Monday, June 7, 2010

Vanessa Kelly Is In The Lair!

posted by Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy

Not long ago, yer olde Aunty was enjoying the sights on another blog (oh, all right, it was The Romance Dish), when a very intriguing cover caught my eye! Needless to say, I had to find out more about this gorgeous hunk... er, um, BOOK!

Turns out this luscious...BOOK is the creation of a lovely author who happens to have a 'Bandita Connection' and she agreed to join us today for an interview. So please help me welcome Vanessa Kelly to the Lair!

AC: What made you start writing? Did anyone inspire or encourage you to write?

VK: I’ve been writing all my life in one form or another, either in graduate school or in my work life as a researcher. In grad school, I studied women writers of the Georgian and Regency era who, as you know, were the foremothers of the modern novel and the romance novel.

Several years after I left grad school I started toying (fool that I was!) with the idea of writing a romance. I’ve loved Regency romances ever since my sister introduced me to Georgette Heyer when I was in the eighth grade. And after studying all those fabulous writers in grad school, I developed a natural affinity for the period. So it made sense that when I started to write, I wrote Regency-set historical romance. I guess you could say my inspiration came from writers like Fanny Burney, Maria Edgeworth, and that well-spring of inspiration, Jane Austen. Throw Georgette Heyer into the mix and it all makes perfect sense!

AC: Yes, truly come GREAT inspiration!

How long have you been writing romance with an eye toward publication ?

VK: I’ve been writing romance for about four years.

AC: How many manuscripts did you finish before you sold?

VK: I completed two manuscripts before I sold, and my first book came out in April, 2009.

AC: We love “Call Stories” in the Lair, please share yours with us.

VK: I had just signed with an agent about two months before my book sold. She shopped it to a few houses, who liked it but enough to buy it. She then submitted it to a particular editor at Kensington, who she really believed would love it. By that point I had come to expect a fairly long submission process, so I wasn’t expecting to hear back for several weeks, at least.

Two days later, my husband and I were out shopping. When we returned home there was a message from my agent, telling me to call her at the end of the day because she had something important to discuss. Needless to say, by the end of the afternoon I was a wreck. When I called her, my agent said hello and then immediately put me on hold—for several very loooooong minutes. By the time she got back on the phone I was a total basket case! But the news was great—a two-book contract in Kensington’s Debut program.

AC: WOW! Well, I guess we can forgive her for putting you on hold for so long. LOL!

Please tell us about your current release.

VK: I actually have one book that just came out, and one book soon to be released. My Regency-set historical romance, SEX AND THE SINGLE EARL, came out in early May. It’s the second book in my series, which started with MASTERING THE MARQUESS. It’s a friends-to-lovers story, with a dash of danger and suspense thrown in, and it takes place in Bath, England. Sophie was a really fun heroine to write, especially since she keeps my hero, Simon, running in circles throughout the book. And you may notice that on the cover of the book—right next to the hunky guy with the great chest—there’s a fabulous quote from a certain Bandita!

If you want to read an excerpt of SEX AND THE SINGLE EARL, here’s the link to my website:

The other book I have coming out is called CADDYGIRLS, and it’s a contemporary romance that I wrote with my husband under the pen name of VK Sykes. It’s being released by Carina Press, which is Harlequin’s new digital imprint. We’re thrilled to be part of the first wave of authors for Carina, who I think is going to take the publishing world by storm.

AC: You are one busy lady! And how brave of you to co-write with your DH!

Plotter? Pantser? Or something in between? Anything else you want to share about your writing process?

VK: I’m a mad plotter. I make up plot boards, write outlines, character bios, GMC charts—you name it. If there’s a chart I’ve tried it! But I find that the more pre-work I do, the more efficiently and easily I write. I probably go overboard, but I don’t really find that it stifles the creative process. When I have a certain level of security as to what happens next, I can relax and just let the good stuff roll on out.

AC: I can see you and Tawny are go to get along famously.

Do you have any advice you’d like to share with unpublished or recently published writers?

VK: Don’t treat your novels like your babies. The publishing business can be tough, and putting a little distance between yourself and your work can help keep your sanity intact. And definitely don’t read bad reviews!!

AC: Excellent advice! Especially about not reading bad reviews.Why are those the ones I always remember?!?!

On a happier note, what’s next for you, Vanessa?

VK: The next book in my Regency-set historical series will be out in May, 2011. It’s called MY FAVORITE COUNTESS, and the heroine is Bathsheba, who was the evil ex-mistress in SEX AND THE SINGLE EARL. It was so much fun reforming her. And just to make things more interesting, I paired her up with a crusading slum doctor—most definitely not the kind of man she’s used to!

I also have a short story in the Mammoth Book of Regency Romance, which comes out this summer. I know that Anna also has a story in that anthology—I can’t wait to read it!

AC: All those sound GREAT! I can hear the TBR piles growing now. Thank you for being here today Vanessa.

What about you? Do you like friends-to-lovers stories? Or are you more intrigued by the reformed bad boy/girl? What are some of your favorite stories with either of these two themes?

Vanessa is generously giving away TWO copies of her book SEX AND THE SINGLE EARL to lucky commenters today, so let us hear from YOU!


Joan said...

Now you see it, now you don't. So sorry for the technical glitch with this morning's blog.

Welcome Vanessa! I have to say that I have put your two books high on my "must buy" list and I LOVE this books title!

Good advice too, about not considering your mss. your babies....though....I do have to tuck them in now and again :-)

Also, I disavow any claim to chooks due to my Blog Mom status

Joan said...

Congrats on the GR Gillian!!!

I too can't imagine writing with another person...I'm too close to my stories to meld. I'd think it is a challenge writing with the DH

CrystalGB said...

Hi Vanessa. Your book sounds great. I love the cover. I love friends to lovers stories and reformed bad boy stories. For the friends to lovers theme, I really enjoyed Tawny Weber's Feels Like the First Time. For the reformed bad boy, one of my favorites is Lisa Kleypas' The Devil in Winter.

Vanessa Kelly said...

Thanks, Joan! I'm so glad to be here in the lair, where so many fabulous writers and readers hang out. As for following my own advice...let's just say that I aspire to it!

Hi Gillian! Thanks for your kind comments. I think my plotting technique evolved from years of writing reports in my day job in the public sector. I also spent several years in grad school with all those long papers to be written, so I really needed to organize myself. Old habits die hard, I guess! Plotting so thoroughly gives me a safety net to get through those times of screaming anxiety, when the book doesn't want to come together.

My husband is also a plotter, although not nearly as, er, fanatical about it as I am. He writes a very thorough outline and does character biographies for the hero and heroine. He leaves a lot of the GMC stuff to me. Or, as he refers to it, that emotion stuff.

Vanessa Kelly said...

Joan, I think writing together has actually saved our marriage! If we both didn't have something to do, I think we would have killed each other.

Crystal, I totally lucked-out on the cover. I've been blessing the art department at Kensington ever since I laid eyes on it.

Vanessa Kelly said...

Ms Hellion, I'm with you. I love friends to lovers stories!

Kate Carlisle said...

Welcome to the Lair today, Vanessa! I have to agree about your cover. It's so sexy! And I've been seeing it everywhere, so everyone must love it as much as I do. The title is hot, too!

I love friends to lovers stories, maybe more than any other theme. There's something about two people with a shared history, suddenly discovering love. It's just so romantic. :-)

But I can't even imagine writing with my DH. Congrats to you and yours on making it work so well!

Cheers, Gillian! Have fun with the chook!

Blodeuedd said...

Best title ever :=D

Ok, really enjoy the friends turned lovers, such a sweet theme. And who can resist a bad boy theme.

Bad boy theme, Zsasist in Loved Awakened of course :)

Virginia said...

Welcome to the Lair Vanessa! I can't wait to get my hands on your book! I have been hearing a lot of great things about it and I would love to read it!

Christie Kelley said...

Welcome to the lair, Vanessa.

That cover is awesome. You were definitely blessed by the cover gods.

I don't know how you write with your husband. Although, at the signing at Nationals last year, he was awesome at getting us both water :) I hope he's there this year as well!

Can't wait to read Sex and the Single Earl. It sounds fantastic.

Vanessa Kelly said...

Kate, I so agree with you! It's so cool to create that shared history between protags, and then develop it into something else.

Blodeuedd, I think it's a pretty swell title, too - thanks so much! And guess who came up with it? My husband! My editor didn't think my first title was sexy enough, so Randy suggested this one as a joke. But my editor and I both said, hmmm...this could work. As you can see, my husband really earns his pennies in our household!

Vanessa Kelly said...

Thanks, Virginia! I'm so happy you've been hearing good things about my sexy earl.

Christie, I promise you that Randy will be on water duty this summer, as well!

Janga said...

Friends to lovers is one of my favorite motifs when it is done well, and Vanessa does it extremely well in Sex and the Single Earl. Simon and Sophie are interesting characters individually, and their relationship has depth and substance. I loved Mastering the Marquess too. In fact, I'm a Vanessa Kelly fan. :)

A few of my other favorite friends-to-lovers stories are As You Desire by Connie Brockway, Don't Tempt Me by Loretta Chase, Goddess of the Hunt by Tessa Dare, Promise Me Tonight by Sara Lindsey, The Runaway Duke by Julie Anne Long, The Kiss by Sophia Nash, Romancing Mr. Bridgerton by Julia Quinn, and A Place to Call Home by Deborah Smith

Kim in Hawaii said...

Aloha, Vanessa! I prefer the reformed bad boy stories (maybe because I am a reformed bad gir?!?!). I can't think of any at the moment as my brain is still fried from flying Honolulu-Vegas-Tampa for summer vacation (and RWA convention).

Will you be in Orlando?

runner10 said...

I like the friends to lovers.
Would love your book.

Nancy said...

Joan, thanks for fixing the glitch!

Vanessa, welcome. Congratulations on your new and upcoming release!

Nancy said...

Friends to lovers . . . Charity Girl by Georgette Heyer. I think you could argue that Frederica follows that structure, too. Perhaps Bath Tangle as well.

Gillian, congrats on the rooster!

Vanessa Kelly said...

Thanks for your kind words, Janga! You gave me such great feedback while I was writing Sex And The Single Earl, and just when I needed it most.

That's a great list of books you've got there - a few are in my TBR pile right now.

Hi Kim! Thanks for stopping by, in spite of the jet lag. I will be in Orlando, and hope to see you there!

Laney4 said...

I'm thinking about you writing with your DH. Not happenin' in MY household! No way, Jose! I have kept all the cards DH and others have given me through the years, and one in particular comes to mind, where he said, "To my sweath heart". Ah, ain't that romantic? I bet no one else here has been a sweath heart (nor would want to be!).

As for friends-to-lovers stories, ALL stories are good stories to me! I have read 200-300 books per year for the past 35+ years, so I enjoy those kinds of stories, reformed bad boy/girl stories, and all other themes in between. I honestly can't recall favorite stories with those themes. Titles and characters blur after awhile.

Vanessa Kelly said...

Thanks for stopping by, runner10! It sure seems that friends to lovers is a very popular theme.

Thanks, Nancy! And I love all three of the GH books that you mention. Frederica is one of my favorites, and I've always thought that Bath Tangle was underrated.

Janga said...

Friday's Child too, Nancy, and Sprig Muslin, one of my favorites that is often overlooked.

Vanessa Kelly said...

Laney, that's hilarious! I hope your hubby makes up for his lack of romantic writing skills in other ways.

Susan, I love that idea of something familiar and comfortable changing in a heartbeat, and making life wonderful and exciting and new.

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Vanessa, it's great to have you here! Aunty Cindy, that was a great interview! Particularly loved your advice to the unpubbed. I think we DO get too close to our work (it's inevitable) but striving for a bit of distance is great for the mental health!

Love the title of Sex and the Single Earl! Always makes me giggle! And then think of Tony Curtis and Natalie Wood falling in New York harbor!

What's your story in the Mammoth Book about?

Anna Campbell said...

I just read a great friends into lovers book, Sarah Mayberry's SuperRomance HER BEST FRIEND. It's quite heart-wrenching and has a lovely, lovely hero.

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, and I love that moment when the hero and heroine start looking at the other with complete puzzlement. You know, when the sexual attraction kicks in. It's always delicious! Love to see characters completely at sea!

PJ said...

Hi Vanessa! Congrats on another release. I've enjoyed your books and am lookkng forward to those coming! Also looking forward to seeing you again in Orlando! :)

AC, so glad we could broaden your hunk horizons over at TRD (grin)...and introduce you to a terrific new book too!

I love friends to lovers stories! I just got home (about 30 minutes ago) from a week away and am a bit fuzzy-brained so I'm just going to "ditto" Janga's list for now. ;-)

Vanessa Kelly said...

Hi Anna! I'm so thrilled to be here in the lair with all you wonderful banditas! I think I do have one of the best titles ever, thanks to hubby Randy. The Mammoth story is another tried and true romance theme - reunited lovers. It's called His Wicked Revenge.

As I recall, Ms. Campbell, you also have a story in that antho. I think it's called On A Midnight Clear, is it not? I hope memory isn't serving me wrong!

And you have so identified the BEST moment in any friends to lovers story - when the sexual attraction kicks in. Puzzlement, horror, a dawning realization of's so delicious!

Vanessa Kelly said...

Hey, PJ! Thanks for stopping by, especially since you just got home from a trip. Looking forward to seeing you in Orlando.

Nancy said...

Janga, I've never read Sprig Muslin. Thanks for reminding me it's out there. I should dig it up.

penney said...

Hi Vanessa
Great review today thanks for being here. I like friends to lovers stories and bad to good persons too, I love the cover so hot!

Anna Campbell said...

Vanessa, short stories are a fairly new thing for me - or at least short stories anyone wants to read, LOL! I learned very quickly that it's easier when the couple has a history to build on when you haven't got space to develop a whole relationship. Mine's a reunion story too - my heroine is running away with another man when she has a carriage accident. Who should come upon her but her estranged (and rather gorgeous, but I'm biased!) Scottish husband? What happens when he's the only man she can turn to for help on a midwinter's night in Yorkshire? Yeah, well, you might be right! Snork!

Johanna R Jochum said...

I really want to read this book! It looks very good! I love the name of the name too!
I love friends to romance stories. There are so many good ones out there its hard to name one, but my favorite is Pleasure for Pleasure by Eloisa James. The hero is also a very naughty rake! Loved this book! Thanks for sharing today!

Johanna R Jochum said...

Oops, I meant I love the name of the book!

Christine Wells said...

Hi Vanessa! Welcome to the lair! Lovely to see you here.

Did you know that Anna Campbell came up with the title SEX AND THE SINGLE EARL for my debut SCANDAL'S DAUGHTER? I LOVED that title but my editor was probably right that it was a little too sexy for that particular book. Still, I think it's a title that would definitely sell a lot of copies and I hope it does for you!

Lovely to meet another Georgette Heyer fan. I still revisit her books from time to time. Which is your favourite?

As for those tropes you mentioned, I love them all, though I must say I have a soft spot for the dynamic where a lady who is a little wild and ungoverned is tamed by a stern, principled man.

Congrats on the rooster, Joanie!

Anna Campbell said...

Christine, I still think Sex and the Single Earl was a great title for Scandal's Daughter. But you can imagine how I did a double take when Vanessa told me about her latest! Great minds think alike, clearly!

Donna MacMeans said...

Hi Vanessa!

Love your titles and I can see why AC was taken by that cover - very nice!! Wow - you and our Christy Kelly will be side by side signing Regencies in Orlando. How cool is that!

Back to the writing cave. Loved the interview Vanessa!

Tawny said...

YES!!! A fellow plotting fanatic :-D

Aunty,what a fun interview :-D

Hi Vanessa!! OMG what a great cover! I'm a huge fan of friends to lovers stories, there is such a built-in intimacy that adds a great layer to the adventure. Congrats on your latest release :-) I'll definitely be adding it to my teetering TBR pile.

Tawny said...

CrystalGB said: For the friends to lovers theme, I really enjoyed Tawny Weber's Feels Like the First Time.

Awww, thank you :-D You're awesome, Crystal!

catslady said...

I really do love them both but if I had to pick one it would probably be the bad boy scenario - more angst lol.

Helen said...

Congrats Gillian have fun with him

Hi Vanessa

I have heard so many wonderful things about your books they are all on my must have list I really need to read these books.

I do love friends to lovers stories and I can't think of the names of any these this morning it is early here in Oz LOL. And of course I also love stories where the hero or heroine have been reformed

Have Fun

Nancy said...

Vanessa, I recently acquired the Jane Aiken Hodge biography of GH, and I seem to remember it listed Bath Tangle as one of the later books. I could be confused, though.

Friends to lovers is a scary thing. You take the plunge, and if it doesn't click, maintaining the friendship can be a challenge.

Nancy said...

At the end of Fantasy In Death, there's a kind of friends-to-lovers versus lovers-to-friends discussion that was pretty cool, albeit brief.

Vanessa Kelly said...

Hi Penney! If you like bad to good characters, I think you might like my next one, My Favorite Countess. The villainess in Sex And The Single Earl is the heroine of that book. She fought me every step of the way of her reformation, but we eventually go there!

Anna, the Mammoth book was my first short story - a fast, steep learning curve. I LOVE that your heroine is running away with another man when she is rescued by her husband! That's an awesome idea for a story.

Vanessa Kelly said...

Thanks for stopping by, Johanna. I also adored Pleasure For Pleasure.

Vanessa Kelly said...

Christine, I did not know that about Scandal's Daughter! I'm not surprised that Anna suggested it. In fact, I couldn't believe that nobody else had used the title before. It just seems like such a winner. Still, Scandal's Daughter is a great title - very Georgette Heyer-ish. Speaking of the great Georgette, My favorites are The Talisman Ring and The Grand Sophy. Both such funny books.

Hi Donna! I hope I see lots of Banditas at RWA. Christy and I had a great time last year.

Vanessa Kelly said...

Hi Tawny! Yes, I am a plotting fanatic. I even managed to fill up a big notebook for my last project, which was a 25K word novella!

catslady, bad boys do seem to bring lots of conflict and angst into the equation, don't they?

Vanessa Kelly said...

Hi Helen! Thanks for your kind words about my books. I also love the reformed hero/heroine story. One of my favorites is Devil In Winter, by Lisa Kleypas. And, ahem, a swell book called Claiming The Courtesan.

Nancy, I'll have to look for the Hodge biography. There's another GH book set in Bath, called The Black Sheep (I think). I only read it last year and I really liked it.

Anna Campbell said...

Tawny, how could I forget your gorgeous high school reunion book? I LOVE that book! Yeah, Feels Like the First Time definitely gets a mention!

Vanessa, thanks for the plug for CTC!

Anna Campbell said...

Vanessa, I had great fun with the other man as a comic foil. He's not a very SERIOUS contender for our heroine's affections, snork!

I've read the JAH bio - it's fascinating. Partly because it's pretty clear GH was a bit of an outsider on this aristocratic world she wrote about. I think outsiders make the best observers. There's a new bio coming from Aussie Jennifer Kloester that sounds great. She had access to a lot of material JAH didn't have.

chey said...

I love both storylines! I rarely remember titles.

Vanessa Kelly said...

I love Jennifer Kloester! Thanks for the tip, Anna - I'll keep my eyes peeled for that one.

Chey, thanks for stopping by. I hear you on not remembering titles. Some days I can barely remember my own name!

Anna Campbell said...

Vanessa, I love her Georgette Heyer's Regency World book. I think it's a wonderful intro to a whole stack of Regency stuff that might strike a modern reader as unfamiliar (a lot of it struck me as unfamiliar when I started reading GH in the early 70s!).

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Hello Vanessa! You know me as MizMacGyver on Candice's board.
Count me out of the drawing, I already have it and read it and want more, my mind totally boggles when you said Bathsheba (Love that name by the way) was going to be a heroine!! I am going to be on tenterhooks waiting for that one.
I really enjoy the friends to lovers stories, it is like they wake up one morning and bam, everything changed.

Anna Campbell said...

Dianna, I love the name Bathsheba too!

sheila said...

Another hot title to add to my wish list, Sex and the Single Earl sounds great- can't wait!!

Louisa Cornell said...

Hey, Gillian, you got the bird. Just don't take him to your in-laws farm! He might end up as Sunday dinner!

Hello, Vanessa! I loved Mastering the Marquis so I know I will love Sex and the Single Earl.

How neat that you are writing with your hubby!

I happen to love friends to lovers romances as I lived one. My late DH was the best friend of the guy I started dating in undergrad school. Roger was always coming along with us and he and I became great friends. After Harold and I parted ways, very amicably, Roger asked Harold if he minded if he asked me out. The rest is history.

Nancy said...

Vanessa, I haven't read The Black Sheep, either. *sigh*

Nancy said...

Anna, Georgette Heyer's Regency World supposedly isn't out here until August. I have an eye out for it!

Vanessa Kelly said...

Hi Dianna! So great to see you in The Lair. And thanks for your kind words! I had so much fun writing Bathsheba's story - you know how bad she is, so it was quite the challenge to reform her.

Hi Sheila! Thanks for stopping by - hope you enjoy my sexy earl.

Vanessa Kelly said...

Hi Louisa! I'm so glad you enjoyed MTM. And that is just the best story about your husband. So romantic!

Anna, I also love Kloester's book on Georgette Heyer's Regency world. I think it's a great intro into the world of her novels and the manners of the period.

Vanessa Kelly said...

Nancy, I've actually read The Black Sheep. It's quite different but really enjoyable. I love Heyer's more mature heroes and heroines. The h/h in Black Sheep are a bit like the h/h in Venetia, but with more humor.

Deb said...

Hi, Vanessa. Congrats on the release of SATSE! I like friends to lovers stories. I really like stories where the hero has known the heroine for a long time and then BAM! He opens his eyes and sees the girl next door as a woman he desires. JQ's ROMANCING MR. BRIDGERTON is a great example.

Amber said...

Hi Vanessa! Congratulations on your newest release "Sex and the Single Earl". Your a new author to me and I can't wait to read this book, especially after reading the summary. I love to read friends-to-lovers stories, reformed bad boys, and also stories that involve falling for your bestfriends brother.

Anna, I just started reading Sarah Mayberry's "Her Best Friend" and I'm really enjoying it.

Vanessa Kelly said...

Hi Deb! Romancing Mr. Bridgerton is a great take on this theme.

Thanks for stopping by, Amber. I agree that Sarah Mayberry is a really talented writer.

Christine Wells said...

Yes, it is a fantastic title, Anna and Vanessa. I'm glad someone got to use it! Obviously great minds do think alike.

Oh, I love The Grand Sophy! The Talisman Ring is one a lot of people don't like as much but I loved the adventure plots. My favourite is probably Devil's Cub or Venetia. So hard to choose, though!

Hey, I love that Scandal's Daughter sounds Heyerish! What a compliment, LOL.

Vanessa Kelly said...

Devil's Cub! Great book, Christine. I, too, love the adventure plot in the Talisman Ring, and that it's got this whole Georgian vibe to it. Tristram and Sarah are such an engaging couple, too, and it think it's delightful the way Heyer slides them in as the true hero and heroine of the story.

Cassondra said...

Hi Vanessa, and welcome to the lair!

I absolutely LOVE that cover on Sex and the Single Earl

I wonder how it's been, writing in two genres for you?

Of course, you may be long gone by now, since I'm ALWAYS late and ever the vampire. So if you don't answer, it's okay. I shall strive to ask you again at another time. *pouts*


Cassondra said...


Congrats on the chook!

You must tell us how he got along with your kitten!

flchen1 said...

A very belated hello, Vanessa! I LOVE friends to lovers stories--they're one of my favorite themes! For contemporaries, Sarah Mayberry has one--Anything for You--that I love. The reformed bad boy/girl theme is a good one, too! Tawny has a couple that play on that. I also love Lisa Kleypas's Devil in Winter :)

Sex and the Single Earl sounds like a great read!

barb said...

Hi Vanessa

Welcome... I love the reformed bad guy type of books and am looking forward to the mammoth book of regency romance that you and Anna have written in

Pat Cochran said...

It has to be both for me! If a
story is good, it's got me, no
matter what the specifics are!
And covers, mercy me! Love the
Single Earl cover!

Pat Cochran

Cassondra said...

flchen1, I LOVE friends to lovers stories too! Some of my favorites.

Vanessa Kelly said...

Hi Cassondra - I'm still here! Writing in two genres is a bit of a challenge, and I find I usually have to focus on one or the other. Fortunately, my husband does a lot of the heavy lifting for the romantic suspense, so it's not too bad. In these cases, it's great to have a writing partner.

Hi fichen1! Thanks for stopping by. I loved Devil In Winter - great book.

Vanessa Kelly said...

Hi Barb! I just got my author copies for the Mammoth book. There are so many great stories in there - I think you'll really enjoy it.

Hi Pat! It is quite the cover, isn't it?

Karen H in NC said...

Hi Vanessa,

Enjoyed reading your interview today. Can't wait to get my hands on SATSE. Love that cover...yum!

I was interested to read that tidbit about the next book in this series. While I like the friends to lovers scenerios, I really do like the reformed boy/girl themes too. There are so few books written about them, but the ones I've read, I've really enjoyed. The process the author must go through to redeem a baddie is great. I guess it could be termed 'How to unpaint yourself from that corner'. My favorite reformed bad boy book was 'Only a Duke Will Do' by Sabrina Jeffries.

Kirsten said...

I really like the friends to lovers stories. They have such a history together and then suddenly see each other in a whole new light. That's beautiful to me.

LilMissMolly said...

Sex and the Single Earl is one of the best covers ever! I'd love to win a copy of it or any from your back list!

Laurie said...

Hi Vanessa,

Your book Sex & the Single Earl sound great!

I've read a couple anthologies built around the bad girl/boy theme
Bad Boys Next Exit, I love Bad Boys

Also Leslie Kelly's recently rereleased Wicked & Willing 's has both Bad Girl Venus with Bad Boy Troy!

Friends to Lovers: Elizabeth Lowell's Sweet Wind, Wild Wind Lara's story

Lavyrle Spencer's_ Family Blessings & November of My Heart

Vanessa Kelly said...

Hi Karen! I like your name for the process of reforming a hero or heroine - how to unpaint yourself from that corner. Good one!

Kirsten, friends to lovers really is a wonderful story theme, full of so many possibilities.

Vanessa Kelly said...

Hi LilMissMolly! I really did score with the cover, didn't I?

Hi Laurie - thanks for stopping by! I haven't read everything on your list. I'll have to check them out.