Saturday, March 12, 2011

Quick 5 on Reading

by Anna Sugden

It's the weekend! I know from last Saturday's post and your comments that many of you enjoy reading at the weekend, so I thought I'd do a Quick 5 on reading and your TBR pile/mountain/room.

So, without further ado ...

1. What are you reading at the moment?

2. What's next on your TBR pile/mountain/room?

3. Is there an order to your TBR pile/mountain/room?

4. Where is your TBR pile/mountain/room?

5. Where is your favourite place to read?

To start you all off, here are my answers.

1. I'm reading Anne Gracie's The Stolen Princess.

2. Next up is a choice between the next Anne Gracie book (yes, I do like to read them all in order and in one go *g*), Molly Ringwald's Getting the Pretty Back and Allison Brennan's Love Me to Death. Also lurking are the latest JD Robb, the latest Lisa Gardner and Eloisa James' When Beauty Tamed the Beast. (and that's just on one pile!) Oh and after Anna's post earlier in the week - Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird. Decisions, decisions!

3. Uh ... sort of. The contemporaries are separated out from the romantic suspense and the historicals. The category novels in separate piles by line. I also have piles of hockey books and movie star biographies. I kind of have a 'must read next' pile, but as you can see, I'm not too good about sticking to it.

4. My TBR mountain is in one corner of my office and spreads over a few shelves, a box and the floor. There's usually a cat sleeping in amongst the piles of books.

5. I love reading in bed, especially with my cats curled up next to me. I also love reading in my favourite chair in our conservatory.

Over to you!


Anna Campbell said...

Ooh, it's me again! Wahooo!

Anna, I always enjoy a Quick Five!

1. What are you reading at the moment?

The Case of the Murdered Muckraker by Carola Dunn (one of her wonderful Daisy Dalrymple mysteries).

2. What's next on your TBR pile/mountain/room?

Mistletoe and Murder by Carola Dunn. Yeah, I got a Book Depository delivery this week!

3. Is there an order to your TBR pile/mountain/room?

I tend to have the stuff I'm MORE likely to read straightaway on the bedside table and the rest piled up in the dressing room. But if I find I can't get interested immediately in the bedside table stack, I'll raid the others. By the way, Anna, I love that you're reading Anne Lamott. I hope you really like it!

4. Where is your TBR pile/mountain/room?

Ooh, kinda gave that away already. Bedside table and dressing room which should be renamed 'library'.

5. Where is your favourite place to read?


June M. said...

1. What are you reading at the moment?
Victoria Alexander's DESIRES OF A PERFECT LADY (somehow I missed it when it first came out)

2. What's next on your TBR pile/mountain/room?
Probably ANY WICKED THING by Margaret Rowe

3. Is there an order to your TBR pile/mountain/room?
No, just depends on what I am in the mood for, and certain books jump to 1st if they are new releases from fav authors

4. Where is your TBR pile/mountain/room?
In my bedroom, stacked on a shelf

5. Where is your favourite place to read?
In my bed, curled up with lots of pillows and in my jammies.

Donna MacMeans said...

Hi Anna!

Let's see - right now I'm reading The Wicked Ways of a Duke by Laura Lee Guhrke and just recently pulled out Facebook for Dummies.

I don't really have an order for reading. So many books - so little time, you know? I just grab one and roll with it. They aren't really in a pile so I don't know what's next.

Well - the dh is traveling, so right now I'm reading in bed. But as he is an early to bed sort of guy, and I'm a night owl - I usually read curled up on the sofa in the living room.

I have books overflowing a basket in my office, books piled up on the coffee table in the living room, books in another basket in the family room...basically books in every room in the house. And the car! (grin) I'm never without a book to read.

Helen said...

Well done Anna have fun with him

Anna I also love these quick fives

1. When Harry Met Molly Kieran Kramer and loving it

2. This is always a hard question for me I have soo many I tend to choose one when I finish the one I am reading it will probably be a HMB and an author that is going to ARRC2011

3. I do try to at least keep them in alphabetical order so as I can find an author when I am looking LOL but I do get a bit slack here and there getting them that way

4. Well I have a "library" with 4 bookshelves in it and that is the keepers and I have 3 bookshelves in the family room with the TBR pile there are a few TBR in the "library" as well because I have run out of room in the family room

5. Two places in the recliner in the family room or in bed

Have Fun

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Quick Fives=Fast Way To Learn About Bandits and Friends!

1. What are you reading at the moment?

Ten Ways To Be Adored When Landing A Lord by Sarah Maclean. A new favorite. On my Kindle I'm reading The Ranger by Monica McCarty.

2. What's next on your TBR pile/mountain/room?

What I Did For Love by SEP

3. Is there an order to your TBR pile/mountain/room?

NOPE. Although favorite authors do jump the queue!

4. Where is your TBR pile/mountain/room?

In my office in one section of my desk and on top of my filing cabient.

5. Where is your favourite place to read?

The bed if it's a rainy, cold day. The couch late at night, coz hubby is sleeping. The nurse's station with my ipod on to drown out chatter when my patients are sleeping or I don't have a patient at all.

Minna said...

1. What are you reading at the moment? Ismo Alanko: Sanat (words)

2. What's next on your TBR pile/mountain/room? I'm thinking about reading one of these ebooks (I don't have any unread ink and paper books just now):
Or one of one these books (as soon as I see them in my mail box):

3. Is there an order to your TBR pile/mountain/room? There isn't much that would need any order. I read books as I get them. And I try to get rid of all books I don't wish to keep as soon as I've read them.

4. Where is your TBR pile/mountain/room? By my bead.

5. Where is your favourite place to read? In bead.

Ismo Alanko - Rakkaus on ruma sana (love is an ugly word)

Anna Sugden said...

Thanks, Anna - it's fun to think of them! Congrats on nabbing the pesky bird.

I shall have to check out Carola Dunn! I see you like reading books in order and in one go.

I got a Book Depository delivery this week too with the latest SEP and Lisa Gardner.

Anna Sugden said...

So that's two votes for bed, June. I've just been reading in bed this morning with my cat asleep on my lap.

I find that with a TBR pile/mountain favourite authors leap to the top of the pile, even when I'm trying to be good and going through some of the others! Mine overflowed the shelf a long, long time ago!

Anna Sugden said...

I think FB for Dummies had better go on my list, Donna, especially with our new FB fan page up and running! Looking forward to seeing all our BB's there.

I see we have DH's who go to sleep before we do - mine doesn't seem to be bothered by the light, so I can read as late as I want.

Anna Sugden said...

Glad you enjoy them, Helen!

When Harry Met Molly is on my TBR pile too. Wow - trying to keep them in alphabetical order is impressive! Even keeping mine in broad categories is hard work.

We have over 30 bookshelves in the house and books in every room too. Luckily hubby is a reader too, so he doesn't mind.

So we have 4 beds and 2 chair/sofa/recliner.

Anna Sugden said...

I have that Sarah Maclean book in my TBR pile too, Suz. Though she got beaten to my 'read next' pile by Lorraine Heath's latest. I love that you have both hard copy books and ebooks on the go.

One vote for the nurse's station - excellent!

Anna Sugden said...

Another vote for the bed, Minna! I'm impressed that you read books as soon as you get them - I could read solidly for a year and never get through mine - of course there's always new additions.

barb said...

Feed him tim tams Anna and he will leave you alone to read LOL

1 What Kate did next by Lisa Heidke

2 With this fling.... by Kelly Hunter.... as I am trying to read books by authors going to ARRC2011 but I really need to fit a historical in soon as I am having withdrawals LOL

3 No not really ... I do try to keep authors together

4 in the bedromm and on my ebook reader and computer

5 On the lounge or in bed... my DH doesn't bother going to sleep with the light on or even if I wake through the night and have to read.

LilMissMolly said...

I love quick questions and these kinds of posts as you always get a few suggestions for your TBR pile!

I'm currently reading Deborah Harkness' A Discovery of Witches and it's the most memorable book I've read in years. I usually get books from library first to see if I want to buy them. After reading 1/2 of this book, I went out and bought not only the hardback, but the CD version as well!

I haven't decided on my next TBR book. I've literally got dozens I really want to read. But if I was a betting person, I'd say Kieran Kramer's Dukes to the Left of Me, Princes to the Right.

There is some order to my TBR pile. I just got finished organizing my library (I turned my "office" into a library- with laptops who really needs an office these days?) and all my books - read and unread ones - are alphabetized by author.

My favorite place to read is either in bed where it's nice and quiet or in the Spring/Summer outside in my chair hammock that hangs in my screened in porch.

Joan said...

I'm reading Suzanne Ferrell's THE SURRENDER OF LACY MORGON on my new Kindle. Should have bought the one with a built in fan!

JR Ward's LOVER MINE. Yes, I'm late but waited for paperback this time. Loving it!

Have the last two MOON books from Lori Handeland

And in just over 2 weeks expect the Amazon pigeon to bring me MY ONE AND ONLY from Kristan Higgins!

Anna Sugden said...

Hey Barb - I see you have a heavy sleeper hubby too!

I don't think there would be room for a bed in our bedroom if our respective TBR piles were in there! As it is our dining table will probably be ditched for more bookcases.

Once we switch over to ebooks, this won't be quite such a problem, but I do still like reading a hard copy of certain authors!

Anna Sugden said...

Glad you enjoyed it, Lil Miss M! One thing you can rely on in the Lair is lots and lots of recommendations for reading!

Oooh a chair hammock - how lovely!

I must admit, it's such a beautiful day today that I stole an hour more this morning and went to sit in our conservatory on my favourite chair and indulged in starting a new book.

It wasn't any of the ones I thought *g*. I just got delivery of Julie James' latest "A Lot Like Love" and couldn't resist. The only problem is it's too good and I now want to spend the rest of the afternoon finishing it!

Anna Sugden said...

Joanie - I plan to christen my new iPad2 with Suz's book. Hmm Maybe not a good idea - don't want to melt the circuitry!

Oh Kristan Higgins - excellent - can't wait! She and Julie James are next to each other on my keeper shelf!

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

1. What are you reading at the moment? Finishing up The Perils of Pleasure.

2. What's next on your TBR pile/mountain/room? I don't know yet, so many books so little time, whatever mood I am in when the time comes will decide.

3. Is there an order to your TBR pile/mountain/room? No, my mountain has no order at all but that is cool, it is a surprise.

4. Where is your TBR pile/mountain/room? Everywhere in the house and even the car. I also have some on my kindle, that is always in my bag.

5. Where is your favourite place to read? In bed is my favorite, get all snugly and open a book, heaven.

Margay said...

1. What are you reading at the moment?

The Lace Reader

2. What's next on your TBR pile/mountain/room?

Hmm, Paranormalcy, maybe

3. Is there an order to your TBR pile/mountain/room?

Ha! I mean, no.

4. Where is your TBR pile/mountain/room?

Where isn't it? It's everywhere!

5. Where is your favourite place to read?

In bed or sacked out on the couch

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Joanie:I'm reading Suzanne Ferrell's THE SURRENDER OF LACY MORGON on my new Kindle. Should have bought the one with a built in fan!

Aww thanks! And hey, I didn't know they had a built in fan version!!

BJ said...

1. What are you reading at the moment?
Running on Empty
Prophecy of the Guardin

2. What's next on your TBR pile/mountain/room?
Captured by the Highlander (YummY)
Wild Sight
and I think I'll have some reviews pop up.
3. Is there an order to your TBR pile/mountain/room?
Reviews....then I get to read for fun....

4. Where is your TBR pile/mountain/room?
In the living room on a huge book shelf that is over flowing....Need a new on...LOL
And then I got a kindle for my b-day so they're on there too. I'm BAD!

5. Where is your favourite place to read? the doc's..the park while the kids are playing....whenever I can :0)

good job on the GR again Anna

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

BJ said: "2. What's next on your TBR pile/mountain/room?
Captured by the Highlander (YummY)
Wild Sight"

AWWW! Thanx BJ! Be sure to let me know how you like it. :-)

At the moment, I'm reading Brush of Darkness by Allison Pang.

Up next? Probably Suz's Lacy. I have my fan at the ready! ;-)

Order to my TBR mountain? Surely you jest! I'm quite certain there are things in there I've completely forgotten about.

Where is the TBR mountain? Mostly the living room, but it tends to spill over into other places.

Favorite place to read? Lounge chair in the living room, or stretched out on the couch. Not enough light in my bedroom to read in bed. Yes, one of my friends gave me a book light, but I haven't used it enough to feel comfy with it.


Minna said...

Anna, I usually don't have all that many books to read all at once. I read about 1/2 or 1 book every evening -considering it's not a big book.

Right now there's one book I'd like to get my hands on:The Quantum Thief by Hannu Rajaniemi.
The writer of this book is Finnish and his mother tongue is Finnish, but he wrote the book in English.

Anna Sugden said...

LOL Dianna - it is always nice to be surprised.

I think that's the theme for the day - so many books, so little time!

It would be so nice to have a day in the Lair with all the Banditas and BB's snuggled up in comfy chairs, reading!

Anna Sugden said...

LOL Margay - a woman after my own heart. Indeed, where isn't the TBR pile?!

Do let us know how you like The Lace Reader - it sounds fascinating.

Anna Sugden said...

LOL BJ - that's what we like to see, a multi-book reader.

Do you find you read books differently if they're for reviews than just for pleasure?

Anna Sugden said...

LOL AC - you know me - if I like to work in clutter, you can imagine the corner of my office that is my TBR mountain!

It's interesting all the different books everyone is reading. I've got a few to add to my list!

Anna Sugden said...

Minna - I could read 10 books a day and still have a TBR mountain! LOL And I don't watch much TV, so most evenings are spent reading.

Fascinating book. BTW I got a lovely Moomins bag for Christmas!

Minna said...

Oh, yeah. I've also been reading the digital camera instruction book -does that count? I just bought the camera and I have to say, it's not as easy to use as my old film camera. So far I've only been taking pictures of all that stuff I want to get rid of.

BJ said...

Do you find you read books differently if they're for reviews than just for pleasure?

Hmmm good question....I enjoy reading so I look at each book the same.... I get lost in the story it's like my mind puts it on a big screen in my head, best movie in the world. I get to pick the actors and it moves at my pace.
The only thing I hate is when I have a timeline for a review and there is a book I REALLY want to read, it's like torture, worst than being at the dentist!

And of course Aunty Cindy I'll let you know :0)

Nancy said...

Anna C., congrats on the bird!

Anna S., what am I reading now? Several things in different rooms. For the sake of picking one, Gena Showalter's Ecstasy in Darkness.

What's next?

I'm not sure. Depends on my mood when I get ready for something else. I suspect it'll be Lori Handeland's Apocalypse Happens, the 3rd in her Elizbeth Phoenix series. Or it might be Jon Land's Strong Justice. Or J. L. Saint's Collateral Damage.

However, to answer your next question, there is NO order--so it could be something else will float to the top and bump everything else back.

As there is no order, there is also no containment and therefore no fixed location. There are stacks wherever stacks will fit. *sigh*

My favorite place to read--the couch in the study or the bed.

catslady said...

1. The Summer of you by Kate Noble
2. I have more than one tbr pile lol
3. Two in my bedroom, one from loaned books, and one of new books to name some.
4. Bedroom and gameroom.
5. I love to read in bed when it's quiet!

jo robertson said...

Just like Foanna, I love your Quickies, hee hee, Anna!

I always have several reads going at once because I have the attention span of a guppy. At the moment, I'm reading our own Suzanne's "Surrender of Lacy Morgan," alongside Julie Anne Long's "What I Did for a Duke" and Nora Roberts' "Three Fates."

I've got some Sherlock Holmes oldies at the top of my TBR pile and Elizabeth Hoyt's WICKED INTENTIONS.

No order at all to my list since I'm such a creature of whimsy. I have to be in the mood for certain genres.

Kindle, baby, Kindle while I'm whittling down my paper copies of books, saving only the ones I LOVE! I have 5 bookcases I'm working on.

I love to read in bed, but since I always have a book with me, I've been known to read a paragraph at a stoplight or the doctor's office!

Jeanne M said...

1. Currently I'm finishing How to Bequile a Beauty by Kasey Michaels and then I'll finish her series with How to Tempt a Duke.

2. Next I'm goint to be reading The Heiress and The Countess by Lynsay Sands.

3. I keep my larger TBR books in the familyroom where my husband has one floor-to-ceiling bookcase for his history books and I have the other bookcase for my TBR romance books as well as favorites that I must read 1 - 5 more times on a separate shelf. The Great Books of the Western World are also in my bookcase which I read when I need to remind myself that I can't read romance all the time! We keep all these books alphabetical by author. There is also a smaller bookcase with books for our grandchildren.

4. I have another TBR pile in the kitchen in a small bookcase with the toaster on top of it. These are divided in the order I'm planning on reading them - this get re-arranged often!

5. My favorite place to read is in the kitchen because my husband leaves me alone hoping I'll take time off from reading once in a while to bake him cookies!

Janga said...

Such fun to read everyone's answers!

1. What are you reading at the moment?

Three books: a day book--A Lot Like Love, Julie James; a car book-Dorothy L. Sayers: Her Life and Soul, Barbara Reynolds; a bedside book--Second Nature, a collection of poems by Margaret Gibson.

2. What's next on your TBR pile/mountain/room?

Dark Mirror by M.J. Putney

3. Is there an order to your TBR pile/mountain/room?

I have three book shelves on my desk; one is reserved for books to be reviewed and new books by fave authors. These are my high priority TBRs.

4. Where is your TBR pile/mountain/room?

In addition to the shelf mentioned above, I have a four-shelf bookcase overflowing with TBRs.

5. Where is your favourite place to read?

Three favorite places: bed, an old wing chair by the window in my bedroom, and--in the right weather--a rocker on the front porch.

Deb said...

Yay, Anna's Quick 5!

1. WHAT I DID FOR A DUKE and NO TALKING (Shary and I are reading a few chapters aloud every night.)
3. Order, you ask? Ha, we won't even go there.
4. I have a small crate on my closet floor that holds all by TBR books.
5. My fave place to read used to be bed, but I can't seem to stay awake long enough to do so any more. So, now it's the couch.
When I was a kid, I had a nice-sized closet and I'd haul my pillow, blanket, and a lamp in there and read. It was a great place, especially on a rainy Saturday. :)

Joan said...

Well, they don't Suz but they should! It's so HOT!

I was trying to read it at the service center last became....uncomfortable and the mechanics kept eyeing me, eyeing them. Fortunately, none looked like Dakota :)

Christine Wells said...

Hi VA! Ooh, Fo got the rooster today.

1. What are you reading at the moment?
Listening to What I did for Love by SEP on my iPod

2. What's next on your TBR pile/mountain/room?

Maybe Laura Lee Guhrke's new series. I haven't decided yet.

3. Is there an order to your TBR pile/mountain/room?

Order? Who, me?

4. Where is your TBR pile/mountain/room?

I have a mountain on the bedside table, the side table and several more in a bookcase (these are books I've bought but won't get to soon). Plus a couple lined up on my iTunes library.

5. Where is your favourite place to read?

On the beach but that seldom happens any more--too many sand castles to make!--so I'll say in bed. Nice and cozy.

Danielle Gorman said...

1. What are you reading at the moment?

Anna's My Reckless Surrender

2. What's next on your TBR pile/mountain/room?

Knight of Passion by Margaret Mallory. After that I am looking forward to reading The Darkest Secret by Gena Showalter, Eternal Rider by Larissa Ione, Bounded By Blood by Lauris London. Hopefully once I am done with all of those it will be time for Lover Unleashed by JR Ward. I can't wait to read that book. After that book I have quite a few historicals that I am dying to read.

3.3. Is there an order to your TBR pile/mountain/room?

Yes. All of the signed books on my TBR are in their own special box. Then the rest of my TBR pile is stacked according to genre, how much I want to read, and if it is a book I don't think I will keep.

4. Where is your TBR pile/mountain/room?

I have most of my TBR books in my bedroom right to the computer. I have a plastic storage bin that is filled. I also have 3 boxes in my closet plus another storage bin. Then, I have a little cabinet inside of my dresser that has about 30-40 books inside of it. Then I have another box in a closest in the hallway. Also, this doesn't include all of the books that I have in e-format. Yeah, my TBR is insane!

5. Where is your favourite place to read?

I like reading laying down in bed.

Anna Sugden said...

Trust me, Minna - once you get used to it, you'll wonder why you thought it was so difficult!

Anna Sugden said...

That's interesting, BJ, because when I read for a critique, I have to read as a reader first, then as a critiquer second - the two require different reading hats.

Anna Sugden said...

LOL do you think order leads to containment, Nancy? I tried to order my TBR mountain once and all it did was give more room for more books.

I'm fascinated that you have different books in different rooms. I used to do that too.

Anna Sugden said...

LOL catslady - then you fit in well with the rest of us!

I think bed is winning as the favourite place for people to read.

Anna Sugden said...

LOL Jo - glad my quickies do it for you!

That's interesting that you're a multiple reader - I have the attention span of a guppy too, so find if I read more than one I lose track or muddle them up.

I watched the Sherlock Holmes movie tonight and was saying to lovely hubby that I've never read Sherlock Holmes. Can't think how I managed to miss out. Will have to put that right.

Anna Sugden said...

I miss Kasey Michaels contemporaries, Jeanne. I've never read her historicals - perhaps I should try them.

I keep reminding myself I can't read romance all the time too and have a stack in my mountain range of books to read that aren't romance (the hockey books and the biographies, plus some classics)

Oooh a vote for the kitchen!

Anna Sugden said...

What an interesting collection of books you're reading, Janga!

Oh a rocker on the front porch - that's lovely. My only sadness when we lived in NJ was that our house wasn't an old one with a wrap-around porch, so I could have a rocker.

Anna Sugden said...

Mwah Deb - thought you might enjoy another one!

Oh what a lovely story about finding a cosy place in your closet to read.

I have a comfy chair in my office that was supposed to be for reading. But it's been commandeered by one of my cats - who is currently curled up asleep on it.

Anna Sugden said...

LOL Joanie - I bet the mechanics would have enjoyed reading it ;)

Anna Sugden said...

Hi Christine! I love reading on the beach - it's my favourite kind of holiday!

One of the things I've given up since working at home is audio books. I used to listen on my commute to work - got through the whole Harry Potter series that way (with Stephen Fry reading). I also had such fun listening to Ladies of Letters.

Anna Sugden said...

Excellent reading choice, Danielle! Hope you're enjoying it - you may need to borrow Joanie's fan *g*.

Wow - I'm impressed by the order of your TBR pile. You even have the books in boxes!

MsHellion said...

I am loving these quick 5 questions.

1. I'm reading Jo Beverly's An Unlikely Countess which is as wickedly delicious as promised. I think I started it last night, if I'm not mistaken and I'm almost done.

2. Therefore what's next, probably later tonight, will be JAL's What I Did For a Duke. At least I'll be trying it. (I have a thing against dukes, but people keep reassuring me it's good, so I'll try it. Once upon a time I didn't like Chinese food and look how well that worked out for me.)

3. No. It's whatever I'm in the mood for after completing a novel. It could be anything. Sometimes I'll start reading two or three books at once to see which one sticks. But like Anna, I do tend to put the books I'm more likely to start next by my bed. *LOL*

4. All over. I have the majority of my books in my spare bedroom, but those are mostly things I've read. My TBR piles then are mostly wherever. My bedroom, the coffeetable, piled around the living room floor, my car, my dresser....

5. The couch. (Bed is 2nd favorite, but my bed is so comfortable, I tend to fall asleep no matter how engaged I am. The couch though is comfortable but not lined with 400 thread count sheets)....

Louisa Cornell said...

Good on you, La Campbell! There must still be a few Tim Tams skulking about the house!

I really do love Quick Fives !

1. What are you reading at the moment?

Just finished Where Shadows Dance by C.S. Harris - latest in the Sebastian St. Cyr series. LOVED it!

Other than that I am reading my own manuscript (#3) as I am in the process of rewriting and revising it.

2. What's next on your TBR pile / mountain, room ?

Probably Delilah Marvelle's The Perfect Scandal.

And then: The London Mob by Shoemaker

Followed by: 12 Point Guide to Writing Romance (when it gets here from Amazon!)

3. Is there an order? SNORK !! Order, schmorder! We don't need no stinkin' order! Actually we do, but it won't be happening until after these revisions are done. I do have the pile at least separated into romances, other, and research books. That's about it. I TRY to read at least one research book a week.

4. Where is your TBR pile/mountain/room?

I have tried to confine it to one set of bookshelves in the corner of the livingroom. Sometimes it escapes and wanders the house like a marauding wildabeest!

5. Where is your favorite place to read?

In bed with my canine and feline bed warmers. Especially if it is raining outside!

Pat Cochran said...

Congratulations, Anna C.! Say hello
to the Golden One for me!

1. A Bouquet of Babies, anthology
featuring Linda Howard, Paula
Detmer Riggs, Stella Bagwell.

2. Lori Wilde's The First Love
Cookie Club.

3. No order, Bookshelves, 6 boxes
holding 75/80 per box.

4. In one-time playroom, soon-to-be

5. Corner of my "Big Comfy Couch"
or my bed, lots of pillows in
whichever spot.

Pat Cochran

Anna Campbell said...

Ooh, Danielle, aren't you a cool chick? Thank you!

Anna Sugden said...

Thank you MsHellion - glad you find them fun!

I'm glad somebody else has a thing against dukes - of course my reason is that having met a couple - and their snotty offspring - I don't find them overly thrilling as heroes. But, for some authors, I'll put aside that - just like I put aside my dislike of sheikhs for Susan Mallery!

Anna Sugden said...

Awww thanks, Louisa! They're fun to do, though sometimes I can only think of 4 things and others I have enough for 10!

Oooh CS Harris' latest just arrived yesterday and is on the pile tempting me.

ROFL about the marauding wildebeest! Books have a tendency to do that in our house too.

Hugs on the revisions - I'm doing the same thing - revising my hockey hunk book! Hope yours is going better than mine!

Anna Sugden said...

Hi Pat - my clutter-twin!

Books in boxes sounds organised to me!

I love Linda Howard and co - They're all on my keeper shelves.