Sunday, December 9, 2007

A Message from the GR

Hide me! Somebody hide me!

Whew, I barely escaped from the dude with numbers for a name. He had a SERIOUS look in his eyes and a freaky can of something he kept trying to aim at me. It made me sneeze. Thank the Colonel his aim was off. (It was kinda funny watchng him dance around. Reminded me of the Chicken dance Haha)

I tell ya, I haven't been this nervous since I was locked up in that coop down under with this really intense guy. He growled the whole time and in his sleep muttered "We who are about to die salute you." Yeah, well I didn't much care for that "die" part but was so glad when we broke away from the lady who'd written "Claiming the Clucker" or something like that. She kept saying "Come to Mama little clucker. I need a feather." (shiver)

So, do me a favor while we're waiting for the next Bandita (cool group of "chicks" btw).
Hide. Me.


Laura J. said...

Ah, poor Golden Rooster!

(hmmm....better put back those chicken recipes!)

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

GR it is okay, you could always come to WV, it said that chickens of any sex are allowed to run free here.

jo robertson said...

See what happens when the GR isn't readily claimed? He goes into a rooster melt-down!

From the Rooster, P226!

jo robertson said...
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Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Rooster! And I thought you and Demetrius bonded. I should have realized it was only the matching set of pewter shackles that bound you together, not mutual affection. You're a funny chicky, Roosty! Claiming the Clucker indeed. And I've seen how that book you left behind when that Jennifer kidnapped you still falls mysteriously open to all the 'good' bits! No hiding which bits of CTClucker got LOTS of re-reads!

p226 said...

I nearly choked on my coffee as I scrolled down the main page reading the last post.

Didn't see this one coming. Or the rooster going.


I guess it's bacon and venison for dinner this evening.

Joan said...

Shhhhh....don't let the guy with the pepper spray know but I've already warned Porky and Bambi...

I'm feeling a lot calmer now especially since Bandita Kirsten has taken the spotlight off me with her SURPRISE post about Bandita Susan. Friends are good to have. That's what I told P226 until he brought out the mashed potatoes and gravy. (grumble).

I won't reveal my exact location but suffice to say it is far from the land of platypus' and koalas...even the Caramelo ones!

My thanks to the big guy in the leather skirt for getting Bandita Joanie T to pass on this message.

GR, over and out.

doglady said...

MY poor GR friend!! Kudos on the narrow escape!! Keep bobbing an weaving. With the Banditas you never know WHAT will happen next!

Keira Soleore said...

Joan, very well done!! Loved that picture. He has to go up on the blog logo somehow -- Romance Banditas, Keepers of the Golden Rooster.

And Porky and Bambi? Snork!

Helen said...

Glad to see you are OK GR.
You guys are the best .
Have Fun

Christine Wells said...

Hmm, does that means Laura has the GR now? Cool post, Joanie T!

Jennifer Y. said... can hide here, GR! I have books!!!

And I did not kidnap the GR...he came willingly to my home. He knew I had books...and a bed for him...LOL. The other animals were a bit jealous though...hmm.

Cassondra said...


The plural of platypus.


Fedora said...

Snort! Too funny, GR, you poor thing, you...

Joan said...

Trying to bed down for the night (pant,pant). Been kind of tiring hightailing it around the US. So scared with those people with basters chasing after me. Almost laid an egg. (and wouldn't THAT be a feat!)

Jennifer y? I think I'll take you up on the refuge.

Will you read "Untouched" to me as a bedtime story?

GR, going to ground.

Jennifer Y. said...

LOL...if you would like me too GR...I am still waiting on my copy of Untouched though so until it gets here, I might have to read to you from some other books I have.

Keira Soleore said...

Almost laid an egg. (and wouldn't THAT be a feat!)

Oh yes, Rooster. You would have the eternal gratitude of females of all stripes for ever more. Perhaps you should think some more about laying that egg.

Jennifer Y. said...

Hmmm...I agree with Keira. Brings to mind that old age question, "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?"