Monday, March 24, 2008

Booty Ahoy!

Firstly, thank you to everyone who made Michelle Buonfiglio's visit such an incredible party. Everyone in the lair had hangovers the next morning! As suits such a fabulous party, I have not one prize but TWO to give away.

The first is courtesy of Michelle and it's an Amazon gift card. The winner of that is our first-time blogger:


The second prize is from me and it's a copy of Sizzle, Seduce & Simmer, a collection of short stories and recipes from some of Australia's best romance writers. The winner of that is:


Congratulations, girls. Alli, could you please contact Michelle on and she'll sort out your prize? PJ, could you please contact me on with your snail mail details? And thanks again to Michelle for a wonderful day in Bloglandia!


Fedora said...

Congrats, Alli and PJ! And thanks, Anna and Michelle for a lovely day in the Lair!

doglady said...

Congrats to both winners! The Booty flows freely at the Lair!

pjpuppymom said...

Wow! That's awesome!

Congrats, Alli! Thank you, Anna!

pjpuppymom said...

Hey, Kirsten! Just for you, darlin', the tiara is back! :)

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, PJ, you SHOULD wear the tiara when you win a prize! It's what all the princesses do! Although I love Snoopy!

Caren Crane said...

Congrats, Alli and PJ!! And PJ, why go ANYWHERE without the tiara? I have one gathering dust in a jewelry box because it is not welcome at my office. Pffft on them!

Allison Butler said...


Thank you so much Michelle and Anna.

Congratulations PJ, and thanks everyone for the congrats.

You'll never get rid of me now *g*