Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Author Maureen Child is in The Lair!!

By Kate

We all know that writing contests can change your life – and not just by getting your work seen by editors and agents. Lasting friendships often develop among contest participants, probably because of all that shared pain and suffering we experience. As 2006 Golden Heart finalists, we Banditas were fortunate to develop a special bond that led to the creation of this blog. And a few years ago, through another contest, I was lucky enough to meet a judge who introduced me to Maureen Child, and an amazing and beautiful friendship was born.

I can honestly say that no one has taught me more about the business of publishing and no one has been more valuable in terms of improving my own writing style and process than my friend Maureen.

But enough about me! Let's meet this amazing writer!

With over 100 books and counting, Maureen Child is as prolific as she is versatile and talented, and she’s got five prestigious RITA nominations to prove it. She’s written Western historical paranormals under the name Kathleen Kane, and one of those, A POCKETFUL OF PARADISE, was made into the TV movie, THE SOUL COLLECTOR. Maureen has written warm and witty contemporary romances for St. Martin’s Press and she writes short, sexy romances for Silhouette Desire. Silhouette Senior Editor Melissa Jeglinski says, “Maureen Child is one of Desire’s most prolific and best-selling authors” and suggests that if you want to write for Desire, you should read Maureen Child.

This month, the second book in Maureen’s outrageously funny and very sexy Demon Duster series, A FIEND IN NEED, hits the bookstores and she’s here to talk about it. Welcome to the Lair, Maureen!

Maureen: Hi Kate! Hi, Banditas! Thanks for the warm welcome. It’s great to be here—and Kate, I’m just as glad you entered the OCC contest that year! Don’t know what I’d do without you!

Kate: Thanks, Maureen. Okay, to bring everyone up to date, in your first Demon Duster book, MORE THAN FIENDS, Cassidy Burke learns that she’s a hereditary Demon Duster. Soon she’s in training to kill demons but somehow gets intimately involved with one very hot, incredibly sexy Demon, then ultimately goes head-to-head with an all-powerful evil Demon Judge who’s made the mistake of kidnapping Cassidy’s daughter. Whew! Can you give us a sneak peek into book two, A FIEND IN NEED?

Maureen: Ah, life in La Sombra ... It’s been a month since Cassidy’s world got turned upside down, poor woman. And it’s not getting any easier. Her daughter’s father, Logan buys the house across the street from her—having him popping in and out all the time is not something Cass is looking forward to—her daughter Thea’s decided to give up being a math genius and become of all things ... a dreaded cheerleader. And finally, a gorgeous Faery arrives on her doorstep and tells her she’s the only one who can save him! Busy week.

Kate: Busy is the word for it. And by the way, Brady might just be the sexiest Faery ever. And he can cook! What’s not to love? So how in the world did you dream up these fabulous characters, especially Cassidy? Since you write such wild and funny paranormals, I guess my real question is [don’t groan] where do you get your out-of-this-world ideas?

Maureen: I’m groaning ... Actually, the best ideas are in the housewares department at Target—right behind the plastic tub aisle, bottom shelf. Okay, okay. Truth is, ideas aren’t a problem. I was the kid who was always in trouble for staring out a window during class time. Now, being paid to stare out windows ... oh, and type, is a great revenge.

Coming up with Cassidy was the easiest thing ever. She’s so much like me, it’s scary. She talks like me, eats like me ... she’s tidier than I am though and as far as I know, there aren’t any demons in my family. Although ... there is that one uncle ...

Kate: Snork! One thing I love about Cassidy—and your writing in general—is the humor you instill in your characters, especially your heroines. Cassidy is hilarious. There were too many laugh-out-loud scenes to mention them all, but I’ve got to say that your Cassidy eats more than any heroine I’ve ever read of. I guess demon-dusting burns up the calories, but I’ve got to confess I was starving by the time I finished the first book. And I fell on the floor laughing after reading the scene with her and her out-of-control washing machine. Seriously, do you have any words of wisdom for us writers when it comes to writing humor?

Maureen: Thanks for that, Kate! I try to get a real laugh out of my readers and when it even makes ME laugh, I know I’m on the right track. Sarcasm is my go-to humor. It’s just part of my world and good thing I like it so much, since my whole family are artistes in this area!

As for the eating, Cassidy, much like me, is a nibbler. She grazes all day. Her favorites, and mine, are Hershey’s Caramel Kisses and Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Pop Tarts. I like seeing a heroine chow down in times of stress, relaxation, boredom, happiness ... you get the idea. And the washing machine?? Well, who hasn’t idly wondered if ...

Kate: Hey now, this is a family blog.

Maureen: Sorry! But sometimes a washing machine is just a washing machine. Anyway, to write funny, you’d better enjoy reading funny. Find some really good, funny books in the genre you want to write and read ‘em all straight through. Hey, it’s research! And it’ll put you in the right mood to find your own funny bone.

Kate: I mentioned your versatility earlier. How do you switch gears and move from writing a 90,000-word hilarious paranormal one day to writing a 50,000-word passionate, sexy Desire the next?

Maureen: The true mother of inspiration is eating. This is how I make my living. As great as writing is, it’s still my job. So there are pages that have to be done, deadlines that have to be met ... and hair that has to be yanked out and tossed into the wind!

I do try to take a day or two off between books. I read whoever’s latest is out, relax a little and get my head out of the finished book and ready to jump into the next one.

Kate: Can you tell us what you’re working on now?

Maureen: Just finishing up a single title funny paranormal for NAL. It’s called BEDEVILED, and according to the good buddy who’s reading it ... it’s pretty funny! (thanks, Kate!)

BEDEVILED is about a woman who accidentally gets doused with the essence of Faery powers when she tries to get a demon to stop devouring her ex-boyfriend. No good deed goes unpunished ... because that faery essence is taking over her body, her life, her world. Soon, she’s got a gorgeous, pirate-looking Fae Warrior telling her that she’s the chosen one, meant to deliver Otherworld from evil Queen Mab—and an ugly, crabby pixie sleeping in her tree when he’s not training her how to use the powers she doesn’t even want.

Oh, and her sister’s been kidnapped. By a Demon? A Faery? Who knows?

And, another exciting thing for me this month is the release of BARGAINING FOR KING’S BABY. It’s the first in a trilogy from Silhouette Desire and it’s out this month, with the other two slated for April and May.

Kate: And I happen to know that BARGAINING FOR KING'S BABY has been number one on the Waldenbooks List for two weeks straight now! Fantastic! Thanks so much for visiting today, Maureen!

Maureen: Thanks for having me. I’m here all the time, though I usually lurk. It’s much brighter when you’re not tucked away in the shadows!

Maureen didn’t mention that her heroine Cassidy owns and operates her own house cleaning business, and as part of her Demon Duster arsenal, Cassidy’s got a liquid spray that vaporizes demons—AND leaves glass shiny and streak-free! Is that the greatest product ever invented or what?
If you could invent your own household product, what would it be and how would it work? And if you have a question for Maureen about her books or writing in general, ask away! TWO lucky commenters will win an autographed copy of A FIEND IN NEED for their very own!

And don't think we've forgotten that today is "The Call" day! We've got our fingers crossed that all our Banditas and friends will receive that phone call telling them that they've finalled in the Golden Heart or RITA contest! If you find out you're a finalist, let us know!! We've got champagne on ice and we're ready to start the party right here, right now!!


Fedora said...

Yay!! Maureen Child!! Welcome, and GR sends greetings, too!

Kate Carlisle said...

flchen1, you did it again! The GR is wild about you!! :-)

Fedora said...

Maureen, I've read and loved a bunch of your Desires, but haven't picked up your Demon Duster books yet--they sound like a hoot!

Hmm... my own household product? Isn't there some sort of all-purpose spray-the-entire-room-clean with a few quick squirts? I'd buy that by the truckload!

BTW, Maureen, you've got several pseudonyms--are all of those still "active"? And how did you choose them?

And keeping our fingers crossed for everyone waiting for the phone to ring!

Fedora said...

(Hi, Kate! I think the GR seems to be pretty "normal" colored now--just a few lingering hints of pink and green on ends of his tail feathers. Nothing another good read--maybe one from Maureen's backlist--and some Pop Tarts won't take care of ;))

Kate Carlisle said...

Glad to hear the GR is losing some of his more flamboyant colors. The better to hide in plain sight on his next mission with p226. :-)

And it sounds like you're ready for a good day with all the books and Pop Tarts. LOL

Where can I buy that miracle spray? I'm desperate to have it!

Tawny said...

Methinks the GR has a thing for Fedora *g* Congrats!!!

Maureen, welcome to the Lair :-) I'm blown away at your level of productivity and totally inspired. I can also see that I need to prune some of my wasted time LOL.

I love humor in books, and am excited to take a peek at yours. Your demon series sounds SO fun!

jo robertson said...
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Anna Campbell said...

Fedora, people have started talking about you and the GR! You two are like Romeo and Juliet - but with a happier ending!

Maureen and Kate, what a fantastic interview. And Maureen, congratulations on all your success.
As someone who has written three books (and a bit), have you got any advice about keeping your mojo through 100 books?

Minna said...

My own household product... A spray that would make spiderwebs, spiders -and other creepy crawlies-evaporate!

danetteb said...

Hi Maureen,
I'd love a hot cooking Faery,does he have a twin? :D

The Demon Duster series sounds like fun, can they be read out of order?

Hugs, Danette

Helen said...

Congrats flchen

Great interview Maureen and Kate these books sound terrific more that I need to add to my must get list.
I would love to borrow Cassidy and her cleaning business for a while so as I can catch up on some reading.
I would love a spray bottle that would clean bathrooms from top to bottom with one spray I don't like housework but I find the bathrooms the worst.

Best of luck to everyone waiting on phone calls I have everything crossed for you all.

Have Fun

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Hi Maureen, sounds like I will have to go on another book spree. Congrat flchen1, I want to know what your secrets are with the GR. He loves staying with you.
I kind of like the sound of the spray cleaning the whole house, that would work for me. Just a little spritz here, a little spritz there and sit down and read. That would definitely work for me.

Gillian Layne said...

Maureen, I have to buy Bargaining for King's Baby! I cannot quit staring at that cover. That man's eyes....ok, I'll have to go read your awesome interview again. His hypnotic gaze has wiped my brain empty....:) And that cowboy hat--yummy!

pjpuppymom said...

Hi Maureen! I've been reading, and loving, your Desires and other books for years. I didn't know about your Demon Duster books. They sound hilarious. I'll be checking them out for sure!

I want some of Helen's bathroom cleaner. A spray that would clean my entire bathroom with a couple squirts? Oh my, how great is that?

pjpuppymom said...

Banditas, keeping my fingers crossed that a lot of phones around here will be ringing today. Good luck!

Beth Andrews said...

Fabulous interview, ladies!

Maureen, thank you so much for being here *g* Your Demon Duster books sound wonderful - heck, ALL your books sound great! I can't wait to read your new releases :-)

Congrats on the GR, flchen! You two are becoming quite the item *g*

Joan said...

Maureen, welcome to the lair!

Your Demon Duster books sound fantastic! I love paranormal and believe I'll add them to my cache for my 6 hour flight to Ireland.

On my first trip to Ireland I made my friend and her daughter roll their eyes on more than one occasion when I would peek under bushes looking for "The Faery Prince" LOL. He's there...I KNOW he's there.

And now I'm craving Pop Tarts though they actually had the gall to stop making my favorite ones! Frosted Grape. Aghhhh

Good luck to all the authors waiting for a call today!

Gillian Layne said...

Ok, my favorite house-cleaning product would be something you waxed the floors with that would repel clothing--clean or dirty--so that laundry didn't end up everywhere But the laundry room.

Maureen, did you start with the western historical paranormals? When did you decide to branch out? Do you follow a schedule when writing?

Your Demon Duster series sounds like a must-buy for my summer of reading ;)

Keira Soleore said...

Wishing all Banditas and Bandita Buddies lots of good luck!! May they sweep the top prizes.

Fedors: Woo Hoo on the GR!

Maureen, I red-facedly confess that I haven't read any of your books. However, that about to be remedied. Kate's and your wonderful interview has truly whetted my appetite.

Kate Carlisle said...

Hey, we're just rolling out of bed here on the west coast so Maureen will be here any minute!

Any calls? Anyone? Just checking. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!!

Minna, I'd like some of that creepy crawly spray. I know I'm a lot bigger than those spiders and bugs but they still creep me out. :-)

Kate Carlisle said...

Hey Tawny! Oh yeah, Maureen's ability to focus on the book is awe-inspiring...and just a little intimidating. I've watched her type away on her alphie in the middle of an airport while we're carrying on a conversation and before I know it, she's written ten solid pages and I'm sitting there, twiddling my thumbs. Scary!

Kate Carlisle said...

LOL, Anna! Fedora and the GR, happily ever after? Hmm, considering some of the loser dates I've had, she could do a lot worse than our dashing feathered friend. :-)

danetteb, Maureen will be along any minute...but I would say you could read the Demon books in either order. Either way, they're a hoot.

Kate Carlisle said...

Hi Helen! Yes, Maureen's books are a real joy. Her Desires always make me laugh AND cry.

Oh, I'd love Cassidy's cleaning service to come to my house! She'd leave the place sparkling clean and get rid of all those pesky demons, too. :-)

Kate Carlisle said...

Just found out our own Susan Seyfarth--SmoovT--is a DOUBLE finalist!!! Woohooo!!! Let the party begin!! Virtual champagne all around!!

I'm hoping Susan will be able to stop by later with the details but if not, we'll valiantly party on her behalf!

Anyone else get the call yet? Rumor has it we might be waiting all day for some calls to get through...

Rebekah E. said...

I hate cleaning house and I'm the worst at it. I hate going through my files at the end of the year the most. I think I would want to make a robat like in the jetson's cartoon that did the clean for you. Having children also come in handy when it comes time to clean house, to bad you can't bottle them up. Just kidding.

Terri Osburn said...

I don't mean to take away someone else's announcement but I see Kim Howe - One Shot, Two Kills has made the GH finals. Congrats!!!

Now, I need to go read this blog. LOL! Oh, and congrats to Susan too!

Kate Carlisle said...

Woohoo, Kim!!! Congrats on another big GH final! You're a superstar!!

Terri Osburn said...

Great interview. And I've not read your books yet, Maureen, but I love funny so I have to find these. I don't normally read about Demons but you got me with "pirate-looking, Fae warrior. Oh yeah, I'm in.

I would invent a spray that would magically take all the dust out of my house. Wouldn't that be great? And if anyone has a product that will keep feathers and birdseed IN the birdcage, please let me know. LOL!

Congrats on the GR AGAIN, flchen1. You don't happen to live next to a chicken farm do you?

Gillian Layne said...

Oh my gosh--HUGE congrats to Susan!! and Kim!!

This IS exciting! I wish Yahoo would quit cutting out, just when I'm trying to sneak looks from work :)

doglady said...

I GOT A CALL!!!! Lost in Love is a GH finalist!!! I stood there like a dithering idiot in my pajamas while this poor woman had to repeat what she said! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!

Congrats Susan and Kim! Please tell me you were more intelligent sounding on the phone than I was!!!

Gillian Layne said...

Such joy in romance land as there never was before!!!!!!!!

Dearest Doglady, I KNEW we would see you there today. This is just the glorious beginning!!!!!!

limecello said...

Hi Maureen,
I've read a lot of your books and love them - I just re-read the Reilly trilogy :D.
I haven't read the Demon Duster books yet, but I'm definitely interested. I'm not much for cleaning... I'd love to see some special magic spray, that would spread/travel over all surfaces and clean them. How awesome would *that* be!?

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to get my hands on this book. It's one of the few of Maureen's I haven't read! But I LOVE demons...so hot, don't cha think?

Kate - I envy your plotting weekends with her! She is so clever. :-)

doglady said...

Now that I have quit doing my Tom Cruise invitation (not Oprah's couch, but my own poor bed. My dogs and cats are traumatized!)

Congrats on the GR, Fichen1 and YES, the rumors are flying about you two!!

Hey, Maureen! Your Demon Duster series sounds like so much fun!! Can't wait to read them. I love the idea of an ordinary housewife, so to speak, doing something so amazing in their spare time. To me the working moms / stay at home moms are the real superheroes.

Gillian, I DID buy Bargaining for King's Baby because of the cover! I walked by it at Wal-Mart yesterday after work, took one look and snatched it off the shelf. I have read some of Maureen's books before so I knew it would be a good read and that man is GORGEOUS!!

A household product. Do they make a spray that extends time so that the time I spend at home is elongated and the time I spend at work is truncated? Now THAT I would buy. There is never enough time to do what I need at home. Actually if there were an all purpose spray that you could spray on each of the necessary, but mundane tasks at home and they were instantly done, then I could spend the rest of my non-work time writing. Puff Laundry done. Puff Dishes done. Puff dusting done. Get the picture?

KJ Howe said...

Welcome Maureen!

I can remember sitting with you and Kate having drinks and trying not to cough on my wine as you let one zinger go after another--your dry, wonderfully cutting humor also translates beautifully to the page. Congrats on all your success. Your work ethic is inspirational. I've been a fan of your books for years. And don't forget that I owe you a drink in SF!

KJ Howe said...

Huge congrats to Susan/Smooth T and doglady!!! I'm thrilled for you both. And, yes, rumors are true. I did get a call from the lovely Terri Reid letting me know that ONE SHOT, TWO KILLS finaled in the Romantic Suspense category. Sniper girl lives to see another day!

pjpuppymom said...

Congrats to everyone who has gotten a call.

DOGLADY, I'm so excited for you! That's fabulous news!

Kate Carlisle said...

Doglady!!! Fantastic news!! Oh, I don't blame you for bouncing on the beds! I'm sure your traumatized pets will share in your happiness as soon as they crawl out from their hiding places! LOL

Thanks for sharing your joy here in the Lair! Woohoo!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kim! Congrats on One Shot, Two Kills. Fingers crossed for you!

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

FABULOUS interview Kate! And we are sooo happy to finally get you here in the lair, Maureen, and on the OTHER side of the comments. ;-) Please allow all us Banditas to bow and scrape at your very prolific feet. I'm with Foanna, eagerly waiting for your pearls of wisdom on writing so many books.

HUGE WAAAA HOOOO to our finalists thus far! WTG Smoov & KJ!!! And Doglady, jump and scream ALL YOU WANT! Your fur-kiddies will forgive you eventually. We're all SO THRILLED for you and everyone else!

Ready for the cyber-bubbly everyone? It's 5 o'clock somewhere!

not eligible for either contest this year

Maureen Child said...

Hey Banditas!! Man you guys are up and at it EARLY!! LOL....

flchen1, Thanks!! I love that you love my Desires......Ah, the pseudonym years... I think back on them semi-fondly! They're not still active, but they may come back...Kathleen Kane was my great grandmother's name. Ann Carberry was my middle name and my maiden name, and Sarah Hart, well Sarah's my daughter's name and Hart is part of my grandmother's last name...CONFUSED YET? LOL

Tawny, thanks!! Pruning is always a good thing, though sometimes painful....=) Hope you try 'em and love 'em!

Anna! Ah, the elusive mojo! I try to keep mine chained to my ankle... but otherwise, it's deciding that this is how you're going to make your living. It's living inside your head. A lot. And it's not giving yourself too many days off. (I can be a very understanding self-employer!)

Maureen Child said...

Danette......sure they can be read out of order. In fact, the craziness in the heroine's life, practically demands that!

Helen and Dianna, thanks in advance for any book spree that I"M involved in!

Oooh, Gillian, isn't he CUTE?? Great eyes and that hat...Okay, there's something about a man in a cowboy hat.

Hey, PJ, thanks for that! I'm so glad you like my books.

Beth, thanks! Hope you like the books!

Joan...GRR ARGH! I'm so jealous!! You're off to Ireland. It's my favorite place. Scotland's a close second, but Ireland........ Where you staying?

Hey, Gillian! Actually, the first 40 books I wrote were straight Western historicals and or Americana...Then I started playing with the ideas of ghosts and angels and ....

My schedule is set around pages per day. I usually do 20 a day, which is a chapter a day. It's just how I started, and I kept up with it. Though I have been known (on a day when I want to kill my characters and set fire to my computer) to be happy with 15 pages and sometimes settle for 10!

Kate Carlisle said...

Hey Maureen! I'm so glad you're here! Yup, the Banditas are a wild group--we never sleep!! LOL

Let me pour you a virtual glass of the bubbly! As you can see, we're celebrating both your visit to the Lair as well some fabulous finalist news! :-)

Maureen Child said...

Hello to my new red faced friend, Keira!! Hey, there's lots of books on the shelves...can't be expected to try everybody!! LOL...but I thank you in advance for trying me now!

Terrio, thanks! I appreciate you giving my books a shot!

Limecello! (Interesting name there, I'm guessing there's a story behind it??) Thank you! I loved the Reilly brothers sooo much!

Hey Cyndi!! Good to see you here! You headed to SF this year?

Doglady! Thanks for snatching Mr. Yummy off of Walmart's shelves! And MEGA CONGRATS TO YOU on being a finalist!!! You're expected to babble!!

Maureen Child said...

Kim!! Hey, no worries here. I NEVER forget a bar buddy!! Let me just get out my note pad and check...ah yes. There it is. Kim owes U one drink in SF!! Can't wait to see you again!

Hey, Aunty Cindy...Ooooh. I LOVE bowing and scraping! My prolific feet and I are as one on this...ahooommmm....It's GREAT to be in the bright glare of the lair. Although, gotta say, this is a fabu place to lurk, too!!

Hmm...Kate!! OH, Kate!! My glass seems to be empty! How can I toast these fabulous writers and all their good news???

Maureen Child said...

Kate........Let's remember that Alphie I worked on in the airport was YOURS!! You were much more prepared than I was for that stupid delay! I didn't even have Alphie with me....so thanks for letting me get those pages done!

Kate Carlisle said...

limecello, I LOVE the Reillys trilogy!! What a great story arc with the oldest brother priest betting the three younger ones they couldn't stay celibate -- and the losers had to pay for a new roof for the church! So guess who got himself a new roof? ;-) Brilliant! Maureen, how did you ever come up with that one? I'm so in awe of some of your plot ideas.

Oops, I think I just asked you where you got your ideas again. Sorry! I know, I know. Target. LOL

Donna MacMeans said...

SOrry to be so late to the party. Phones are ringing all over the internet and the emails piling up.

Maureen - I love humorous writing. Can you make some recommendations of books/authors to read - strictly for the research of course *g*?

Household product? I want something like a clean bomb. You place it in the center of the house, pull the tab and leave to go shopping. When you return, the house is clean, the beds are made, the dishes done & put away, oh - and dinner is cooking in the oven. Okay, I'll pass on the dinner part if a hunky faery/cook comes as an accessory.

Christie Kelley said...

Great interview and welcome to the lair, Maureen! Your books sound great and I'll start looking for them.

Congrats to Kim, Susan and doglady on the GH!!

As far as the spray...I need one that would eliminate all the dust in just one spritz. That includes, plaster dust, regular dust, dust from my dh cutting bathroom tiles, etc. I want all of it gone.

Kate Carlisle said...

Hi Cyndi! Our plot group is so much fun--and really hard work! Good thing we do it in Vegas where we can unwind in front of a slot machine with a refreshing bevvie in our hands.:-)

Hey, that reminds me....if you're coming to SF, Maureen is giving a workshop on plot groups with Susan Mallery and Terry Southwick. It should be great fun, along with lots of info and strategies on plotting and brainstorming!

jo robertson said...

Maureen, welcome to the Lair! It's good to have you visit and honestly you amaze me with how prolific you are in so many genres!

Flchen, wahoo on the GR capture -- again! You must have a special scent that lures him to you.

Maureen, the Demon Duster stories sound hilariously funny. I'll add them to my list.

Hmmm, I don't do household products, but I can ask Dr. Big what he prefers LOL. I've always imagined it'd be fun to have a giant sucking source in each room, where you flick a switch and the dust and trash simply flies into an incinerator. Even when my house is clean, it's so messy.

jo robertson said...

Oops, almost forgot!

Congratulations to Kim and Susan, two Banditas who finalled in the Golden Heart. I'm ecstatic for these highly deserving finalists!

Anyone else have good news today?

Maureen Child said...

Donna.......hmm. Reccomendations.. did I spell that right? Never mind.

Katie MacAllister, of course. A genuine hoot! Michelle Rowe.. fabu.. Lynsay Sands...always good.

Then there's the non paranormal ones, Elizabeth Peters (ALL TIME fave!), Evanovich, Kasey Michaels... ah, I love a funny writer.....

Anybody out there have more names to toss in?

Donna MacMeans said...

DOGLADY!!! Congratulations! Was this in Regency? I know another GH finalist in that category, Susan Heino. You guys are going to have a ball! Are you planning to go to San Francisco?

Congrats as well to Susan (and Susan again as she finaled twice!) and KJ. Lots of excitement as the calls continue -

Maureen Child said...

Christie...Thanks! HOpe you like the books once you try 'em!

Kate...let's not forget, you'll be moderating that workshop and being tossed to the lions occasionally, just for sport!

And oh yes, we do enjoy our beverage breaks at plot group, don't we???

Jo--thanks a bunch!

And as for me, I want a squirt bottle that when I hit the trigger, a gorgeous pirate/faery appears, zaps my house clean and then....oops. family blog

jo robertson said...

OMG, Doglady, what a coup! I'm so excited for you. What category is Lost in Love in? Is this your first GH finalling? Details, woman, tell us more!

Anonymous said...

No to SF for me. Sigh and moan. Too much $$. Spent too much last year buying lunch for Maureen! LOL

But I'm so there for Washington DC!

Maureen - working on a Nocturne Bites as an appetizer for the story you helped me plot. Are you doing anything for the bite line? Any pub date for the third in the Guardian Series? PLEEAASSEE. I need to read the third one. Ummm - do you need a beta reader??? LOL

Donna MacMeans said...

Cha-ching - that's the sound of my Amazon tab. Thanks for the recs, Maureen. You've mentioned most of my favs, but it's always good to be reminded that one MUST read (and laugh) to feed the muse.

Beth Andrews said...

Whoo Hoo! Congrats, Susan, KJ and Doglady on your GH Finals!! Can't wait to cheer you on in San Fran

Beth Andrews said...

Maureen, 20 pages? Wow. I mean...WOW!!!

That's awesome *g*

I can write 20 pgs a day but they're very rough. Do you find yourself doing a lot of revising and polishing? Or, since you've written so many books, is that no longer an issue? Or maybe it never was an issue ;-)

doglady said...

Okay, I want a big bottle of that last one, Maureen! I can draw my own conclusions about what happens AFTER the house is clean!!! Donna's product was pretty good too!

Yes, Donna, LOST IN LOVE is a Regency! This is just so darned exciting.

Now if I can just get Maureen to slip me the secret of writing 20 pages a day!

doglady said...

Yes, Jo this is my first GH final. Lost in Love is in the historical category. I believe there are six finalists total in the category. I have just been pursuing this writing thing a little over a year - since the Avon FanLit event where I met the Incomparable Anna C and so many other wonderful writers!

Playground Monitor said...

Hey Maureen! You didn't tell them you had a cameo appearance at the end of the movie.

I've been reading Maureen's books for years. Love them!

I'm keeping up a blog today with GH and Rita finalists. You can email me at playgroundmonitor@writingplayground.com with your name, title and category (tell me if it's GH or Rita) and I'll share your joy. :-)


Maureen Child said...

Cyndi! LOL, it was an expensive lunch, wasn't it?? But Brenda Novak appreciated it! =)

Nope, not doing anything for Nocturne Bites at the moment. I'm soooo glad you are though! And my third Guardian is complete, in and waiting for month to call its own! LOL.....I'll let you know as soon as I do!

And oooooh. A beta reader!! Don't be surprised if........

Hey, Donna! If you can think of anymore funny ones, pass 'em along to me! =)

Maureen Child said...

Hey, Beth! Thanks for the WOW! My pages are pretty clean, really. When I started, I'd print out the pages I wrote that day and at night, I'd go over them, make changes, edit or whatever, then input the changes in the morning, and roll into the next chapter.

Now, in the morning, I go over what I wrote last, (or, if Kate has time, she reads it), make any changes and move into the next one. That way, by the time I get to the end of the book, I'm FINISHED. Which is good since by then, I usually want to throw both main characters onto a funeral pyre and never think of them again!!

Doglady...congrats again and the fact that you've only been doing this a year or so makes your finaling even MORE impressive!! Good luck to you on the big night!

As for writing 20 a day...the secret is, just keep typing. Don't spend an hour on one line. Or worry about adverbs or finding just the right way to phrase something. Just keep typing. You can always fix it later if you need to...though Kate will tell you I shriek about the dangers of 'overpolishing'!!

Marilyn!! LOL...there was a reason to not mention that cameo appearance! I was the ONLY one on set who didn't get hair and makeup done. After a LOOOOONNNNGGGG hot day in Austin!

That's my excuse for how I looked and I'm sticking to it! LOL

Joan said...



Congratulations to you!

Please tell me you were more intelligent sounding on the phone than I was!!!

As I understand it Susan was probably naked when they called her. Must only work for her though since I stripped this morning and still no call :-0 (And we have windchill of 26 in Ky today! Brrrrr)

You ARE going to SF, right? RIGHT? The experience of going around conference with that GH finalist ribbon is not to be missed.

I'm still grinning like a fool over Smoov's double and Kim's final.

Joan said...

Ah, Ireland. Maureen there is no place like it in the mortal world, is there.

We'll be flying into Shannon and then stay at various B & B's...Bunratty, Doolin, Killarney, Tramore, Dublin (actually Howth where a major Viking settlement was).

Cannot wait!

Maureen Child said...

Ah....Joan. God, I love Ireland. We usually stay in Kerry, but the last time, we rented a cottage on Lough Mask near Galway..It was great having our own place (natch, close to a pub!)

Oh, I so envy you...must get back there!!

p226 said...

My household product would be "spray on flooring." Yes. You just select "marble" and point the nozzle. Out comes a perfectly laid marble kitchen floor. And not a false marble. Real marble. Actual polished Italian marble. Switch to "blond maple" and spray down the hallway. Head to the living room... select turn the "type" selector to "carpet." Flip color to "blue." Set "depth to 1.5 inches." Spray blue carpet. Dig your toes in as you go.

Dianna Love said...

Hi all -

Maureen - I've found your Desires after a friend of mine (Cathy Mann) started writing for that line and enjoy both your books - Melissa Jeglinski must love having you two. Think I need some of your Demon Duster "all in one" spray. "g" Great interview by Kate, and I'm trying to imagine writing anything while carrying on a conversation in an airport. Wow.

Congratulations Susan and Kim on finaling in the 2008 Golden Heart!!! I'll be in SF to cheer everyone.
Dianna :)

Maureen Child said...

P226....Color me impressed!! Your magic bottle is amazing. I want one!!

Maureen Child said...

Diana, thanks! You had a helluva year on GH/Rita night not so long ago, didn't you?? And I LOVE Cathy's books!

Helen said...

Huge congrats to Doglady Kim and Susan I am doing the happy dance for you all and opening the bubbly.

BTW I want one of Donna's cleaning bombs

Have Fun

Esri Rose said...

Maureen, I'll definitely have to check out your demon books. Sounds like the kind of thing I'd love to read. Hey, maybe I'll win one!

Doglady: A big Whoohoo! and also Squee! on your GH final. And to Susan and any other finalists, HUGE congrats! I'd stay and catch up more, but I gots big writing to do. If Maureen could wave her 25page/day wand in my direction, I'd really appreciate it.

Beth Andrews said...

Great advice, Maureen!

I revise as I write too - I'm not big on letting things sit. Especially when I know I can make them better *g* I think for me, the biggest thing to producing more pages is just practice, practice, practice :-)

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

SUSAN!!! KIM!!! DOGLADY!!! CONGRATS!!! Wow, that reads like a really bad telegram. Ha! Wonderful news, may it keep on coming....

Welcome Maureen! Love your books. As to a household item, I want two - Aunty Cindy's invention where you pull-tab-leave-to-shop-come-back-to-a-clean-house device. And, I want P226's flooring creator. :> What a treasure THAT would be.

Can't wait to hear more good news, and great to see so many wonderful guests today.

Kate, great interview, as usual!

Jennifer Lyon said...

I'm reading A FIEND IN NEED right now! Love it!

Great interview, Kate and Maureen

Maureen Child said...

Esri! Oh, baby...consider yourself WANDED!

Beth...you're right. TYPE, TYPE, TYPE....you'll get faster because your fingers will finally stop fighting you and surrender--(Not always gracefully!)

Jeanne--Thanks! Sooo glad you like my books!!

Jennifer--BLESS YOU MY CHILD! Soo happy you're enjoying A FIEND IN NEED!

Susan Sey said...

Hi, Maureen & Kate! Great interview today! I, too, am completely WOWED by Maureen's ability to crank out 20 pages a day. That's great advice, though, to just keep writing & resist the temptation to polish. Move forward, fix it later. I'm going to write that down somewhere & tack it up where I can see it...

Congrats to Kim & Doglady on the GH finals!! And DOGLADY!! Finaling after just a year of writing seriously? Wow. That's amazing. I'll be cheering for you both in San Fran!

Thanks so much, everybody, for all the love on my GH final today! Both of them! I'm still shocked & giddy. :-) And while I *was* tempted to strip down to see if I could get the phone to ring (being naked is my GH-call-day lucky charm--it's a long story) I was actually fully clothed when the call came. :-) Dorien Kelly from RWA (my new favorite person) called to say Money, Honey had finalled. I was so thrilled that I babbled like an idiot while she explained the whole thing about a letter arriving, needing to send RWA a photo, etc. I fully expected her to hang up & go make somebody else's day, but then she said, "So, I could hang up & call back, or I coud just tell you now that the Princess Project is also a finalist."

So, okay, that was when I actually cried. :-)

So, two horses in the race for me this year. Yikes. You want to find me in San Fran on GH/Rita night? Yeah, check the bar.

As for magical house hold cleaners? I want a giant magnet that sucks up clutter & forces the offender to go out to the garage or wherever to retrieve their stuff. Either that or a magical device that automatically files miscellaneous paperwork--bills, receipts, paint chips I like, etc.

Maureen Child said...

Kate and Jen.....I just told you this news, but here I go again!

I'm a finalist! Apparently Linda Howard's been trying to get hold of me for hours....(aren't I the dummy??)

My vampire Christmas novella, CHRISTMAS CRAVINGS is a finalist! Woo Hoo

Maureen Child said...

Susan! Mega Congrats!!! A double finalist is double the excitement! The only thing better would be a triple....right Kate??

Joan said...

Congrats to you too, Maureen!!

It was all the Ireland talk....luck don't you know :-)

Kate Carlisle said...

LOL....yes, the triple final was downright scary, Maureen. I was excited by the first call, crying by the second, and feeling a little piggish by the third!

So I totally relate to your bursting into tears, Susan, and I admit I teared up just reading your story! You so deserve this and you're going to be creating such a BUZZ in San Francisco!! Woohoo!!

And Maureen, hello!!! Another RITA girl to be added to your already AWESOME Badge Jewelry display!!! I'm soooooooo pyched for you!!! And how fun that we had you're here in the Lair when it happened!

And I think I just hit my exclamation mark quota for the year! I'm really excited for you! :-)

catslady said...

Congratulations to all who have gotten the call and to all that still will!!

I need a magic broom that could put away or throw away my clutter - I'm such a pack rat. (It wouldn't hurt if it would clean my 6 litter boxes too).

Maureen Child said...

Joan, thanks and you're right! It's my Irish relatives bringing me luck!

Kate...can there ever be too many exclamation points??????

And as for your triple finalist night, I'll never forget having to NUDGE you off your chair to go up and get the GH when you WON!!

Terri Osburn said...

Congrats, Maureen. And I hear someone with the initials AC might have something to celebrate. *taps fingers waiting*

Is it tacky if we bring giant signs to the ceremony? LOL!

Fedora said...

Yay!!!! Popping open another bottle of bubbly for Susan, Kim, Doglady, Maureen and all the others who answered very exciting calls today! The GR's got his own bottle and seem to be working on a glass for each call mentioned...

With all the good news flying around, he's sure to be a bit tipsy for whoever's next ;)

Anyway, no chicken farm nearby... maybe he's lured by the piles of books he can hide behind :)

Anna Campbell said...

Wow, this is party central! First, Smoov, TWO finals in the GH. Go, you good thing! And KJ, fantastic news about your final too. I loved that story when you were in AT, so I'm not at all surprised. Maureen, another RITA final - how fantastic. Congratulations! Pam, I'm so excited for you! Fantastic achievement. This book is really going to go places.

Oh, and Terrio, you outed me! I'm in a complete daze about this but both Claiming the Courtesan and Untouched have finalled in the Regency Historical category. Wow! I used to dream about being a RITA finalist and now it's happened. Whoo-hooo!

Fedora said...

Oh, and thanks for the info on your pen-names, Maureen! And WOW on your daily regime--kudos for you for your discipline, and hooray for us lucky readers that you just keep cranking! :)

Beth Andrews said...

Maureen, congrats on your final!!

Fedora said...

Ooh, there goes a second bottle the GR started for Anna... Congrats!!!

Christie Kelley said...

Maureen and Anna!! Congrats to you both on the RITA finals.

I would have a sip of champagne with you all but I'm off to baseball practice with my son. Spring is here.

Kate Carlisle said...

Anna!!!! Your wonderful books so deserve this!!

Pop the magnum!! This party's rocking!!

Helen said...

Way To Go Anna yay well done and well deserved doing the happy dance for you.

Congrats Maureen too well done

Have Fun

Nathalie said...

There is excitement in the air!!

Thanks for blogging Maureen... I love your books :)

Deb Marlowe said...

I've already congratulated doglady, but you go Banditas and Bandita buddies!

Anna C--you know you rock out loud! Yay Susan--and you did it with clothes on! So proud of you! Congrats Kim! I'm so excited for you!

And Maureen--I've enjoyed your desires, but I gotta try your Demons! Congrats on your Rita nod!

Anonymous said...

YEAH to Anna and Maureen!!! Two of my favs.

Get those RITA speeches ready! :-)

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Welcome to the Lair Maureen and major congrats on the Novella RITA nomination. Well deserved.

I'm wondering if I can get some of that demon spray. It's hard to tame the dust devils that stir up down here in Texas. Am always cleaning the dang windows!

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Congrats to Doglady, Kim, Susan on the GH calls!!!


Anna Campbells double final in the RITA Regency category!!

Go Banditas!!

pjpuppymom said...

Susan, you had me crying with your post. Congratulations on your double final!

pjpuppymom said...

Anna, I've been watching the "unofficial" lists all day waiting for your name to appear. I'm afraid they would have had a major reader rebellion on their hands if you hadn't gotten that call! CONGRATULATIONS!

Dianna Love said...

Okay, I'm back, because I MISSED one before - PAM !!!!! So pumped about your final. :)

And - your guest blogger Maureen has finaled in the RITAs for a novella - congratulations!!!

And - Anna C - a double kudos to you for the double final.

This group so rocks!!! Loving the comments today. What a wonderful time to have had Maureen here.

Dianna :)

Maureen Child said...

Thank you everyone for the congrats!! It's VERY exciting to get that shiny little girl for your badge!

Natalie....thank you!! I'm so glad you love my books!

Hey, Suzanne, if I could, I'd be sending you some spray!!

Cyndi...speeches?? YIKES

doglady said...

Susan, I don't see how you survived two finals. I would be passed out in the floor! That is FABULOUS!

And oh yes - the Incomparable Anna C with the double Rita Whammy!!! SO very deserved!! Did someone say something about tacky signs?? With a picture of a naked baritone wearing golden feathers holding a Rita in each hand, perhaps?

Maureen, I cracked up when you said they had been trying to get hold of you all day. You were so busy celebrating here you missed your own celebration! Congrats!! I LOVE vampire stories!

Kate Carlisle said...

Ooh, a Jennifer Apodaca sighting! Thanks for coming by, Jen! Isn't A FIEND IN NEED fabulous? :-)

Kate Carlisle said...

Hi Dianna! I remember that GH/Rita night Maureen's talking about. You wore that gorgeous white dress that went so well with a certain gold statue! :-)

Pam P said...

Wow, lots to celebrate - Congratulations to all of you on your nominations!!!

I want that house bomb Donna mentioned, something to clean it all.

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Woo Hoo! Way to go ladies! I brought more bubbly! Unlike all you writers I don't EVEN count exclamation points...LOL This is so exciting to be here in the lair with all the winners running around. I swear you all are going to bankrupt me but I truly don't care.

Maureen Child said...

Doglady......it WAS funny!! I'm so busy over here, Linda Howard had to EMAIL me! LOL.....but then i told her I felt like I already won, having HER be the one to tell me! =)

It's an exciting day here in the Lair and I'm so glad I was here for it. You guys are a HOOT!

anne said...

Wonderful interview which is fascinating and love the book. My product would zap each room and cure all the dust mites, grease and dirt.

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

WOOOOO HOOOOO!!! Pass that bubbly and we'll get the cleaning bomb later for the Lair!

SUPER CONGRATS Maureen! We are THRILLED that you were here with us today when you got the call.

Darling Foanna, WHAT did I tell you in a private email??? Was it just YESTERDAY??? I'm THRILLED that BOTH CTC and Untouched are up there! Do you suppose there could be an Anna Campbell TIE for the award?!?!

looking for a refill

Susan Sey said...

Congrats Maureen on the RITA final! And I'd pass out cold if Linda Howard ever phoned me for whatever reason. :-)

And Anna Campbell with her two RITA nods? I expected nothing less. We are SO proud.

Beth Andrews said...

Yahoo!! Anna, super congrats on your RITA finals!! So thrilled for you :-)

Maureen Child said...

Anne--Thanks, but the credit must go to my interviewer who asked such insightful questions!! =) And I'm really glad you liked the book!

Aunty Cindy, it has been a genuine blast to be here in the Lair! Couldn't think of a more fun group to celebrate with!

Susan, thanks for the congrats! I do love getting that call. Talking to Linda Howard??? Priceless

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, wow, you guys! You sure know how to make a woman feel special - even if she doesn't have a golden rooster to chase around the backyard! I'm just off to crack the champagne!!! Expect no sensible comments from me for the rest of the day - and quiet in the peanut gallery about NEVER expecting any sensible comments. Hic! Isn't San Francisco going to be the best? I can hardly wait!

Deb, laughed at you saying Susan did it with her clothes on. It's a good thing we've got context to go on!

PJ, laughed at the idea of the reader revolt. You could all line up and throw your Barnes and Noble bags at the judges!

Dianna, I was in Atlanta when you had your huge RITA success. Congratulations and thanks so much for popping by to celebrate with us.

Maureen, I'm absolutely stoked that you were with us the day you got your current nomination. Whoo-heee!

Now, where's that champagne? Pam, if you're passing, drop in!

Maureen Child said...

Anna....Drink LOTS of that bubbly, girl! And come San Francisco, we'll ALL toast you!

doglady said...

I feel like I've already had too much champagne!! I will have to join the GR under the piano in a bit! This has been one helluva day and I am SO glad to spend part of it with the Banditas! You ladies are the best!

Maureen Child said...

On my way outta the Lair...had to say goodbye to everybody and a big THANKS to Kate and all of you for making me so welcome........

I now return to my regular lurkdom

Anna Campbell said...

Maureen, it's been a blast having you here. And on such an exciting day! Good luck in the RITAs and congratulations again on all your success.

Kate Carlisle said...

Maureen, thanks so much for spending the day in the Lair. It was so much fun! Congratulations again to you and all our finalists!!

jo robertson said...

Wow, what a blast we've had in the Lair today. Just wanted to say before everyone drops off -- SUPER CONGRATS TO MAUREEN AND FOANNA FOR finaling in the RITA!!

danetteb said...

Thank you Kate and Maureen! I didn't want to get lost in the reading order.:D
Hugs, Danette

Keira Soleore said...

I was too early for the party in the morning and now I'm late to the party, but that means my voice is rested and ready to holler, hoot, scream, hold on to a high-C, whatever you want I'll do.

Maureen: Let us Banditas be the first to congratulations you on your RITA finalist.

SmoovT: GH double finalist (imagine Keira hoping on one foot then the other, clapping her hands at the same time, rocking and shouting yo-ho-ho-ho A fine bottle of brandy for My lady Susan.)

KJ: GH finalist
(Imagine Keira taking a deep slug of brandy. Whistle well-wetted, thereedy that emerged was ready to take on another sea shanty. At this point I'm on the table top and shakin' booty.)

(((Pam/Doglady))): GH Finalist
Tandem dancing with much whooping.

My dear dear (((FOANNA))) a double RITA finalist.

Terri, all of this calls for a giant Romance Bandits banner that we can raise every time one of the bandits' names are called out and every time one bandit goes up to the podium. Lots of banner fun!!

limecello said...

Hi Maureen,
Thanks! Haha - it's just a bit silly. I discovered limoncello - and I'm a huge fan of the Mediterranean, especially Capri - but that name is generally taken... and I love limes more - so - limecello! Who doesn't love lime and sugar infused vodka? ;-)

Maureen Child said...

To everybody......one more time, a big Thanks for making me feel so welcome!

Limecello...excellent reasons for the name and I completely agree! =)

Hope to see you guys in San Francisco!

Unknown said...

love the title of the book !!!!!