Friday, September 28, 2007

The Last Bandita

By Susan Seyfarth and Kirsten Scott

Ladies and may have noticed a new symmetry to the blog lately. Check out that sidebar--TWENTY BANDITAS! That means we're finally complete. Hurrah!

I get the pleasure of introducing our new Bandita, because she happens to be my critique partner (CP, to the acronym-happy among us) and one of the dearest people I know. If it weren't for Susan, I wouldn't be a member of RWA, I probably wouldn't have finished my first manuscript, and I certainly would never have entered the Golden Heart--which means I wouldn't be a Bandita! (The horror!) Yes, the world has a lot to, thank Susan for. She's graciously agreed to let me ask her a few questions to introduce her properly to you all.

What she didn't know was that I was going to dredge up a picture from our first camping trip together to Glacier National Park. Here's Suz, showing off her muscles for the camera. So now that the public humiliation part of this is over, I'll turn to the interview...

Kirsten: When did you start writing? How/when did you start pursuing publication?

Susan: I’ve been in love with stories since I learned how to read, and a die-hard romance fan since way earlier than was probably wise. (Judy Blume, V. C. Andrews, and Iris Johanssen really filled in some gaps in my understanding of certain things.) But I’ve always had some pretty strong ideas about what a book should provide and a happy ending is absolutely essential. That’s why I re
ad romance novels, and it’s why when I found myself with a couple months on my hands between quitting my miserable job and giving birth to my first baby, I decided to write one myself. How hard could it be, right?

Five years later, I have four unpublished novels languishing under the bed. Oh, all right, five. The first one was an astounding achievement in sheer…awfulness, if that’s a word. I don’t like to count it, but I’ll fess up to it here in the Bandit Lair. I’m among friends.

Kirsten: I think we've all got one of those under our bed. I wrote mine in high school. It involved pirates and lots of kinky...oh wait, this is suppose to be about Susan. (blush) So, er, Susan, what books/authors influenced you?

Susan: Well, anything by the ladies mentioned above, of course. Anybody who doesn’t have a copy of Flowers in the Attic that falls open to the good parts wasn’t a teenaged girl, I’m convinced. If my mother had had any idea what I was reading…
Other than that, anything by Jennifer Crusie, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Suzanne Brockman, or Nora Roberts/JD Robb goes into my shopping cart, no questions asked.

Kirsten: (Note to self: get Flowers in the Attic asap!) Can you describe your writing process, you naughty thing?

Susan: Sure, it goes something like this: deposit four year old in her room for quiet time with CD player, books on CD, snacks, crayons, etc. Promise sure and certain death upon interruption. Arrange ten month old on boppy pillow for marathon nursing session on lap. Belly up to keyboard. Check email. Read Romance Bandits. Comment. Check out Perez Hilton’s celebrity gossip site. (Addictive, beware.) Open WIP. Scroll to trouble spots. Spell check. Stare into space. Consider renaming minor characters. Email Kirsten Scott, trusty CP, and beg for help. Cover sleeping baby’s ears while bellowing for four year old to turn down her CD player. Get caught up in “Ramona Quimby, age 8” blasting from four year old’s room. Admire Beverly Cleary. Frown at WIP, which doesn’t compare favorably. Belch out a few paragraphs. Frown some more. Belch out another paragraph or two. Check email again. Wonder what to cook for dinner. Send four year old back to her room for the tenth time. Save and close.

Kirsten: (Note to self: check diaphragm for holes.) That sounds very challenging! Tell us about your current WIP, and what’s next for you?

Susan: I just finished up a 100,000 word contemporary single title called the Princess Project. I was inspired by Angelina Jolie naming her daughter Shiloh Nouvel (which translates to New Messiah, but no pressure, right?) and pimping her baby pics for charity. I thought, yikes, how’s that kid going to grow up? And her mom is Angelina Jolie on top of it? Crazy sexy and possibly just plain crazy, but totally into saving the world. Wow. Good luck, Shiloh. Next thing I knew I was writing a book that imagined a possible future for such a kid -- Shiloh Nouvel grows up and gets a life.

Kirsten: The Princess Project just finaled in two contests, by the way--the Maggies and the Indiana Golden Opportunity contests. Expect to see it on the shelves soon! So as we come to a close, any advice for others or personal comments?

Susan: Just a big thanks to the banditas for opening the lair to me, late as I am to the party. It’s a wonderfully warm, supportive and informative bunch of women who hang out here. For example, did you know that a Glock (or was it a Sig Sauer?) cannot be effectively concealed in even the most generous of cleavage? You heard it here first, ladies. If you're planning to pack heat, get a holster. Or a big purse.

So how about you? What's the best fun fact you've picked up since you started writing--or since you started hanging out with the Banditas? We want to know! And just to keep things interesting, we'll randomly select one commentor & reward them with a $15 Border's Gift Card!

Oh, and just to keep it fair, here's a picture of Kirsten, on the same trip...note the keen sense of fashion I demonstrate, even while camping.


Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Action Women! Aloha! Yes, I'm keeping up the Aussie reputation for being first to comment. It's 2:30 in the afternoon tomorrow here, guys! Ideal time for avoiding belching the odd para (loved that, Susan - clearly we went to the same workshop on productivity!). Kirsten, I kacked myself laughing on the holes in the diaphragm thing. You should keep that for a book sometime! It's up there with "Here's looking at you, kid." Well, in your case, "Here's hoping NOT to look at you, kid!"

Susan, we're delighted to have you join! I'm delighted you're so comfortable with us. Anyone with those muscles can take on Aunty Cindy! And perhaps not win, but give her a run for her money! Congratulations on your contest success.

Loved the idea of all your red-headed children under the bed (although I'm sure you love your red-headed children, should you have any!). My first book was called Darkness Holds a Stranger (which I still think is a great title although these days it sounds like an RS). It was set during the 100 Years War and featured a French Comte who was a guerilla leader. Hence the nickname of Gorillas in the Mist. And the Englishwoman he married by proxy. It did everything wrong but dang, it was fun to write. I still remember the exhilaration of getting those endless pages under my belt and then finally typing the end! Weighed in at around 600 pages. But hey, this was the late '70s - they wrote 'em bigger back then! Guess I could have had worse starts!

Christine Wells said...

Can I never beat Foanna to be the first to comment? I think she lurks in wait for a new post and then BAM! she's there.

Ahem! My competitiveness with our resident Regency noiress aside, WELCOME to the lair, Susan! I love that interview (great work, Kirsten!), particularly the bit about your creative process. 100K were written that way? The mind boggles! What is a boppy pillow? It sounds like I need to get me one of those. And I LOVE the sound of the Princess Project. I had similar thoughts about Anna Nicole Smith's daughter. What is her future going to be like, the poor sausage?

My favourite obscure fact is, of course, related to the Regency. I was researching female boxing and discovered that the Countess of Barrymore was actually an amateur pugilist. There's a contemporary caricature of her with her 'dooks' up. It makes her look like a man in drag, but still... The things you discover when researching a book!

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

*AHEM* Aunty is far too dignified to run, even for money. Plus, as all the Banditas (and members of my family) know: YOU NEVER WIN AGAINST Aunty Cindy!

here to keep the Oz contingency on their toes

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Ah, as the resident Vampire, it's 4 am here, I still get beat by the Oz contingents!

Welcome Susan! We're delighted to have you join us and round out our numbers. Great interview from you two today! (I've noticed I use way too many exclamation marks on the blog!)

I have a few great facts I recently learned about firefighters, but they're for tomorrows blog, so I'll just keep them to myself for now. :)

As for manuscripts that won't see the light of day, I do have one that I doubt will ever get sent to publishers. It was my first stab at contemporary.

My heroine is a surogate mother for her aunt who dies in a car accident, leaving her to have the baby and the father of the baby, (FOB), is her aunt's husband that she doesn't like. Both want custody of the baby...sooooo a judge makes them live together. I don't think it will ever make it to the light of a publishers desk, but it was great fun to write!

Susan Sey said...

Thanks for dropping by, everybody! It's so nice to hear that other people also have really, really great books under the bed.

Anna, I love your title, too. Darkness Holds a Stranger is wonderful! Will you ever dust it off & resubmit? 600 pages of sparkling prose is a terrible thing to waste!

Christine--yes, a boppy pillow is a wonderful thing. It's a big, C-shaped pillow for nursing. You sit down & put in on your lap (the edges wrap around your sides) & lay the baby on it. It brings her up to...ahem...boob level. Then she can nurse while you type. It's a miracle. They should issue you a boppy pillow in the hospital, along with a baby sling, when you deliver.

Hey, Aunt Cindy! Rest assured, while my muscles are, indeed, impressive (ha!), I want nothing to do with your crop! I flex mostly for comedic purposes. There's something insanely funny (I think) about somebody with arms as pipe-cleaner-ish as mine striking a Mr. Universe. What can I say? I'm easily entertained.

Suz, I LOVE the sound of your first novel! What a great twist on the secret baby theme! The baby's not a secret, but having it together is a surprise anyway. And I'll be looking forward to your fun facts tomorrow!


Unknown said...

Well, I don't even try to beat you Aussies to become the first commentor on the blog.

Now on to an official welcome, Susan! Loved the interview.

And I have to stop complaining about not having time to write because of a house remodel or a semi-regular job. I would never have been able to write with my two kids at home. At least now, I get a few hours a day while they go to school.

Welcome again, Susan!

Joan said...

Hooray! Susan's here! Susan's here!

Welcome from one of the KY Banditas. Susan effortlessly found her way into the lair and it seems as if she's always been here. I think she has in a writerly, spiritual way. Looking forward to lots of great times with Smoov T.

I guess as a right of passage, I tried to push my first manuscript under the bed....but the dust kept pushing it back LOL. Instead I took it and revised it and entered it in the '06 Golden Heart.

As to what I've learned as a Bandita? Just the RIGHT amount of distance to keep clear of Aunty's crop.

Beth Andrews said...

Great interview, Kirsten and Susan! Congrats on all your contest success, Susan! We are so glad you've joined the Bandits *g* I love your writing process! And your comment about getting caught up in Ramona Quimby, Age 8 reminded me of the books I used to read to my girls. Junie B Jones was a huge hit at our house - there were times I was laughing so hard while reading it out loud the girls couldn't even understand me *ggg*

While my first book is hidden under the bed, a form of it eventually (after four MAJOR revisions) morphed into All Or Nothing, my first sale :-) Of course, everything but the romance hook (good boy/single father/cop falls for reformed trouble making girl) changed but the skeleton was there all those years ago.

I can't think of any fun facts related to my writing (must need more caffeine) but I learn so much just from watching the Discovery channel *g* For instance, after watching Survivor Man, I'm fairly certain I could last at least 7 days in the Alaskan wilderness, the swamplands of Louisiana and even the African outback. So, if you and Kirsten need some tips for your next camping trip, let me know ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I really appreciate the warm welcome for Susan. After all, when someone gives the love to your buddy, it's like getting a little yourself. :-)

Foanna, that book sounds fabulous. And love the title. I am so title challenged! I have to get Susan to title my books for me. She's fabulous at it.

Christine, before you go get a boppy, I have to tell you that they are made for people like Susan. Meaning, people for whom Gap created the size 0. She's tough, don't get me wrong, but on a different scale than your truly. You should try My Brest Friend. The greatest nursing product with the greatest name EVER. It's like a boppy only more...adjustible...

Not that I'm suggesting you aren't a size 0, dear. Just that I think you and I are a bit closer in size than our wee Susan. ;-)

Anonymous said...

AC, Susan might take you on, but I definitely would not!! I know better!

Suz, I love the FOB handle. Too cute. But let me get this straight, the heroine falls in love with her aunt's husband? The mind boggles...I don't think I've ever seen that pairing before! (Oh, and I use too many exclamation points too!)

Anonymous said...

Beth and Joan--someday I might pull out my high school book and see if there's something in that story to keep. It's got a fabulous heroine who becomes a pirate and hangs out with Jean Lafitte. Such fun.

Donna MacMeans said...

Welcome Susan! and thank you Kirsten for such a fun interview.

Fun fact that I've learned while a bandita? That they're worth dragging my sorry butt out of bed for. I'm one who tends to be up late and motivating me to the computer in the morning isn't easy, but this group does the trick.

My first manuscript was a GH finalist back in 1998. If it weren't a contemporary, I'd be tempted to blow off the dust and revise (and add an actual love scene - I closed the bedroom door in that first book), it had a great opening. But I'm having too much fun with my historicals so it'll have to molder a bit longer.

Susan Sey said...

Hey, everybody--
I'm on my way to a meeting this morning, but I'll be back to chat more this afternoon! In the meantime, thanks so much for the warm welcome!


Suzanne Ferrell said...

Kristen: I can't take credit for the FOB anacronym, L&D nurses all over the US have been using it for years.

And yes the heroine falls in love with her uncle by marriage, so the ick factor of that, (even though there is only about five years difference in ages) is WHY it probably won't ever sell.

Beth: I actually took out my very first book, which is a historical mail-order bride, and completely rewrote because I love the characters but my writing is much better these days. I hope to sell it someday.

Helen said...

Hi Guys great interview and great to see another Bandita as most of you know I don't write but I do read a lot and since coming to this site I have learn't what a fantastic bunch of Ladies you all are you never give up and you are all such fun I really feel very much at home here. Keep up the good work keep them books coming because I love to read them and a big welcome to you Susan.
Have Fun

Anna Sugden said...

Welcome Susan! So good to have you in the Lair!

Not even going to comment on the competitive Aussies *grin* - we spend too much time up against in each other in sports to add to it here!

My first book isn't under the bed, it's kind of lurking in a box, waiting for me to revise it. I've learned so much since I wrote it, I think I could actually do the story justice now.

And funnily enough, I'm going to go back to the plot I'd proposed, which got knocked back by a published author, on a writing course. I now know it would be a corker *grin*.

I've learned loads in my research - I can bore for England on sheep (for my Texas cowboy inherits an English sheep farm book - Love by Bequest) and on making dolls house miniatures (for the next book Mortgaged Hearts).

My most fun in research though has been for my hockey books - actually meeting the player who inspired my hero!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Welcome Susan! Great interview, Kirsten! Its great to have such fun Bandita sisters. :>

Had to LOL about the Junie and Qumby books. Oh, and a boppy is awesome, even tho' I'm not so wee as Susan, it worked for me too. That and a bouncy seat. They saved my life as a human and a writer. Grins. Oh, and w/ a laptop, it is possible to write with a sleeping baby on your shoulder. Sweaty and muscle-cramp-inducing, but possible. With my older one, school and afternoon baseball on TV saved my life and my writing. Snork!

Helen, we are so glad to have you with us! You're marvelously supportive of all us crazy writers and we're happy you're here.

Suz, I agree w/ you on the dusting off...I'm a better writer now. Hmmmm, the possibilities...I have about 4 under the bed. Had to LOL about whoever said the dust pushed back. With one of mine, I'm sure the dust bunnies (dust mammoths in my case) would be offended by the content and poor writing and push it back out. So that one is actually buried in the filing cabinet.

Anna, I really want you to sell that sheep book. I'm dying to read it. Grins.

Oh, and BTW, I too use too! many! exclamation! points! when I write! (she said, snickering and dodging AC's crop!)

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Oh, forgot to answer the question about fun facts... From the Banditas, I've learned amazing facts about urban slang - trim, for instance. Wow! Would never have guessed THAT one! - and the whole hide-a-gun-in-cleavage thing. Well, why would you want to put a painful, death inducing weapon THERE anyway? And who would have the *ahem* "capacity" for the weight? Now THAT's a good bra, if it can hold "the girls" AND a weapon. Snork. As for research, I learned that you can indeed fly a stealth helicopter into and around trees if you're desperate or crazy, and that heat sensing technology can be baffled by a hot shower running, a running dryer, and even the furnace if a person is standing by the heating vent. Grins. Useless trivia is the delight of all writers.

Stacy S said...

Welcome Susan!! These Bandita women are a crazy bunch. Lots of fun reading their post.

ellie said...

Welcome Susan,
Since I found the Romance Bandits it has provided me with hours of enjoyment. The interesting blogs, new books and fascinating topics that are discussed. Thanks for having this special place where I can relax.

Tawny said...

Welcome to the lair, Susan ;-) I'm actually ashamed not to have been up posting with Anna and Christine LOL. Usually my vampire tendencies would let me.

First books... oh my. I still love my first (who doesn't, really) but when my agent suggested I go through and revise, I had SO much trouble with it. My voice has evolved and changed so much since I wrote it, it's basicallly going to take revamping from the bones up.

hmm... its worth a though though. Just as soon as rom com makes a swing back this way LOL

Maureen said...

Congratulations on reaching 20. My favorite fun fact is that a Snickers Bar can be fried. Who knew?

Caren Crane said...

Susan, it's like you were here all along. You don't even feel new or anything. But Kirsten's interview was fairly fascinating and I certainly wouldn't want to have missed Man pics?

Ellie, Stacy and Helen, I think you guys just come to see what manner of insanity we've latched onto every day. *g* We're glad you like our brand of crazy!

Hey, Suz! I've noticed I use lots of exclamation points, too!! I think it's just because y'all get me all riled up. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

As for junk I've learned, who could name it all? I've learned about lots of great music from my Bandita pals. Also that Sig Sauers rule and that revolvers don't have a safety. Who knew? I've also collected many insanely good recipes from the Banditas, especially Joan (who is, after all, a many-times winner at the Kentucky State Fair)!

I also learned more about State Fair food than I ever needed to know. Only 2 more weeks until the NC State Fair and FRIED CHEESECAKE!!

Caren Crane said...

Maureen, thanks for the reminder! Note to self: look for fried Snickers bars at the NC State Fair...

Hellie Sinclair said...

Fun Fact: All writing is hard work. Anyone who says, writing a romance novel is easy, fast money because it's formulaic hasn't written one. Anyone who says, writing a category is easier than writing a single title because it's shorter--hasn't written one!

Writing is hard. It's a fact. Finishing is hard. Also a fact. People impressed you finished a book instead of just starting your 100th idea? Scores--it's a fact. People are impressed with what you follow through with...not just ideas.

Anna Campbell said...

Helen, Ellie, Stacy, MsHellion and all our other Bandita visitors, we love seeing you! Honestly, every time I see your names, I want to make you a cup of tea and bake you cookies (which we call biscuits over here!).

Susan, sadly I think DHAS (now, that looks like a hero's name from one of J.R. Ward's books!) was a purely learning experience. Fashions in romance have changed mightily since 1978! And thankfully, I have changed mightily since 1978.

Susan Sey said...

Christie--I'm so jealous of your kid-free writing time! I dream of that day...

Joan AND Donna -- your first mss finaled in the Golden Hearts?? Wow! Talent shines through, huh? My first GH entry was my second ms, & the first chapter featured the hero driving drunk & possibly hitting somebody. I can't understand WHY people didn't like it... :-)

Beth -- we LOVE Junie B Jones around here. A friend of mine introduced us to her, & my four year old adores her. She's got such a distinctive voice that you read enough Junie, & you end up talking like her. It's cute in a four year old. Not so much when I do it.

Kirsten -- it's true, the boppy favors my body type. But no prom dress on the planet ever did so it was a lovely surprise to find something out there made for me. :-) But I am jealous that I've never had the opportunity to toss the phrase "my breast friend" into a conversation. Until now. Thanks, homie. :-)

Helen -- thanks for the lovely welcome. I love hanging out with the banditas, too. They make me laugh every day. Looking forward to seeing you around the lair!

Oh, Anna! You get to research hot hockey players?? That's brilliant! Although, I'll admit, I'd be pretty into tossing around some sheep trivia at a holiday party, too. Sheep are always funny. At least I've always thought so. Is that weird??

Jeanne--I laughed out loud at the image of you writing all cramped & sweaty with a fifteen pound baby on your shoulder, drooling down your back. Only because I've been there, done that, mind you! And I LOVE knowing that you're a big fan of the urban dictionary, too! I go there whenever I need some colorful language, & my husband's always impressed when I pop out with a phrase like "diamond trim."

Stacy & Ellie -- thanks so much for the warm welcome to the bandita lair. We're thrilled that readers like you feel like you can hang here & chat & laugh with us. Looking forward to seeing you around!

Tawny -- can't wait to see what you do with your first book! It would be really interesting to know how your voice has changed & what that means for your writing & the stories you tell with it. If you ever get around to digging that one out, you've got to share!

Maureen -- Ooooh, fried snickers! Mmmmm. I discovered those at the state fair a few years ago, along with mac & cheese on a stick. Yep, that's what I said. Mac & cheese on a STICK. They took blobs of mac & cheese, breaded them & fried 'em up. Yum, yum, YUM.

Caren -- Our brand of crazy! Yes! It's so wonderful to stumble onto a group that speaks your brand of crazy, isn't it? It makes me feel so...normal. And you banditas have made me feel so at home, I have to believe we have matching crazies. :-) Have fun at the State Fair. But how could you not, when there is FRIED CHEESECAKE to be had?? Enjoy!


Susan Sey said...

Mshellion -- Amen to that, sister! This writing thing is by far the hardest thing I've ever tried to do, but aside from being my kids' mom, it's by far the most rewarding & fulfilling. And you're right -- nothing beats slogging through to The End.

Anna -- what a great idea! Tea & cookies for our guests! Not that I leap at any old excuse to eat cookies... Oh, all right. I do. But it's still a grand idea. :-)

And I have extremely fond memories of the 70's/80's historicals. I cut my teeth reading those, & impressed the crap out of my history teachers with the oddball facts I was able to toss off regarding period clothing/rigging on pirate ships/fencing blades, etc. Ah, the good old days of the alpha hero! Which you write remarkably well, from what I read in Claiming the Courtesan, BTW.


Joan said...

Welcome to all our friends (Helen, sniff, you made my day).

The Bandit lair is a wonder indeed and not just online. My fellow Banditas follow me everywhere (Get back! Will, ya!)

Today I was at the mall, simutaneously shopping for a pair of new jeans that don't have a 1 inch zipper and for accessories for my Roman goddess costume when I heard the music from The Last of the Mohicans in Brookstone. We discussed DDL a few blogs ago and hearing that theme full of power and triumphant and heroism and images of DDL in buckskins running to save me....

Uh,'s a synergy thing :-)

My costume on the other hand while fitting me fine has side slits practically ALL the way up the sides! (Didn't have that in the pic). I'm debating sewing a few inches up or going as the goddess of cellulite!!!!!!!!!! Wahhhhhh!!!

ChristyJan said...

What's the best fun fact I've picked up since I started hanging out with the Banditas?

...that no matter what goes wrong with my day I can always read your blog and get a giggle.

Keira Soleore said...

Susan, welcome to The Lair. Looks like you're going to be the Defender of Integrity with your hand-to-hand and triggering expertise, while the rest of the banditas lollygag around (see below).

Interesting Bandita Facts:
1. Kirsten loves frosted donuts
2. Caren and V.Anna love pink cupcakes
3. Foanna and Christine - cotton candy
4. Joan - funnel cakes
5. Jo - churros
6. Suz and Kate - corn dogs (wait, that's not sugar)
7, 8, 9, 10. Keira aka PreBandita - Nutella (and I don't share)

Anna Campbell wrote, "It was set during the 100 Years War and featured a French Comte who was a guerilla leader. Hence the nickname of Gorillas in the Mist."

Foanna, on behalf of the mountain gorillas of the Virungas, I protest vehemently. My baby (the older furry one) growing up there doesn't like warmongering noblemen, even if they're French.

Jo Lewis said...

Welcome to the Bandit Lair, Susan, as our lucky number 20!

I admire your multi-tasking style. I can't even imagine writing with a 10-month old and a four-year old. Kudos to you!

I learned some interesting Aussie/Brit euphemisms, but I won't reveal them here!

Anna Sugden said...

Fried snickers bars? Fried mac and cheese on a stick? Fried cheesecake? I wanna go to a state fair! The one here in NJ gets really bad write-ups.

Aww - it's so nice to see such lovely comments from our pals here in the Banditas' lair. Trust me, your comments and the way you take part in the fun makes our day too!

Kate Carlisle said...

Welcome, Susan! I'm so delighted you're here! You complete us! :-)

I don't really have a Bandita fun fact, just a lovely Bandita memory.....of the day I first heard the term *cheesewire knickers.* Sigh. I can't explain it, but that was it for me. It's why I love it here and will never leave!

Anna Campbell said...

Keira, he was a very HANDSOME warmongering Frenchman! Do you think that might help? Oh, and I think you should throw us a party one day. You've definitely got the menu worked out ;-) Although all that sugar intake might get a bit scary. Some of the Banditas are a little hyper at the best of times. Not mentioning any names...

Susan, glad you're enjoying the CTC alpha!

Joan, the Goddess of Cellulite? I LOVE it! Clearly she's the one my mother made too many offerings to before she got her bouncing baby girl!

Christy, glad you get a giggle out of the Banditas! Do you remember Kirsten's post about going commando? Whooeee, Mamma!

Susan Sey said...

Oh, Joan, there's a goddess of cellulite?? Who knew?? I should be making burnt offerings or something before bathing suit season rolls around next year. I gave myself a pass this year, what with the new baby & all (& a wicked ice cream habit -- sign me up for that Keira!) And I hear you on the one-inch-zipper thing. I don't know who they're making jeans for, but it's NOT for women who actually wear unders. Good luck!

Keira, you know our banditas WELL! I'm with Anna -- you can cater our party any time! Can you put nutella on ice cream? Does that work? I'm just wondering...

Christyjan -- What? The Banditas make you giggle? It's the cheesewire knickers, isn't it?

Kate? I'm coming after you for an explanation of the cheesewire knickers. :-)

Or maybe you, Jomama! It's one of those brit/aussie slang things, isn't it? Like snogging or shagging? Only maybe more painful?
Somebody fess up!

Before I disappear for the night (week, actually--we're heading to Disney tomorrow!) let me say one more time how very touched & grateful I am to be part of this wonderful community of women, writers & friends. Thanks so much for the warm welcome. Nothing but good times ahead. :-)


Keira Soleore said...

Susan asked, "Can you put nutella on ice cream?"

Nope. Unfortunately! Then you could have a two-in-one treat. The chocolate hardens and doesn't taste as good. Nutella is best at room temperature, preferably in the 70s. :) :)