Saturday, June 5, 2010

Your Own Autographed Copy!

By Kirsten (Inara) Scott

I know, I've already spent a whole blog talking about my cover and now I've got to blab all about something new -- my first experience signing books!

It happened last week at BEA. For those who haven’t heard of it, BEA is short for BookExpo America -- an enormous, fabulous conference dedicated to all things book-related. Though the conference always includes big headline acts (Barbara Streisand! Jon Stewart!) and conference sessions, the best part is I’ve found is simply walking the floor, where thousands of square feet are dedicated to publisher exhibits with books from their summer and fall catalogs, book trinkets, ARCs (advance reader copies) and lots and lots of authors signing books.

And yes, this year one of those authors was ME! For thirty minutes (which FLEW by -- I think I was probably in a time-space warp) I sat behind a table and wrote my name in books for people who said they were excited to read Delcroix Academy.

Excited. To read my book.

I grinned like a fool the whole time.

After I was done signing, I got to turn around and meet the guy in the booth next to me. You may have heard of him (if you have a 4th grade boy, you've definitely heard of him!): Rick Riordin. Then I did my own fan girl thing. I fawned, I squeed, and I generally made a fool of myself. This is what we do when we meet an author we really like. We make fools of ourselves.

So tell me -- when's the last time you waited in line to meet an author? What did you do when you met them? Ever embarrassed yourself in front of your hero? (I almost did -- turned out I've been pronouncing Rick's last name wrong all this time -- thank goodness my editor caught that one before I met him!).

And you writers -- tell us about your first book signing. Did you grin like a fool? Float on air for hours afterwards? Are you still a little amazed that there are people out there who will wait in line to meet YOU?


Helen said...

Is he coming back to my place

Have Fun

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Helen, well caught!

Kirsten, congratulations on your first signing. How exciting! By the way, do you pronounce Riordan Reardon? Those Irish spellings are a plot, I always think! Snort! And no, I haven't heard of him!

Oh, I regularly make an utter fool of myself when I meet a writer I love. I think I convinced Linda Howard I was a gun-totin' stalker - and I kept touching her, poor thing! It was like a monster had taken me over, I couldn't stop it! Don't think I'll ever look her in the eye again!

Virginia said...

Congrats Helen on nabbing the rooster!

I am sorry to say I have never been to a book signing but I am sure that if I went I would make a fool of myself.

Helen said...

Well he is going to have a great day with me I have a romance readers lunch so he can partner Barbara and I to lunch and I am sure there will be lots of chocolate for desert yummo.

How exciting I know how much I love to go to book signings although I really have been to only a few. The first one was about 4 years ago and Stephanie Laurens was doing a book signing at a romance book store in Canberra about a 3 hour drive from my place and hubby said he would drive me down to go I got to the bookstore and Stephanie was running late but I was in awe it was the first time I had ever been in a romance bookstore it was awesome and I was so shy when Stephanie got there I just didn't know what to say I didn't want to make a fool of myself LOL but she is so lovely and I chatted to her while she was signing my books I will never forget that day. The next author I got to meet in person was Anna Campbell at a talk she was doing at a local library I had to leave work early (no hardship of course) and I walked in just after Anna had started talking and she knew it was me fantastic time.
Then when I went to ARRC09 in Melbourne I did line up for ages to get to meet some fantastic authors Anna Campbell, Annie West Stephanie Laurens Sherrilyn Kenyon, Diana Love Susan Grant Liz Maverick Michelle Anne Young so many. For me it is such a fantastic experience to meet these wonderful people who give me hours of pleasure readingtheir work. And then at the recent ARRA Awards night I got to meet Nalini Singh I actually sat next to her for dinner I am still gob smacked LOL.
One day I am going to get over to the States and I would love to meet you all at a book signing it is so much fun standing in the lines as well talking to complete strangers who really understand where you are coming from when talking about the books that you have read.
Glad you had fun

Have Fun

Christine Wells said...

Hey, Kirsten, I'm so happy for you! You must have been grinning from ear to ear. It's a wonderful experience, signing books, isn't it?

Yes, I had a terrible squee moment when I met a lot of my favourite authors, but I think the worst was when Liz Carlyle arrived at a party in San Fran and I bowed down in worship. I think she was a leetle disconcerted by that!

Ooh, Helen, congrats on the rooster! Sounds like you're going to have fun together. I'm sure he'll enjoy sweet talking the ladies:)

Jane said...

How exciting it must have been at your first signing, Kirsten. Congrats. I love Jon Stewart and heard how great he was. I've never been to a book signing. I think I would probably embarrass myself in front of the author or I might just be too nervous to say anything.

Congrats on the GR, Helen.

chelleyreads said...

hi kirsten! congrats on your first signing! how exciting. i wish i could've been at the BEA (i would've loved to nab an early copy of the candidate) as i have it on my wishlist for a while.

as for your question, hardly any authors come to where i live. i did stand in line for a book signing at the maui writers conference many, many years ago back in high school but they were authors i've never heard of (though i did end up liking one of the author's books).

congrats on the gr helen!

Anonymous said...
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hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

The last time was about two years ago but there was no line, I was right up front and waiting on her to get there. I met Victoria Alexander and not only did I get my authographed book I got one for my BF daughter and after talking with her she sent me the only book of hers I didn't already own.

I grinned for hours,

Christie Kelley said...

Kirsten, congratulations on your first book signing. Isn't Riordan pronounced Reardon? That's the way I always pronounced it.

Anna, the Irish spelling are just because we like to confuse people :)

I have gushed over a few authors. But I've become a little more cautious lately. I had one author I gushed over at a signing, told her how much I loved her books and she basically ignored me. And this was before she became a NY Times best selling author.

I had another author I did the same thing to at about the same point in her career and she stood up and gave me a big hug. Can you guess whose books I still buy?

Kirsten said...

Helen, good morning and congratulations on grabbing the chook! But I have a special plea -- I've got revisions for due on Delcroix Book II due on July 1 and I'm completely freaking out. Any chance I can borrow the chook from you? I've heard he's picked up some writing tips from hanging around the Lair.

Besides, Delcroix is a mysterious place, and he might be able to help me navigate it...

Laney4 said...

Thanks for a great blog! I'm enjoying all the comments.

Jane, I too read about Jon Stewart. My opinion of him went up way higher.

Dianna, Sweet!

Christie, I believe you get what you give, so I'd still buy the hugger's books too.

Kirsten, I haven't been to an author's book signing (yet). When I DO hear of them in my neck of the woods, they are for books I don't want to read.

Even though I put my foot in my mouth a fair number of times, I don't believe I'd be "star struck". I've seen movie and sports stars, high-falutin politicians, etc., but to me they are "just people" like I am -- inside where it counts. I'm sorry I can't put it into words well. I have nudged others to point out celebrities, but I don't approach those people. This is their private time and not a public function. I recently saw a country music star and his wife shopping. I caught up to my daughter and told her, and she agreed that it indeed was that couple. We had our cameras on us but both realized we couldn't ask for their picture as it wouldn't be right. We are still glad we didn't bug them during their private time.

Kirsten said...

Hi Anna! You pronounce it RYE-er-din (not REE-or-din, as I had been saying). Thank goodness I write for the same publishing house, so my editor could correct me. I heard that he corrected a few people in his line when they said it wrong. Yikes! He's an uber-popular kids book author. My son was BESIDE himself when he heard I'd met him. He's got a long career of author-stalking in front of him, I fear. *VBG*

But imagine this -- I forgot to bring a camera! Those pictures were taken by an acquaintence when she came through the line and I was lucky enough to snag the pics off her blog.

I love that you kept touching Linda. That's perfect! The BEA thing is quite a production. There are about 30 authors all in a row, and they have barriers between the lines, so you can't jump from unknown-not-a-huge-line Inara Scott to need-a-special-ticket-just-to-wait-an-hour Rick Riordin. Not exactly a cozy bookstore setting.

Kirsten said...

Hi Virgina! You know, I never went to signing either, but I have to say that authors just love it, so if someone you like comes to your local bookstore, please go! You'll get to meet someone fun, and she'll love to see you there.

Kirsten said...

Okay, I apologize for all my typos this morning. I have seriously been burning the midnight oil this week and the coffee hasn't quite done it this morning!

Will go drink more...

Kirsten said...

Wait, Helen, you've MET ANNA CAMPBELL?! Seriously?!! OMG!!! (She's super famous, you know!)

And she was nice? Well, damn it, that's not fair to the rest of us struggling authors. She's cute, lives in a cool country and has a cool accent, AND she's nice?

(mutters to self angrily...) Not fair I tell you. Not fair.

Kirsten said...

Christine, you actually physically bowed down to Liz Caryle? That's hilarious. And totally justified, by the way. I'm sure she was touched, not horrified.

(Okay, maybe she was a little horrified. But I'm sure she's far too nice to say so.) ;-)

Kirsten said...

Hi Jane! I do wish I had been able to see Jon Stewart. As you can imagine, the tickets for his event went VERY quickly, and there were people camped out for hours to get a good seat! I hear he was hilarious.

I'm pretty sure I babble to Rick about how much my kid loves him and how great it is that he's reaching those younger boys who need good role models and exciting literature...but I'm not really sure. It was a true fan girl moment and I don't remember it well. ;-)

You should give it a try sometime, though. If the RWA conference is ever near you, you can attend the Literacy Signing for free and meet hundreds of authors all at once. It's a ball.

Kirsten said...

Chelley, thanks so much! I am always amazed when someone says they've actually heard of Delcroix and are looking forward to reading it!

I will actually be in Hawaii the day before the book releases (Aug 24th) so I was thinking about trying to arrange an author signing while I'm there. Maybe I'll be near you! I'm sure I'll announce it on my website ( so check in when we get closer to the date. I'd LOVE to meet you! :-)

flowerpups said...

Congrats on your book signing, that is so cool. I would have been a nervous wreak - I don't do crowds very often.

My first book signing was for Harlan Coben earlier this year. My 80 year old grandma is an avid reader and he was one of her favorites, and I'd read all his books as well so we made a night out of it. He was really cool, answered questions, asked how to spell my name correctly - and added that I rocked - I'm a fan for life now. I'm getting psyched for RomCon this July to meet all my favorite romance authors and get my books signed.

Kirsten said...

Dianna, I've never met Victoria, but I've heard she's a lovely person! How wonderful that you were able to snag a couple of books. I had some people in my line ask for a book for their niece or daughter, and I just thought that was so sweet!

Have you ever been to an RWA literacy signing? It's quite an event!

Kirsten said...

Christie, I do think you Irish folk like to confuse! I had thought it was pronounced the same way you and Anna suggested, but no. RYE-or-din. Confusing, huh?

How sad that you had an author not live up to expectations and be so rude! And at their own booksigning! That's just awful. I can see why you'd still be a fan of the one who gave you a hug.

I just wanted to leap out of my seat and hug every one of the people in line. I mean really, they wanted my book! How could I not love them?!

Kirsten said...

Hi Laney! Thanks for hanging out with me! :-)

I was never one to be star struck either (except for Rick -- meeting him was pretty awesome!). I got to tour the set of Grey's Anatomy a couple of years ago and met a bunch of the actors and it was great fun, but not exactly swoon-worthy. They're all shorter, skinnier, and far too human when you meet them in person.

Now that I'm writing and signing myself, I've got a slightly different perspective on meeting authors. I think the books we write don't really belong to us after we publish them -- they belong to you, the readers. We're just a part of the process. Kind of like parents. You lose control the moment they leave the womb. *VBG*

Anyway, meeting an author is kind of like meeting a parent. You sort of look for a resemblance, a little bit of a voice, or a mannerism here or there. It's like a little detective work. But you know that a kid is their own person, and the same is true for the book. There's some of me in Delcroix, to be sure, but what you get out of it is something totally different. I just hope it's got my chin. ;-)

PJ said...

How exciting, Kirsten! I'm so glad it was a good experience for you. Will you be in Orlando this summer?

My first booksigning was at RWA 2006 in Atlanta. I didn't attend the conference but drove into the city for the literacy booksigning. It was awesome! I've been (very) excited to meet certain authors but never really tongue-tied. I guess I don't fluster easily. ;-)

I love the authors who seem just as excited to meet me as I am to meet them. It's lovely when it's apparent that they genuinely appreciate their readers.

Nancy said...

Kirsten, Whoo-hoo!! I'm so thrilled for you. You've had to wait a while for this, and I'm glad to see it becoming real in such a fabulous way.

Can't wait for my own copy. I just know I'm going to love this book.

Why don't you remind us what it's about?

The last time I stood in a long line at a signing was for Sherrilynn Kenyon and Dianna Love at Moonlight and Magnolias, though I'd already met them both before.

I don't guess there've been a lot of lines in my experience of meeting authors. I've been lucky.

catslady said...

Unfortunately I've never been to a book signing. I'm not much of a driver and none have been close enough so far - I keep hoping.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hey Helen! He's back with you! Put the rascal to work, for sure. :>

Kirsten, this is so GREAT! I love that you went to BEA and signed, I love that Delacroix is HERE! WOOT! And I'm beyond thrilled for you that you had fans, fans, fans already and waiting for you there.

I'm LOL about Anna and Linda Howard as I think we met her at the same time - Nora Robert's bookstore signing - and I was a total fan girl. I got to sit next to her which was almost more than I could take.

Until she kept trying to mess me up as I signed books. Snork. She's an absolute laugh riot that one and we had a blast.

As to the grinning part? Ohhhh yeah. I'm still in love with the booksigning at National and any other place because I get to talk to people about books, not only my books, but books in general. It's great.

Still grinning for that matter...

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Christie said: ...guess who's books I still buy?

Ohhhh yeah. Heard that. I've had that experience too. One of my formerly fav authors went to the No-Buy-Zone after an incident with a fan that I witnessed, where she was so unconsionably rude to this poor woman who was such a fan. I had a moment to wonder if this gal was a stalker, but found out later, no, this was just a poor soul who got in the way of a really, really bad day.

Not her fault. And everybody has a bad day. But as a pro, you don't take it out on the general populace on whom you depend to buy books, right?

No Buy Zone. :>

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Dianna, I met Victoria Alexander at a conference a couple of years ago. She is SO nice!!!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Helen, you're such a rock star down there, as a fan, that ALL the big authors know you. Grins. LOVE that!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Laney4 said: We had our cameras on us but both realized we couldn't ask for their picture as it wouldn't be right. We are still glad we didn't bug them during their private time.

That's awesome, Laney4! Good for you. :>

And sometimes, the sighting's enough, isn't it? Grins.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Kirsten, I am so glad to know how to pronounce Rick Riordin's name. My 4th grader hasn't gotten into him yet - he's toooooo much the baseball boy! - but I'm expecting it'll come in 5th grade. Grins.

Besides, I want to read his books!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Kirsten, I'd have loved to see Jon Stewart too. I've been a fan since his Elmopalooza days. Grins.

Jane, RWA's in NYC next year. You'll have a chance to come meet a bunch of us Banditas and the Literacy signing is free, as Kirsten said. :>

Pissenlit said...

Yay! Congrats on your first signing!

SQUEE! I'm so jealous that you got to meet Rick Riordan! He was in town last month to promote The Red Pyramid(loved it!) but it was an inconvenient day for me.

The last signing I was at was for Chester Brown at last year's Word on the Street with a copy of Louis Riel: A Comic Strip Biography. I'd been meaning to pick up a copy for the past few years and though it involved standing in line for quite a bit, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get an autographed copy with a hand-drawn picture of Riel saying "Hey Jacqueline!". Hee hee! While he was drawing, we chatted about his Staedtler Marsgraphic 3000 Duo brush marker that I was totally coveting. :D

Aside from a tendency to get all shy and maybe blush when meeting new authors I love, I haven't truly felt embarrassed except for the two times I came across less than friendly authors where one totally ignored me, even after I thanked her for signing the ten or so books I brought, and one gave me an 'uh-huh...riiiiiight' look after I gushed about part of his latest book.

Anna Campbell said...

Christie, isn't it such a disappointment when our writing heroines aren't quite so heroic in the flesh? I'm always sad when that happens!

Anna Campbell said...

Kirsten, that's fascinating about Riordan. Actually the more usual pronunciation is the one Christie and I mentioned, I'm sure!

Oh, that Anna Campbell - people get quite intoxicated when they see her. Or at least you do - or maybe that's the glass in your hand. Is that a bottle in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me, Bandita?

Anna Campbell said...

Jeanne, I remember how horrified everyone looked at my star-struckedness with Linda Howard (perhaps they were jealous, snort!). That was a pretty high-powered meeting - you, Linda H, Stephanie Laurens, La Nora. Linda got this utterly terrified look in her eyes - oh, man, I cringed! Took off and ate ice-cream to get over the embarrassment! Hey, if I couldn't be cool, my ice-cream could!

Joan said...


Wow! You look! And beautiful and talented and awesome..

But that was just my first impression from the photos!

I couldn't be happier or more proud of you!

I just wish like heck I could have been there wearing my Kirsten Scott Rocks T-shirt!

As to standing in line. The only long one I ever did was for Nora at one of my earlier RWA conferences. When I got there I shared with her that her trilogy Jewels of the Sun etc. had inspired me to travel to Ireland...where I found my heart. She perked up at that and engaged in a short love fest with me about the Emerald Isle.

Kim in Hawaii said...

The first book signing I attended was RT/2006 in Daytona. As a new romance reader (and virgin RT attendee), I didn't know what to expect from a book signing. RT hosted a special Thursday signing for Christina Skye, Heather Graham, and others who had to leave for BEA. I was just agog when I met them - Christina signed in Chinese as she is proficient in one of the local dialects.

But my "rock star" moment came when 20+ romance authors, including Mary Jo Putney, Cathy Maxwell, Diane Gaston, Sally MacKenzie, and Tracy Anne Warren, came to Fort Meade for a military spouses' tea party. As much as I would have like to been a giggling fan girl, I was organizing the event and spent little time with the authors. I commented at the podium that I would have sat all of them at my table, but I decided to share with the other 150+ military spouses in attendance. The crowning glory came when Kathryn Falk, Lady of Barrow and Mistress of RT, came back to my house on base (thank God it was clean). She sat in my recliner, flipped off her shoes, and told me fun stories for romance's glory days.

Although I know most of my favorite authors through RWA, I still grow excited when I see them again at a book signing!

Nancy said...

Kirsten, we just got back from wandering around, which included coffee at B&N. You're in their computer!

Helen said...

Kirsten of course you can have the GR to help with revisions I really am looking forward to reading your book.

I "met" Victoria Alexander on a chat one day it was so nice talking to her and there were a couple of her earlier books that I didn't have and she asked me to email her my address and she sent one to me as well she is so cool and I too love her books.

All the authors I have met have been so nice even though I kinda act like excited teeny bobber LOL

Have Fun

Kirsten said...

Hey Flowerpups (cutest name ever, BTW) I'm so glad your first book signing was a good one. And I love that it was Harlan! Yay! I'm not a huge fan of crowds but after a few years of RWA Nationals, I've learned to deal with them. I've never been to RomCon -- tell me about it. What authors are you excited about meeting? Anyone who's line you'll be standing in as long as it takes? :-)

Kirsten said...

Hey PJ! I loved that Atlanta conference! What a great time. It's funny, I think of you as one of the RWA stalwarts -- it's hard to believe there was a time when you weren't part of the scene!

Are you going to make it to Orlando? I'm not signing (won't have books yet) but the fabulous Susan Sey is, you know. ;-)

Kirsten said...

Hi Nancy -- thanks for stopping in! I am so excited about the next few months (and nervous, truth be told). I'm not usually tongue-tied, but when they put a video camera on me and asked "tell me about your new series," I panicked!!

So here's what I think I said -- Delcroix Academy is about a girl named Dancia Lewis who has a powerful, and dangerous, psychic gift. A secret gift -- or at least she thinks so. Then she's recruited to attend Delcroix Academy, an exclusive private school for geniuses. But Dancia's no genius -- so why do they want her? Has someone found out about her? That's what she'll have to figure out...

Kirsten said...

Hi Catslady! You know, you should make sure you're on a list for your local Borders, Barnes and Nobles, and indepdent bookstores. Sometimes they have signings and you'd never know about it because it isn't well publicized. You could also get on the mailing lists for your favorite authors. That way they can send you alerts when they're coming to your hometown!

I do hope you get to a signing someday. It's so fun to share your enjoyment of a story with the person who wrote it!

Kirsten said...

Hey Jeanne! You know, you're grinning so big I can feel it from here -- it's making me grin! :-) I also love the RWA literacy signing. From the fans lined up outside the door to the excitement in the room, it's just an incredible night.

And woo-hoo on the Nora thing. I can't imagine knowing her well enough to have her mess with me! You should call her your BFF now. That's what I call Rick. LOL.

Kirsten said...

Hi Pissenlit! I know, it's amazing, isn't it? About Rick? My new BFF? If you look closely in the top picture, you can see a guy standing up in the background wearing grey. That's Rick. For reals.

Now about this: "...While he was drawing, we chatted about his Staedtler Marsgraphic 3000 Duo brush marker that I was totally coveting. :D"

Please help -- what does this mean? Are you describing an actual writing implement? Or is this comic speak for something else? Inquiring minds want to know!! :-)

Kirsten said...

Anna, you know I don't drink -- except for smoothies! And ice cream! I love the idea of drowning your embarrassment in a frosty cone. Maybe I should just carry one around all the time, as a preemptive measure. ;-)

Kirsten said...

Joanie, you and Nora are totally BFFs now! Imagine if you waited in her line again, you could talk about your trip there and your new book! Maybe she'll mention you to her editor...or maybe you could just talk to Jeanne about that. She and Nora are really close, you know. *VBG*

And thanks for the compliments, dearie! I am going to definitely get some t-shirts with that logo on them. Definitely.

Kirsten said...

Kim, what an awesome story about hanging out with all the grandladies of romances. That's the best reason to help organize a conference --though in my case, I'd have to take them to a restaurant to hang out. No way anyone famous is coming to my pet-hair-ridden house. Yikes!

Kirsten said...

Nancy, that's super cool! Thanks for letting me know!

Kirsten said...

Helen, thanks for the loan. I'm going to start him looking for all my misplaced commas. That should keep him busy for a while.

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Kristen!

MEGA CONGRATS on the book signing. I've mentioned this to a few of my coworkers who both read YA and have kids old enough to read it! I hope it's a major success...and YOU, too!! girl moments...Sigh...Y'all know mine, so we'll just one has embrassed themselves more!!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Christie:I have gushed over a few authors. But I've become a little more cautious lately. I had one author I gushed over at a signing, told her how much I loved her books and she basically ignored me. And this was before she became a NY Times best selling author.

I had this happen to me at my first convention in Denver...the author was even ruder than ignoring me. Needless to say I don't buy any of her books anymore and I was buying hardbacks as autobuys at the time!

*so, learned a lesson for me when I start selling books!*

Nancy said...

Suz wrote: *so, learned a lesson for me when I start selling books!*

Me, too. I've learned a lot from observing authors who already are where I want to be.

An author I'd met socially was at a conference I attended. I waited around to speak to her, and when I stepped up, she looked right at me, and as I opened my mouth, turned on her heel and marched off without a word.

No-Buy Zone. (I love that phrase!) Forever.

I did once stand in line to meet the late fantasy author Robert Jordan, who was already an NYT Bestseller. He could not have been nicer--chatted with everyone, very politely if I minded setting my many, many copies (he was up to four or five at that time, plus his two Colonial American Forge books, and I had duplicates to send to a friend for Christmas) behind the counter for him to sign afterward since there were so many people in line. His wife and editor was there, too, and she never once looked impatient because the line moved so slowly.

I went to a signing (another long line, though my friend and I got there VERY early and were in the first couple of dozen) by Sue Grafton. When she arrived, there must've already been about a hundred people waiting. She walked down the line, thanked everyone for coming, apologized for the wait, and said, I do try to talk to people as they come through, so I appreciate your patience, or something like that.

These people, I do hope to emulate one day, including their notable List placements. *g*

Don't know why I didn't think of these this morning.

Nancy said...

Kirsten said: So here's what I think I said -- Delcroix Academy is about a girl named Dancia Lewis who has a powerful, and dangerous, psychic gift. A secret gift -- or at least she thinks so. Then she's recruited to attend Delcroix Academy, an exclusive private school for geniuses. But Dancia's no genius -- so why do they want her? Has someone found out about her? That's what she'll have to figure out...

Way cool! I have been in love with telepathy, telekinesis, and pretty much anything of that ilk since I discovered the Legion of Super-Heroes and its telepath, Saturn Girl (so known 'cause she was from Titan, the biggest moon of Saturn, where everyone is a telepath) when I was seven.

Very excellent, Inara!

Nancy said...

Helen, it sounds as though you and the rooster have had a good day. You might want to bring him off the chocolate-induced sugar high before he moves on to his next vict--er, host.

Louisa Cornell said...

He must have heard about the luncheon, Helen! He LOVES to escort women out on the town as long as he isn't paying!

Kirsten !! You look so cool signing your books! I am thrilled to death for you! Can't wait to get my own copy and one for my niece! And BEA is such a huge event. I'll bet you had a blast!

I think the first idolized author I ever met was Karen Hawkins at a reader's luncheon. She was so encouraging and such a hoot. We had a great time and still squeal every time we see each other at RWA.

Meeting La Campbell for the first time was truly a monumental experience for me, but the best part was that we met like old friends and instantly started nattering away. People in line behind me looked like "Well who is SHE?" I have to confess I loved it. And frankly my meetings with all of the Banditas were so special because I felt like I was meeting a friend.

Meeting Teresa Medieros for the first time was amazing and I know she thought I was nuts! During the Avon FanLit event she picked my entry as her favorite for one round and had such great things to say about it. I printed her comments out and put the date and her name and the day I met her I asked her to sign it for me. Still hangs on my wall. Victoria Alexander picked my entry for another round and I have her comments printed out and signed as well. She is SO sweet.

And in spite of getting ready to attend my third RWA I am still star-struck when I meet my favorite authors. Can't help it.

PJ said...

Kirsten, yes, I'll be in Orlando. I can't wait! :)

PJ said...

Kirsten, I forgot to tell you. I was telling my 15 yr old reader about your book today and she's very excited! She's currently reading P.C. and Kristin Cast's "House of Night" novels.

Kirsten said...

Louisa, thank you for writing in, and that is such a sweet story about Teresa! This is such a good lesson for all of us published authors (and you, too, Louisa, who will surely join our ranks soon!). You can have a huge impact on your readers, and it's absolutely vital that you take that relationship seriously and nurture and respect it. I love hearing about an author that does it right!

And thank you for your kind words -- I can't wait to be writing my LAUNCH PARTY blog!

Kirsten said...

Hey, thanks PJ! I appreciate it - and maybe I'll see you in Orlando (if I can convince the money for the tickets to rain from the sky. It could happen, right?)

Caren Crane said...

Helen, congrats on the chook!

Kirsten, I am so envious of your awesome BEA experience! I imagine it was wonderful and a bit overwhelming. The first big author I met was Diana Gabaldon. I stood in line for SO LONG waiting for her autograph that I was a little over the whole thing before I reached her.

Those who know me know that I tend to sound sarcastic even when I'm not being sarcastic. It's a curse, like the lady on the Progressive commercials said she has. Anyway, I may not have sounded as enthused to meet her as I actually was. Sooo, I'm afraid I may have left a less-than-wonderful impression on Mrs. Gabaldon. My only comfort is that it was at least 12 years ago and she would never remember me in a million years. Good thing!

Kirsten said...

Hi Caren! You know, I'm horribly sarcastic too. For people who don't know this, and hear me talking to my family, it's probably a little disconcerting. For example, when my son asks why my daughter gets something he doesn't, I regularly say, "Because I love her more."

I'm sure this would disturb someone, if taken out of context. LOL.

But I'm sure Diana didn't even get a hint of it. She was probably in a bit of a daze herself. I know I sure was and my line didn't stretch for miles like hers can!

Susan Sey said...

Oh, Kirsten. Every time I see these pictures, I'm so proud I could just cry. I'll never forget the day I screwed up my courage to tell you--the uber-successful & together lawyer wife of my husband's best friend--I was writing romance novels. There was this prolonged & agonizing silence, then, "Oh my god, I'm writing a pirate book!"

And from there--two wannabe writers standing on a beach basking in the blow of discovering a kindred spirit--to here--me watching you sign your debut novel while people wait in line for your autograph? It just makes me so very, very happy.

Congratulations! I can't wait to see this in person!

Pissenlit said...

Kirsten - Please help -- what does this mean? Are you describing an actual writing implement? Or is this comic speak for something else? Inquiring minds want to know!! :-)

lol! It's an actual writing implement. It's kind of a marker with a paintbrush-like tip. :)