Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Rockin' at RT in Pittsburgh

by Donna MacMeans

I’ve just returned from Pittsburgh, PA – the home of the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Steelers, and the 2008 Romantic Times (RT) Convention. This was my first time attending RT (Yes, I was an RT virgin) but I wanted to share the experience with you.

The RT convention is primarily for romance readers, so it's fun, fun, fun. I'm talking lots of free books, fun romantic fantasy events, and opportunities for readers to meet and interact with writers.

I started out my first day with a trip to the goody room, where attendees were invited to select an armload of books from the tables stacked high with favored romance titles. The lines to get to the goody room were long, but check out the stacks of books to the right.

Of course, this was not the only opportunity for free books. Every workshop and party gave away books as door prizes. There was no lack of reading material at the convention. Here's a photo of one of the workshops I attended on the future of paranormals. From left to right, that’s Monique Patterson, senior editor at St. Martin’s Press, Jessica Andersen, J.R. Ward, Kim Harrison, Angela Knight, and Cheyenne McCray.

Throughout the conference hunky men mingled with the attendees soliciting a vote for Mr. Romance. My pictures of the winner didn’t turn out (must have been all the heavy breathing that fogged the lens) but fortunately Linnea Sinclair had more success. This picture of Mark Fish, the Mr. Romance chosen by the attendees, comes from her site,

I certainly wasn't the only bandita present. Trish, KJ, Christie and I did manage to get together for a bite to eat.

Every night ended with dancing and I was so there, especially when the live band, The Impalers, played. Generally, the dancing was preceded with a ball. The costumes at these events were absolutely amazing, especially the Faery Under the Sea Ball & Costume Competition. I've never seen so many ornate wings attached to adult women. Some flapped with tiny motors. Some lit up with twinkling lights. Here’s one of the costumes. Can you see her black and lavendar wings? Virgin that I was, I did not arrive with a costume. At best, I could be described as looking like seaweed - but it fit the theme.

I did get into the spirit of the Vampire Ball and decided to do some vamping of my own. I have a Victorian riding hat that I wear at book signings and a pink corset compliments of my husband. (It was a birthday gift to celebrate THE EDUCATION OF MRS. BRIMLEY). I suspect I'm going to regret this - but I decided to give the tightly laced corset a try. Dear Heavens, I was hot! Check out the girls. Fortunately I had the presence of mind to wear a black jacket so I could slip away from the crowded ballroom without a threatened wardrobe malfunction (gravity is not my friend).

I believe I heard that 1600 readers & writers gathered for the event. They certainly all gathered for the big Saturday booksigning. The ballroom was packed. I sat next to the talented Sally MacKenzie, and across from fellow bandita, Christie Kelley. Terrio stopped by to visit (Hi Terrio), as well as lots of readers, booksellers, reviewers and librarians.

For the historical readers among us, I'd like to add that I shot the top photo of Pittsburgh from the top of Mt. Washington, also known as Coal Hill. I took the incline up to an overlook. That's a picture of the Monongahela incline on the left.
The hotel was located close to the site of the original Fort Pitt built by Great Britain to discourage the French from claiming the land. This shot on the right is all that is left of the huge fort - a blockhouse. Amazing how quickly time can alter the past.

I left on Sunday, the tailpipe of my car dragging on the pavement from the books stashed in the back. I had a great time. Next year the RT convention is to be held in Orlando, Fl.

How about you? Have you attended RT in the past? Will you go next year? What’s your favorite event? Any stories to share? Costume ideas? If you’ve never attended RT, who would you like to meet if you did? I’ll send one of the books received at RT along with a signed coverflat for THE TROUBLE WITH MOONLIGHT to someone posting a comment.


Jane said...

Hey Donna,
Seems you like you guys had a blast. I hope to attend one of these shindigs one day. Will if be in NY sometime soon? If I ever attend, I would love to meet the Banditas and Julie Garwood and Allison Brennan.

Donna MacMeans said...

Jane - Congrats on nabbing the Golden Rooster!

If they have RT in New York, it probably won't be in NYC. I've noticed they tend to stick with the less expensive cities. I've heard rumors, or maybe it's just wishful thinking, that 2010 will be in Ohio. I would think, though, that they'd go further west before they came back here.

Trish Milburn said...

Fun pictures, Donna. My answer now is that I do plan to attend RT next year, and I plan to actually do costumes. It looked like so much fun.

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Wow! Donna, I'm SOOO envious of you in that pink corset! I could have NEVER pulled that look off, even 20 years and 40 lbs ago!

I wanted to go to RT SOOOO much this year. (sigh) Well, maybe next year, since there's lots of local auto racing in Florida (the DH will like that) and generally we can get some pretty cheap flights to there.

Congrats on the GR, Jane! Show that fowl some sophisticated class in the Big Apple!


jo robertson said...

OMG, Donna, what an exciting event! I've never been to an RT Convention and I'd LOVE to go. My baby brother lives near Orlando, so maybe I'll go next year! It sounds like you had an amazing time.

I adore your hat and corset. It's always good to get the girls out for a night on the town!

Who would I like to meet? Hmmm, besides the Banditas and our readers here, I'd love to meet Diana Gabaldon.

jo robertson said...

Whoops, congrats Jane on capturing the rooster!

Donna MacMeans said...

I think I'll try a bit more glitter and costumes next year as well. Hey, maybe we can get Jeanne, the costume queen to go. Her book will be out and available.

Next year I'll do the goth thing and not the pink corset. That wasn't exactly made for comfort. Or maybe it was - just for someone that actually fit the darn thing. Not sure I'll invest in some fairy wings, though.

Donna MacMeans said...

Hey Jo - I met Diana Gabaldon once! Not at RT. She came to a local library to speak - the place was packed. I had her sign my hardbacks, and she signed in Gaelic.

I did meet Bertrice Small, Mary Balough, and Roberta Gellis in Pittsburgh, though.

Christine Wells said...

Thanks for the report, Donna! You look fantastic in that corset and hat. Your dh certainly knew what he was doing when he bought that, didn't he? I bet you got lots of comments. You met Mary Balogh? Squee!

Just wondering, were there many events/workshops for historical fans? When I looked at the program a year or two ago it seemed it was more for paranormal and erotica readers.

PJ said...

Donna, sounds like you had a terrific time at RT! I've never been to a RT conference but I may give serious consideration to Orlando. It's easy to get to and I have family in the area.

It may not have been comfy but you pull off that pink corset look a lot better than I could ever hope to. I think you look great in it!

Of course, it goes without saying that I'd love to meet all of the banditas in person. I've been fortunate to meet a lot of my fav authors at a RWA signing but I haven't met Lori Foster or Lisa Kleypas yet and I've been a longtime fan of both.

Helen said...

Congrats on the GR Jane

Great post Donna I have never been to RT Conference but If I could go I would love to meet all the Romance Bandits in person I have been lucky enough to Meet Anna Campbell but would love to meet you all and have a party together what a party it would be.

There is going the be a Romance Readers Convention in Melbourne next Feb and I found out about it thanks to Denise Rossetti here on one of the blogs last week and have sent emails and am finding out all about it because if I can manage it (and I think I will be able to) I WILL BE THERE. Thanks to everyone here that I found out about it can't wait to go.
BTW Donna I love that corset.

Have Fun

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Congrats on the GR Jane!
Loved the corset, loved the pics of Mr. Romance too! If they make it to Ohio I just might manage that.
BF got me a black corset, there is no way I am going to get all this fat shoved in there.

Christie Kelley said...

RT was a blast this year. It was so much fun meeting up with several of the Banditas. Since I didn't go to Nationals last year it felt like forever since I'd seen them.

At this point, I'm planning on going to RT in Orlando next year. Not sure about the costumes yet, though.

Buffie said...

What a fab-o time Donna!!! Sounds like there was never a dull moment. I've never been to RT, but since I live in Atlanta I'm fairly close to Orlando. I've already told the hubby that I want to go. Good thing I have family down there.

I think you look fabulous in your corset and hat! You should frame that picture for your hubby. He probably loves it :)

Who would I want to meet at RT??? Hmmm, that's pretty easy -- all of you bandits of course!

patricia sargeant said...

Hey, Donna! Thanks for sharing your RT photos. I'm glad you had a good time at the conference. I loved Mrs. Brimley and can't wait for The Trouble with Moonlight.


Gillian Layne said...

Jane, congrats!

Donna, that corset rocked! I always thought those costume parties would be so much fun.

I wanted to go so badly--I know the Queen Mary (Balogh) was there. I would have babbled incoherently if I had met her, but still...:)

RT and the partying town of Orlando...sounds like a family vacation to me! Actually, a dreamy vacation, where I play with writer friends and hubby entertains the kiddos for three or four days. :)

Donna MacMeans said...

Hi Christine! There weren't a lot of Historical workshops. I think I attended two of the "what's next for historicals" variety and then the chat with Bertrice & Roberta.

Most of the workshops seemed geared toward paranormal - but to be honest, the workshops were really more of an opportunity to meet the presenters than a learning opportunity. RT is more of a readers conference - not a writers conference. IMO

AndreaW said...

Glad to hear you had a great time, Donna! Thanks for the pictures. Love the one of you in a corset!

I would love to attend RT one day. Maybe next year since it'll be in Orlando and that isn't too far from Atlanta.

Also, congrats on your RT TOP PICK for The Trouble With Moonlight! Can't wait to read it!


Donna MacMeans said...

PJ - Well that photo was snapped minutes after we got the corset laced. I think the girls lasted high and proud about an hour, maybe two, then I felt things were definitely starting to droop. That black lace on the top couldn't slide down much for me to be sporting more than decency allowed *g*.

I hope you can make it next year PJ. We'd love to meet you as well.

Donna MacMeans said...

I bet Anna will be at the Melbourne conference, Christine as well. Any gathering of writers is bound to have a public booksigning. You're in for a treat, Helen.

Donna MacMeans said...

LOL Dianna, I hope you can make an RT when I'm there as well.

Regarding excess flesh - My daughter made the observation that I looked as if I had a butt crack that ran up my back. Hence the need for the jacket *g*

Amy S. said...

I have never been to rt or even an author signing. I would love to meet my fave authors.

Donna MacMeans said...

Christie - Now YOU would definitely look hot in a corset. We'll have to work on you regarding the no costume stand.

Buffie - You must come to RT in Orlando next year. We will definitely party! I do have one photo of me standing sideways that I reserve for my husbands eyes alone *g*. My mouth was doing something goofy when the shutter clicked, but no one looks at my mouth in that photo!

Donna MacMeans said...

Hi Patricia - Thanks for stopping by! Hmmmm- wonder what it would take to get you to RT? Guess I have a year to work on that -

Donna MacMeans said...

Hi Gillian - Tha concept works for me! I'm afraid downtown Pittsburgh doesn't have the kind of opportunities for family entertainment that Orlando does. However, Pittsburgh was beautiful last week. Perfect weather. I had packed jeans and wished I had packed shorts as the jeans were just too too hot.

Donna MacMeans said...

Andreaw - Thanks for the congratulations - I snuck a peek at the June RT issue while at the conference and nearly fainted - and this was without the corset, mind you. It was a major squeal moment. Had I any sense at all, I would have checked Jeanne's & Beth's reviews as well - and then squealed even louder! Combine that with Anna's win of the RT reviewer's choice award and it was a fabulous week for the banditas.

Donna MacMeans said...

I hope you get to attend a booksigning, Amy S. I always live in fear that no one will show up at my booksignings. I'm grateful for anyone to stop by. Hope we'll see you at one soon.

Kirsten said...

Wow, what an incredibly fun time! I'm jealous of you all getting to hang out and party together. Your pink corset was gorgeous! And congratulations on that TOP PICK! Squee!!!

I'd like to go to RT, but can I make a confession? Big parties make me really nervous! I can handle myself at a small party (where I know people) but the thought of the huge party makes me feel faint. All those people, all that interaction...and I don't drink (thanks to the migraines) so I always feel stiff.

Any other introverts share my fear of the party?

Kim Howe said...


First, the pink corset. Hott! (notice the double "t") It was fabulous to see you there and I really enjoyed meeting your daughter. She definitely has momma's spunk!

RT is crazy. This is my third year attending and each one leaves me winded from the parties, the cover models, the sheer intensity. Pittsburgh was quite a lovely place. I went jogging along the rivers every morning and loved every second of the view--and the weather!!!

Congrats on the TOP PICK! I'm thrilled for you. It was great to see the other Banditas there. Looking forward to next year!

limecello said...

Hi Donna,
Sounds like a great time! I've heard a lot of good [and some interesting] things about RT. I'd love to go some day ... haha, I could go with Ohio in 2010... but just watch, I'll have moved away by then :P.

doglady said...

Great post Donna! That corset certainly made the girls stand up and salute didn't it? Had to be a might uncomfortable but you wore it well.

Congrats on the GR, Jane. Treat him well!

I have never been to an RT convention. My local bookseller went last year and brought back all sorts of goodies for me. She is such a good egg. She brought back an Ellora's Cave Calendar and some playing cards that have lovely pictures of gorgeous cover guys on them!

RT sounds like so much fun. It is in Florida next year? Sounds like a mandatory road trip for me and my BFF as that is not a bad drive from Bama.

Donna, sounds like you had a blast. Glad to see the Banditas were so well represented too. Now I would be with my buddy, Gillian, when it came to meeting Mary Balogh.

Actually I would be a stuttering mess the entire time. I am a big fan of Kim Harrison and Angela Knight. Well, I am big fan of just about everyone there - Donna Mac included.

Now the costume thing is right up my alley. I have bits and pieces that I managed to "acquire" from various opera productions. I must give this some serious thought.

The other thing that is right up my alley? Ogling gorgeous men! I can do that! I do it well! Honestly! I should have a degree in it!

Maureen said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time and I think if I ever could I would love to attend such an event. It looks like loads of fun.

Joan said...


Glad you had such a fabulous time at RT. I think the corset and hat look fabboo...

As to going Goth. I saw what I consider to be the "original" Goths on Grafton Street in Dublin last week....SCARY.

But then I also saw satan with a pitchfork..he looked too real for me. I didn't take a pic because I didn't want to draw attention to myself, LOL (Though I had Holy Water on me)

Congrats to you and all the Banditas who garnered accolades.

Farrah Rochon said...

*sigh* So sorry I missed this. I'm definitely attending next year. Orlando is a lot easier than Pittsburgh for me.

How like me that I salivated just as much over the stacks of books as I did over the naked man chest.

terrio said...

Hey there, Donna, you look great in that outfit! And I'm so excited to say Donna let me wear that hat for our picture! You can see it on the blog I put up this past Monday. And Christie is on there too!

I'm looking forward to meeting as many Banditas as I can find in San Fran and many more. And those cover models walking around Saturday were very nice. I was smart enough to use my kiddo as an excuse to get a picture with one. I'm sure he saw right through me but I got the shot so who cares? LOL!

Oh, and I used to live on Mt. Washington (many moons ago) and rode that incline every day to and from school. It's not the fastest ride in the world but the view is incredible!

MsHellion said...

I would *LOVE* to go to an RT convention, but the price is so steep! One day though, I will.

If I went, I'd so totally do costumes. That's my other half.

I love the corset! How cool of your husband to do that! That's awesome.

Jules said...


I'm mucho impressed with the cleavage. I didn't know you had it in you;)

So glad you had a good time!


flchen1 said...

Very fun, Donna! And you look fab in that corset! I've never been to an RT, but it looks and sounds like a blast... maybe sometime! It would be fun to meet all the Banditas in person! ;) Thanks for letting us live vicariously a bit through your photos!

Congrats on the GR, Jane!

Donna MacMeans said...

Kirsten - Actually I know several people who avoid the big crowds at RT and RWA. I have a feeling though that once your book hits the stands, you'll discover a lot of that natural shyness melt away.
Besides, it's always good to know that a quiet hotel room is just an elevator away.

Kim - Thanks for organizing the dinner in Pittsburgh. I never saw you otherwise. I figure you must have been covering the mystery/suspense scene.

Donna MacMeans said...

Limecello - Seemed like most of the people I met were from Ohio. We must have a very strong romance base here (who knew Ohio was such a romantic state?) I only met three people from Pennsylvania and one was Gaelen Foley who is from Pittsburgh. So maybe there's some truth to the rumors. Hope so.

Doglady - you MUST come to RT in 2009. You'll be so close and I want to see you in your Opera gear. There were people there in costumes that caused them to go sideways through the doorframe. You'll have a blast.

My daughter bought one of the Ellora Cavemen calendars and had it autographed by some of the guys. She was donating it to an AIDS fundraiser event. I'm not sure I could go up to some of those hunks to ask for a signature *g*. Young, hunky men inhabit my fantasies - but I'm shy of them in reality.

It was a treat meeting Mary Balough. She autographed a bookmark for me. I was so enthralled by listening to her Welsh accent that I think I forgot half of what she said!!!

Donna MacMeans said...

Maureen - (I keep wanting to call you, Mo - do you get that alot?) I hope you can make it one of these days. I won my admission in a raffle, but I believe several authors like Lora Leigh give some RT admission tickets away.

Donna MacMeans said...

Joan -

So good to have you back! I think you'd have a great time at RT. Sounds like you had some scary experiences in Ireland. I saw lots of devil horns sprouting on heads at the Vampire ball.

Donna MacMeans said...

Farrah - You must go to RT in Orlando. It'll be fun. I did enjoy admiring the hunky guys from a distance, but I'm not so good about the up close and personal.

However - I did end up on a Youtube video with hunky guys. Or at least my back did *g*. Check it out. (
The five guys are doing a Greased Lightning production. About midway through this woman with white sleeves and a black vest enters the foreground and won't be detered from watching the show - that's me.

Donna MacMeans said...

Terrio - it was great to meet you as well. Were you in the ballroom went the power went out? Were the kids scared? I thought it was kind of neat when all the sci fi authors lit their light sticks. All sort of pretty colors were flashing throught the air. Sally & I were talking to a bookseller about effective promotions - didn't bother us a bit. We just kept on talking.

Donna MacMeans said...

MsHellion - Did I mention there were pirates at the faerie ball? You would have been in your swashbuckling element. It would be great if you can make Orlando. As I mentioned earlier, there's a couple of opportunities to win a win entrance ticket (of course there's still the hotel & airfare/gas). Still, a free conference fee would make the cost easier to bear.

Jules - that's because generally the girls are more down at my waist *g*. Thanks for stopping by!

Fichen - We banditas are making the rounds. I'm sure you'll be meeting all of us at one time or another.

Farrah Rochon said...

Donna, that was fabulous. :) Thanks for the link.

terrio said...

Donna - I somehow missed the power outage. I left just before 2 so it must have happened around then. I wonder how many of those cover models got a little pinch in the dark and never found out where it came from. LOL!

Cassondra said...

Hey Donna!

Welcome home! And thanks for the great pics of RT. I have NOT been, but it looks like a rocking good time.

And I have to say, the corset does you and the girls proud. It works perfectly with the hat! You have to bring it to San Francisco and wear it for the literacy signing!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Oh Donna, looks like a grand time was had by all!! Wish I could've gone with you, but hopefully I can swing the Orlando trip next year.

Wendy said...

I've never been to RT. I really wanted to go this time but with school (damn you nursing school!) and being completely broke I couldn't. Plus I didn't have someone to go with and I didn't want to go by myself. :(

I'm hoping I can go in a few years once I'm done with school, that would be so great! I can't meet to meet all my favorite authors! *g*

Mollie said...


It was great meeting you today! I'll definitely be checking out your books!

Cherie J said...

Thanks for sharing about your RT experience. I have never been to RT but would love to when the kids are older ( I have a 4 year old and a 18 month old.) Would love to meet the Banditas, Christine Feehan, Robin Owens, Gena Showalter, etc.

Donna MacMeans said...

LOL Terrio - I can see it now - oops, was I groping you? I was just trying to find my way in the dark.

Actually, the announcer had just broadcast that there was only 6 minutes left for the booksigning and then everything went pitch black and a massive gasp was heard throughout the crowd. I believe my daughter said the outage was for that entire side of the hotel (big surprise there)

Donna MacMeans said...

Cassondra - I'll definitely wear the hat...the corset...the vote is still out on that one. Sitting was not the most comfortable with that thing on. If I could stand up the entire time, it might not be so bad, but I'd have to bend over to sign the books and that might not be a pretty sight. *g*

Donna MacMeans said...

Suz - You and Cassondra need to go to RT next year. The Vampire Ball is a natural *g*.

Donna MacMeans said...

Hi Wendy -
School can be a problem. Isn't there a way to get extra credit for such a close study of anatomy?

Molly - My, you are fast! Stop back and visit us again.

Cherie J - I met Robin Owens some time ago at RWA, but I saw her at RT last week as well. She put on an intergalactic party with Linnea Sinclair, Isabo Kelly, Janet Miller and others. Apparently, I'm something of a Serenity/Firefly trivia star. I never knew that until I was the only one recognizing the quotes. Who knew?

Kate Carlisle said...

Donna, wow! You are hottt! (You're up to three t's!) I love that photo of you! And it's also fun to see the other Banditas there! Looks like you all had a blast, and I can't believe you also had time to get out and explore the city. I do believe you have good time management skills. :-)

I can't wait to join y'all in Orlando next year. Sounds like another Bandita invasion is in the works!

Congrats to Jane on snagging the GR!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Jane, congrats on the Rooster! I think there's an RWA conference coming up in NY in the next few years. They have a huge signing for literacy charities on the Wednesday night to open it. You'll have to come!!! OK, just checked - it's 2011, which DOES seem a long way off!

Donna, aren't you a hot babe in your corset and hat? I think the hat is really stylish. Bet you wowed them at RT. Thanks so much for the photos and the update. I wish I could have been there!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Donna, what did they say WAS next to historicals? I'd love to know!

Anna Campbell said...

I meant FOR historicals! Sorry. Typing faster than my brain works.

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Donna, I have enough extra flesh that I could probably wear a corset front to back and still look like my girls were in attendance. LOL I can't not tell you the shock I received when I managed to see my back in a mirror. I don't know how long it had been there but it was not pretty!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Donna, yeah, congrats on the TOP PICK!!! And do you know our own Duchesse, Jeanne Adams, got a TOP PICK too for her DARK AND DANGEROUS? Beth Andrews got a fabulous four star review for her debut NOT WITHOUT HER FAMILY? I think they should rename the June RT BANDITAS FOREVER!

Nancy said...

Donna, thanks for the trip report. I knew y'all were having too much fun out of the lair! I've never been to RT, but maybe I'll make it to Orlando if I can drive there. It sounds like great fun.

The corset and the hat look great. Excellent choices, and so appropriate!

Congrats on the rooster, Jane!

Donna MacMeans said...

Kate - Definitely come next year. We'll have a great time.

Anna - Congrats on winning the RT Reviewer's Choice award for First Historical. Wish you could have been there to accept so we could have cheered loudly. Guess we'll have to wait for the RITAs in July.

I wish Jeanne and Beth could have been there as well so we could have celebrated together. Banditas Rule!

No one really said what was next for historicals. Kate Duffy pretty much said anything, in terms of setting or time period, was fine as well as it was well-written. But nothing definitive was mentioned - just that a market exists now and has always existed for historicals.

Donna MacMeans said...

Nancy - Our table needed you at the intergalactic party. You could have answered all the questions blindfolded, and we would have won more books as prizes.

If you come to Florida next year, I'm claiming you as my party for any space games.

Anna Campbell said...

Donna, thanks for that info. And thanks for the congrats. Must say I have a lovely happy glow right now!

Caren Crane said...

Donna, I have a Mary Balogh autographed bookmark too! It's a very nice leather one. She was quite upset at the RWA conference that year because they hadn't delivered her books for the Literacy Autographing. So, I got to chat with her and got a bookmark. Sweet! She is a lovely, lovely woman.

Btw, at the same conference (I think it was Reno in 2005) I saw her breakfasting with Jo Beverley and some other powerhouse British author at the table next to me. It was quite a moment!

Dina said...

I have not gone, but it sounds like a blast, so maybe someday I can go to one.

Caren Crane said...

Jane, congrats on the GR! I hope he didn't con you into buying him a Metro card. He is such a rogue! He said he wanted to see Phantom Of the Opera, but I think he was really going to see Spamalot. He pretends to be far more cultured than he is!

Oh, and keep him far away from Chinatown. It's no place for a Golden Rooster!

Caren Crane said...

For anyone longing for the huge Literacy Autographing that RWA has for readers on the Wednesday before the RWA conference, check and see if the conference will be close enough to drive one of these years:

2008: San Fransisco, CA
2009: Washington, DC
2010: Nashville, TN
2011: New York, NY
2012: San Diego, CA
2013: Atlanta, GA

Hope we get to meet all of you one of these years!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

I'm late to the party, but LOVIN' the photos Donna! Wow, you ROCK that corset and hat. Go you! Grins.

Congrats on the GR Jane! I've heard he loves the big apple.

I'm so bummed I couldn't go to RT this year, ahhhhh, but Orlando? Bwah-ha-ha! I'm there. And costumes, you betcha!

We'll have an even bigger Bandita Invasion!

Donna MacMeans said...

Sorry I was late getting back to the party. Hubby and I went out to celebrate his birthday and I think I got a bad pineapple. Don't laugh - I feel awful! The pineapple had soaked for a week in volka before landing in my passion fruit martini. I chewed, swallowed, and a couple minutes later felt like I'd been bonged on the head. Later, my stomach started churning. Just now got to where I could sit again.

Donna MacMeans said...

Hey Caren - She is the sweetest lady, isn't she. Yes, this is on a leather boomark as well.

Thanks for the dates & locations of National. The public is always invited to the booksignings there. We should have good representation in San Francisco and it's bound to increase again in 2009.

Donna MacMeans said...

Dina - I love your avatar. I'm not sure I've seen one move before.

Gotta say, you'd been right at home at the faery ball. Some of those costumes had moving wings as well *g*.

Donna MacMeans said...

Jeanne - Can't wait till you go to RT next year. We'll have a ball with so many banditas represented. Look out Orlando!!

Donna MacMeans said...

And the winner is ....Wendy!

Wendy - go to and send me your contact information and the romance genre you like to read. That way I can pick out a book from the ones I brought back from RT that might suit. Thanks for visiting!

Keira Soleore said...

It was great to see the four of you in that shot. And personally speaking, I thought you looked FAB in the pink corset with that dashing hat!

Flapping, lit-up wings?! Hunks swaggering around soliciting votes?! Ah. Hm.

Moving right along. I'm hoping to meet all the Banditas who're going to be in SF this year, so if you're going, be sure to check in with Keira the Buddy before you check out of your hotel. :)