Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Wonders of Modern Technology

by Anna Sugden

My new mobile phone arrived a few days ago. The one that has a camera, an MP3 player, a video device, internet capability and, almost as an after-thought, the ability to make and receive calls. If only it could iron, vacuum and clean the bathroom.

It got me thinking about modern technology. And reminded me of my time as a teacher when I used to read one of my favourite children’s stories, CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, to the class. (They loved it too). To help them understand just what life for Charlie would have been like, I would always spend time talking to them about when the book was written. They couldn’t imagine a time without CD’s and DVD’s, the internet, colour TV and yes, mobile phones. Understandable when it’s all they’ve known in their short lives.

But what about me … although I lived through those ‘ancient times’ (hmm a topic for another blog post perhaps), there are a few things I can’t imagine life without either. So, here are five things I wouldn’t want to be without:

The internet - preferably wireless and broadband. You’re all here, so you get what I’m saying *grin*. Almost instant access to whatever you need to know, see, hear and buy is truly a miracle. Internet shopping saved my sanity over the holidays - no malls, no traffic, no rude people. One of the things I can’t wait to get home to, in the UK, is internet grocery shopping! But, it’s also a great way to communicate. The art of letter-writing may be dead … but I’m not sure that’s a bad thing when you can bash out an email! How else can you converse with friends thousands of miles apart, even on different continents at the click of a mouse? And how else can you check the hockey scores, see pics of your fave players, catch highlights and learn the latest scoop before a game?

My laptop. These days, my handwriting is considerably slower than my typing. I may not be a trained touch-typist, but I can hold my own! Having my own computer that I can tote about with me (did I mention wireless internet access? *grin*), and which has all the tools I need, is perfect. I’d be lost without it. Not just for my writing and surfing, but for all the other programs too; I can play music, watch films, catalogue my books and autographs and play around with photos. Oh, and let’s not forget the adventure games. Wonderland anyone?

My iPod. What’s not to love? With all the innovations Apple has made, this is a dream device. Especially for all the travelling we do. Aside from podcasts and music, I use mine to listen to writing workshops and to catch up on the TV series I’ve missed. Now that you can surf the internet too … I’m in heaven. Is there a theme here?

A microwave. While I do enjoy cooking with a real stove or oven, there are times when convenience is the key … and a microwave is the perfect answer. Whether it’s zapping baked potatoes, a quick defrost of the left-overs I forgot to take out of the freezer or steaming veggies, I wouldn’t like to do without a microwave!

A telephone. At the end of the day, nothing beats speaking to a person. Especially when one of these lovely devices is not doing what it’s supposed to!

The next item of modern technology on my ‘to buy’ list is Tivo. Most of the shows I like to watch are on too late or clash with other things.

One modern device I doubt I will ever get is an e-reader. I love books … just as they are!

So, what are you favourite modern devices? What’s on your to-buy list? And which device are you unlikely to use?


Trish Milburn said...

I love my iPod and my laptop.

And the Rooster is MINE!

Trish Milburn said...

Oh, and I hear you on the typing being faster than handwriting. My handwriting has gotten worse with each passing year, and my hand cramps if I do much of it. How in the world did I ever take all those pages of notes in school?

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, what happened to my GR??!!! You know he's mine!!! Trish Milburn, you rotten rooster napper!

flchen1 said...

Congrats, Trish! Woohoo!

Anna, my husband calls me a Luddite (I usually so slow to embrace modern technology, but it's only relative to him, since he's a bit of an uber-geek--in the best possible sense of that, you know? ;))

So, I do have to say ditto on the computer/internet thing and microwaves. Also I LOVE our TiVo--I don't think I watch very much TV (cuts too much into reading time) but it's great to give me what I do want when I want it, plus it's filled with the kids' programs, so we've got Wubbzy at our fingertips ;)

And I love our digital camera (which also makes little movies)--very fun with the kids, even though I haven't used it nearly as often as I should recently (poor child #3...)

And we just got a minivan with Bluetooth, and I can actually answer my cellphone relatively safely while I drive now--I'd stopped touching it while on the road since it's against the law here now (with good reason--it's quite distracting!) but this whole integrated-into-the-car's-speakers thing is pretty neat :)

flchen1 said...

Oh, and Trish, I didn't have all that many pages of coherent notes in school--once I hit college, I had a very hard time just staying awake in class... how embarrassing!

Aunty Cindy said...


And Flchen I'm much more of a Luddite (tho Nancy has laid claim to the title here in the Lair)than YOU! I don't own a cell phone. GASP! Nor do I intend to get one. I do NOT need to be at everyone's beck and call, thank you very much. Plus too many people are just FLAT OUT RUDE on the things, and I REFUSE to use one on those grounds alone.

Now what do I LOVE? The internet OF COURSE! Where would the Banditas and our lair be without it?!?! Plus, since Aunty gave up cooking, I NEED my microwave. And back in the day when I had a garage, the BEST thing I owned was the garage door opener. GREAT lil gadget!

Thanx for the thought provoking post, VA!


Donna MacMeans said...

Anna - Lovely post
Trish - lovely rooster *g*

With the exception of the cell phone (I'm with AC on this. I don't want to be accessible to everyone. I carry one when I travel out of town - that's it), I agree with your choices. I'd add my DVD player to the list. I love not having to wait till the darn things show up on the 200-plus cable TV stations. Plus I'm an analyzer of films, so it's good to be able to pull one out to use as an example. Lately I've even gotten some college lecture courses on DVD - and yes, Fichen1, they put me right to sleep *g*.

I can't imagine life anymore without email & the internet. I go into withdrawal if I'm away from it too long - and that's not pretty. THe only thing I miss about film cameras are the actual photographs to put into a box or a scrapbook. I have photos of my grandparents and my parents when they were young & of course, my kids - and I treasure those. However, about the time we got a digital camera, the stacks of photos ceased. Everything is on a computer somewhere - but it's just not the same.

Oh & AC - the garage door opener is one of the best inventions ever, esp. on cold days or when it's raining.

Jane said...

I currently don't need a Blackberry, but I know the moment I get one I won't be able to live without it. I'm already a slave to the internet and my iPod.

Helen said...

Congrats Trish enjoy the GR

Great post Anna I am not into technology very much I couldn't live without the computor or internet I don't have a laptop I do have a mobile phone that is hardly ever used it can sit in my bag for days turned off because the battery needs charging I dont't have an I-Pod although I love music and have heaps of CD's that I listen to when I am reading I don't even watch a lot of TV although I love a good movie at the moment in Australia it is a non rating season so there isn't much on but we have pay TV with IQ which means we can record a show and watch it later. I am with you on the e-reader I like my books.
Good post Anna got me to thinking about what I have and don't have
Have Fun

Caren Crane said...

Great post Anna! And Trish, is this your first GR? It doesn't seem possible, but I'm old and my brain files cannot find this pairing having happened before! *g* (Do him a favor and take him to the Opry House. He is a sucker for old-time country!)

I am not a Luddite by any means, but I do hate change with a well-developed passion. I try, but it is a slo-o-ow process for me to embrace new things. I can get right on board if they are necessary or make life far easier, but not just new for the sake of new, you know?

Things I adore: high-speed internet; microwave (I've been using one since I was a girl -- circa 1974); DVD player; iPod (so helpful at work *g*); AlphaSmart (I fry laptops - seriously); cell phone (I don't use it all the time, but am often "out of reach" of those I need to speak with).

Things I don't see myself embracing: Bluetooth or any HD technology (waste of money right now, maybe later); Blackberry or any cousin of it (I *never* want to be that accessible); e-book reader (again, maybe someday, but I like to *hold* books); movies on my PC (I'd rather sit on the couch and watch it on a big screen); TiVo (great concept, but I would NEVER have time to catch up!).

Plus, my husband and I are cheap. We like to wait until the prices for everything come so far down that we cannot justify *not* getting it. Ten years from now, I may have some of these things. But not a Blackberry. *g*

Mona Risk said...

I haven't tried the iPod yet, but I can't live without my laptop and my Dana, although I'm not a fast typist. Anna, I'm glad you are into the latest technology. We'll be able to keep in touch when you go back to the UK.

brownone said...

Great post Anna!
My husband just bought me a new Ipod video nano for my birthday and I am SO distracted with it. My poor kids are being neglected! I don't know how I ever survived without it. Now instead of lugging around my CD's, I just plug it into my car and can play everything!
Oh, and a funny story about being outdated: One day my little sister was trying to call someone from the church phone (she's fifteen years younger than me). She came and asked me how to use it and I thought it must be a new phone with fancy buttons so I went to go help her. When I got there, it was a ROTARY DIAL phone! Ha!

Deb Marlowe said...

Ah, Anna, this topic is near and dear to my heart, as I have just returned from holiday in my hometown, also known as No Technopolis.

None of the family we visited had a computer. No coffee shops in town. I had something due to my editor and my dh finally tracked down a Krispy Kreme with Wi Fi--after about 10 phone calls in which people answered our question with "Why what?"

Hee hee! I was so happy to get home to my puter! I may have to buy a blackberry before our next visit!

Joan said...

There was life BEFORE the internet?

Seriously, I've had high speed bb for almost a year and cannot imagine how I coped with dial up. I am a borderline email addict and do SO much on my computer....shop, research.

I am seriously considering an iPod or at least an MP3 because I need FAST music to play on the treadmill not that head banging stuff the gym plays overhead.

Garage door openers are a gift from the Gods...the weather gods

And dangit, one of my friends got an iPhone for Christmas. For months she kept dragging me into the Apple store to show me and play with it. I think I could be in love! But...got that old Sprint contract that would cost a fortune to end early (sigh) But I love my regular cell...the ringer is an Irish jig :-)

I also hate those in the ear cell phones. (Blutooth?) That's how the BORG started, isn't it? It CAN'T be good for the eardrums.

And Trish! Congrats on the GR! Take him by the Country Music Museum and let him try on some of Porter's sequined coats....and he likes biscuits and gravy :-) Ya'll do know the South invented the chicken, right?

Laura J. said...

Hubby surprised me at Christmas and got me a Zune mp3 player, which I love. It is so wonderful on long car trips when the kids start getting nippy with each other!

Love my laptop. I make sure when we go on trips that the hotel has "FREE" internet service. I even took it on my aniversary weekend with my hubby. *g*

I also have a GPS. I highly recommend these. I got lost in downtown Columbus, OH at night trying to find the interstate to head home. 3 1/2 hour drive took nearly 5 hours because we couldn't find the entrance to the interstate to head home. Finally we stopped at a hotel and found we were only 2 blocks from where we were suppose to be. Had I had a GPS at the time we wouldn't have driven around for an hour or so.

I would love to have a dvr or TiVo. But any new techno gadget that comes out, I'm pretty much intrigued.

Maureen said...

I can't imagine being without a computer and access to the internet. When the internet isn't working it feels like we are cut off from the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of almost any technology device that allows me to be more efficient, isn't too expensive, and enables me to do my job but not be in the office. I love my Blackberry for that reason, am currently in the process of setting up my first Bluetooth headset, and I haven't gone near dial-up for years. (shudder!) I'm not a big TV/movie watcher, and having access to iTunes has already increased my music budget waaaaay too much, so I'm not particularly interested in the iPod (though I do have a Shuffle for my workouts!). Laptop, goodness, I can't imagine life without it!

I must admit, I am a bit mystified by those among us who don't have cell phones. You know, you can turn it off, ladies. You don't have to answer it! I rarely answer mine. LOL. I just have it nearby in case the babysitter calls, and so I can chat with my sister when I'm stuck in traffic. This, as far as I'm concerned, is the only purpose of the cell phone. Answering calls while out for a walk, at dinner, or other public places, is absolutely unnecessary!

Anna Sugden said...

Wooohooo Trish ... the GR is almost on the East Coast! Take him to a Preds game!

Flchen1 - ah yes - the digital camera was #6 on my list. I love being able to take as many pics as I like and seeing straight away what worked ... instead of waiting to have them developed and paying for 36 blurry shots!

AC - LOL on the garage door opener. It is soooo useful - especially in bad weather.

Donna - definitely on the DVD player. I also love being able to convert DVD's to put on my iPod and take them with me.

I hear you on the digital camera and actual photos, which is why I have my screensaver set to show my pics.

jo robertson said...

What a clever post, Anna! Trish, you've done us proud by bringing the rooster back to the states!

The single most important item I couldn't do without is the microwave. I remember when there WERE no microwaves, when we purchased the first one and the absolute marvel of it all -- a device that could reheat an item of food without hardening it or drying it out! Impossible!

My daughters recall the moment we first used it, like an invocation to a metal miracle of a god.

The first item nuked? A donut! We made a ceremony of it, I sure the blasted thing wouldn't work, my little daughters gathering around the astonishing invention, eyes wide as saucers.

True story, ask my daughers.

It was the best donut I ever ate!

Anna Sugden said...

Jane - I can't make my mind up about Blackberry's because the internet costs are so high! Now that I can get access to emails on my mobile phone (using mobile web), I don't think I will get one.

I tell you, Helen - if you get an iPod, you won't know how you did without one. Instead of carting all the CD's and DVD's around - they're all on one itty bitty device!

Caren - we tend to be cheap too. But every now and again, we become 'early adopters' - like with DVD's and iPods. Oh and I couldn't be without my Dana - I tend to travel with it rather than my laptop, because I can't bear my laptop to get damaged.

Aww - thanks, Mona. Trust me, the first question I asked about our house in Cambridge was - does it have highspeed internet access? I hope to have lots of visitors from my Writers at Play pals and the Romance Bandits.

Trish Milburn said...

Anna, bwahahaha! About time that rooster made his way back to North America. :) Caren, no, I think this is my second GR.

flchen1, how could I have forgotten my TiVo. I LOVE it! And my high-speed Internet access. Both of these things spoil me, and I can't imagine going back to regular TV watching and dial-up Internet. Horrors!

Donna, I do digital photos now too, but every so often I upload the ones I want actual prints for to Wal-Mart's online photo developing portion of their site, and in a few days I receive the prints.

Brownone, LOL on the rotary phone. My sister experienced a similar moment with her daughter a few years ago. They inherited an older TV from The Time Before Remotes. It was one of those where you have to actually go to the TV and turn the knob to change channels. My niece was at a loss.

Joan, LOL on the Borg comment. Resistance if futile!

Anna Sugden said...

Brownone - glad to see another iPod addict! My latest fun device is a portable DVD player that my iPod just slips into - so I can watch videos on the bigger screen when I travel!

LOL on the rotary phone story!!

Hi Deb! Great to see you! Uggh on No Technopolis. We must have home towns that are twinned - the little village where hubby's parents live is like that!

Joanie - I've been debating between the iPhone and the iTouch. The iPhone doesn't have enough memory for me ... and there's that whole contract thing. But the iTouch ... I could be tempted into an upgrade!

Anna Sugden said...

LauraJ - oh I hear you on the GPS ... that may be my next purchase even ahead of Tivo (though Trish keeps tempting me with Tivo talk!). It's not so bad at home, but I seem to get lost a lot driving over here in NJ. As hubby's car already has GPS, I tend to use it for going to new places.

Maureen- amen to that!

Kirsten - great to see you out of your deadline cave!

LOL on the cellphone comment - the most use mine gets is checking the hockey scores if we're out ... you mean you can talk to people on it?! oh and at Nationals ... it gets major usage during that week.

Jo - I'm not surprised you love the microwave with all those kids! Aww on the donut story - I can just imagine it.

Trish - OMG - TV without a remote ... I can hear grown me cry from here!

Beth said...

Great post, Anna! I love the internet and my iPod and rarely use my cellphone (darn kids ALWAYS call when I'm out. Even if their dad is RIGHT there and can answer their questions *sigh*)

I too want a TiVo but my kids keep telling me I promised them cell phones first (did you know they are the ONLY kids in the US w/o cell phones. True story - according to them anyway) I'd also love a laptop *g*

brownone, that is too funny! My mom still has the same rotary phone in her kitchen that we had when I was growing up. My kids are used to it but their friends are completely mystified :-)

Joan said...


What's an iTouch?

LOL, Jo. I too (gulp) remember the "Time Before Microwaves" and the first one my parents got. It was the size of a Ford....

jo robertson said...

I agree about the cell phone, Kirsten. For me, it's a safety issue and no one has the number except immediate family.

It's saved my **#@ literally dozens of times when I've been late, caught in traffic, or just plain lost (which I do get from time to time LOL).

I don't IM on it, don't download tunes, or play around, just the simple convenience of a phone with you all the time.

Tawny said...

I ADORE the Internet :-)

Lesseeeee... what else? I can't write without my iPod, my Axim (handheld wireless PC) goes with me everywhere, my cell phone is handy although I never hear it or answer - good friends text me pictures of my book in stores across the country.

I love technology.

brownone said...

Beth, my mom had a touch tone phone in the shape of the old rotary ones and every time you tried to answer it, it would give you a zap of electricty (it was gold-plated).

Oh, and don't think I could live without my laptop! I remember having to do term papers on a typewriter. Do you know what a pain in the butt footnotes were when you had to do it on a typewriter?!

Anna Sugden said...

LOL Beth - I remember your older daughter wanting a cell phone to celebrate your sale!

Joan - an iTouch is like the iPhone (touch screen etc), but it doesn't have phone capabilities. However, it does have a much bigger memory and you can use it to connect to the internet wirelessly. *sigh*. When they upgrade it to have more memory, I may just have to treat myself to one.

Suzanne Welsh said...

My Zen, (a variation of an IPOD) is fantastic! Plug those earpieces in and I don't hear the chatter at work while I'm reading, (if there are no patients) or keeps my pace up when walking.

The internet/computer. How esle would I keep up with the bandits or write?

DVD player. Want to watch DDL in LOTM? Just pop him on the screen. Yum

Anna Sugden said...

LOL Tawny - what cool friends you have! ;)

Brownone - I hear you on the typewriter! Mistakes were a pain in the bum, let alone anything fancy!

Anna Sugden said...

Suz - have you tried the noise-reducing headphones yet? I got a pair for the last trip home I made ... not convinced yet - they reduced some of the noise, but not as much as I'd hoped.

Laura J. said...

Joan, my parents just replaced their first microwave they bought about 2 years ago! I think that thing was 28 years old or so! (I'm not exactly sure how old I was when the bought it). It was still working when they replaced it, but the knob to set the timer was as accuarate anymore.

terrio said...

I want an iPod in the worst way. I love my laptop, couldn't imagine my life without the internet and I'm love the convenience of my cell. Though mine only does the call thing and takes really grainy, dark pictures. I need to update that.

I don't have the Tivo/DVR but I'd like to have one. There are only a few shows I watch but they always seem to be the later ones and I need my sleep. Or I need to be writing/doing homework at that time.

It sounds silly but I wouldn't want to live without my truck. I couldn't stand not being mobile or having to depend on someone else to get me around.

doglady said...

Congrats on the GR, Trish! Feed that boy some grits! Rotten Rooster Napper? I love it, Anna C! All of this technology sounds great, ladies, WHEN it works! When it goes down is another story. Like Aunty Cindy I do not own a cell phone. Drives my brothers nuts. I live so far out in the boonies that the only internet I can get is dial-up, but I could not live without it! When it goes out customer service people get cursed out in 8 languages! I also don't have cable television so I DO love my DVD player. I love movies and have a room of wall-to-wall shelves with DVDs and yes VHS movies. What I would love to have next is one of those things that turns your vinyl lps into CDs. (Can you tell I have no clue when it comes to technology?)I have a large collection of vinyl (for the most part serious music as in classical, etc.)and I want to preserve them on CD before they become completely obsolete. I have my Nana's 78s of Caruso and Maria Callas that I dare not play until I move them to CD. I also have a set of original, very fragile recordings of Artur Schnabel playing the five Beethoven concerti. Of course if I get said converter thingy, my nephews will have to operate it for me. If I did not have my microwave I would very likely starve to death! I think I would like an Ipod or Mp3 player, but again I would have to enlist the nephews' aid to operate it.

CrystalGB said...

I love my cell phone, my computer, and my digital camera.

Susan Seyfarth said...

I'm totally with you all on the cell phone, the lap top, the digital camera & the garage door opener. (I'm lumping Wi Fi & the internet in with the laptop, mind you.)

Maybe this is just indicative of my stage of life, but did anybody mention disposable diapers? I don't know if they count as modern technology, but since they're filled with some kind of bizarre space-age stuff, I think they do.

I use cloth diapers for my kids during the day, but I use disposables at night, & let me tell you, they're a god send. I can put a baby in a disposable at 7:30 p.m. & that thing will hold like the Hoover Dam until 7:30 the next morning. (After twelve hours, you're taking your chances, though.) God bless Huggies. If I had to choose between those & my lap top, I'd cry but the laptop would go. :-)

Helen said...

Anna I bought one of my daughters an I-Pod Nano for Chrissy and one of my other daughters bought herself one so there are 2 of them here at home but I haven't even tried them and of course I forgot my trusty microwave I have had one since just after they came out and I wouldn't be without it.
Have Fun

Joan said...

laura j

I think my parent's microwave was run by hamster wheel LOL

I just went and priced iNano....looks good for me. I'll add that to my list of tax refund treats.

p226 said...

All of these wonders of modern technology are the bane of my existence. Mostly.

I have to manage the things, support the things, take 'em apart, recover all the lil bits of data bad people thought they destroyed... show up in court... explain it all in laymen terms...


Drop it all in the ocean.

No, wait, set it on fire. LiIon batteries burn and explode spectacularly. Wouldn't bother me a bit if we went back to pen and paper. Of course, I'd have to switch careers... but hey... it's a small price to pay.

Anna Campbell said...

Anna, great blog! I must admit I AM a Luddite. Can't see the point of changing something that's working really well. Only just got a cell phone, largely because now I'm running a business, I can't do without one. Bought it kicking and screaming although I must say I like the digital camera bit that I can load photos straight on the computer with. But seems silly when I have a perfectly good film camera that has done me good service. Don't own an ipod - have a perfectly good Walkman that serves the purpose although it makes me look like I'm from the Stone Age when I use it these days. Don't own a microwave. Only just bought a DVD (last week!). So hopelessly old-fashioned. But one thing I can't live without is the Internet. I love that I can stay in contact with people all over the world, especially my Bandita pals!

Anna Sugden said...

Terrio - I don't think it's silly adding your truck to the list. When we first moved over here, I was without a car for the longest time and it was hell - especially in this part of NJ where it's not walker-friendly and public transport is pretty average.

Doglady - didn't I see that Radio Shack has stuff for transferring vinyl to CD's? I think it's actually just a matter of cabling from a turntable to a computer - but I could be wrong.

Crystalgb - another iPod lover!

Susan - what a great thought! Absolutely count disposable diapers!

Joanie's getting an iPod! Yay!

P226 - I hear you! Having had a big row with AOL over their stupid update (it's made emailing twice as time-consuming now with its new *&%$# default!) there are times I want to throw it all away. Then when everything goes kaput, I panic!

Knew you'd have to get explosions in there somehow.

Anna Sugden said...

Ah Anna - I can see we're going to have to convince you ... you have been warned!

Let's start with the iPod ... long journeys ... no need for tapes or CD's or DVD's ... all on one little machine!

p226 said...

Knew you'd have to get explosions in there somehow

Yeah, I once almost returned fire on a burning rubbish heap in a far away land. Someone had thrown a bunch of crypto batteries (for the cryptographic units we ran our radio comms through) into the fire.


*pop ppop pop pop*

That's how I know those lithium batteries go boom. And that's also how I almost dumped a magazine into a stack of burning crates.

catslady said...

I agree with you about ereaders - although my mind says it probably is saving the trees and takes up no space - I love my print books! Digital cameras are fantastic - really wish I had one when my kids were growing up. I can't live without my microwave or coffee maker or computer. cells phones I'm not so into yet and I don't have an iPod.

Joan said...


Interesting about the response to ebook readers.

This past week on Sunday Morning they were reviewing the up and coming techno gadgets and mentioned specifically the impractical and "eh" factor of ebook readers (the machines)

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

I would like to have a laptop. I don't necessarily need it, but I would like to have one. Who knows, I might travel or do something exciting some day... :-)I don't think my lifestyle calls for much more than my cell phone and I don't get fancy with that....LOL I have had a cell phone (prior to that a digital or whatever they called those things then) mostly because of my mother and son. Mother is no longer with me but I have to know at all times that my son can reach me if he needs to. He is quite grown up now of course but he is still special needs and you never know what is going to upset him. We spent months watching the weather channel daily (several times a day) because the drain in front of the house backed up and some water got in the yard. Totally freaked him out. I just feel better if I know he can reach me. The number of times he has called the cell??? Maybe 10 times in 8 years.

Gillian Layne said...

I checked here early this morning, then thought about this topic all day while taking kiddo to out of town doc's appointment.

I think I love anything that makes light. I really dislike the dark. That's all I could think about during our December storms w/no power--I'm fine with no heat but I need light!

Beth said...

LOL, brownone! I can only imagine how eager you all were to answer that phone *g* I always wanted a Princess phone but never got one

Yes, Anna, my daughter really thought she deserved a cell phone to celebrate my sale. The poor kid is so deprived *g*

Susan, when my kids were babies I did the same thing! Cloth diapers during the day and disposable ones at night! They were life (and bed sheet) savers *g*

Anna Sugden said...

Wow P226 - that must have been scary.

Catslady - I'm amazed you're the first to mention the coffee-maker!

Hrdwrkmom - better to be safe than sorry. My cell phone is really so that when I'm somewhere, I know I've got a lifeline if something happens.

Gillian - what a fab answer. Light is so important. Can you imagine living in a country where it's night for six months of the year?!

Gillian Layne said...

No, Anna, I seriously can't. I'd have to plant myself in some local pub with lots of roaring fires and loud happy people, and take all my meals there....

Ok, now it's sounding kind of fun :)

flchen1 said...

Susan, how could I have forgotten diapers? We've done the same thing with all of our kids--cloth during the day, disposables at night... and yep, 12 hours is about the limit...boy, those suckers get heavy ;) (Can't wait until this last one's done with them, but I can't seem to generate any interest on his part for using the potty...)

And Kirsten, you're right on about when to chat on cellphones--perfect for catching up with one's sibs when stuck in traffic!

Anna Sugden said...

Gillian - you're talking my language!

Oh and I forgot to say to all those who have digital cameras, but miss the snapshots - I love our new digital photo frame! You save the pics onto a memory card and voila, the frame shows your pics.

Marilyn said...

Nice blog. Keep up the good work. Cheers:-)

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