Monday, July 16, 2007

Basket pictures!

by Caren Crane

Okay, here are the pictures I couldn't access earlier but can now. Here was our lovely basket (wasn't the bear so cute?):

And here was our lovely winner, Kathie DeNosky, just before we began plying her with champagne and TimTams:

And just for fun, so you can see how gigantic I felt all week long, here is a picture of me with Kathie. I'm the very tall orange one on the left (my hair looked much better earlier in the evening, before the champagne!):

I'm sure more pictures from the conference will be posted in the days to come.


Aunty Cindy said...

WOW! Now THAT is some SERIOUS Bandit Booty!

HUGE thanx to Caren for putting this one together and all for a very good cause! Our winner Kathie looks tickled pink over her good fortune.

As for being tall, Caren. It's all RELATIVE! My mother was all of 5 feet tall, my grandmother 4'11", but you didn't mess with either of them (where do you think Aunty learned such endearing traits?). At 5'6" I never felt short in my life until I met my DH, who is 6'5". ACK! I literally hit under his arm pit.
the shrimp, sorta

Caren Crane said...

Indeed, Aunty C., it is all relative. Dear Kathie was a bit petite, but I am used to that. My father's mother was all of five feet and my mother's mother is under that now that she's 87 (she claims she was 5 feet previously).

My loudest sister (the one with the most "presence") is 5'3" and has been trying to convince us she is taller than that her entire life. I've been taller than her since I was 5 and she was 7. She has never forgiven me! I eventually passed my 3 sisters and my mother. Now, my older daughter has almost caught up with me and the younger one is giving her a run.

I rarely feel giant, but conference sometimes makes me feel really tall!