Saturday, April 28, 2007

Our local RWA chapter meeting wasn't well attended today. Vacations, family commitments and probably Kentucky Derby Festival events (LOVE the hot air ballon race) all lured our members away.
And it was a darn shame. We had as our guest NYT Bestselling author Liz Bevarly. She's a hometown girl whose generosity in sharing her experiences, her knowledge and her insight has made her one of my favorite authors.
We've talked about it before here on the blog and countless other loops etc. the wonderful examples of authors who take of their time and their talent to share with the novice, the intermediate, the "dear God I'm allllmost there" writers. These authors are gifts to be treasured and we are lucky to have so many of them in RWA.
And now I'm starting to feel some of that. I have beginning writers looking to ME, a GH finalist for advice and insight and bolstering of spirit, the skill needed to balance reality based expectations for dreams of publication. It's a big responsibility and will do my best to be there for any who need me.
Enough blogging for this weekend. That next manuscript won't get written learning how to put my computer enhanced picture in this blog LOL.


Anna Campbell said...

Joan, great post. How sad you didn't get a house full for EB. I love her columns on Squawk Radio - she's another music nut and I often hear about music there that I don't hear about anywhere else.

Trish Milburn said...

Liz is such a sweetie. She's an adviser on one of my PRO committees, and being a Kentucky native myself, I gotta love those Kentucky gals. :)