Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Summer Blockbusters!

by Beth Andrews

Since summer time is blockbuster movie time, I thought I'd get a few opinions on what movies people are excited to catch this summer. So I gathered a few characters from my debut release, Not Without Her Family, to get their opinions on what they're looking forward to seeing (hey, I never said I was going to talk to 'real' people *g*)

Before we get started, I'd like to introduce you all to a few of my favorite characters:

Jack Martin - Serenity Springs chief of police, widower, single father and all around good guy (and also our hero *g*)

Kelsey Reagan - our heroine is a bartender, a troublemaker and the perfect woman for Jack *g*

Dillon Ward - Kelsey's older brother is a local carpenter, an ex-convict and a man in serious need of some love and laughter in his life

Allie Martin - Jack's younger sister, an ex-defense attorney and current small business owner, she turns heads and breaks hearts wherever she goes

Emma Martin - Jack's six year old daughter. Emma is precocious, adorable and far too inquisitive for her age (especially when she starts talking about Jack and Kelsey getting her a baby brother)

Beth crosses her legs and takes out her notebook and favorite pen. Okay, let's get started. What movie are you most looking forward to seeing this summer and why? Let's go around the room. Jack? You're first.

Jack: I'm looking forward to seeing Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull because I loved the Indiana Jones' movies as a kid. But I'll probably wait to see it on DVD since it's too scary to take my six year old daughter to.

Emma hops off her chair: I wouldn't get scared, Daddy! Honest. And if I did, you could take me out for ice cream to make me feel better.

Beth catches Emma's sly grin and fights her own smile. She clears her throat: Uh, okay, Kelsey, what about you:

Kelsey, sitting with one leg tucked under the other swings her free leg: I'm dying to see Wanted partly because it looks like Angelina Jolie kicks some serious a** in this movie but also because I'm crushing big time on James McAvoy!

Jack, raising his eyebrows: Oh, really?

Kelsey grins and leans over to give Jack a playful kiss: No need to be jealous, sheriff. You're the only gun toting, handcuff wielding guy for me. Especially since you wield those handcuffs so well.

Dillon flinches: I'm going to be sick.

Allie sends a significant look toward Emma: Could we move on? There are small children here.

Beth blushes to see the heated look passing between Jack and Kelsey: Oh, yes. Sorry. Emma? What movie do you want to see?

Emma hops up and down: I wanna see Kung Fu Panda! Emma starts twirling and kicking and punching, punctuating each move with a forceful Hiyah! Look how good I can do karate! A boy at my school takes karate lessons but my dad says I'm not allowed even though I'm almost seven and I didn't even cry when I got my ears pierced and they hurt a lot.

Beth leans away from the adorable six year old's flying fists of fury: Uhm...Okay. Dillon?

Dillon slouches in his chair: Yeah?

Beth's throat goes dry at having his full attention. There's just something sexy about a dangerous bad boy: The summer movie you're most looking forward to?

Dillon: I don't go to the movies.

Beth: Ever?

Allie: How can you not go to the movies? Is that like a religious preference?

Dillon slides Allie a hooded look: No. I just don't go.

Allie leans forward, exasperation clear on her beautiful face: Well, let's say for the sake of argument that you do go to the movies. What would you like to see?

Kelsey slaps Dillon's knee: I bet you want to see The Incredible Hulk! Remember when we were little and you'd try and tear your shirt off as if you were turning into the big green guy? Oh, and that time you colored your face with green marker only to find out later it was permanent?

All the adults burst out in laughter.

Kelsey, wiping a tear of laughter from her eye: I swear, he was green for three weeks. Looked like he had a permanent case of motion sickness!

Dillon's lip twitched which is actually pretty close to a smile for him: Hancock.

Beth blinks: Excuse me?

Dillon: The movie I'd see? Hancock. Because Will Smith is pretty cool.

Beth: That he is. Okay, Allie, what about you?

Allie flips her gorgeous dark hair over her shoulder: I can't wait to see Mamma Mia! I mean, Colin Firth and Pierce Brosnan in the same movie? Heaven!

Beth: I want to see that one too! Looks like a lot of fun and could even make me appreciate ABBA. Hey, maybe we could all go together?

Dillon glances at Jack: Just shoot me now.

Allie swats him on the arm: Don't be a drama king. It'd be fun for us all to hang out together.

Jack pulls Emma onto his lap and motions for Kelsey to sit on the arm of his chair: I don't think Beth's going to have much time for movies this summer.

Beth: I'm not?

Jack: No. You still have to finish your next story, remember?

Beth pouts prettily then sighs: You're right. She lowers her voice. I need to get Dillon his Happily Ever After. Poor man's been put through the ringer.

Dillon jumps to his feet: That's it. I'm outta here.

Kelsey grins and leans onto Jack's shoulder: Don't worry, Dillon. Once you get your Happy Ending, you'll see that all that torture Beth put you through was so worth it.

She and Jack kiss with Emma grinning happily between them.

Okay, so that was our interview. Sorry it got a little out of hand there at times - you all know how those darn characters get minds of their own :-)

So, what about you all? Any movies you're dying to see this summer? How do you prefer to watch your movies: At the theater, at the drive-in or at home? What's your favorite movie watching snack?


Esri Rose said...

Here, rooster, rooster, rooster…

Esri Rose said...


Anna Campbell said...

Esri!!! ESRI!!!! Just goes to show persistence pays! Congratulations! You are an inspiration to us all, my friend! Now go cook...um, entertain some chook!

Beth, loved getting the insight into your characters through their movie preferences. Do you want to hear something pathetic? I didn't even know half those movies were coming out! I'm so out of touch these days. I have however recently started to rent some DVDs (took me till last January to even get a DVD player) so I'm slowly catching up on a lot of films I've missed. Which means I should see the ones you mention in, oh, 2019?

By the way, and this is completely real life, I'm so excited about your book coming out. Can't wait to read it!

Jane said...

I can't wait to see "The Dark Knight," "X-files 2" and the third Mummy movie. I prefer to watch movies in the theater with the surround sound, but it costs about $12 for a ticket. I don't go to the movies unless it's a movie I can't wait for it to be released on dvd. It only takes a couple of months for a movie to be released on dvd. My favorite snack is popcorn loaded with butter and soda. If I'm at home, I usually prefer eating Doritos or ice cream.

Christine Wells said...

Yay, Esri!!! Congrats on snaffling the GR!

What a fun post, Beth. Can't wait for Not Without Her Family. Woohoo, we have so many great Bandita books to look forward to. Love the sound of Dillon, too:)

I think y'all over there get these movies a long time before we do in Oz, but one movie I'm really looking forward to is Duchess, about the Duchess of Devonshire. No doubt it will be hugely inaccurate in the name of a good story, but I still want to see it. I think I'll have to see that one in the theatre. I haven't been to the movies in over a year.

Helen said...

Congrats Esri

Beth I loved the interviews and I can't wait to read the book.

As for movies I want to see The Indiana Jones movie I don't go to the movies a lot usually wait till they come on DVD but there are some that I must go to the theatre to see and the Indiana Jones movie is one hubby and I are going to see it comes out here in Australia on Thursday.
I haven't been to the drive in since the kids were little and we took them to see Star Wars I always loved the drive in.
As for favourite snacks popcorn and Diet coke a must.

Have Fun

Carol said...

well done! and what I wonder is the feathered scoundrel going to get up to there in Col. Perhaps you could take him up to see the FlatIrons!
Beth I like the sound of your heroine!

I checked the upcoming lists...

Definatly going to see Indy..
There is one called Leatherheads with George Cloony, now who could resist anything George is in!
I notice there is an Opera series starting and the one advertised is Aida...
I also fancy Narnia.
I love to go to the Movies, and have some chockies - cadburys! or M&M.s or a choctop!!
But people rattling their chip wrappers is a bit of a drag!
(I put my munchies into a zip-lock bag so as not to offend and try not to munch the cone on my chocktop to ferociously)

Cheers Carol

Eva S said...

Congrats Esri!

Nowadays I watch most of the movies at home but some "bigger" movies are worth the theater and one of them is Indiana, I'm going with my whole family next week.

Beth, your book sounds like a great summer read, I rather read than watch movies...

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Congrats Esri!!!!! Have fun with the GR today.
Anna, I didn't know about some of the movies either. I mean, Colin Firth and Pierce Brosnan, together in one place. Be still my heart.

Christie Kelley said...

I'm really looking forward to Indiana Jones. In fact we have all three movies on DVD and watched the first one Saturday night again. But honestly, I'd much rather watch a movie at home than in the theaters. There are so many movies that are either too loud or the sound is off and you can't make out all the dialogue.

Christie Kelley said...

And Beth, I forgot to tell you how much I enjoyed the blog. I can't wait to read your book!

Beth said...

Congrats on nabbing the GR, Esri! Is it bad that I almost stayed up late to post the blog (instead of begging Tawny to do it *g*) just so I could nab the GR? Is that even allowed? :-)

Anna, I don't get to the movies very often either and am terribly behind on my movie watching :-( There are so many movies I want to see this summer I might have to break the bank and hit the theater ;-)

Jane, I've never watched X-Files so that's one I'll probablyl skip, but I loved Batman Begins (and I really loved Christian Bale *mooning sigh*) so The Dark Knight is definitely on my list!

Oh, Doritos! I adore Doritos! And Sunchips - the cheese or French onion flavors are best! My older daughter is our ice cream eater - eats it every day. Seriously.

Beth said...

Thanks, Christine! I'm almost finished with Dillon's story and it's been so much fun torturing...uh...I mean, helping him earn his Happy Ending ;-)

I see The Duchess stars Keira Knightley! Looks wonderful *g*

Helen, I'm going to try and watch Indy in the theater too! Seems a big hero like Indy/Harrison needs a big screen *g*

I love the Drive-In too! We have two in our area - both are about a 40 min drive - but the one is by a river. The last time we went there we were attacked by mosquitos *g* But piling the kids in the car and snuggling under the blankets as a family was worth losing a few quarts of blood :-)

Beth said...

Carol, I want to see Leatherheads too. Not only is George in it but one of my favorite actors, John Krasinski (from TV's The Office) is too!

I don't eat much chocolate when watching movies, I prefer Twizzlers *g* And I have no idea what a chocktop is. Could you enlighten me? But I so agree with you about the crinkly bags - soooo distracting!

Eva, I love watching movies at home. I can control the sound, pause when I want to take a bathroom break or make a snack run and if it's a really good movie, I can watch it again. And again :-) Have fun watching Indy next week!

Beth said...

Dianna, I think having Colin and Pierce in the same movie will make it much easier to deal with having all those ABBA songs stuck in my head for a few days ;-) Looks like a really fun movie!

Christie, we watched Raiders of the Lost Ark with the kids a long time ago so it's definitely time to reintroduce them to the wonders of Indy :-) Maybe we'll have an Indiana Jones movie marathon this weekend!

Buffie said...

The latest Indiana Jones is on my must see list! I can't wait to see Harrison in action again.

The whole family went to see Prince Caspian this past weekend. Pretty good movie! And the actor who plays the Prince is definitely hottie material ;)

Carol said...

Hi again,
um...a choctop is an icecream in a cone where the top/icecream part has been dipped in chocolate... you can get single or double serves of icecream in the cones.
And different flavours.

And honestly I've NEVER tasted better icecream that the one's we had in the USA...icecream to die for...

CrystalGB said...

I want to see the Indian Jones movie, the Narnia movie, Dark Knight and the third Mummy movie.
I love going to the theater but enjoy watching at home too. My favorite snack to eat while watching movies is popcorn.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hi everyone! Beth, quite the full room you had there with all those characters. What a great way to do it. :>

Movies...I love movies. With two kids, its hard to get out to the movies. With the cost of tix and a babysitter. Urg.

However, we went to see Ironman. I'm going to have to see it again. Gosh it was GOOD! I want to see Indy too, of course. that's going to be a serious blockbuster, isn't it? I want to see the third Mummy movie and Leatherheads too. (I love football and combine that with George? Yum.)

A lot of times we wait until DVD because its so much easier to work the timing around the kids! And, as you said, Beth, potty breaks and snack breaks are MUCH easier!

However, there's just nuthin' like the theatre..

Snacks? There's no snacking in the movies! Ha! I usually get so absorbed and even if I get a snack I don't eat it. And I get so cold in the theatre I won't drink a cold drink. Then I'd REALLY freeze! ha!

Cheri2628 said...

Hi. I enjoyed your blog. We watch a lot of movies at home courtesy of Netflix, but some movies are best seen in the theater. I am looking forward to the next Indiana Jones movie. When I watch a movie at a theater, I must have popcorn...with lots of butter. At home, I don't feel the need to eat anything for some reason!

Beth said...

Buffie, the youngest daughter and I want to see the new Narnia movie as well. The prince looks mighty cute indeed *g*

Carol, thank you for the explanation! I usually get my ice cream in a bowl unless it's a super hot day then I get a cone *g* I know that's sort of backwards but there's something so fun about trying to eat the ice cream before it melts all over!

Crystalgb, I have to admit I haven't seen either of the Mummy movies which is a shame because I could tell from the parts of them I have seen that they're right up my alley ;-) Okay, so next weekend I'll have a Mummy movie marathon *g*

I also love popcorn - I eat it all the time! Another think I love about the movies is the coming attrctions! I hate to be late to a movie just because I hate missing all the new movie previews *ggg*

Beth said...

Jeanne, kids put a damper on my husband and my movie going days as well *g* Now the kids go with their friends more than my husband and I go!

And I'm not sure I should be eating during the movies. On my dh and my first date we went to a movie and he bought a HUGE tub of buttered popcorn - my favorite! Except he set it on the floor between us (for some unknown reason) and neither one of us touched it. I wasn't about to eat it first and since he made no move to eat any, it was wasted :-(

Then there was the time we took the kids to see the first Shrek movie and we had a HUGE pop we were sharing (cuz it was cheaper than buying individual drinks) and I picked it up from the lid (duh) which of course came off. Pop dumped all over my lap. I was a sticky mess by the time we got out of there :-)

Hi Cheri! I just got a Netflix subscription so I could watch all of Roswell and I'm loving it! As soon as I'm finished with my latest book I'm going to take a morning and just fill up my Netfix queue :-)

I eat light popcorn at home but when I go to the theater, my motto is The More Artifical Butter Flavoring The Better ;-)

Joan said...

Great interview, Beth. Just ups my anticipation of reading "Not Without My Family".

Movies? Hmmm. The Narnia one for sure (I like talking animals :-)
Probably the Indy one, Mamma Mia for sure (I saw that on Broadway a couple of years ago. Cute show and sorry, but I LIKE ABBA songs. Did I just hear P226 cringe?)

And popcorn. LOTS of popcorn! There is no other popcorn as tasty as that at the theatre...if you can afford it. Here a medium and a small drink will cost more than the ticket!

Christie Kelley said...

Oh Beth, I forgot to add my favorite snack--popcorn with butter and salt!!

doglady said...

YAY, Esri! Way to wustle a wooster! Persistence pays off at last!

What a great blog, Beth! Can't wait to read the book. Dillon sounds fascinating too.

My favorite movie snacks are Cadbury's chocolate, buttered popcorn and red twizzler licorice!

I definitely want to see Duchess! Love a woman who takes no prisoners.

The Mummy movie will be good as long as Oded Fehr is in it. Although Brendan Fraser is not bad either.

Opera movies? Count me in!

Wolverine and Indiana Jones sound like great movies to see with my niece and nephews. They have already seen the Narnia movie and loved it.

Tawny said...

Beth - I cannot WAIT to read Dillon's story! Yes, I know Jack's story is your debut and I love and adore it... but heeheehee, I have it here on my desk and have read it already, so now I'm panting for Dillon!

As for movies, hmm... definitely IronMan and Batman for sure - OMG I cannot wait for Batman. I'm eh on Hulk, but might check out Leatherheads.

My youngest wants to watch the Star Wars series so I need to get it in DVD (the first three, or middle three, or however you put it - the old ones) since our vhs are so wonky, and we're planning a Schools Out celebration of Pirates and popcorn :-)

Nancy said...

Way to go, Esri! Congratulations!

Beth, I loved the interview! I'm looking forward to Harrison Ford demonstrating that 60 is the new 30 by whuppin' up on bad guys as Indiana Jones. Hancock looks strange to me--no real desire to see a whale flung about, and that's the only promo I've seen. Though I can see why it might appeal to someone Dillon's age!

The film I'm most anticipating isn't in theaters but on DVD--Stargate: Continuum, featuring my beloved SG-1, complete with Richard Dean Anderson as Gen. Jack O'Neill (July 29 for other afficionados who may not know already).

Jane, I'm also looking forward to The Dark Knight but with some reservations. I don't like spending a lot of time in the heads of wackos, which would include pretty much any incarnation of the Joker, no matter how good Heath Ledger was in the role. The eew factor outweighs the excellence of the performance for me. Christian Bale's Batman is spot-on, though.

Anna C., we rarely get to the actual theater. We have to be highly motivated. As Jane points out, costs are rising ($7.50 here, as opposed to her $12--but still! There are 3 of us, after all!), and it isn't always convenient. For the most part, we let first-week crowds fall off before we go.

Christie, I'm very noise-sensitive, too. When the sound system is set for a full theater, it tends to be annoyingly loud in a sparsely filled matinee. (We hunt for the cheap shows, as a rule). And let's not even start on the jerks who treat the theater like their living rooms and just chatter away through the movie. They're a big reason we wait until after the first week or two on most movies; crowds are smaller, making it possible to escape such people by moving.

Christine, would that be Georgina, Duchess of Devonshire? I didn't know there was such a film!

Carol, Leatherheads was filmed partly in the Carolinas, so people here are kind of excited about it. It looks good, too. My son saw the Narnia movie and said it was very good, though his opinion of Peter as a general was not high.

Helen and Beth, there was a drive-in nearby when I was growing up, and my family used to go sometimes. When I was a teenager, the charge was $5 a carload, so we once jammed 8 people in a Chevy Impala and went to the movie. I don't even remember what we saw, just that we had a great time.

Eva, thanks for stopping by!

Jeanne, glad you liked Iron Man. We really did.

Crystal, if you mean the Brendan Fraser Mummy movies, we haven't seen those, and I'm not sure why. I love archaeology, and Brendan Fraser is generally good.

Favorite movie snack: Milk Duds and Coke. Cholesterol and fat, anyone?

Minna said...

They have turned Mamma Mia into a movie? Guess I'll wait until I can get it on DVD. I like music by Abba. Which reminds me: right now there is Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrad.

ABBA - Waterloo (Eurovision Song Contest 1974)

Hector - Takaisin Narniaan (Back to Narnia)

Esri Rose said...

Beth: What cute characters you have! And are you telling me I sniped the GR from under the blog poster's nose? YEAH, baby!

The GR greeted the dawn with a dry-throated bwok? because the air is a little thin. But he recovered after a hearty breakfast of ham and oatmeal. Then he spotted Musette playing in her tutu and fell instantly in love


Nothing would please him but to direct her in a neighborhood production of the beautiful but little-known sister ballet to Swan Lake -- Cat Puddle.

Currently they're working on the scene where the Prince comes back from a long vacation and puts on his favorite slippers, only to find that they are a little moist. Clearly this is a message from the lovely TinkleBell (played by Musete) that the evil petsitter must not be hired again.

As for movies, Leatherheads has my vote, but we have a home theater (courtesy of eBay), so it'll have to wait for DVD. I would have wanted to see Duchess, because I read a really good biography of her, but for some reason, Kiera Knightly has started to bug me. I think it's the slight Pekinese underbite. I keep expecting her to break out in hysterical yapping. I'll see Narnia and Aida, too. Hancock looks like it could go either way -- good silly or bad silly.

P.S. Musette has never peed inappropriately, and loves her petsitter, Uncle Dennis.

brownone said...

We've been catching most movies on DVD lately because between the gas, ticket prices, and popcorn, it gets pretty darned expesive for a family of five. I'll probably treat the kids to see Kung Fu Panda as an end of the school year treat but that's about it. I'll pretty much have to wait for everything else on DVD (although I REALLY want to see Hancock and that new one by M. Night Shyamalan).

Minna said...

Did someone say Stargate? Is that cute guy with glasses in it, too?

jo robertson said...

Great interview with your characters, Beth! I just love your title -- did I tell you that? It's such a powerful statement. Can't wait to read it.

And I just knew Dillon would have a story -- like those bad boys.

Esri, bwok, bwok, bwok!!

Hmmm, movies this summer? I'm such a freak. I used to go to at least two movies a week -- in the theatre. But since I've been writing so rigorously, I hardly ever go now. I DO have JUNO coming from Netflicks today, so I'm happy with that.

Movie theatre food -- Yuck!! If the movie theatre police aren't around I'll tell you how I sneak Dr. Big's delicious home-made popcorn into the show in my giant movie purse.

I'm so bad.

terrio said...

No time to play but I just had to say these characters sound great! Oh, I have to pick this up. Congrats on the new book and hopefully I'll get back to play later. Stupid day job....

Beth said...

Joan, my girls used to listen to a band that did covers of ABBA's songs so they know the classics such as Dancing Queen and Take A Chance On Me - I think they were called the A-Teens? Anyway, after listening to them repeatedly, I've had my fill of ABBA *g*

And at our movie theater it's cheaper to buy the biggest size of popcorn they have and get free refills. I used to bring paper bags so that each kid had their own *g*

Doglady - Yes! Another Twizzler fan *g* I eat them at the movies and at baseball/softball games. Hmm...maybe I'll pick some up to take the Memorial Day picnic. They always go over well :-)

Tawny you're cracking me up! Yes, Jack isn't quite the bad boy Dillon is but he is the perfect hero for Kelsey, don't ya think?

And I love the original Star Wars! Wonder if I can get my youngest to watch them with me?

Esri Rose said...

Jo: I hear JUNO is great.

Tell me about your giant movie purse. I long to know.

Cassondra said...

Beth what a fun interview!

That's a great way for us to meet your characters. And I'm likin Dillon a lot. Ahem...okay I'm mad at you that I haven't even read your FIRST book and now I want your SECOND book already. Grrrrr.

When I was a kid there was no movie theater in our town. It had closed down years before I was born. It opened briefly for a summer and I got to see Herbie the Love Bug but that fell flat and it closed again. So I got to go to movies only when my brother came in from college and drove me 20 miles to the next town to see a film. No drive in either of course.

But when we moved here in 2000, the little town down the road has....drum roll please....A DRIVE IN!!!! YES!!!! I'd never been to a drive in but now we try to go at least once or twice per summer. It's WAY cheaper than theaters in town, and it's FUN. The food is better too--burgers and chili dogs and funnel cakes. They show two movies back to back--a more family friendly one first and then a more adult one with about thirty minutes in between so the people wtih kids can go home if they don't want the more adult films.

I DO want to see Indiana Jones, and Mama Mia sounds great too.

Like Anna, I see so few films that I didn't even know what was opening this summer. Okay, this year I'm promising myself more FUN!

Beth said...

Nancy, you know, part of the reason I think I'll try and see Hancock is for Jason Bateman *g* I loved him as a kid and now he's back! I thought he was great in Juno even if his character ends up being squeevy :-)

And one of the reasons I love the Drive-In is because it's so much cheaper than the theater *g* The one by the river charges only $5 a person and kids under 12 are free and you get to watch two movies! I love a good deal ;-)

Yep, Minna, Mamma Mia the movie will be out this summer and not only does it have Colin and Pierce, but Meryl Streep - I adore her!

Here's where I get all my upcoming movie information if anyone's interested: http://movies.msn.com/movies/movie-guide-summer/genre/action-thriller/nav=A/

LOL, Esri! So sorry about the damp slippers. Unfortunately your link didn't work. I must see Musette in her tutu! You do realize it takes a very special female to steal the GR's heart don't you?

Beth said...

Brownone, I'm such a sissy - I've seen the commercial for The Happening and it scared me to death! And this was just a 30 second commercial!

Jo, I would sneak AirHeads (taffy) into the theater for my kids because they love to eat it while watching movies but there was no way I was buying at the theater *g* Oh, and I also sneak in other snacks if they wanted them and I've even been known to sneak in a can of pop - but you have to be careful when you open it so no one catches you :-)

I hope you like Juno! My older daughter and I loved it. We quote the best lines from it to each other all the time *g*

Thanks for stopping by, Terri! Hope to see you after you return from the stupid day job!

Beth said...

Cassondra, we're lucky to have our little, two screen movie theater. About ten years ago, it closed but the town rallied behind it, renovated it and now it's doing really well! It's a lot cheaper than the big, 8 screen (yes, 8 screens is a big theater where I live *g*) that's about 20 miles away.

And I couldn't agree with you more about the food at drive-ins! We always bring our own popcorn and drinks and then we buy hot food from the concession. We love their fries. It's how we got the kids to start sprinkling vinegar on their French Fries - now they do it at home too :-)

terrio said...

I finally got a break and I've got up. Congrats, Esri. And Musette is adorable. Black is her color.

I don't get to the theater often. I only go if I think the movie is worth the money and me finding the time. The criteria is tough.

I plan on seeing Dark Knight and Mamma Mia in the theaters. And might take the kiddo to see Narnia. She's excited about that one.

I grew up going to the Drive-In all the time. Bambi, Grease, Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Porky's movies. LOL! My parents were pretty liberal in their parenting ways.

I know my daughter would love the Drive-In but I don't know of any around here. I'm another who doesn't snack during movies. Bottle of water is all I need.

terrio said...

Uhm...that was *caught* up. I should edit more.

Eva S said...

Thanks Beth for the movie-guide! I wonder about Mongol... Anna, do you remember about Genghis-Khan and a love story?!

limecello said...

So cute! Very creative post :). Hm, the movie I most want to see is Dark Knight. I've been waiting for it forever! Otherwise... I don't really know what movies are out :X

Nancy said...

Yes, Minna, the cute guy with glasses IS in the Stargate movie. But Something Bad happens to him. I like Abba, too, especially that chromatic run in "Beach Baby." They make great sing-along songs.

Esri, it sounds as if you're keeping the GR busy. Excellent! It won't do to have him getting fat and lazy.

Beth, I think we got out of the habit of movie-going when we started having to pay sitters. We sort of figured if we were going to that trouble, we should go to dinner, too, which meant feeding the sitter. So we were looking at, in total, just about $75 for an evening out. We had to REALLY want to see a movie to go to that trouble and expense!

Brownone, the pandas don't seem to be on the boy's list, but that might be because he's not aware of them yet. He doesn't scoff at movies made for younger children.

We took the boy to the theatrical re-release of Star Wars when he was four, and he loved the saga! He now prefers the newer films, but I like the old ones better. More heart, I think.

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Beth, LOVED your interview with your characters! Can't wait to read "Not Without Her Family" and now that I know bad boy Dillon gets his own book, I'm TWICE as anxious!

Like many others have mentioned, I don't go to the theater much. The noise level is bad, and not all from the screen. Other patrons and THEIR CELL PHONES are so incredibly rude... Plus, I have this condition, TB (as in tiny bladder) that makes me get up at least once (or in the case of a looong movie like POTC3 twice)during the show. Hitting the old pause button is MUCH BETTER!

All that being said, I probably will go and see Indy at the theater. There are some films that just do not transfer well to the small screen and Indy definitely fits that category!

who MUST have hot buttered popcorn, even at home, otherwise it's not really a movie

Pat Cochran said...

Congratulations on the GR, Miss Esri!

Not being much of a movie-goer, I
really haven't thought about the
summer films. Of those thus far
mentioned, Mamma Mia might be a
possibility and the Panda film for
the grandchildren.

Pat Cochran

Esri Rose said...

Beth: If that link didn't work for you, go to elvesamongus.com and click on the blog tab. Musette's pix are in the first blog entry. You might have to scroll down to see the picture.

Do movie theaters still sell those Sno-Caps -- the chocolate candies with the non-pareils on top? I used to love those.

Nancy said...

AC, I agree--some movies need the big screen. The LOTR trilogy comes to mind. They're still grat on DVD, but those sweeping vistas lose something in translation.

Nancy said...
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Nancy said...

Uh, that's "great" on DVD, not "grat." *sigh*

Anna Campbell said...

Beth, one of the DVDs I got was Batman Begins. What a great movie (although I wish the heroine had been a bit oomphier). Isn't Christian B just gorgeous? Sigh. And I loved the dark subtext and the emotion. Wow! If there's a new Batman, I'm there! Eating barbecue potato chips! Or Maltesers. Do you have them in the US? They're yummy scrummy! Ooh, Carol, and Choctops!!!

I loved both Mummy movies. I LOVE the heroine in those and Brendan Fraser is so sweet in a hunky kinda way. Sounds like I might be venturing out this June! Seems funny hearing them called summer releases. It's midwinter over here!

Beth, you HAVE to see the first two Mummy movies. I have two words for you - ODED FEHR!!! He's the handsomest Bedouin you'll see in a month of Sundays!

Anna Campbell said...

Eva, it's an old Omar Shariff film. Loved it when I was about 14. Not sure what I'd think now. Mind you, I haven't changed THAT much and I remember Omar was mighty purty!

Joan said...

Okay, I'm now craving hot buttered popcorn!

AC, it's a running joke amongst my friends that I ALWAYS have to get up at least ONCE during a movie. I make sure I sit on the outside so as not to distrub them!

And how many here will lynch me when I say I don't care for George Clooney? Let's see...one, two....eighty..

The only movie I think he excelled in was "O Brother Where Art Thou"...excellent blend of satire and buffonery.

I didn't even care for him in ER.

Now Brendan Frasier's a whole nother story...

Cherie J said...

Quite a few movies hubby and I want to see. I want to see Prince Caspian and we both want to see Iron Man. He also wants to see Indiana Jones. We like to go to the movie theater and see the movie there if we can get babysitting. If not, then we buy it on DVD or rent it later. We don't usually snack because it is distracting but occasionally we will pop some popcorn.

Eva S said...

This Mongol seems to be a new film with Channing Tatum as Genghis Khan.

terrio said...

Eva - GET OUT! I have to go look that up. That boy is downright delicious.

Beth said...

Glad you made it back, Terri! I remember seeing Fast Times and Porkys but not with my parents *g* I could've seen them at the theater. Our local theater was a bit lenient with the rated R movies when I was younger. Now they're very strict :-)

Thanks, limecello *g* The only reason I know what's coming out is because I use msn.com as my homepage. Under their movie page they list what to look for this summer :-)

Nancy, that's when we stopped going out as much as well. Plus, I do love to take the kids to the movies though :-)

AC, cell phones going off in the movie theater is the worst! Well, next to them going off in church which I've witnessed several times :-P

Anyone else here getting really hungry for buttered popcorn? Before the 8 screen theater opened, the movie theater was in the mall and you could buy popcorn without having to attend the movie. Those were the good old days ;-)

Beth said...

Hi Pat! I think Kung Fu Panda looks so cute! But then again, I'm a Jack Black fan *g*

OMG, Esri! Muzette is lovely! No wonder the GR fell for her (rowr) that's a cat, btw ;-)

Anna, I couldn't agree with you more about Batman Begins - especially about the heroine. I'm guessing Maggie Gyllenhaal will do a better job with the character in the new movie.

And I'm definitely going to see both Mummy movies! I'm going to add them to my Netflix queue right now...okay, done! I can't wait til they get here *g*

doglady said...

Joan, my sister from another mother. I too only like George Clooney in O Brother Where Art Thou? He just doesn't do it for me. Now, like my other sister, La Campbell, Oded Fehr definitely does it for me!!! I would ride a lumpy camel with a limp across the entire Sahara to spend five minutes with that man!

Will definitely look up The Mongol. Genghis is a fascinating person to study.

Minna said...

Eurovision 1979 Germany-GENGHIS KHAN

MsHellion said...

Movies I'm dying to see this summer:

1.) Indy 4 (Duh)
2.) Get Smart (not normally a Corel fan, but it looks hilarious)
3.) The Adam Sandler flick (Zohan?)
4.) The Love Guru (this is actually higher on the list of MUST SEE for me)

And probably a dozen others. I love movies!

Beth said...

Joan, I really haven't seen that many George Clooney films but I do think he's very sexy. And I loved him O'Brother Where Art Thou! Oh, I guess I should take that back, I loved him in The Perfect Storm and Three Kings too :-)

Cheri, nothing stops anyone in my family from snacking *g* My kids are expert snackers and we always stop a DVD halfway through so we can all get something to eat :-)

Beth said...

mshellion, we're opposites *g* I'm a huge Steve Carell fan but I'm not sure I want to see Get Smart. Although I really like Anne Hathaway.

Don't Mess With The Zohan is on my list as well. Looks hilarious!

Anna Campbell said...

Pam, I can see why gals go for George. Honestly, I can. But he's just not my cup of tea. Now, Oded... Oh, dedicate Oded to moi!!!

Donna MacMeans said...

Hi Beth - I may just have to read this copy of NOT WITHOUT HER FAMILY before it goes in the raffle basket! I'll be careful, I promise *g*. Great Interview. I'm already ready for book 2.

I LUV movies, especially in the dark theater with hubby next to me. Oh - and a big bag of popcorn - no fake butter stuff added, thank you.

I like watching the movies while they're fresh before they go to DVD, but man the costs these days makes it tough! Esp. if the movie is just so-so. Invariably if we watch on DVD at home, there are interruptions: the phone, the dog wanting out, the kids coming home. So I prefer the big screen.

We'll probably see Indiana Jones because it's Indiana Jones *g*. I'm a big fan of the musical Mama Mia so I'm looking forward to seeing the film adaption as well.

Helen said...

Sounds like a lot of good movies but as I said before I will wait for most of them to come out on DVD.
We still have on drive in about 30 mins drive from our place all the others have closed down they were very popular during the 60's and
70's here.
As for the theatres we have a Hoyts theatre with 12 cinemas at our local shopping centre which I can walk to but totaly agree with the cost we are paying about $15 for a ticket to go and yes the popcorn and drinks cost even more.
Hubby and I are probably going to see Indiana on Friday hopefully.

Have Fun

Cassondra said...

Esri I just popped over to look at Musette. What a CUTIE!

I also have a long-haired gray and white cat. Unlike Musette though, my Amon has peed inappopriately--on the COUCH! But we had a male cat at the time and I think there was some trouble between the two and a bit of marking going on. Had to do away with the couch actually. That's one thing I can't tolerate. Ew.

Congrats on the Golden Rooster BTW. And I hope he isn't torturing Musette toomuch.

Jane said...

Ooh, I love Maltesters, Anna. They do sell them here, but they're kind of expensive and I've only seen them at the Asian grocery stores. We have Whoppers here, but I think Maltesers are tastier.

Cassondra said...

doglady said:

The Mummy movie will be good as long as Oded Fehr is in it

AMEN AMEN!!! (WAving hanky from the back row!)

Another Oded fan...

Ah yes....I keep waiting for HIS Mummy movie but thus far they haven't seen fit to humor my Oded fettish.

But really when I look at other pics of him I realize that like a lot of actors, it's THAT ROLE that made me fall for him. I like the scruffy warrior type. Daniel Day Lewis ONLY in LOTM, Viggo in LOTR and Oded in the Mummy films.

Okay, somebody bring me a cool cloth...I'm getting overheated.

Cassondra said...

Joanie said:

Okay, I'm now craving hot buttered popcorn!

I'm craving hot buttered Oded.

Fan me somebody. Please.

Esri Rose said...

Musette likes to get on my lap and then roll onto her back and strrrretch over the edge of my leg, knowing I'll catch her with my hand. Then I lift her up and make smoochy noises on her fuzzy ribcage while she purrs. I'm so stupid about that cat.

We have a deer hanging out in the yard today. The GR is out there trying to get him to audition for the part of Hunter #1. The deer seems interested, but of course, we can't let him have a real gun.

Oded Fehr is defintely swoony. Clooney doesn't turn my sexual crank. I catch his movies because he's a very good actor and has good taste in his film choices. I loved Good Night and Good Luck.

Beth said...

LOL - well I don't mind if you read it, Donna. Just don't tell whoever wins the basket :-)

Helen, those prices make me so grateful for my small town theater! I'd have to get a loan just to take us all to the movies with $15 tickets - Yikes!

Esri Rose said...

$Fifteen dollars?!! For that price, there'd better be a water slide involved.

I had no idea we were saving that kind of money by having our projector and screen set up. We watch a LOT of movies. Well, we did, before we both got really busy. But I'm sure we will again.

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Beth and her gang...fun interview!!

I'm with Jack. I watched the trailers at work this week, (night shift has some great down time...sometimes...not last night...but oh well), and I've been singing the Indiana Jones theme song constantly since. And I must say, Harrison still weilds a mean whip!!

Christine Wells said...

Nancy, yes, sorry I should have specified which Duchess of Devonshire the film was about. It is Georgiana, though the life of the present duchess would probably be fascinating, since she's one of the famous Mitford sisters.

Suzanne Welsh said...

OMG, I also watched the trailer for the next Mummy movie. And I adore, Brendon Fraser in those...and yes Cassondra, I'm and Oded fan in this movie, too!! Yummo!!

Get Smart will be a must see for me, because well, I watched it as a kid...and loved it!! I soooooooo wanted to be agent 99. :)

And of course the Batman movie. I love Christian Bale, but will be sad knowing this was Heath's last movie.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Chant with me, ladies: Oded, Oded, Oded! YUMMMMMM! :>

I'm with you lot that love Oded in Mummy movies, Daniel Day ONLY in LOTM, but I like Viggo in Eastern Promises too (wiggles eyebrows suggestively), and even tho' the movie stank, he was good in Hidalgo. Okay, so I like Viggo pretty much anywhere, even in his little teenytiny role in Witness.

George Clooney doesn't as Esri so aptly put it, turn my sexual crank either, but I like to look at him anyway. And LOVED Oh Brother. Did anyone else see the Down From the Mountain concert series with music from the movie? FAB-U-Lous.

Drive-ins...ah, wish there were one near me.

I'm in the $75-80 for a movie and dinner (even burgers) and with the cost of tickets and babysitting rising? Its got to be a "Big Screen Experience" movie like Indy. Or Ironman. I LOVED Ironman. An abso perfect role for Rob't Downey Jr. I'm actually thinking I'll go see it at the matinee one day, jsut by myself.

Humming the song, Ironman....off to do dinner for the boy-o's

Esri Rose said...

Duchess: I saw the concert! Alison Kraus is a favorite of my Dad's, so he recorded it. And I own the soundtrack CD.

flchen1 said...

Ooh! Congrats, Esri!! The GR's finally come to roost at your place! :)

Beth, that was a terrific interview! As for me, I'm not much of a movie watcher... I'd like to the see the latest Indiana Jones though, having seen the previous installments. Plus, Harrison Ford!!

I tend to prefer movie watching at home, just because of the convenience and easy access to snacks. (My favorite--probably nachos, preferably complete with the fake plastic cheese sauce...) ;) Also, I'm a nervous nellie when it comes to the more suspenseful stuff, and at home I can just leave the room, or go do the dishes or whatever and peek over my shoulder whereas at the theater, there's no escape!

Can't wait for your book, Beth! Now books, I can do!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Want to hear the funny story about the sound track from "O Brother" and my Dad?

Oh so glad you asked! ;)

I grew up singing many of these songs, so I thought my parents, (born and raised in rural Blue Ridge) would love to have a copy. Wonderful daughter that I am, I bought one and mailed it to them.

When I went home to visit a few months later, I asked him how he liked it.

"Suzy, there's something wrong with that CD. It just keeps skipping and making this loud noise," he said.

So we went out to the car popped it in and listened. I started laughing.

You know the first song where the chain gang is singing accapella and keeping time with their pick axes? YYYYYYYYYYeeeeeeessssssss...that was the "skipping and loud noise" Daddy was hearing. hehehehe

I explained what it was, and once he got past that song, actually loved the CD!

Score one for the daughter!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

OMGosh, Suz, that's a hoot! I love the CD and I saw them live at Constitution Hall here in DC. What a fabulous concert! Emmylou, and Allison Kraus...ahhhh! :> Allison has the most amazing, crystal voice, doesn't she? And Ralph Stanley...what's not to love. BTW, I too grew up singing some of these old favs, as well as others (Didn't we have the Tom Dooley conversation on the blog already?) but some were new to me.

Oh, I know this is TOTALLY off topic, but Minna, I was just thinking about you. I'm getting an Irish Water Spaniel - a sort of obscure breed of dog - and just got pictures from a friend of the Finnish National Specialty. Wow. Gorgeous dogs too. :> If you'd like to see: http://mikaelturunen.com/spa/

Okay, re-reading that it makes it sound like I connect dogs with Minna - I don't Minna! Just Finland! ha!

Beth said...

Suz, I don't think I'll ever get tired of Harrison Ford - or his whip ;-) Honestly, even though he's starting to look his age, I still adore the man!

My husband is a huge Allison Krauss fan and I would LOVE to be able to take him to see her in concert someday! Our son got him her live CD with Union Station and he listens to it constantly. I think her voice is gorgeous but I find I prefer Man of Constant Sorrow and I absolutely love The Boy Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn. It's on my iPod along with Puddle of Mudd and Nickelback. Yes, my musical tastes are just a wee bit varied

flchen, I prefer to watch movies at home and when I watch something that scares my youngest (she's not a Pirates or Harry Potter fan *g*) I can cover her eyes and fast forward :-)

Caren Crane said...

Beth, I MUST see the new Indiana Jones movie. But first, IRON MAN!!

Caren Crane said...

Esri, how in the world did you nab the rooster? Did you give up sleep again?!

Caren Crane said...

Oh, I have to say, most of the summer movies I WANT to see will actually be seen when they are available through Netflix and slowly make their way to the top of my queue. I'm still catching up on movies from the '90s!

Caren Crane said...

Anna C., THANK YOU for being the only person (besides me) who found Katie Holmes completely MISCAST as the heroine in Batman Begins. Ugh! They scoured Hollywood and that's who they found? She had no kick-arse in her at all. Humph!

Anna Campbell said...

Posh, you get what I mean? Why is it when people want to portray strong women, they make them look sulky and petulant? She just didn't work for me! He deserved SOOOO much better. I actually felt he had a lucky escape at the end where she said he'd changed. And I don't think I was supposed to!

peggy said...

i like to watch movies at home. with a big bowl of pop corn

Trish Milburn said...

I want to see Prince Caspian, Indy, The Hulk, Wanted, The Dark Knight, and X-Files: I Want to Believe (Mulder and Scully, back again!), and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2.

I like watching movies at home, but I also love going to the movie theater. I love the big-screen experience while chowing on my fave movie snack -- nachos.

Trish Milburn said...

I'm also looking forward to the release (finally!) of Witchblade on DVD in July.

Trish Milburn said...

You know, I've loved the Mummy movies, but I'm not looking forward to this one as much because Rachel Weisz isn't playing Evelyn. I hate it when I identify a role with a certain actor/actress, and then they make another movie with a different person. I'll probably see it, but on DVD.

Minna said...

Irish Water Spaniel? What, no Finnish Spiz or Karelian Bear Dog? =)

Anna Campbell said...

Ooh, Minna, I love the sound of a Karelian Bear Dog!

Dina said...

We saw Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull last night at a pre-screening, really liked t. And I'm so looking forward to Wanted too for James McvAvoy. :)

Beth said...

Caren, that's pretty much how I watch movies as well. Up until a few years ago, we rented movies every weekend and had seen just about everything we'd wanted to see *g* Now we're so behind it's not even funny. But as I mentioned, I'm loving Netflix! They have so many to chose from and I can add to my queue whenever I get a minute :-)

Hi Peggy! Thanks for stopping by *g*

Trish, I've heard of Witchblade. Should this be yet more DVDs for the queue??

Hey, Dina! So glad to hear you liked the new Indy!! I'm worried people will be too hard on it since it's been so long between Inday adventures and has had such a huge build-up.

And Kelsey's not the only one crushing on James McAvoy - I have to admit I think he's pretty cute ;-)

traveler said...

I go infrequently to movies but I would like to see the new Indiana Jones and my favorite snakc while at the movies is Red Licorice Vines.

Dina said...

Beth, I really like James too. :)

I think most people will enjoy the Indiana Jones movie because they have waited so long, newcomers if they have not seen any of the other, not sure, My grandson is only 9 and I don't know if he's seen others, but he likes Shia and really liked it.