Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We're Having A Wedding

by Suzanne Welsh

We're having a wedding in our family this month. My youngest and only son. Eric, is getting married in three days time. We love his fiance and she already feels like a part of the family. While I loved helping my daughter and son-in-law plan their wedding, and she wasn't any kind of bridzilla, I've decided being the mother of the groom truly rocks!! Way less stressful.

This is a picture of me and my hubby on the day of our wedding. Good lord, we looked so young! I'd already been a nurse for two years and thought I was so grown up at 22. I remember everyone telling me you plan on only 75% of the people you invited actually showing up for your wedding. When they opened the doors to the sanctuary it was packed to capacity! Every single person invited who lived in town showed up. I was overwhelmed by their desire to attend our wedding. Most of the day was a blurr of smiling at my husband through the ceremony and saying hello to everyone at the reception. (It was a small church, by the way.)

This is the group picture of my daughter's wedding party. It was a very relaxed wedding. She wore flowers in her hair instead of a veil, walked down the aisle to instrumental celtic music and her punk rock band, (including her spouse, brother and another groomsman) played for the reception. So when the photographer told them to go crazy, well you see what we got! By the way, everyone who attended had a heck of a good time.

I love weddings. Not just the ceremony itself, but the falling in love, getting engaged and then the wedding. Weddings symbolize a future full of hope and promise, love expanding, a new family. It all speaks to the romantic in me. Well, duh, I read and write romances!

Over the years I've seen some fabulous weddings both on TV, (Princess Di and Prince Charles) and in person, (my friends Terry and Bob). Princess Di's was the wedding that stopped the world. Doesn't everyone know where they were when they saw her go down the aisle? I do. We were at work, and all the nurses gathered in an empty room to watch the ceremony. We oohed and ahed at her arrival and going down the asile with that huge train! It was grandiose and a fairy tale come true. Even though it all fell apart, for that one moment in time, we believed in the fariy tale.

Terry and Bob's wedding, while not stopping the free world, was a testament to two people falling in love and forming a bond, despite adversity in their lives. And as their friend I couldn't have been more honored to be in the wedding. They've been married for 32 years now. A romance story come true.

So, I love books that have weddings in them. SAVING GRACE by Julie Garwood has the hero and heroine married fairly early in the book. They have yet to fall in love and the wedding is for her protection. It's not the typical wedding. She stops it several times to the frustration of her husband-to-be, his clans (he has two), and the priest. But when she hears the hero's name is Gabriel, the protector of women and children, she stops her stalling. What a great wedding!

So tell me, what's your favorite wedding from a book or movie? Was there something unique or fun about your wedding?


Jane said...

"Saving Grace" is one of my favorites, too. Actually, all of Julie's books are special to me. "The Wedding" was another great one where the Scot kidnaps his English bride while she's on her way to marry another man.

Jane said...

Oops, forgot to say congrats to you and your family, Suzanne.

Anna Campbell said...

Jane, clearly our chook LOVES you! Congratulations!

Suz, what a lovely post. And congratulations on the forthcoming wedding in your family. I distinctly remember Princess Di's wedding. Everybody in Australia went wild about it. I think the country stopped to watch the ceremony. I was a student - Princess Diana and I were exactly the same age. I caught a ferry across to a friend of mine's parents' house to watch it on TV (we didn't have a TV). I remember thinking I wouldn't be able to take on what she was taking on. Turned out she couldn't either, sadly.

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Congrats Suz, on gaining a lovely new daughter-in-law!
And LURVE those wedding photos.

Wow, Jane, 2 days in a row! Looks like the GR may become a permanent resident of the Big Apple.

Jane said...

I don't remember much about Princess Diana's wedding because I was a kid. We were visiting relatives in Germany at that time and my dad says we watched it on tv there. I wonder if they aired the entire wedding in the U.S. as they did in Europe.

Christine Wells said...

Hi Suz, congrats to Eric and his fiance and congrats to you for getting the relatively stress-free part of the wedding! Lovely post.

I always enjoy weddings whether they're formal or not. Was so relieved when mine went swimmingly. I know one girl who was super-organized but so many things went wrong on her wedding day that she could never have predicted. The minister was watching the cricket and forgot he was marrying someone that day, making the ceremony very late; the flautist in the quartet who were supposed to play in the church was stuck in a lift; as soon as they got to the reception someone spilled red wine on the bridal gown; then on the honeymoon, they reached Bali after a 12 hour delayed flight to find their reservation had evaporated. You'd start to think you had a really bad omen for the rest of the marriage! Best of luck for your son's big day.

Congrats on the GR once again Jane!

Trish Milburn said...

I don't remember much about Di's wedding either, though I do remember it happening. I do love to see the photos each time a royal couple in any country gets married. Whether it's true or not, it just seems like a fairy tale. I'm totally blanking on a wedding from a book, but then it is after 2 in the morning and I should be in bed. I do still like to look through bridal magazines to see the styles of the dresses.

Trish Milburn said...

Oh, and congrats to your son and your soon-to-be daughter-in-law on their upcoming nuptials.

Christine Wells said...

I was in an antique/bric-a-brac shop the other day and they had a few commemorative pieces from Charles and Di's wedding for sale. I wonder if anyone will want them now. It seems like almost a tragic thing to commemorate.

I remember I was about 5 or 6 when the wedding took place and after I saw all the silkworms at work making the fabric for that dress, I pestered my mother to get me some silkworms, too. Needless to say I never made a pouffy Cinderella dress out of their efforts! But when I see clips of the wedding now, it makes me want to cry to think of how tangled their lives were and how unhappy they became.

jo robertson said...

Lovely post, Suz. Everybody loves a wedding, me included!

I think my most beautiful weddings were my daughters, especially Kennan's. She was on a strict budget, but it was a wonderful outdoor Italian dinner with an opera singer and dancing. It was story-book.

She was able to do it so inexpensively because so many people love her and Mike that they donated nearly everything from flowers to the catering.

It was so great to celebrate this special day with them.

My own wedding was a hurried blur. I hardly remember a thing!

Helen said...

Congrats on the GR again Jane he loves it at your place

Great post Suzanne and congratulations on the wedding loved all the photos.I love weddings I too remember watching Di and Charles wedding it was a true fairytale sad the way it all ended.
I totally agree about the wedding in Saving Grace although it is a long time since I have read but I loved it.
I loved my wedding I got married on my 20th birthday in April 1977 and all went really well until after the entree at the reception when one of the groomsman had to go home because he had concussion from playing football that day then after the meal had finished the bestman was complaining of a sore ankle he had played soccer that day he took his shoe off and it swelled that badly he couldn't get it back on so with the help of lots of ice he got it back on and we finished having photos done and found out the next day that his ankle was broken.
We often have a laugh about it all but it truly was a wonderful day.
I hope you will post some more photos after the wedding I love looking at wedding photos.
Have Fun

Have Fun

Caren Crane said...

Suz, congrats on being mother of the groom! My son is 22 and I STILL can't imagine him marrying. Though he probably will in a few short years. *sigh*

Jane, congrats on the GR! I love "The Wedding", too. Suz is the world's biggest Julie Garwood fan, but JG got me back into romance in the early 90s. I love Julie!

Fave wedding in a book was one of Julia Quinn's Bridgerton books. I can't remember which one it was now, but I thought the wedding was perfect! JQ fans will remember, I'm sure. *g*

Diana Cosby said...

Congratulations on your son's wedding. Fabulous picture. :) What a blessing to have a wonderful daughter-in-law.
I loved your comment, "Even though it all fell apart, for that one moment in time, we believed in the fariy tale." I believe this is the essence of romance readership. We all want to believe, at least for a moment, in the fairy tale.
Wonderful post.

Diana Cosby

Helen said...

Was it On The Way To The Wedding I loved that as well

Have Fun

Donna MacMeans said...

Hi Suz - Great Post!

Congrats on the coming nuptials. Yes, being the grooms family is the way to go.

My wedding was small and on-budget *g*. I don't remember much but we had a great time.

For weddings in movies, I like THREE WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL especially when the group plans to make the groom think he's late for his own wedding but he's actually early.

Di's wedding was so beautiful, but I go bored with it and didn't watch the whole thing. So sad the way turned out.

Jane - WTG on the Rooster. Keep him warm. It's a darn chilly spring up here.

Suzanne Welsh said...

Good morning, everyone. Congratulations on taking home the Golden Rooster once again, Jane!

And I did love "The Wedding" and its predecessor, "The Bride" too! One of the best ways to create conflict in a romance is to force the hero and heroine to be married early on out of duty or necessity. They have to learn to fall in love as they live together. Quite fun, aren't they?

Suzanne Welsh said...

Morning, Anna! Thanks for hitting publish on the post for me. The Banditas know that when I'm at work I can't access any blogs, so they take pity on me and post my blog early so we can get the day started off in a big way.

Princess Di's wedding took Americans by storm, too. I think Princess Grace's fairytale wedding and life held us enthralled for many years, and we hoped Dianna's wedding and marriage would do the same.

Suzanne Welsh said...

Oh Cindy, we're very excited about gaining another daughter. She and my middle daughter have become good friends, and she fits into the family so well! That is one of the things that we'd hoped for, in-laws that we like, and that like us, too! Fortunately we've been very lucky in that aspect.

I love the photo from my daughter's wedding, too! Didn't it look like fun? (That's Lyndsey our banner artist in the wedding dress, by the way!)

Suzanne Welsh said...

Oh My Goodness, Christine, your poor friend! I'd have wondered if they weren't omens too! The poor girl!

Hopefully everything will go off without a glitch for our wedding. They were here on Sunday night, (their new apartment is about a mile away), and they were both so excited about the wedding and starting their life together. Made me proud of both of them!

Joan said...

Congratulations, Mama of the Groom!

I love weddings. While I have yet to experience my own (wow, now when it happens I'll have Banditas at the reception! Good times) I do have a fav. My goddaughter Lauren's last year at St. George's Island, FL.

On the beach, at sunset with the ocean in the background and sand between our toes. She got her Prince in Jerry who I just love. They just celebrated their 1st anniversey.

As to Princess Di, heck yeah American TV showed the whole thing. The gist of it was on very early in the morning here but I got up and watched the whole thing. I focus not on the end result but on the hope that particular moment represented.

And I ALWAYS cry at the moment the father gives away the bride. (sniff)

Suzanne Welsh said...

Isn't that it, Trish? We want to see the Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty story come to life. Reality crashes in soon enough, but all our childhood dreams come true when royalty has a big "blow out" wedding.

Suzanne Welsh said...

Oh Jo, Kennan's wedding sounds so relaxed and fun!

When Lyndsey got married, it was fun, but I didn't realize how stressed I was until all my family left a few days later. Irritable Bowel Syndrome hit me so hard for 2 weeks, that we considered hospitalizing me.

So needless to say this mother of the groom thing is pretty cool!

I'm just hoping when my other daughter gets married, she just calls me from Vegas and says, "hey Mom, Elvis married us"!!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Helen, that was a very stoic groomsman. He must've love you and your husband to stand on a broken ankle for pictures!!

I'll happily post some pics when it's all said and done!

Anonymous said...

HI Suz! What a great idea for a post -- what could be more romantic and a better testament to love than a wedding!? I adore weddings. I cry like a fish at them, regardless of whether I know the bride/groom or not. :-) There are two wedding dress shops near our house and my daughter and I (she's five, so she's got the princess thing down pat) ooh and ahh over the dresses every chance we get.

My wedding had a few of those "disasters" Christine described. It was June 6, and everyone had sleeveless and strapless dresses, and it SNOWED for the first time in 100 years! Everyone borrowed fleece coats and threw those over their flimsy sundresses.

I tore a contact and refused to wear my glasses to walk down the aisle, but I'm so blind I had to leave at least one in. That, combined with the glass of champaign I drank, gave me a horrible migraine, which struck right after dinner. This was before I had migraines regularly, so I was just lucky my aunt had imitrex in her purse. It worked like a charm -- after rolling around on the floor in the bathroom for a couple of hours, I was able to go back to the reception, dance with my husband, and cut the cake.

As of June 6, it will be 10 years ago, and despite the disasters, I will always remember it as one of the happiest days of my life!

Thanks for the memories, Suz. I loved seeing your picture and I know your wedding will go perfectly. And even if it doesn't, who cares?! The love's all that matters.

Suzanne Welsh said...

Morning Caren!

Yes, they grow and leave the nest much too soon...but, you gain a nice in-law (hopefully) and you get to redecorate their rooms into guest rooms and offices!! Whoohoo!!!

I loved Julia Quinn's Bridgerton series, but I'm not sure which wedding you're talking about. Any JQuinn fans out there want to point out the wedding scene Caren is talking about?

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Diana Cosby! Nice to see a fellow DARA member popping on the blog!

Isn't that why we read, write and live the romances we do? The hope of a wonderful relationship?

brownone said...

Congrats Suzanne!!

My husband and I had a traditional indian wedding (think "Monsoon Wedding"). It started on Thursday with all the family coming in and didn't end until Sunday. All that food and family was so fun. Everyone had a blast and we actually had a proposal come out of it all!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Okay, I'm off to sleep awhile, will check back in a few hours! Have fun chatting.

One thing, If you could have your ultimate wedding destination........where would YOU like to get married or renew your vows?

doglady said...

Congrats on nabbing the GR, Jane! He obviously likes you!

Congrats, Suzanne. My Mom agrees that being the mother of the groom is a piece of cake compared to being the mother of the bride.

My wedding was really beautiful and went off without a hitch. My sister-in-law, however, was mortified when the minister asked "Who gives this woman?" and her father came back with "Wal-Mart." She worked for Wal-Mart at the time. Everyone got a good laugh out of that.

I loved Princess Di's wedding and I even have it on VHS somewhere around here. It really was her wedding, because frankly I don't think he was ever really "married" to her. She thought she was married. He didn't. Frankly after the cuff link incident on the honeymoon cruise I would have thrown his royal butt overboard and let him swim back to England!

The wedding in Julia Quinn's ON THE WAY TO THE WEDDING is a great one, isn't it!

TracyG said...

Loved the post - and enjoy the celebration this weekend!
We had tornado sirens going off the afternoon of our wedding...does that count as an amusing anecdote?
And I was on my honeymoon when Diana & Charles married, nearly 27 years ago.
Tracy G.

limecello said...

Hi Suzanne, congratulations, to Eric and his fiancee! What a great post :). Oh weddings- I've been to some fabulous ones, and to some interesting ones. None, at this moment, that have ended in divorce. As for Princess Di's wedding :X I couldn't have known.
My sister is a huge proponent of eloping - we have a huge family ;).

Joan said...

When Lyndsey got married, it was fun, but I didn't realize how stressed I was until all my family left a few days later.

My friend Marilyn's daughter was married last week after months of planning. When I spoke to her on the phone several days later and innocently asked "How did it go?" She burst into tears.

She pulled herself together and assured me she was ok, just the post let down with all the out of town family gone and she was alone...then burst into tears again.

I considered making an emergency wine run to her house!

One thing, If you could have your ultimate wedding destination........where would YOU like to get married or renew your vows?

One guess.....Yup, Ireland.

And it wouldn't even have to be in a church or castle. Just on a hill overlooking Co. Clare or in the forest of Killarney. (sigh)

terrio said...

I LOVE weddings! And I love those pics, Suzanne. I remember Princess Di's wedding though I too think it was on too early for me to watch live. I do remember always thinking neither of them looked as happy as they should. Now I know why.

I bet that mother-of-the-groom thing is much better. When I got married, I lived in Nashville and both families as well as all bridesmaids lived at least 500 miles away. I was completely on my own in the planning area. I remember having hundreds of dollars in the bodice of my dress and paying people all day long. Even the priest! Though I made sure he didn't know where the money came from.

My daughter is a total diva. As she's only 8 I have some time but I'm sure when her day finally arrives, it'll be an extravaganza. She asked me this weekend if I still have my wedding dress so maybe she could wear it.

I told her I sold it (I'm divorced) and besides, they say she's going to be 6' tall. I'm 5'4" so I can't imagine how much material it would have taken to make that dress work for her.

For big weddings you can't beat the daytime soaps. Luke and Laura anyone? LOL! Oh, and when Mindy married Phillip (?) on Guiding Light. That one was amazing!

terrio said...

Forgot to answer the new question. If I ever get married again, and that's a big IF, I'd love to do it at the Biltmore Estate in Ashville, NC. Anyone ever been there? It's amazing. I've yet to get to Europe so that's as close as I've gotten to those amazing country homes. It's just gorgeous.

M. said...

My husband and I got married in a small (40 guests) house wedding in February in northern Ontario. The temperature dropped so much over the course of the day and evening that after we left, the cold drained the battery of many guests' cars. Since they couldn't leave they stayed all night and had a great time!

TracyG said...

terrio said...
...Biltmore Estate in Ashville, NC. Anyone ever been there?

The Biltmore is incredible. We visited years ago, and I was entranced. That would be a beautiful place for a wedding.

Tracy G.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

What a lovely bride you made, Suz! Great post, and congrats on the forthcoming nuptuals. :> And the nice future DIL.

Jane, that GR is loving the Big Apple. Take him over to see my Stepsister at the Zipper Factory, she's the lead in Inner Voices. :>

Terrio, the Biltmore Estate if fabulous. I went to school near there and have been several times. If you ever get a chance to see it decorated for Christmas...ahhhh. Or when the tulips bloom. Wow. Another great Asheville destination is Grove Park Inn. Equally fabulous and more accessible! Ha!

I loved Di and Charles wedding and the old movies of Grace Kelly marrying Ranier of Monoco. Movie weddings I love are from Sound of Music and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. :> I'm sure there are others, but I can't think of it at the moment. In books...hmmm. Eve and Roarke's was fun. Grins.

As to funny moments, when my wonderful DH and I got married, we were about to start when our ring bearer opened the little box he was to carry and said, "Where's the ring's I'm supposed to have?"
Hmmm. I rummaged around in the bride's room and pulled out the ring case, except it wasn't the ring case, it was a similar jeweler's box containing a necklace the DH had given me. Oooops! So we sent the minister's husband back to our house with the keys and told him to hurry.

He did. The thing I remember most was just how much grinning we did that day. My DH and I just couldn't help it, we were just grinning at one another all day from the time we got up till the time we went to bed. My face hurt. But it was a blast. And we hung out with the family all weekend and just enjoyed the whole shebang. And I got to dance with my dad, something I'd never done, and with my DH's Uncle Ralph who tried to teach me to jitterbug in heels and a wedding dress. Heehee.

If I were to do it again, or renew the vows? Scotland. Or maybe the Grove Park Inn. Grins.

Nancy said...

Jane, congratulations on snagging that bird again. You must be feeding him well.

Suz, what a fun post! Congratulations on the upcoming marriage. There was nothing especially quirky about our wedding. At the rehearsal dinner, though, one of my childhood friends (who had taped his pants legs to the appropriate length because he hadn't gotten around to having them hemmed--typical for him) delivered a hilarous toast in the form of a poem about the years we had known each other. Our parents lived next to each other when we were babies; he's two months older than I am. He said his father wrote much of the poem, which I have tucked away in a file. HIs poor father, a stage magician and comedian, got stuck with our Sunday school class when we were in jr. high. We weren't the church's prize class, so finding teachers was difficult.

I'm a sucker for pomp and circumstance, so I always watch royal weddings, too. I think I preferred Andrew and Fergie's to Charles and Diana's, but I prefer Westminster Abbey to St. Paul's. I suppose the "spare" doesn't have to jump through quite so many hoops as the heir does on such occasions.

Terrio, I've been to Biltmore. I can see why you'd choose it for a wedding. It's gorgeous, and the mountains make a fabulous backdrop.

I'm having trouble coming up with weddings from movies or books, other than the beautiful and majestic one from The Sound of Music. I'll probably think of one later, probably while I'm in the car.

terrio said...

Jeanne/Tracy - I go through Ashville several times a year since the meeting point for exchanging kiddo is Knoxville. We are really going to try to see it during Christmas time. I can't imagine how gorgeous that would be.

And I've never heard of the Grove Park Inn but I'll be looking that one up. Thanks for the tip!

PJ said...

Suzanne, congrats on the upcoming wedding! "Saving Grace" is my all-time favorite comfort read and I love the wedding scene.

My wedding was 70's casual. We got married at sunset in a gazebo overlooking Sarasota Bay. There were 30 invited guests and about 50 uninvited guests who came out of their condos to watch. They cheered and applauded when the ceremony concluded.

Nancy said...

Suz, I love the post! Mega congrats to you and the family, and welcome to the bride!

I laughed about the mother of the groom being less stressful. I confess to not having read all the comments yet, but the saying in our family is that the mother of the groom gets to wear beige and keep her mouth shut.

Bliss! Well, so long as you look good in beige. :))

La Vida Vampire

Tiffany Kenzie said...

Beautiful pic. I always love the fun wedding pics.

I didn't see Charles and Di... I would have been a toddler...

When I married, hubby and I had two kids already and had been together six years or so. (I call the wedding the seven year itch since it was almost seven years to the day that we married.

I don't wear white. I refuse to wear white. I had a pink 50's to the knee cocktail dress, with authentic corset (40's) and crinoline that twirled after a few too many wines. We also asked our guests to dress for the 50's... we even had 50's music. And we did it at our flat with lots of great food and booze! I just wanted a party forget the waste on real wedding costs :) when we've already lived together so long, we married at city hall with a hilarious justice of the peace.

p226 said...

I'm told the bachelor party for my wedding was interesting. I have no memory of it, so I cannot confirm or deny.

I've also been told that the bachelor party paled in comparison to the bachelorette party. Which again, I can neither confirm nor deny, even indirectly, since my wife likewise claims not to remember much of it.

I don't know if there was anything unusual about my wedding, except of course for it being mine. Though, I did forget my shoes on the way to the church. I had to turn around to go get them, and as a result, was nearly late. Who knew a ford thunderbird could stay on the road at 100mph on a twisty two lane WV road! Freakin' shoes cost me a set of tires. Smoked 'em gettin' to the church.

I wonder if they aired the entire wedding in the U.S. as they did in Europe.

They did indeed. And the stupid thing preempted my cartoons! *grumble*

pearl said...

Thanks for this lovely and timely post. Congratulations on your son's wedding.
My son just got married this past weekend. What can I say! It was special and emotional. Many out of town guests. A wonderful rehearsal dinner, and the fairytale wedding with the princess bride. Still recovering while they honeymoon.

anne said...

Congrats to you and your family. Aren't weddings wonderful? I love them, the dressing up, the fancy decor, flowers and the celebrating. My oldest son was married 3 years ago and it was the most romantic wedding ever. The music and atmosphere was memorable.

diane said...

I so enjoy weddings. They are the ultimate romantic delight for me.
Congratulations on your son's marriage.
I would love to get married in Italy.
The beauty, romance, history and setting makes it unforgettable.

Anna Sugden said...

Congrat Suz - how lovely that your future daughter-in-law is already one of the family.

Yes, I remember Princess Di's wedding, and Fergie's and Princess Ann's and sadly even Edward's! I don't remember what I was doing or where I watched - but saw them in all their glory.

Christine - LOL at the vicar watching the cricket and forgetting the wedding. I've been at countless weddings where the sermon has started with the latest cricket/football/rugby scores!

And Donna - Four Weddings and Funeral is just the perfect summary of weddings British!

Speaking of which - I loved 27 Dresses, the recent bridesmaid flick.

Doglady - ROFL about the Walmart comeback!

Our wedding was beautiful, full of our closest friends and such fun. It was one of those rare English scorchers, and as it was being held in a country house, everyone was able to mill about in the gardens drinking Pimms.

I didn't wear white either - oyster pink duchesse satin and yes, you guessed it ... Jimmy Choo's! Jimmy Choo himself designed them for me and made them out of the same material as my dress. *sigh* (believe it or not, this was cheaper than buying a pair of shoes and having them dyed to match!)

Anna Sugden said...

Renewing our vows? Well, hubby would probably want to do it at Old Trafford (home of Manchester United), I'd probably want to do it at The Rock (home of the New Jersey Devils), so we'd compromise and renew our vows in our favourite town ... Charleston!

Helen said...

As to where I would like to renew my vows I would like to go on a cruise around the pacific islands and do it all again with all of our friends and family on board for a great time.

Have Fun

Jennifer Y. said...

Congrats to your son!

And you named one of my fave books and wedding scenes...the part with the hero's son asking about his father's wedding gift to her was so touching. She told him that his father gave her a son and he asked if a son was better than horses.

In fact, all of Julie Garwood's wedding scenes (and books) are awesome. Another fave of mine is Ransom...where they wed on a horse, but she doesn't realize it. When she does, she wonders what to tell the grandkids...LOL.

And the wedding in The Wedding is one of my all time faves...the heroine paces around the priest rambling vows...when she appears to be done, no one is quite sure what she said except for the groom who summarizes everything very nicely...and I loved what she said too.

As you can tell, I am a Garwood fan...LOL.

As for my own wedding...that has happened yet, but maybe someday...who knows?

jenna said...

Congrats. Enjoy this special occasion. I always loved weddings from when I was very young and attended them as a flower girl. They are the ultimate romance story. When I do marry and I hope to someday it would be wonderful to have it in Hawaii.

Tawny said...

Ooooh, Suz, I love weddings :-) Congrats on your upcoming family event and best wishes to the bride and groom!

And I LOVE Saving Grace. Julie Garwood is an amazing author, I so enjoyed her historicals.

Jane - go you on snagging that GR!!

Anna Campbell said...

Actually, and this is REALLY going back, they released Princess Anne's wedding in cinemas here. I can remember seeing her in that gorgeous Tudor-style dress in Westminster Abbey. Amazing stuff on the big screen! That one didn't work either. Sigh.

Anna Campbell said...

Ouch, Kirsten, to the snowing and the strapless dresses. I hope blue skin toned with the fabric!

Actually, Brownone, two of my favorite cinematic weddings are Subcontinental ones. I said to my best friend who I saw both films with that THAT's the kind of wedding I want. They're the weddings in Bend It Like Beckham and Monsoon Wedding. Isn't that a lovely film? Did your groom ride up on a horse?

Ooh, Jeanne, how could I forget the Sound of Music wedding? That's just the best! And he looks so handsome in his uniform.

I'm loving all these wedding stories. Keep 'em coming!

Pat Cochran said...

I agree with Jenna, on the beach in Hawaii would be wonderful for a vow
renewal ceremony!

Like all the rest of the world, we
watched the Princess Diana wedding.
(Note that I left out a name because in his case, it wasn't for real!) It was so beautiful! How outrageously sad that he duped all of us, as well as Diana!

Most of my favorite wedding books
bear the name of Julie Garwood.

Congratulations, Jane!

Pat Cochran

Suzanne Welsh said...

Oh, Joanie, we'll be happy to your wedding!!

I always get teary at weddings, but I have to tell you when Lynds got married, I looked around to see my hubby walking down the aisle his eyes overflowing with tears, then I heard my mom and sister sniffling behind me, and my oldest daughter and son with teary eyes up at the alter. I DID NOT was a joyous thing and I was determined ONE of her family members wouldn't be a blubbering itdiot!! hehehe

Suzanne Welsh said...

Oh Kirsten, a migraine on your wedding awful, but glad you were able to rally and have a fun time in the end!

One of the first weddings I was in was my cousins which was in December in Ohio, which equals snow and ice. We word long red velvet gowns and carried muffs with poinsettas on it, (I was all of 15 so I thought it was great!) We slipped and slid across the parking lot, but in the end it was the most picturesque ceremony.

Suzanne Welsh said...

Brownone, I love big family get togethers for weddings! Yours sounded like great fun. And to think you helped launch a budding romance and marriage with your own nuptials!

My daughter-in-law-to-be's family is all coming in town which is adding to the fun for all them. My sister and neice are coming in too to stay with us! So we're all planning on a fun time.

Suzanne Welsh said...

OMG Doglady, how funny!! You know I think the one element you can't control at a wedding is the men. It must be the missing part of the Y chormosome or something, but they do the most spontaneously goofy things.

When Lynds got married, her hubby answered the minister's question "Do you take this woman to be your wife....amen?" with, "Yep, sure do!!" Which cracked us all up. Then instead of the traditional, lifting the veil, (which she didn't have anyways), he took her face in his hands and planted a joyous kiss on her that surprised us all and made her grin.

Okay, that's making me teary, be right back!!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Waving madly at Missouri, hey Tracy G!

You've been married as long as me. I beat you by a few months. We celebrate in March.

Tornado sirens? Wow...maybe it was the heavens celebrating for you?

Kay Thomas said...

Congratulations, Suz on gaining a new daughter in law. I loved seeing the pictures of you and your family in your post.

Some of my favorite wedding moments have been in the movies. I loved 27 Dresses when the bride had all her married bridesmaids wearing the various dresses that she’d had to wear at their weddings over the years.

“You can always cut this off and wear it as a cocktail dress.”
Who hasn’t heard that before?

It was fun seeing that phrase turned around.


Suzanne Welsh said...

Joanie said: I considered making an emergency wine run to her house!

After Lynds' wedding, we came back to our house and opened a bottle of wine. By the time my sister, BIL, mom and dad arrived, I was well into bottle #2! My parents had never seen me drunk. Daddy thought I looked verrrrrrrrrrrrry happy! hehehe

Suzanne Welsh said...

OMG Terrio, I watched Luke & Laura's wedding in the nursing school dorms with all my classmates. We LOVED the whole thing! MMMmmmmmmm and there's just something about the bad-boy-turned-hero, Luke Spencer that you just have to love. But then I've always liked the rake-reformed-by-love story!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Ireland for Joanie, the Biltmore Estate for Terrio. I'd probably do either the Biltmore estate, because I love the mountains and have family just over in Eastern Tenn, OR I'd do the beach in a place called Sebastian Bay in Florida. We spent a week there one summer in a beach house and I'd love to have a relaxing ceremony and honeymoon there.

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey M. Welcome to the Lair!!

Being stranded with your guests on your wedding night. I hope you had lots of mulled wine so everyone stayed happy and toasty!!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Oh Jeanne, the classic missing wedding band! Thank goodness you found out ahead of time. Major kudos to the ring bearer for saving the day!

I think that's one of the things I remember most about my weddin--grinning!! OH, and when it came time to say my vows, I was sure to speak loudly, (I was a soloist in this church so new the accoustics well). I wanted everyone to hear me, not strain because I mumbled.

Anna Sugden said...

OMG I'd forgotten about Luke and Laura's wedding - that was lovely *sniff*!

I adored Luke - though I have to admit having a real soft spot for Robert Scorpio.

Suzanne Welsh said...

Nancy, sounds like your friend was really happy about your marriage, and to be able to roast you on the eve of such a grand day, I bet you laughed and cried at the same time.

Toasts are always fun. My son gave the toast to his sister and BIL...He started out with..."Marriage, is why we're gathered here..." Complete with accent from the movie Princess Bride, which cracked everyone up! But by the time he finished, everyone was in tears, including him. AWWWWWWWWW

Suzanne Welsh said... soul sister!! How many times have YOU read Saving Grace? I've read it 27 times!! I may reread it after the family leaves from the wedding!! Isn't that wedding just the best?

Suzanne Welsh said...

Ah Nancy, I've been very good about keeping my mouth shut...well except for trying to talk the groom out of dying his hair red and black. But the bride said she thought it would be sweet, (huh?), since that was how his hair was the night she met him. Shaking my head here. Will keep you posted as to if he actually does this or not, (pray very hard for sanity, please!)

flchen1 said...

Congrats, Suz!! What a lovely time it'll be!

I'm glad we asked a friend to videotape our wedding--we played the tape last year on our anniversary, and our kids were very interested to see who they recognized :)

Congrats on the GR, Jane!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Wow, Tiffany, sounds like your party was a blast. And you know, I think weddings should be a celebration. Whether it's the big Catholic processional with high mass, the small Baptist wedding with blue grass music, a small get together at an ourdoor park or one big party, the most important things are celebrating the love between the man and woman and the public committment they've made to each other.

A 50's party sound like a great idea!!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Ah, but p226 you made it to the church on time! And after all isn't your wife's happiness worth a set of tires? Be careful how you answer that! :)

I was married before the days of bachelorette parties. Dang it! I'd have loved one. grumble, grumble!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Pearl, congratulations to you, too! Isn't being the mother of the groom rockin'?

Anything that takes a week to recup from has to be a grand time!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Yes Anne, but you know what my favorite thing about wedding receptions is?


Butter cream icing, YUMMOOOOOOO!!

Hey, I get some this weekend. I'm thinking it's got raspberry filling, but I could be wrong. Oh wait, not my problem to worry about!! whoohoo!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Okay Anna S, I have to ask, how crazy was England during the Royals' weddings? Were you still living over there then?

And...Jimmy Choo made your shoes?!?! OMG, personally made them for you?!?! uh...don't tell Tawny, she'll probably have shoe envy!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Oh Helen, a wedding cruise with family!! Wouldn't that be great fun? Hmmmmm, maybe I can talk hubby into it for our 30th and drag the kids and grandkids?

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Jennifer, my JG fan buddy! I knew you'd remember that wedding in Saving Grace. Wasn't it just the best? I think another great one was the wedding at the beginning of Gifts where the heroine is all of 4 and the groom 13? They do the ceremony, he leaves and doesn't return for 15 years or so, just in time to claim his bride. And his life is turned upside down from that moment on. Hmm, wonder where my copy of The Gift is?

Anna Campbell said...

Suz, wedding cake is one of my least favorite things about weddings. In Oz, we usually have a VERY heavy fruitcake with horrible thick marzipan icing. Ugh!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Tawny!! Thanks for the well wishes. They've been engaged for about 18 months, and are such a fun couple. I know we'll have a blast on Saturday. Pink and white and black cake and barbecue...only in Texas!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey new Harlequin author, Kay Thomas is visiting us! Hey Kay!!

I've been meaning to rent 27 dresses. I think I have 8 bridesmaids dresses. And of course I've never cut any of them short to be cocktail dresses!

peggy said...

congratulations to the bride and groom.i think all weddings are own was special to me.
but i enjoyed my sisters and brothers also.

Suzanne Welsh said...

OMG Anna. When you come to San Francisco we HAVE to find a bakery and get a small wedding cake. Some bakeries even sell it by the slice. Trust me, this is NOTHING like what you describe. Warning, the stuff is addictive!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Anna S. Whatever happened to the actor that played Robert Scorpio? Loved his accent!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey flechen!

By the way, y'all know Hey is like HI in Texas, don't ya?

I love videotapes of weddings. My hubby did some taping of my daughter's reception. It's still surreal to watch the bride dressed in her dress, dancing around barefoot to punk rock music! Hilariously good fun!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Peggy! Sometimes it's more fun to be the guest or family member than the person standing in front of God and everyone baring your soul and making vows, isn't it?

Jennifer Y. said...

I think another great one was the wedding at the beginning of Gifts where the heroine is all of 4 and the groom 13?

How could I have forgotten that one?!?! It is one of my fave you made me want to pull out all my Garwood books like The Gift, The Wedding, Ransom, Saving Grace, Prince Charming (I still wish she'd write a sequel to this one)....

Anna Sugden said...

Foanna - I agree with you on wedding cake - it's the same in the UK. That's why we had cupcakes at our wedding; chocolate, vanilla and strawberries and cream cupcakes decorated with buttercream gerbera daisies.

Suz - totally crazy! Oh yes - we know how to do a royal wedding *grin*.

And I had to look up Robert Scorpio aka Tristan Rogers ... the only thing I knew about him was that he did the voice-over for one of the Disney The Rescuer movies. The man has his own website and, according to imdb, has been doing guest appearances in various TV shows (including GH in 2006). He's matured rather nicely ;)

Esri Rose said...

Big congratulations to you and your family, Suzanne!

I recently saw "27 Dresses." Cute movie, and the ending wedding had the dual features of...


the chastened shallow sister, and all the formerly wedded friends wearing the bridesmaid dresses our heroine had had to suffer in.

I can't think of a really romantic movie wedding I've liked.

Esri Rose said...

Oh, I see I'm not the only one who liked "27 Dresses."

I'm a hit-and-run poster today.

Gillian Layne said...

Ok, I'm sleepy and having great fun reading all these posts after running kiddos around all day, but had to post in order to say--

Suzanne! I'm so glad you'll be tracking down a wedding cake slice for Anna! Maybe you guys can crash a reception at the hotel :)

I can't imagine hating wedding cake. I think it would be worth renewing vows for, although I would need a bit of spandex in my gown (always a classy touch at a wedding ;0) )

Suzanne Welsh said...

OMG, Jennifer, I do too! My favorite scene? When she's shooting at the rabbits. Okay, people, don't yell, I don't believe she ever really got one, but it's like the rabbits were the last straw!!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Esri...glad you got to drive by and post. Now I definitely have to rent 27 dresses! I love Romantic comedies.

Suzanne Welsh said...

Don't worry, Gillian, I'll make a convert out of our Anna!

Butter Cream icing, YUMMMOOOOOOOOO!!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Thanks everyone for the well wishes for my son and DIL to be! I think it's going to be a grand wedding, and even more importantly, a happy marriage!!

And thanks for sharing the happy wedding stories!


Pat Cochran said...

Just had to pop back in to say "Hey"
to fellow Texan, Suzanne! Enjoyed all the wedding stories, "Best Wishes"
to the happy couple, and Anna C: hope
you do get to try some U.S.-style wedding cake!

Pat Cochran

Jennifer Y. said...

OMG, Jennifer, I do too! My favorite scene? When she's shooting at the rabbits.

That's one of my faves! And when the little girls start telling him all he missed while he was gone. There were so many secondary characters in that one that I wish would get stories...the children, the hero's brothers (who we never meet), etc.