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Writer Most Wicked...Kathryn Caskie is in the Lair

posted by Christine Wells

The Most Wicked of Sins (Avon, Sept. 29) is the title of the second book in my sexy and wickedly fun Seven Deadly Sins series (and it goes on sale on Tuesday, September 29th--and the crowd roars...). It's about envy, which really is a wicked sin. I mean, come on. You could conceivably have a little fun committing the other six sin-but not envy. No way.

Is Envy the most wicked of sins?

Let me tell you a little more about each of the Seven Deadly Sins, and then you tell me which is the most wicked of sins. (PRIZES-The three most thoughtful or creative comments win signed copies of To Sin With a Stranger, the debut book of the series.)

Now, the Seven Deadly Sins are: Greed, Envy, Sloth, Gluttony, Lust, Wrath and Pride. Okay, I can think of worse sins, but hey, a Pope came up with these as the top seven about a thousand years ago. 'Nuf said, right?

Greed: Perfect example~ my teetering To Be Read pile(s). I have more books than I can possibly read, more books than anyone can possibly read, and yet I can't leave the bookstore without half a dozen more. I have so many books that I am thinking of building a green house out of recycled romances. Think I can get a tax credit for that?

Envy:. I named the heroine Ivy in The Most Wicked of Sins after an Envy incident in my neighborhood years ago. A woman down the street had the most amazing garden, and yet I never saw her do any more than water it. One day, the flowers were lying all over the front yard and my neighbor was busy raking up the mess. She guessed some kids had torn up the garden at night as a prank-but wished she could thank them for pulling up all of the poison ivy too. Now she could work in her garden again. A couple days later, I saw the woman who lived next door to her with a horrible red rash all over her arms and face. True story.

Sloth: It's 8 a.m., kids are off to school. I am going write to ten pages -right after I check my email. Wow, is it noon already? Okay, eat lunch, then off to write ten pages...after I check out that one site. Crap. Dinner time? (Meant to buy some groceries.) Lazy slug.

Gluttony: There is only so much a human needs to eat, right? Beyond that, it's excess and after a while, Lycra becomes a way of life. Believe me, I know. (Though, the woman who invented SPANX is up for sainthood. Yup, pretty sure it's true.)

Lust: Oh, come on. How is this a sin?

Wrath: Okay, you race into a grocery store for some milk, but some guy is blocking the aisle with his cart while he taps on his Blackberry creating a shopper back up (the term for this is Blackberry Jam, I think). Excuse me, please. He doesn't hear you. Tap, tap, tap. Would you mind if I just squeezed by? Tappity tap. Grr. You are about two seconds from yanking that thing out of his hand and chucking it and him in the lobster tank. That's wrath.

Pride: Pride is supposed to be the worst sin. I don't mean like taking pride in your work, or your school, or your team. We're really talking arrogance, right? Pride as in Pride and Prejudice. Oh Mr. Darcy. You lovely sinner, you.

There you have it. The Seven Deadly Sins.

So which is the most wicked of sins? Prizes for the most wickedly funny comments/stories (trying to appeal to Greed here).




Lynz Pickles said...


Lynz Pickles said...

Hi, Kathryn! I love reading about the seven deadly sins. They're just so... sinful. (See how big my vocabulary is? Impressive, right?)

But which of them is the most wicked? Now that's an interesting question. The way I see it, each and every sin can be horribly wicked, depending on several factors: whether the sin is active or passive, directed inwards or outwards, whether it's combined with another sin, and the scale upon which it's performed.

For example, greed. A sinner who suffers from passive greed wants things. Wants them, wants more of them, wants all of them! But this doesn't mean they go after them, and if they do, they'll do it in a moral manner. Someone who is actively sinning through greed sees something they want and goes after it, regardless of the costs. If they need more money to get that thing, they'll get it however they can, even if it means stealing. If they need power to get it, they'll amass it, morally or not.

Or sloth. Sloth directed inwards hurts the sinner and no one else. The person will be lazy and miss out on life and opportunities because of this. Sloth directed outwards hurts other people. Say someone's relying on the sinner, who is slothful and lets the other person down, possibly with dire consequences.

And when sins work in tandem, especially active, outwardly-directed ones, there's trouble. Combine envy and lust, for example, and you can get someone who's obsessed with his rival's beautiful wife. The lust may be the original basis for the obsession, but the envy holds in it place long after lust would've faded away. Or how about pride and wrath? Isn't it harder to talk someone out of vengeance if their pride has been hurt?

Gluttony is the perfect sin to illustrate the importance of scale. Which is a bigger sin: a glutton whose habits hurt himself and those close to him, or a ruler whose habits hurt the entire nation?

So which is the worst sin? I think it's incredibly hard to say, because so much of it depends on who is sinning and the way in which they're doing so. But if forced to choose, I'd say pride. Pride is, I think, the best stepping-stone sin. It can easily lead to greed, envy, sloth, gluttony, lust, or wrath - how versatile! It's also one of the hardest to deal with, because getting the sinner to admit that there's something negative about them can be a huge hurdle to overcome.

Anyway, I've mused enough for one night. The GR and I are off to go read a book and then go to bed. Tomorrow we're going to *shudder* wash the puppy, so we need our rest.

jo robertson said...

Kathryn, welcome to the Lair. Your Seven Deadly Sins series sounds delish! Wish I'd thought of that, uh, envy alert!

Can you tell us something about THE MOST WICKED OF SINS?

Hmmm, worst of the sins? I'm with you on the lust -- how can that be sinful? Well, I guess lust really is wanting something so bad that you'd do anything, absolutely anything, to get it. Not cool.

But I like Wrath to the best. People do all sorts of damaging and hurtful things because they can't or won't control their anger. And I don't think there's any such thing as righteous wrath. Lack of control is not a pretty thing.

Anna Campbell said...

Kathryn, wonderful to see you here! What took you so long?

And what a gorgeous post! Loved it. Hmm, clearly I suffer from the same brand of greed as you - you should see the TBR pile. And I loved the story about the poison ivy. That was karma getting in quick and deadly, huh?

Congratulations on the new book out. It sounds absolutely luscious!

Helen said...

Congrats Lynz have fun with him

Kathryn I am loving this series I have the new one on order can't wait to read it.

Loved the post I too agree lust isn't a sin and as for greed yes my TBR pile is massive I got another 4 books today and ordered 10 on Friday so no problem there. Gluttony may be my worst sin especially if chocoalate is involoved.

I have just been to lunch with some of the Australian Romance Readers and Australian author Bronwyn Parry and we went to the Lindt Cafe for afternoon tea after I had a great lunch I managed to fit in beautiful waffles with ice cream and lindt chocolate sauce and an iced chocolate (gald I had stretch jeans on).

Have Fun

Emmanuelle said...

Well , well, well...
No hesitation here (unfortunatly). Mine is Gluttony. My favorite quote has always been "There is no love sincerer than the love of food" (George Bernard Shaw). Plus, there is also the fact that I love it when grey and rainy days are coming just because it means the official opening of the "baking season".
I read cookbooks with the same intencity that I read romances (no kidding). Some authors have the delicious idea to write food romances and for that I'm always very grateful ;-)
Every good moment of my life has its own special dish (well except for the birth of my 2 sons, no food at all, Ewww).
So really, no hesitation for me. I'm a food-addict and I know it, so maybe that means there is still hope, right ? ;-)

Emmanuelle said...
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mariska said...

Hi Kathryn,
i'm so glad that you're finally here :)
the most wicked sins for me? I guess, i'm suffering Greed. I just can't stand when someone's mentioning 'a free book to win' :D
I have huge TBR's pile too. No wonder people called me as a Book Eater! Yum.
My other worst sin will be Gluttony, when Brownies, Chocolate cake and Devil's cake are involved! YUMMY :)
i'm waiting forward to read one of your works coz you're a new author for me.

Christine Wells said...

Hi Kathryn, a warm welcome to the Bandit Lair! What a fun post. We'd all love to hear more about The Most Wicked of Sins. Jo, I so agree, the Seven Deadly Sins series is one I wish I'd thought of, too.

Lynz, congrats on winning the rooster today. You really got him with a vengeance, coming first and second in your posts. I agree with you that it depends on the degree and circumstances of the sin as to which is worst.

Helen!! Now I'm suffering from envy big time. You went to the Lindt cafe? Argh! It's probably better for my waistline that I couldn't join you, but seriously, Lindt is my absolute favourite chocolate. Sounds like you had a great time!

Mariska and Emmanuelle, you're both making me hungry!!! Which is just ridiculous as I've spent the day at a child's birthday party with a sumptuous lunch and two types of birthday cake. Hmm, I'd say gluttony is probably my besetting sin!

Janga said...
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Janga said...

Hi, Kathryn! I've thought the seven sins idea sounded fascinating since I read your early comments about it. I look forward to Book 2.

I think I could probably find enough evidence of all seven in my life to make me squirm with guilt. I admit your description of sloth made me wonder if you had hidden cameras in my house. :)

As for worst sin, I think the theologians have this one right. Pride with that "i" right in the middle leads to all the other sins. Macrocosm or microcosm, our world is filled with disasters and abuses that stem from the "It's-all-about-me" mind set.

Linda Henderson said...

I think Pride is the deadliest of sins. Now I will tell you, I'm not too proud to beg to win this book. Hmm, that makes me think of a song, Ain't too proud to beg. Don't remember who recorded it but I'm sure they are very proud of it.

Linda Henderson
seriousreader at live dot com

PJ said...

Morning, Kathryn! Welcome to the lair!

I'm glad anticipation isn't one of the sins because that's what I've been filled with ever since you first shared your concept for this series. Can't wait to get my hands on The Most Wicked of Sins. Just two more days!

I agree with Janga's assessment of Pride. Coincidentally, this was a topic of discussion in the Exxon parking lot yesterday morning. All the best discussions around here seem to take place in parking lots, with the Exxon station (having the best and cheapest coffee in town) being a favorite. The parking lot consensus placed Pride, with its "all about me" mindset as an overwhelming cause of many of the problems our world is facing today.

My personal sin this weekend would have to be a combination of Gluttony and Sloth. I made a batch of the Georgia Cookie Candy that Kim C. introduced me to in DC, planning to give it all away, but I haven't been able to resist the sweet siren call of crunchy peanut butter and smooth-as-silk chocolate. Combine that with a gray, rainy Saturday and I spent most of the day eating and taking naps! I'm hanging my head in (well-fed) shame. ;-)

**Please exclude me from the contest. I already have a signed copy of To Sin With a Stranger. Thanks, Kathryn! :)

Minna said...

Well, right now my sin must be Wrath and it's all because the sin of the local government here is Sloth.

Anna Sugden said...

Welcome Kathryn! And thanks to Christine for hosting you.

I love the sound of your seven deadly sins series - there is something appealing about those seven deadly sins (Like in that fab movie '7')

I'm with you on lust *g* and I'm afraid (or not *g*) that I'm with you on TBR greed too. Does that tie into Gluttony too? Probably, as I'm a 'sets' person - have to have things in sets. Gotta complete the series. And we won't even talk about food gluttony! Oops you got me on sloth too!

Which sin is the worst? Hmmm. Toughie.

I think, in reality, pride is the worst. (Sorry Mr Darcy!) Because, it is the one that is verging on sociopathic. It assumes you're right and justified, takes away your social conscience and your compassion. It makes ignorance dangerous and turns opinions into dogma. It amplifies any other sin and even turns goodness bad!

Christie Kelley said...

Welcome to the lair, Kathryn. What a fun post. I loved your definitions of the Seven Deadly Sins.

The worst? I would have to say lust. Because it's so much fun to write and read about, it must be bad!

Kathryn Caskie said...

Thanks for having me here! Okay, here is a little blurb on The Most Wicked of Sins (I haven't had coffee yet... but here goes.)

The Most Wicked of Sins (in stores September 29th) is my ninth book, and the second in my Seven Deadly Sins series. It’s Lady Ivy Sinclair’s story and the sin she must overcome is envy.

The seven Sinclair brothers and sisters—known throughout the Society as the Seven Deadly Sins—live for scandal and delight in disgrace . . . until their father decrees that they must reform. Propriety has never come easily, but now they have no choice. They must redeem themselves or regret in poverty.

It doesn’t take long before Lady Ivy Sinclair grows weary of pretending to be rich while living like a pauper behind closed doors. And so she vows to land a sensible, serious husband her father will accept.

Snaring a husband shouldn’t be difficult. After all, Ivy is the envy of Society—at least she was, until Miss Fiona Feeney arrived in Town. Suddenly, the Irish beauty is the undisputed toast of the ton. Worse yet, just when the gentleman Ivy’s set her cap for is about to pop the question, Miss Feeney snatches away his attentions. Furious, Ivy hatches a plan. Using the last of her money, she hires an actor to impersonate the new Marquess of Counterton, hoping his passionate courtship of her will send her intended into a jealous rage. There is only one small problem with Ivy’s plan: Dominic Sheridan, the blue-eyed “actor” she hires, really is the Marquess of Counterton, who has just arrived in Town. And he isn't acting at all, but intent on seducing her into committing the most wicked of sins.

And then the real fun begins.

jo robertson said...

Lynz, that was an analysis worthy of a theologian! You must have been one in another life!

Wow, Helen, you must read as fast as a house on fire! I really ENVY that. I'm an uber slow reader, darn it!

jo robertson said...

Kathryn, thanks for the story on THE MOST WICKED OF SINS.

Does the reader need to read them in order? Should I start with the first book in the series?

Gannon Carr said...

Hi, Kathryn! I'm so looking forward to reading THE MOST WICKED OF SINS. I loved TO SIN WITH A STRANGER, and I know the rest of those sinful Sinclairs are going to give me many hours of reading pleasure!

I love the story about your neighbors garden. You've got to watch out for envy or it may bite you in the butt....or have you covered in poison ivy. :)

I can relate to PJ in the sloth and gluttony sin department. The weather was abysmal yesterday, rainy and cool, so I sat on my butt all day and watched TV...and ate things that I shouldn't have. *sigh*

**You can exclude me from the prize, too, since I'm lucky enough to own an autographed copy of To Sin With A Stranger, thanks to you!

Louisa Cornell said...

Lynz, you need to be careful, the GR suffers from ALL SEVEN deadly sins, actually he doesn't suffer, but everyone around him does.

Hello, Kathryn!! No, I'm not stalking you. I love to hear you talk about your books! Don't enter me in the contest as you KNOW I already have my own autographed copy of To Sin with a Stranger. I'm halfway through it and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Glad the next one is coming out Tuesday!!

I LOVE the neighborhood envy story! Too funny and it sounds like something that would happen in this small town in Alabama. Winning the beautiful yard award each month is a VERY big deal here!

I want to suffer from the sin of sloth, but my critique partner won't let me. Having someone call ten times a day to say "Finish the &^$%$& book!" is NOT conducive to a good dose of sloth.

Gluttony I can work with as most of my writing is fueled by a constant supply of chocolate. The Banditas know of my addiction to Cadbury's chocolate, especially my biggest enabler La Campbell!!

I'm sorry, when one is looking at Hugh Jackman's naked butt on the new Wolverine DVD lust is NOT a sin. It is a natural reaction unless you are a guy or dead! Now trying to figure out a way to make that shot your screen saver MAY be pushing it a little.

I have to agree that the deadliest of sins more often than not in romance novels is PRIDE. SO many heroes and/or heroines put their significant other through hell because they are too proud to be vulnerable or to ask for help.

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

I have been waiting (not so patiently) for the second in the series, are they going to come out one per year? I don't think my nerves can take it, I am already re-reading the To Sin With a Stranger in prep for the next.

catslady said...

I too am going to say pride wins. I just went to a birthday party for a two year old (my niece has 7 kids and there were 18 kids and 20 adults - all related). Anyway one of the older boys told the birthday boy he was ugly and the grandmother came back with - isn't that amazing because he looks just like you at that age hahahaha.

I definitely have the same problem as you with books - I always say I have to live to 200 to read them all but of course since I keep buying more I guess I'd have to live forever!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Fun post, Kathryn!

These days, as I'm mucking through my husband's office, I'm thinking sloth is the worst sin. (Does that tell you the state of his office?) But, before I get too obsessed with the whole sloth-sin-mucking-out-office-trying-not-to-kill-hubby thingy, I've found something that puts it into perspective for me. The A&E show HOARDERS..

While it's sad and distressing to see people who've let this sin overtake their lives to the point of health dangers, it does make hubby's office look tolerable and hopeful!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Louisa said:I'm sorry, when one is looking at Hugh Jackman's naked butt on the new Wolverine DVD lust is NOT a sin. It is a natural reaction unless you are a guy or dead! Now trying to figure out a way to make that shot your screen saver MAY be pushing it a little...

LOL, I just watched this Friday night, Louisa and couldn't agree more!! Uhm...**whispering into Louisa's ear** if you figure out how to make a screen save, could you help a friend out? wink, wink, nudge, nudge!

Joan said...

Hi Kathryn! Welcome to the den of iniquity, home to those 7 sins aka The Lair.

Oh, what Banditas? I wasn't suppose to TELL anyone?

Oh, ok.....forget that then.

Gluttony comes to mind as I just gluttoned myself in Savannah last weekend which turned me into a sloth...or maybe not a true sloth as I was so full I couldn't hang upside down in a tree.

And speaking of gluttony THANKS for the new series to get hooked on! That exerpt was fabulous!

Virginia said...

Congrat Lynz on getting the rooster today!

As far as the sins is, I think one is just as bad as the other in some ways. I will have to say I a guilty of all of them at sometime in my life. Lately it has been Gluttony! I just can't seem to find what I want to eat and this is a very bad thing.

Minna said...

But is Wrath really a sin when you have a gaping hole in your tooth and you can only dream (as odd as it sounds) about going to the dentist ASAP?

Kathryn Caskie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kathryn Caskie said...

After The Most Wicked of Sins (coming out Tuesday) will be The Duke's Night of Sin (hits stores Aug 2010.)

It's about sloth and Lady Siusan Sinclair (lazy Siusan?) who, needing to make money but lacking in skills, pens a manual about the art of being lady, regardless of circumstance. The book becomes a hit across class lines and soon all the women of London believe doing little of consequence is something to strive for... much to the chagrin of London's gentlemen, and one Duke in particular (the one who jokingly put the idea of the book into Siusan's head.)

After that, the plan is for the next three books to be a mini-series inside the greater series (about three of the Sinclair brothers) to be released very close together in 2011 as a build up to the last book--about Pride.

Cassondra said...

Hello Kathryn, and a HUGE welcome to the Bandit lair! I can't believe it's taken this long for you to arrive. I've loved your writing since Rules of Engagement and now I'll have to hie myself to the bookstore and get this series.

As to the sins themselves...I'm certain I've been guilty of all of them at one time or another. Imperfect person that I am. Lust, though...I think most people miss that one. Wanting a person without regard for that person's welfare or wishes, only for yourself...I guess it's objectification in some ways..of another person. I think that's part of the deeper levels of lust. Perhsps lust is simply a deeper level of selfishness, I dunno.

This is a GREAT blog, by the way. Thanks for making a difficult weekend better!

MsHellion said...

Well, I was raised Protestant, so we had that Martin Luther way of thinking. ALL the sins were equally horrid, even the ones you hadn't actually done but actually thought about. I mean I should be on death row for all the times I contemplated or said "I'm gonna kill you!" (Drama, thy name is Hellion.)

I was told Pride is the worst because Pride is the father of the others.

My current deadly sin is sloth. I need to write faster and what am I doing? Visiting blogs. Of course, I always thought Procrastination should be its own sin. And Perfectionism should be its own sin--you know where you think you shouldn't do anything unless its going to be as perfect as it is in your own head--that one stems from Pride definitely, that your work isn't going to be as perfect as you imagined it or hoped.

Cassondra said...

Lynz, congrats on the bird!

Cassondra said...

OH, Hellion, good point.

I agree. Perfectionism should be the eighth deadly sin. It's certainly kept me from doing a lot of things I would have otherwise undertaken or finished. I think for the creative being, perfectionism may in fact be the deadliest sin of all, even though it's not on the official list.

Kathryn Caskie said...

I can't believe no one has commented on my Barbie pictures! LOL. I took them Friday night for this blog. Though, I probably should have stuffed the jumpsuit Elvis with some cotton or something.

Kathryn Caskie said...

Perfectionism is a tough one to pair with one specific sin because I think it is a major cause of Procrastination.

Perfectionism comes from fear of being judged, right? No one wants to be found lacking. (Now, is that Pride rearing its head?) So to avoid screwing up, we procrastinate. Do everything in the world--including, for me, writing related activities like research, going to conferences, reading about writing, talking with others about writing--except what needs done. Sitting down and actually writing. Sloth? I don't know.

Tough one, but one I deal with with every single book.

So what is the answer?

Several authors have good words of advice to avoid the internal critic a.k.a. Perfectionism. I've tired to heed them. Anne Stuart said to throw up the first draft. You can clean it up later. Anne Lamont said that first draft is supposed to be sh*tty. (Lots of Annes with something to say about procrastination and writing.) Nora Roberts reminds us that you can't fix a blank page.

May Procrastination should be made its own sin!

Cassondra said...

Kathryn said:

I can't believe no one has commented on my Barbie pictures! LOL. I took them Friday night for this blog.

I did notice them. (grin) and I wondered where they came from. I can't believe you posed those pics and took those for the blog! That's fantastic! Do you collect Barbies?

I always did think Ken was kind of a wuss and that Barbie should ditch him and run off with GI Joe.

Kathryn Caskie said...

When I a kid, my Barbie married a GI Joe and Ken was her best friend.

Kind of the Scotsman/Englishman thing, you know?

limecello said...

Hi Kathryn! Loved this post - haha complete with Barbie and Ken :D
lol can I say the deadliest sin is sloth? Because... I suffer from it :X and I'm too lazy to come up with a really funny and clever comment O_o

[oh come on, that was good... come on!] :P I can't help but think of the movie "Seven" for the 7 deadly sins and... that just always freaks me out :X Although sloth always makes me think of the animal...

Christine Wells said...

Haha, Kathryn, I didn't realize you had taken those photos! You ought to double as a cover artist. They're fabulous!

Kayla said...

Oh let's see.. I think Wrath is the worst of the sins mentioned. In ways, the others could be worse, but wrath is one of those things that on the light or heavy side, isn't too nice. And yeah, I will admit to be one of those people that lets their wrath hit other people hard. *mimics old lady's voice- 'Get out of my way you dumb bell, can't you see I'm walking here?'*

Kathryn Caskie said...

No photo talent here. Just ten years of Barbie playing experience, followed by two daughters who had more Barbies than you can imagine.

I was inspired by The Seven Deadly Sins of Gummy Bears, who was inspired by someone's sinful creations. The Gummy Sins are hilarious. Maybe I will finish by Barbie series and post them on my site (another Procrastination device, eh?)

Kathryn Caskie said...

Excuse my typos, Banditas. I am stuck in bed with the flu and a doozy of a fever. But I wouldn't miss my day on Romance Bandits.

Kathryn Caskie said...


No, I don't collect Barbies, but my kids (who have 8 generous aunts and two grandmothers) have amassed a jillion of them over the years.

Though, I have to admit, the Jude Devereux "The Raider" Barbie set is mine (I won it on an online reader contest well before I was published!) I keep it in my office, in the box, because I find it absolutely hilarious.

Anna Richland said...

I loved the Barbie pics. Our house has lots of Playmobil toys and I keep intending to photograph them for my blog. Actually, I realize one of the little guys is driving the birthday cake in my current post about mommy lit. If you like cake (it sounds like we all do!) come look at Damned Scribbling Women.

Sin of Gluttony: My husband who made the cake said "um, did you 'clean up' the rest of the icing already? I was going to use it to stick the number candle on the plate." Yep, a little gluttony licked the bowl. Chocolate espresso buttercream.

I think we're overlooking the seriousness of lust as a sin at our peril. What we like to grin about is desire. I think lust is when desire runs out of control and hurts others. In most romances two free people find each and face challenges, but their desire doesn't destroy families, hurt children, crush others, etc. I'm thinking of the difference between characters in a romance (desire) and Governor "Hiking the Appalachian Trail" (lust).

Nancy said...

Lynz, congrats on the rooster! I hope you keep him busy.

Kathryn, welcome! What a fun post (and a fabulous cover). It's hard to say which of the sins is worst. But I think I'd go with Jo and pick Wrath because of what it makes people do. Envy and Greed can have similar effects, of course, but Wrath seems more immediately threatening.

michellewillingham said...

I love the story about Envy. That's poetic justice.

Okay, Wrath as a deadly sin...

Bear with me. I'm dealing with toilet-training a toddler right now. For me, it's when you know your child HAS to go. I mean really really HAS to go. And you beg, plead, and cajole him to PLEASE sit on the toilet. You hold him down while he's kicking and screaming, praying that he will simply succumb to nature's call.

Finally, when you feel like the Worst Mom Ever, he sobs, "No, no, no!!!" and you release him.

Then he innocently strolls over to the kitchen floor and puddles all over the place.

Wrath, I tell you. Gahhhh!

True story? Why yes, why do you ask? ;)

Julia Smith said...

'while he taps on his Blackberry creating a shopper back up (the term for this is Blackberry Jam, I think).'


My own personal worst sin is pride, and though I've been working away at it for a lifetime now, I don't really see much improvement...

Great post, Kathryn - and I LOVE the Barbie photos, especially the Star Trek one.

Kathryn Caskie said...

Thank you all for an entertaining day on Romance Bandits. Doing a quick tally, it seems that wrath is the most wicked of sins (so I will watch out for all of you in the grocery store!), and gluttony and sloth challenge us about everyday. Very interesting.

WINNER TIME: Lynz Pickles, Linda Henderson and Julia Smith. Woohoo! Please send your contact info and snail mail to Christine Wells and she will forward them along.

Thanks again for hosting this Writer Most Wicked, and be sure to look for THE MOST WICKED OF SINS Tuesday, Sept. 29th!

Karen H in NC said...

Hi Kathryn,

Great blog! My most deadly sin is Greed! I am a bookaholic, like most people here. My TBR pile numbers 3 6-shelf bookcases packed full and I want more, more, more books. After all, a girl can never have too many books.

Time to share with everyone My prayer:
"Dear God, Please keep me alive long enough to finish reading all the books in my TBR pile."