Monday, April 7, 2008

Fire Away!

by Anna Sugden

Questions only please!! (Cassondra and P226 ... and any other weapon-toters!)

As you know, NYT best-selling author, Eloisa James, will be joining us in the Lair on May 1st. To say the Bandita's are thrilled is an under-statement! I'm sure many of our visitors are too. We promise to have fainting couches, smelling salts and lace hankies on hand for those likely to be overwhelmed! And some fab prizes too.

We thought it would be fun to give you a chance to think of the questions you'd like to have Eloisa answer, in advance. I'll compile all the questions and give them to Eloisa, so she'll be ready to give you her answers on May 1st.

This is your opportunity ... what would you like to know?

Something about her books and characters? Something about writing (I can tell you, she gives fabulous workshops!)? Maybe something about her double life as a NYT bestseller and NY English professor? Or even what it's like to be married to a genuine Italian knight?!

And as an extra bit of fun:

1. Which is your favourite Eloisa book?

2. Who is your favourite Eloisa hero?

3. Who is your favourite Eloisa heroine?

We're giving away a prize too! Eloisa has kindly offered a copy of Desperate Duchess to one lucky commenter.


Christine Wells said...

So excited to have Eloisa in the lair!

Aunty Cindy said...

VERY EXCITING! We've been whipping the cabana boys around with our dust cloths. :-)

And how exciting is it to bring the GR back DownUnder, Madame?

Christine Wells said...

Hey, I got the rooster! He hasn't visited me for a long time. The weather's turning cool down here in Australia. I might have to knit him some skinny-toed socks!

I thought of a lot of questions for Eloisa, like what's your secret and can I have me some of that? But more sensibly, how does Eloisa go about planning her series books? The Duchesses seem even more intricate than Eloisa's earlier series and I wonder does she know the progression of each thread and how she ties them up before she begins book 1 or is it a more organic process? How does she keep track of all the details?

Favourite Eloisa book might well be Desperate Duchesses, I think, although I loved Your Wicked Ways. I think my favourite hero and heroine are the Duke and Duchess of Beaumont--I love estranged husband and wife stories! I can't wait to see what happens next.

And thanks so much, VA for luring Eloisa to the lair.

Christine Wells said...

Hi Aunty Cindy. Yes, those cabana boys have been working hard, haven't they? They look all tousled and hot, with a nice sheen of sweat on their...oops! Sorry. Mustn't harrass the help!

Aunty Cindy said...

No, no! Harrassing the help is MY JOB! LOL!

I too would like a peek at Eloisa's "secret formula"! How DO you keep writing one great book after another?

snaps her crop at the cabana boys' heels

Jane said...

My favorite is "Duchess in Love," so I guess Camden and Gina are my favorite characters as well. I've yet to read "Taming of the Duke," but I've heard so much about it.

Annie West said...

Hm, this looks like the place to be - swatting gleaming cabana boys. BTW, what does a cabana boy actually DO, other than gleam and get stared at? There's a dearth of them around here. Perhaps I need to do some research.

Christine, I'll second you on asking about how Eloisa plans a series. Any tips in that regard at all would be fascinating. How much info does she need about later books before she starts on the first one? I have enough trouble plotting just one book at a time without a series!

Wouldn't mind hearing too how she met an Italian knight! Might be something in there for a story one day...

Hope you're making the GR feel at home in Australia, Christine. Are you feeding him Tim Tams?


hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Woot! Congrats Christine!
I loved Much Ado About You, that was my first Eloisa book.

Kelly Krysten said...

1. Which is your favorite Eloisa book? Kiss Me Annabelle

2. Who is your favorite Eloisa hero? Reese from Your Wicked Ways

3. Who is your favorite Eloisa heroine? Josie from Pleasure for Pleasure
MY questions: What's your revision process? And how do you create such steaming hot sexual tension?

Kim said...

Congrats on the GR Christine!! Stuff him full of vegemite *g*

1. Which is your favorite Eloisa book? Well, its coming out later this year and its fantastic!

2. Who is your favorite Eloisa hero? Right now, Villier, but it used to be Rafe and my choice changes all the time. LOL

3. Who is your favorite Eloisa heroine? Josie right from MAAY.

Happy Monday Banditas!

doglady said...

Good on you, Christine, for nabbing the bird!

Tough questions!

Favorite EJ Book? Your Wicked Ways

Favorite Hero? Mayne, of course!

Favorite Heroine? Tess Essex

Questions? I know I have a hundred, but can't think of a one right now!

Minna said...

1. Which is your favourite Eloisa book?
Much Ado About You
2. Who is your favourite Eloisa hero? Rafe
3. Who is your favourite Eloisa heroine? Gina

MsHellion said...

As for the bonus questions: Pleasure for Pleasure; Garrett, the Earl of Mayne; and Josie.

Eloisa, can you tell us what kind of woman it will take to win Villiers? (I was hoping you might give a bit of a character description of her. *LOL*)

I am curious, since you're an English professor and all, who is your *least* favorite literary author and why? (It is my sincere hope that even English professor avoid some literary works...and I wonder what they might be.) *grins*

bamabelle said...

Oh, how exciting! Okay, here are my answers to the questions:

1. Which is your favorite Eloisa book? The Taming of the Duke

2. Who is your favorite Eloisa hero? Rafe

3. Who is your favorite Eloisa heroine? Tess and Josie

My questions for Eloisa would be: Which of your heroes is your favorite? Who is your favorite literary hero in general?

Anna Sugden said...

Hey everyone - great to see such fab questions! I'm busy making notes and will make sure Eloisa gets all the information.

I know Eloisa is looking forward to joining us here and taking part in the rowdiness of the Lair *grin*. It will be a fun day, that's for sure!

And welcome to any of Eloisa's BonBons. Great to have you here.

jo robertson said...

Hi, everyone, aren't we so lucky to have Eloisa visiting on May 1? Thanks for bringing her, Anna!

I wonder if Eloisa would tell us something about her teaching and writing schedules. What courses does she teach? Is the DWGS (Dead White Guy Syndrome) gone from university curricula or is she still fighting the battle?

And however does she mesh a full teaching load with an obviously prolific writing career?

Anna Sugden said...

Yay Christine on the Golden Rooster!

I'd love to know about Eloisa's series plotting too, Christine and Annie. She did a fabulous workshop a few years ago looking at how JK Rowling pulled together plotting threads and used it to show how she plotted her books.

Oh for that secret formula, AC. I'd definitely like that!!

Anna Sugden said...

Good choice, Jane, with Duchess in Love. I'm sure you'll love Taming of the Duke.

Ah yes, Hrdwrkmom - nice to see a vote for Much Ado About You.

Welcome Kelly - loved your choices and your questions! Especially revision - I find that fascinating (I've yet to find a way that really works for me).

Anna Sugden said...

Waving to Kim! No fair on teasing us with your insider knowledge!

Doglady - we're here all day, so make sure you check back in with your questions (well, maybe not all a hundred!)

Good to see another fan for Much Ado About You, Minna. I see Gina and Josie are battling it out for most popular heroine!

Mshellion - I knew we could rely on you for interesting and fun questions!

Anna Sugden said...

Great to see you Bamabelle! Tough question asking Eloisa to pick her favourite hero! If she's like me, she loves them all *grin*.

Ah the former teacher speaks, Jo! More great questions.

Keep them coming folks!

In the voting - Josie is winning the heroine's battle, Mayne and Rafe are tied for the hero's battle and Much Ado About You is slightly ahead in the favourite books.

Eloisa James said...

Hi everybody!

Can wait to be back here in person -- see you soon!


Joan said...

Looking forward to having Eloisa visit the lair!

Anna, did you tell her to bring tip money for the cabana boys?

terrio said...

Oh, I almost forgot to stop by here. Devoted Bon Bon here and I already know that Eloisa won't answer my quetions. :) We've asked them all and she's so devious, she just loves to make us suffer and wait for the answers.

I can't choose a favorite book. Just can't. For hero it's tough but Mayne would most likely win the battle. Though Sebastian would run a close second with Damon catching him in third. I'll leave Elijah out of the list only because he hasn't technically been the hero of a book yet.

My favorite heroine is and always will be Esme. There was just something about her that I completely related to and if I ever get lucky enough to have another daughter, I'm planning on naming her Esme. Let's hope whoever I find to help create the precious thing won't have a problem with that.

Anna Sugden said...

Smelling salts, anyone?! Yes, that was Eloisa ... here in the Lair! Wooohoooo!!!

Anna Sugden said...

Do the cabana boys need tips? I bet your gladiators and my hockey hunks don't *grin*

Terrio ... you never know, here in the Lair ... we may just be able to tempt her.

Anna Campbell said...

WOW, so excited to have Eloisa visiting! It will be a hot old night in the lair then!

I know Eloisa is a Shakespeare scholar. I wonder what her favorite play is and why. Also, apart from the titles, does Shakespeare influence Eloisa's romance writing?

And Madame! Good on you for snaffling our chicky friend!

Susan Seyfarth said...

Hi, Anna! I'm SO excited about Eloisa's visit! She spoke at my local chapter's annual conference a few years ago & I found her completely inspiring. Can't wait to have her in the lair!

As for my favorite Eloisa book? I have to say Potent Pleasures. It was such a joy to read a book where the hero had such reputation. :-) And if you don't know what I'm talking about, go read the book immediately! It's wonderful & very, very fresh!

terrio said...

Oh, how about this one. Where does Eloisa get her ideas for her "not exactly in the bedroom" love scenes. I mean, I don't want to ruin any books for anyone but in a boat?! And in a historical yet! Where did she come up with that one?

And Strip Dominoes. The story of where that came from should be entertaining.

Helen said...

Congrats Christine hope you two are having fun

I loved the Essex sisters books all of them they were the first of Eloisa's books that I read and I must say how good the were I loved Tess and Annabels stories especially. I have read Desperate Duchesses as well and have the next one here on my TBR pile.

Have Fun

Susan Seyfarth said...

Forgot to add my question:

What I want to know is how much research goes into Eloisa's books. Does she do it herself? Does she hire it out? Does the research inform the plotting, if she's a plotter? Or does the plot come first & then the research?

I don't write historicals because the research frightens me. I'd love to hear how she handles it.

Beth said...

I can't wait for Eloisa's visit!

I'd love to hear any tips or tricks Eloisa has for time management *g*

Anna Sugden said...

It will be a fun day, Joanie. But then, we rarely have un-fun days *grin*

Oooh - good questions Foanna! Trust you to bring in the Shakespeare connection.

Love your new author pic, Susan!! And yes, Eloisa is very inspiring. We are so lucky to have her in our NJ chapter.

LOL Terrio - I'm looking forward to seeing Eloisa's answers to your questions.

Very interesting questions, Susan. One of the reasons historicals scare me too, is the research.

Come on, Helen - you're going to have to stump up some definite answers. Pick your favourites!!

Anna Sugden said...

Oh yes, Beth. Time management is something I want to hear about too! I am so hopeless at it.

Tawny said...

Whoohoooooooooo - won't it be great to have Eloisa in the lair?! I'm excited and can't wait to visit.

Now ladies, lets not wear out the cabana boys before she gets here, remember... guests get first dibs *beg*

flchen1 said...

Congrats on the GR, Christine! How do his new socks look? How crafty of you to knit!

I haven't read too much of Eloisa's writing yet (just Much Ado About You) but have several titles in the TBR :)

I love connected stories and I see she's got several.

Do you start off knowing you'll be writing several related books or does the second take off from the first with a life of its own? If it's the former, does that make it easier, to have that in mind as you plot? (Or is it more work, juggling the various plots and characters?)

What kind of books do you like to read?

And nosy me, how did you and your DH meet? :)

Anna Sugden said...

Wow - they really did sprinkle magic at Disneyland, Tawny - giving the guests first dibs on the cabana boys?!

There have been quite a few recommendations, flchen1, for books to add to your Eloisa TBR pile *grin*. I know, we're such terrible enablers! Great questions!

Helen said...

OK Anna

Favourite book
Much Ado About You

Favourite Hero
Lucius Felton so yummy

Favoutite Heroine
Tess Essex so strong and caring

This was the first of Eloisa's books that I read and have been collecting them since then. I love the way the sisters were so close I am one of four girls and I feel very close to my sisters and as the eldest would do anything for my sisters.
A question for Eloisa
How did you came about writing about the Essex sisters.

Have Fun

Christine Wells said...

I have another question for Eloisa. Would you ever consider writing romance set in the Elizabethan age or is that too close to your academic life?

Oh, Helen, yes! I loved Lucius Felton, too.

Annie, the GR is chowing down on Tim Tam balls (like Maltesers only with Tim Tam filling) They're easier to get his beak around:)

Fedora, sadly, the knitting is strictly metaphorical;) I can't knit to save my life.

And someone mentioned about Eloisa's love scenes in unusual outdoor places. What about the scene in An Affair before Christmas? Now that was amazing.

Kim said...

And someone mentioned about Eloisa's love scenes in unusual outdoor places. What about the scene in An Affair before Christmas? Now that was amazing.

Okay, I'm just going to have to stop reading today or I'll be forced to taunt and tease you all mercifully! *g* I'll save that for Eloisa to do on the 1st. lol

Anna Sugden said...

Yay Helen - I knew you could do it (as hard as it was!) Good choices! And a great question too.

Christine, I'm a big fan of seeing romances set in other periods of English history - fab question! I wonder if that's my Brit bias?

Latest on the popularity chart:

Fave book - Much Ado About You
Fave Hero - Mayne
Fave heroine - Josie, but Gina and Tess are gaining on her!

Anna Sugden said...

Now, Kim - that's just mean! We'll have to find a way to torture you back *cackle*

limecello said...

Oh I'm so excited about this! I love/hate these "come up with a question" posts. Haha, there's so much I want to know, but I feel pressured to come up with an amazing question - and also some previous similar thing gone awry - so I generally ask inane questions. We'll skip that for all our sakes.
To answer your questions... Wow is that difficult.
1. Duchess in Love
2. Lucius Felton
3. And... I haven't read her story yet - but she always seemed so interesting - so.. Harriet!

Anna Sugden said...

LOL - I know what you mean limecello! I always love/hate those question posts too ... I can never think of anything clever enough ... until it's way too late!

So Luscious Lucius (which is my nickname for Lucius Malfoy in Harry Potter) is catching Mayne up in the rankings. Who will win?

flchen1 said...

Oh, OK then, Christine--I feel slightly better ;) I can't knit to save my life either, but I think the GR's quite cozy with his lovely new metaphorical socks :)

And yes, Anna, lots of suggestions! The Lair's a great place for expanding the TBR...

Beth said...

Helen and I think alike

Much Ado About You is definitley my favorite and Tess and Lucius are my favorite heroine and hero. There is just something about those two who have really sacrificed a lot to help their families. When they get their own HEA it is really deserved.

Anna Sugden said...

In case you miss the main annoucnement .. the winner of Desperate Duchess is ...