Monday, September 14, 2009

Younger Men

by Tawny
Post inspired by Beth *g*

My current Blaze-in-progress is a forbidden fantasy, tentatively titled The Boy Toy (sadly, as much as I adore that title, my editor has warned me it has to change). In it, my heroine has a vacation fling with a younger man. A very sexy, very talented, very seductive younger man. One who, she's convinced herself, is just for one thing... Sex. No meeting of the minds. No intellectual stimulation. No common ground. Just..., yeah, sex.

Of course, this is a romance novel, so while the heroine's goals are quite specific, she'll follow a great many twists and turns, all leading her back to the hero who she'll see is good for SO many other things than, you know, just sex. And in the process of all of these discoveries, she'll find she's stronger than she thought -and more able to deal with the judgment of having a young stud - not just as a lover, but as her true love.

I'm having a great time exploring the different issues a younger man/older woman relationship inspires. And, of course, checking out younger men as writing inspiration (although I can't figure out why my husband won't believe that's why I'm checking these guys out LOL)

Some of the issues, I'm pretty solid on. Women, by nature, are much more aware of age, I think. We're also more worried about what others think. Then there's the traditional route- historically the man is older than his lady. We can throw in that competition thing - because for some reason, when a woman is with a younger man, there tends to be this feeling of competing with women his own age for him. And of course, our own competition with gravity *g*

I think its something that can work great, or not work at all. My stepfather was 12 years younger than my mother. My own husband is younger than I am (okay, by a month - but for that month, it really counts!!) I've seen May-December relationships flourish and I've seen them crash and burn. And I'm still not sure why women get the questionable moniker of cougar when they're with a younger man, and men are just lucky? (and yeah, btw, I actually do feel a little creepy including Daniel Radcliffs picture here -probably a by product of watching him grow up as Harry Potter. None of the other guys make me feel that way, though. How about you?)

What do you think? Do you see any issue with an older woman/younger man scenario? Have you ever- or would you- date a younger guy? And what's up with that cougar thing?


Lynz Pickles said...


Tawny said...

Yours :-)

Lynz Pickles said...

I LOVE THIS POST! Not just for the pictures, no, not at all! *cough* Also, I'm very curious about how Beth inspired it. Beth? Tawny? Any juicy and scandalous details to share?

I think the older woman/younger man scenario can be really interesting if it's done right. It's neat because it's so rare, and you could make the most awesome female character EVER by making her have a realistic struggle with the age thing. I'd love to read that from a first-person viewpoint with a slightly sarcastic voice... but then again, I'd also want to see how the guy felt about her and if he cared about being younger at all. Hmm.

I had a mini-crush on a guy who was two years younger than myself back in eleventh grade. His family was friends with my family and we went to the States on March break together... alas, it lasted less than a week and was based entirely on mild teenage lust, and we didn't have anything in common whatsoever, but it was fun while it lasted. Other than that, I've never been attracted to a younger man. Same age or older, though? All the time.

Anyway, I've got to lock up all the alcohol before the GR gets here. He and I are going to have a little conversation about not touching my jewelry or the car keys, and then he's sitting through as many chick flicks as I want to watch. And I'm not sharing the popcorn.

Jane said...

Congrats on the GR, Lynz.

I don't have a problem with an older woman/younger man relationship. I've never been out with a younger guy. My friend is living with a guy who is ten years younger than her. It seems like a big difference, but she says he's mature for his age. I didn't start hearing the term cougar until two years ago. I've heard that some women were offended by the term because it makes them sound like a predator.

Tawny said...

LOL Lynz, chick flicks are just what that rooster needs!!!

I can totally see a first person couger-ish story - very chick-lity and funny.

Your teenage crush brings up another really interesting point in the older/younger scenario. Common ground. Music, technology, movies -they do shift from decade to decade, don't they? Even from year to year, when we're talking teenagers *g* I'm going to have to keep that in mind!! Thanks :-)

Tawny said...

Jane, it is a very predatory moniker, isn't it? Like women have to go hunting for the younger prey, while men? What? Is there a term?

And maturity is a big deal, isn't it? Its a known fact that men mature slower than women (heh) so that's got to be taken into account.

Tawny said...

Ooh, Lynz, sorry, forgot to answer your question about Beth LOL.

She'd written a blog post last week for another blog about young hotties on TV and in movies and it inspired me LOL. I told her I was stealing her idea, but would give her credit :-D

Pissenlit said...

Ya, that double standard with the cougar label's something of a pet peeve of mine.

I've always preferred guys my age or older but I tried dating a guy two years my junior once. It lasted a summer and then I decided I wasn't going to try that again 'cause it just didn't work for me(well okay, there were other reasons too). Also, if a guy's a few years younger, it weirds me out. I think it's because I have a baby brother who's 7 years younger and I can't disassociate one from the other. :)

Tawny said...

Pissenlit, my youngest brother is 7 years younger than I am, too. I couldn't even fathom dating any of his friends. Probably their all being immature brats had something to do with it LOL. But still...

It's sounding like there's a lot more effort required in dating younger men than same age/older men.

PinkPeony said...

Hi Beth. Great topic!

I don't have a problem with a woman dating a younger man as long as he's mature and isn't after her money. :) My husband's cousin is married to a woman who is twenty-two years older than he is and they're very happy. There was a "cougar" convention here a couple of weeks ago and there were men in their early twenties and women ranging from their late forties to early sixties and I had to what age does a woman become a "cougar" and at what age is she considered a "saber cat"?

I've always dated older guys but my husband is three years younger than I am, but he's pretty mature.


Helen said...

Congrats Lynz I hope he enjoys the movies without the popcorn LOL

Great post Beth

I have never been attracted to younger men but I know lots of people that have married or been in relationships with younger men some work out some don't my Mum was 18 months older than my Father and one of my sisters is 18 months older than her hubby and I gotta say neither marriages were or is great maybe that is why I steered clear of younger guys.

I say each to their own and if both parties are happy fantastic.
I too think that cougar is a bad word to use.

Have Fun

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

My boyfriend is 7 years younger than me, it is closer to 8 but we say 7. We have been together for 4 years so far, I had a problem with the ages at first mostly because I knew who he was dating before me and that was a woman 20 years younger than him. I am supposed to follow that???????

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Oh, and I don't know where the term cougar came from but it is not pretty.

Janga said...

I think an age gap is not equal at all ages. I see the span between 20and 30 as much greater than the distance between 40 and 50.

Also, like most things, I think it depends on the individuals involved. I have one friend who married a guy seven years younger than she, and more than thirty years later, they are still a happy couple. But I've seen the opposite happen too.

MsHellion said...

Don't worry, Tawny--men who chase younger women are called "Manthers"--it just has taken off like cougars has. But they have their own names. (Lechers is another good one, depending on the age difference. *LOL* And when the age difference occurs. 30 year old dating a 17 year old girl: lecher. Five years later, slightly less lecherous.)

MsHellion said...

Yes, I have dated a younger guy. My first real boyfriend was a year younger than me. I haven't dated more than a year younger than me...but you posted some good pictures of men I wouldn't mind dating, even though they're younger than me. (Is Ryan younger than me? Yeah, I think so...I know the others are.)

Oh, and there was the boy in high school. We had Spanish together--he was a year younger. He wrote me a poem and everything--and was actually pretty obnoxious, which I found charming at the time. He also sang "Older Women" to me as he'd follow me down the hall. *eye roll*

On the whole, I usually like older men. Or men my age.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hey Lynz! Great nab on the bird. Way to go. :>

This is a great post, Tawny and I'm thinking Boy Toy will be another hit for you. Grins.

The whole Cougar thing.. where the heck did that get started? Never mind. I think its meant to be derogatory, but when you think about it, what woman wouldn't want to be described as a sleek, gorgeous, lithe feline? Seriously. Powerful, soft but with a fierce bite if you rile her up, soft paws, sharp claws. I could go for being called a cougar. Mrrrrrrrrow! Esp. with the Cougar bait you've thrown out on the post! Ha!

I guess I'm kinda outta the running since the Hubster's older than me. Hahah! However, I know quite a number of older women/younger men scenarios that work really well.

I also think you don't plan who you fall for, so that hint of mortification that you've fallen for a man 7 years your junior (you could have been his babysitter - eeek!) or in a man's case, a big age gap (like 20 years), looms large.

Oh, and I'm with Ms. Hellion. Lecher will do for the huge age gap on older men, really young women. Like Mickey Roarke. I mean, c'mon, what's he got in common, at 55+ with a 19 year old?

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

BTW, loved all the boy toys on the post, but admit to being a bit squicked out by Daniel Radcliffe. Perhaps that's the thing all 'round - if we knew them when they were 11 (Harry Potter), it's hard to see past that when they're 26 or 27 and studly. Snork.

STILL not sure I'd put Daniel in the studly category even so...

Pissenlit said...

Jeanne - BTW, loved all the boy toys on the post, but admit to being a bit squicked out by Daniel Radcliffe. Perhaps that's the thing all 'round - if we knew them when they were 11 (Harry Potter), it's hard to see past that when they're 26 or 27 and studly.

Ooooh, "squicked" is a good word. That describes how I feel about Radcliffe's picture in the post too. Isn't he only about 20 now? *squicked* :)

Donna MacMeans said...

Beth - Must admit I drooled over the pics a while before I broke down and read your blog (grin). When is this book coming out? I want it!

My husband is a year older than me, so for all intensive purposes we're the same age. I've been married so long I can't imagine dating anyone younger or older...but...

I think I could date a younger man but not a young man, you know what I mean? I do require an aspect of maturity. As a successful partnership is based on more than age, I think it can work and makes for an interesting book.

~Drew said...

That is interesting, I never heard of the cougar moniker before, but then, I live a sheltered life. LOL!

I was just watching my Supernatural DVD's last night, and wow, this very topic went through my mind. Sam and Dean Winchester are just stunning (I see you had Sam, Jared Padelicki pic in your post, yum!) You start to think...hmmmm. What would it be like, some young thing in his Mid twenties? Then you think, I am old enough to be his mother!

Of course, the sex thing comes to mind, men reach their peak in their early twenties, while we ladies do in our forties. So yeah, sexually, it would be a good match.
But the rest? I think that is a fascinating subject for a Blaze novel!!
Never dated a younger man, (Hubby is 2.5 years older) but it intrigues me, So I cannot wait to see what you do with this!

And if an older woman finds love with a younger man, I say you go girl!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

I'm with you Drew - You go, girl! Grins. I feel that way about Demi Moore and Ashton Kuchter. His problem is that even in his 30's he still looks around 16. Ha! I bet he has a hard time getting "serious" roles.

~Drew said...


Re: Daniel Radcliffe, I made the mistake once of clicking on some link and a nude picture of him came up from his recent stage play...THIS is the kid from Harry Potter?
After I picked my jaw off my keyboard, I clicked off quickly.
"Squicked" indeed.

But...he did grow up well.

And agree Ashton STILL looks 16!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hehehe, well Tawny, Daniel may make you feel creepy, but I have a of years (yeah that's a great description) on both Clive and Gerard, but wouldn't be the least creeped out if they say, knocked on my door and swept me off to Scotland, or England, or the motel down the road. (of course this is a fantasy, as hubby would hopefully object to all the above!)

TerriOsburn said...

Drew - That same thing happened to me! Took my days to scrub that image out of my mind. It was just WRONG. Wrong I tell you. I'm afraid poor Daniel will always be that little kid in the glasses.

This book does sound fun. I wrote a short story with an older woman/younger man. She was 35 and he 25. I had lots of fun writing it and I think it sort of turned out. Though I did make him a writer and to me that usually means sort of more worldly. Maybe that's just me.

I've dated mostly my age or slightly younger. Ex-H was 18 mos younger and it could have been 12 years. *sigh* I think the biggest age difference was 3 years and that's not really much. I have some mental rule of three years, and thats whether he's older or younger than I am. No idea where it comes from.

However, as a couple of you have mentioned, I too have a brother 7 years younger and can't imagine dating anyone his age. However, I also have a brother 17 years younger and his friends just make me feel like applying to the nursing home. I really don't know how people do the 20+ thing.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Suz said: Clive and Gerard, but wouldn't be the least creeped out if they say, knocked on my door and swept me off to Scotland, or England, or the motel down the road. (of course this is a fantasy, as hubby would hopefully object to all the above!)

Yes, I agree, Suz! (Both on the sweeping and the objecting. Snork)

Just watched The 300 again last night. So, ladies, tell think those abs/pecs were computer amplified or did all those guys get in THAT good shape? *wipes drool*

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Terri said: I think the biggest age difference was 3 years and that's not really much. I have some mental rule of three years, and thats whether he's older or younger than I am. No idea where it comes from.

See, I have this rule about height. I was fairly flexible in my dating years about age, but not about height. They cannot, CANNOT be shorter than me (5'7"). Broke the rule once and spent the evening w/ a guy staring at my...collarbone, yeah, we'll keep it to that... and it was NO fun.

~Drew said...

Re: 300

I read and article that Gerard Butler said he worked out 6 hours a day for three months to get that washboard look, then after he stopped, in two weeks, they were gone, LOL!
I think some "computer enhancements" were done, but for the most part, the guys said the had to work out and train.
300 is definitely a buffet of man-meat, no mistake.
With Gerard the icing on the cake...
Or Clive in King Arthur...*drool*

Tawny said...

A cougar convention, Pink? I saw a blip on one of those on tv and had to wonder... what Do they do at those things? I've been to writers conventions. We have workshops and luncheons and award ceremonies. Do they have cougar workshops? What does one study? I mean, there is such a story in that, I know there is!! *g*

22 years is quite a spread - definitely a generation. Thats awesome that they make it work. It sounds like your 3 works awesomely, too :-)

Beth said...

I'm inspiring!! Yay *g*

But I think the pictures I posted on my blog a few days back were what really inspired Tawny to write this blog. Those boys sure are pretty :-)

Seeing as how my husband is 10 years older than I am, I don't have a problem with a big age difference (and honestly, 10 years is almost a different generation when it comes right down to it *g*) But I do feel a bit icky about crushing on younger guys. I think it has something to do with my having a son :-)

And Tawny's Boy Toy book is FABULOUS!!

TerriOsburn said...

Jeanne said:
See, I have this rule about height.

I have a height requirement as well. I broke the rule last year and paid for it big time. Will NOT do that again.

But I'm only 5'4" and prefer men 6' and over. What can I say? I like big guys. *shrugs*

Becke Davis said...

I love this post, Tawny! I keep telling my critique partner that the reason I'm suddenly so susceptible to these brawny, manly bare muscular chests is that when I was a teenager, guys were pretty much normal or body-builders, no in-between.

And while I did briefly date a guy who lifted weights, I didn't really appreciate it then. Now that I'm too old to do anything but read (or write) about it, suddenly there are all these jaw-dropping male bods on display. It's just not fair!

I think you've hit on one thing that is sooo true -- women are always overly aware of our flaws. When I was young and skinny, I was incredibly self-conscious about my freckles and non-tanning skin. Now, well, we don't even need to go into that!

I'm four months older than my husband, my mom is two years older than my dad, and my brother is five years older than his wife. My first boyfriend was a grade behind me, and things like that made a difference back then.

I loved Erin McCarthy's Flat-Out Sexy, which features a single mom fighting her attraction to a hot younger guy. That was a great story, and I'm sure I'm going to like Tawny's story just as much! (Be sure to let us know when you get a new title for it.)

I admit it's a bit of a problem for me when heroes are around the same age as my son (22) but late twenties and up doesn't bother me. And, as my husband and I both agree, we may be old and married but we aren't blind!

Becke Davis said...

Said that backwards - my brother's wife is five years older than he is.

Lynz Pickles said...

RE: Height: Yes! Me too! I'm 5'8" and have an addiction to heels. Especially really thin, really tall ones. They're just so pretty! But the point isn't that someone needs to make me stop buying shoes; no, the point is that I don't like to be taller than a guy, even when I'm wearing heels. So I'm with Terri, I prefer men 6' and over.

Has anyone else watched Prime? It's got an older woman/younger man relationship in it, and one of the big issues they have is that she wants kids, while he's not really ready for them yet. I guess that if you had a big age difference, that could be a problem.

Tawny said...

Hi Helen :-)

Isn't it interesting that the couple relationships you've observed aren't ideal. I know one that rocked, two that sank and others that - well, I didn't know enough about to judge LOL.

Like you say, some work, some don't.

and yes, cougar is a pretty insulting term *g*

Tawny said...

20 years younger, Dianna? Your bf is fabulous at seeing age as a number and not an issue, isn't he? It sounds like you guys have a great thing going on. And like you followed 'that' perfectly well *g*

Tawny said...

Janga, great point!!! Maturity does level out at some point, doesn't it?

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

And OF COURSE the pictures are purely for research purposes. AHEM!

Younger men? Well, when you are Aunty's advanced age, most of them ARE younger... quite a bit younger. :-P (though the DH is OLDER -- 10 months) My sister's current husband (her 3rd) is 12 or 14 years younger than her and I say WHO CARES?!?!

I do, however, have a rule about lusting after men younger than my son. Hmmm, considering ALL the guys pictured in your post are younger than my son (including Orly! WAH!) I may have to reconsider this rule...


Tawny said...

Manthers? OMG I LOVE IT!!!! ROFL what a term *g*

Thanks, MsHellion ;-)

and I gotta laugh at the lecher definition too - great one.

TerriOsburn said...

Lynz - I watched Prime and was very bummed that it did not have a HEA. I would have been find had I known that going in, but it took me by surprise and I was not happy.

Yep, kids could be an issue. I'm surprised by the number of guys I meet around the 40 mark who still want kids. Really?!

Tawny said...

"Older Women" Oooooh the courting rituals of the ignorant teenage male LOL

Now see, thats a perfect example of why we women tend to see older men as much more attractive. They're smart enough to have a few moves that will impress us, not make us roll our eyes.

Becke Davis said...

Did any of you see the movie, "The Summer of '42?" That was a great older woman/younger man story.

TerriOsburn said...

BTW - I was a little worried about a couple of these guys so I looked them up. Ryan is 33 and Orly is 32. If they're over 30, can we say they aren't too young? LOL!

jo robertson said...

Great topic, Tawny. I first heard that cougar thing when my daughters and I went on a cruise to Mexico and at karaoke, Shannon bought a drink (okay, coke) for a much younger man-child who'd responded enthusiastically to her singing. Poor kid was so embarrassed he came over and said, "Uh, m'am, I'm here with my parents." Oh, and that's so a moms you'd like to fool around with. (I cleaned that up for our PG blog LOL).

I've never been interested in younger men, probably because I taught high school and know absolutely for sure that someone in his 20's cannot keep my interest for long. And I've always like my men intellectual.

Plus men who are older have a certain experienced air about them.

Now if I were Demi Moore to Ashton Kutcher, maybe . . .

Tawny said...

Like Mickey Roarke. I mean, c'mon, what's he got in common, at 55+ with a 19 year old?

Ambition? *beg*

I mean, really -the guy isn't in studly shape, he's not what you'd call gorgeous or mesmerizing or, well, even charming. So what's she after? What's he after (hmm, a little more obvious)

Great points, Jeanne, as usual :-) I think the imagery of a cougar is beautiful. And the idea that a woman - of any age- can have what she wants is empowering. But society, as always, puts quite a few twists on that, doesn't it?

and like you say, then there's the babysitter factor LOL. Or the idea of that hottie in your bed having played tee-ball with your son back in the day LOLOL

Tawny said...

STILL not sure I'd put Daniel in the studly category even so...

Um, Equus, anyone?

But he's still Harry Potter to me *g*

Becke Davis said...

I don't know how old this guy is, but he plays a high school kid in Friday Night Lights. I could never be a high school teacher if the students looked like this:

Keira Soleore said...

In real life, I have friends and cousins who've married younger men. I see no more issues there than amongst the ones who've married older men. After a certain age, the difference hardly matters.

In fiction, the first really successful "cougar" story I read was Flirting with Forty by Jane Porter. Excellent story, very well-written.

A romance is a romance is a... What matters is the writer's skill.

Keira Soleore said...

Becke, ha! High-school kids scare me.

As a teacher, how do you maintain objectivity in the face of deliberate flaunting? Perhaps the frustration of trying to stuff information into their heads evens out the forbidden attraction?

Tawny said...

Hey Donna :-) Actually its my current Blaze-in-progress and its out (tentatively) next September. I'm having a lot of fun with it, so I hope it turns out well *g*

I totally know what you mean - a younger man is, well, chronological. A young man is, what? Immature? Unfinished? hmmm... need to think on that :-)

Tawny said...

LOL Drew, that Sam is a cutie, hmmm? I remember him from The Gilmore Girls as Dean.

You're spot on with the sexual peak angle - it just screams out to be explored in a story, doesn't it? I think often a person's confidence is a lot more solid when they're sexually strong, too - so that will bring in even more fun to a story. And to a relationship :-)

Tawny said...

I have a of years (yeah that's a great description) on both Clive and Gerard, but wouldn't be the least creeped out if they say, knocked on my door

LOL Suz :-) Great point. Maybe its that 'too close to still being a teenager' thing that makes the young younger men so squicky (gonna love using that word, Jeanne!!)? Or as in Daniel's case, having watched him grow up and still being able to so easily visualize him as an 11 year old LOL

Pat Cochran said...

Hey Tawny,

I guess I've always been into the
younger man thing beginning with
my senior year in high school when
I went out with a junior football
player. I married a young man six
years younger than me 48 years ago.
And then there was the running back
way back in the day who was ten
years younger than I! Do you see
a pattern here?

Pat Cochran

Tawny said...

TerriO - the three year rule has a nice 'still close but still sexy difference' thing going on, doesn't it?

After all, much more than that and the guy is gonna think my music is retro LOL

Tawny said...

Beth, your pictures were VERY inspiring LOL. Very very!!!

Tawny said...

TerriO said: What can I say? I like big guys. *shrugs*

*giggling* You don't say??

Tawny said...

Becke, there are DEFINITELY some hot bodies out there to appreciate these days. I'm so glad to see that- on a few levels LOL. One is, of course, the eye candy angle. Gotta love a nice view! The other is that for years, women in Hollywood have been held to this gorgeous standard while men could be a big, shall we say, slacking in the body department? Now a'days, the men's bods are required to be just as hot and tight and unreasonably gorgeous as the gals LOL

Tawny said...

Becke -forgot to say thank you :-) I haven't read Erin's book yet, but will check it out.

And I'll definitely share when I get a new title :-)

Tawny said...

Lynz, I haven't watched Prime, but I noticed there are a couple Cougar focused shows coming out this fall. One starring Courtney Cox, who I love and cannot believe she's in her mid-40s. She's proof that I should be exercising LOL. That woman is stunning, on so many levels!!!!

Tawny said...

Aunty - I'd definitely reconsider that rule for Orly. I mean, YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!

Tawny said...

Kids are a great issue. Having had a stepfather who was only a handful of years older than me, its a difficult dynamic. Discipline, respect, confidence all come into play in a bigger way when you see someone as a contemporary more than a parent figure.

in other words... I was a lot of trouble LOL

Tawny said...

Becke, I didn't see The Summer of '42. Who was in it?

Tawny said...

LOL Terri
If they're over 30, can we say they aren't too young? LOL!

I suppose it depends on how old WE are, right?

Tawny said...

ROFL Jo -what an experience :-)

And yeah, I would think having mass exposure to the younger men (ie: teaching high school) would definitely put a damper on the interest-factor. Especially when you're the teacher and intellect is what draws you. You'd want a guy who was able to, well, stimulate you. Intellectually speaking, of course ;-)

Tawny said...

Oh my, Becke.


Becke Davis said...

Tawny - Jennifer O'Neill starred - she was a famous model/actress back in my day. The movie came out in 1971; there's a clip here:

Tawny said...

A romance is a romance is a... What matters is the writer's skill.

Wonderful point, Keira.

Tawny said...

Do you see a pattern here?

I definitely do, Pat. And a pattern that seems to be working REALLY well for you *g*

Tawny said...

Wow. Becke, thats a powerful trailer and one that really hits the core of this question, huh? Thank you for sharing :-)

EilisFlynn said...

Snort. Why would I have an issue with it? My sister has a boy toy. She's 59, he's 37. Everyone I tell cheers! And of course, Ellora's Cave even had an older women-younger men theme going for a while!

Louisa Cornell said...

Nice job, Lynz! Keep an eye on him and have fun with our Golden Boy!

Love this one, Tawny for SO many reasons and can't wait to read the book!

My hubby was 2 years younger than. Me I actually met him when he was a senior in high school. I was his student teacher! I actually dated his best friend for a year before I dated hubby. (this was after their graduation, of course! I'm not a complete cradle robber!)

And I say if two people hit it off and have enough in common to stay together after the first couple of weeks of wild sex then hey, more power to them! In a relationship like this the sex may get them together, but the meeting of minds, hearts and souls is what will keep them together. Along with more wild sex, of course!

Mari said...

I have a formula that I use for relationships. If I could theoretically have attended grammar school at the same time with someone then the age difference doesn't count! So if someone is 7 years younger or 7 years older it isn't an "age differnce in my mind;)

limecello said...

Er... ok older woman/younger man is... weird to/for me. No I don't date younger guys, and that was always a thing for me. (Though considering my age I guess it makes sense?)
I feel like the market was also flooded with older woman/younger man books about a year ago - especially erotic romance. So... not my thing. Haha. I just won't say more.

Congrats on the GR, Lynz!

Joan said...

Lynz said: RE: Height: Yes! Me too! I'm 5'8" and have an addiction to heels

Gee...and you look kind of SHORT in your photo... :-)

Joan said...

As to "older" women and younger men?

A resounding YES!

Anything over 18 works.. :-)

ddurance said...

No issues.

Would I? Hell yeah!

I absolutely adore all of these guys in this post and could find many things to occupy our time together. lol


Tawny said...

Woot for your sister, Ellis LOL. I love it when something works. Especially good toys ;-)

Tawny said...

Louisa -I love this!!!

And I say if two people hit it off and have enough in common to stay together after the first couple of weeks of wild sex then hey, more power to them!

Exactly :-)

Tawny said...

LOL Mari - great formula!!! That makes things much easier.

Tawny said...

Lime, wouldn't dating younger guys put you in the illegals category? *g*

Tawny said...

Go JoanieT ;-) Thats one adamant yes *g*

Tawny said...

Deidre, they are mighty inspiring, aren't they? ;-)

Christine Wells said...

Tawny, it's been one of those days and I've had this comment up on my screen for hours and now I'm too late! But just wanted to say it sounds like you're going to have another fantastic Blaze on your hands. I can't wait to read it! Love the older woman/younger man conflict. Nothing like a young hot guy to magnify a woman's insecurities!

And, oh yeah, the pics were very nice;)

Tawny said...

Madame, you are never too late :-)

and thanks! I'm having a good time with the story, especially since the age angle is just one tiny facet of their conflict.