Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Anne Mallory Dishes Up History, Mystery and...Pizza?

interviewed by Caren Crane

Caren: Welcome to the Romance Bandits blog, Anne. We’re very happy to have
you visit us! Your newest release, “What Isabella Desires”, from Avon, debuts today. Can you give us a sneak peek at it?

Anne: I'm very happy to be here, Caren! Thank you for having me!

What Isabella Desires (1825) starts as an unrequited love story and morphs into Isabella's battle to take hold of her courage and win Marcus' heart.

Here is a peek at the first two paragraphs of the book:

She watched as he moved through the crowd, his tall, languid grace at odds with the look in his golden eyes, alert and predatory.

Women whispered that Marcus Stewart, Lord Roth, was a fallen angel. With his dark hair and whiskey eyes, his lush lips and artistic hands, she had never believed otherwise.

Caren: I understand this book reunites characters from "Masquerading the Marquess" and "Daring the Duke". How did you come up with the idea for this book?

Anne: I've had the idea for Marcus' book (Lord Roth) since I wrote Masquerading. I seeded a few clues about his personal issues in Masquerading that I was hoping to use in a future book for him. The end of Masquerading really rolled into the plot for Daring though, so I wrote that one next. Then my editor at the time thought I should take a break in the series, and write a few other books first to keep things fresh, and I'm very happy that I followed her advice. It's amazing the things you learn from book to book. But it has been hard biding my time
to write his story. :)

Caren: Isabella seems like a very different sort of Regency heroine. Well-bred young Regency misses do not generally seek "adventures" with gentlemen of their acquaintance. What motivates Isabella?

Anne: When it became apparent during her three years on the mart that Marcus would never offer for her, Isabella married a friend, hoping for a happy life full of children and love - even if it was more of a friendship love than anything else. Her marriage was quiet and kind, but her husband was sickly towards the end and they were not blessed with little ones. Two years after the death of her husband, she is still friends with Marcus and in his inner circle. Tired of being viewed as his kid sister, she takes her courage in hand, storms the after season circuit and dares Marcus to look at her as anything other than a woman.

Caren: You are known for having an element of mystery in your romances. Does "What Isabella Desires" have a mystery element?

Anne: Yes. :) Marcus is a powerful politician and a behind the scenes kind of man. He is very active in the government and the more seedy side of life that sometimes informs it. Due to the nature of his secret he lives life on the edge. His work gets tangled up with Isabella, and when she is seen as his weak spot, she becomes the target of a mad man.

Caren: You also have a wonderful cartoon trailer for this book. How did the cartoon trailer come about? Who does them for you?

Anne: I made the trailer myself. :) I commissioned five caricatures from descriptions in my first book, Masquerading the Marquess (the heroine is a caricaturist), when that book was released. Taking the characters from those caricatures and making all kinds of creations with them has been endlessly fun. I taught myself Flash and voila! Cartoon time. :)

Caren: What other works do you have in the pipeline at Avon? Any plans to branch out to different subgenres or try something new and different?

Anne: I have another historical with Avon in May 2008 that I'm very excited about. I do love historicals. As to other subgenres, I'd like to try Urban Fantasy someday. Wanting more fantasy mixed with romance is partially what spurred the writing bug in me (back before it was readily available) - even though when pen went to paper, a historical emerged. So maybe that says something. :D

Anne (masquerading as Caren, because she's far more clever than I am): Enough writing stuff. What types of toppings do you like on pizza?

Anne (as herself):
I am a cheese girl when ordering pizza - the more the better. But when we make pizza from scratch I like to put noodles and broccoli on it. Really! You put the cooked noodles underneath a layer of cheese and it gives the whole thing a fluffy edge -- YUMMY. We use tubular noodles, but I'm sure any would be good. :)

Ok, fess up! Anyone else out there who likes strange pizza toppings? Or if not, any fun foods you've eaten lately that have surprised you? Two lucky commentors will win an autographed copy of either "Daring the Duke" or "The Viscount's Wicked Ways". Good luck!


Caren Crane said...

Um, I think I had pizza with spaghetti on it once. A deep dish sort of concoction with vegetables. Maybe at a Pampered Chef party. It was good!

I'm more of a traditional pizza girl, myself. Although, growing up (when dinosaurs roamed the earth in the original VW buses), we made pizza every week. I was the official pizza maker from the time I was 11 or 12 (I was the best at working the dough).

My favorite topping back then was ham sausage, which is a very pink sausage that tastes more like ham than breakfast sausage. Although, come to think of it, I love breakfast sausage on a pizza, too!

Deb Marlowe said...

Hi Anne!

I love a historical with a mystery mixed in, I'm looking forward to yours!

My sister and her husband eat mashed potatoes on their pizza. I've never tried it, nor noodles either. Clearly I need to widen my pizza repetoire

who, like Caren tends to stick to sausage

Christine Wells said...

Hi Anne, thanks so much for joining us on Romance Bandits! Congratulations on your new release.

Something that's close to my heart at the moment is writing a series. What do you think are some of the advantages and disadvantages? What did you learn during your break that you brought to the series when you came back to it?

Oh, and I've never had a strangely topped pizza (except maybe the ice cream variety), but in Oz, they've developed the meat pie pizza. Sounds absolutely disgusting!

Caren Crane said...

Christine, if your meat pie pizza is anything like an "all the meats" variety, it is very unhealthy but, oh, so delicious! Ours usually have Italian sausage, pepperoni, ground beef and sometimes other meats as well. Makes my arteries shudder to think of it, but it's so good! And I am by no means a carnivore.

Actually, the only thing I can think of on pizza that I have really disliked was anchovies. Ack!

Oh, and I did try pizza with barbeque chicken and red onions. It was fabulous!

Caren Crane said...

By the way, we early types have to give dear Anne some time to join us this morning. She's on the left coast of the US, you know. *g*

MJFredrick said...

I finally got to see the trailer!!! How CUTE, and different!! Love it!!

CrystalGB said...

Great interview. What Isabella Desires sounds good. I think your cartoon trailer is great. You did a fantastic job creating it.

Caren Crane said...

Anne, Mary's comment about the cartoon trailer reminded me to ask you, why did you decide to make your first heroine a cartoonist, anyway? I know cartoons were very popular in that era, but did you find evidence of women cartoonists or was that artistic license? *g*

Cassondra said...

Hey Anne!

Hi Caren (waving madly).

Pizza--I worked at Pizza Hut right after college--before I got married, and after that, couldn't eat pizza for about ten years. UGH!

But I was won over by the "gourmet" pizzas you can get at some shops now--with things like goat cheese and spinach--and by the New York Style Pizza at Patsy's under the Brooklyn Bridge. OMG! No better pizza anywhere.

Anne, I'm fascinated by your statement "when I put pen to paper, a historical emerged." Can you describe this a bit, or tell us how you felt about that? Were you surprised? I've been putting off my historical because the research is overwhelming.

And how interesting that you knew to "seed" a character's issues into the first book. Sounds like you knew even your secondary characters VERY well. Your guys must be more introspective and forthcoming with you than most men are in real life. (evil grin)

Trish Milburn said...

Anne! Welcome to Banditaland! (You know, we could have a theme park called that.)

I'm intrigued by the idea of you turning your hand to urban fantasy someday. Of course, you'd be fabulous at that too.

Noodles on pizza? Interesting. Like Caren, I do love BBQ chicken pizza. And I have to admit I do something weird -- I salt my pizza.

Unknown said...

Great interview! The book sounds fantastic and I can't wait to read it.

As far as pizza, my personal favorite is a white pizza with ricotta and spinach. I couldn't get enough of that when I was pregant with my second son. I think that was because I already know what a picky eater he was going to be so I had to stock up on the spinach before birth.

Unknown said...

Hi Anne!

What Isabella Desires sounds wonderful. I love a friends to lovers story, so I'm looking forward to this one. Do you have a favorite hero of those you've written? A favorite heroine?

I'm pretty much boring when it comes to pizza, in that I like all the usual toppings. I do love vegetarian pizza, being unusual only because I'm not a vegetarian. :)

Karen H said...

Hi Anne,

This new book of yours sounds absolutely delicious...can't wait to get my hands on my copy!

I sometimes like anchovies on my pizza...but I prefer to have them placed under the cheese so they don't dry out and get overly salty.

jo robertson said...

Thanks for joining us Anne, and great interview, Caren. I love the cartoon trailer. What a clever idea and a smart tie-in to your first book.

Oh, and pizza? I'll take anything on mine, but flat-out the best is Round Table Pizza!!!! Yeah!!!

Sonja Foust said...

Great interview and I loved the cartoon trailer!

My favorite pizza is a twist on a Hawaiian pizza that I can get at a Chapel Hill pizzeria called Pepper's. It has the traditional Hawaiian pizza pineapples and Canadian bacon, plus mandarin oranges, and (the secret!) Tobasco sauce! Mmmmm, so good.

Anne Mallory said...

Very cool that you were the pizza maker, Caren! Nothing wrong with wanting the traditional either! Hey, sometimes there's nothing like a good regular cheese pizza!

Hi, Deb! Mashed potatoes! Holy cow, that sounds good! :D

Caren Crane said...

Oh, Sonja, thanks for reminding me! I was trying to remember what else was on that bbq chicken pizza that made it so good--mandarin oranges! Really, with the bbq chicken and sauteed red onions, it was to die for. Though, reading it, it sounds kind of gross. *g*

Kate Carlisle said...

Anne, I'm dying to read WHAT ISABELLA DESIRES!

But okay, I admit you got me with the noodle pizza! I usually lean toward the gourmet toppings like goat cheese and sundried tomatoes and all that foo foo stuff, but noodles with lots of cheese? OMG, I'm getting hungry!

Anne Mallory said...

Thanks, Christine! MMMmmm, ice cream pizza....

I have to say that you really got me thinking over here. I've been typing and erasing, typing and erasing for at least an hour. :)

Writing a series can be really fulfilling - rounding out your other characters and giving them happy endings - but also incredibly frustrating - "I said Hero C had a what in Book A??? Why?!" ;)

The advantages to writing a get to spend more time with characters you know and like. Everyone gets their happy ending, and readers can see characters from previous books living happy lives. It's also a challenge to take on a strongly connected series - and if you have a little Machiavelli in you, complex twists and turns definitely have appeal.

The disadvantages...a lot more planning is involved. Right from the start you have to set up threads that will carry through the whole series. Unless you are writing a more loosely connected series of books, you have to tie everything back together. But like with any mystery, that is half the fun of plotting. I confess that I LOVE to plot. :)

That being said, my series is more loosely connected than others I know. I don't have an overarching plot arc, but instead the little things feed from one to the other. One event ripples through to the next book, but in a softer, more deeply hidden way. So each can be read as a standalone, but there are hints given in the earlier books (especially about Marcus) that were seeded in on purpose. :)

One of the main advantages to taking a break was to come back fresh. To do something a little different in the third book, whose main story line called for it. I tried to write Isabella from a purely emotional perspective and I'm not sure that would have happened had I written the book directly after Daring. Instead I would probably have a story very similar to the first two books - lots of action and physical intrigue. Not necessarily a bad thing, but Marcus' story called for something else.

Of course, on the downside, if the books are MAJORLY connected and you take a break, you risk losing your threads and the tone that you probably want to arc over the entire series. If you need a consistent tone, it is probably best to write those in a row! :)

Back to taking a break...another positive is the amount of time you have to percolate the story. I write down whatever comes to me for future stories, and then save them in folders (or on tiny pieces of paper which litter my desk). I had a LOT of little pieces by the time I started writing What Isabella Desires!

I feel like I may have started babbling there. Please let me know if I can clarify! Are you thinking about taking a break in the middle of a series, Christine?

Christine Wells said...

Actually, Caren, 'the meat pie pizza' shows the difference in US/Aussie language! Here, we don't call them pizza pies, they're just pizzas. A meat pie is minced meat in gravy in a pastry pie crust. So imagine a pizza with a layer of pie filling in it! Erk!

Anne Mallory said...

Thanks, Mary! Thanks, Crystal! :)

Caren, that was a little bit of artistic license - though I'm sure there were some intrepid women who were behind the scenes in the cartoon/caricature world. And I have to say that it is a relief to live in a time where we don't have to hide in the shadows like that!

Anne Mallory said...

Hi, Cassondra! Goat cheese and spinach! YUM!

In terms of the historical emerging - historicals have always been my dominant reading choice. I love historical non-fiction and romance, and I soaked history classes up like a sponge. I DID have to do a lot of specific research. Still, I felt like I had a feel for the period, and that's why I think my pen went that way. What is it about the research that you find overwhelming? Do you feel there is too much to tackle? What type of historical are you thinking of writing (heavy, light, etc.)?

What about doing a few writing exercises with characters from the time period you love best? They don't have to be hero and heroine characters - maybe there is a chimney sweep, or an upstairs maid, or a soldier, or a page, or an elderly aunt. Try writing some short bits with them and see what you are blocked against. The feel YOU get is the major thing. You can always find specific bits of research later to support your scenes - the cut of her dress, what she is carrying. Don't worry about those things now. You can always put in a note to find a specific research bit later. Just go for it. Leave the fear behind. It's only a few paragraphs, and no one will see them, if you don't want them to. :)

LOL on the guys being forthcoming. Asking the question "What drives them?" helps on that front (with the characters, lol). Why are they so interested in X? What is it about X that makes them do Y? That is where the seeding came in. Make the character do a lot of Y and Z in books 1 and 2. Then explain X in book 3. :)

Anne Mallory said...

Hi, Trish, my sweet!!! Salt! I'm a salt-aholic! I've never salted my pizza though. This must be tried!

Hi, Christie! Thanks for the kind words! I love white pizza! Yum....getting hungry now. I'm a big pesto fan especially. :)

Claudia Dain said...

I'm pretty much of a pizza purist, but I have a friend who eats her pizza with mayonnaise; she dips it.

Nancy said...

Hi, Anne (and Caren)--

We just returned from visiting my husband's family. My sister-in-law made a quesadilla appetizers with chopped peaches and brie (and some kind of chopped green stuff--may have been mint or cilantro, but I didn't think to ask), then sliced them into weges. Yummy!

I like my pizza bland--black olives and green pepper.

Caren Crane said...

Claudia, ack! You lure Claudia Dain over to a blog and she throws something like mayo-dipped pizza up. You know, everyone, Claudia is so lovely and charming, she gets me every time with the unexpected zingers. Mayonnaise!

Morbid curiosity: is it just the crust, or the bits with the cheese and all that? Oh, that's so gross!

Diane Gaston said...

Anne, your new book sounds wonderful!

I'm not too imaginative about pizza, but I love a cold spaghetti sandwich. Take leftover spaghetti and sauce and put a glob between slices of buttered bread. Yummmmmm.

Anne Mallory said...

Hi, Bamabelle! Thank you! Though you are incredibly evil, asking about favorites. :D It's hard not to say "the ones I'm writing right now." They are always the ones freshest in mind. The ones you are still trying to unlock and work with. I do have characters who have made a lasting impression on me though. Marcus was one, which is why I wanted to write his book. And Isabella became a definite favorite. I was concerned that her character would be swallowed by his, but as soon as I started writing her, that fear went away. :)

Anne Mallory said...

Hi, Karen! Nice to see you! Good to have anchovies represented! I don't order them, but my grandparents have long been fans. :)

Thanks, Jo! And I have to say that liking a pizza you can get in multiple places is a boon, isn't it? Always good to have chain favorites! That way you are never too far from home wherever you go. :)

jo robertson said...

Uck, I'm so with you Caren about the mayonnaise-dipped pizza (or is that pizza-dipped mayonnaise LOL). But we all dip just about everything, including pizza, in ranch dressing. How weird is that?

Anne Mallory said...

Thanks, Sonja! Ooh, that sounds like a doozy of a pizza! I know a few people who would LOVE that. I'll have to forward your description for sure. :)

Caren, I realized I didn't answer part of your question! Sorry! I made my first heroine a caricaturist out of an express desire for immediate conflict (she caricatures the hero in unflattering ways). The caricaturist idea came first, then the characters morphed from there. It doesn't always happen like that for me, but I have to say that it is sometimes easier than having a character who shines so brightly, but you can't for the life of you figure out WHY they conflict with another person! ;)

Anne Mallory said...

Thanks, Kate! Oh, you will have to try it then! It's truly an excellent undertopping, and goes great with all the foo foo (lol) stuff! If you do try it, let me know how it goes! :)

Christine, I realize it's a fork dish, but I now have a vision of someone trying to eat a slice and the filling sliding right out. ;)

Anne Mallory said...

Claudia - wow, mayonnaise. Frankly, I'm not so sure that's for me, but I'd try it. :D

Hi, Nancy! Oooh, that sounds good!

Thanks, Diane! :) I've never tried a spaghetti sandwich!

Anne Mallory said...

Jo, that is so not weird. I'm a big believer in ranch dressing making EVERYTHING taste better. :D

Anna Campbell said...

Hi Anne! Coming in late here - you reckon time zones on the West Coast are out of kilter! Try coming from Oz! Thanks so much for coming to talk to the Banditas! Congratulations on your new release. Sounds fab. More fab than some of the pizza options I've been reading about, I must say ;-) And that cartoon trailer is brilliant! Loved your thoughts on writing a series. Thanks for sharing those.

Anna x

Beth Andrews said...

Welcome to the Romance Bandits, Anne! What Isabella Desires looks fabulous! Can't wait to pick up a copy (mental note, must get to book store tonight *g*)

I love veggies on my pizza though my two favorite FAVORITE pizzas are Margherita (rub the crust with garlic, sprinkle on mozzarella, chopped tomatoes and basil) and Crab and spinach pizza with alfredo sauce -- so fattening but soooo good ;-)

We also like the bbq chicken pizza (no fruit *g*) and my family dips their pizza in ranch dressing sometimes as well. Oh, and my BIL likes to dip his pizza in chicken wing sauce :-)

ruth said...

Welcome Anne. Your cartoon is adorable and unique. Your interview is informative and interesting. I love marguerita pizza with tomato and that is it. Very plain but my favorite.

Anne Mallory said...

Thanks, Anna! *waves* Not into the crazy pizzas? ;)

Thanks, Beth! All of your pizzas sound good, but I'm especially struck by the crab and spinach alfredo!!! I've never had it, but wow, that is right up my alley!

Thanks, Ruth! And plain is still good! Margherita/marguerita pizzas are excellent. Very much a staple in our pizza circle. :)

Colleen Gleason said...

Hmmm...Anne, I think I'll pass on the noodley pizza, but I sure do like broccoli (and of course cheese) on mine.

Incidentally, I've become quite addicted to Panera Bread's Crispani pizzas. Too bad they don't deliver!

And I don't think I've told you how much I LOOOOVE the cover of What Isabella Desires! It's gorgeous.

Great fun interview!

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Welcome to the Bandits' Lair, Anne. We're thrilled to have you. And I'm so looking forward to Isabelle's story!

Pizza...well, my daughter has a good friend who is allergic to tomatoes. So, she introduced her to Chicken Alfredo pizza and I tweaked a recipe for it at home. Alfredo sauce instead of tomato, sauted onions, chopped rotisserie chicken breasts, mozzerella and parmesean cheeses.

Pretty darn good!

My husband gave up pork products about a year ago. (Yes, I know it's a sacrilege), so I developed a hamburger, onion and fresh diced tomato pizza for him. I like that one, too.

Caren Crane said...

By the way, Christine, the "meat pie" pizza sounds truly horrible. I can't figure out why people think these things need to be on a pizza crust!

tetewa said...

I love pizza with pineapple and ham. I also recently tried a burger with guacomole on it and it was fabulous!

Anne Mallory said...

Colleen, I'm wounded! No noodle pizza for you?! :D Definitely going to have to check out these Crispani pizza things next time I'm in Michigan. And thanks for the nice words on the cover and interview!! :)

Thanks, Suzanne! It is great fun to be here! Sounds like you are a pizza maker extraordinaire! I've always been fond of hamburger on pizza too. :)

Anne Mallory said...

Tetewa, yes! Avocado is like ranch dressing -- it makes everything taste better! Love me the guacamole...

Trish Milburn said...

Update: Went to the wilds of Wal-Mart, bought "What Isabella Desires". I'll have you know, Anne, I braved, gasp!, back-to-school shoppers. :)

Helen said...

Anne I am so looking forward to this book I have ordered it so I should have it in about 1 or 2 weeks it taks a bit longer to get down under. I have all of your books and have really loved everyone of them I love your style of writting.
As for pizza toppings I have the normal but my sister gets 2 slices of pizza any variety and puts slices of beetroot in between two to make a sandwich style we just look at her but she loves it that way.
Have Fun

Cherie J said...

Thanks for being here Anne. Enjoyed your post. I am a strictly a cheese pizza woman. Occasionally I will throw on some green pepper and onion. New food I tried recently was sushi. Tried the cooked variety anwas pleasently surprised It was really good.

Christine Wells said...

Oh, boy, my computer is doing something strange today. So sorry, Anne--your post wasn't there when I posted my inane comment about meat pie pizza! Or maybe we hit publish at the same time!LOL

That's very interesting, the different ways you've described writing series. I think I'd prefer the way you do it because I like each book to be a stand-alone read even if connected to others.

I'm thinking of a series for my next books (after the one I'm writing now). I like reading them, myself but I'm a pantser, so I have the problem that I can't plot everything out in detail before I start. Anyway, you've given me some food for thought! Thanks so much. I'll certainly take your advice on that, if not on the broccoli pizza!

Ai Yin said...

hi anne! i love the interview. sadly, I'm not a pizza person (in fact i'm not a cheese person at all). however, i've discovered that i like beef as well as chicken. you see, where i come from, chicken is usually the main meat, seeing as pork and beef are not so popular because of religious reasons. and i think that's good (my learning to eat beef, not the religious restriction), because, as my mother would say, i'm very fussy about food.

Hmph. Perhaps beef is just too normal.

Anne Mallory said...

Holy awesome, Trish! I had completely forgotten it was back to school time!

Thanks, Helen! *waves madly* I did a small eye pop on your sister's style of pizza! I have a friend who loves beets. Will have to mention this!

Thanks, Cherie! I love a good cheese pizza. :) Very cool that you tried sushi and liked it! My favorite is avocado, cucumber and cream cheese. Not very Japanese, but verrrry tasty. :)

Anne Mallory said...

Christine, I was quite remiss in not mentioning earlier...congratulations on your debut book! Out in a month! Are you getting release jitters yet? You have a lovely website, by the way, and your book looks fabulous. :)

Hugs on the pantser and series woes. I don't know if there is a way to trick your brain into plotting out one single aspect that overarches, but then leaving it free to write each book pantser style - figuring out as you go how to connect to that aspect arch? But using connecting characters without making the books an overarching series will free you up a bit. :)

Posting can be kind of a crazy thing, can't it? We probably did hit the post button very close to one another. :) I hope I haven't missed anyone! If I have, that person can feel free to thwack me!

Anne Mallory said...

Hi, Ai! Thank you! I eat a lot of chicken too, but have to agree that beef is yummy! I had some honey beef a few days ago that was mouthwatering. And Philly cheesesteaks....drool....

Nothing wrong with being fussy! It just means you know what you want when you see/taste it! :) And you can jazz up beef something crazy too. Sometimes the most normal food can be spiced into something extraordinary!

Christine Wells said...

Hi again, Anne!

Thanks for the good wishes on Scandal's Daughter's debut. I thougt I'd be nervous but I have too much to do to worry about nerves at the moment. So glad you like the website--thanks!

And thwack you? We would never do that to a guest in the lair--unless they tried to steal our bandit treasure!

It's been great having you here, Anne. I hope you'll visit again. I'm off to plan my new series:)

Caren Crane said...

I ran out to Borders at lunch today and bought "What Isabella Desires". I got to chapter 3 and I am so hooked! Run out and get one, people. It's as good for a book as "meat pie" is bad for a pizza. How's that for a mangled comparison? Yeah, I'm a writer...

kimmyl said...

Hi Anne!! Great interview.My boyfriend likes pizza with shrimp on it.

Anne Mallory said...

Christine, good luck with your new series!!!

But, Oh. My. Holy swashbuckling heart. I can't believe I've been here all day without trying to steal your bandit treasure. I'm appalled at myself! *attaches mask and straps on sword*

Anne Mallory said...

Hi, Kimberly! Shrimp! That sounds especially good with the crab and alfredo! Shrimps taste good on nearly everything too!

Anne Mallory said...

LOL, Caren!!! I'm so happy you are enjoying it! Thank you again! Triple thanks for having me here today. It has been so much fun! :)

Thank you, Bandits!!!

What? No, that is not a diamond tiara in my pocket. The crown bandit jewel? *looks shifty* I think I just saw Trish with it, I swear.

*Anne leaps off balcony, swings across ballroom floor on a glittering chandelier, swings right through the open window...a swear word follows...seconds pass...more seconds pass...swear word is repeated from far below, followed by a splash*

Isabel said...

Hi Anne and Romance Banditas :),

Just stopped by to say hello and to congratulate Anne on another fun, and delicious book. Isabella and Marcus are one of my favorite couples.

I love thick crust pizza with pineapple, artichokes, and black olives. Oh yeah, and tons, I mean tons of Parmesan cheese!

Unknown said...

Thanks for all the wonderful answers, Anne! Thanks for answering my question as well, evil though it may have been lol. I'm planning on a trip to the bookstore tomorrow, so I'm definitely picking up What Isabella Desires. :)

You guys are making me hungry. Some of these unusual toppings sound pretty good, actually. :)

Anne Mallory said...

*slogs back into the room, hair plastered to face, bare feet slapping wetly against the tiles, and puts back the treasure in a disgruntled fashion*

Thanks, Isabel!!! *hugs* Oooh, oooh, tons of parmesan! Artichokes!

Anne Mallory said...

Thanks, Bamabelle! If you pick up the book, I hope you enjoy it! And I'm with you about getting a little hungry. I need to go play around with some of these great suggestions. :D

Caren Crane said...

Oh, Anne. We could have told you (had you asked, rather than tried to confiscate!) that Aunty Cindy has lain many a trap around the Bandit Lair. Even if you manage to snatch something and swing out the window, and even in the unlikely event you should make it across the alligator-laden mote, you would never get past the burly guards. Why, you ask, since you are obviously well-armed?

These guards are all heroes from our novels, of course! We have earls, dukes, Romans, Italian restaurateurs, Texas cowboys living in England, Scottish lairds, and undercover cops (just to name a few). As you stand with your jaw on the ground and your pulse racing, they will simply pluck the treasure from your nerveless fingers and stash it safely back in the treasure chest.

We love having you, dearest Anne, but you must learn not to cross Aunty C. Plus, she has a riding crop and is not afraid to use it!

Joan said...


I've read all the historicals I brought back from National.

The nearest Borders is 15 miles away.(Hence so is What Isabella Desires)

And I'm hungry for pizza.

LOL Thanks for being here today Anne. I was toiling away in the salt mines and couldn't participate before now. The Banditas SO appreciate your time and great insights.

Now, where did I put that Pizza Hut phone number?

Anne Mallory said...

Caren - well, THAT explains all the hot guys down on the lower level. And the mad woman with the riding crop. Luckily she ran around a different corner when I was making my way back here. I'll have to, ahem, check out, the lower level again...

Thanks, Joan! Nationals is the bevy of summertime booty, isn't it? I have my stack by my bed. :)
Dinner help:


Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

*AC has been chained to her keyboard on threat of GREAT BODILY INJURY from various other Banditas*

Yes, she would have LOVED to participate in this WONDERFUL discussion (and LOVES Margherita pizza WHEN she is in Italy and can get the authentic kind)! She TRULY APPRECIATES Anne's wonderful posts and comments and is SORRY nobody warned her about the traps laid out to protect the Bandit treasure. Heh! Heh!

Has SOMEONE been using the crop while Aunty has been otherwise occupied? *casts suspicious glances at Tawny and Foanna*

And NO that is NOT Eric Bana t-shirt draped over the back of Aunty's computer chair. HONEST!

slinking back to her requested WIP

Anne Mallory said...

Hi, Aunty Cindy! LOL!

Congratulations on your requested WIP! It's a very good reason to be chained to your keyboard. :) Good luck, Bandita!

Anonymous said...

Anne, I missed all the fun today (damn this day job and their fancy internet blocking software!), but thanks so much for blogging with the Banditas! I can't wait to pick up Isabelle's story!

As for pizza...I am really just a bread fan, so my favorite thing is eating the crust with a pad of butter. Yum.

Anne Mallory said...

Thanks, Kirsten! A crust girl! I am a crust fan as well, especially buttered, garlic, cheesy bread. Yum. :)

Thanks once again, Banditas! I had a great time. :)

Keira Soleore said...

I can NOT believe I missed Anne Mallory's interview. Family health goes south and Anne decides to visit. Boo Hoo Hoo!!!

In case, any of the Banditas notice, I'm a thin crust kind of person, unless we're talking deep dish. Ooh yeah!

Caren Crane said...

Keira, I'm having a hard time leaving the subject of pizza. Blame it on my diet! We have gone all thin crust at my house, simply because it's lower in calories (and Papa John's thin crust is fab!). But I remember Mr. Gatti's from when I was a teenager. It was super-thick, deep dish Chicago-style goodness. Makes me drool just thinking about it!

And I won't even touch the topic of pizza crusts and the things that can be done with them. Mmm....

Anne Mallory said...

Sneaking in to wave to Keira. Hi, Keira!!

Keira Soleore said...

Heyyyyy Anne! I ran out to the bookstore this morning and got your book. Yeah!!

Caren, isn't that Chicago-style pizza just the yummiest? All that heavenly cheeeeeeeeeeeese!

Anne Mallory said...

Thanks, Keira! I hope you enjoy the book!!! :)