Sunday, April 8, 2007

Onwards and Upwards!

Happy Easter to all those who celebrate it!

Whether you are Christian or not, this time of year is all about sloughing off the old, rebirths and new beginnings. From the earliest times we have celebrated the end of the dark days of winter and the coming of warmth and brightness of spring.

It struck me that this would be a good time to do the same with our writing. Let's get rid of the darkness of rejections from editors and agents and slough off the hurt of criticisms that aren't constructive. Let's ditch those frustrating score-sheets that prevented us from finalling and the nasty reviews from people who don't get our writing.

It's time to embrace a new season. To set new goals and achieve new heights. To finish a never-ending project or start something new. To try a new genre or to write something just for ourselves. To start (or restart) that search for the dream agent or to submit (or resubmit) to that dream editor. Most important, it is about facing the coming months with renewed purpose and vigour. To remember and recapture the enthusiasm and the joy that got us into this crazy game in the first place. To believe that we can ... and that we will!

The most beautiful flowers all start from the smallest buds. We can be those buds and become those blooms. Be brave, poke your head out of the winter sloth and reach for the sunshine. Do something positive and let spring come to your writing.

I'm going to get back to my structured writing and fitness schedule; it has lapsed terribly since Christmas. This is to get my current ms finished and ready to submit by the end of May. After all, I can't sell if I don't submit!

What is your positive step going to be?


Anna Campbell said...

Anna, that was lovely. My Easter resolution is to concentrate on what's important and what I can control and basically, that's the writing. It's so easy to get distracted by other things but at the base, we need to keep getting those pages done. Oh, and I love the daffodil picture. Last time I was in England, it was spring and the flowers were so beautiful, they made me want to cry. Yes, I'm officially a sap!

Joan said...


I almost broke out my pompoms and was prepared to jump in the air with a loud "Hurrah" and come down in splits.

Then I remembered I can't do that.

I am going to complete revisions on The Patrician's Fortune and have a first draft of the as yet unnamed Bran story by conference.

I'm going to rework my query letter to include Damon along with Jared and start another mass mailing to agents. I'm going to enter select contests in front of industry professionals I want....

Go Packers!

Joan, whose Easter in Kentucky warrented a winter coat and the realization that tulips can still be pretty even if they're drooped over. LOL

Aunty Cindy said...

Wonderful post, VA!

And talk about great timing! I've been struggling along with my WIP since December, when I was sick most of the month and then involved in a car accident two days before Christmas. :-(

Joan, don't hurt yourself with those pom-poms. Aunty knows from personal experience that they can be dangerous. (snork) But GOOD FOR YOU on the continuing agent search! Like searching for true lurve, that too can be a loong and painful process.

And Foanna, you are SO RIGHT about only being able to control our own writing. So much is beyond our control in this business, and that can be a neverending source of frustration!

So my Spring Resolution is to Finish The First Draft (FTFD) of my WIP, and also to start developing my NEXT writing project. I will be at our local RWA chapter retreat next weekend and that seems to me the perfect opportunity to start planning something new.

hopping down the bunny trail,
Aunty C

Anonymous said...

Lovely post, Anna. I adore Easter and all it says to both Christians and non. My renewal resolution is to start something new--I've been between works as I finished up a draft a month (or two!) ago and have been idling around since then learning how to blog, reading, and working...I am starting a new short story that I'd like to finish by May! 500 words a night, no excuses.


Kate Carlisle said...

Did somebody mention fitness? Ugh! But yes, Anna, I, too, am ready to renew my exercise program. I just hate getting started but I feel so much better once I'm going.

Thanks for your lovely post and pretty flowers!

jo lewis-robertson said...

Beautiful post, Anna. It's so good to remind ourselves of our accomplishments instead of our failures. I'm also starting a new work in a different genre. Here's hoping!

Anna Sugden said...

Wow! I got comments! You ladies are great!

Yes, Anna, spring in England is beautiful. A profusion of cheerful daffs is something I realy miss. And I really like your resolution.

Joan, that's how you made me feel with your comment! And you are going to rock this spring with your renewed activity.

Aunty Cindy, happy hopping! Hope spring brings you nice things too. Good luck with your FTFD and your new work.

Yay Inara on starting something new! I'm always like you once I finish something too, so I'm glad this has motivated you.

LOL, Kate, the fitness routine is always harder than the writing to get underway. Together we'll do it!

Yay Jo on your new work - which genre?

Go Packers go!

Beth said...

Lovely post, Anna!

I'm going to work on finishing my never-ending project -- a single title romantic suspense that I've been working on forever :-) Then I'm finally going to write the Young Adult story that's been in my head for almost two years.

You have inspired me. No more excuses!