. I had 3 aunts who all died from breast cancer. Many of us don't appreciate the times we live in and how important it is to get yearly exams. My aunts we not as fortuate because the technology wasn't in existance at the time.

Be sure to have your yearly exam and get prompt attention. Support your local cancer society and be involved whether by donating, participating in walks, or helping out at your local sites to find a cure. Support your local docter and remind your friends to get their exam. Help by driving those who are unable to their exams.

Everyone should be involved in this important cause for all women.

Anna Campbell said...

Vanessa, clearly we're Jack Spratt and his wife when it comes to GH. I didn't like Cousin Kate much either - the serial killer thing just jarred with me. I couldn't stand the heroine of RB. Actually with the GHs I don't particularly like, it nearly always IS the heroine.


Vanessa Kelly said...

Ah, yes, Anna, but we both love The Grand Sophy and Frederica! And These Old Shades and Devil's Cub. It's amazing the range that woman had, isn't it? I do agree with you that Judith Taverner was a PITA, though.

Jeanne, thank you for the reminder. I get my mammogram every year!

June M. said...

Even though I love historicals, I don't think I would want to go back in time for more than a day or two. I really like the modern conviences.

Kaitlin O'Riley said...

I think we're all in agreement that we could not live without the modern conveniences of today, but love the beauty and romance of past eras. Whatever that era may be.

It's funny too, that we women should romanticize times when females had so little freedom.

Christie Kelley said...

sally, it was chilly here with that wind. I've been inside painting all day and finally had to close the window I had cracked because the wind was so cool. And no more storms, we are done with snow!! We haven't gotten all that much but I'm ready for spring.

Vanessa Kelly said...

That's a good point, Kaitlin. We have to romanticize it!

Pat Cochran said...

Hello, Ladies,

I was introduced to my favorite
reads by the books of Georgette
Heyer and Barbara Cartland. I'm
mainly into historical romances,
but you can also find me reading
most everything except dark,dark
paranormals. I look forward to
reading your anthology!

Pat Cochran

Vanessa Kelly said...

Thanks for stopping by, Pat!

Louisa Cornell said...

Hey, Jo! A little time with you will definitely whip the GR into shape! At least for a while!

Sally (I'm a Naked Reader too! Got lots of odd looks when I wore that button out and about in San Fran during RWA a few years ago!) Vanessa and Kaitlin - love your books as well.

I've read this anthology and it was absolutely wonderful! Don't miss it, Banditas and Buddies! Lots of fun and VERY SEXY !!

I am a Regency girl when it comes to my writing and MOST of my reading. I do love some Victorians, some medievals and I even have some early Britain and some Roman set romances on my keeper shelf.

I just love history, British history, primarily. Having lived there for some years I had an early introduction to the little bits and bobs of history, the things that make it human and real.

The works of Jane Austen were my introduction to the Regency, followed closely by those of Georgette Heyer. My favorite Heyer, currently is Venetia and then Sylvester (listen to it read by Richard Armitage. Oh yeah!)

Kaitlin O'Riley said...

Well, it's been fun taking about time travel and dashing rakes! Thank you for having us today, Romance Bandits. I'm signing off for the night. I hope everyone has sweet dreams of their favorite time period...

Sally MacKenzie said...

I'm back from dinner and hurrying off to bed. Have to get my beauty sleep before the author panel tomorrow.

Yay, Louisa--Naked readers rock. As do prairie dogs, as long as you don't catch the plague from them.

Thanks again for inviting us to be here in the lair!

desere_steenberg said...

Hello Vanessa

I so agree with you, the book world always sounds so much more exciting and lovely than the real world !

The only thing I think I would miss the most is my shower lol!

All the best to everyone and thank you for the great post you girls rock !


Sheree said...

Although I love reading Regencies and Victorians, I do have a soft spot in my heart for P. G. Wodehouse's Edwardian England.

LilMissMolly said...

I love almost all historical fiction except perhaps the Georgian era. I just don't like wigs. :) Probably my favorite is 16th Century. I also love reading about Queen Victoria.