Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What's Your Favourite?

by Anna Sugden

Social occasions can bring up the strangest topics for small talk. There are the usual sports, music, cars, traffic and weather conversations, but also things like 'Which mythical creature is most likely to exist?'. And, of course, gossip *g*.

At a wedding recently, I noticed the overwhelming theme for most conversations was food: choices, preferences, likes and dislikes, allergies. Everywhere I went, I overheard conversations about food. Luckily, waitresses were circulating with yummy appetisers, or I'd have passed out from hunger before the reception dinner!

Not only were there lots of conversations, but some of them were pretty heated! You haven't lived until you've seen two blokes nearly coming to blows over the best chips/snacks to have with beer. LOL.

So, for a fun Tuesday, I thought I'd get you all discussing food too (no laughing, Fedora!) What are your favourites? Which do you prefer?

1. Chocolate - white, dark or milk?

2. Hot dog or burger?

3. Popcorn - butter, cheese, sweet?

4. Eggs - best way to have them cooked?

5. Favourite vegetable?

6. Tea or coffee? How do you take it?

7. Strawberries or raspberries?

8. Favourite drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)?

9. Favourite sandwich filling?

And, of course .... the best chips or snack to have with beer?


limecello said...


limecello said...

Heh. I love random, and I love talking food - so I think this is a trrific post, Anna!

1. All of them - it depends on my mood :X
2. Burger
3. I like all three kinds of popcorn but *separately.* I'm definitely not a sweet & savory foods type of girl.
4. Fried, eggs over hard. Or... in egg fried rice. Or salted eggs. Tea eggs. Just not scrambled.
5. Hm... not sure - let's go with zucchini for now.
6. Tea. I don't drink coffee. I like it plain, hot, cold, sweetened, unsweetened, with milk, flavored... :) I like tea.
7. Strawberries!
8. alcoholic? Hm... I like dropping blueberries I froze in wine. Or - with disaronno. I really liked the pink lady I had (although I was really unsure of the recipe) - but currently I like disaronno, with lime juice, cranberry juice, and ginger ale.
Non-alcoholic... pomegranate reime. Love the sparkling lemonade.
9. Er... sandwich filling? I usually go for Italian subs...

and snacks w/ beer - well I don't drink beer :X But... wings, chips, nachos... pizza... all go with beer and game day. Otherwise - "chips" - kettle cooked, wavy, or jalapeno cheetos, or regular doritos.

Lynz Pickles said...

Congrats, lime! Mmmm, food... I'll be hungry by the end of this comment, just you watch.

1. Milk, unless it's ice cream. Then it's dark.
2. Burger
3. Butter, salt, and sometimes cheese, but only every now and then.
4. Scrambled, French style. But if they're not super fresh, in fried rice.
5. Broccoli. Preferably roasted - it tastes like candy that way!
6. Tea with milk and sugar
7. Raspberries
8. Non-alcoholic: lemonade; alcoholic: caesars, though I like them alcohol-free, too. Rimmer's just so good!
9. Tomatoes (with lots of mayo on toasted bread, and I won't complain if you add bacon)
10. I'm not a beer girl, so... dunno. But all of lime's snacks sound really good and now I'm hungry.

Christine Wells said...

Fun post, Anna! Food is a favourite topic of mine:) Are you going to post yours?

1. Milk chocolate (white comes a close second and dark a distant last)

2. Burger

3. Popcorn - butter

4. Eggs - Benedict

5. Favourite vegetable? Potato or spinach

6. Tea or coffee? How do you take it? Coffee, white and one

7. Strawberries or raspberries? Strawberries but I like both

8. Favourite drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)? alcoholic--Sparkling shiraz, non-alcoholic, spicy tomato juice

9. Favourite sandwich filling? Sliced roast beef, salad and chutney

And, of course .... the best chips or snack to have with beer? Not a big one for beer, but I love Atomic Tomato Samboy chips

Anna Sugden said...

Thanks, Lime! As fedora knows, a lot of my posts seem to involve food!

Congrats on nabbing that pesky rooster.

It doesn't sound like you're a fussy eater at all.

What are tea eggs?

Oooh like the sound of your drinks. Will have to give them a try. A friend of mine freezes strawberries and drops them in champagne. Wonder if that would work for mojitos?!

Anna Sugden said...

I was hungry writing it, Lynz!

What are scrambled eggs French style (I'll restrain myself from making a typical English comment there LOL)?

I love broccoli too!

So, what are Caesar's and Rimmers?

Lime's snack do sound good. Or the snacks from the wedding *g* all sorts of mini food things, including the cutest little pigs in blankets!

Anna Sugden said...

Yes, Christine, I'll post mine too. I thought it might be cheating to natch the rooster *g*.

A lot of your favourites are mine too. Eggs Benedict, especially! I was so disappointed when we flew out for our trip to the wedding to miss out on my usual brekfast due to a terminal mix-up!

The great thing about hubby's allotment is the great veggies we get, and can trade for. We traded some of our runner beans for some super spinach.

Atomic Tomato Samboy Chips? Will have to look those up.

Anna Sugden said...

OK - here's mine:

1. Definitely milk, preferably Cadbury's.

2. Burger (loaded *g*), though like both.

3. Buttered is my fave. Though, I don't mind the other two.

4. Eggs Benedict.

5. Broccoli, cauliflower or spinach - and adding chees sauce doesn't hurt *g*.

6. Tea - hot with milk. Though I do like lattes. And my latest discovery, lattes with a shot of mint.

7. Raspberries, though I love them both. And I do have to brag about how fab our English strawbs and raspberries are, over the imports.

8. Mango mojitos from a favourite restaurant in Charleston, but any mojito will do. Also love Pimms.

I had a lethal pink drink one Valentine's Day which had raspberry Stoli, pink champagne and rum in it - with some raspberry syrup too, I think. Delish but deadly!

Soft drinks - ginger ale or real lemonade.

9. Prawn ceviche, Brie and grapes or a good loaded club sandwich.

10. Definitely not pretzels - don't like them! I'd have Cheese and onion crisps with sour cream dip or Doritos and hubby's home-made chili jelly (courtesy of Nigella - her recipes are always great and they turn out just the way they should).

Lynz Pickles said...

Ooh, Eggs Beneditct, yum! I haven't had eggs like that for ages! Now I really want some. Drat, it looks like my kitchen run after my last comment didn't help much at all.

My favourite scrambled eggs - sooooo good. Light and fluffy, yet rich... *sigh*

I think what I call a caesar is what you'd call a bloody mary, and Rimmer is what you put on the rim of the glass. I can never decide if my favourite part is the Rimmer or sucking on the lemon wedge after it's absorbed the Clamato flavour.

Emmanuelle said...

Great idea !!

1. Milk Chocolate only, preferably with hazelnuts or pecan or almonds...

2. burger, of course !!

3. Popcorn - butter, cheese, sweet? all of them ;-)

4. Scrambled eggs (and tons of bacon ;-)

5. Mushrooms...yummy

6. I'm a Tea person. I have it either "black" if it's a flavoured tea or with a spoonful of honey (havinf it right now btw).

7. Strawberries !! with cream...*sigh*

8. Water, water, water... I know I'm dull !

I don't drink bear but if I would I'd probably have chicken wings with it.

Jane said...

Hi Anna,
Ooh, food.
1. Milk
2. Burger
3. Cheese
4. Scrambled
5. Corn
6. Coffee with cream and sugar
7. Strawberries
8. Coke
9. Pastrami on a roll with mayo
10. Pizza

Congrats on the GR, Limecello.

Christine Wells said...

Ooh, Anna, I'm drooling at your list! And I have to agree with you about English strawbs. The ones I ate in Cambridge were the best I'd had, anywhere, by a country mile. I haven't tried the raspberries over there but I'm sure they'd beat the ones we get here, also.

Wow, that pink drink sounds superb!

Actually, the Atomic tomato chips would be crisps in your language. I always forget!

Helen said...

Well done limcello have fun with him

Anna this is going to be a fun topic I love discussing food LOL
OK Here are mine

1.Milk closley followed by white (guess what they are bringing out white Tim Tams in October yummy)
2.I love a good burger with the works bacon egg pineapple
3.Popcorn with butter and salt
4.Poached sunny side up
5.I love beans and spinach
6.Coffee white no sugar I am sweet enough LOL
7.Stawberries anyway I do like them cut up spinkled with icing sugar then fresh cream or ice cream
8.I love a glass of verdi spumanti or a scotch and coke and I prefer pepsi max
9.Chicken and salad
10. I love eating salted peanuts or plain smiths chips

So those ar mine I am going to enjoy reading everyone's.

Have Fun

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

1. Chocolate - white, dark or milk? Dark chocolate

2. Hot dog or burger? depends on my mood, most of the time burger, just call me t-rex

3. Popcorn - butter, cheese, sweet?
butter, dripping in butter

4. Eggs - best way to have them cooked? Over easy with the whites done

5. Favourite vegetable? Love brussel sprouts

6. Tea or coffee? How do you take it? one cup of coffee in the mornings, very strong with evaporated milk and sugar

7. Strawberries or raspberries? don't like rasberries and allergic to strawberries

8. Favourite drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)?burned, toasted almonds-a frozen concoction that can put you on the floor

9. Favourite sandwich filling? meat......any kind, again, call me t-rex

And, of course .... the best chips or snack to have with beer? don't like beer at all but I love, potato chips, just chips, no flavoring plain ole lays

Anna Sugden said...

Ah, okay Lynz - I see, thanks for the recipe. Funny that the French leave out milk or cream!

Interesting that a Caesar is a Bloody Mary!

Anna Sugden said...

I'd forgotten about adding the nuts into the chocolate, Emmanuelle. Yum.

Love mushrooms - especially stuffed *g*.

Water? Plain, unadulterated water? Really? Wow!

Anna Sugden said...

When you come over to visit, Christine, you can taste hubby's Cambridge straberries (and his home-made ice cream!) which are pretty spiffy. Our raspberries are pretty good too.

Are you tempted yet?! LOL

Anna Sugden said...

White chocolate Tim Tams?! Goodness, Helen - I can see that Christine and Anna C are going to have to bring an extra suitcase to Nationals next year to accommodate them! (not that I like white chocolate, but I know many who do).

I love poached eggs too - but only if they've been poached in a poaching cup. I don't like them when they've been done straight into boiling water. How about you?

Anna Sugden said...

Oooh I love pastrami too, Jane, after my time in NJ. Have you been to the Stage Deli in the City? They do the best pastrami sandwiches!

And I do miss New Jersey corn. Our corn isn't as sweet and delicious - don't know if that's to do with the climate or the type of corn. We're going to try growing some next year - but if that doesn't work, we might sneak some Jersey corn seeds next time we're over *g*.

Anna Sugden said...

I hate underdone whites too, Dianna. I actually like my eggs sunny side up, but usually ask for them over easy to ensure the whites are properly cooked!

Wow! Someone who loves Sprouts! You'd be a hero over here! I like them too, but most people don't.

We went to Tom Colicchio's Craft Bar in NY a while back and they did the most amazing brussel sprouts with apples.

Helen said...


I don't have a poaching cup but I do put a dash of vinegar in the water.

We have a lot of Brussel sprouts here to Anna one of my daughters really loves them

I am looking forward to the white Tim Tams I am sure the GR will like them when he comes to visit they are also bring out dark chocolate ones as well

Have Fun

Enid Wilson said...

BF crowns me as a food addict. So I'm most happy to barge in here: I like dark chocolate, strawberry, asparagus, fried egg, peach tea. Not much interest in hot dog, burger or popcorn.

Snack with beer, not sure, pizza is good but so is garlic bread. Now you make me very hungry!

Bargain with the Devil

Anna Sugden said...

You should try them in a poaching cup, Helen - yummy. We have a store here called Lakeland that has these little poaching pods which are made of a kind of rubbery material and they are brill for perfect poached eggs.

Anna Sugden said...

LOL Enid - I just had to grab some lunch and I ate far more than I should have thanks to my own blog post!

I'm amazed you're the first to say asparagus. I'm allergic to it (and celery and fennel and rhubarb etc), so I'm not keen, but I know many others love it.

Donna MacMeans said...

Anna - Here goes -
1. Not fond of white chocolate. Love both milk & dark as long as it's good chocolate.
2. burger
3. popcorn with salt
4. eggs - the best way is to have someone else cook them - then it doesn't matter.
5. vegetable - there's so many I love I can't pick one. About the only vegetable I don't like is lima beans. I'm good with anything else.
6. iced tea
7. strawberries (I'm not fond of the tiny seeds in raspberries)
8. favorite drink - yes *g*
9. sandwich filling - too, too many (and it shows).
10. I'm not a beer drinker so not the best to ask.

TerriOsburn said...

What a fun blog!

1. Definitely milk chocolate

2. Both

3. Butter, the more the better

4. Scrambled eggs but a good fried egg is hard to beat

5. What is this vegetable you speak of?

6. Coffee with French Vanilla creamer or the Hershey's Chocolate & Caramel creamer

7. Banana

8. Can't beat a good vanilla milkshake

9. Warm roast beef

With beer I'd have to go with pizza.

Off to read everyone else's!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Fun post, Beth!

On my way to bed, but wanted to add my favorites to the discussion. :)

1. Chocolate...Milk and dark both! perferably with caramels.
2. Burger, unless I'm at a baseball game.
3. Popcorn...salt and butter
4. eggs...scrambled
6. Tea...sweet
7. raspberries, covered in dark chocolate
8. Diet Coke
9. my homemade chickensalad with dried cranberries and pecans
10. uhm...don't drink beer, but will eat nachos with anyone who does drink beer!

Karen Olson said...

1. Chocolate - white
2. Hot dog with mustard and relish. Yum!
3. Popcorn - kettlecorn
4. Eggs - over easy, a little runny.
5. Artichoke.
6. Tea, black.
7. Strawberries or raspberries? Can I have both?
8. Favourite drink: alcoholic: a sidecar; non-alcoholic: iced tea.
9. Favourite sandwich: chicken salad.
And, of course .... the best chips or snack to have with beer? Guacamole and tortilla chips with a Corona is perfect.

Morning Glow said...

Well this sounds fun! Let's see here..
1. Chocolate - dark! Mm.
2. Hot dogs, definitely.
3. Cheesey popcorn. If not, extra buttery and salty.
4. Scrambled with cheese on it.
5. Fav veggie.. Broccoli
6. Tea. I hate coffee. And I'll take it any way, all day. Love it!
7. Uh.. neither. Not really a berry person.
8. Diet Dr. Pepper is my favorite non-alcoholic. As to my favorite alcoholic.. I'd have to say Guinness.
9. Turkey. Turkey and lettuce and cheese, oh my.
Best snacks with beer.. Ruffle chips with dip. If not an option, go for Pringles.

Christie Kelley said...

Fun post, Anna.

1. Dark chocolate

2. Hamburger

3. Butter and salt

4. Sunnyside up

5. Acorn squash

6. Either Hot tea with honey, cold tea unsweetened, coffee w/milk and sugar

7. I love them both! Together is good.

8. White wine

9. Peanut butter and jelly!

10. I'm not a beer drinker so I wouldn't know!

MsHellion said...

A hedonistic blog. My favorite kind. I could talk about eating and cooking all day.

1. Chocolate - white, dark or milk? DARK. But I’ll do milk so long as it’s Hershey (not a big Swiss chocolate fan)

2. Hot dog or burger? Usually burger (or better: STEAK, rare), but hot dogs are good too with mustard, relish, kraut, et al. I’m a meat eater all the way.

3. Popcorn - butter, cheese, sweet? BUTTER.

4. Eggs - best way to have them cooked? Sunny side up, runny all over my crispy hashbrowns.

5. Favourite vegetable? Technically mashed potatoes, but I don’t think that counts. I’m fond of spinach a lot and cabbage, but I’ll eat quite a few veggies with pleasure. (I just like eating.) I do not like Brussell Sprouts—I’ve never had them cooked in a way that was appetizing.

6. Tea or coffee? How do you take it? With lots of milk and flavoring (like caramel syrup)

7. Strawberries or raspberries? STRAWBERRIES.

8. Favourite drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)? PEPSI. (I’m a fan of rum and pina coladas, but hands down, the drink that makes me moan at first sip, PEPSI. It’s true love, right there. And I so could have won that contest of which is coke and which is pepsi without looking. I can tell.)

9. Favourite sandwich filling? Corned beef. *LOL* (I’m such a cattleman’s daughter. Corned beef is part of a Rueben and I love Ruebens. Though I’ll eat corned beef alone too.)

And, of course .... the best chips or snack to have with beer? Baked Tostitos with hot-hot-hot fresh salsa.

Anna Sugden said...

And you like Aero Bubbles, Donna *g*.

I agree about the eggs - especially with Eggs Benedict - too fussy for me to make. Love when a proper chef does it.

That's so true about raspberry seeds!

Anna Sugden said...

ROFL at your vegetable comment, Terri. You sound like some of the kids I used to teach!

I can see you also have a sweet tooth. All those flavoured creamers sound yummy - and lethal!

Funny how few people here like beer. But they love the snacks that go with it. I'm all for pizza!

Anna Sugden said...

Sleep well, Suz. You're obviously worn out! *g*.

That's so true about hot dogs at baseball games! Its kind of like meat pies at a footie (soccer) game over here.

That home-made chicken salad sounds yummy.

And I love nachos!!

Anna Sugden said...

Do you like both white and yolk runny or just the yolk, Karen?

Of course you can have both strawbberries and raspberries.

What's in a side-car?

And you're clearly a girl after my own heart - I'm all for Corona with guacamole and chips!

Anna Sugden said...

Scrambled eggs with cheese - yum, Morning Glow!

My hubby loves Diet Dr Pepper too -he was so excited when they launched it over here in England.

I know several Banditas who love Guinness too (though I can't stand the stuff myself!).

Oh yes - Pringles - what a great invention they are!

Anna Sugden said...

What's an acorn squash, Christie? Must check them out.

LOL on the favourite snadwich filling - I'm a huge peanut butter fan. I bring it over from the US, because I love your peanut butter better than ours. (and your Orville Redenbacher pocorn)

Now if only I could find a way to get jars of Vlasic pickles home!

Another non-beer drinker ... interesting!

Anna Sugden said...

Oh me too, Ms Hellion!

I'm a big meat eater too - guess we can join Dianna as T-Rexes!

I love mashed potato too - but hubby can't stand them. I have to have them when he's away as just the sight of them makes him feel nauseous!

I could have won the Coke vs Pepsi taste test too, but for love of Coke. Pepsi is way too sweet for me. Another great invention was Coke Zero - don't like Diet Coke because of the after-taste, but Coke Zero is awesome.

jo robertson said...

What a lively topic, Anna! No wonder with our obsessive discussions of food so many of us writers are uh, less than healthy LOL.

I love sweets! Regular food, not so much :-D.

Hmmm, milk chocolate.
Nothing like a dog once in a while.
Can pass on popcorn.
Scrambled with cheese!
Vege - what - you say?
Tea, I was Brit in another life.
Strawberries in sour cream and brown sugar.
PEPSI, fully loaded!
Turkey and swiss
Forget the beer, just chips!

Janga said...

What a fun topic, Anna!

milk chocolate.
burger--unless the hot dog is a slaw dog from this little place that's a local insitution
popcorn--I'll just smell it, thanks.
eggs--scrambled, but fluffy, not overcooked
vegetable--tomato, from the garden, not the cardboard imitations
tea--sweet and iced (What can I say? I'm a Southern girl. :) )
Strawberries, although I like both
alcoholic drink--a nice glass of Chardonay or Pinot Noir; non-alcoholic--ginger ale
sandwich--baked chicken and tomato with mayo
no beer but I'll take Ruffles with chipped beef dip

Joan said...

Appropriate post today, Anna given my return yesterday from Savannah where food reigns!

1. Chocolate - white, dark or milk? *Dark first and foremost. Even more so given the purported anti-oxidents it provides. Chocolate for the greater good I say, LOL. Of course, your other chocolates are great too as I sampled all of them at a candy shop by the Savannah river. "Midday in the Shop of Good and Evil" I called it! *

2. Hot dog or burger? *Hot dog, straight on the bun. No garnish, no relish, no nothing. I know boring....but might be good with pralines on them :-)*

3. Popcorn - butter, cheese, sweet? *Buttered...from the theatre. No home made will ever match that. And sweet? Reference the shop in #1's answer .*

4. Eggs - best way to have them cooked? *Just make sure they are cooked, LOL. Scrambled with lots of butter would be my first choice then fried, a taste I acquired on my trips to Eire*

5. Favourite vegetable? *One smothered with pralines. No? Ok, Southern green beans and buttered carrots*

6. Tea or coffee? How do you take it? *No. I don't like either but will eat desserts or pralines with mocha flavor*

7. Strawberries or raspberries? *Definately strawberries...yum*

8. Favourite drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)? *Diet Coke, definately followed by Sangria*

9. Favourite sandwich filling? *Chicken salad in all its incarnations*

And, of course .... the best chips or snack to have with beer? *Don't do beer but snacks right now are Classic Lays potato chips, Planters Cheese balls and Tostitos corn chips*

Annie Solomon said...

Hey, bandits! Just stopping by post-deadline and glad I did. There's nothing I like talking about more than food.

1. Not much of a chocoholic, but I'd rather have milk if it's plain. If it's got caramel inside, I go dark.

2. I'm in the minority, I see. Hot dog. With mustard and kraut. And lots of crispy fries.

3. Definitely NOT sweet. Butter is tops. Cheese is good, too.

4. Skipping eggs because if we're talking favorite food, eggs isn't up there.

5. Same with veggies because there are too many to count. How about least favorite? Green beans and zuccini.

6. Coffee with milk and sugar in the am. Tea the rest of the day. Sugar, yes. Whether hot or cold, must have: lemon.

7. Raspberries

8. Lemonade, and I'm ashamed to say I'll take it any way--even processed and bottled with corn syrup.

9. Hmm...tuna salad. But not with sweet pickles. Just celery and mayo. But not dripping in mayo. Just enough to hold it together. Yum.

10. I'll eat anything with salt on it--cheetos, freetos, pretzles--but the queen of snacks, in fact the queen of ALL food groups, has got to be potato chips. I could probably eat myself to death on those.

BTW--you forgot to ask our favorite food overall. I'm volunteering mine--pasta. I'll even eat it plain. Yes, I know, it's a sickness.

Claudia Dain said...

Fun! A QUIZ!

1) Don't like chocolate!
2) Burger
3) Buttered popcorn
4) Scrambled, dry
5) Asparagus
6) Don't like coffee or tea!
7) Raspberries
8) Diet Dr.Pepper
9) Hard salami
10) Don't like beer!

Anna Sugden said...

You're so right, Jo. That's one of the reasons I've been trying to be good about adding exercise into my schedule! I found having a target, like running with hubby's daughters in a 5k, was a big incentive to stick to the schedule.

You don't like popcorn?!

Good to hear you were a Brit in a former life. Hope you'll be paying a visit to your homeland some day!

Anna Sugden said...

Ooh that slaw dog sounds good, Janga. I love chili and cheese dogs from a local diner.

The smell of popcorn is something else. You don't like to eat it either, huh?

And I'm so with you on tomatoes from the garden. One of the joys of growing your own veggies/fruit (or having a hubby who does *g*) is that your veggies and fruit taste like they're supposed to.

So, what goes into a chipped beef dip?

Anna Sugden said...

Welcome back from your trip, Joanie. Food certainly does reign in Savannah ... and in Charleston!

You're right about theatre popcorn being different. Don't know what they put in that butter sauce (probably don't want to know either LOL). Though, I do have to say that melted English butter does come pretty close and is delish.

Ummm ... did you have some nice pralines on your trip?!

Anna Sugden said...

Hey Annie - good to see you post-deadline! Hope the writing went well!

How funny that we didn't have more people here who don't like eggs. I was expecting more - or maybe I just seem to know a few people who don't like them! I love them!

I'm definitely more of a savoury binger than a sweet one. I can resist most sweets, but a savoury snack calls out to me!

Favourite food overall? Oh, that's a tough one. My Mum's Persian cooking or Coquille St Jacques or sushi or just a good American steak!

Anna Sugden said...

Hi Claudia!!

You don't like chocolate - that's a bigger shock than not liking popcorn!

Interesting about the scrambled eggs - a lot of people seem to prefer them dry, but I like mine moist, almost undercooked. As long as the white is fully cooked!

Beth said...

Yum! I love talking about food - almost as much as I enjoy eating *g*

1. Chocolate - milk, white then dark, though dark is growing on me so this list may be subject to change in the near future :-)

2. Burger

3. Popcorn. All! I especially love Kettle Corn but there are times when only butter will do *g*

4. Eggs - right now I'm loving the tomato and spinach omelettes I've been making.

5. Vegetable. Too many to choose! My son and I especially love sauteed green beans with sesame oil and garlic. Yum!

6. Coffee. Favorite way is with flavored creamer.

7. Strawberries.

8. Mountain Dew. But I've cut waaayy back ;-)

9. I LOVE sandwiches. Usually turkey or chicken, Swiss or Provolone and all types of veggies and/or condiments.

Pretzels! We all love pretzels here, our favorite are pretzel rods :-)

Great fun, Anna!

Christie Kelley said...

Anna, an acorn squash is a round fall squash that is mostly green on the outside (sometimes with a little orange on it). I cook it in the microwave oven whole (with a few holes in it) then cut it and removed the seeds. A little butter, salt and pepper and it is sooo yummy!

Susan Sey said...

Hey, Anna--

Fun topic! I'm pretty easy when it comes to food, so all I'll say is that there are very few foods worth eating in this world that can't be improved by a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. :-)

Janga said...

Anna, here's the chipped beef dip recipe:

1/4 c. chopped green onion
1 clove garlic, minced
1 tbsp. butter
8 oz. cream cheese
1/2 c. sour cream
4 oz. dried beef, chopped
2 tbsp. minced parsley
1 tbsp. lemon juice

Place onion, garlic and butter in a one quart casserole and microwave on high 30-45 seconds or until butter melts. Add cream cheese and microwave on high 45- 70seconds or until cream cheese softens.

Remove from oven and add remaining ingredients. Mix well. Chill at least 2 hours.

Keira Soleore said...

1. Chocolate - milk w/ nuts
2. Burger
3. Popcorn - butter, salt
4. Eggs - scrambled
5. Spinach
6. Tea or coffee - both w/ cream & sugar
7. Strawberries or raspberries -both
8. Alcoholic - lemon-lime drop
Non-alcoholic - water
9. Favourite sandwich filling - cheese
10. Snack to have with beer - roasted salted peanuts in shell

Anna Campbell said...

Anna, what a fun blog!!! OK, here are my answers:

1. Chocolate - milk?

2. Burger

Popcorn butter

4. Eggs - omelette

5. Favourite vegetable? Asparagus

6. Tea or coffee? How do you take it? Tea, milky with no sugar, coffee, decaf, white, no sugar.

7. Strawberries or raspberries? Raspberries.

8. Favourite drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)? Champagne.

9. Favourite sandwich filling? Smoked salmon.

And, of course .... the best chips or snack to have with beer? Smith's Barbecue chips!

Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

Oh, great, you know I'm calorie counting, right? :)

1. milk
2. hot dog, blackened on the grill
3. don't eat popcorn
4. scrambled with shredded Cheddar cheese or deviled
5. cucumbers
6. neither
7. strawberries
8. Coca-Cola, though I steer clear of it now
9. ham and cheese
10. I don't drink beer, but I love tortilla chips with queso dip.

Nancy said...

Limecello, you're on a rooster roll!

Anna, food is always popular. As for choices--

milk chocolate


buttered popcorn

eggs over medium or firm scrambled

coffee hot with cream ("white?" or is that just tea?) and sugar or cold and slushy in one of those fancy coffee house drinks. Though I do plan to have a blackberry cream latte ("addictive as crack, as described, accurately, imho, by one of my cps) when the critique group meets at Borders tonight. Or iced tea. I drink hot tea in the winter and like the grocery store brand of chai tea bags with Moravian Christmas cookies

strawberries as a snack, raspberries in dessert or yogurt and either one in that fabulous custard y'all have on your side of the Atlantic

alcohol--champagne or sauvignon blanc, occasionally an old fashioned or bourbon and ginger ale, and sometimes a beer

nonalcoholic--iced tea or
Coca-Cola, the brand name product, not a substitute (and not Pepsi, with apologies to the Pepsi Generation banditas and buddies)

sandwich filling--peanut butter, banana and mayonnaise (no groaning; keeps the PB from sticking) in the winter, vine-ripened tomato with mayo in the summer

best snack with beer--chips, potato or taco with salsa, but I'm not picky

flchen1 said...

Oooh... *rubbing hands together* Anna, how did you know? ;) My very favorite topic (after books, of course!)...

1. All, depending on mood and occasion, but generally a good quality milk is my very favorite
2. Usually a burger, but a good hot dog is occasionally also irresistible
3. Butter and salt
4. Usually scrambled
5. Broccoli, for an all-purpose one; most of them are delicious, depending on preparation
6. Tea, if I must; decaffeinated, please ;)
7. Both!!
8. Ginger ale, or I'm a huge fan of blender drinks--smoothies, milkshakes...
9. Most of them :D Although not all together... Bacon, avocado, and tomato?
10. I don't often drink beer, but I can't resist potato chips of any kind... just sit that bag right next to me, please! And Cheetos... mmm.....

How's the GR enjoying his eats today, Lime?

Christine Wells said...

Anna, you don't have to try very hard to tempt me, believe me! Strawberries, raspberries and home made ice cream (and the chance to visit you and Keith?) I'm there!

Becke Davis said...

1. Chocolate - white, dark or milk?


2. Hot dog or burger?

Hot dog, Chicago –style with onions, relish, ketchup, mustard, etc. – or chili dog.

3. Popcorn - butter, cheese, sweet?

When I buy it, I get the low calorie kind, but I love white cheese popcorn or buttered popcorn. Even caramel corn. You’re making me hungry!

4. Eggs - best way to have them cooked?

Over easy.

5. Favourite vegetable?

Is avocado a fruit? If it is, I’d say potato, or peas or zucchini.

6. Tea or coffee? How do you take it?

Tea with milk and Splenda usually, but sometimes if we are out I’ll get a skim latte.

7. Strawberries or raspberries?

Love them both, but have blueberries almost every day.

8. Favourite drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)?

LOVE guava juice, but rarely have it. Alcoholic? Caramel apple martini, but that’s just one of many!

9. Favourite sandwich filling?
BLT, ham & swiss or peanut butter and banana.

Favorite chips are English-style cheese & onion, steak & onion or salt & vinegar. Thank goodness they aren't easy to obtain here!

Virginia said...

Food good post! Love talking food!

1. Milk Chocolate
2. Burger
3. All kinds of pop corn
4. Love eggs about any way you fix them.
5. Green beans with patatoes cooked in them
6. Coffee sweeten with sweet and low and a little Irish Cream low fat creamer.
7. Strawberries and raspberries and blue berries mixed together
8. I like both but most of the time Sprite 0
9. About any kind but like tomatoes and lite mayo on the sandwedge too. Had turkey today.
10.Not much of a beer drinker but with mixed drinks it would be chip plain or prezels.

Pat Cochran said...

Hi, Anna,

Here goes:
1. Sugar-free dark
2. Burger
3. Butter
4. Over-easy with lots of toast
5. Tomatoes
6. Tea, hot or iced, can't decide
7. Strawberries dipped in dark
8. Margarita or Arnold Palmer(half
lemonade & half tea over ice)
9. Provolone and sliced tomatoes
10.Guacamole and corn chips

Pat Cochran

Anna Sugden said...

The spinach and tomato omlettes sound yummy, Beth.

As does your recipe for green beans. Lovely hubby does something delish with our runner beans that includes bacon.

Not saying nothing about the Mountain Dew *g*

Anna Sugden said...

Thanks, Christie - sounds great. I'll have to keep an eye out here and see what is our local equivalent.

Anna Sugden said...

LOL - I like your attitude, Susan! In some cases I'd have the ice cream and leave the other stuff behind *g*

Anna Sugden said...

Thanks for the recipe, Janga - will have to try that out and see how wel it works with beer! I'm not sure if we have dried beef here - will have to check that out. Wonder if there is an equivalent I can use instead.

Anna Sugden said...

Keira!! Great to see you, love. Did you have fun in Germany (I'm still pouting that you couldn't manage a teensy weensy trip across to Cambridge!)

What's a lemon-lime drop? I'm learning some interesting new drinks to try!

Oh yes on the nuts - love 'em!

Anna Sugden said...

LOL I was waiting for your comments, Anna, as I somehow had a premonition of those barbecure crisps!

I wonder if champagne is a drink you have to grow into? I used to hate it, but now, I love it. I also really like sparkling wines like Cava and Prosecco.

Anna Sugden said...

Sorry, Trish! Just remember, diet is a four-letter word and all things in moderation! LOL

Hot dogs on the grill are a different beast, aren't they? Great flavour.

I was surprised more people didn't mention any kind of devilled eggs or huevos rancheros.

Anna Sugden said...

Yes, Nancy, coffe with cream is called 'white' over here. Applies to both tea and coffee.

If you like strawbs and raspberries with custard, you'll love hubby's trifle!

Peanut butter and banana is one of my favourite combinations, along with peanut butter and sharp cheddar, peanut butter and Philly Light and PB and hubby's homemade strawberry jam!

I like good bourbon too, on occasion. Brought home a bottle of Knob Creek from our recent trip stateside.

Anna Sugden said...

LOL Fedora - I knew you'd enjoy the post! You kindly didn't mention my propesity for food-based discussions!

Blender drinks and smoothies are fab, aren't they. I always forget to make them, but love them when I remember.

Now that I've started making soups for the winter and the blender is out, I may remember more often.

Anna Sugden said...

Christine - the guest room is ready!

Anna Sugden said...

Hi Becke!

I love the white cheese popcorn too. That is the most more-ish snack ever! Lethal for a savoury addict like me!

I once had a fab guava ice-cream, so can understand liking guava juice. Caramel apple martini - yum.

Cheese and onion are my fave crisps too. I just sent two enormous bags of them to my sis in OH!

Anna Sugden said...

Sounds like you're another easy woman to please, Virginia!

I think adding tomatoes and mayo lifts any sandwich!

I prefer Sprite Zero over 7-Up lite, though like them both.

Anna Sugden said...

Strawbs dipped in chocolate - delish!! I'm not fussy, though, I'll take raspberries dipped in chocolate too, Pat! LOL

You're right about the lots of toast - need it to mop up that yummy yolk!

Keira Soleore said...

Vrai, dear!! I had six days in Germany with friends and family to see and castles and jewels. I have to do an England-only trip next year. I have family in Oxford and you in Cambridge. I can do a university-themed trip. (Fo, you wanna?)

A lemon-lime drop is essentially a lemon drop with lime substituted for lemon. To wit: vodka, lemon juice, sugar. :) Christine and I prefer lime, gives an extra tanginess, hence the development of the lemon-lime drop. Here's a recipe.

Vodka is migraine-neutral. Ahem. At least that's what I've been told.