Thursday, December 27, 2007

It's That Time Again...

by Tawny Weber

The New Year is upon us once again (where DID the time go?) and that brings us to the ever-frustrating experience of setting New Year’s resolutions.

Me, I’m not so much into the resolution gig. I’m more of a goal setting gal, myself. The difference? I always think of resolutions as those things we decide to quit or avoid (lose weight, quit smoking, cut back on caffeine--of which the latter always baffles me... no caffeine? Ack) while goals are things to work toward. It’s really just semantics, but years as a hypnotherapist showed me over and over again the success of phrasing something as positively as possible. A goal is active, a resolution is more static. Goals can be broken into easily focused-on steps, resolutions seem to rely on willpower (of which I have diddly, as evidenced by the fact that all the homemade almond rocca is gone already).

But I have to admit, I can’t escape the lure of the New Year. The last week of December, I always find myself setting next year’s goals. Some little, some big, all adjustable to life’s whims. Maybe it’s the lingering warm fuzzy feeling of the holidays, but I always use this time to count my blessings. In the rush to pen a list of changes we expect ourselves to make, it’s easy to forget the things we want to hold on to. So I’ll sit with my husband and kids and we’ll reflect on all the great things we did over the last year, or the fun changes we’ve experienced. I had so many in 2007, including the release of Double Dare last May and Does She Dare?, which is hitting the shelves right about now.

Celebrating Does She Dare? is even more fun right now since the heroine, Isabel, is as much of a goal setter as I am – she even color codes her lists (including the one she calls The Man Plan, which leads to all kinds of naughty fun!). Hey , it worked for her.

How about you? As this last week of 2007 winds down, will you be reflecting on your blessings, crafting a resolution list or ignoring the whole thing? And just for fun , if you share one thing you’re grateful for, one goal/resolution you’ll be focusing on I'll toss your name in the hat to win a goal setting basket filled with goodies, including the ever-important markers for color coding!!


Anna Campbell said...

I'm grateful I won the GR!!! Bwahahahahahaha!

Anna Campbell said...

Tawny, congratulations on the release of DOES SHE DARE? I've been dying for this book to come out! Whoo-hoooo! Actually, at the risk of sounding soppy (stop snickering, rooster, or it's the pot for you!), I'm grateful for my lovely Bandita friends. Seriously, all you gals and all our friends through this blog have been a major highlight of 2007 for me. A goal? Oh, so many! The immediate one is to start my fourth book next week. Wish me luck! Another tortured hero awaits!

Tawny said...

*snicker* Methinks you have much more to be grateful about than a scrawny bird. ::cough::bookoftheyear::cough::

but hey, congrats on the GR!

Tawny said...

YAY - lets hear it for tortuting heroes!!! You do it SO well ;-)

I love your blessings -- especially since I share them LOL.

and thanks... I am so excited about this release, maybe its because I don't have the same woozy surreal feeling I had with Double Dare *beg*

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

I am grateful for many things, this group of people being at the top of the list. Being with like minded people (readers!) isn't something I have had a lot of until I wandered into the lair :-)
My goal is to get myself together again, I used to be a very focused person and now it is not so much focused as hanging on by my fingernails.

Maureen said...

I am grateful for my family and their good health. Last year my goals were to exercise more and get better organized. I did make some strides on those last year so I think I'm just going to continue working on them. My goals usually need more than one year. Happy New Year to you and everyone else.

Caren Crane said...

Tawny, I have a love/hate relationship with the New Year. More later. But first, speaking of love/hate relationships, Anna C you had better treat the GR right! First you snag him, then the threats begin. Let the poor bird rest! He probably needs to work on his manicure, anyway, since opening all those Christmas gifts.

At least, I assume the GR received his gifts. Didn't really expect him to spend Christmas with Amy, but had directed it Down Under, so hopefully it arrived!

Tawny, I am a steadfast anti-resolutionary. I try hard not to commit to anything that smacks of a pass/fail grade. In my opinion, a resolution is something made to be broken. Since I like to experience success, I tend to make smaller, more personal goals and work toward those. Mostly, it works out. Except trying to get in shape only worked for a few months last year. The current size of my hindquarters indicates I may need to renew my efforts in that area!

Dianna, we are so glad you keep coming around! We are always more than happy to send jocular energy toward West Virginia! I am sure you get to rush out and enjoy the holiday aftermath at a certain enormous retailer today. Best of luck and don't let the after-Christmas crowd get you down!

Maureen, I think you are dead on with our goals taking years to meet sometimes. Heck, I've had that "getting published" goal for several years now and am still babystepping!

Amy Andrews said...

Hey Anna - looks like the GR is doing a little tour of Oz. Maybe with Santa and his 6 white boomers?

I know what you mean Tawny about resolutions. They're always so negative, so denial-based. I'm going to stop blah, blah. I'm going to givre up blah blah. I'm never going to do blah blah again etc etc. How depressing. No wonder they're so hard to keep!!

My goals for next year are - get an agent, sell my romantic comedy.
Easy, right?

Stacy S said...

I'm grateful for my family's good health. I have two goals for this coming year. One is to stop smoking ( I've got these pills to help you stop ) and to lose 15 lbs.

Laura J. said...

I'm thankful for a lot of things. I have a wonderful family. My husband has a good job that allows me to stay home and be there for my kids so that they participate in activities.

My goals for the new year are to get rid of some clutter. I'm a pack rat and I really want to unload some junk.

My resolution (which I hate to make because I never seem to keep them more than a day or two) is to try to eat healthier, loose a few pounds and tighten my abs. I picked up the book 'French Woman Don't Get Fat' so I'm going to see if that works. I like the blurb on the back that says "Don't diet, eat chocolate, drink wine and take long walks". This is one that I think I could follow.

I picked up Does She Dare? the other day. It really sounds good!

Gillian Layne said...

Anna, you're cracking me up :)

I'm all about counting the blessings, especially after I'm growling down the hallway because no one will go to bed (school holiday, you know), and the cats are howling and the puppy is barking and hubby somehow sleeps through all of this! Sigh.

Then I remember I'm really lucky to have all this to complain about! Not to mention darling on-line friends and unbelievably talented crit partners (special hugs to Doglady/Louisa!) and a new, snuggly warm Christmas robe :)

2008 will rock, I think.

Congrats on Does She Dare!

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Tawny, as nice as goal setting sounds compared to resolutions, I have an aversion to the whole word goal. I don't know if Joan does, but in nursing school, for every patient you have to make a goal for every body system, of which there are about 10, whether or not they have a problem with that system or not. multiply that by 3-5 patients per week for about 40 weeks of school per year, times 3 years (for me). Ugh, you get the picture. (You should see me shiver at goal-motivation-conflict seminars!LOL)

SO...I think of my "goals" as accomplisments to achieve. (I know, it's semmantics.)

Things I'm grateful for:
1. Healthy family, and my daughter's healthy pregnancy.
2. My writer friends, especially the Foxes and Banditas!
3. My new job and great boss.
4. My new office and new dining room!

Things to accomplish:
1. Have one of my maunscripts knock the socks off an agent and editor to find itself published.
2. Write two full manuscripts this year in preparation for getting a multi-book contract!
3. Have a successful year as DARA president, with the Dreamin In Dallas conference April 4-5 it should be a wild one!
4. Spend quality time with the Bandits in SF!

doglady said...

While I do congratulate you on the kidnapping uhm capture of the GR, I must agree with Tawny! I will tell you that I am grateful for UNTOUCHED and CTC and I will be even more grateful when TEMPT THE DEVIL comes out!! I am definitely grateful for the Banditas and all the fun we have. Big hug to Gillian who is a fabulous critique partner! I am SO lucky to be a member of Passion's Slaves! I am more a goal setting person for all the reasons everyone has mentioned. I am determined to finish two more books AND get Lost in Love in front of an agent AND editor who will fall in love with it! I want to strive to become a better writer every day AND to write more EVERY day. Another goal - to eat better and to get more exercise!

Shari C said...

I'm grateful for the good health all my family enjoyed this year. My wish for the coming year is to continue our good health and for myself to become more outgoing and to hopefully lose some of the extra pounds I have somehow added on.

Unknown said...

I'm grateful for my family and friends. My one resolution is to try to lose some weight.

jo robertson said...

Oh, man, GR's down under again! What a slippery little guy!

The Romance Bandits and the whole Lair arena are at the top of my list. You have been such a source of inspiration and encouragement.

My goal: A bought-my-book date in two thousand eight!!


p226 said...

I'm not a resolution kind of guy. But, the week after Christmas has become a sort of a marker for me. See, I'm one of those people that hates winter. I hate cold. I hate short days. Honestly, I may be one of those people subject to mild depression during the depth of the winter months. I forget what they call that, but ugh... I'm just not a winter person.

Every. Single. Year.

I fall out of my workout routine sometime in October or November. Normally, I get some wicked cold or flu (as happened this year) and I just never get back into the swing of things when I recuperate. Then I start piling on myself for being a lazy $%^* and not working out.

But come the end of December... well... all the excuses are gone. There are no more massive holiday feasts. In a week or so, the heaps of brownies and other baked goods will be gone. I've put on twenty or so pounds of winter fatboy, and it must go. And there are no excuses for me failing to get back to working out.

Well... only one, but it's unacceptable.

Quoting the South Park sensei here... "Youuuuu racka disciprine!"

petite said...

I will continue on my healthy regimen and workout schedule. I hope to devote more time to my sister and her daughters who need TLC.
I am appreciative of good health for myself and my family since it this makes like worthwhile.

pearl said...

Be patient and understanding with everyone around me.
Develop a soft core and a great attitude.

thankful for my husband whose support and love is constant and my great sons.

ruth said...

After being dealt a blow this summer and surviving, I realize how fleeting and precious life is. I will be grateful for everything that I have and for my family and friends who were supportive and loving during this trying time.

MsValerie said...

I'm grateful for...
- Living 50 years, even if I cringe whenever I think about being 50
- The love of my partner, my family, and my friends, even though I'm not attentive enough.

My resolutions this year are to...
- Put more life in my life.
- To say "I love you" with more than just words.


Hellie Sinclair said...


I resolve to win the GR one time this year.

Oh, and write another book; query out my current manuscript; attend a bunch of conferences and learn more...anything to make me a better writer. (Okay, yes, I know WRITING makes you a better writer, but I'm floundering here.)

I also would like to eat more healthily (in order to get rid of some excess weight, make me more alert)--and exercise more. Good circulation promotes good ideas (or that's the lie I plan to tell myself to make myself go more often.)

I'm grateful...I still have all my friends and family; that I did finish my book this year (even though I'm dawdling in the edits); that I got to find out if Harry Potter lived...and if Jack Sparrow was recovered... (believe me, the last two were extremely important to me. Extremely.)

Anonymous said...

Hi ya'll--I've been on a protracted Christmas absence from the blog (I think three or four whole days! Wow!) and am starting to poke my head out of my cave to say I love resolutions.

Since we're writers, and semantics clearly MATTER to us, I will give you this definition of resolve:

"to come to a definite or earnest decision about; determine (to do something)"

Now that's positive, isn't it? :-)

Every year my husband and I sit down together to make our resolutions. We do individual resolutions and couple resolutions (like, go out on a date every six weeks--we really reach high!). We keep a copy of our resolutions on the fridge, though I don't think we came close our our "every six weeks" resolution last year. LOL.

We haven't done our resolutions yet, but I'm sure mine will involve writing two more books, reading a couple of books on craft and attending a few on-line workshops (above the ones I'll do at Nationals). Balance is always a part of my resolutions as well.

As for blessings, I wouldn't know where to start. My husband, who I adore, my kids, who are incredible, my friends and family, CP, Church, Bandita sisters, all of our Bandita's much much more than I could ever have dreamed of.

Nathalie said...

Congrats on your new release!

I remember when I was a little younger that I used to write down my resolutions... but came the end of the year, and well, almost nothing had been achived. So I dropped the tradition!

diane said...

I am so thankful for my wonderful family who are caring and loving.
I follow a healthy lifestyle and will persist. I hope to accomplish and complete my thesis this year and then graduate with a fulfilling career.

Buffie said...

I try not to make too many so called resolutions.

I am so thankful for a happy and healthy family. I'm thankful that my children see both sets of grandparents every week and will have the memories of that when they are older.

There are a few things that I would like to try to accomplish this next year. Lose weight (that's a given every year) -- that includes exercising, eating right, and just being more healthy. I want to get my scrapbooks all caught up (I'm about 2 years behind). And I would love to start putting pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) and get this children's book out of my head.

Tawny -- BTW -- I was in the store today looking for Jacquie D'Alessandro's latest (which I did find) when I spotted Does She Dare? I made an Ooohh sound while I snatched up the book and my 9-year old asked "is that another one of your romance author friends?" I had to giggle and say yes!! So Isabel and Dante are on the top of my TBR pile and I can't wait to get to them!!!!

Jennifer Y. said...

Congrats on the new release!

One thing I am grateful for is that my family made it through another year. This year has been a rough one for us full of family illnesses. We almost lost my grandpa earlier, but he bounced back and seems to be okay I am grateful that he was able to spend another Christmas with us.

One goal I will be focusing on is the one I say every year...lose weight.

Another would be to read more (those that know me are probably thinking, "How could you possibly read more than you you already do?"...I do read a lot)...but I really want to work on my TBR mountain. I also want to keep better track of what I read...I tried to do so in a notebook last year, but lost track toward the middle of the year. I have also resolved to contact the authors of books I enjoy. In the past I have been too chicken to do so and worried authors wouldn't want me to bother them, but next year I think I might try to.

Anna Campbell said...

Dianna and all our Bandita friends, you're always welcome here! We love the regulars who come back to see us!

Actually, I went to a great workshop at one of the RomAUS conferences a few years ago run by Lilian Darcy who is a fabulous writer for Harlequin. She said she divides her intentions up into dreams and goals. The dreams are things she can't control like getting a book published or winning a comp and getting your dream agent. The goals are the things she can control which will in the end lead to the dreams being achieved. You know, writing ten pages a day or entering x number of comps. She made the point that setting yourself a goal you can't control and then not achieving it leaves you with a sense of failure that really you don't deserve. If you can't control it, you can't manage whether you achieve it or not. I like that way of thinking about things!

By the way, the GR waves hello with the hand that's not clutching a margarita. He left me for so long, I've decided to treat him sweet this time round.

Lily said...

Congrats on your new release... that has a hot cover!!!

I usuaally do a small list with my priorites... but it usually ends in the garbage after a few days, because these ones are always trivial... anyway, my goal is to continue my studies to earn my degree while still keeping some time to relax - and READ!

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

OMG! Jennifer Y. please trust ALL the writers who hang out here in the Lair. We would NEVER think a reader who wrote to us was a bother!

That's one of the things I'm most looking forward to in 2008 -- right after seeing my book on the shelves -- hearing from readers!

I don't really do resolutions either, though I do like Kirsten's definition. And I do goal setting way more than once a year. And of course, all the Banditas and Bandita Buddies are right at the top of my list of things for which I am thankful!


Tawny said...

Oh Dianna thank you! :-) We're so glad you're here in the lair with us!! Its all of the wonderful gang that hang out here that give the lair its fun and warmth!!

I hear you on being focused, too - thats a great goal--and one thats easily broken into smaller, manageable steps.

Maureen, I have a lot of goals that span more than one year... getting published was one of them LOL. Baby steps or giant leaps, as long as we get there in the end thats what counts, right?

Tawny said...

Caren, I'm with you on the negative feel of resolutions (Sorry Kristen, I do like your definition though *g*). And since I seem to gain weight by breathing when I'm stressed, the weight loss goal is huge (hahaha - get it) on my goal list this year.

Amy -those were MY goals for years too LOL. GREAT ones! I'm rooting for you- just stay focused and it will happen.

Stacy - go you on quitting smoking!! And lets hear it for another weight loss buddy! Those are great goals and you're boddy will love you (I keep telling my body it will love me as I do pushups and sweat on the elliptical... so far its not believing me)

Laura -GREAT sounding book. I'm for anything with chocolate LOL. What wonderful blessings you have, too! Good luck with that pack rat thing, I'm an avid recycler, but I still have piles of 'stuff' I should get rid of. And hey, let me know what you think of DSD :-)

Tawny said...

Gillian -2008 WILL rock, definitely :-) YAY on the killer blessings - family is wonderful, but a great CP... oh yeah ;-) I'm definitely grateful for mine, too!! (and thanks for the congrats *g*)

*cringe* Suz... Ick! I can see why goals wouldn't be your cuppa tea, huh? Okay - I'm all for accomplishments to achieve :-) And I'm betting you achieve all of yours!! Especially the fun in SF LOL.

Doglady, what wonderful goals and blessings. Go you on getting the ms out there -I hope you hit a brilliant editor on the first try :-)

Shari - YAY for good healthy, and me too on the pounds, we'll do it though!!

Tawny said...

Lily - reading is an AWESOME goal LOL - I fully support everyone adding 'read more' to their goal list ;-) Go you on the degree!

Jennifer, as an author I will promise you it's an amazing thing to hear from readers!!! Its totally WOW and very welcome :-)

AC - I hear ya on the fantastic Banditas!!! Definitely topping the blessing list :-)

Buffie, what a great gift to give your children. Those are precious memories! And YAYYYY that you found DSD (and that your daughter said that - how cool LOL). I hope you have fun with Isabel & Dante... I sure did *g*

Nathalie -thank you!!! And see, thats what I mean about resolutions... easily forgotten, not easily accomplished! Thats why goals are better *snicker*

Tawny said...

Amy, family is a wonderful blessing, isn't it?

Jo - I'll back your goal with lots of 'buy buy buy' energy!!!

P226 - UGH on discipline, thats my biggest challenge. Although I'm actually better with that than will power ;-) It sounds like you have a definite year end ritual going. And becaue you're a man, I'm betting you'll drop that weight in no time (we women resent that, you know).

Petite, it sounds like you are a blessing to your sister :-) What a special gift to give.

Pearl, those are beautiful goals!!! Wow, I'm inspired by them, thank you!

Ruth, sending hugs just in case you need a few. I hope your 2008 is filled with peace and love!

MsValerie - hmmm... I'm all for the 'I love you' with more than words... I keep trying to get my characters to do that too ;-) GO you on embracing 50!! and for being so positive :-)

Helen said...

The GR is still in Australia he sure likes the warmer weather congrats Anna.
A big congrats on the new release Tawny.
I am grateful for my family and the love we have for each other and the fun we have together as for resolutions I don't normally make them but I know that I would like to lose weight get fitter and will aim to do so.
I am very grateful for all the friends I have here at the lair you are all such wonderful people you make me laugh and it is such a fun place to visit.
Congrats to all of you Authors that have books published and I hope that those who haven't yet will do so in 2008 because you truly deserve to and because the more books I have to read the better.
I am also very grateful for all the wonderful books I have read this year the best have been written by the Bandits thanks Guys.
Have Fun

Tawny said...

MsHellion -GREAT lie to tell yourself ;-) I'm a firm believer in using those little mantras to keep us going. And HEY, didn't it rock finding out about Harry and Jack? I looooooved those endings (even if I did cry a lot LOL) Um, btw, writing really does make you a better writer (running to hide now).

Kristen, okay fine, you can have your resolution definition since its obviously rocking for you ;-) I love that you and your husband set them together too - what a nice way to support each other!

Tawny said...

Thanks Helen :-) And I promise, the Bandita's are striving to put as many of our books on the shelves for people to read as possible *g*

anne said...

Best wishes for a wonderful and healthy new year.
I am appreciative of each day that I am well, mobile and energetic. To me good health is the foremost of blessings.
I hope to master the art of culinary mediocrity at least.

Fedora said...

What a timely post, Tawny! One resolution is to try to better prioritize what I spend my time on in the coming year ;) Of course, reading and hanging out with these wonderful communities of readers and writers will still be up there! I'm so thankful for my family and all of you great writers and fellow readers!

Congrats, Anna, on the GR! ;)

CrystalGB said...

I am grateful for my health and the health of my family.

catslady said...

My biggest resolution is to spend less time on the computer and more time reading!!! And I was grateful that my daughter and her fiance were able to come for Christmas this year!

Tawny said...

Yay Catslady on the special guests for the holidays :-) And I hear you on the addictiveness of the internet -- it does sap into the reading time!

Crystal, good health is a definite blessing!

Fedora, I'm with you on prioritizing. I have a bad habit of shoveling hours of 'work' into the end of my day because somehow I frittered away my entire day.

Culinary Mediocrity, Anne? You're killing me LOLOL. Too funny. I'm currently addicted to the Food Network, which helps my goal to cook more healthy meals... I like your version better though.

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

P226 what you suffer from is Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). I have a slight case of it too. This is why we need to spend Nov.--Feb. visiting all our great friends Down Under!

Hmmm, perhaps the GR has a touch of SAD too and that's why he's been hanging out with our Oz contingent lately. Lucky bird!

Stacey S. we are all CHEERING for you to accomplish your "Stop Smoking" goal! That's a tuffy but all us here in the Lair stand ready to help you in whatever way we can. (Aunty readys her riding crop.)

And Helen, NEVER FEAR! All us Banditas are doing our utmost to bring you as many Bandita authored books as possible! I agree that our AYU Banditas ALL deserve contracts, and those of us who have sold deserve MORE contracts! Not that Aunty is greedy or anything, but this is all part of our nefarious plan for Bandita World Domination!
MWAHAHAHAHA! How's THAT for a resolution?


hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

What Jacquie D'Alessandro book are you all talking about? The Blaze?

Sue A. said...

I'm grateful for family and for our good health.

And I'm grateful for the internet that makes it possible to connect with other readers and authors. Wishing you all good health and a Happy New Year!

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Tawny, I haven't been looking for Does She Dare yet, I hope I haven't missed it!

Joan said...

Whoa...there's a lot of resolving going on in the lair LOL

I am grateful for so many, friends, health, happiness. 3 fantastic critique partners. And a big resounding YES to being grateful for my fellow Banditas.

Ya'll may not realize it but we 20 Banditas have connected so firmly and so amazingly well that...well, it's a phenomena few of us can explain. We just revel in it.

And we have all become so attached to our wonderful blog friends. You are a treasure to every Bandita.

In 2008 I plan to blitz agents with submissions. Enter selective contests. Finish my current mss in less than a year. (I'm getting faster with each successive one

And do it all while getting down to a size 8....

ROTFLMAO (which will help :-)

Pamk said...

I am greatful for family & friends. Espcially that they are healthy.
My goal this year is loose 40 more lbs.

Kate Carlisle said...

OMG I'm ROTFL at Anna snatching the GR! And plying him with margaritas? Sounds like rooster heaven!!

I think I like Lillian Darcy's idea of dreams and goals, FA, so I'm hereby dreaming of more book contracts for all my friends and myself! And Joanie, I'm right there with you on the Size 8 (and right there with you, laughing my @ss off, too, LOL).

Great post, Tawny. :-) I've got my Borders card ready for tomorrow's trip to the mall where I will snag my very own copy of Does She Dare!!

I'm grateful for everyone here. Thank you for making this such a fabulous year. And the best is yet to come!!

Trish Milburn said...

I'm a big goal setter/list maker, so that last week of December is always a big planning time for me.

Donna MacMeans said...

I'm grateful I made it under the wire to post a comment before someone put up the blog for tomorrow *g*.

Sorry Tawny, I've been behind the wheel of a car all day.

I'm grateful for all the banditas who I love and admire in so many ways. I'm grateful for finally being able to see Mrs. Brimley on a bookshelf. I'm grateful for finally being able to live a dream.

My goals are to finish book three and start on number four. I thought the process would be easier the more books one writes, but I'd be wrong *g*. Oh - and I have a short story to finish as well.

Congratulations on DOES SHE DARE? I can't wait to read this book *g* Too bad the publishers don't color code the lines of print to match the heroine's lists ;-)

Terri Osburn said...

I am so late but finally coming up from the holiday. 14 hours of driving in one day tends to do you in. So, you might ask why I'm not sleeping right now. I'm wondering the same thing...

I resolve every year to exercise more and eat healthier and it never happens. You'd think I'd learn.

I like this setting goals thing. I have two major ones. 1) finish my book. Any of them. 2) buy my own place.

I need to post these somewhere for inspiration. *toddles off to make the notes*

Oh, and congrats on the new book release. I can't imagine how exciting that is. And here's to all of the Banditas having books on the shelves in 2008, 2009, 2010...

Amy Andrews said...

I've thought of something to be graetful for - apart from good health, friends etc etc.
I'm grateful I won't be in labour again this year as I was on Dec 31st nearly twelve years ago.

Not a way I recommend bringing in the New Year.

Tawny said...

Sue, I'm SOOOO grateful for the internet, too! Its such an incredible addiction... I mean, learning tool!

Dianna, Does She Dare? only seems to have hit Walmart and Barnes & Noble so far... nothing at Borders or Target as far as I know (not that I'm obsessing or anything) Thanks for asking :-)

GO Pam on losing that weight! and Joanie, yeah, baby... I'm looking foward to a smaller size this year, too. Like you, I'm super grateful for the Banditas.

Kate, let me know if you find it! I think your goals rock, and hey, laughter burns calories!! Bet you hit that 8 ;-)

Trish, I knew I liked you for many many reasons... lets hear it for lists!

Donna, I'm so thrilled for you too :-) and OMG wouldn't it be amazing if the book's list was color-coded. Thats like a wild dream come true LOLOL. And, um, no... the books seem to be getting harder rather than easier in so many ways. What's UP with that?

Terrio - YAY on the fabulous goals! did you make notes? My cat tends to eat mine, but I tell myself that writing them over and over is like writing affirmations.

Ack, Amy - childbirth for NYE, what fun. But hey, what a great day for a birthday!!!

Jane said...

Congrats on the release. I'm grateful that me, my family and my friends have gone through the year healthy without anything more serious than a cold. I'm also grateful for all the books and movies out there to keep me occupied while the writers strike is going on.