Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summertime and the Living Is . . .

by Jo Robertson

We’ve just reached the triple digits in northern California and I feel like the Wicked Witch of the West screeching, “I’m melting, I’m melting.”

Summer’s definitely here to stay in our little corner of the world. In spite of the heat, mosquitoes, and escalating air conditioner bills, summer recalls those wonderful memories of childhood in my home state of Virginia.

Barefoot explorations. My mother never cared if we ran wild and barefoot all summer long. My standard clothing issue was shorts and halter top and NO SHOES. Our property sloped down the hillside to the banks of the James River and my brother and I spent hours exploring the territory.
Gives me the shivers now.

Sleeping in. We had a screened in side porch where we always slept during the hot, humid summers. Our old house had a swamp cooler, but no air conditioning, so the meager breeze that swept off the river was essential!
Why is sleeping in still so wickedly delicious?

Fireflies. Not the Nathan Fillion kind – yum – and I’ll again recommend your buying the complete DVD of that amazing Joss Whedon TV series – but the bugs that light up.
As kids we always caught fireflies during the summer, captured them inside my mom’s canning jars, and stared at them all night as they rested on the floor by my bed. I'm still fascinated by the way their tiny bodies flash this amazing green light.

Ticks. Yes, we had tons of those little buggers. I distinctly remember one particularly fat one burrowing its body into my right butt cheek. I was about eleven, I think, and horrified at the thought of some crawly creature sucking my blood out like a vampire. That was also the summer I got interested in Bram Stoker. Mom used alcohol and tweezers and finally snipped off the head, leaving the body deep in my tender flesh.
I don’t remember the rest – I think I passed out.

Accidents. Why is summer always the time someone breaks a bone, gnashes a wrist or knee, or falls into an open sewer? I mention these three things because the summer I was twelve, my little brother Ken, eleven, managed to do all three on consecutive Saturdays.
The sewer was the worst. And I swear -- I was responsible only for one of the events -- the slashed wrist.

Ice Cream. I know, I know. It’s way cheaper to buy ice cream nowadays than to make your own, but there’s something that speaks of home and mom and comfort during warm summer nights with a giant bowl of homemade ice cream for company.

I’m again offering my super-duper infamous recipe for anyone who missed it previously. It’s easy, quick, and so light you’ll eat the entire canister by yourself. If the other people living in your house don’t beat you to it!

3 cups sugar

2 quarts of half and half

1 can evaporated milk

2 TB vanilla extract

1 TB lemon extract

And finally, making out on a blanket (otherwise known as picnicking). Okay, I’ll keep this PG-13, but summertime reminds me of dates I had with Dr. Big when we picnicked by the river. It was so beautiful and we were so much in love. Nuff said!

What about you? What's your standard "uniform" for the summer? What childhood memories does summertime bring to you? What kind of memories are you making for you children?
Are summer sports your thing -- water skiiing, rafting, sunbathing (hey, that's a sport!) Are you a sun worshipper or do you avoid it like the plague?
Do you enjoy picnic scenes in a romance novel? Do they remind you of a more relaxed time as opposed to our current hectic pace?


limecello said...

Heh. I look like a bag lady in the summer - depends on how very hot it is, but always tank tops, and shorts or skirts. I don't deal with heat all that well. Although I do love summer!

gamistress66 said...

just took the recyclables out and saw some lightning bugs (fireflies), don't recall them staying up so late when i was a kid. childhood summer -- ahhh the good old days of r&r when too young to truely appreciate it ;) summer wasn't complete without at least on bike wipeout resulting in very bloody scrapped up knee; time at the playground (swingsets, games, jacks tournaments); sleeping outside on a nice summer night; and as a teen laying on the glider catching any afternoon breezes rocking away with a cool drink and a good book (romance of course). ahhh yes, those were the days ;)

Virginia said...

Summer time fun for me was swimming in the river. We lived in the country so no pools. Also putting on bathing suits and playing in the rain. Now for me its working in the yard. Like Lime I am in tank tops and shorts. Old ones at that. Kind of like a bag lady. I still have a lot of outside work to do but also want to paint the house. So much to do and time is flying by.

barb said...

hi Jo

congratulations lime, make him behave

can't remember summer as I am the other side of the world and we have just had the coldest winter day in Sydney since the 1980's LOL .... we had frost on the lawn this morning and we don't often get that .... mind you it has gone to 16c during the day (we work in centigrade here)....we often get above 38c (100f) in the summer ... when it gets to that we have the airconditionong on..... if we go on a picnic we have to find the shade or we frazzle.... although I spent my childhood in the UK which is nothing like in Australia .... but I still remember sunny days playing out with my friends .....I will send some cool there if you send us some heat


Jane said...

Hi Jo,
I can't swim so I'm not big on water sports, but I would like to go rafting someday. My summer uniform consists of capris, tees/tanks and flip flops.

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

I loved summer as a kid, not so much now. I do have to avoid the sun now, if I am out in it I am covered in sun screen and under shade as much as possible, I refuse to give up fishing. Though my hair is dark my skin is that of a red head, I don't do sun well.

Standard uniform when I was a kid was the same as yours, shorts, halter and no shoes. That doesn't happen anymore either. I am usually in jeans or capris, tee shirts and sandals.

I lived on the river most of my life so that is where I spent my time. I started fishing when I was about 6 with my grandparents and and parents, still fishing the same way and still catching more catfish than anyone I know. Just call me the catfish queen.

MJFredrick said...

I have been SO hungry for homemade ice cream. My grandpa would make it on Saturday nights. Mmm.

Helen said...

Well done lime have fun with him


Great memories of summer as a kid Mum always took us on holidays near a beach and swimming was the best and always in shorts and t shirts and barefeet ( I still don't like wearing shoes LOL). I love picnics Ron and I went on lots of them when we were dating and after we got married and had kids we took them on a lot of summer picnics but I gotta find the shade these days. I do prefer the colder months and as Barb has already said it is cold down here in Sydney town the coldest we have had in many years and so much ice and frost on the ground this morning. I am loving it. LOL

Have Fun

Beth said...

What a fun post, Jo! I'm all about sitting in the sun - and not because I want a tan but because it's so stinking cold here most of the year (it's 42 degrees as I speak) *g* I try to absorb as much heat as I can when it's available!

We've always tried to make fun summer memories for our kids. We often have campfires and we use a huge tarp as a slip 'n' slide and my son, younger daughter and husband love to go fishing.

And I love your recipe for homemade ice cream! I think I'll make some over the weekend :-)

Christie Kelley said...

Wonderful post, Jo. I had laugh at some of the things you wrote. We're finally having a beautiful day and I can open the windows. We've also had a couple of days that reached 100 and when you add in the east coast humidity, it's unbearable.

For me, growing up meant swimming as much as possible. I grew up in upstate NY so when we did get a hot patch, it was miserable with no AC. But most of the summer was fine with just a fan running.

Around here, my kids run to the community fresh water pond when they want to swim. The river is there for fishing and crabbing (and the river has more crabs this than I've ever seen!) I laughed at your talk of accidents. Two days before my son finished school this year, he broke his toe. He's fine now but for a week he couldn't do much.

As far as ice cream, I bought the whole milk and cream yesterday to make some today. There is nothing better than homemade ice cream.

It's so nice today, I think I'll do my work out on the screened porch.

Kirsten said...

Hi Jo! You know you had me until, "someone falls into an open sewer..." Mmmm, HUH? Does this happen frequently in Virginia in the summer?

jo robertson said...

Hi, Lime! LOL on the bag lady look. Is that the new "fashionable"? Less is more in the summer, IMO.

Keep the chook out of the heat today. He doesn't do well with all those feathers!

jo robertson said...

Hi, gamistress66, I haven't seen lightning bugs in years. I was beginning to think California doesn't have them. Could it be?

Ah, yes, youth is wasted on the young! I forgot the bike mishaps. We went everywhere on our bikes, so a collision was inevitable. Did you ever have a hammock? I have two huge evergreens that are begging to have one tied between them.

Gillian Layne said...

Oh, Jo. Summertime love...nothing sweeter. I met dh at the county fair in July. And I remember one summer afternoon, just him and me and an old canoe and a really private tree shaded river... Now I'll be smiling the rest of the day. :)

And I'm going to track down some homemade ice cream, I think.

jo robertson said...

Rain in the summer, Virginia?

We used to run through the sprinklers with our bathing suits on and pray for a broken fire hydrant. Yeah, just like in the movies!

We have two evergreens in our backyard that are begging to have a hammock strung between them and beckoning me to spend an hour or two lying there.

jo robertson said...

Hi, Barb. Ouch on the cold weather. It's hard to imagine that half a world away we're having triple digit weather while you're freezing!

It's a deal on the weather exchange! Winter in northern California isn't so much cold as rainy.

jo robertson said...

Aren't flip flops the best, Jane? It's like going barefoot without the dirty feet LOL.

jo robertson said...

Hi, Dianna, you can fish almost year round, can't you? Hugs on the skin of a redhead. That's gotta be tough. I burn easily too, although my natural hair is nearly black -- oh, heck, let's call it nearly white!

I think it's much more dangerous to be a sun worshipper now than it was when I was a kid.

jo robertson said...

Hi, MJ, you've gotta try my recipe for ice cream. Unless you have one of your own you'd like to share with us??? We're always open to new ones.

jo robertson said...

Hi, Helen. Glad you're enjoying your frosty weather in Sydney!

What kinds of food did you pack for your picnics? My mom always made fried chicken -- yum! It was the best.

jo robertson said...

Beth said, "We've always tried to make fun summer memories for our kids. We often have campfires"

Campfires. Roasting marshmallows. Remember when you used to be able to build a fire on the beach (not anymore in California)? There's something so exciting about the sea at your back, the endless beach, and the roaring fire.

jo robertson said...

Yay, for your nice day, Christie. Fortunately, we often get a delta breeze that blows up from Stockton, so this morning it's a pleasant 66 degrees. And today it's only going to be in the 90's.

Can't complain, though, we don't have that humidity you get.

Your son broke his toe??!! How ignoble, poor thing. How'd it happen?

I've never heard of a community fresh water pond. Is it close to your house? Are there use restrictions? Inquiring minds want to know!

jo robertson said...

LOL, Kirsten. This "sewer event," as it's now called was way back in the day. Our little town had an open sewer down by the railroad track. Of course, playing there was absolutely verboten, which was only a challenge to do it anyway!

My poor brother nearly drowned in that sewer. He remembers thinking he was going to die with all that crap floating around him. Ugh! Took my mom gallons of bleach to sterilize the poor kid.

True story. I swear. Today, there'd be a massive law suit, I'm sure LOL.

Susan Sey said...

Jo, I love this post. Summer is just ramping up here in the north land & I'm so looking forward to my first batch of your ice cream! My family worships the ground you walk on, btw. I made your ice cream all last summer & we always said, "To Jo Mama!" every time we broke into a fresh container. :-)

Susan Sey said...

Oh, as for summer memories, I shudder to think of it, but we swam & played in the water at our cottage all day, burning ourselves to a crisp. At night we'd sleep in the screened in porch, slather each other with Noxema & see who could peel the biggest sheet of skin off her shoulders.

We're totally getting skin cancer.

Louisa Cornell said...

Lime is heating up the summer with the GR. Does he wear sunblock?

When I was a kid the standard uniform was shorts, tank top and flip flops. We spent hours outside using our imaginations. The summers we spent in England we might have had to wear long pants, but we still spent most of our days outdoors. Of course during those years we often visited historic sites on the weekends with our folks. We have some great 8mm movies of those days. And yes, Stateside we made lots of homemade ice cream. Love it!

These days I am either at work or at my computer writing. (Khaki and navy at work - Usually my pjs when I am writing.)

Other than that I spent any time I have outdoors playing with my rescued dogs, filling up their swimming pools and beating back the encroaching wilderness that keeps trying to cross the boundaries into what I have deemed "yard" of my five acres.

Christie Kelley said...

Jo, I'd love to say my son broke his son playing baseball or some other decent way. But no, he stubbed it on a ladder that's in his room so he can get to his fort.

Our community pond is wonderful. Back in the late 50's, a bunch of engineers in the neighborhood decided the kids needed a place to swim other than the river. So they dug out a large pond and drilled a down to a fresh spring. The water is tested every year and is always drinkable. They only use a little chlorine since the water runs off to the river. It is fabulous! We're the only community on the river who has something like this.

Nancy said...

Jo, a fun post! I used to swim in the summer, but we don't really have a good place for that now. Used to play tennis (in a not very expert way). I don't do much of that now. I need someone really bad to play tennis with, and it's hard to find someone with both the requisite skill level and any desire at all. *g*

My two favorite things about summer are watermelon--best before July 4--and tomato sandwiches made with vine-ripened tomatoes. No point even having a go at it with what you get at the store in the winter. No flavor!

jo robertson said...

Gillian said, "I remember one summer afternoon, just him and me and an old canoe and a really private tree shaded river... "

So sweet, not much better than summer love. Now I'll be humming that GREASE fave, "Summer Lovin'"!

How many years have you and the DH been together?

jo robertson said...

Ouch! Sorry for the repeat on the hammock comment. My internet is freezing up on me today!

jo robertson said...

Susan said, "My family worships the ground you walk on, btw. I made your ice cream all last summer & we always said, "To Jo Mama!" every time we broke into a fresh container. :-)"

Yay, I'm famous. It takes so little to make your family happy, Susan! LOL, actually I should say, "Step away from the ice cream canister, m'am" or "Hi, my name is Susan, and I'm an addict."

Should we do an intervention?

Susanna Fraser said...

It's just barely starting to feel like summer up here in Seattle. We have amazingly long days surrounding the solstice, but it's been unusually cold and cloudy even for us. (Contrary to stereotypes, Seattle actually has very dry summers, but the 2 to 3 month sunny and dry spell rarely kicks in in earnest before July 4.)

Growing up in Alabama, summer was playing outside barefoot in the dewy grass in the morning before it really heated up, then spending the hot part of the day inside with a book, sitting in front of the window air conditioner and letting the cold air wash over me. Oh, and helping my parents in the garden and eating lots of watermelon.

When I got a little older, summer was hanging out at the pool with my friends, then hours of band practice.

Now summer is for soaking up all the daylight and sunshine I can to get me through our long, gloomy Northwestern winters. I'm not really outdoorsy or a sun worshipper, but I love reading on the deck and going to baseball games on a perfect 75-degree Seattle July afternoon.

jo robertson said...

Gillian mentioning meeting her DH at the county fair reminded me that my granddaughter Corinna is performing at the CA state fair this year. At eleven years old (tomorrow's her birthday!) she's so excited!

Of course, the whole family will be there to cheer her on!

jo robertson said...

Susan said, "slather each other with Noxema & see who could peel the biggest sheet of skin off her shoulders"

This is wrong on so many levels LOL. When I was young it was Johnson's baby oil -- truly, we were broiling ourselves in the sun!

Did you find that after the first peel you'd get lots more freckles?

Gillian Layne said...

Wow--performing at a state fair at the tender age of 11? You must be so proud! You need to post pictures.

DH and I have been together forever-well, since I was seventeen...and married almost 22 years. Time flies. :)

jo robertson said...

Louisa said, "We have some great 8mm movies of those days."

OMG, 8 mm movies -- does it take two of those to make a 16 mm projector? I remember teaching and having to thread a 16 mm. If I was lucky enough, some kid would take pity on me and do it for me.

Playing outside, using your imagination -- those memories are so poignant for me. We never had much in the way of toys, so it was imperative we make guns out plastic pieces and swords out of sticks.

We had lots of fun playing cowboys and Indians until my brother fell on his boy scout hatchet and sliced open his knee.

jo robertson said...

LOL at the way your son got his broken toe, Christie. Does he have one of those fort-bunk beds? My boys had a stagecoach bunk bed that they loved sleeping in.

What an ingenious idea your neighbors had for that community pool!

jo robertson said...

Gillian said, "Wow--performing at a state fair at the tender age of 11? You must be so proud! You need to post pictures."

Thanks, Gillian. Corinna semifinaled in a northern California competition and the fair folks invited all of the performers to participate. It should be lots of fun.

jo robertson said...

Watermelon and fresh tomatoes from the fine, yummmmy, Nancy.

What's a tomato sandwich? I wonder if it's like mine?

Do you put salt on your watermelon? Dr. Big does, and for the life of me, I can't figure out how that enhances the flavor LOL.

jo robertson said...

Gillian, congrats on 22 years of marriage -- that's quite a record in today's world.

s7anna said...

Summertime is all about me trying to avoid the sun *sigh* I tan like there's no tomorrow so I always have to slather on enough sunscreen to sink a ship and then venture out there. Of course since I also sweat insanely...there's nothing dewy or delicate about me...I literally melt. As a result, summer equals to staying indoors with the a/c on high.

One of my fave summer activities is to go to the park...late afternoon and just chill out on the grass... read a book...feed the ducks...grab a bite to eat.

jo robertson said...

Susanna said, "(Contrary to stereotypes, Seattle actually has very dry summers, but the 2 to 3 month sunny and dry spell rarely kicks in in earnest before July 4.)"

I didn't know that -- very interesting. When does your fall begin, then. You must have a fairly short summer.

Did you grown your own watermelon or just the standard veggies. I ask, because, being a young and ignorant bride I planted watermelon too close to my vegetables and got the weirdest tasting product.

Cue Twilight Zone music.

jo robertson said...

Hi, s7anna! Sounds like you've got the summer mapped out nicely.

Do you burn or just get really dark?

And heck, I say embrace your inner sweaty gal!

Susanna Fraser said...

I didn't know that -- very interesting. When does your fall begin, then. You must have a fairly short summer.

I'd say late September, but it's a gradual transition. By mid-October we're generally back in our standard cloudy weather pattern.

Did you grown your own watermelon or just the standard veggies. I ask, because, being a young and ignorant bride I planted watermelon too close to my vegetables and got the weirdest tasting product.

Grew our own, though I can't for the life of me remember exactly what was planted where. We had a huge garden with corn, green beans, tomatoes, squash, watermelon, cantaloupe, etc. My father grew up one of 9 children on a farm during the Depression and never lost the urge to grow a LOT of food.

Pat Cochran said...

Summer fun for me was taking a quilt, an armful of books, and curling up for the afternoon under the trees to read to my heart's content. On summer weekends, there were trips to Galveston where we went swimming while our Dad fished. On most Sunday afternoons, we took drives into the "country" around Houston. Relaxed days, simple fun activities!

Pat Cochran

jo robertson said...

Pat said, "Relaxed days, simple fun activities!"

I think that's the key, isn't it, Pat? Relaxation. Simplicity. Enjoyment.

Your mentioning "quilt" throws me back in memory. My MIL used her old quilts (which I consider family heirlooms, HELLO!) to go camping with. Yesterday two of my sons and their families headed for the beach to camp and Tyler look Grandma's "camping quilt." I reminded him that even though it was plain and worn, it'd been quilted by his great-grandmother and to treat it carefully!

jo robertson said...

Susanna said, "My father grew up one of 9 children on a farm during the Depression and never lost the urge to grow a LOT of food."

My parents had that same need to be self-sustaining and I guess it filtered down to me, although now I only grow tomatoes.

That garden sounds yummy! There's nothing quite like picking your own fruit or veggies and putting them straight on the table.

My grands think everything is grown at the local Costco!

Donna MacMeans said...

After many, many summers of not wearing shoes, my feet are so wide, it's difficult to find shoes - so I don't. My summer uniform is definitely shoeless and shorts.

Growing up in Maryland, we always headed to the ocean in the summer. Bethany beach, Ocean City, Rehobeth - I know them all. I will always think of the sound of the waves and the smell of french fries with Old Bay seasoning for summer...and chlorine. I've spent a lot of summers at the pool, sunbathing, swimming and working.

Fireflies are magical. We used to catch them in a jar (make sure you punch some air holes!) with thoughts of selling them to John Hopkins hospital that used them for research. But after all the work timing the capture between jar and lid just right, and watching their lights blink on and off - we'd let them go free.

Love the summer but prefer our more temperate climate in Ohio to your triple digits, Jo.

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Lime, way to go on the chook!

Jo, what a lovely post. It really made me feel lazy, hazy, crazy!

I ran around barefoot all summer too. And I was such a water baby, I loved that summer meant swimming. My favorite bit was we usually had holidays by the sea for a couple of weeks. LOVED those! I remember curling up with lots and lots of romance novels - I read The Flame and the Flower one of those Gold Coast holidays, I remember. The family didn't get a lot of interaction out of me while I was doing that!

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, meant to say, I saw fireflies for the first time last year in DC! They're magical, aren't they? I was absolutely enchanted! We don't get them down here.

Anna Sugden said...

Greetings from a boiling hot Cambridge, Jo! I'm all for summer and hot weather ... but, I do miss the aircon! *uggh*

Love summer weather and summer clothes and sandals/flip-flops.

I'm a beach baby - love it! Love the sun, love playing in the water, water-skiing, rafting etc, love lying out there bronzing and reading. Love summer evenings where it's light until 10pm and the air smells lovely.

LOVE home-made ice-cream, which lovely hubby is a star at making. This year we're using our own fruit! And we're already harvesting our own veggies too. Yum.

And, I especially love summer because that's when conference is and I get to catch up with my pals!

s7anna said...

Not so much burning...more along the lines of severe browning *grin*

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

YAY! It appears that blogger is FINALLY going to let me comment. :-P

GREAT post, Jo-Mama! And you & Dr. Big on a picnic blanket?!?! I hope it was a very loong blanket! He's TALL people! VERY TALL!

We never did many picnics in the summer because of snakes! ACK! I do remember when we had no air conditioning but only an old swamp cooler. My sister and I would play directly in the down-draft of it. Not all that cool, but at least the air was moving. I also remember my mom sprinkling water on the sheets before we went to bed to cool them down.

It finally looks to be cooler here in NorCal today so I may forego my shorts for capris. The world can only stand the glare from my flabby white legs for so long...


Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Speaking of wearing shorts...

I happen to have a piccie of Jo-Mama and I BOTH wearing shorts. It was taken a couple of years ago in Acapulco, Mexico.

Just sayin' Jo-Mama... in case it might be worth anything to you...


TerriOsburn said...

Jo - Here in Va Beach (not far from the James!) it is SCORCHING. And to think, it's only going to get worse. I grew up in Ohio and loved catching fireflies, though we called them Lightning Bugs. Now, my cat stares out the window trying to catch them.

Other than play softball in the summers, we did nothing but run until late at night. We were never inside, it seems. No video games or computers to keep us occupied. That was back when you actually knew all your neighbors.

Never ran without shoes, sensitive feet. :) No picnics, but this makes me want to have one. Now I just need someone to have one with. *sigh* And I avoid the sun like the plague. Don't want the burn or other complications that can come of it.

jo robertson said...

Hi, there in Virginia Beach, Terri! Coincidentally, we went to VA Beach on graduation night, many years ago. It was a mild summer that June. I'm sure it's changed a lot since then.

Back in the day, running around was ALL there was to do. We only got about 3 TV channels, too! I'm sure all that exercise was much better for us.

jo robertson said...

Cindy said, "Just sayin' Jo-Mama... in case it might be worth anything to you..."

What??!! A bit of blackmail from Aunty Cindy? They do say that a picture is worth a thousand words, or maybe a thousand gags! Yuck!

jo robertson said...

AC said, "I also remember my mom sprinkling water on the sheets before we went to bed to cool them down."

Now that's a unique idea I've never heard of before. Did it help?

jo robertson said...

LOL on the "severe browning" s7anna. Hope there's no pain in it!

Half my children turn dark, dark brown with no burning and half just burn, blister and peel.

jo robertson said...

Hugs on the boiling Cambridge, Vrai Anna. Is the AC on the fritz, then? Anyway, sounds like you're a true summer child.

Did you freeze fruit for your ice cream or are you using fresh? Ummm, I just had a vision of fresh peach ice cream!

jo robertson said...

You seem like a summer girl, too, Donna. My feet are way wider than when I was younger, too.

Is Old Bay seasoning what is put ON the french fries? Kinda sounds like a man's aftershave LOL.

LOL on punching the holes in the canning jars. I killed a lot of fireflies before I figured that one out!

jo robertson said...

Hi, Anna C, whose MY RECKLESS SURRENDER -- along with the outside temps -- is heating up my nightstand.

Lazy, hazy, dazy -- that about sums up summer, doesn't it?

For us readers, summer just ISN'T without a slew of books to read.

jo robertson said...

Oops, left off CRAZY, Anna.

Crazy long days.

Crazy high temperatures.

Crazy water adventures.

Crazy cool drinks in tall iced glasses.

Anna Sugden said...

Uh no, Jo - no air con here in England - at least not in the houses. We've never really needed it- but I think the whole gulf stream thing is affecting our weather!

We use fresh fruit from our garden for the ice cream. This week we've picked strawberries, raspberries, cherries and gooseberries. We freeze the surplus. The only thing we've bought is melon - lovey hubby's melon ice cream is to die for! (best pressie I ever got him - a proper ice-cream maker)

Anna Campbell said...

Ooh, Jo, you might need the aircon on when you pick up that book ;-) There's a reason the heroine has such a glint in her eyes on the cover, snort!

Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

Ah, this post brought back memories. I can remember running around barefoot outside so much that I could run on the gravel driveway without it hurting.

You mentioned ticks, which reminded me of chiggers. Oh, how I hate chiggers. Oh, how they love me.

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

I did most of the damage when I was a kid apparently. Have places all over me that were caused by the sun. When I was a kid there wasn't such a thing as sun screen.

jo robertson said...

I guess the weather doesn't warrant an air conditioner, Anna. We'd die in this dry heat when the temps get into the triple digits. Fortunately, that doesn't happen often.

Melon ice cream!!! Now you HAVE to share that recipe with us. Is it a state secret? LOL

Your fruit patches sound delicious. I love all kinds of berries, especially strawberries.

jo robertson said...

LOL, Anna C. I had two fans blowing in my bedroom while I finished MY RECKLESS SURRENDER!

jo robertson said...

Dianna, we never used/had sun screen either. Don't they say that the greatest damage is done when you're younger? I know several of my grandchildren are quite dark, but their moms still protect their tender skin.

jo robertson said...

Hi, Trish, thanks for stopping by.

Hugs on the chiggers. I think they're worse than ticks. The itching drives you crazy.

I have a hypersensitivity to mosquitoes. There must be something in my body chemistry that attracts them because if there's one within five miles, it bites me.