Thursday, March 20, 2008

Be Careful What You Wish For

by Beth Andrews

Friday, after lugging in approximately 263 bags of groceries (Seriously. Those of you with teenagers in your home--or if you've ever had teenagers in your home--can feel my pain, can't you?) my daughter told me that while we were gone, Harlequin had called (the joys of caller ID *g*) I'd sent in two proposals just over two weeks ago so I wasn't really expecting my editor to call about them until the end of March or so. Plenty of time, I figured, to get a head start on the first story, just in case my editor wanted to buy it.

When my daughter played the message on the answering machine and we heard my lovely editor tell me she wanted to buy both proposals (she's so great - she was worried I wouldn't get the message in time to call her back and didn't want me to wonder all weekend what she'd wanted *g*) we both screamed and jumped up and down basically gave my husband a heart attack when he struggled through the door with the last of the groceries *g*
I sold two more books! I'm (almost) a multi-published author! My dream of having two stories under contract and writing to a deadline has come true!

What the H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks am I supposed to do now??

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm absolutely thrilled to have sold again. And I'm already a good ways into this story and I love the premise and the characters, but every once in a while that annoying voice inside my head whispers, "You can't do it"

I hate that stupid voice.

Good thing I gave up doubt for Lent or else I might be tempted to listen to that voice instead of shoving it out of my head and into the path of a herd of stampeding elephants *g*

So while I'm a bit nervous about writing to an honest to goodness deadline for the first time, I'm also excited for the chance to prove my professionalism and my creativity. I don't want to just meet this deadline...I want to beat it (as the awesome Tawny always tells me *g*)

And I will meet/beat it by sitting at this keyboard each day and writing my best story--one page at a time :-)

Yep, I wanted this bunch of bananas, but unlike this poor little guy, I'm not going to let my wishes squash me ;-)

What about you? Have you ever wished and wished for something only to get it and suddenly decide you didn't want it? Or maybe it wasn't as great as you thought it'd be? What did you do?

And be sure to check back this Sunday to take part in our Easter Peep Hunt! There'll be plenty of fun and prizes for everyone so don't miss it!

ps - no monkeys (real or stuffed) were injured in the making of this blog.


Fedora said...

Congratulations, Beth!!!

Fedora said...

I'm SO happy for you! (And for us readers!) Just keep on writing and watch those dreams come true as you get those release copies in your hot hands! (They won't smush you unless the book delivery truck has a terrible accident outside your house one morning as you're heading out to get the newspaper ;))

I'm not sure I remember wishing for something, getting it, and then discovering it wasn't all that great--I do remember wishing for stuff, NOT getting it (or uh, him, as the case may be), and then realizing what a narrow escape/waste of money/time it would have been...

Just remember, "You can do it!"

pjpuppymom said...

Dang! Gonna have to have a little chat with my dog about bladder control. If she's going to wake me in the middle of the night she could at least do it early enough for me to snatch the GR! LOL! Congrats, Flchen1.

Beth, that's wonderful news! Hope you had a proper celebration before you started all that worrying. I have no doubt that you will make every deadline and turn out a fantastic story!

I'm going back to bed.

Donna MacMeans said...

PJ - I think your dog and my dog have been talking - and why am I the only dog she comes to in the middle of the night with a soft whimper and a cold nose shoved in my face. Grrrr....Sometimes you can be loved just a little too much.

I can't think of a goal that I struggled to achieve and was disappointed when I made it. I can think of reaching goals that didn't last very long (can we speak of the increasing waistline *g*). Even then I'm glad that I made the goal for a brief period and thus made more room for cheesecake :-o

Donna MacMeans said...

Okay - so I'm not a dog *g*. That was supposed to be the only "one" she comes to...must learn to edit...must learn to edit.

Anna Campbell said...

Donna, if you're a dog, you're a HOT dog ;-) Fedora, congratulations on the rooster! PJ, commiserations, both on the dog and the cold trip outside and missing out on the bird but just that much!

Beth, huge congratulations on the TWO BOOK contract!!! How cool is that? The Easter Bunny came to your place early, obviously. And disguised as a Harlequin editor. Beat back that doubt, Bandita. We all know you can do it and absolutely dazzle us with the results!

Tawny said...

OMG rofl -that poor monkey!!!

Fedora -YAY on snagging the GR, PJ, LOL on the bladder control issues ;-)

Beth... you will so ROCK these books. I know these things, remember?!

I love that saying, Be Careful What You Wish For. Its said quite often in our house, because so often, what we wish for does come true. Both good and bad, which makes it a mixed blessing.

I will admit, though, that the wishes come true thing is probably due more to stubborness than to any magic fairy dust.

Gillian Layne said...

Beth that is so awesome! Congratulations!

Yeah, I hear ya on the dog thing, PJ. Nightie night.

Helen said...

Congrats on the GR flchen

Beth I am doing the happy dance for you congratulations how good is that more books for us to read love it. I know you can get them done be positive.
As for something that I have wished for that I got and then wasn't sure don't think that has happened to me yet although I keep wishing for retirement and a lot of people tell me I won't like it when I do finish work I don't believe them I know I am going to love it especially at the moment work is really stressful and yuk.

Have Fun

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Congrats Beth on the books contract!
Congrats flchen1 on the GR!
There were a few things I had wished for, worked for, then didn't care much about it when I got it. I divorced all three of them. I figured I had best get rid of that dream cos it ain't happening.

Cassondra said...

Congrats Beth!

And...well..yes, I have wished for something and then not wanted it. But usually if I really want something, I've researched it and decided so fully I want it that I'm thrilled to get it.

Off to work now, but hopefully I'll be back to check in later tonight.

Y'all have fun in the lair today. I'll miss the craziness.

WOOT again on your sale Beth! More glasses to lift in the baaaaaaa in SanFRan.

Deb Marlowe said...

Congrats again, Beth! I'm so happy for you!

I was scared to death on my first deadline book, too!

Congrats flchen1! The GR loves you!

Hang in there, Helen!

Beth Andrews said...

Thanks for all the congrats, everyone!

Congrats right back at ya, flchen, on getting the GR! Thanks for the words of encouragement *g* And luckily, I don't get the newspaper - my husband does :-) Of course, I hope he doesn't get smushed either! I'll tell him to be on the lookout for reckless book delivery truck drivers *ggg*

Thanks, PJ! We're actually going to celebrate this weekend since it's the only time all of our kids are free (darn teenagers have busy social lives *g*)

Donna, you can never be loved too much! I'm sure your dog's love and devotion to you is well deserved *g* And room for more cheesecake (or in my case, brownies with cappuccino frosting) is always a good thing ;-)

Beth Andrews said...

LOL, I'm not sure about dazzling, Anna, but I'm currently beating my doubt with a baseball bat. It's really not pretty. But it's getting the job done!

Yes, Tawny, I know you know these things *g* And I never doubt your word!

I agree with you on stubborness playing a key part in making our wishes (or I guess maybe goals is a better word?) come true. And sometimes what we get is a mixed blessing *g*

For instance, when I was in the fourth grade, I wanted to wear these extremely high-heeled wooden clogs to school (why my mother even bought me extremely high-heeled wooden clogs remains a mystery to this day) Of course my mom said NO, said I'd break my ankle walking to school (5 blocks, half of it downhill) but I persisted (whined) until she finally gave in.

No, I didn't break my ankle but I almost broke my neck trying to get to school and then suffered an entire day in those dumb shoes resulting in some nasty blisters.


Beth Andrews said...

Thanks, Gillian! Hope you were able to get some more rest!

Helen, hugs on the work stress! I know many people who are thrilled to be retired *g* I hope that happens for you when the time comes!

Dianna, I agree that sometimes we have to move on, especially when a dream isn't working. But making that decision, letting go of that dream, must be a tough one!

LOL, thanks, Cassondra! I am so excited about San Fran! And don't you think there's a difference between getting something you "wished" for and getting someing you "worked" for? The latter is usually more meaningful and more fullfilling *g*

Christie Kelley said...

YAY, Beth!! Congratulations again!

And yes, I know exactly how you feel. Writing book 2 under deadline was exactly what I'd wanted for years. Until I had to do it. I don't want to scare you but for me, it was far harder than I expected.

Now that being said, I'm hoping you won't have to do what I did while writing that second book. I was living in a 12x14 room (sleeping, eating, etc). I had to go out of my office to write because my office was, and still is, covered in several inches of dust. I had wanted to have my book done two months before the deadline to give me plenty of time to edit/revise it. I only had two weeks to do that.

On to the encouraging portion of this post. You won't have those struggles so I know you can do this! Plus you have a great support group that you can whine to whenever you need it.

It's fantastic news and you should be proud and happy! The book will be great!

Anonymous said...

Beth, you adorable thing, can I borrow that self-doubt bat when I'm working on Book Two of my contract? LOL! HUGE HUGS and CONGRATULATIONS on the new contract!!!

Dianna, am I allowed to snort about your "divorced all three of them" comment? ;-) You go girl! Way to take control of your life and happiness!

Helen, forget the naysayers. You'll love retirement. You'll just take on so many other things, you'll never noticed you quit the job.

Congrats Fedora on the GR! Give him a nice bath, will you? We want him looking pretty for Easter.

PJ, I miss the crown!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, and my "Fantasy Island" wish? (remember that creepy show? At least, it was creepy in my childhood, I don't know how creepy it would be to an adult.) Don't really have one I can think of.

But I do have a couple of monkey moments (keep in mind that once the monkey pulls himself out from under the bananas, he's going to be PSYCHED!):

1) Children. Wow -- the payoff is huge and the love unbelievable, so no regrets, of course. But what new parent hasn't felt like that monkey after the first week of no sleep, diaper changes, endless crying, sore nipples, and doctor visits?

2) Book deals. I was definitely over the moon to sell, but the bunch of bananas that fell on me was rather enormous. I had never considered a) that I might have the option to quit my job or b) that I might not want to quit, when given the option. This, needless to say, provoked a lot of soul searching and angst. Which is not yet complete, by the way! ;-) So I hear you, Beth!


Christie Kelley said...

And Beth, boy do I hear you about the groceries. I have two boys and one's not even a teen yet. All they do is eat. And then complain they're hungry.

Anna Sugden said...

WoooooooHoooooooo Beth - more Beth Andrews books!!! So thrilled for you!!

We'll have words outside the Lair about this self-doubt *stern look* - trust me - you are a fabulous writer and I know you're going to do just fine!

Dianna - oh yes - had one of those unfortunate wishes myself! But, you know, the best wish come true is hubby #2.

I'm still waiting for the sale wish to come true. As for other wishes - I'm like lucky Flchen - had a few not come true and seen how close an escape it was.

doglady said...

WOO HOO! Congrats, Beth! That is great news. Hey, with the skills this group has at kidnapping and gagging people just send your doubt over and we'll make him an offer he can't refuse!

Way to go Fichen on nabbing the GR. I think he had a thing for you!

LOL on those of you with dog bladder issues. As I am the only person in the house who can turn the doorknob I get that a lot. When my Dane was alive I didn't have to worry about it. She could let herself out. Unfortunately she couldn't close the door. I got up many mornings to a wide open back door!

I am still hoping and wishing for that deadline headache.

I do remember when I auditioned for the role of Queen of the Night in The Magic Flute (my debut role in Salzburg)I just knew I wouldn't get it. Then when I did once the euphoria wore off I called my dh in Mississippi and said "What was I thinking? I can't sing this in Mozart's hometown! EEEEK

Beth Andrews said...

Thank you, Deb! I just re-read my post and I want to add a disclaimer:

I'm thrilled to have sold again. This is NOT one of those situations where I regret working (and wishing *g*) so hard for something - even though this wish came with a few fears and doubts

Okay, I wanted to make that clear in case it sounded like I was whining *g*

Christie, I'm so proud of you for meeting your deadline when you had so much going on! And I promise not to start any home renovations *g* Although my husband and I are in the midst of starting a home based business - so between making my page goal each day and learning how to run a business, well, let's just say, it's been interesting :-)

And you shouldn't give me permission to whine because I'll definitely take you up on it!

Beth Andrews said...

Of course I'll share my self-doubt bat, Kirsten! I'll hang it above the mantle in the Lair so everyone can use it *g*

I so agree about the kids --especially now that I have two teenagers. I find myself asking: What was I thinking? And: Have their warranties run out? Can I still get a refund?

I'm just kidding. I adore my kids. Really :-)

Best of luck with your soul searching! I just know you'll make the right decision. Remember, you have tons of support, not only with your family but with all of the Banditas as well *g*

Beth Andrews said...

Christie, the grocery situation only gets worse. Seriously. Instead of stocking up once a week, we're down to every 4 or 5 days! And I don't think my son has even hit his biggest growth spurt yet.

Thanks, Anna! Yes, your hubby is definitely the best wish come true *g* And I can't wait until your wish of selling comes true - and it will! Your time is coming! Then everyone can read your wonderfully emotional stories :-)

LOL, doglady, on being the only person in your house capable of turning the doorknob! I've discovered I'm the only person capable of changing the toilet paper roll in my house *g*

Yes, nerves seem to be a fitting companion for wishes come true *g* I'm sure you did a great job though! Did any following roles give you a bad case of the butterflies?

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

What a fun, and angst producing post, Beth! heehee, just kidding. Like Anna, I wished for and got the best Husband #2 in the world. Thankfully, I knew just what to do with him when I got him! Bwah-ha-ha! Grins. (And I'm keeping him, thank you very much!) ha!

I've always loved the "be careful what you wish for" thing, because I'm really good at wishing. I've had a couple of "I wish I could date HIM" when I was single that didn't turn out so well. Great in long distance view, but URK! on up close and personal. :> Diana, I SO hear you! Ha! And a couple of jobs like that too.

All in all, though, I'm lovin' life in that "wishes come true" respect. There are days I feel like I'm living Enchanted, but w/o the wicked Stepmother. Dr. McDreamy has more hair than my DH, but no way he's got more...ahem. Sorry, better not say that in public. Snork!

Anyway, I also so resonate with the struggles with book two. I'm done, and letting it lie fallow for a couple of weeks before the cruel editing process begins, but it was a bear to get it done on someone else's timetable! We'll get used to it, ladies, as it is OUR dream come true!

Beth and Christie, I haven't got teens yet, but I'm groaning over the prospect - two boys, like you Christie! - and they already have begun the "I'm hungry again" only thirty minutes after dinner. Sounds like I better sell more books so I can afford the grocery bill!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

ROFL!! BETH!! Girlfriend, I feel you pain on the toilet paper roll changing. As the lone women in a house of men, I AM the only one who'll change it. Sigh.

jo robertson said...

Clever post, Beth! And what an exciting bit of news. Congrats!

Uh, let's see. I think I wanted a large family, but had no idea that it'd be a lifetime commitment LOL. Sometimes I just wanna pass the mommy tiara on to someone else.

But I so get your point, Beth. There's a safe feeling not being under real deadlines to anyone but yourself. I can't wait to publish -- don't get me wrong -- but I can see how stressful it'd be to be contracted to something you haven't written yet!

Terri Osburn said...

Congrats big time, Beth! Whoohoo!! I can imagine the excitement and the quick loss of air from the reality slap. LOL! Someday....*sigh*

I'm hoping this house hunting thing doesn't turn out to be a case of "careful what I wished for." That's probably why I'm freaking out a bit already. Have you looked at those numbers?! EEK!

I've also had the experience of getting something I wanted and not wanting it later. Divorced mine too, Dianna. LOL! Still searching for #2 with no luck.

I'd like to say y'all are making me feel bettter I have a girl, but docs say she'll be 6' tall and when she hits a growth spurt, I can't get this child full. Last night she ate her cheeseburger and fries, the end of my meatball sandwich and the last half of my bowl of cereal. Without batting an eye.

And she's only 8.

Farrah Rochon said...

Congratulations, Beth! It's a wonderful, scary feeling, isn't it? :)

Best of luck not only meeting, by beating, that deadline!

Beth Andrews said...

Jeanne, I too have faith we'll get used to having our dream come true *g* Well, and the bit of baggage that comes with those dreams. But even the fears and doubts are worth it!

LOL , Jo! Funny how no one tells you these things BEFORE you have kids, huh? *g* I'm slowly getting used to writing to this new schedule - and my deadline has really motivated me to keep my butt in my chair ;-)

Terrio, good luck with your house hunting! And your daughter reminds me of my older daughter. She is by far our biggest eater and she's tiny! But she's always eaten a lot, even when she was little :-)

Thanks so much, Farrah! I'm off right now to get my pages done for the day *g*

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

WTG, Flchen! Perhaps it's time to give the GR a dye job for Easter? I'm sure you're kiddies will be up for it. :-)

GREAT POST, WonderBeth! SUPER CONGRATS on selling those 2 proposals! I'm stressing about the same thing: will I be able to write to someone else's deadline?!?! I know I CAN do it, since I did it for years on the DDJ (dreaded day job) but I'm worried about it spoiling my creativity. Will deadlines make writing seem more like a DDJ?!?!?!

Funny when you asked Have you ever wished for something only to have it turn out to NOT be what you expected? Because the first thing I thought of was KIDS! :-) Truly, I wouldn't trade mine for the world just like the rest of us, but HONESTLY would anything ever prepare you for the 24/7 LIFETIME responsibilities? Not to mention the sleep deprivation, never ending $$$ and STRESS?!?! HA! IF ONLY they came with a warranty!


p226 said...

Hehehe. Yeah, been there done that.

"I'd really like to have this position/role in the company."

Tick off six months.

"Congratulations, you have that position/role you wanted in the company!"

"Awesome! Hey, who's taking my place at my old role, I'll need at least a week to train 'em."

"The training won't take nearly as long as you think, because you get to keep your old role too!"


Terri Osburn said...

p226 - that has happened to me on at least three different occassions. Worst part is, the new tasks didn't even come with more money! Bah!

Nancy said...

Flchen, congratulations!

Beth, this is so true. Sometimes we get what we want, and the reaction is "okay, NOW what?"

About the books, way cool! You're on a roll, and we know you can do it!

PJ, I feel your pain. Our dog occasionally feels the need to visit the yard in the middle of the night for no discernible reason. Better luck next time with the rooster!

Helen, my uncle retired from his own dry cleaning business. In about two weeks, he got so tired of "walking" (he walked, carrying the dog) their dog up and down the block that he got a job at the local laundry. I think it depends on personality type. Whichever way you go, I hope it works out for you.

Dianna, sorry the three didn't work out! I hope that dream does come true for you.

Christie, our house is dusty, and we don't have the excuse of construction. *sigh* I hear pets generate dust. Maybe I can blame the dog . . .

That was a thoughtful post, Beth.

Christie Kelley said...

Beth, only 4-5 days? I'm at the grocery store almost everyday for something. And I know my 15 yr old hasn't reached his biggest growth spurt yet. He's only about three inches taller than me (and I'm barely 5'3"). My dh had a very late growth spurt and my son is built just like him.

Unfortunately for me, I have a bad feeling my almost 11 yr old will have his growth early. So both kids will probably have their spurt about the same time. I have to sell some more books just to pay for groceries.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Christie, I have a friend who's 16 year old just grew about 7 inches in a year. Yeeeouch.

Terrio, I have a nearly-8 y/o boy. Eating machine. He'll do that very thing you describe, then, w/in an hour, he'll have a couple of glasses of milk, some cheese, a roll or two (or three) and go to bed. !!! Then wake up with "Wow, I'm starved, Mom"

AC, you are SO not kidding that they change your life in such unexpected ways. Then again, so does a writing contract! ha!

Christine Wells said...

Yay, Beth! Great post and congratulations on your sales!!

Must admit, I felt a little like that when I sold, because the timing was absolutely terrible. I was pregnant with our second child. But (fingers crossed) we're over the really hard stuff now. If I could only get both my cherubs to sleep through the night and never get sick, I'd be one happy camper.

And Beth, listen to Tawny! She knows your work better than anyone and if she says you will rock those books, then you will ROCK those books!! Can't wait to read them. Good luck!

Fedora, congrats! PJ and Donna, commiserations! You'll have to train your puppies better;) Hey, that's one member of our household who has great bladder control. She almost never gets up in the night.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Beth Andrews said...

AC, I'm pretty sure if kids came with warranties, there would be a rush at the Return Counter *g* Although when they were babies, I wouldn't have minded if they at least came with instructions :-)

And for me, writing under deadline is just as much fun as writing for the heck of it *g* I hope that never changes!

P226, they probably thought they were giving you a gift, right? Two jobs for the price (or in this case, payroll) of one! This happened to my husband as well except the second job wasn't one he wised for *g*

Thanks, Nancy. I am definitely rolling right along. Just hope I end up in the right place - with a strong story :-)

Beth Andrews said...

Christie, I refuse to go to the grocery store every day *g* Although, to be honest, I got groceries on Friday and have had to go back three times since then! But I tell myself I only get groceries once a week. Makes my checkbook feel better ;-)

And my husband grew early (was a 6ft tall 12 yo) but the kids seem to be blooming later *g*

Christine, I don't know how people with young children do it. I bow down to you all! I have a hard enough time with my three and they're all fairly independent *g*

And yes, I always listen to Tawny. She is very wise :-)

Fedora said...

Beth, Christie, et al--you ladies are scaring me just a little with the news that I might as well direct deposit to the grocery store and have them drop ship stuff to our refrigerator directly... It'll be a few years before we hit the teens, then yikes! And yes, AC, I'm sure the kids would be delighted to help the GR gussy up for Easter! First a nice bubble bath... ;)

Kirsten, SO true on the kids--no deep regrets but definitely bleary-eyed moments of "what have I gotten myself into? I WANTED this??" And apparently the fun's yet to come ;)

And p226, those kinds of "promotions" suck :( Twice the work, the same money, and very very little glory...

jo robertson said...

Not only does no one tell you about kids before you have them, Beth, it's a great conspiracy to insure that the human race does not die out. Really. I'm totally convinced of that.

And don't get me going on growing boys. They're never NOT hungry. Because my four guys had a mother (uh, that would be me) that wasn't such a hot cook, they ALL learned to be very fine in the kitchen -- lucky wives! The girls however (shhhh), not so much. As my oldest daughter says, I don't like to touch food. Sheesh.

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Beth, I was pretty tired by the time number three finished so at the time it wasn't a hard decision *g*

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Kirsten, of course you are allowed to snort. I snort at myself all the time.....LOL

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Anna, it is great that you got a good one with your second. I think maybe I am a slow learner myself since it took three to convince me I am not marriage material.

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

terrio as best as I remember you are still young, I have faith that he is still out there looking just for you.

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Nancy, I was sorry too for a while but really, I think maybe I am just so set in my ways now that I would be even harder to live with than I used to be. Have mercy! That is a scary thought.

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Beth I was going to chime in on the raising boys thing but I don't want you to faint or anything. My son is 18 and almost 6' 3" and showing absolutely no signs of slowing down. His by words are "I'm hungry". It has gotten to the point now that I literally close the kitchen at a set time, if he wants anything else he has to fix it himself. So we buy frozen everything so he has a selection.

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

P226, I so relate to your dream come true that wasn't. I was over one group and when I moved to the other side of the office it took 3 people to replace me. Now, it would take at least 4 and possibly 5. Did I get more money??? Pffft! What was I thinking??!!

p226 said...

So, you guys can easily relate to the two jobs for the price of one thing. But isn't that what most of you are going through by default?

Most of you have day jobs, right? And now you're writers, right? How many of you have quit the day jobs? Be it an accountant, lawyer, or raising kids, you still have full time jobs as far as I've read. Or at least it seems that way. So all of you have taken on a second gig. And I know none of you got paid WHILE you were writing your first book. So you had two gigs for the price of one.

We're all monkeys under giant bananas.

Esri Rose said...

HUMONGOUS congrats, Beth!!!

Um, my situation is like yours. I wanted to be published, I'm working under deadline and doing promotion at the same time, and it's a LOT OF WORK. Would I give it back? Not on your tintype. I imagine it's like boot camp. There's a lot of pain and anguish, but you're proud of what it turns out you can do. At the moment, I'm definitely in "Little Engine that Could" mode.

Have I mixed enough metaphors yet?

Kate Carlisle said...

First, HUGE congratulations, Beth!! I'm so happy for you!

Second, you know I sooooo know what you're going through!! What else can you do but celebrate and laugh about your wishes coming true, then kiss the DH and kids goodbye and head off to the cave. :-)

Ooh Dianna, you're one "wish" ahead of me! The third time was the charm for me! ;-)

Congrats on snatching our favorite bird, Fedora!!

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Kate, everyone told me third time lucky, I wasn't, so I came to the conclusion that marriage just isn't a talent I have...LOL.

Joan said...

Aghhhhhhhhh!!!!! Get these bananas off me!!!!


Beth I take great comfort in your wishes come true and can't wait for mine to also!

Looking forward to THAT monkey on my back :-)

Caren Crane said...

Fedora, you snagged the GR AGAIN? Have you tattooed your name on his tail feathers yet? *g*

Beth, huge CONGRATS on the new sales! I can't wait until they start hitting the shelves. Woo hoo!

I can't say I've ever gotten too much of what I wanted--unless it was kids. I wanted my children, just not the last two of them (almost) 18 months apart. It was a bit too much diaper/bottle/feeding action for a bit too long. I have almost no memories of 1994 - 1996. Three years, lost!

My husband asks me if I remember a movie and if I can't I invariably ask, "Did that come out in the mid 90s? 'Cause those were the crazy years." He remembers them, but he had a bit more sanity than I did. *g*

Also, we wanted a house with a good-sized yard. I was thinking half an acre would be plenty. No, he wanted an acre. So we have 1.1 acres to MOW. Twice a week in June! Even the inducement of riding the John Deere isn't enough some weeks!

Yes, too much of a good thing can bite you in the tookus. But you'll do fine with those deadlines, Beth. No sweat!

Caren Crane said...

Christie and Jeanne, my already-tall DAUGHTER grew 4 inches in the past six months. Of course, I grew 11 inches in a year, so I shouldn't complain. I went from tallest girl in the class to tallest girl in my grade! Horrible times. I couldn't walk for two years without tripping over my big feet. Sheesh.

Yes, I almost bankrupted my poor mother. She was a couple of years out from a divorce, in community college, with two mortgages my father stuck her with and five kids to feed. I still feel guilty!

Tawny said...

And yes, I always listen to Tawny. She is very wise :-)

heeheehee and right back at'chya

P226, great point. But, as Esri pointed out, we sort of choose our double duty :-D You got cornered on yours. I actually thought, after my second contract, that I could quit/cut back. Um, no. My girls don't eat nearly as much as everyone's boys seem to, but they still ain't cheap.

Carol Burge said...

I'm in the same boat(not that I'm complaining, mind you) :)

Last week I made my very first sale - on a partial! Woo-hoo! I'm about half finished with my ms, but, like you, I have a deadline, and now I'm going, can I do this? And then I get a little panicky, butterflies in the stomach...but then that voice comes through and yells YES! Yes, I can do this and I WILL do this! This is my dream!

I know I'll do it, but it is a little scary. I want you to know that I do feel your pain (or, panic?) :)

Congratulations on your sale!


limecello said...

Hi Beth -
Congratulations on the book deals! Way to go! Hm... well this just came to mind because I'm visiting Boston, and just got back from hanging out with a friend who is turning in his senior thesis tomorrow. My senior yr of undergrad, I went crazy, and decided I "didn't have enough classes left" and had to be full time... so I decided to write a SECOND honors thesis [with only 2 quarters left.] I was so thrilled when two professors agreed to be my advisers. However, immediately after, my reaction was "Dear God - what did I just get myself into?" However, it turned out fine, I defended them, and they were accepted :D.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Congrats, Carol!!! Way to go!

Anna Campbell said...

Carol!! Huge congratulations. What fantastic news. Can you tell us about it?

Tawny said...

Congratulations, Carol :-)

Beth Andrews said...

Be afraid, flchen, be very afraid (bwhahaha *g*) You know, another thing people don't tell you about having kids is that they're so darn expensive :-) Worth every penny of course, but still... *g*

LOL on your daughtet not liking to touch food, Jo! I'll have to remember that one - although I love to cook. I guess I'll use it for laundry since I really don't like to touch other people's dirty clothes :-)

Dianna, my son cooks for himself all the time. It's very important to me that all my kids can take care of themselves. I always tell them, if you don't want to cook or clean for yourself as an adult, that's fine - but you'll know how in case you can't afford a maid/cook *g*

LOL - you're right, p226! Right now my two gigs consist of writing and helping my husband start his own business. I'm thrilled with my choices though :-) And that's the big thing, they're both MY choice, not the whim of some boss *g*

Esri, mixed metaphors or not, I love your "Little Engine that Could" attitude *g* I think I can...I think I can...I think I can...

Yep, Kate, I totally agree. I'm grateful everyday for my good fortune so all I can do is tell everyone I'm Working! Go into my cave, put my headphones on and write, write, write *g*

Caren, I hear you about the yard but since my own yard is still covered in snow (happy spring, indeed) I'd love to see a bit of green! Even if it means I have to mow it *g*

Carol!! Congratulations on your sale! How wonderful!! And yes, of course you can do it *g*

Thanks, limecello! And congrats on not only tackling such a huge project (or in this case, two projects *g*) but doing so well with them both! I know sometimes we wonder what we got ourselves into but if we don't push ourselves a bit, we'll never know what we're truly capable of :-)