Friday, January 25, 2008

He's Back ... And He's Still My Hero

By Kate

As everyone knows, we here at Romance Bandits constantly strive to keep our busy fingers on the pulse of popular culture. Regular visitors to the Lair have come to depend on our ability to deliver the very latest and most important news of the world and beyond. It's our pledge to you, one we don't make lightly.

So you can imagine my shock and dismay when I stumbled across this MAJOR piece of news literally buried under rows and rows of lesser important headlines about ... oh, whatever ... stock market crash, Britney woes, blah blah blah. Who cares?? Let's talk real news!! Here it is, folks ...

The latest James Bond film -- starring Daniel Craig! -- has begun production and will be released in November!!


(Oh, my. I need a moment.)


Okay. So the thing is, they're calling the new movie ... The Quantum of Solace.

I know what you're thinking. The Quantum of Solace. It sounds so ... smart! Right? Like, all technical and space-age-y! Or something. To be honest, I'm not real sure what it means. I had to go to to figure it out. Hey, I never said I was a genius.

And I suppose it beats Octopussy for a title ...

Anyway, back to today's topic. James Bond. Hmm, well, to be honest, that's not exactly the topic I had in mind. But it's close. I'm talking about heroes! The ones in our books. The ones we write about. The ones we fall in love with and hope our readers do, too. The ones we dream about and cherish forever.

I'll bet you can still name your favorite heroes from books you read ten years ago. I know I can. There's Lyon, the Marquis of Lyonwood, from Julie Garwood's The Lion's Lady. And Grayson Thane, from Nora Roberts' Born In Ice. So many more.

And here's the thing. In my mind, those heroes, and the heroes I write about, always look a little like James Bond. Always.

What can I say? I love him. I mean, them. All of them. Especially Daniel Craig. And Pierce Brosnan. And oh-my-God, Sean Connery. But hey, I even loved Timothy Dalton. And David Niven in the first Casino Royale.

I'm a serial James Bond lover.

I first fell in love with James Bond when I was thirteen and discovered a copy of Ian Fleming's Dr. No in my father's sock drawer. Oh sure, I spent part of my reading time giggling about all the bat guano that covered the cave walls of Dr. No's evil lair, but I was well and truly hooked. James Bond was my first crush.

And I love him still. He's the ultimate bad boy hero. A party animal to be sure, but let's face it, when the chips are down, James Bond saves the world every time.

Seriously, ladies. A man who can make a perfect martini and save the world, all in less than two hours? What's not to love about this guy?!

So ... do you have a favorite James Bond? A favorite Bond film?

And heaven forbid, if James isn't your cup of tea, who is? Is there an actor you think of when you dream up a new hero? Johnny Depp, anyone? :-)

Tell me all about your favorite hero! I've got a $20 gift card for one lucky visitor who shares today!


Christine Wells said...


Anna Campbell said...

Oh, Madame! How dare you beat me to the GR??!!! Gillian and I had a plot to soften him up, get him all happy and then send him back to me too relaxed to fight! Sheesh!

Christine Wells said...

Ooh, the GR wings his way down under once again! I think all the banditas are blogged out after the RNTV assault.*g*

But I am SO with you on the James Bond thing, Ms Kate. I saw my first James Bond when I was 7 years old. My mother was mad! We were in Sydney on holiday and my mother wanted a break so she sent my father, brother and me out to see the sights. My father took us to see For Your Eyes ONly. Snork! So much for absorbing the culture.

But while Roger Moore didn't really float my boat, Sean Connery certainly did! I just love his competence, his style and his ruthlessness. And the books are fantastic, though not really that much like the movies. Read all of them, too. Actually, come to think of it, my latest hero is a bit of a Bond.

Great post, Kate! And what ARE they thinking with that title?

Christine Wells said...

Hey Anna, it's been some time since the GR has been at my merc...I mean my humble abode. He's currently relaxing, poolside, with a mango daiquiri. He told me to take a message and get back to you later:)

Anna Campbell said...

Kate, great post. Um, what does the Quantum of Solace mean? I look at the words and my mind draws a blank.

Oh, James Bond. I have really fond memories of James Bond movies when I was young as my dad and my brother and I always used to go to this amazing Art Deco picture palace called the Regent in Brisbane (it's since been tarted up as a multiplex and isn't nearly the same) to see the new James Bond over the Christmas holidays every two years (they seemed to be on a two year cycle). I think it says something about JB that an overly romantic and bookish girl, an outdoorsy boy and a rather intellectually rigorous older man could all go and see the film and all come out loving it. I'm not sure what's my favorite - perhaps From Russia with Love, or that could just be the theme music. That's another great thing about JB films - they always had fantastic soundtracks, especially the John Barry ones for Sean Connery. Goldfinger, he's the man with gold finger. Not a blue finger... Um, never said I knew the words but I do a mean Shirley Bassey when I've got a few drinks under my belt!

Anna Campbell said...

Christine, I've been to your place. I don't remember mango daquiris being on the menu! What's the GR got that I haven't? Well, apart from the obvious. Tawny and JT, settle, settle!

Christine Wells said...

Oooh! The Regent! Yes!!! We used to do the same, Foanna. It was a ritual, in fact one of my last fond memories of my nanna was going to see a Bond film with her and my family at the Regent. It really felt like an event when you went to the cinema there. Choc tops and Bond and a gorgeous, plush red and gold theatre. Hadn't thought about that in years.

Hmm, we MUST remember about Shirley Bassey at National, fellow banditas! First one to make Foanna sing gets her drinks on me:)

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, C, for a mango daquiri, I'd do it!

Helen said...

Congrats Christine on the GR I would like to be poolside resting at the moment after a big night out last night I was cruising on Sydney Harbour with another 99 of my work mates what a night good food good drinks a great band and a peer excellence award for me but I really need a rest now.

Kate loved the post and I saw a lot of the earlier James Bond films with the hunky Sean Connery and he would be my all time favourite Bond closely followed by Pierce Brosnan confession I haven't seen a Bond movie for a long time loved Dr No and Goldfinger and totally agree with Anna love the music from the Bond films Paul McCartney's was one of my all time favourite songs and I have mental blank with the name of it at the moment.
Thanks again for the post Kate
Have Fun

Christine Wells said...

Helen, Live and Let Die was the Paul M song. I liked that too. And The Spy Who Loved Me. Great song.

Congrats on the peer excellence award! Well done you.

Christine Wells said...

Anna, I will make you a mango daiquiri next time you visit. Is that enough of a bribe? Although you'll have to come in mango season. Making cocktails from tinned ones just isn't the same.

Anna Campbell said...

Helen, congratulations on the award! Go, Helen!

readingissomuchfun said...

Hello Everyone,

Great blog. I am glad I found it :-) Adding to my favorites.

Actually I don't have a favorite Bond movie I love all his movies and it's hard to pick just one. I find him so sexy also :-)

My hero hmm would be a tall sexy guy with a six pack who cherish the woman he is with and knows how to treat her. Likes to take a walk on the beach, watch movies and loves to cuddle.

I am engaged to my hero ;-)


readingissomuchfun said...

Also besides James Bond I like Johnny Depp, Vin Diesel, Christopher Meloni from Law & Order and lots more. To many sexy man out there my list can go on & on heehee.


Amy Andrews said...

LOL Christine. I was about 7 when we saw For Your Eyes Only in Sydney too on a family holiday. Mum wanted to go to carols by candelight at the opera house but we outvoted her. Don't quite know what we were thinking but anyway...

Sean Connery is my best Bond of all time but the last one with Daniel Craig was very good and a bit of a departure - not as many girls for a start. And it had those secenes from Venice. But my daughter needed to go to the toilet right at the end so I missed a few minutes :-( If I had a buck for every movie ending I'd missed because of 2c bladders I'd be a rich woman!

Caren Crane said...

Congrats, Christine! Be gentle with the GR. He may still have Tawny withdrawal. *g*

Helen, congrats on your peer excellence award! Cruising on Sydney Harbor (even with coworkers) sounds quite wonderful!

LindaH, welcome to the Lair! So lucky you are engaged to your very own hero. All happiness to the both of you!

Kate, so far Pierce Brosnan was the Bondest Bond for me. Timothy Dalton is so gorgeous that I adored him as Bond. Others didn't think he was suave enough, but I could never stand Roger Moore (sorry, Moore fans!) and thought him miscast--always. I thought Timothy was a little rougher around the edges, like Sean had been when he was young.

Daniel Craig? I do not find him attractive in any way. When he came out of the ocean, all I could think was, "He looks just like a gorilla." I realize I am quite alone in this opinion, but there it is! *eg*

I loved the last movie, though. Just not Daniel. :-(

Christine Wells said...

Amy, so does that mean we're the same age?? I hope you're keeping yours a secret, in that case:)

Christine Wells said...

Welcome, LindaH! Congrats on your engagement. Hope you're both very happy.

brownone said...

I'm not a big "Bond" fan. *ducking from the tomatoes being thrown* Actually, I always thought Pierce Bronsnan would have made a better Bond in his "Remington Steele" days.
Actually, Johnny Depp and Hugh Jackman do it for me! ;-)

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

I liked all of the Bonds including Moore. Of course I like watching The Saint before he was Bond too. I think of them all Pierce Brosnan was my favorite, I think, maybe, no, wait. Connery... yeah, no, wait, .......... never mind, I like them all, how is that?? :-) Way too early here for me to make a decision like this.

Buffie said...

Kate, love the post and the pictures are yum! I'm a bond girl too!! Love all those guys. And yes, I do remember the name of the hero from my first romance novel. It was Connor from The Wedding by Julie Garwood. Guess what? My oldest is named Connor!

Haven Rich said...

Johnny Depp is cute and I do really drool over him, but the one that has my heart stopping: Brandon Fraser.

*thud* Call 911! My heart is in serious risk of jumping out of my chest!

I fell in love (read as lust) with Brandon when he came out in Mrs. Winterborne. Holy cow, he looks pretty darn good in a suit!

Sorry ladies, here is where I disappoint you, I'd rather have a well dressed man over any loin cloth. I'm strange like that.

CrystalGB said...

For me, it would be a tie between Sean Connery and Daniel Craig. I am looking forward to the new movie.

Denise Rossetti said...

Hey Christine! Congrats on snaffling the GR. Just keep the baby away from him, sticky little fingers you know. *g*

And fair warning Banditas, now that I've emerged from Deadline Hell, I'm going to try my hand at GR nabbing. The cat is really looking forward to it...

As for Bond, I've always thought you can't go past Connery. His only fault is that he doesn't have Bond-blue eyes. (Picky? Moi?) Always thought he brought off the caddish ruthless side of Bond so well.

Craig would be next for me. Wrong colouring, being all sandy, but hoo boy, he totally nailed the physicality of the character. All that casually competent brutality.

I remember so clearly a copy of one of Ian Fleming's books doing the rounds at school. Might have been Octopussy. (I still wince, typing it. Wotta boy joke. Blech.) Anyway, the book just fell open at "the dirty bits". Formative experience, I guess! *snork*

terrio said...

Congrats on that GR, Christine. That bird racks up serious frequent flyer miles.

I haven't seen the latest JB movie so I can't say if I like Craig as Bond. I grew up with Roger Moore as Bond and that's just how I think of him. He's just burned into my brain as that character.

I don't picture any actors when I create my heroes. I'm not even sure I create them. They just sort of show up in my head, tell me their story and demand I write it down. Pushy buggers.

But I'll second Fraser in Mrs. Winterborne. He did look wonderful in that one. I'm another odd one who prefers them in clothes. You can't beat how Clooney and Pitt look in the Oceans movies. It should be illegal for a man to look that good.

Christie Kelley said...


I am so with you on the Bond thing. Brosnan was the best Bond and Craig just doesn't do it for me. I didn't even watch movie.

But Johnny Depp can stare in anything and I'm fine with that :)

readingissomuchfun said...

We are very happy :-) Thank You,


MsHellion said...

Always Johnny Depp. He can play anyone--except maybe Rambo. (Not exactly his body build, per se, but everything else is pretty fair game, I'd say.)

I also use: Gerry Butler, Ryan Reynolds, George Clooney (ER era), Brad Pitt, Will Ferrell (hey, I think he's cute), Russell Crowe...

You know, it's almost easier if I just list the men I don't use: sports guys...and Tobey McGuire.

doglady said...

Congrats on the GR, Christine! He obviously goes for alcoholic bribery - a mango daquiri? Congrats on the peer award, Helen. I am so green with envy over your cruise around Sydney! Linda H, congrats on landing a REAL hero!!

I have to say Sean Connery is THE Bond for me. Saw those movies in the little theatre in Leiston, the little village up the road from Kelsale where we lived. Just something about that man. Still is!!

Daniel Craig is a cutey though!

For my writing, I do tend to picture different actors as my characters. Matthew MacFaddyen is the current model for my hero Marcus - not exactly as he was in P&P - a little more wild and tough looking.

My novel of my dreams, secret novel, outlined but not written that I WILL write one day is titled WATERLOO and its cast of characters include - Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Gerard Butler, Matthew Mac, and a young man named Roger Howarth.

For me it is all about the eyes. I like a man with a face you cannot read and eyes you can't stop reading.

Gannon Carr said...

I love me some James Bond!! For me, Sean Connery is the quintessential Bond, no question. He's still got it, baby!

Pierce Brosnan would be a close second. Love those blue eyes and that Irish charm!

Anna Sugden said...

Oooh James Bond - gotta love him ... and his toys!! And his cars!! (and the Bond Girls often get totally hot shoes *grin*)

And I loved the Man With Golden Gun, because of how the villain put his gun together!

I've enjoyed all the Bonds - each brings a different edge to the role. I wasn't convinced about Daniel Craig until I saw the latest - he's as close to how Ian Fleming wrote James as you can get.

Sadly, any affection I had for Sean Connery vanished after he publicly, and proudly I might add, admitted slapping his wife around. *Grrrr*.

My heroes have been Jeff Bridges (from The Fabulous Baker Boys *sigh*), High Jackman, Matthew McConaughey and Colin Firth. Not surprisingly, right now, they're based on real-life hockey players - Scott Stevens and Joe Sakic.

Anna Sugden said...

Helen!!! Congrats on your award!!! How wonderful. And I'm soooo envious of your cruise around Sydney Harbour. I WILL get to Oz one day (the wine, the penguins, the opals, the Bandits, the mango daiquiris *grin*).

Welcome 'Reading' - glad to have you in the Lair. Congrats on your engagement.

Fo - you sing like Shirley Bassey - oh boy am I looking forward to SF!

Forgot to say that one of these days I'm going to use Chris Noth as a hero - he's such a perfect combination of yummy and bad boy! That twinkle in his eyes!

Beth said...

Kate, I'm almost afraid to admit it but...I'm not a Bond fan. I've only seen one movie (with Pierce Brosnan but not the one with Halle Berry) and I've never read the books.

Congrats on the GR, Christine! I've never had a mango daiquiri. Must try one in San Fran *g*

Welcome to the Bandit Lair, Linda! Congrats on your engagement to your hero *g* I adore Christopher Meloni too! SVU is the only Law and Order I watch :-)

Haven I agree with you on Brendan Fraser. I loved him in With Honors and Blast From the Past was so much fun :-)

Kate Carlisle said...

Congrats on nabbing the GR, Madame!! And mango daquiris? With fresh mangos?? What a lucky boy!!

Anna and Christine, the Regent theatre sounds gorgeous! I loved going to movies in those fabulously opulent theatres back in the day. We have some beautiful old theatres in downtown Los Angeles that have been declared historical buildings and saved from the multiplex monsters, thank goodness!

You heard it here first, banditas. Make your reservations now for Shirley Bassey Night in San Francisco!!

Kate Carlisle said...

Helen, what a lovely evening you had! Congratulations on the peer excellence award. And a cruise on Sydney Harbor? How wonderful!

I loved Sean Connery, too. I suppose he's gotten crotchety with age but back in the day, he was so hot!! And I agree, the music was always fun. Loved the Goldfinger theme, and Live and Let Die is a classic.

Gillian Layne said...

Morning, girls! Congrats, Christine :)

Helen, that's fabulous! Good for you!

I was raised on Clint Eastwood and James Bond. I was basing heroes on them both by late elementary school.

A man who stops my heart, and who I've based an entire book around? Oded Fehr. I can't get enough of that voice...

Kate Carlisle said...

LindaH, welcome!! How nice to be engaged to your very own hero!

Ooh, I love Christopher Meloni, too! And Johnny Depp and Vin Diesel and .... you're right, there are so many! ;-)

Kate Carlisle said...

Amy, LOL!! You missed the ending in Venice! Well, it was for a good cause, definitely. But let's just say the ending was a wet one. *hee hee*

And that reminds me! Speaking of wet ones and children, don't miss our very own Christine Wells and Susan Seyfarth, rhapsodizing on the joys of working and writing with little ones under foot - at Romance Novel TV today!

Kate Carlisle said...

Caren, I loved Timothy Dalton's rough edges, too! Sorry you didn't go for Daniel, though. And you're not alone in that opinion. I think he's the most controversial choice the producers have made. People either love him or hate him. I thought I'd hate him -- but he worked for me. :-)

Brownone, don't worry, no tomatoes will be thrown today!! Besides, you've brilliantly redeemed yourself by mentioning Hugh and Johnny. Yum!

Kate Carlisle said...

Hi Dianna! You're right, it's too early to be making these important decisions! LOL

Aww, Buffie, how sweet that you named your baby after your favorite hero! I love the name Connor, and I loved The Wedding. Those opening scenes are classic!

Yikes, Haven, how could I forget Brendan Fraser!! And yes, I do love a well dressed man, but I confess I first fell for him in GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE when he wore nothing but a well-tailored loincloth! LOL

jo robertson said...

OMG, Kate, I love James Bond, all of them, but especially Sean Connery. Must've been the time. When you come upon a hero when you're young and impressionable, he takes on mythic proportions.

Oh, Christine, congrats on the rooster. Last night must've been one of your alternating no-sleep nights, huh?

Great topic, Kate. I must admit that the new Bond, Daniel Craig might replace Connery for me. He's so, well, craggy!

jo robertson said...

"For me it is all about the eyes. I like a man with a face you cannot read and eyes you can't stop reading."

Ooooh, doglady, great lines. They've gotten turn up in a book somewhere, girl!

Kate Carlisle said...

Hi crystalgb! Good to see you in the Lair today!

Denise, thanks for the heads up on the GR front, LOL. Of course, as you know, he's had combat training so you might want to warn your kitty cat...this is no ordinary rooster. If you think Sean Connery had a caddish ruthless side, just wait 'til the GR comes calling! Snork!

Terrio, I do like the sound of your pushy, demanding heroes! And ooh, Clooney and Pitt in Oceans Eleven. Talk about your well-dressed men!

Hi Christie! Good to see a fellow Pierce Brosnan fan! I do love him best. (Don't tell the others!)

Nancy said...

Christine, way to go!

Kate, I like Bond, too. My favorite is probably Sean Connery. I don't happen to think Brosnan was too old, but I did like Daniel Craig in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. Like Caren, I welcomed Timothy Dalton since Roger Moore's version was a little too light-hearted for me. Timothy Dalton seemed dangerous, as I think Bond always should. As for coloring, I'm with Denise. Probably because we started with Connery, I always feel as if Bond should be dark. Though I thought Daniel Craig did a good job with the part.

Helen, congratulations on your fun evening and your award!

LindaH., congratulations on your engagement! Every woman should marry her hero.

Brownone, I liked Brosnan as Remington Steele, too. That seems like yet another show that failed because the writers ran out of steam when the couple got together. *sigh*

Amy, I know what you mean about the toilet thing. The timing is never good. You might especially relate to Christine and Susan's rntv blog today about writing and motherhood. It's at:

I don't usually evoke actors when I write, but I do have favorites. I don't think anyone has been born in the last hundred years who can buckle a swash the way Errol Flynn did, though Tyrone Power's Zorro came close. Flynn's Robin Hood and Captain Blood are among my all-time favorite movies.

Currently, I like Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, and Heroes' Sendhil Ramamurthy. I used to enjoy Tom Selleck as Magnum and found his guest spots on Boston Legal delightful.

Maureen said...

I have watched the James Bond heroes and they are great but I do enjoy the heroes of historical pieces like Pride and Prejudice's Colin Firth.

Cassondra said...

Helen said:

I was cruising on Sydney Harbour with another 99 of my work mates what a night good food good drinks a great band and a peer excellence award for me but I really need a rest now.

Oh, Helen, HUGE congratulations. You're obviously good at your job! What a wonderful way to recognize those who are. A cruise on Sydney Harbour. They did give you the day off afterward, right? I mean...take you out, get you drinking, give you an award, dance you all night and then....back to work at 9 a.m.? Surely not.

Congrats Christine on the GR! LOVING your blog on RNTV too. You and Susan are a riot!

Kate Carlisle said...

mshellion, I love Will Ferrell, too. Running naked down the street in Old School? OMG. Hilarious.

And oh dear...poor Tobey. Sometimes even a superhero can't get respect. :-)

doglady, the novel of your dreams sounds absolutely wonderful, if we can go by the cast you've chosen! Please start writing now!!

Hi, Gannon! Pierce Brosnan does have that Irish charm going for him, doesn't he? Loved him in The Thomas Crown Affair, too.

Hey Anna! Yes, I heard about that Sean Connery statement. Yeesh. I hate when ugly reality intrudes on our nice little fantasies, don't you?

And yum, Colin Firth, another favorite!

Cassondra said...

Hmmm Bond.

Well, I don't think you'll ever get past Connery as Bond if you're past age 30. He was a great Bond.

But I think Bond, now that they're taking him in a direction nearer the books--the dark Bond--has to fall into two schools...the old style Bond--with the gadgets and gizmos and women falling at his feet, and the new Bond--the dark, deadly, brutal hero with a lot of angst--the way he was WRITTEN to be.

In the same way, I think there'll be the old Batman--Holy Biceps Batman!--you know, that one..and the new movies--where he's dark adn sinister--the way he was written to be.

So I like Connery as the old style Bond. I have not seen Craig in the new film, but I think as for characterization, he'll be more "real" to me as a writer of Romantic Suspense, whereas the old style gadget-heavy Bond was a bit more of--well--caricature is too strong a word, but it's the only one I can come up with.

Like them both, I do. But perhaps the darker ones--both Bond and Batman--appeal to me more.

I did like Craig in Lara Croft. For CERTAIN. (fans self)

Susan Seyfarth said...

Congrats on the GR, Christine!

And yeah, sign me up for Anna's performance of Gold Finger at Nationals. I love Shirley Bassey. Nobody belts it out like she does. Except FoAnna, maybe? I guess we'll just find out, won't we? Mango Daquiris, is it?

Congrats on the award, Helen! Did I read correctly that it was awarded by your peers? That's even better. To be recognized by the ones you're working WITH. Good for you.

Ooooh, Linda, sounds like you found a good one! Congrats on the engagement!

Now, as for Bond, I have to admit that Daniel Craig really, really does it for me. Not that I don't love me some Sean Connery, but Denise said it just right about his casually competent physical brutality (or something like that. I'm paraphrasing.) Sean Connery was close -- big, rough hewn, menacing, but wore a tux very nicely all the same--but ever since I read about his theory that women could use a good smack now & then to keep them in line, I could never admire him again. I look at him & I think, "Pathetic wife beater. Pah."

I do like the urbanity that Pierce Brosnan brought to the role, but Casino Royale really was a move of a whole different calibre. I'm very excited to see what Daniel Craig brings us next as Bond.

Thanks for the excuse to look at Mr. Craig in his skivvies, Kate! I know he's not Caren's cup of tea, but I actually stopped breathing when he came up out of the surf like that. :-)

Helen said...

Thanks everyone it truly is a great award to win and the night was fantastic and yes Cassondra I had Friday off work thank heavens don't think I could have made it in if I had to.
As for heros and hunks Hugh Jackman does it for me the man is just the best.
Have Fun

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Linda, love your website name! Reading is so much fun, isn't it? Wish I had time to do more of it! The weird thing about becoming a published author is that you don't have time to read any more! My new year's resolution (and so far, I'm keeping it)is to reconnect with great books. I mean, that's what made me a writer in the first place. Welcome! Come back and see us again!

Anna Campbell said...

Denise, THE CAT???!!! If you let that moggy at the GR, there will be blood spilt and it won't be the cat's!

By the way, I adore that phrase, "casually competent brutality." Can I steal it?

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, Gillian! Oh, Oded! Oh! ;-)

Nathalie said...

I am not such a bond film... but I liked him in the movies!

My favorite hero... a tall brooding one out from a romance novel :)

Anna Campbell said...

Pam, what a gorgeous description of a man's face. Um, can I steal it? At this rate, between you and Denise, I'll have a whole book written and I won't have to raise a finger!

readingissomuchfun said...

Thank You all for the congrad's. We are both very happy and can't wait to say I DO. Right now we are just planning other things then the wedding. When I say planning that doesn't mean a baby yet heehee. Want to get our first house together :-)

Right now I am at my soon to be SIL's I was baby sitting this whole week. My fiance and I miss each other so much can't wait to go home to him :)

Anna thank you. Yup that is my blog name and it's true Readingissomuchfun when you have the time to read that is *G* So many books but not enough time. Hey if you want to come check out my blog. I have new things I want to start doing so will have updates soon on my blog.


Anna Campbell said...

Linda, did check out your blog (as I said, your name intrigued me). Great stuff! And I notice you're promoing the Romantic Inks auction - good on you!

This is Linea's blog address for anyone who wants to have a look:

Hey, is the auction how you discovered the Banditas?

petite said...

I used to watch the old Bond Movies with Roger Moore and loved them. I think that they offer great entertainment and fun. My real hero is Patrizio Buanne. The ultimate dreamboat, gorgeous, sexy and a voice that could serenade me all night long.

ruth said...

I haven't seen recent James Bond movies but I loved the ones with Sean Connery. He is so cool in everyway. I would have to nominate my husband as my hero since he has been with me forever and is maybe not the most romantic but the most practical and helpful husband as well as a great handyman. That is vital.

readingissomuchfun said...

Great glad you came by :-) Actually I discovered this blog through author Julie Cohen. She mentioned it on her blog so I had to come by. What can I say I am a *Blog Whore* Heehee.


diane said...

James Bond movies are great! I haven't seen many but I find them entertaining. Sean Connery was the best of them. A natural.
My fave now is Jack Bauer - Kiefer Sutherland. He is one fine specimen.

readingissomuchfun said...

Btw I just linked this blog on my blog :-)


Jennifer Y. said...

I don't get the title...sounds more like a sci-fi film.

And I am not sure that I have a favorite Bond...they each bring something different to the character and role and all are pretty good eye candy...although Daniel Craig is slowly moving ahead in the race for my fave...Pierce is closing in for second.

I have a thing for Christian Bale though...he is pretty nice to look at as well and I enjoy his movies. He stole my heart as a kid when I saw Newsies and Little Women...LOL.

As for books, I love Julie Garwood's heroes...and I love Colin from Julia Quinn's Romancing Mister Bridgerton, Nick from Worth Any Price by Lisa Kleypas, and Derek Craven from Dreaming of You also by Kleypas.

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, Julie's one of our most popular guests, Linda. We love having her in the lair. Thanks for the link!

Kate Carlisle said...

Hi Beth! I have a feeling mango daquiris will be the drink du jour in San Francisco. Maybe we should warn the bartenders in advance. :-)

Hey Gillian, okay, I admit you stumped me. I'd never heard of Oded Fehr before (hanging head in shame) so I had to go check him out. Ahhh, and now I understand! Thanks!

Jo, I agree with you about those beautiful words from doglady. At least, they *were* doglady's words. I think Anna might've traded away the GR to get them for herself ...

readingissomuchfun said...

Cool. Julie is a new to me author I discovered her from Jennifer Y
s blog she is guest author today there :-) You are welcome. Now I can come back again and won't forget heehee.


Kate Carlisle said...

Nancy, Christian Bale as the angsty Batman? Oh yes, that worked for me! ;-)

Hi Maureen! Oh, Colin Firth in P&P was simply the most romantic hero ever.

Cassondra, please pass that fan! I agree, Daniel Craig in Tomb Raider was really hot!

Hmm....I'm starting to worry about myself! Is there a man out there I *DON'T* love???? LOL

danetteb said...

Sean Connery was Thee James Bond,sexy voice and good looking back in the day.

The sexiest newer Bond is Pierce,I could watch him lif his brows all day.

My favorite action hero at the moment is Jason Statham,Crank and The Transporter got me drooling.

jenna said...

I love all the James bond movies and actors. Sean Connery is the most suave but Pierce is cool as a cucumber. What an escape!
Wouldn't mind spending time with Lyle lovett. He is a sweetheart.

sabrina said...

My fave is Daniel Craig. Great to look at and that is the main enjoyment in the movie. My taste though is a romantic soul with sensitivity and a heart.

Jane said...

I was skeptical at first of Daniel Craig as Bond, but I was pleasantly surprised by his performance in "Casino Royale." He might be blond, but he was believable as 007. Lyon is also one of my favorite heroes along with Alec from "The Bride." I love Hugh Jackman and can envision him as hero material. I know he was in the running for the role of 007, but ultimately lost out to Daniel.

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Kate, all's fair in love and writing, huh? And imitation IS the sincerest form of flattery, Denise and Pam!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Kate, what a sexy post! I so adored Pierce as Bond, James Bond. And of course who doesn't love Sean's accent? And Daniel Craig is just yummy.

My favorite episode is the one with Sean Bean as the bad guy! Oooooooo... Pierce and Sean in one movie, Be still my heart!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Rumor has it they wanted to name Goldfinger movie Gold Member...but well you get the idea why that wouldn't work! :)

Jennifer Y. said...

ROFL Suz...Goldmember and Octupussy? Hmmm...The Quantum of Solace is so tame by comparison...thank goodness.

Aunty Cindy said...

GREAT post, Kate!

I too watched the early Bond films in a great old movie palace complete with balcony and red velvet draperies. It was called The Fox Theater. My sister and I loved Dr. No, From Russia with Love, and Goldfinger. Then my mother decided that Bond was too risque for our tender eyes and ears (I think I was in junior high by that time) and refused to let us go see Thunderball! She said she could tell it was going to be bad. Personally, I think Tom Jones' sexy rendition of the title song led to her objections. :-P

Roger Moore never did it for me as Bond. And alas, Timothy Dalton could never quite fill Sean Connery's shoes or tux. But Pierce Brosnan was GREAT and I was stunned when they announced they were replacing him. I knew Hugh and my ever-lovin Eric were both mentioned as possible replacements but, much as I love both of them, I couldn't picture either of them as Bond. I was skeptical of Daniel Craig too, but he totally won me over even before he walked out of the surf!

As for Lust Objects... er, um, hero material... Brendan Fraser used to be my #1. Between him and Oded there was enough eye candy in both Mummy films to cause a diabetic coma! But after I saw Troy I became an utter Banatic. After the DH heard me gushing to one of my friends about Eric, he asked, "Who is that?" I replied, "The man I was unfaithful to Brendan Fraser for." DH just rolled his eyes. He knows me too well, I'm afraid.


Lily said...

I prefered Pierce Brosnan... but well, Daniel Craig is great too!

My favorite one was Goldfinger... I don't know one, I just remember it, while I forgot about the others.

flchen1 said...

Congrats on the GR, Christine! And congrats on the recognition, Helen!!

Hm... not a huge Bond fan (well, actually just not a huge movie fan in general) but did think Brosnan and Connery were the most debonair. Haven't seen Craig yet. As for other heroes, Hugh Jackman is awfully yummy...

catslady said...

Sean is my favorite 007 and then Pierce. I have this thing where I have to like them as a person too - well at least not hear them or see them act crazy which means a lot of stars are no longer on my like list. At the moment it's Leonardo DiCaprio - I think he's a fantastic actor and I haven't heard anything to make me think he isn't a pretty decent guy.

Amy S. said...

I've never really watched one of the Bond movies, but I will watch anything with Keanu Reeves and Matthew McCaughney. Those are two of my fave actors.

Denise Rossetti said...

Well, Anna, he is a very small cat. But feisty. His name's Merlin because he's a great enchanter. (Except to roosters.)

And you can take "casually competent brutality" with my blessings. But if you put a credit (and a website link) in your next book that would be, um, GOOD. Given your readership... *g*

Trish Milburn said...

Will you all be shocked if I admit I've never seen any Bond movie? I do have Casino Royale on my Netflix queue though.

Gillian, isn't Oded Fehr just gorgeous? Ah, dreamy sigh.

Nancy, I like Christian Bale too. Not only is he nice looking, but he's a fantastic actor.

Well, and everyone know I like Orlando Bloom and David Boreanaz. :)

Kate Carlisle said...

Sorry for being the absentee blogger but I had to work for a while ... and see what I missed? So many heroes, so little time! And some new ones, too. Thanks to petite for introducing me to Patrizio Buanne. Gorgeous and talented! I must investigate further. :-)

Linda, thanks for linking to us! I stopped by your blog and will visit again!

And Jennifer Y, I snuck in and read your interview with Julie Cohen. She's a favorite!

Anna and Denise.....ROTFLOL!

LOL Suz, Gold Member? Are you sure that wasn't for Austin Powers?? Snork!

Oh Trish, David Boreanaz. Another dreamy sigh....

doglady said...

Kate, I'll get to work on Waterloo right away! Any woman who would rustle a rooster would rustle a well-turned phrase in a heartbeat, Anna C! Actually, that just came to me while I was writing my post, but you may rest assured after all the fuss it is emblazoned on and index card and ready to go into my next book. It absolutely describes my next hero, David Wessex, who is a REAL heartbreaker. Oh and Gillian, well done introducing Kate to the loveliness that is Oded!!! SIGH!

Jennifer Y. said...

I loved having Julie as a guest...she is great!

Joan said...

Loincloth? Did somebody say loincloth? LOL

readingissomuchfun said...

You are welcome & Thank You Kate for coming by :)


Caren Crane said...

Okay, I give Daniel Craig total credit for being great in the new, edgier Bond role. That was awesome! I just don't happen to find him very attractive. He's got those jug handle ears, which, when juxtaposed against the steroid-aided torso just really didn't do anything for me.

But Brendan? Gorgeous! Oded?! *thud* Kate, I cannot believe you had not discovered the beauty that is Oded Fehr. Run out and rent the Mummy movies forthwith! *g*