Thursday, September 27, 2007


Interviewed by Suzanne Welsh

My very good friend and critique partner, award winning author Sandy Blair, has slept in castles, knelt in cathedrals where kings and queens have been crowned, dined with peerage, floated along Venetian canals, explored the great pyramids, misplaced her husband in an Egyptian ruin (she continues to deny being the one lost,) and fallen (gracefully) off a cruise ship. Winner of RWA's Golden Heart for Best Paranormal Romance, Sandy’s debut release A MAN IN A KILT also won the 2004 National Readers Choice Award for Best Paranormal Romance and was a 2005 RITA finalist.

Sandy's newest release, A HIGHLANDER FOR CHRISTMAS is her fourth Scottish Historical Paranormal. It's a great read, full of love and laughter, which takes you from centuries-past Scotland to modern day Boston.

Suz: Welcome to the Bandit Lair, Sandy! Tell us a little about your newest release, A HIGHLANDER FOR CHRISTMAS.
Sandy: I went back to my roots writing A HIGHLANDER FOR CHRISTMAS. It's my first time-travel since my debut with A Man In A Kilt.

Not looking forward to Christmas alone, Boston antique dealer Claire MacGregor solves the mystery of an old puzzle box and suddenly a startlingly handsome laird appears. He might be centuries old but he certainly doesn't look it--or act it.

The last thing tall, dark and dangerous Sir Cameron MacLeod recalls before finding himself in Claire's 21st century bedroom was readying for war. Determined to return to his own place and time and painfully aware he hasn't had sex in 400 yrs, he decides bonnie Claire can remedy both problems.

Suz: Can you tell us a little bit more about this time-traveling hero?
Sandy: Charismatic, virile, extraordinarily handsome, Cam is the kind of man who plays as hard as he works, but above all else he's a clansman, a Highlander. A highly skilled warrior, he's a man of honor, who doesn't take kindly to that honor being questioned by either the heroine or the law. And it's that very honor and love of clan which compels him to find his way back to his own place in time, to go behind Claire's back on another matter, and to willingly break his own heart.

Suz: Your single title romances have all been Scottish historicals with paranormal twists. What makes you enjoy this sub-genre so much?
Sandy: I've been in love with all things Scottish for decades and love reading about time periods when men were often seriously alpha and had no idea they even had a feminine side, much less wanted to get in touch with it. Medieval Scotland was also a fertile place for clever and determined women. As for the paranormal elements, I like that they stretch the imagination and give me more latitude with humor.

Suz: When you were writing Claire's character, did you model her after anyone in particular?
Sandy: There's a lot of my daughter Rachael in Claire. She's a clear thinking, deal with it or cut your loses kind of gal. I needed a heroine with some knowledge of antiquities, so I gave Claire her hard-earned degree only to have her discover curator jobs were few and far between. But being resourceful, she utilized her knowledge to start her own business, an antique shop called The Velvet Pumpkin.

Suz: Without giving away too much, what do you think is the hardest thing for Cameron to adjust to in the modern world?
Sandy: The constant noise. It's never truly quiet, even in the dead of night.
Suz: What is his favorite thing?
Sandy, with a sly wink: Besides Claire's fine bottom? Cola.

Suz: Have you ever been to Scotland? If so, what were some of your favorite places to visit?
Sandy: Yes. I love the old world feel of Edinburgh and the Highlands in general. One of my favorite places to stay is Skibo Castle, a beautifully renovated castle-turned-hotel situated in the middle of 500 glorious acres in Dornock. Readers can find pictures of Skibo on the photo gallery on my web site

Suz: Do you have any more Scottish historicals in the works?
Sandy: Definitely. I'm half way through A WARRIOR IN A KILT, the next in the Castle Blackstone series. I'm also working on The Tursachan Clan series. Would tell you more but it's yet to be sold.

And then there's the My Immortal Highlander series, which I'm really excited about, because of its strong paranormal elements.

Suz: Have you ever considered writing in another romance sub-genre?
Sandy: Funny you should ask. I'm currently working on book #1 of a contemporary series about three sisters who have no desire to find love but do...under the most peculiar circumstances.

Suz: If you could cast one actor as a Highlander, who would you choose?
Sandy: Maybe Last of the Mohicans' hunk Daniel Day Lewis. Just picturing all that animal grace racing up those mountains can make my heart flutter something fierce. Suz: OOoo I believe Daniel is a favorite among many a Bandita!

Sandy: My turn to ask a few questions:
Imagine you found your favorite Halloween Candy on sale at a serious discount this week. Would there be any left to give away on Halloween?
And what are you hoping to find under the Christmas tree this year?
A lucky commenter will win a signed copy of A HIGHLANDER FOR CHRISTMAS from Sandy Blair.


Amy Andrews said...

Oh my Sandy - that cover nearly had me electrocuted.
Note to self - do not drool on keyboard!!!

Don't really do Halloween here in Oz so I'll skip that one and go for the Xmas wish. A nice fat rom com contract would be fab. Although, in reality, I'd take a nice skinny one too ;-)

Amy Andrews

Anna Campbell said...

Sandy! Welcome to the Bandita Lair! What took you so long to get here? ;-)

Oh, man, where do I start. LOTM Daniel Day Lewis as the hero? You had me at hello! Or perhaps och aye. The new book sounds absolutely fantastic. I love time travels - love that fish out of water thing. And anyone who loves Scotland as much as you obviously do has to be a good egg! A good Scotch egg. Or is that only a joke that works if you're British? We do have our language hiccups in the ragtag international band of the Banditas!

Huge congratulations on all your success. And best of luck with the new series. Sounds intriguing.

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, and Amy, waving madly from just up the road from you! And please, wipe up that drool, buddy! People are starting to slip in it. Bleuch!

Christine Wells said...

Hi Sandy, thanks for swinging by the lair. Great interview, Suz! Those Highlanders sound seriously gorgeous. I love the fish out of water thing, too, principally because a man like that would be so in command in his own environment, but at a distinct disadvantage in the modern world--in all but the important respects!

Christmas? Hmm, I'd like a day and a night with nothing to do but indulge myself! That would be a great Christmas present:)

Christine Wells said...

Oh, and great to see you here, Amy! Only a writer would wish MORE WORK on herself for Christmas.*g* You're a glutton for punishment! But I hope you get your wish.

Amy Andrews said...

Hey Anna - I get the Scotch egg thing. Hmmm, love Scotch eggs. I even made some once. Picture Homer drooling here.(yes, I obviously have malfunctioning or overactive salivary glands)
Am seeing a specialist about the drool issue, I promise Anna.
Hi Christine.
Sending you both sloppy kisses. :-)

Amy Andrews

Dannyfiredragon said...

Hi Sandy,

I absolutely love your new cover. Really yummy

Great interview Suz

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Oh yes, there would be candy by Halloween, sweets aren't my particular weakness. I would have to hide it from my son though.
Hmmm, what do I want for Christmas? One of those highlanders would do it for me. You wouldn't even have to wrap him, just put a bow on him and set in next to my tree...... ;-)

Joan said...

Hi Sandy and welcome to the wonderful world of the Bandita.

I'm all for anything Celtic/Scottish/Irish (my personal fav) and I think that setting stories among those peoples is ideal...not too many a Celtic lass who ISN'T strong enough for any Alpha male.

I'm gonna to the bookstore today and will look for your books to add to my TBR stash.

Halloween candy? Left? If I bought it now? The only way that would happen is if I bought those peanut butter kisses or Snickers. But I really LIKE giving out KitKat's (the plain variety) so will either buy the above or wait until the afternoon of the day before I buy.

And Christmas? Yes, definately I'll take one of those Scotsmen, one of those Celtic warriors, and one of...well, you get the picture.

If not (grumble) (I'd take Season One of HBO's ROME)

Andrea said...

Hi Sandy! WOW, that is one HOT cover!!

As for candy, if Reese's peanut butter cups were on sale now, there would be none left by the time Halloween rolls around. I love me some peanut butter.

For Christmas, Barnes & Noble gift cards, of course! How can you go wrong with those?!?! lol


Sara Thacker said...

I love it. That sounds like such a wonderful read.

I wouldn't buy the candy because I know it would be gone. Or if I was feeling very frugal, I would lock it in the safe. That's the only way that candy isn't being eaten. For Christmas, a new computer.

Caren Crane said...

Hiya, Sandy, and welcome to the Lair! I'm excited to see you have a new time travel. I do love a good time travel story! Publishing seems to have a love/hate relationship with time travels, but there is always room for one done well like yours!

The greatest thing about writing Scottish historicals has to be the research. I would love to stow away in your trunk while you explore Scotland!

Andrea, I'm with you. If I bought Reese's peanut butter cups, they would have a half-life of 9 seconds in my house. *g*

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, now I'll be thinking about candy all day! I can't eat chocolate, even though I adore it, but in the absense of my real desire, I would go for candy corns for Halloween. Yum. Or maybe a few donuts (are they Halloween foods?).

For Christmas, I'd love to see a new laptop...but now I'm really in fantasy land!

Thanks for a great interview Sandy! Your book sounds like a great late-night, hot bath, stay-up-all-night read.

KJ Howe said...

Hi Sandy,

Welcome to the Bandita lair! We're thrilled to have you after hearing all of Suz's stories...all good, I assure you.

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I adore anything that mixes peanut butter and chocolate. I would definitely have to buy the candy the day of or it would be all gone.

As for Christmas, I'm headed to South Africa on safari, so I'm going to hope there aren't any unexpected visitors (read wild animals) at my holiday meal. LOL

Congrats on all your success! I can't wait to read those've intrigued me!

Sandy Blair said...

Good morning!! Thanks for all the lovely comments and my heartfelt thanks to Suzy for doing the interview. (My CP is the BEST!) It's so nice to hear so many of you enjoy time-travel. I recently offered a local independent bookseller an advanced copy and she said, "No thanks. I never read them." (Ouch, so much for her handselling it. Next stop B&N.)

Amy: I wish you a big fat six figure contract and do watch the drool. Don't want you to expire before you make the USA Today list.

Anna: Thanks for the welcome. I've been popping in now and again, just lurking and enjoying this site...which I hate to admit is better than my own. And thanks ever so much for the well wishes.

Christine: You're a girl after my own heart. I wish you a lovely Bon-bon Day, time to do naught but lay about reaading or doing whatever the heck you wish to do, instead of what you "have" to do.

Dannyfire: So pleased to hear you like my drool worthy hunk Nathan Kamp.

Dianna: One Highlander hunk coming up.

Joan: Ah, a woman with my appetites. (I'm not into peanuts either.)

At the rate you gals are wishing for Highlanders, there won't be any left on the auld sod the day after Christmas....but then who cares. I hope you enjoy the book. If you enjoyed "Kate and Leopold," you should love Claire and Sir Cameron MacLeod.

Andrea: LOL, at your cover comment. He is yummy. And I wish you handfuls of five digit B&N gift cards for Christmas.


Sandy Blair said...

Me again. (You guys sure are a chatty lot. I've been on blogs where I only had to respond to one question over an entire week.:)

Sara: Hi. You need a new coputer, huh? Are you an Apple or PC kinda gal? Santa needs to know.

Caren: I know what you mean about the industry's love-hate relationship with time travels. I can't tell you how many agents turned my first book down saying they wouldn't be able to place it. Thank God Paige Wheeler thought otherwise...and did.

I love the research. Another trip to Scotland is on my 2008 to-do list. Suzy and I almost made it last year but the trip fell through when my hubby changed employers. But this year, I'm going come hell or high water...and you're more than welcome to squeeze into my suitcase. (You'll just have to ask Suzy to move over over a wee bit.)

Kristen: (Love that name) Yup, donuts are Halloween fodder, at least in New England where I was raised. After trick or treating, you went to a friend's home, boobed for apples, swilled down gallons of cider and ate donuts until you were ready to explode.
And you need a computer as well, huh? My my, Santa is going to be loaded down in electronics this year. When I travel I still use my dh's old Compac, an oxymoron of a name if ever there was one. The bloody thing weighs 20 lbs.


Stacy S said...

Great interview. It sounds great & love the cover. Also, the new series of the sisters sound good. If I bought Halloween candy now? No way!! Unless it was something I really didn't like, but I can't think of any that I don't like. So sad. For Christmas I'd like this cute Coach purse (gotta work on the hubby on that one).

Anna Sugden said...

Hi Sandy and welcome to the Bandita's lair. Gorgeous cover!

I love Edinburgh too - such a beautiful and fun city. I adore the islands too ... Aran, Mull, Tyree etc. Where do you plan to go in '08?

As the Bandita Brit and a Sassenach at that, I'll pass on the Highlander under my tree. *grin*. Daniel Day Lewis though, mmmmm. Ick on the Scotch egg, Foanna.

Hallowe'en candy - Cadbury's chocolate from home (the real stuff not the Hershey's) wouldn't last until the big night, but most other chocolate would and candy would.

Kirsten I'm sure we could do Hallowe'en decorated donuts just for you.

For Christmas? I'd like a contract too, from Silhouette for my two hockey books. If not, perhaps a hunky hockey player (one of the men who inspired my books *wink*) would be nice.

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Good morning everyone. Hello Sandy. I did warn you the Bandits love to chat with our guests. Oh heck, we love to chat with each other, too. :) And the Aussies are always on early in the day, the California girls late in the day. So a Bandit guest has work to do alllllllllll day long.

Welcome Amy. Always nice to have another Aussie on board!

Hi Danny! I hope this is Danny from the SBFC board. If so...hello over in Europe. Glad to see you found the Bandit Lair.

Halloween candy: Whoppers. But this year, with the diet I'm on, I'd say any kind of Candy is on the endangered species list!

Christmas. Like all the other AYU's in Bandita-land, I'd like a nice juicy contract for any series of books I have. Historical...yes
Romantic Suspense...yes

Please Santa?

Hellie Sinclair said...

1.) No, the candy would probably be gone. *LOL* Halloween is a whole month away! Plenty of time to divvy up scads of candy into guiltless consumable amounts.

2.) A Highlander in a Kilt...but being that's a high commodity, I'll also take "At World's End", the third of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies would be an acceptable substitute. If someone wanted to wrap up Jack Sparrow and put him under my tree, I'd like that even better than the Highlander...

Hellie Sinclair said...

*tsking* She talks about Scotland, highlanders, Kate & Leopold, and Daniel Day Lewis and thinks we'll be QUIET? That's just funny....

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

I just finished ordering all of your books Sandy, I will pace myself so I can get the newest one just as I finish the others..Can't wait for the postman now!

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Hey Sara, I thought I saw you over there! Welcome to the Lair. Watch out for Banditas in bucket boots swinging from the rafters.

Sandy, if you go to Scotland again this year, I definitely want to hide in the suitcase!!!!!

Since I get Sandy's MS before her editor I always get to enjoy the story before anyone else. Sometimes we talk over scenes over the phone, especially if she's stumped. and I'll make a wee suggestion. This happened in A Thief In A Kilt. The heroine needed to escape with the nearly dead hero--a large and heavy man--and the wagon idea didn't make much sense. So I suggested they go out by boat, since that's the way they came in...

Next thing I know Sandy has taken the idea and run with it...the most hilarious scene evolved from her brain of the heroine in a row boat! I hadn't even considered the funny factor when I suggested it.

If you haven't read that book, you truly need to get your hands on a copy. I laughed my way through it!!

A HIGLANDER FOR CHRISTMAS has some surprises like that throughout it, too!

brownone said...

Wow!! What a cover!! The book sounds interesting too!!

As for me, lets just say I have a weakness for Cadbury ANYTHING!!

And for Christmas this year...I want an I Pod Nano! I've been hoping for one for my anniversary but my husband is SO dense!!

jo robertson said...

Ah, Sandy, your book sounds intriguing! Welcome to the Bandit Lair.

To preserve my health LOL, I only buy Halloween candy that I do not like. Takes quite a search as you can imagine. The temptation is too great!

What I want for Christmas can't be put under the tree -- a renovated bathroom. Very big sigh!

Claudia Dain said...

Congrats, Sandy! In my opinion, there can never be enough stories about Scottish men, so keep 'em coming.

Halloween candy...I have it bad for peanut M&Ms so I don't hold out much hope that they'd last past, oh, say, noon today?

I'm with you on DDLewis, running through the woods in LOTM. Wow. He was so beautiful in that film. How about that lacrosse scene? Yum.

Karen H said...

Would there be any left to give away on Halloween?

NOPE, if I want any candy left to give out at Halloween, it cannot, repeat, cannot be my favorite(s)!

And what are you hoping to find under the Christmas tree this year?

A copy of your book would be nice. I love time-travel books, usually modern to past are what I read, but past to modern theme of this one sounds great.

Beth Andrews said...

Welcome to the Lair, Sandy! Your books sound wonderful *g* Best of luck with your new series as well!

Let's favorite candy at Halloween or any time is peanut or almond M&M's. Yes, they would last until Halloween unless the family discovered them then they'd be gone in a day :-) Which is why any candy meant for giving out to trick-or-treaters has to be something the kids and husband don't like!

For Christmas I'd love a laptop! Can you put in a good word for Santa for me?

Great interview!

Donna MacMeans said...

Hi Sandy - Your books sounds yummy. I've been in love with time travels since I read OUTLANDER. What do you find is the most challenging, most difficult part of writing them?

I have a weakness for anything sweet esp. covered with chocolate, so I'll be (over)buying my Halloween candy pretty late and then handing it out in gobs so I don't have much left when the night is over.

Christmas - a clean office would be nice, but unlikely so I'm pulling for a bigger bookcase. I use this other midsize number to hold all the Bandita books to come out over the next year.

Beth Andrews said...

Kirsten, donuts are a Fall/Halloween staple around these parts! As school kids we'd go to the cider mill and have fresh cider and cake donuts just about every October *g*

For me, I can pass up donuts but I absolutely love pumpkin muffins! So yummy :-)

Donna MacMeans said...

Kim - You're heading to South Africa? I didn't realize you were a Safari girl. How exciting!

CrystalGB said...

Great interview. What a great cover.
I would have to pass on the candy. I can't afford to gain any more weight.
I want a china cabinet for Christmas.

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Welcome Sandy! We've been looking forward to having you join us here in the lair. Can't wait to get my hands on your new book!

And LOL! Suz, you know us very well. Yes, our Oz girls show up in what is the wee hours for the rest of us. Then the East Coasters, Mid-Westerners and those freaks of nature... er um, Early Risers from the West Coast. And now the rest of us!

I TRY to be good about rationing out any candy that finds its way into my house, but if it is my FAVE stuff (Milky Way Dark, anyone?) FERGITABOUTIT! And I'm getting EXACTLY what I want for Xmas -- another cruise to Mexico! This will be the third year in a row we've gone during the holidays and I LOVE IT! Of course if a Highlander, low-lander or any hunk with Celtic blood found his way under my Xmas tree, I wouldn't turn him away...


Cassondra said...

Hi Sandy!

Thanks for being our Bandita guest! Ah, Daniel Day Lewis--you hit upon the ONE. ONLY in LOTM, but that film has inspired many a daydream for this writer. (grin) Edinburgh is my favorite spot in Scotland--other than the northwest coasts where the waves are the most marvelous shade of pale green--never seen it anywhere else in the world (not that I've been lots of places). My ancestry is almost pure Scot, so when I was there, I felt that thing some people call "ancestral memory" kick in. I get homesick for Scotland even today. Try to ease the itch with celtic music and regular visits to Highland games, which are popular across the upper south.

It is indeed a gorgeous (HOT)cover you have there, and I'm going looking for it. You've done Clan Blair proud!

For Christmas I'd love a laptop as well--but even more, I'd love an organized house. Wish I could buy that--but alas, it's up to me to do it myself. Oh, and a few more hours in the day would be nice--which would leave a few for relaxing and more great reads!

Suz, great interview, and thanks for bringing Sandy and her gorgeous Scots to the lair.

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Claudia, how about that amazing kiss on the ramparts while that wonderful Scottish music played in LOTM? Real drool material (for a moment there, I almost rivalled Amy in the drool stakes!). Ms Hellion, you are so right? As if we'd be quiet when these topics are like sticks poked at a caged lioness! Sandy, had to laugh at your no cuties left on the auld sod. I thought, I bet the auld sods are left behind though!

Suzanne Ferrell said...

OMG the music from LOTM! There's a football comercial running now that features that song, and I swear the minute I hear it, I no longer see football players crashing and running, but DDL running through the woods. As my friend Franny Karkosak says, "YUMM-O"!!

Tracy Garrett said...

Hi Sandy!

I have Highlander sitting right next to me - can't wait to dig in.

My favorite Halloween candy is Brach's candy corn, no other brand will do. And of course there will be some left - I'll just buy another bag when this one is gone. :-)

I'm with Andrea W on Xmas - but, Andrea, how do you get your family to believe you really want a gc to a bookstore? Mine think I'm kidding. Sigh!

Susan Sey said...

Hi, Sandy--
Thanks for dropping by the lair! Your books sound fabulous. I have a soft spot for men in skirts who have no feminine side. :-) (What can I say? I love the irony.)

I think somebody said it already, but I only buy halloween candy I don't like, so as to save myself the poundage on my rear. But last year I bought these carmel filled chocolate balls -- super cheap & wrapped to look like eyeballs, which I thought would be enough of a deterrent. Um, no. They were actually quite delicious, I'm sad to report.

As for Christmas, I want to finish revisions on my latest WIP so I can finally, finally be done & move along to something else. Anything else, at this point...


Suzanne Ferrell said...

My bad...Sandy and I talked about how this time travel was like Kate & Leopold, but Cam is more relaxed than Hugh's character was in the movie. (I accidentally left it out of the interview..Sorry Sandy!) I did like that fish out of water movie.

What would be the first thing you'd show a Highlander who traveled to your city? (Besides your bed, ladies!)

Buffie said...

Hey Sandy!!! I just picked up your book today and I can't wait to dig into it. I love how you write hot highlanders -- sure wish I'd find one under my Christmas tree this year, but I think the hubby might be a little upset :)

Anyway, congrats on all your success and keep those highlanders coming.

Anna Campbell said...

Sandy, I'd love to know where you're going when you hit Scotland next year. I had a week and a bit there in June - Edinburgh and Morar on the coast opposite the Small Isles at the bottom tip of the Isle of Skye. Heaven on a stick!

Sandy, I thnk I'd take my Highlander to see the rainforest in the hinterland behind the coast. It's something so completely different to anything you see in Scotland. And so beautiful. With luck, he'd see the little wallabies that live there (I did last time I visited) and possums and the beautiful native birds. He'd certainly hear those if he didn't see them! They're noisy guys!

Hey, VAnna, this is for you - the sun's just coming up and the kookaburras are going nutsoid! Wish you were a bit closer so you could hear them! It's a wonderful sound to start the day with!

Andrea said...

Tracy said: I'm with Andrea W on Xmas - but, Andrea, how do you get your family to believe you really want a gc to a bookstore? Mine think I'm kidding. Sigh!

LOL! Tracy, I don't give them much choice. They believe me because gift cards are all that I ask for! :)

Anna Sugden said...

*sigh* Foanna - wish I lived closer so I could hear the kookaburras too.

What would I show a highlander in my home town? *evil grin* I wonder what I could find in Cambridge that would interest him?! Stuff on Culloden perhaps.

I don't think there's much to interest him in this part of NJ. Unless he liked hockey. he he.

Caren Crane said...

Oh, I forgot my Christmas wish! I'm with Cassondra on wanting an organized house and knowing that
won't happen. *g*

What I would really love for Christmas is to win the Powerball. Then I could stay home and write, while my investments accrue lots of lovely interest. *sigh* I'm easy to please, really!

And if a hot Scot turned up suddenly, I think I would take him to the grocery store. Can you imagine how freaky Kroger would be if you had never seen a grocery store?! (Plus, William Shatner started there with his rich girl in "Common People", so there is a precedent. Ha!)

Shari C said...

Sadly, there would probably be no Halloween candy left as I have a terrible sweet tooth.

I would love to have my husband surprise me with tickets for a cruise for Christmas...I have a very vivid imagination if I believe that would happen...ha,ha. Oh well, I can dream, can't I.

Helen said...

Love the interview and the books sound hot and wonderful and I love the covers.I love any sort of chocolate and am very fond of most lollies (candy) as for Christmas I love getting new books to read and leave plenty of hints to my family on which ones to buy for me so as I can laze away the hot days in the AC with a good book yum my way to relax.
Have Fun

Joan said...

What would I show a Highlander? You mean after I show him the lovely new paint color in my bed...

Um...excuse me...

I'd take him to a movie, buy him hot, buttered popcorn :-)

Kate Carlisle said...

Hi Sandy! I'm one of the late West Coast girls. It's great to see you here! Yes, we're a chatty bunch, aren't we? LOL

I love Scotland and all things Scottish--especially Scotsmen! I can't wait to read your Christmas book - and oh yes, the cover is really fabulous! And Kate & Leopold....sigh. Can't wait!

Hmm, under the Christmas tree, right next to my new IPOD NANO, I'd love to find two tickets to Scotland, please. It's way past time for me to get back there!

And like Aunty, I'm a Milky Way girl, and if I had a bag of those babies today, there would be nothing left by Halloween. Oh, why be coy? There'd be nothing left by TOMORROW! ;-)

Keira Soleore said...

Sandy, welcome to the Banditas!! Unlike the down-unders, I'm always late to the party...

I loved meeting you at the RWA book signing in Dallas. And I have the cutest photo of you with the bear and the book.

Thank goodness for those HAWT highlanders. I mean, who can resist one in a kilt? And my heart went out to poor Cameron. Four hundred years is a looooooong time to do without, if you know what I mean?!

Sandy wrote, "Medieval Scotland was also a fertile place for clever and determined women."

Aha! Absolutely! Those women had no time to be fragile shrinking wallflowers. Either you had courage or you perished.

Sandy, mention DD Lewis and LotM in one sentence and you not only set my heart aflutter but you also catapult up to my short list of favorite people. :) How about The Butler in a kilt?

For Christmas? Well, I've been dropping hints like mad about a camera that doesn't break my purse and arm (Remember the dinosaur from Dallas?) and/or an iPod Shuffle. Halloween candy? It usually doesn't go through my lips and on my hips, but straight into the kids' pumpkins. Anything remaining is inflicted on hubby's colleagues at work.

Sue A. said...

Great interview! I love historicals!

Amy Andrews said...

Anna Campbell - wash your mouth out!! If your going to take your highlander on the tourist trek then you soooo dont deserve him. Hand him over :-)
Joan defintely had the right idea. No way would a highlander get outside my house. Not if he looked like Sandy's cover.

Amy Andrews

Cherie J said...

Wow! What an awesome cover! Sounds like a great book.

I try to wait to buy Halloween candy until as late as possible to avoid temptation. I usually get Snickers bars because it is my favorite so I want to be able to enjoy the leftovers and we always have some leftover candy since we live in a rural area.

For Christmas I am hoping for an ebbok reader. I have been a good girl. :-)

Anna Campbell said...

Amy, Sandy said AFTER I'd had a chance to tie him to my four poster! Believe me, the rainforest isn't going to be my first port of call! But as Joan Rivers said once when she was talking about Dudley Moore and his penchant for very young, very blonde women, "Some time you've got to sit up and start talking!"

Jo Davis said...

Hey, Sandy!

Dropping by to say hello!

Banditas, if you've not yet read HIGHLANDER FOR CHRISTMAS, you're in for a real treat! I just finished reading my copy, and I laughed, cried...wonderful!

For Halloween candy, Bit O' Honeys are not safe at all around me! I love them.

Under my Christmas tree...oh, what a dangerous question for a devious mind. I'll take Nathan Kamp from Sandy's cover, wrapped in a bow!!


Amy Andrews said...

Okay - think I've figured out how this thing will come up with my name now.

Okay Anna, yes, tying to a four-poster. Atta girl.

Thanks Sandy for your Xmas wish. 6 figures. Drooling again.

FilmPhan said...

I do believe your first book, "Man in a Kilt" was the first romance I ever read. While I was at Walmart, I decided to give it a try because it sounded fun and that hot neon yellow cover on it was kind of hard to miss. It was great and got me completely hooked on romances.

As for my favorite Halloween candy, it's a hard choice but I'm going to have to with big sugary suckers. I mean I love chocolate and all but that extra bag that wasn't passed out can last a lot longer than any bag of Reese's can. And it really helps cut back on the nail biting habit.

Nathalie said...

I love chocolate... so there would be none left!

And I am expecting nothing for christmas. I usually receive not much so I don't put my expectations too high :(

Lily said...

I love caramel and usually on Halloween I buy tons.

For christmas I want... just relax and not work because I usually work the 25th.

Caren Crane said...

Nathalie, you made me sad! All Banditas should get magnificent presents. Who should we beat up to make sure you get one? *g*

Lily, when I was little, my favorite candy was Brach's caramel squares! I still love them and started drooling (joining Amy and Foanna in the drool pool!) when I read your post. Caramel--it needs no accompaniment!

doglady said...

Sandy, I took a class from you online a few months ago! You are a great teacher and I really enjoyed it! I have to confess that as I work at Wal-Mart I am already in Halloween trouble BIG TIME. No, there would NOT be any Reese's Halloween Pumpkins left by Halloween. There would not be any left by next week! Under my tree? You mean besides a highlander in a kilt? Well, a nice contract for my novel would be nice. Reese's Chocolate Christmas Trees (see the pattern here?) and a nice Scottish claymore. Hey, I collect swords and battle axes, so sue me! The new series sounds like a winner. I have to agree with you about Edinburgh. I was there in 1982 in March and I still haven't thawed out, but it is a truly fascinating city. Can't wait to read the newest book!

Suzanne Ferrell said...'ll love Highlander For Christmas then, the sword plays a major role in things!

Hi Jo!! enjoyed lunch with you today! And how did I know you'd want the cover model for this book?

Nathalie..I agree with Caren..Bandits should always get something they want for Christmas!! I take no chances...each child is given a specific item.

Thanks everyone for coming and chatting with us today!

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Well, just got an e-mail from Sandy, who is in California and not on her regular computer here in Texas. She's been reading all your responses, but Blogger is being extra mean tonight, so she's having a bit of trouble talking with us.

Here are some of her answers for y'all!

Hi Again.

Jo: I do hope Santa listens. A new bathroom would doubtless make your whole year. (It made mine after I'd whined for 9 yrs.)

Dianna: Why, thank you. I hope you enjoy my we tales.

Brownone: Would you believe my hubby just gave his I Pod to our son...said he could never find time to use it. (Wish he'd thought to ask if I wanted it.) But Alex will use it more often than I would so...

Karen: I hope to find a Grand Central contract for my contemporary series under the tree. 'Twould be lovely!

Donna: Like any book the hardest part of writing time-travel is crafting those first three chapters where the magic between reader and characters ignites. Where the reader has to suspend their imagination in order to become one with the characterizations, empathize and lust after.


Sandy Blair said...

Hi All!!!!!!!

I've had a bear of a time posting today. (I'm not being paranoid when I tell you Google HATES me. I can't even get into my own Zebra author loop files, because Google won't accept my %$#@ password 99% of the time.)

I sent responses to Suzy in the hopes that she'd post them for me but I don't see them so.....I love you all, I thank those of you who adore Highlanders as much as I do, and pray that you all have contracts/new releases this coming year.

That said, you need to write what you love to read and read what you love to write, so you know the difference between really good and just okay. Why? Because you have a lot of competition out there.

Seems everyone with a computer has a tale to tell these days. Some will do so with an innate flair. Some will do it because they've taken every class out there. Some will do it so poorly that they'd you'd cringe. But no matter how they're doing it, they're all competeing for the same few slots you are.

Did you hear that Borders Express has cut back shelf space for Romances? Ya. As of now! Why? Because they're selling fewer romances. Sooooo, you need to be better, bolder, bigger than perhaps even you thought you could be if you plan to keep writing. Push the envelope, ladies. Push it until the paper tears apart. I know you can do it. I've had the pleasure of reading some of your stuff in contests, had some of you in classes, or have read your pub'd books (Suzy keeps me updated.)

That said, never--ever--give up hope. You can and will realize you dream if you believe in your abilities as a storyteller, if you feel the words down deep in your gut. If you aren't laughing---or crying--as you type those turning point scenes, your readers won't either. Truth to tell, it's the laughter and tears that bring 'em back for more, time and again. It's why I read Lorraine Heath, Maggie Osborne and Julie Garwood to name but a few. They make me laug...and cry.

Love you all, and if you do get a chance to read one of my books, do let me know what you thought. (Those 4 typos you'll fingd in A Highlander...not mine, I swear. )

Hugs and Merry Christmas,

Sandy Blair said...

I just re-read what I posted and saw a dozen typos. Ack!

Anonymous said...


I'm so glad I swang (is that a word?!) by tonight and saw your last post. So inspiring (BIG KISSES to Suz for bringing such a lovely and talented friend like you to the Lair) and almost made me cry. Not that it's hard to make me cry, but still...thanks for the dual shot of inspiration and kick in the pants. :-)

I was kinda kidding about the Halloween donuts, but you all inspired me to seek out donut excellence for ALL SEASONS. And I was amazed at what I found! If you're a donut nut (heehee!) like me, check this out:

A whole blog dedicated to pictures of halloween donuts. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Keira--the Top Pot pumpkin donut got special mention in the donut blog. But we could have told him that, right? :-)

ChristyJan said...

Hi Sandy

Great interview!

I've been buying "Halloween Candy" for months now ~ but I keep running out and having to go and buy more.

I'm wishing and hoping for gift certificates for pedicures and massages for Christmas this year.

Keira Soleore said...


ow, my sides hurt from all that laughing

...a donut blog?!?! Only *you* could've sussed that out.

A big YUM for the Top Pot donut.

Unknown said...

Hi Sandy- I enjoyed reading your interview!

There would definitely NOT be any Halloween candy left! Both me and my hubby are big sweet addicts.

What I'm hoping for from Santa? Books and a printer. And for everyone to have a safe and Merry Christmas!

Unknown said...

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