Monday, April 30, 2007

Celebrating, big time!!!

It's Party Time!!! My debut Blaze, DOUBLE DARE, is hitting bookstores (and WalMarts, and KMarts and Targets and OMG the grocery store, if you can believe it!) everywhere.

It's wild... and totally a dream come true! We work so hard, struggle, strive and push to realize this exact thing - and now that its here? I alterenate between giggling, dancing around (those who know me will tell you... this is NOT normal) and clenching my fist so I can punch anyone who wakes me up *g*.

I remember a few years ago when one of my gifted and brilliant CP's sold. She spent the next few months in a fog, commenting on how she felt like a fraud. At the time, I just figured she was a little... well, crazy. But I get it now. There is definitely this wierd layer of unreality to it all. Like I'm experiencing it all through a pitcher of margaritas. (Except the revisions I just turned in... those were done completely sober... just in case my editor reads this LOL).

My book, DOUBLE DARE, is about... well, Dares. Its that fun, naughty challenge of going beyond the comfort zone and really experiencing all life... or love has to offer. It was the first book I threw away all the rules and just wrote, completely for myself. I had the best time with it, and hopefully it shows. My neighbor came dancing down the sidewalk today chanting "guess what I got?" She'd bought the last copy of the book at Barnes & Noble this morning and she was already half-way through. And... best of all, she was loving it! OMG That was so exciting. That fun, wrote it for me cause it was just so fun, story - being read and loved by someone. It was the most empowering feeling!!
One of the things I'm doing ot celebrate is having a contest on my website. It's the Widlest Dare contest. Fun, huh? All you have to do is send me an email of YOUR wildest dare, 100 words or less. I'll pick 10 and post them to my website for readers to vote on. All 1o will win autographed copies of the book, and chocolate. And the Dare with the most votes? They win a fabulous tote bag filled with goodies, including Sees chocolates, a stunning necklace from Poppy Laurel designs, a Victoria Secret gift card... and tons more stuff. So - if you have any dares, give it a shot. 100 words or less emailed to
In the meantime... what's YOUR dream come true??


Trish Milburn said...

I just so happen to be headed to the store. I'll snatch a copy if it's on the shelves there. Congrats on having your dream come true.

Anna Campbell said...

Tawny, huge congratulations on having your book out there. It's a fantastic, if as you say surreal feeling, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Tawny, I'm halfway through and loving it! Very sexy, and such a unique, HIP young voice. How do you do it? Enjoy the success, dahling! You deserve it!


Jill James said...

Tawny, you are everywhere!! Loving the book, about half-way through so far.

Beth said...

Congrats on seeing Double Dare in the stores! You deserve to have your dreams come true :-)

Kim Howe said...


Very happy about your incredible success! Congrats on your first release. Can't wait to hug you in Dallas. Looking forward to reading DOUBLE DARE.