Saturday, December 8, 2007

Have yourself a Merry Little....Birthday?

For those of you with June birthdays, you just don't know how lucky you are. Today is my birthday. For about the last...oh...29 years or so (Ha! Ha!), I've had to compete with the big guy in the Red Suit for attention. There's no going out for girl's night in December. Nary a table or a waiter to be had. As a child, the parents got to jaunt about to holiday parties - or worse yet, HOST ONE - on my birthday. Aaargh! Humbug!
Now, lest you think I'm following in Aunty Cindy's footsteps and being a Grinch, think again! I'm not against Christmas at all. In fact, if you were to ask me what my favorite season is, it would be Winter in all its gorgeous snowy glory. I love snow. I love cold weather. I love winter sports, snowball fights, sledding, hot chocolate, lots of quilts piled on the bed, roaring fires in the get the picture.

This year is starting out great, by the way. It's not even truly Winter yet (December 21 is Yule or the Winter Solstice), but already we've got snow. Now, mind you, it wasn't SUPPOSED to snow. But it did. Ah, a birthday wish come true! Ha! And its good snowball fighting snow too. Heh-heh-heh. How do I know this, you wonder? Guess.

So why am I whinging and whining, you ask? Well, sometimes it would just be nice to have a birthday without any of the "tinsel, trimmings, and bells" that come with a holiday birthday. My DH and children are both thankfully holiday free when it comes to their birthdays (unless you celebrate Flag Day in a big way) and I'm happy about that. As for me, it would sometimes be fun to have the balloons be birthday balloons, the flowers be roses and not poinsettias. This year, I get to share my birthday with Hanukkah too. Ah, the agony...snicker....not really, but it's often weird.

However, since I love Winter, and I really do love my birthday - but NOT the combining presents thing! - I try very hard not to complain. In fact, I usually count my blessings and try to remember the GOOD things about my birthday, even though it IS in December.

1. The already mentioned possibility of Snow for my birthday.

2. My parents could have named me Noel, Holly, or some other seasonal name (thanks, Mama and Dad for your astonishing restraint!) which isn't bad for some, but wouldn't suit ME.

3. Although I don't like the "combining" thing for presents, it does sometimes result in bigger presents!

4. I get to be a Sagittarius, one of the more rollicking signs in the Zodiac.

5. I'm in good company (James Thurber, Queen Mary Tudor, Flip Wilson, Quintus Horatious)

6. There's such wonderful food this time of the year!

7. Birthday Snuggling under the aforementioned quilts.

8. Great dress options for a night out...thanks to the holidays, you can ALWAYS find a special occasion dress for the birthday date-night with the DH!

So, there you have it, 8 great things about a Holiday Birthday. I'm sure others can attest to the bad things - and some good - about the whole deal of being a Holiday Baby. Hey, it could be worse, I could have been born on the 24th or 25th! So, I'm grateful.
Oh, and just for the record, my favorite holiday is Halloween!
What is the best thing about your birthday? The worst? What's your favorite Holiday, and why? If you are a Holiday Baby, or have one, what's the craziest thing your family has done to celebrate your birthday, or in what way have they made it stand out from the rest of the Holiday fol-de-rol?
Oh, and it keeping with the Bandita Holiday's a great recipe from a lovely friend of mine. I make it often around the holidays and always think of her fondly.
Pineapple Casserole
1 stick butter (you know its going to be good, just starting with that, right?)
4 slices of white bread, crusts removed, cut into 1" squares
2 slightly rounded teaspoons of flour
1/2 C white sugar
3 eggs slightly beaten
1 (14 or 15 oz) can of crushed pineapple
Lightly grease a 1 1/2 quart casserole dish. remove the crusts from the bread and cut it into 1" pieces. Mix flour and sugar together, then stir it gradually into the beaten eggs. Pour the can of pineapple into the egg/flour mixture. Pour into casserole. Cover the top of the mixture with the bread until the whole surface is covered. Thinly slice the cold butter and dot it on top of the bread until all the bread is covered.
Bake at 375 degrees for 50 minutes. Let stand for at least 45 minutes before serving.
Dig in and enjoy!


p226 said...

My poor kid has a birthday near christmas. But we ensure that there's a celebration specific for his birthday, and that there are definitely two sets of presents.

I wouldn't think it fair to combine things.

p226 said...

Oh, and since you guys are sharing recipes, I'll be needing one for metallic poultry.

Fedora said...

Happy Birthday, Jeanne! I totally understand having a holiday birthday (mine's even closer to Christmas, although thankfully not a 24th--my cousin's one of those!). I even timed (as much as one has control over these things) the birthdays of our kids to avoid continuing that particular birthday tradition :)

The best thing about being a holiday birthday is being able to enjoy everything all decked out in its sparkling holiday finery! I do love Christmas lights, and this is a lovely time of year to enjoy them! (And I can tell myself that they're just for me!)

And the worst was the whole combo-present thing--yes, there's the possibility of a bigger present, but the reality usually didn't work out that way, and I remember feeling vaguely disappointed about that when I was a kid.

My parents--truly saints--generously celebrated my sixteenth birthday with a party, and it was definitely separate from our holiday celebrating that year. What a treat! :)

Easter is my favorite holiday because of what it signifies to me as a Christian, and Thanksgiving, because it's all about being with people you love and celebrating gratitude with food :)

Congrats on the GR, p226! Not much of a cook, so I'm not going to be much help with recipes, but you should have plenty of decorating ideas from the last couple of days ;)

doglady said...

Notice the restraint and decorum with which p226 celebrated his nabbing of the coveted GR??? Who wants to bet he did a "I got the GR! I got the GR!" dance in his underwear when he realized he had it? Nice visual, huh? My birthday can be a real bummer. December 29th. AFTER Christmas and before New Year's! Yes, I always got combined presents - sometimes a good thing. Sometimes a bad thing. I NEVER got a cake or a party until I went away to college. When the DH was still with me I ALWAYS got flowers, a gift just for my birthday and a movie and dinner date. The older of my two younger brothers has taken up that torch. He always sends me flowers, an insulting card (hey, he IS my brother) and a great gift - either jewelry or a book, DVD AND CD. Of course he could be trying to make up for the year I turned forty. He and the other younger brother had a funeral wreath delivered to my office on my birthday!!! Then on their fortieth birthdays each of them waited for me to do something. Didn't happen. However, when each of them turns 50? It will NOT be pretty! Whereas I will not be at work or at home on my 50th (next December, thank you very much!)

doglady said...

AND A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JEANNE!!! May all your birthday wishes come true!

Unknown said...

I know exactly what you mean and LOVE your list...I have a December birthday as well...the 16th.

I never did really appreciate the whole combining presents thing. My parents never did this, but other family members did. Plus there are several December birthdays in my family (cousins, uncles, and my dad) so I was a teenager before I ever even had my own birthday cake and I don't remember a party.

Oh wait, I did have a birthday party in 1st grade at McDonald's...Santa showed up and gave all my guests things...hmmm...thought it was supposed to be MY day.

Jennifer Y. said...

Oh, and Happy Birthday Jeanne!!!

(that was me above...The Y. didn't show up on that account...LOL)

And notice how I am sharing the GR.

Christine Wells said...

Hey, p226, don't you go roastin' our rooster! Congrats!

Jeanne, you poor thing. I don't envy you at all. As a child, it must have been terrible waiting a full year between presents.

One of my boys was due on Valentine's Day. I went into labor on V-Day but he was born on the 15th. Thank goodness!

Christine Wells said...


Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Happy Birthday Madame Duchess!
And YES, Sagittarius is THE MOST ROCKING sign of the Zodiac, because of course, that is MY sign too!

Also CONGRATS to Jennifer Y. you share a birthday with my favorite composer, Beethoven! I'm two days later and share my day with a couple of guys you might have heard of... Steven Spielberg and Brad Pitt? I'm a wee bit younger than Steve and a wee bit older than Brad, and if only I had about 1/10th of their cash. :-P

THANK YOU, Duchess for giving me something to LIKE about a holiday birthday because honestly I HATE being born the week before Xmas! Yes, it is AWFUL waiting a FULL YEAR to get ALL your presents. And FERGITTABOUT fun birthday parties like my August born brother got. Maybe that's why my mom used to let me have slumber parties. SHEESH! 5 or 6 girls giggling all night could NOT have been fun for her.

As for the "combined" bday and Xmas present scam... I believe I've shared how I handle that one (give the giver a COMBINED present too, no matter when their birthday might be). Works like a charm.

The pineapple casserole sounds DEE-VINE! I may have to break down and cook at this rate. Shall we have a rooster and pineapple party, p226? Or are you still dancing in your undies???


Jennifer Y. said...

I also share a birthday (Dec. 16) with Jane Austen...different years of course LOL

Jane said...

Since my birthday is near Christmas, I always got the Christmas/birthday combo present. I used to hate getting only one present for both of those special days. I never got the two separate gifts that I always wanted. I don't mind as much now because if I'm getting one gift it better be more expensive. Nothing exciting or weird happens on my birthday. I always get a cake every year, even if I have to buy it myself. My favorite is Carvel's ice cream cake.

Amy Andrews said...

Happy Birthday Jeanne.

Mine's the 21st. So I'm still a sag but on the cusp. Whatever the hell that means....

I actually dont mind it. My mother said it was the best time to have a baby. She said Christmas in hopsital was fantastic. You got your Chrissy dinner cooked for you and didn't have to do the washing up!! And being a nurse, who has spent many a Christmas Day in hospital, I have to say we do really go all out to make Christmas as pleasant as possible.

I never got a combined present. My mother was adamant that wouldn't happen, so that probably helps the positive attitude toward having my birthday completely overshadowed by Xmas. The one true bummer is that parties are hard because most people are away.

Dec is a busy and expensive month for us. My dh's is on the 4th, mine the 21st, Xmas the 25th and my poor daughter was born on the
31st( she was 10 days early). I think she feels a bit ripped off now because her friends are always out of town and parties on the
31st, as much as we try not to, are always overshadowed by New Years.
But I've assured as as she gets older that she'll always have a party to go to and she'll be the belle of the ball because she'll be the birthday girl. She'll get twice the kisses. Which at 9 kind of grosses her out but I've told her it won't always ;-)

Anna Campbell said...

P226, smugness is never a good look, even if one is toting a GR under one's brawny arm! ;-)

Congratulations! Or perhaps Con-grrrrrr-atulations!

Anna Campbell said...

Jeanne, a huge happy birthday and I for one am glad you were born, whatever date you chose to arrive to grace this world!

Jennifer, do you know not only do you share a birthday with Beethoven but with JANE FREAKIN' AUSTEN!!! How's that for a great birthday? I'm going to celebrate Jane's forthcoming anniversary when I blog on the 10th and I'm giving away a copy of her memoirs. So you'd better pop in - you might get an early present!

Oh, now I see you knew that. Pulls head in very sheepishly...

Jennifer Y. said...

LOL worries. It is pretty cool, huh? Hmmm...I have never read her memoirs.

Helen said...

A very happy birthday Jeanne I hope you have a good one.
Congrats on th GR p226 look after him for us.
My birthday is 2nd April so I often have a birthday at Easter my mother was always pleased I wasn't born on 1st April for obvious reasons. My wedding anniversary is also 2nd April but I always get two presents of hubby so that is good. Having a birthday sometimes at Easter is good for lots of chocolate.
My daughter in laws birthday is 24th Dec and she always gets 2 presents from us and my grandfathers birthday was 24th Dec.
Another great reciepe to try thanks Jeanne.
Have Fun

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

My birthday is a month after Christmas and everyone is still broke. My BF says I present a real problem to him, Christmas, New Years (we met New Years Eve) and my birthday all within 30 days. My family were great celebraters so everyone was still wiped by the time my birthday rolled around, but being the age I am now I don't really mind. LOL

Donna MacMeans said...

Congrats on the GR, P226. I thought I heard a familiar crowing a little closer to home.

My sister was born on the 31st, so she was the one who suffered the combined present thing, but we did a smashing job of celebrating her birthday as she got older. Plus, in our large family - no one ever fogets her birthday, while for the rest of us...well...some things are best left forgotten *g*.

Happy Birthday, Jeanne, May you celebrate with panache!

Joan said...

Doglady. That wasn't P226 dancing around in victory. He'd just had another "pepper spray" incident while trying to subdue our lovely GR :-0

I feel for all ya'll who have birthdays so close to the major holidays. My bro's was the 5th and while that's pretty far removed I've often thought in the year of his birth that my parents considered it the best Xmas gift ever!

I'm an April baby. The closest I get is an occasional connect with Easter. Doesn't happen too often landing ON the day..the 13th.. but I remember two years it did. One my Mom made a Easter bunny bday cake (a big deal in the late 60's BEFORE Martha Stewart showed us how)and another I got my present wrapped inside an Easter Egg (Anybody remeber L'eggs pantyhose?)

As it happens, my 13 birthday lands most often on Fridays (groan). Bad luck? Nope, I tell everyone. It was the luckiest day of my Mom's life :-)

Oh, and P226...our GR best stay hale and hearty. Wouldn't want to send Demetrius and Marcus to retrieve him.

Joan said...

Oh! Yes.....Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Duchesseeeeeeeeeeee...Happy Birthday to you!

Your present is on its way...Lucius gives FAB backrubs!

Laura J. said...

Happy Birthday Jeanne!

I AM a 24th baby! And my middle name is Noelle (although I do love that name). This year I'll be 28 (again + a few). I'm a caprittarius. I have the traits of both (but I only claim the good ones from both).

I was very fortunate as a kid. My mom's birthday is the 28th and my gt. aunt was Jan 2nd and she always had to share her birthday party with her (my mom loved my gt. aunt, but I still think she would have loved to have the day to herself). So my mom would make sure my birthday was always seperate from Christmas. This worked well until I was about 18 and my younger cousins were born who didn't get the concept of my birthday and Christmas being seperate. By this time Christmas was being celebrated at my parent's house (after years of it being at my grandmother's) so it was too much for my parents to do both. I was a teenager so it didn't matter to me (as long as I got presents of course and my birthday dinner). I would get a stack of presents handed to me and not know which was birthday and which was Christmas (cost effective to wrap everything in the wrapping paper that was most previlant at that time of year). Now that I'm an adult I have to figure out what when I'm going to get by my mom's to get my present on my birthday (although this year--she's gonna have to bring it here since I'm an all day hostess on Christmas to both my parents and sister's family and my husband's family). I don't get a special birthday dinner anymore and no cake (which is fine since I don't eat cake). I'm hoping since this year is kind of special my hubby will take me out somewhere nice to eat.

I do sometimes feel as though I'm getting cheated. You know..."can't spend as much cause it's Christmas and I have all these people to buy for"... I tried to change my birthday to July for several years thinking it would help, but mom nixed the idea saying "that wasn't when you was born, blah, blah, blah" (My sister was born in August, lucky child.)

But for the most part, I like when I was born. People don't forget it (and not just because I keep reminding them). And when I tell people when I'm born I do get a lot of "how cool is that", which I think to myself...yeah, if you only knew!

(p226--I know a guy a Chick-Fil-A that could probably get you a recipe for some really good nuggets!)

Christie Kelley said...

Happy Birthday, Jeanne!!!

I was always happy not to have a birthday near Christmas. My oldest son was born on the 4th of July, as was one of my brothers. My oldest sister is sometimes has a Thanksgiving birthday.

But my parents must have been mindful of the xmas holidays because none of us nine kids is near xmas.

My birthday is on March 21st so I'm a spring baby.

Anyway, have a great birthday and sorry but I'm wishing for no snow on this side of the state :)

Jo Lewis said...

Wow, p226, did you snag the GR? And no chortling?

Doglady, my oldest daughter also has her birthday during the "between" time--Dec 27. By then, everyone's pretty worn out from Christmas, so it's hard for her.

She's a really good sport about it, though, and we always have our Happy, Happy Fun Days (HHFD) where all the women celebrate each person's birthday with a dinner and a movie.

Jeanne, happy birthday and that recipe sounds delish and better yet, simply to make.

Christine, my oldest son was born on Feb 15 too! I think we did a little too much celebrating the night before on Valentine's Day. Cough, cough, hmmmm.

Christmas names, yikes! I knew a man whose last name was Jolly, no big deal, but he married a woman named Holly. How ever do you get around Holly Jolly as a name? I suggested her using a middle name or initial, but it was "B." Holly B. Jolly?

True story, I kid you not!

p226 said...

Joan said: Doglady. That wasn't P226 dancing around in victory. He'd just had another "pepper spray" incident while trying to subdue our lovely GR :-0

Not subdue, season. SEASON the thing. Damned pepper spray nozzles.....

Oh, and P226...our GR best stay hale and hearty. Wouldn't want to send Demetrius and Marcus to retrieve him.

I think they're, what, 1400 years behind in equipment and tactics? I'll take my chances. As soon as I find a recipe for metal chicken that doesn't involve pepper spray...

Laura J said: (p226--I know a guy a Chick-Fil-A that could probably get you a recipe for some really good nuggets!)

I'm all ears! As long as it doesn't include pepper spray.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Yeah, P226! Not only do you give your wonderful son a seperate birthday, you got the Golden Rooster! Yeah! And if you're dancin' in your undies, I don't want to know about it. Oh, the visual...Ha!

flchen1, I totally get the birthday thing, as you know. Good on your parents for the sweet sixteen, at least! I love Easter too, it's so fun with the kids, doing Easter eggs and hunts. And Thanksgiving...well, you've already heard us rhapsodize about Thanksgiving and the food on this blog! Ha!

Doglady, I have a friend who's birthday is the 28th. Her DH does the same. Glad your brother's done the good deed for your birthday "date." I never got a birthday cake with my name on it until my DH came along. Amazing what floats your boat and makes you feel special...that was it! Ha!

Happy birthday early, Jennifer! And how gracious of you, here in December, to share the GR! :> And snork, snork on being a few years younger than our dear Jane Austen.

Thanks everyone for the great Birthday wishes. Christine, I had to laugh because my youngest was due on the 14th of Feb. as well. I had him on the 17th, thankfully, so no combining there. Yeah!

AC! No wonder we get along so well, my fellow Sag! :> Had to LOL about the combining presents no matter what the birthday. GREAT idea. I'm trying that one on my brother! Ha!

Jane, when I was single, I'd buy myself the most decadent ice cream cake on my birthday. :> This morning, I got coffee cake, scrabled eggs, flowers and cards, in bed. SO, I'm not missing cake! Ha! Well, technically, I got coffee CAKE, so... Ha!

Any, I was LOL about the "twice the kisses" thing for your daughter on New Years. And wow, it does sound birthday-busy around your house! Summer's like that for me.

Ooh, Helen, I never thought about Easter birthdays being good for chocolate. Hmmmm. Very nice. Great about your hubby being sure there was a birthday AND anniversary present. Smart man. :>

Dianna, I'm betting that really was a pain. You're right, come January, everyone's dealing with the bills and the pounds gained. Ha!

Oh, Joanie T...Lucius and a backrub...I'm in heaven! Happy birthday to ME! Heehee!

Laura J, you get the whole family this year? On your birthday? Yikes! We'll be sending Lucius over to you, when he's done with me. You'll need a foot rub and a massage after that, for sure!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Jo, I love the idea of HHFDays. That's great. I'm stealing it. Heehee. The recipe IS easy and truly delish. I get requests for it every year from my DH's office, from friends, etc.

Joan said...

P226 said: Not subdue, season. SEASON the thing. Damned pepper spray nozzles.....


I think they're, what, 1400 years behind in equipment and tactics? I'll take my chances. As soon as I find a recipe for metal chicken that doesn't involve pepper spray...

Ummm...maybe so but the fierce determination to survive is still there. Especially between Demetrius and the GR...they spent all those days "cooped" up in Anna's chiken coop down in Oz. I know you'll understand the power of bonding with your mates.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Bwah-ha-ha! So it was ANNA that corrupted the GR! I knew she'd worn Demetrius out. So, did Demetrius tell Lucius how to use the feathers to best effect? I'm sure Anna taught him...a lot! Heehee

p226 said...

Especially between Demetrius and the GR...they spent all those days "cooped" up in Anna's chiken coop down in Oz. I know you'll understand the power of bonding with your mates.

I am in TEARS laughing. Because I've seen the movie Super Troopers. And I when I read that, I thought of what Farva screamed at that motorist during a traffic stop. Anyone else who's seen Super Troopers... ahahahah, oh man....

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, man, the Golden Rooster should be renamed the giggle rooster. You guys are hilarious! And believe me, if you saw my house, you'd realize the only current use I have for feathers is in a feather duster! I'm not fantasizing about a hot gladiator coming to my rescue. I'm fantasizing about a cleaner! Hmm, Demetrius in an apron...

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Oooooh! Demetrius in an apron...oh, the visual! :> Not much else... Grins.

Joan said...

Ladies! It took me an hour to calm Demetrius down! He was appalled at the thought of wearing an apron.

(And I judiciously avoided pointing out a tunic is also skirt like).

And P226 I don't know the movie you're referencing.

Jennifer Y. said...

LOL Joan. Tell him not to worry, when he visits me in Georgia this summer to help me forget the heat, I won't make him wear an apron.

Caren Crane said...

Wow, go to a chapter Christmas party and come home to this! Actually, I'm off to another Christmas party in a minute, so...

Happy Birthday, Jeanne! Congratulations, P226! Take it easy on the GR and the pepper spray. Though the CFA recipe probably uses lots of pepper. Hm.

My birthday, May 13, is always near and often on Mother's Day. It was ugly for exactly one year, then my husband learned in no uncertain terms that those were entirely separate events to be celebrated separately. With separate gifts. And separate cards. It's still a big rip-off, though.

I look forward to all my children getting grown so I can truly have separate celebrations. I like my birthday celebrations to last a couple of weeks, at least. *g*

Creatvleah said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear friend and fellow Sag!

As you know my b-day is also in December and my parents never did anything different in terms of celebrating it, but they do keep it separate from Christmas. :)

However, unlike you, I am NOT a winter lover and growing up in Colorado that meant snow EVERY birthday which also meant lots of parties cancelled due to bad weather...BLAH!

So, my first year of college (I chose a warm climate to escape to) my friends and I threw a pool party for me for my birthday--it was soooo awesome to get to have the kind of party I could only envy as a kid.

And, oh did I curse those June babies with there awesome outdoor parties with pony rides while I've got a clown in the basement.

Enjoy your icy weather and you're birthday! Cheers for a fabulous year which it HAS to be since it's when your first book comes out in print!!! WOOO HOOO!!

Much love...Leah

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hey Caren! My chapter Christmas party is at my house, tomorrow. Yikes! :>

Hey there Leah! I'm so happy to see you. Had to LOL about the pool party in December. Yeeha! And yep, 2008 is bound to be grrrrrreat!


Keira Soleore said...

La Duchesse, many happy returns of the day!! That animated Santa and Snowman is hilarious. Hooray for breakfast in bed.

P226, the Golden Rooster is very much a live bird, unlike the Gilded Rooster that Foanna hankers after.

I'm August-born, and let me tell you, summer birthdays are the worst. No one comes to your parties, because every school friend is on vacation.

p226 said...

P226, the Golden Rooster is very much a live bird, unlike the Gilded Rooster that Foanna hankers after.

Oh REALLY? So then any reg'lar chicken recipe will do?

If you guys will excuse me, I'm off to find some marinade.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Kiera, I had to laugh because my Sister and brother both used to say the same thing when we were growing up. :> My son, a June baby, loves his birthday because it's the last day of school and usually everyone can come to the party since they're still in town for school. He thinks its great.

P226, some tarragon, white wine, olive oil and a pinch of salt and pepper works a charm as a marinade...oh, wait, what am I saying???...Leave that rooster alone! I want a chance to catch him one morning! Grins.

Caren Crane said...

Jeanne, don't give P226 ideas! He has quite enough of his own, thank you very much.

I hope you guys have snow for your birthday. Well, any snow would be nice in my book. As a child, I always longed for white Christmases and snowy woods. *sigh* I really should have left the south and gone to college in New England or somewhere. But I went to school in NC and married a native, so we're here until the end of time. He refuses to move! I hope to lure him to the mountains when we retire so I can enjoy winter.

It was about 75 degrees here today. I despise warm days in December!!

Keira Soleore said...

OK, Banditas. I'm haunting the blog for a new post, so I can be the one to carry the GR to safety away from all you folks you want to marinate/roast/gild/encase-in-metal/pluck-the-feathers/etc the poor dear. So whoever's turn it is on Sunday, please do hurry up and post, kthx.

Jennifer Y. said...

ROFL Keira!

Keira Soleore said...

Jennifer :) Still no new post.

Amy Andrews said...


Keira Soleore said...

Unh-huh. Testing. Me, too.

Anna Campbell said...

Gosh, you girls! It's like vultures waiting for the rooster to stagger over the last sand dune and collapse in a heap under the Saharan sun. I've seen less excitement at a 100m Olympic final starting line! ;-)

Buffie said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Jeanne!!!! I have always had sympathy for December birthdays. Seems like you guys get ripped off! I had to laugh at your Flag Day comment as my sister's is on Flag Day. And you are very fortunate your parents didn't name you Noel or Holly or somthing like that. I have to tell you about a girl I went to school with -- she wasn't quite so lucky. She had a December birthday, though I can't remember what the date was, and her last name was Christmas. Yep, Christmas. Guess what her parents named her . . . not Mary, but Merry. Yep, the poor girl's name was Merry Christmas. And boy did she get teased!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Oh, man, Buffie, that would just be horrid, to be Merry Christmas. Yikes. I am SO glad my darling parents didn't go that route!

I don't know who's the poster for Sunday...I'm always happy to keep chatting until it's up though.

Race ya' to the Rooster! Snork!

Cassondra said...


Happy Birthday a day late! So sorry I missed the actual day.

P226: Congrats on the GR. That is NOT a bird you want to eat.

My husband also knows someone named Mary Christmas. But you KNOW her parents didn't do that by accident, and WHY would a parent do that on purpose? He also went to grade school with the daughters of local Dr. Jack Frost. Yep. Three daughters. Names were Winter, Autumn, and Summer. Summer Frost is a gorgeous name I think. But I have to wonder if those girls hated those names.