Thursday, September 20, 2007

Movie Favorites

By Beth Andrews

As I was trying to come up with a scintillating, interesting, informative and relevant topic to blog about, I thought of Debrah Williamson's wonderful post yesterday on screenwriting and the use of irony in books and films. Which in turn led me to think about my favorite movies and the use (or lack thereof) of ironic elements in those films. Which led me to think of my favorite heroes in those favorite movies.

Which is how I decided to blog about ten of my all time favorite movie heroes.

I know. My thought process is a scary thing *g*

So, in no particular order, (and though I don't usually refer to myself in the third person) here are Ten of Beth's All Time Favorite Movie Heroes And Why They Are Her Favorites:

1. Clark Gable as Peter Warne in It Happened One Night. Why? The scene where he gets undressed in front of Ellie (the spoiled heroine). Also, when Ellie's father asks Peter if he loves her he replies: "YES! But don't hold that against me, I'm a little screwy myself!"

2. James Stewart as George Bailey in It's A Wonderful Life. Why? "What do you want, Mary? Do you want the moon? If you want it, I'll throw a lasso around it and pull it down for you. Hey! That's a pretty good idea! I'll give you the moon, Mary. " *sigh*

3. Christopher Reeve as Clark Kent/Superman in the Superman movies. Why? Those blue eyes.

4. Harrison Ford as Han Solo in the original Star Wars movies. Why? That crooked smile.

5. Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones in all the Indiana Jones' movies. How do I love, Indiana? Oh, let me count the ways *g* That hat. The whip. The way that one guy does his fancy moves with his broadsword and Indy simply takes out his gun and shoots him *g* Oh, and the scene where the heroine is bandaging him and she kisses all his 'hurts' ending on his lips :-)

6. John Travolta as Danny Zuko in Grease. Why? He's the one that I want. Oohh, oohh, oohh, honey! He sang. He danced. He was a bad boy with a heart of gold *g*

7. Patrick Swayze as Johnny Castle in Dirty Dancing. Why? "Nobody puts Baby in a corner." Plus, another bad boy with a heart of gold who could shake his groove thang (I'm seeing a pattern here *g*)

8. Colin Firth as Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones' Diary. Why? The same intensity he showed in Pride and Prejudice, plus he tells Bridget, "I like you, very much."

9. Josh Lucas as Jake Perry in Sweet Home Alabama. Why? I adore his portrayal of a laid-back Southern boy who's loved the same girl from the time they were kids.

10. Matt Damon as Jasoun Bourne in The Bourne Identity. Why? He may not know who he is but Bourne is smart, a bit dangerous and more than capable of taking care of Marie - the woman he comes to love - and himself . And I love the scene where they're cutting and coloring Marie's hair - great sexual tension which leads to their first kiss *g*

Okay, that's my list. What about you? Who are some of your favorite movie heroes and why are they your favorites? I'd love to know :-)


Caren Crane said...

Beth, I have to go with Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy in the A&E "Pride and Prejudice". Why? The uncomfortable arrogance, the vulnerability in his big brown eyes. The tight breeches. The wet clothes after the dip in the pond...Oh, sorry. So many reasons!

Also, Kurt Russell in "Big Trouble in Little China" or "Stargate" or "Escape From New York" or--oh, any Kurt movie. Why? Those killer eyes, the strong jaw, the ripped body. Name a body part! He also manages to be macho, funny and just a bit vulnerable in almost everything he does. I love that!

Samara Leigh said...

What a fun subject! I totally agree with you on Harrison Ford as Indy, Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy in Both Bridget Jones' Diary and Pride & Prejudice, and Matt Damon as Jason Bourne.

Movie Heroes I'd have to add are Mark Wahlberg as Charlie Croker in Italian Job - a lovable bandit with a big heart.

Jason Statham as Frank Martin in The Transporter (the original).

Toby Maguire as Peter Parker/Spider-Man. I love him because he is a reluctant hero. He's sensitive, with typical human frailties. Yet he manages to come out on top.

Jeffrey Donovan as Michael Westen in Burn Notice. (Okay, it's not a movie. It's a TV show. But he just might be my new all-time favorite action hero). Damaged. Sexy. Vulnerable. Smart. Goes for a 0 body count. This dude is HOT.

Caren Crane said...

Hi, Samara, and welcome to the Lair! I'm so glad you mentioned Jason Statham. I adore him! I first noticed him in "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels", which was so much fun! He is kind of a smolderer. I do love a man who smolders!

Haven't checked out Burn Notice (you will soon find out I don't really watch TV), but I'll have to put Season 1 in my Netflix queue. Does Jeffrey smolder? *g*

Joan said...

Great post Beth and one I'll have to think about as I head out for lunch and ahem, hair color enhancement :-)

But off hand Viggo and Orlando in LOTR (I swear I worry something is wrong with me, but when that pointy eared elf hottie draws back his bow...)

And Clive Owen and the Welsh guy (can't think of his name Arrghh) in Arthur....

More to come as I ponder...

Beth Andrews said...

Caren, I agree with you on both counts! I love those yearning looks Mr. Darcy gives Elizabeth *sigh* The tight breeches and wet clothes don't hurt either ;-)

And Kurt Russell is very appealing with his looks and his humor *g*

Glad you joined us, Samara! It's funny you mentioned Mark Wahlberg and Toby Maguire as they are on my runner-up list *g*

I've never watched Burn Notice but have seen a few commercials advertising it. Now, with your recommendation, I'll be sure to catch it the next time it's on ;-) I'm always on the look out for new heroes to add to my favorite list!

Susan Sey said...

Oh, I have to add Mr. Knightley. Jeremy Northham, from the '96 movie version of Emma? Yummy. I love the "Badly done, Emma!" scene, where he rebukes Emma for taking a cheap shot at a family friend. He says & I quote: "It is not pleasant for me to say these things, but I must tell you the truth while I still can, proving myself your friend by the most faithful counsel, trusting that sometime you will do my faith in you greater justice that you do it now." Translation? Maybe your new, cool friends think you're clever, but the people who really love you (ME, EMMA!!) know you're better than this. Now grow up & act like it." *sigh* I'm a sucker for the principaled guy...

Beth Andrews said...

Hmm...okay, adding The Transporter to my Must Watch List *g*

Great choices, Joan! I go for Viggo in LOTR but I prefer Orlando in Pirates *g* And I loved Clive in Arthur as well as Ioan Gruffudd (is that who you're thinking of?) as Lancelot :-)

With all these great suggestions, I might have to change to: TWENTY of Beth's All Time Favorite Movie Heroes :-)

Beth Andrews said...

Susan, that is my favorite scene in Emma as well! It's so obvious how much he loves Emma and how much it pains him to rebuke her but he can't stand by and say nothing *g*

Hellie Sinclair said...

1. Mel Gibson: William Wallace (Braveheart) "I love you; I always have...I want to marry you." I want you to marry me too, Mel!

2. Will Ferrell: Harold Crick (Stranger Than Fiction)--when he harnesses his insecurities and plays that song on the guitar for the cookie lady. He kept saying no, maybe next time--then realized, "Might not be a next time"--and he closed his eyes and just played. A Heroic Moment. And it totally paid off--because she jumped him.

3. George Clooney: Danny Ocean (Ocean's 11). Simply because this is viable proof there is a God and he's very good to have given us George in formal wear! Plus that smile. *swoons*

4. Johnny Depp: Jack Sparrow (POTC). How can I resist, mate? The puppy dog behavior, the witty banter, his love of rum...he's my match made in heaven.

5. Johnny Depp: Roux (Chocolat). "Maybe I can round sometime and get that squeak out of your door..."

6. Alan Rickman: Colonel Brandon (Sense & Sensibility). THE definitive Austen hero right after Colin Firth. Or maybe on par. The wounded looks. The yearning. The "Give me an occupation or I shall run mad." When Marianne finally marries him in the end, I was screaming so happily.

7. James Purefoy: Rawdon (Vanity Fair). He was so beautiful--and so in love with her. *sighs* He was just so tragic. I wanted a happier ending for him.

8.) Cary Grant. You know I don't care who he's playing--he's always suave, witty, and handsome. Beautiful!

9.) James Garner. I've always crushed on him in movies--I think he was particularly cute in "Thrill of It All"--he's dashing looking, but looks very steady, like good husband material. Apparently he is! He's been married forever!

10.) Dick Van Dyke: Bert (Mary Poppins). I remember watching this as a kid and thinking, "I'd like him for a husband. He's handsome, funny, fun, and he can sing the most charming songs." I always thought it a shame he and Mary didn't hook up.

I have to agree about the other movies you listed--I do love me some Harrison Ford!! :)

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Heroes. It is a favorite topic among us Bandits, isn't it? Big grin.

Hello Samara!! Welcome to the Bandit Lair. Please watch for Aunty Cindy swinging in from the rafters and the blade weilding Cassondra!

I adore Indiana Jones, and can't wait for #4 to come out. The man will always be sexy to me. And I agree with Joan about Clive and Ioan Gruffudd in Arthur. The other knights weren't too hard on the eyes either! Then there's always Mr. Darcy...either version, either actor!!

And I have a soft spot for perenial bad boy Sean Bean. Sigh. Especially in the Sharpe series.

How about Robert Redford in Jeremiah Johnson or Three Days of the Condor? mmmmmmm-mmmmmm

Trish Milburn said...

Okay, you all KNOW I'm going to say Orlando in the Pirates movies, right? The scene where Will Turning is on the Flying Dutchman talking to his father and his father says he's giving up a lot for one day (with Elizabeth), Will says, "Depends on the one day." Oh, dreamy sigh!

Totally agree about Indy. I so had a thing for him when all those early Indy movies came out. I'm sure I'll like the new Indy movie too, but it's not quite the same anymore. Now I realize he's as old as my mom.

A reluctant hero I like is the character Frank Towns played by Dennis Quaid in Flight of the Phoenix.

Trish Milburn said...

Geez, that should be Will Turner, not Turning. I'm typing too fast.

Stacy S said...

Richard Gere in just about anything, Gabriel Byrne. They are both great actors and pretty hot for older men. I have to agree with Samara about Jeffery Donovan. He's pretty hot. And of course Gerad Bulter.

Susan Sey said...


Bert! Yes!! I love Bert! And now that my daughter is a Mary Poppins addict I've had the opportunity to watch the movie as an adult (many, many, MANY times). Let me tell you, the "Jolly Holiday with Mary" song? Where they're crossing the bridge in the chalk painting & Mary's singing about Bert being a gentleman ("you'd never think of pressing your advantage/forbearance is the hallmark of your creed/a lady needn't fear when you are near/your sweet gentility is crystal clear)? Yeah, watch that scene. Sexual tension galore! You can totally see Bert, all disappointed, thinking, "I am SO not getting any from this girl." :-)

Buffie said...

Wow, Beth, you really picked some wonderful movies!!! Especially Matt Damon in Bourne. I loved all 3 movies!! And you really should watch The Transporter. Jason is pretty hot. I think all of the ladies have done a great job, and I really can't think of any others.

Hey Trish -- will be you attending the M&M conference next week in Atlanta? I'm planning on going to the author signing on the 29th.

Anna Sugden said...

Great topic, Beth. Most of my favourites have already been mentioned! These aren't in order - just a list.

1. Cary Grant in Charade or The Philadelphia Story or My Favourite Wife.

2. Kurt Russell in Overboard

3. Paul Newman (those eyes) in The Sting.

4. Rock Hudson in Pillow Talk.

5. James Stewart in Shop Around the Corner.

6. Errol Flynn in Captain Blood

7. Tom Cruise/Val Kilmer et al in Top Gun

8. Matthew McConnaughey in How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days

9. Tom Hanks in You've Got Mail

10. Tom Berenger in Someone to Watch Over Me or Shattered

And to finish off - Alan Rickman and Sam Elliott can read me bedtime stories any time!

Tawny said...

The ever-so-yummy Johnny Depp. Always *sigh*

oh wait, you want the hero...

Captain Jack... the sexiest eye-liner wearing pirate to ever sail the seven seas.

Edward Scissorhands... innocently sexy and cute!

Roux... My perfect Gypsy

Don Juan... Oh yum.

Willie Wonka... the dude is like the chocolate king, need I say more?

JM Barrie... So well done, the ultimate writer.

Sam... swinging on that ledge was soooo romantic.

Gilbert Grape.. his devotion to family comes through in so many of his roles.

And the very first.... Officer Tom Hanson. Le Sigh

I love me some Johnny

Trish Milburn said...

Yeah, Buffie, I'll be there. I'm really looking forward to it.

Caren Crane said...

Yes to Jeremy Northam in "Emma". I just watched that a few weeks ago!

James Garner was so handsome when he was on "The Rockford Files". I was a young girl, but I loved to watch him and listen to his deep, growly voice. *sigh*

Cary Grant in "An Affair To Remember". Oh, my.

Brendan Fraser in the Mummy movies. He loves Evelyn so much and is so clever, daring and handy with weapons and whatnot. I love Brendan Fraser and he has so few roles that showcase his talent! He is not just a big, dumb, cute guy (though he plays them really, really well *g*). You guys know my devotion to Oded Fehr, his tattooed sidekick, all too well. Not sure how heroic he was, but dang he's fine!!

Donna MacMeans said...

You guys have already mentioned all my favorites. I'm reading and sighing and getting tingly all over. I'll toss in some oldies but goodies -

Sean Connery - The man has the most amazing eyebrows. THey can express anything. I adore all his movies (except that Victorian superhero one - that was just silly).

Speaking of James Bond, that Daniel Craig can fill out a swim suit. Dear Heavens!

Pierce Brosnan in Remington Steele and what's-his-face in Moonlighting (Demi Moore's ex? sorry, having brain freeze)

Hugh Grant - he has that sad puppy dog expression that melts my heart. Loved him in Love Actually.

Speaking of Love Actually - how about the character who was secretly in love with his best friend's bride (Keira Knightly) and finally tells her silently with placards.

John Wayne in the Quiet Man & THe Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. Strong, honest, reliable but vulnerable as well.

Beth Andrews said...

Oh, mshellion, I love your list of ten! I haven't seen Stranger Than Fiction but I do like Will Ferell *g*

I'd add Mel to the list as well as Cary Grant (so handsome and so funny! Love a man that can make me laugh *g*) I adored Johnny Depp in POTC and Chocolat! Less camp than his pirate-persona but so sexy ;-)

All of these great ideas make me want to ditch my revisions in favor or rewatching some of my favorites! Must. Resist. The Video. Store.


Beth Andrews said...

I admit I haven't seen many Robert Redford films, Suz, but I'd happily add Paul Newman to any list of faves *g*

Yes, Trish, Harrison is a bit (cough cough) older than us but I had SUCH a crush on him when Radiers Of The Lost Ark came out. I don't want to outgrow him *g*

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

GRRREAT Topic, Beth! Yes, we Banditas LUVRE our heroes!

Okay, my #1 pick...BIG SURPRISE -- NOT! Eric Bana as Hector in "Troy" or David Banner in "The Hulk" or Lotto in "The Nugget"...I confess I even liked him as Huck in the otherwise forgettable "Lucky You!" The scene in Troy where he's holding his infant son just about did me in. And in "Munich" when his character talks to his toddler daughter on the phone and begins to cry... (AC slaps self to get back on track.)

Gerard Butler in "Dear Frankie" which is one of my FAVE MOVIES OF ALL TIME! When Frankie throws his arms around him to thank him for the book, the look on Gerry's face is PERFECT and PRICELESS.

Clive Owen in "Children of God" when he is the ultimate reluctant hero... hmmm, Aunty is beginning to sense a trend here, Hero as Protector, esp. of children.

Alan Rickman in Sense & Sensibility was TO DIE FOR, but I LOVE him as the bad guy even more.

And I've LOVED Kurt Russell since he was a child actor in those Disney movies. "The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes" anyone?!?! I do think "Overboard" is one of my favorites though.

Oh, and one more Hero Protector, Denzel Washington in "Man On Fire" or about a dozen other movies I could name. No words necessary, just a close up of that GORGEOUS FACE!

Whew! Aunty is off to take a cold shower now. Thanx a BUNCH for the visuals everyone,

Donna MacMeans said...

Hugh Jackman! How could we have missed him. Loved him in Kate and Leopold.

Beth - you must see Stranger Than Fiction. It's a wonderful "writer" movie. Of course, I relate as well to Harold Crick, accountant. I swear the movie was made for me.

Beth Andrews said...

Stacy - I've only seen Gerard Butler in Dear Frankie but I loved him as the quiet hero! That drawn out kiss with the single mom heroine before he leaves? So sexy! *big sigh*

Buffie, I haven't seen the third Bourne movie but I will and I'll add The Transporter to my rapidly growing Must Rent Movie List :-)

Anna, as always we have similar tastes *g* I love Tom Hanks in Sleepless in Seattle. Another movie I could watch over and over again :-)

Uh, Tawny? Sweetie, your Johnny obsession is showing *ggg* Yes to all of Johnny's roles! Okay, maybe not that psycho killer guy he played in Once Upon a Time In Mexico (he scared me) but I'll give you 21 Jump Street ;-)

Beth Andrews said...

Caren, I absolutely agree with you about Brendan Frasier! Love him in The Mummy movies as well as Blast From The Past and With Honors *g*

Donna, I love Love Actually *g* I didn't put it on my list because there are too many wonderful heroes in it! Hugh Grant, Colin Firth again (this time falling in love although he and his love don't speak the same language) and Liam Neeson's story line about him and his stepson is so great :-)

AC, Eric Bana was THE reason to sit through Troy, in my opinion *g*

Making a note to myself to rent Man On Fire and Stranger Than Fiction :-)

Caren Crane said...

Oh, Aunty, Denzel! He is gorgeous, of course, but he also has the kindest eyes on the planet. He always plays such a stand-up hero--and when he doesn't, I don't like it!

I will admit to having a penchant for funny guys: Will Ferrell, Brendan Fraser, Kurt Russell, Will Smith(!), Tom Hanks, Tom Selleck(!), Nathan Fillion, Dick Van Dyke. Name a funny, handsome man and I'm sure to be a fan!

Anna Sugden said...

Oooh I forgot another bedtime story voice - the lovely John Hannah! (Four Weddings)

Sorry Donna - can't agree on Sean Connery - not since he proudly admitted slapping his wife around!

Someone mentioned Hugh Jackman? Oh yes - especially in Van Helsing!

jo robertson said...

Love this topic, WonderBeth! I seriously adore those Brits or Aussies -- it's all about the accents for me.

I was an old Sean Connery Bond girl, way back in the day when the man had hair. But I gotta say, on him bald is sexy too!

Caren Crane said...

Anna, thank you! I was trying to remember John Hannah's name. I kept thinking of "Sliding Doors". He was so fabulous in that, but less tear-jerking than in Four Weddings and a Funeral. I could listen to him read the phone book!

Caren Crane said...

Donna, you were trying to remember Bruce Willis!

I want you to know I've been over at Netflix, updating my queue this afternoon. So many movies, so little time!

Beth Andrews said...

This has been so much fun but such a distraction today as I've been keeping a list of all the movies I MUST now rent this weekend *ggg*

I forgot to mention I also adore Hugh Jackman in everything! And I loved Hugh Grant in Four Weddings and a Funeral :-)

Caren, I'm with you on funny men (not literally ON them...well, you get the idea *g*) Hmm...maybe next time it's my turn to blog I'll post about my favorite TV guys like the super funny Mike Rowe on Dirty Jobs ;-)

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, Beth, you've put me in nerd heaven! Cute movie guys and I get to make a list. And what a wonderful selection I've seen already. Nice way to start the day!

I'm going for old movies, as you seemed to. My top 10 'old' movie stars are:

Rex Harrison as Captain Gregg in The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. Sigh. Pity he's dead!

Peter O'Toole as Simon Dermott in How to Steal a Million. Lucky, lucky Audrey!

Cary Grant as Nicky Ferrante in An Affair to Remember. Triple sigh.

Charlton Heston and Gregory Peck as rivals in The Big Country.

Gregory Peck as Captain Horatio Hornblower in the 50s movie.

Christopher Plummer as Captain von Trapp in The Sound of Music (that was the first movie I ever saw and I think I was like a duckling and got imprinted!).

Robert Donat in Goodbye, Mr Chips.

Stewart Granger as Tom Seymour in Young Bess. Gets his head chopped off at the end though which would prove a problem in the relationship. Well, maybe not...

Peter O'Toole in Lawrence of Arabia. Yeah, he's slightly off his head but every relationship involves compromise.

Roger Livesey as the laird in I Know Where I'm Going. He sees what he wants and he goes for it and she gives back as good as she gets. Love that duel between equals thing!

I love a good old movie! Thanks, Beth.

Hey, and welcome, Samara!

Anna Sugden said...

Sliding Doors - ahhhhh. Fabulous film. I love that concept. Wish I could find a way to write it into a book.

Foanna - great choices - love the classics too. The Ghost and Mrs Muir and How to Steal a Million - wonderful.

Helen said...

You Guys have mentioned everyone I love.I love the older movies and Clarke Gable in Gone with The Wind what can I say say love him Cary Grant any movie he is in but especially An Affair To Remember and To Catch A Thief and of course for me Errol Flynn in Robyn Hood and the rest have been named loved them all.
Have Fun

Anna Campbell said...

Helen, love RH! Erroll has such a sexy glint in his eyes in that. Not to mention the way he fills out those stockings!

Helen said...

Yes Anna I love his eyes as well, I picked that DVD up last month so now I can drool anytime I want to.
Have Fun

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Okay, I'm a Tom Berringer fan too. Love him in:

Major League
The Substitute
and my all time favorite,
Last Of The Dog Men

mmmmmmmmmmm Sigh

Christine Wells said...

Great post, Beth! In classic movies, I like Paul Newman in The Long Hot Summer and Cary Grant in An Affair to Remember. Clive Owen in anything, Richard Armitage in North & South--mmmm. I also like Matthew McConnaghy (sp?)in a couple of movies I've seen of his. I can imagine him playing Dean Robillard in SEP's latest. He's got that lazy charm I love in American men.

Joan said...

Dear Lord, women! I go off for a lunch and highlight and come back to a Hunk Fest! (And I'm reacting like Donna...woo it hot in here?)

I agree about Errol Flynn in Caption Blood.

Cary Grant in ANYTHING but...I liked him as a romantic hero in "Father Goose". Leslie Caron did not deserve him...I did.

Tom Hanks in "You've Got Mail" next to "Steel Magnolias" that is my favorite film.

Harrison Ford as Han Solo.

Yes, it was Ioan Gruffad I was thinking of.

Danil the shower scene holding the frightened heroine.

Daniel Day Lews In LOTM. Ya gotta love a guy in buckskins (or out of them..your choise :-)

And Hugh Jackman. HOW could I have forgotten the face of "Damon"!

He was good in Kate and Leopold but...I first fell for him as Wolverine. It's the growl I think LOL

And Gerard he played in a made for TV movie "Attila".

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Love this topic! Like Beth, I'm for (1) Viggo in LOTR for the intensity and integrity and the blinkin' HUGE broadsword...
(2) Johnny Depp in anything but Edward Scissorhands. :>
(3) Alan Rickman as Col. Brandon and as the devilishly delightful, witty Nottingham Sheriff. YUMmmmmmeeeee.
(4) Dennis Quaid in Big Easy, those sexy eyes, the quick wit...
(5)Denzel in virtually anything... (6)Oded Fehr in the Mummy Movies; (7)Brendan Frasier in virtually anything, but esp. Mummy movies...
(8)Pierce Brosnan in Thomas Crowne...oh. my. goodness.(breathing heavily)
(9) Matthew McConnahay in Saraha and How to Lose a Guy
And tied for (10)/Vak Kilmer as Batman, Jean-Claude Van Damme in Universal Soldier, and Wesley Snipes in pretty much anything

As to the *ahem* elder statesmen of the movies, MShellion, I'm there with you on Cary Grant. Bringing up Baby & Affair; Charlton Heston as the Prince of Egypt, but not the israelite (too much beard!).. Errol Flynn as Capt. Blood...Jimmy Stewart... Henry Fonda.

In the too-young-but-still-hot category, Ashton Kuchter, Zac Efron, Corbin Bleu, and most of the sub-characters on the CSI programs (Alex Rodriguez, Gary Dourdan, George Eads) Yum.

As to your picks, Suz, Sean Bean's great as Sharpe. Not lusty after Redford either, but love Jeremiah Johnson - "Ohhhhh, hunt griz...." Susan, I get to watch Mary Poppins a lot too, my boys like Bert's dancing and try to imitate it with hilarious ineptitude, but I will never be able to watch it the same way again b/c of the "so not getting any" comment. HA!!!

Great TOPIC!!! Now I'll be thinking about this and come up with about 25 more before bedtime, I know!

Okie Deb said...


I had to drop back by. Glad I sparked something and what a fun topic.

I share most of your favorite heroes. Haven't seen Superman or Bourne, but I love the others.

Johnny Depp played very relatable leads in Don Juan De Marco, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, and Bennie and Joon.

I also empathize with any character played by Leonardo DiCaprio. Loved him in The Departed. So tortured.

Samara, I never miss Burn Notice because of Jeffrey Donovan. The 2 hour season finale is tonight, and I will be tuning in!

Susan, did you see Jeremy Northam in Happy, Texas? That's one of my favorites.

Great topic, Beth. I could go on and on but whew! That would take too long.

Keira Soleore said...

Seduced by someone emerging in clammy clothing from a body of water, no one mentioned Matthew MacFadyen in "Pride and Prejudice"? What?! Philistines! (grumble)

The Ford as Indiana Jones, of course.

Cary Grant in everything (and without anything--sigh--he never did get a chance to do that).

Matt Damon in every movie he's been in, not as a heart-throb, but as a sublimely good actor.

Keira Soleore said...

Er, Joan, you might leave some for us, too. ;)

Gerard Butler and his assets (story, eh, what?)

Richard Armitage in North and South

Josh Holloway and his dimples

Beth Andrews said...

Anna C, I love old movies too! Haven't had as much time to watch them as I used to though. Oh, and I also loved Fred Astaire movies and Gene Kelly in Singing In the Rain and Bing Crosby in anything *g*

Cary Grant was superb, wasn't he, Helen? I especially love him in his comedies: I Was A Male War Bride and one of my favorites, His Girl Friday :-)

Christine, I don't think any actor portrays lazy charm like Matthew M! Although I love Owen Wilson's laid-back, California surfer ways *ggg*

Glad you stopped back, Joan *g* Daniel Day Lewis almost made my list but Matt Damon edged him out by a hair. Who can forget him telling Madeleine Stowe, "You stay alive, no matter what occurs! I will find you. No matter how long it takes, no matter how far, I will find you."

Great choices, Jeanne! In the too young category I'd add Chris Evans to the list *g* As for Batman, I preferred Michael Keaton. Who knew the original Mr. Mom could smolder?

Deb, I'm so glad you stopped back! Yes, your blog really started me thinking (always dangerous *g*) That's another vote for Burn Notice. I will make sure it's part of my Must See TV viewing!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Oh, yeah, Beth! Michael Keaton as Batman rocked, but my fav is still Val. Christian Bale didn't lose by too much either. Have to say though, I'm going to have to move SOMEONE off my list because I forgot to put Nic Cage on there. Funny/sexy in The Rock; intense in Con Air; witty, gritty and sexy in Ghost Rider; poignant and angst ridden in Leaving Las Vegas; and then there's Moonstruck...oh yeah. Just saw National Treasure and had a V8-smack-your-forehead moment thinking HOW could I forget NIC? Grins. I love The Ford, as Keira called him, as one of the "Jones Boys" but I can't top-ten him because I keep thinking icky thoughts about him with Callista Flockheart. I just don't want to think about it...

doglady said...

Now this is a topic a girl can sink her teeth into, provided the fella doesn't run away!! Lets see. So many men, so little time!

Errol Flynn in Captain Blood

Johnny Depp in Pirates, Finding Neverland and the creepy movie From Hell (about Jack the Ripper)

John Wayne in The Quiet Man (give me a break, my Dad was a huge JW fan)

Gregory Peck in To Kill a Mockingbird (quiet heroism and doing the right thing against all odds is very attractive)

Gerard Butler in Attila AND 300 !

Alan Rickman in Sense and Sensibility

Cover your ears/eyes, ladies - Matthew Macfaddyen in Pride and Prejudice (I know it is sacrilege to say it, but HE is my favorite Darcy)

Peter O'Toole in My Favorite Year

Brendan Frasier in the Mummy flicks and in Gods and Monsters

Oded Fehr - he is just pretty to look at

Orlando and Viggo in LOTR

excuse me, I feel a fainting spell coming on. Manliness overload!

Okie Deb said...

Doglady said: Gerard Butler in Attila AND 300 !

My favorite Gerard Butler movie is a character-driven story called Dear Frankie.

I would recommend that one to anyone who loves small, but moving films.

He doesn't have to kill anyone but is really a strong, quiet presence on the screen.

doglady said...

Thanks, okie deb! I will definitely look that one up. I really love Gerard! And not just because he looks good in leather panties!

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Oh Jeez!! Can I just agree with everyone and be done with it? I am sitting here in a sweat with movie scenes flashing through my mind. My absolute favorites (in not particular order) are. Colin Firth, Harrison Ford, Brandan Frazier, Alan Rickman, Kurt Russell, Jeremy Northham, Johnny Depp, Mel Gibson, James Garner, and Cary Grant. Caren, have you seen the movie Mrs.Winterbourne? Brandan does a wonderful job in that movie.

Beth Andrews said...

Keira, I loved Matthew MacFayden in P&P! I think I even blogged about his declaration to Elizabeth where he tells her: "I love you. Most ardently." Makes my heart just a twitter :-)

Jeanne, Christian Bale makes my runner up list as well! Love the part where he gets out bed, drops face first to the floor and starts doing push ups *ggg*

As for the personal lives of my movie heroes, I don't want to know *g* Much easier for me to keep them on my favorite lists ;-)

Doglady, you're cracking me up! *ggg* And no apologies necessary! I loved the Matthew MacFayden/Keira Knightley P&P as well :-)

Deb, I agree about Dear Frankie! Gerard is so quietly intense and swoon worthy in that role *g*

I know what you mean, Dianna! I spent all yesterday making a list of all the movies I now want to watch *g*

Caren Crane said...

Dianna, I loved Mrs. Winterbourne! That one is going right in the Netflix queue (already added "Dear Frankie"!).