Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kay Stockham in the lair

Welcome back to Kay Stockham in the lair, here to talk about her latest, Simon says Mommy. I lobbed a few questions her way, but I'm sure you'll have others.

Tell us about your latest, is it part of a series?

Simon Says Mommy is book four of a five book series with Harlequin Superromance. It's part of my Tulanes of Tennessee series and tells the story of eldest brother, Ethan Tulane. The gorgeous bachelor finds himself struggling to keep his head above water when he adopts a son, Simon, about the same time he lands a major promotion at work. But when Ethan hires a nanny to care for Simon, the doctor discovers exactly how complicated life can get. But Megan's appearance in town isn't as innocent as she tries to make it seem.

What brought you to write romance?

I can't imagine writing anything else. For as long as I can remember, my stories have always been about a boy and a girl falling for each other and all the complications that surround the process.

What are you reading now? Favorite author influences?

I'm reading The Time Traveler's Wife, Suddenly One Summer, Once Bitten, Twice Shy and Fire In Fiction.

As to favorite influences... Where do I start? There are so many. I love characterization and deep, meaty, emotional stories. I want to fall in love right along with the heroine. In order to keep from missing someone, I'll just say I love/read any author who can give me those things. ;0)

What’s your writing process?
I don't recommend my process to anyone. Why? Because I write. Rewrite. Polish and revise. Rewrite again. Scrap about a third or half. Rewrite that... You really wanna follow my process? LOL I write a "crap draft" the first time around. Think about it, mull it over, whine to my CPs that nothing works and then dig in again. I have to get all the surface-y stuff out of the way first but eventually I get to the bones of the story.

Hobbies? Hidden Talents?

Lots of hobbies. I like to craft and do things like that but I'm not an expert at any of them. I LOVE to travel. Hmmm...wish I could claim your talent for ripping phone books in half, Donna, but you've never shared your secret with me.

LOL - Believe it or not, I was teaching that technique to my nieces this weekend. Bring me a phone book and I'll show you the key. Just make sure it's not the current phone book . So what’s up next for Kay?

Up next is the last book in the Tulanes of Tennessee series titled SHE'S THE ONE, on shelves March, 2010, and I've also been offered another four book contract with Superromance for a new series set in Montana.
Woohoo! Congratulations! How do you chose your themes?

Don't hate me but I can honestly say I don't choose them, they choose me. When I write I get characters first, sometimes a situation. From there I sort through worst-case scenarios etc. It isn't often that I "get" the theme until the first draft is completed. Once it's done, however, I go back through and tighten and heighten the themes to add more impact and emphasis.

How does Superromance differ from the other lines?

Superromance is different in that the storylines are "deeper" (that's a quote from my editor). Whatever the situation, whatever the story, whatever the conflict/problem, with Superromance you explore the issue to its deepest level.

Any words of advice for those wanting to write for Harlequin/Superromance?

Read the lines, write, write, write, and really get to know your characters. Good luck
As this is the fourth Tulanes of Tennessee book, Kay has agreed to give away a copy of each of her books. That's FOUR prizes, and thus FOUR winners. Visit Kay's website at and list the four heroines of the Tulanes of Tennessee series. Kay will pick four random winners from those with the correct answers. Good Luck!


Virginia said...

Mine again! We will go shopping today I want make you mow the lawn again!

Virginia said...

Great interview Kay! Your books sound great, I would love to read them.

Now for your question, I think the heroines are, Darcy, Jen, Shelby, and Megan.

Anna Campbell said...

Virginia, people are talking! You and the rooster made the social pages this week!

Hey, Kay, welcome back to the Bandits. I always really enjoy your visits.

The new story sounds fab. Congratulations.

Had to giggle at your description of your process. Sounds a lot like mine and I wouldn't wish mine on a dawg! But it seems to work for me, painful as it is.

Lynz Pickles said...

Congrats on the GR, Virginia! Sounds like you'll be keeping him on his toes... wait, do roosters have toes? You know what I mean.

What a great interview! Kay, congrats on your new contract! You had me at gorgeous bachelor . *sigh* Those are my two favourite words in the English language... well, chocolate and sale are tied with them for the top spot, but you get the point. Your description of your writing process is hilarious, but I'm glad you work your way through it so that we readers get to enjoy the results. :)

Donna, you can rip phone books in half? Really? That's so cool! I'm so jealous! Also, I'm impressed. Very impressed.

I believe the four heroines are Darcy Rhode, Jennifer Rose, Shelby Brookes, and Megan Rose.

Emmanuelle said...

Great interview !! I love SuperRomance books so I am very happy to see you blogging here ;-)

The answer to your question is :
- Darcy Rhode
- Jennifer Rose
- Shelby Brookes
- Megan Rose

PJ said...

Hi Kay! Welcome back to the lair!

Y'all need to give Kay's books a try. When she said I love characterization and deep, meaty, emotional stories she could have been describing her own stories. She's one of my favorite category authors and her books have never, ever disappointed me.

Kay, congrats on the new series set in Montana! I love that you're taking your books out west again. Montana Skies and Montana Secrets were both such wonderful stories. Will the new series be connected to those characters at all?

Donna, you can rip telephone books in half? Wow!

Virginia, congrats (again) on nabbing the GR. I think he's moved in lock, stock and barrel!

I already have all of Kay's books so I'm opting out of the contest.

Helen said...

Congrats Virginia he must have really enjoyed his day with you yesterday you must have spoiled him

Kay these books sound wonderful I really enjoy the Super romance stories, and checking out your website to find the answers makes me want to read them even more.

The answers
Darcy Rhodes
Jennifr Rose
Shelby Brookes
Megan Rose.
Are Megan and Jennifer related?

Congrats on the new contract as well

Have Fun

Minna said...

Great interview!

Darcy Rhode
Jennifer Rose
Shelby Brookes
Megan Rose

Sound Of R.E.L.S. - Raising My Family

Kay Stockham said...

Ugh!!! Good morning! I had a long response written to each of you who has responded so far--and then Blogger ate it. *sigh*

Thanks so much for the invitation to come play, Donna! It's great to be a Bandita again. I feel the urge to go buy thigh-high pirate boots but my sneakers are much more comfortable. They'll have to do.

PJ, the series begins with Carly Taggert (Montana Skies) but showcases THREE GORGEOUS BACHELORS (LYNZ, like that??? ;0) ). After their series (tentatively tagged the Montana McKenna's), Skylar's book will wrap things up.

Thanks so much for letting me come play!


Susan Sey said...

Good morning, Kay! Your Tulane series sounds wonderful! And your writing process sounds awfully (painfully) familiar. :-)

I have a soft spot for the Mary Poppins story--the magical nanny who straightens out a loving but out-of-step family. I'll have to pick this one up ASAP!

Donna MacMeans said...

Congrats Virginia - Hey if you're going shopping take me - leave that old bird home (grin).

Yes to all that asked, I can rip phone books in half. I learned the trick thirty-some years ago and rip a book every couple of years just to stay in practice. It is impressive and has more to do with physics (resistence and pressure) than with strength. Men have a hard time doing it because they try to muscle it and that doesn't work.

Kay - I think it's great that you're using your old series to help launch the new one. What drives you to Montana? Do you have any connections there?

jo robertson said...

Great interview, Donna. Thanks for visiting the Lair, Kay.

Your Tulane books are great! I love your comment about writing a "crap draft" first. Sometimes you just have to get all the garbage out before you can write the real story.

Okay, I get that your writing process is painful LOL, but what do you do to reward yourself for a finished manuscript?

CrystalGB said...

Great interview. Your series sounds wonderful. :)

Kay Stockham said...

Susan, thanks so much! Hope you enjoy it.

Donna, it's the characters that draw me back, not the setting. Montana is beautiful and I use setting as plot throughout but nothing makes up for the characters. That's why I'm going back. I just needed time for the girls to grow up in my head. ;0)

Jo, I do reward myself. Sometimes it's a day out with friends, sometimes a special meal etc. Whatever suits the mood.

Crystal, thank you!!!


Donna MacMeans said...

Question for Kay because I never seem to see you any more (pout). Did your husband ever get you the carousel frog prince that I told him about? (Kay has a thing for the Frog Prince - as do I)

housemouse88 said...

Hello Kay,

Thanks for being here today. Loved the interview. The heroines are Darcy Rhode, Jennifer Rose, Shelby Brookes, and Megan Rose. Have a great day.

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Welcome back to the Lair, Kay!

And BIG THANX to Donna for coercing... er, um, inviting you back!

WOO HOO! Super congrats on your new contract for a series in Montana. Sounds almost as fun as your Tulane series. And hey, with a heroine named Shelby, I gotta LURVE IT!

Shed those tennies for a pair of bucket boots if only for the afternoon. Stylin' like a Bandita is worth the loss of a wee bit of comfort for a few hours!


Beth said...

Hi, Kay! Welcome back to the lair. I can't wait to read Simon Says Mommy and I'm dying to know what Megan's hiding *g*

How do you keep all your info straight for your series?

And congrats on your Montana eries :-)

Becke Davis said...

Kay! Great to see you here. Congratulations on your new contract -- I'm not surprised they want more! I always enjoy your books, and I'm looking forward to this one, too.

And, by the way, the Ohio Valley chapter of RWA ROCKS!

Kay Stockham said...

Ugh, ugh, ugh!!! Blogger hates me today, another post GONE. Poof!

Beth, I didn't do such a great job organizing the Tulane books but I'm bound and determined to be more organized this time around--so much so I've already created a binder with all the info.

Donna, no, he didn't--but then I stripped all frog princes from my office except one. No doubt that's why.

Becke, OVRWA (and COFW!) does indeed rock. :0)


joder said...

Great interview and happy you're back Kay! I love these interconnected stories where you can see characters progress through each book. It's like being a member of the family.

And the heroines are:
Darcy Rhode
Jennifer Rose
Shelby Brookes
Megan Rose

Pat Cochran said...

The Tulane heroines are Darcy Rhodes,
Jennifer Rose, Shelby Brookes, and Megan Rose.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!
I enjoyed the interview.

Pat Cochran

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

If it's any consolation, blogger has been giving me fits today too! :-P

Hang in there kiddo!


Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hi Kay! Sorry to be late to the party! :>

Glad to have you in the Lair!

Kay Stockham said...

And the winners are:


Ladies, please email me privately with your shipping information.

Thanks to everyone for hanging out with me today!!! I hope you'll pick up SIMON SAYS MOMMY and let me know what you think.

Take care,


Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

Hey, Kay. Great to have you here with us today. Sorry to be so late to comment, but somehow the day flew by without my permission!

I've always loved Superromance, and since I live in Tennessee I'll definitely have to read your Tulanes series. I'm curious, what part of the state did you set the books in? Have you visited the area?

Nancy said...

Virginia, congrats on taking home the rooster. I hope you keep him very, very busy.

Kay, welcome back! The book sounds wonderful.

I love to travel, too. Is there any place you haven't yet been but would go if you had unlimited funds?

Nancy said...

Donna, great interview! I've heard about this phone book thing, and someday I'd like to see it.