Thursday, March 13, 2008

Turning on a Dime

by Joan Kayse

I had a crappy day at work.I know, I know. Most of you envision the life of a nurse as noble and self sacrificing. Well, I don't know about noble but I've done a fair bit of self-sacrificing for my patients over the years. Always willingly. Well, except for the time a lady insisted she needed me to squeeze between the wall and the chair she was in to scratch her....back and in raising up bonked my head on the thermostat and burst into tears. She spared me a "Are you ok?" and then pointed out the spot she needed scratched .But the reality and my years in the trenches (and I REALLY hope it's not the "years" part of it) have changed my perspective and my profession quite a bit. Nursing is getting harder. And today was no exception. I thought I'd scream if I listened to one more nurse whine, one more doctor complain, one more pass of the (*&^^ floor waxing machine!

Today was no exception. You know it's bad when everybody you pass in the hall says "Boy, YOU look tired." I had loads to do, complaints to listen to, a very ill man to transfer to the ICU and never got dinner.

Then I checked my voicemail. I had a message from the contest coordinator for The Suzannah, an outstanding writing contest sponsored by the NOLA chapter of RWA. My ms. THE PATRICIAN'S FORTUNE had won the competition. Just like that the fatigue, the stress everything just flew out the window! My Roman hero Damon had done it.

It's validation to have my Romans achieve such recognition. You see when I began writing in 2001....well, the very thought of a "different" time period was unimaginable to well...everyone I met. Your Romans do not have a place in publishing you foolish girl. No one would want to read them. Stay safe, write only to the market.

I listened and I learned and I shook my head politely. But I had three Roman heroes (eek..don't call Bran a Roman...he doesn't like it) who were demanding their stories be told. And so I could do nothing else. And now they are shining in wonderful contests like The Suzannah.

It's true Roman wasn't built in a day. Just one story at a time.

Can you think of a day when you thought nothing was going right and then something special happened to turn it around? If you had another chance what "different" job would you pick?


p226 said...


p226 said...

Scared ya, didn't I?

p226 said...

THE PATRICIAN'S FORTUNE had won the competition. Just like that the fatigue, the stress everything just flew out the window! My Roman hero Damon had done it.

Hey, congratulations!

My "make it all better" moments often come with a touch of bitter along with the sweet. In my industry over the years, I've come up with a term. I call it the "forehead slapper." It happens all the time. You have some system that's refusing to work. It just will not cooperate. You slave over it for hours, changing one setting at a time, then changing it back to see how the changes affect things. Then, suddenly, at three AM, it dawns on you that an insanely stupid and obvious thing just *might* be the problem. So then you go test it, and sure enough, everything comes up like clockwork. So, the first emotion you have is "FINALLY, IT WORKS!" However, it's tainted with the desire to repeatedly slap yourself in the head with a 17 pound Unix manual for missing something so obvious and simple. Hence, forehead slapper.

Another instance comes to mind. I think I was having a pretty crappy day at work about ten yeas ago. Most days were crappy, so I figure this one was no different. I worked at the same company as my wife. She caught me walking through the office, and drug me outside to inform me she was pregnant. That's a perspective and outlook changer there.

And as for the GR, we're going to spend the day on the range tomorrow practicing close quarters battle tactics. Probably mostly with pistols. But we might switch over to carbines or shotguns later. And tomorrow evening, I figure some low-light training.

Donna MacMeans said...

Darn - Here I was going to post the winner of Kay Stockham's prize (Minna, it's you girl! Go check out the last comment on Kay's blog) and I thought I finally had the chance to snag the rooster, but P226 you beat me to it you wittle wooster rabber.

flchen1 said...

Ooh, congrats, p226! So is the GR going to be practicing targeting or is he practicing how to avoid being the target? How does he pull the trigger?

And, wow, nothing like the news that you're going to be a parent to really turn things around!

And WOOT! Hooray, Joan! Congrats on the Suzannah! That is AWESOME! Yippee for your Romans!! p226, maybe the GR could practice some swordplay or something in celebration :)

Donna MacMeans said...

LOL, P226 - I've had many of those forehead slapping moments generally when I'm writing. For me the insanely stupid and obvious thing is called changing the point of view. *g*

But I don't want to talk about frustration. I want to praise Joanie. This is such a fabulous win, Joan, and I know the timing couldn't be better. I know your Romans are going to sell and when they do, you'll be expanding the face of the historical market. THis is only the beginning of great things to come, I know it.

Christine Wells said...

Joanie T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is marvelous, wonderful, terrific news about winning the Suzannah, Joan. I'm sure you blew those judges away. Everything crossed for a contract to follow and good on you for sticking to your guns. If only my email were working I'd send you my dancing woohoo. Hmm, that didn't sound so great. But you know the one I mean:)

And hey, P226, welcome back! The GR has been growing a bit soft in your absence.

Suzanne Welsh said...

Veni, Vidi, Vici ...well not me but Joanie did!!! whoohooo...congrats to my fellow Flo-girl!! I am soooooooo thrilled for you since the final judges were SIX agent/editors. Dang girl, this is fantastic!

I had to chuckle about the floor waxing machine. Geesh do I have a story about that ...oh wait, it would gross y'all out about that!

As for wanting another job...I do Love delivering babies and the fact that nursing is something different on a daily basis. Well, the same, but different. I never know exactly what craziness will be headed my way. It tests my abilities, my knowledge, people skills, leadership skills, (OH okay, I can be a "little general" popping out orders in an emergency), and often my compassion. HOWEVER, there are times when I have to wonder if being a history teacher wouldn't have been better? Or maybe a gourmet chef? Or an FBI agent? Wouldn't some of those have been easier?

Aunty Cindy said...

WTG, P226! And Donna didn't mean it about being a wotten wooster nabber. (hsst! Quiet Donna, he's ARMED!)

WAY TO GO JOANIE!!!!!!! AWESOME FABULOUS NEWS!!! Donna is right about you selling SOON and changing all kinds of boundaries in historical romance.

We are SOOOO PROUD of you, Bandita!

who would have seriously pursued writing a LOT sooner and not worried about those silly little extras like food, clothing, and shelter.

jo robertson said...

Congrats, p226! I hope I'm doing the forehead-slapping thing tomorrow because I lost my cell phone and I expect to find it exactly where I left it. If only I could remember where that was.

JO-Nee, JO-Nee! What a wonderful honor to win such a great contest. Your Roman boys should be whooping it up in their togos.

I love that time period. Can't wait to read their stories. I think there are quite a few of us history geeks in the Lair.

jo robertson said...

Oh, and I wouldn't pick another job, but I'd have tried harder to write my books while I was teaching. Notice I say "try."

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, GR, come back to Momma! That evil man's going to teach you some more commando techniques, I just know it!

JT!!!! You are smokin', gal! Congratulations! Nobody deserved this more. I'm dying to see your Romans in print. They're just so sexy! Hey, if Scots can be sexy in skirts, so can Romans! Fantastic news. I'm so happy for you! Mwah!

Jane said...

Yay, congrats on winning the Suzannah. If I had another chance, I would become a demon hunter. It's all the rage. Please don't tell me that's not a real job.

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!! Congrats Joan! I am so happy for you. I love that you held out for your Romans.

P226, GR has been a little lax in his training of late. Like flchen1 asked, how does he pull the triggers, does he has his own modified pistols, etc.?

That would definitely improve your day to find out there was a little one on the way. Well, it wouldn't improve mine, it would make me want to go hide but I am sure it made your day, week, and month.

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Actually as far as jobs go, I am doing what I do best right now. The problem is I have two supervisors and basically two jobs. The only thing I would change would be to lose one supervisor and job and just have the one to contend with.
Major day/life changing moment was when I found out I was carrying my son. Once the shock wore off I was very happy.

Helen said...

Congrats p226 have fun with him

Joan well done and big congrats I am doing the happy dance for you I really want to read about these Romans.

Everyday at work lately is crap so much stress I never want to go anymore but need the money how else am I supposed to buy my books LOL. But coming home to my family especially if the Grandkids are here for dinner makes life worthwile (and they were here when I came home tonight) and of course lots of good books to loose myself in and take me away to other places.
Again big congrats Joan.
Have fun

Caren Crane said...

Congrats, P226, on a stealth nab of the GR!! (of course, we expect stealth from you *g*) Um, be careful with the Unix manual...

Joan, CONGRATULATIONS! I'm sure that announcement did turn your crappy day around. What an accomplishment!

As to the turnaround of my own crappy day, I'm sad to say I don't recall one. Of course, my days tend to be pretty good in general, so maybe I just avoid the extreme highs and lows? Or, more likely, I probably have a serious mental block and have my fingers in my ears going "la-la-la" so I don't notice things. *g* Yeah, that's probably it.

Actually, I don't remember what sort of day I was having, but I remember getting the call that I was a Maggie finalist. That was a HUGE thrill! I almost always miss the calls, and the Maggie is a contest near and dear to my heart. Such a wonderful feeling!

Caren Crane said...

Jane, I had to laugh at you wanting to become a demon hunter. Don't you think it would be hard on the manicure? *g*

If I had careers to do over (besides writing, which would be the ult), I would go to law school and become an advocate for those who can't afford legal representation. Yes, I would probably not have enough money to sustain life, but I would be helping people in a very real way. Ah, well. I help people where I can now!

Deb Marlowe said...

Yay Joan! Huge congratulations!

Joan said...

Ack! I'm scared, p226....

Well, kind of. :-)

Glad to see you back, you've been gone for far too long.

As to our mutual obsession...the GR..I agree with flechen....a little sword play would be appropriate to celebrate Damon's win.

Joan said...

LOL, thanks Donna and Christine for the congrats (even if it is without a dancing WooWoo VBG).

Any placement is validating and certainly appreciated but I have to say that this one...with The Suzannah's recently revamped contest (competition between ALL sub-genres and pub/unpub) is particularly rewarding. Along with a monetary grand prize they award a beatiful silver charm. I've got two now since Jared (THE PATRICIAN'S DESIRE)won under a different title in 2003.

They are definately my luck charm contest!

Joan said...


I hear you about all the reasons why I am a nurse...but today's healthcare setting REALLY tests me sometimes.

I said to one of my nurses yesterday when she told me about one patient's particularly bizarre request "Wouldn't you just like to sit behind a desk all day and type?"

Another reaction came when I told them about the contest news. To a ONE they said "You're gonna get out of here before us!

Joan said...

AC and JoMama,

Thanks. As soon as I hung up from the news I got online to tell all my Bandita buds. Who better to share such news with then the friends who have been so supportive of my Roman boys?

And because they're just all around wonderful buds!

(psst...AC. Put down that crop. It's sending a different image)

Joan said...


Roman's in skirts? Well..yeah but what is fun is the manner in which my heroines get the guys OUT of them,


And have I mentioned the allure of loincloths?

Joan said...

Well, Jane in some cultures I'm sure demon hunting is much appreciated.

A little slimy but definately appreciated.

Sometimes I am plagued by a particularly nasty one...the doubt demon. But getting news like yesterday takes care of that...for a while.

Joan said...

I'll be gone for a while, guys.

Have to go sit at my brother's house...with his cat...waiting for a repairman. And bro only has dial up :-(

So see you in a bit.

PJ said...

Joan, congrats on winning the Suzannah! Fabulous news!

No time to chat this morning. I'm off to the hospital for my volunteer morning in the CCU where the nurses all feel just like you and, after 6 years there, I've seen some mighty bizarre things. Mighty bizarre.

Anonymous said...


I remember seeing the ads for the new Suzannah and thinking, wow, that would be a REALLY REALLY impressive contest to final in, let alone WIN!!

As for a different job, I've already got enough, thanks! ;-) No, I'd say like Dianna, I like my current (day) job -- I'd just like a little less of it.

My current fantasy is to drop down to four days a week and spend all day Friday writing. Since I am working insane hours right now, I can't imagine how I could do it, but you've got to have a fantasy, right?

helen, big hugs for the crap and stress at work!! Thank goodness you have those fabulous grandbabies to come home to.

PJ, what's the story with the crown in your picture? It's so darn CUTE!

terrio said...

Congrats p226 on the GR. Love the "boo!" bit. LOL! Make sure he wears his PPE.

CONGRATULATIONS, JOAN!!! That is awesome! As Gladiator is one of my favorite movies, I cannot wait for the chance to read your books. Here's to those Romans hitting the shelves VERY soon!

I've changed careers a couple of times. Loved being a DJ but I also like working in business. I give big kudos to you nurses. I know that's something I could never do. Special people right there.

doglady said...

HAIL TO THE CONQUEROR!!! Way to go Joan!! I am monumentally impressed because the Suzannah is a big one. I am dying to see the Romans on the shelves!

Boo back at you, p226. Take good care of the GR and play nice!

I am working my tail feathers off to CHANGE careers from bakery manager to full-time romance writer! Wish me luck!

The day Deb Marlowe called me to tell me I was a finalist in the Royal Ascot was a doozy at work. I know I said something to the affect of "If you don't get those cakes in that cake case in the next five minutes someone is going to die!" as they were handing me the phone and saying "Some Yankee lady wants to talk to you." I was so flustered it didn't register for a minute that I was a finalist. The rest of the day went much better!

I had just returned home from the Baltimore Opera Auditions where I got a "We'll call you." and was completely bummed out. Roger (my DH) said "Read this letter, honey. It will make you feel better." It was an invitation to audition for the Mozarteum - an invitation only 100 singers in the world got. Needless to say Baltimore could kiss my ...." My day got much better and the rest is history!

Claudia Dain said...

Joan, I just wanted to give you a word of encouragement about your love of Romans; I had a book published that had a Roman heroine and a Saxon hero. It can be done!

Congrats on the contest win!

p226 said...

Like flchen1 asked, how does he pull the triggers, does he has his own modified pistols, etc.?

No, no modified pistols. He's partial to Sig Sauers. P226's to be exact. Which is appropriate on so many levels. *g* You should see him shoot. It's pretty amusing. He holds the pistol with both wings, tucks his head down behind the sights, stands on one leg, and hooks the trigger with his weak-side spur. Comical. But deadly accurate.

So, there have been multiple calls for swordplay in honor of Joan's accomplishment. You ladies are absolutely right. Now, while I feel that the sword is an outmoded combat tool, it's shorter, affixed cousin, the bayonet is still alive and well. So later this afternoon, the GR and I will beat each other up training with pugil sticks. We'll wear football helmets for that. Yes, wrap yourself up in THAT visual. Me. Rooster. Football helmets. Big sticks with huge foamy pads on the ends. Melee.

After that, we'll fix bayonets and run the course. Good thing we've been working on his war cry. He'll need it for the bayonet course.





PJ said...

Kirsten, the ladies at the Goddess Blogs celebrated their first anniversary last month with a contest for their posters. The prizes included sparkly tiaras. That's what I'm wearing in the photo and, yes, it does make me feel like a goddess. :)

Suzanne Welsh said...

LOL, p226...You and the bird are cracking me up today! but I want to know how you found a football helmet small enough for him?

p226 said...


I raided the gumball machine at the pizza joint. Cost me $3.75 in quarters. I kept getting super-bounce-balls and Batman rings. (you don't get to pick what you want out of those things, you just throw your quarter in the slot and take your chances).

Though, the GR does rather enjoy chasing super-bounce-balls.

Esri Rose said...

Humongous congrats, Joan! That's a great contest!

I personally would eat Roman romances up with a big spoon. Here's to the day you can quit nursing and make a living off the hot new trend you started.

(Maybe the patient with the itchy back was deaf and couldn't hear you crying in pain? I hate to think anyone could be that HORRIBLE and MEAN.)

Cassondra said...

Hey, I'm thinkin the rooster's war cry would be more of an, "Err-err-err-ERRRRRRRRR!!!!!" You know...a CROW!

Joanie we've all wooted and snoopy danced for you on the loop, but there's no way to say how proud of you we are. You deserve every minute of celebration. I tend to want to quit with every little setback. Your stamina and belief in your stories is inspiring.

Just think, when you're "La Joanie", of all the cool worshops you'll give about "writing the book of your heart and stickin to your guns"


Esri Rose said...

P226. LOL! You're on fire with the GR!

My cat loves to chase those bouncy balls. And I kind of want to get her a tiara. Even doll-sized ones are too big, though, unless I tape her ears to the sides of her head. Somehow, I don't think that's going to happen.

Will have to go check out the Goddess Blogs. Don't know that one.

terrio said...

Great, I'm now picturing the scene from Braveheart where they all yell and run into battle only I keep hearing "COCKADOODLEDOOOOOOOOO!"

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, the different worlds we all move in - isn't it interesting? P226, I thought you called yourself that because you were on Page 226 of some book when you discovered us!

Cassondra said...

My personal war cry is "Meet me in the BAAAAAAAAAAA!"

I'm just sayin.

Cassondra said...

doglady said:

I had just returned home from the Baltimore Opera Auditions where I got a "We'll call you." and was completely bummed out. Roger (my DH) said "Read this letter, honey. It will make you feel better." It was an invitation to audition for the Mozarteum - an invitation only 100 singers in the world got. Needless to say Baltimore could kiss my ...." My day got much better and the rest is history!

That is the BEST STORY EVER!

That is so cool.

Christie Kelley said...

Congratulations again, Joan! I just know you're going to find the right editor who will love your Romans.

Susan Seyfarth said...

Joanie T!! With the big win!! We're so proud of you & can't wait to see your Romans take over the world. You'll remember us when you're rich & famous, right??

As for big-turn-around days, I had one of those when I found out I finaled in the Maggie contest last year. I hadn't entered any contests or submitted to any publishers/agents since my 2006 GH final--long story there--but I'd finally written something I really thought was The One. I thought this one could make it. And I submitted it to the Maggie contest.

So months later when I started seeing "I'm a Maggie Finalist!" emails all over the loops on a Friday morning & my phone wasn't ringing, boy did I feel like crap. I'd been working in the dark, trying so hard to write something BETTER this time, & had been waiting months to find out if I actually had. And my phone wasn't ringing.

So finally I accepted the fact that I had written yet another load of crap. I stewed on Friday, wallowed on Saturday & by Sunday had to get out of the house. So I took the kids on the bike ride where my youngest thrashed & shrieked like a wild animal against the indignity of a helmet until I finally gave up. Practically in tears, I pedalled us home where I released the children from helmets & safety belts & scooped up the baby. I then stepped in an oil slick my husband's car has been leaving on the garage floor & went down--hard--on my knees with my baby in my arms. I saved her little skull from the concrete by inches. Cost me a bunch of skin on my knees but priorities, right?

Anyway, it was the last straw. I sat on the garage floor, held my baby & cried until my husband came out, took me inside & took the children upstairs so I could have my cry in peace.

Which is when the phone rang & a very nice lady told me I was a finalist after all. I was so taken aback I couldn't even process it. It took me two days to get that awful mood out of my system, but when I did, boy, I was beaming. :-)

Beth said...

Super congrats on your well deserved WIN, Joan!! So happy for you and your Romans ;-)

If I wasn't writing, I'd love to either have my own catering business or run a small, family-type restaurant *g* Maybe the Scotto family of NY's Fresco restaurant could adopt me?

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Joanie T!!! WOOT-Wooo-hoooo-woot! I'm THRILLED for you on the Suzannah win! Yeah! Go ROME!

P226, Congrats on the GR! Guess he'll GSR on his feathers for days with that as the planned regimen. Grins. Oh, and congrats on the little one too (Altho, I'm guessing your child is about 9 now...but math's not my strong suit)

As to the helmet and the warcry - SNORK!!! I am ROFLMAO.

Hey Christine, I want to see the dancing woohoo! Snork!

Jo, if the Roman boys are Whoopi-ing it up, do they NEED togas? Grins. Or loincloths? As our Cassondra would say, I'm just sayin'...

Doglady, that IS the best story about the Mozartium, but I so had to laugh about the image of you hollerin' about the cakes and people dyin' and then politely answering the phone...

Susan Smoov, I was living that moment with you as I read it. Yikes! Those near-misses are heart stopping. SO glad you had the Maggie to aleviate it.

As to "those" moments, I've had a couple. Like P226, the moment when I found out I was pregs w/ #1 son - "I'm WHAT????" - we'll just say the honeymoon in Africa was...wild, okay? Then the other two were writing related. Really. The first was the GH. I was in the middle of an intense plotting session w/ several authors I know and love (Sophia Nash, Judi McCoy, Merry Banerji, Leah Grant) and I went on a coffee run. Got back and Sophia came running out my front door waving the phone saying "You HAVE to take this CALL!" :>

The other was when Kate Duffy called to make an offer for Dark and Dangerous. She called my cell phone at 8:30 a.m. - the precise time my sister was to call about something as I drove the boys to school. I didn't look at the caller i.d. (Hint: NEVER DO THIS) I just answered: "Hey Sis, hang on...ya'll keep it DOWN back there" I say to the boys. *Blush* Like Doglady and the cakes-in-or-you-die comment, I'm still shaking my head over my handling of THAT initial moment.

Nancy said...

p226, congratulations. You've done it again! You boys don't play too hard, okay?

Joan--Hooray! I'm so glad your Romans are getting the recognition they deserve.

Doglady, way cool! What a wonderful invitation.

PJ, that's a wonderful tiara. I always wanted one.

Joan said...

Whew! I'm finally back from the "waiting for repair guy hell".

Eight hours. EIGHT hours and we were the LAST run of the day!

Eight hours without y'all, eight hours without leaving the house, eight hours with my brother's CAT. (Citrus sends her regards....and a TON of hair to y'all)

Joan said...

Dianna, thanks for the congrats and keeping an eye on the GR, LOL.

Sadly, I can only imagine the joy of finding out your pregnant. Life did not give me that joy. I have a friend at work though who is pregnant for the first time at 44! I'm living vicariously through her which she is tolerating rather well...though she is resisting my suggestion that the baby be named Joanie Marie!

Helen, how wonderful that you have grandbabies to soothe your troubled days. Even watching little ones when you're out and about can cheer you up. There was a delightful 3 year old little girl in the truck next to me at the gas station. Her smile perked me up from "eight hours with my brother's cat" tremendously.

Though I was beginning to feel like Suz after watching a 4 hour marathon of "Having Babies". One poor woman got her "dilation" checked about twenty times! Ugh.

Joan said...

Caren, the lalalala tactic sounds great, LOL.

I was watching Forrest Gump the other night and the music at the beginning and end (the one with the feather floating) I think is so relaxing. I had decided if the day at the hospital got too intense I would hum that to myself.

But then the next day we got a real, um "unique" post op patient who was crooning songs into the sensor of her oximeter. Ack!

Actually, the running gag with my CP when I call her is that I'm hiding in my office under my desk :-) Shhhh....don't tell anyone

Joan said...

PJ, I know the nurses appreciate the volunteers who help them out. Sadly, a lot of hospitals here in KY do not use them like they used to.

And I'm sure "mighty bizarre" is a mild description.

Joan said...

Kirsten, I agree when I saw the changes to The Suzannah I thought the same thing. So when I finalled I was beyond thrilled. Now? Now I'm sitting around (albeit eight hours with my brother's cat)with that slap silly smile.

My ideal at this moment as far as different jobs would be to write full time. I'd probably still nurse part time but would LOVE to be able to devote more time to my writing. (There's a bath scene with Bran and Adria that will NOT leave my brain)

Joan said...

terrio, Gladiator WAS fantastic, wasn't it! It had such meat to the story (um, in some scenes LITERALLY).

doglady I still sit in awe about your experience in Austria with your opera singing. What talent that takes.

Joan said...

TICD, yes I read that fabulous book and had your name (just the plain Claudia Dain then, not TICD) in my list of auto buys.

A good story finds its own time and place.

Joan said...

p226. Make it challenging just like the gladiators. Throw away the foamy pads and helmets! Make it man, bird...combat.

Make it interesting.

Use a gladius

Joan said...

Thanks, Esri. I will mail you a LADLE when my stories make it to the bookshelf.

And yes, you'd be amazed at the attitudes of many patients in this day and age. (sigh)

Joan said...

Cassondra said: "Err-err-err-ERRRRRRRRR!!!!!" You know...a CROW!

Instead of yelling "FREEDOM" like Mel Gibson the GR could yell...



Joan said...

Jeanne said: "Jo, if the Roman boys are Whoopi-ing it up, do they NEED togas? Grins. Or loincloths?

VBG...they don't need anything. Remember the pic on my website?

Kim said...

Joanie--CONGRATULATIONS! How wonderful! Woohoo, champange and chocolates all around.

I am in total awe of nurses and the jobs they do. I don't think I ever really appreciated them until I had my hysterectomy. The nurses on the surgical ward did things for me I wouldn't ask my husband to do. And I've asked him to do A LOT. Those few days I was totally helpless and an emotional wreck but those wonderful women cared for me as only my mother had done before. When I apologized and felt embarrassed THEY took the time to soothe me and assure me that it was okay. Now that is a heart of gold! Then there was the incredibly fun nurse who sang I'm A Little Teapot with me. Yes, there was lots of morphine involved *g*.

Joanie--my hat is off to you in ALL aspects!

Esri Rose said...

What's a LADLE? I feel ignorant.

Susan: That is one ROUGH day you described. I once fell on one knee with my neighbor's shrieking terrier in my arms. Let me tell you, the little bugger wasn't worth it.

Doglady: Went back and read your story about the Mozartium. VERY impressive. And yes, big bee-hind smooches were due from the Baltimorons. Hosers.

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Esri, wanted to say how great it is to have you visiting the lair!

Caren Crane said...

Now, Esri, you said you would eat up Joanie's Romans with a big ole spoon. being a nice Southern lady, she's gonna make you a soup ladle so you can scoop them up without spilling on your nice blouse. *g*

Oh, and The Goddess Blogs is the hangout of my friends The Incomparable Claudia Dain and Sabrina Jeffries, as well as Karen Hawkins, Karen Rose, Julia London, Rachel Gibson, Suzanne Enoch and Nicole Jordan. It's almost as much fun over there as it is over here. Almost. I mean, they're a bunch of NYT bestsellers and all, but we have a Golden Rooster. Really not on our level. *g*

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

But Caren, they have a comic strip over there. Will and Jane are hilarious.
He holds the pistol with both wings, tucks his head down behind the sights, stands on one leg, and hooks the trigger with his weak-side spur. Comical. But deadly accurate.
I don't know about anyone else here but I can actually picture this and just about fell out of my chair. P226, you know it is required to give warning before sending such things. I can not tell you how many keyboards have been destroyed by the Banditas and Buddies. I rocked back in my chair and almost fell out!
Joan, I was 38 when I was pregnant with my son, my daughter was 12 when he was born. That was not a nice thing to do to my poor body and it is still paying me back after 18 years.
P226, just don't shoot him with those balls, they hurt!

Joan said...


I'm sure those nurses counted YOU as a blessing to them, someone who appreciated their knowledge and their compassion. Glad they were there for you!

Joan said...

Caren's right, Esri...a big soup ladle to hold all THREE stories :-)

Awwwwwwwww...the poor Goddesses...they don't have a Golden Rooster!

Maybe the Easter Bunny will bring them a baby chick and they can start from scratch :-)

Joan said...

LOL, dianna,

I'm with you on the imagery of the GR in shooting stance. It seems almost NATURAL.

Body changes or no you were so blessed. If mother nature had not intervened so (*&^^ early, I was prepared to attempt motherhood will past 45. Moot point now :-(

Susan Seyfarth said...

Jeanne--it really was a heart-stopper, the slo-mo kind that you dream about later. Thankfully, it all ended well, but geez. If I'd know what kind of dents motherhood would put in my heart, I'm not sure I'd have skipped into it with such breezy abandon. But I love those little rascals so what can you do?

And Esri, I laughed out loud about the shrieking terrier totally not being worth the skin off your knees. :-) I once loved a wretched dog who cost me more than one skinned knee. Every time my husband starts making noises about getting another dog I shut it down ASAP. Totally stone-faced. No dogs. We have children now. They are messy & hairy & drooly enough. :-)

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Yes Joan, he has been my blessing, my daughter was too but I think he is the one that will help me through my golden years :-)
Mother nature shows up in my family rather early, usually about 35-38, I was just starting and next thing I knew, wham!

Esri Rose said...

Hi, Anna! This is such a fun community.

Caren: Oh, a regular ladle. Because Joan put it in caps, I thought it was an acronym for something. (For the life of me, I can't come up with anything funny to fit those letters.)

Susan: This was my neighbor's dog, Nellie. I let her out for a wee every day. She's sweet, but so hysterical and dumb!

Keira Soleore said...

((JOAN)) Many, many, many huzzahs to you on The Suzannah! (Whee, I can rhyme. Ahem.)

Keira Soleore said...

Ahhh, PJ, that's the story of the tiara. Let me say: It suits you.