Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Dangerous Soiree aka THE DANGEROUS DUKE Launch Party!!!

Good evening, Dear Readers! Allow me to introduce myself, since Mrs. Wells seems to have disappeared for the moment. Probably crawled back to bed, poor dear, after meeting her deadline last night. My name is Lady Kate Fairchild and I'll be your hostess this evening.

As it is well-known that Bandita parties usually feature vulgar antics like swinging from chandeliers and drinking champagne from bucket boots, Mrs. Wells has entreated me to take charge, lending my legendary savoire faire and elegant restraint to the occasion.

We are celebrating the release of two things--THE DANGEROUS DUKE, aka THAT BOOK and of course, the newfound freedom of my dear and dangerous hero, the Duke of Lyle.

You might recall that some time ago, the Romance Bandits kidnapped Lyle and incarcerated him in their lair. The ensuing months of separation have been extremely painful for us both, but finally, those feisty Banditas have released their captive! Words cannot describe the ecstasy of our reunion, though if you DO wish to pry into our most intimate secrets, I counsel you to read THAT BOOK and you will discover more than you ever wished to know!

Which reminds me. Lyle? It's almost time to receive our guests. LYLE???

Lyle: I'm here, my sweet. Mmm...

Kate: [giggle] Lyle, stop it, you'll mess up my hair. You are supposed to be dressing! What do you have there?

Lyle: [reading aloud] Kate shivered, remembering the way the moonlight struck his thick black hair as he bent to fix her gown. She'd known a fleeting urge to set her hand in that coarse mass and--

Kate: Oh, no! Not THAT BOOK! Where does it say that? Give it to me!

Lyle: [holding the book out of her reach] Uh-uh, no you don't. I've only just started reading. It's proving most edifying, I must say. You didn't tell me this Mrs. Wells was such a gripping writer.

Kate: Gripping?! The woman is a torturer. She imprisoned you, remember? She is exploiting us for financial gain! She is selling our story to the masses, making us the object of every curious eye.

Lyle: Yes, but she writes a lusty love scene, I'll give her that. [pointing to one particular passage] Tell me, did we REALLY...?

Kate: [blushing furiously] I don't recall.

Lyle: Is that so? Then my dear Kate, allow me to remind you...

************************************************************************************* Ahem! Christine Wells here. Um, well, it seems our hosts are going to be occupied for quite some time. Why don't we start the party without them? Here's Sven with cocktails and oh, look! He's brought his brother Lars, too. The Cabana boys are trooping out with canapes and suntan lotion. There are Banditas swinging in from all directions. Saddle up, Bandita Buddies, it's going to be a wild ride!

I'm afraid this wasn't quite the elegant soiree Lady Kate had planned...

So tell me--do you think romance novels EVER lend themselves to being read aloud?? What's your favourite quotation? It can be from anywhere--a romance novel, classic literature, a movie, or perhaps it's some pithy quip from your favourite comedian. I collect quotes, so I'm looking forward to reading yours.

Two lucky random commenters will win signed copies of THAT BOOK, aka THE DANGEROUS DUKE!! Thanks for joining in the celebration with me! Oh, and oops, I forgot to announce the winners from last time I blogged, so stay tuned for that announcement, too!


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Dina said...

Up late, but early to snag the GR. :)

jo robertson said...

Oh my! Did I? Dare I hope? Is the Chook mine??? It's been sooooo long.

jo robertson said...

Damn, Dina, you beat me. I thought I had that chook in the bag. Well, the best woman won, even if by a minute only!


Dina said...

Aw Jo, had I known you were waiting, I would have slowed down in my typing, I'm sorry. ;)

Anonymous said...

I taught you everything you know... but I didn't teach you everything I know."
-Paul Neuman to Tom Cruise, 'The Color of Money'


"Laughing at your own expense with lenghten your life, laughing at others' will shorten it."

Anna Campbell said...

Goodness, we have a chicken fight to start the day. A little like a Regency cockfight but with prettier participants! Go for it, Jo and Dina! My money's on Jo, just because she's wrangled seven children! It was seven, wasn't it, Jo?

Lady Kate, Lyle, Mrs. Wells! Fantastic to have you in the lair. Will you blush, LK, if I tell you that I've read about your exploits? I think perhaps it should be retitled the LUSTY duke! It's a fantastic book and I've been dying for it to hit the shelves so I can share my pleasure with other people. Or perhaps that should be share Lady Kate's and Lyle's pleasure with other people! Ahem!

Mrs. Wells, this is going to be a huge hit! Definitely a class act, full of wit and sensuality and action. Congratulations!

Donna MacMeans said...

Christine - While Dina and Jo fight over the GR - let me say how much I'm looking forward to this book! Heck, that cover alone begs to be bought. Then add all these saucy temptations you've mentioned regarding Lady Kate's diary, and well...have to have it!

Congratulations on the launch!

jo robertson said...

I've been waiting for THAT BOOK for-EV-uh, Miss Wells. I can't tell you how happy I am that it's wending its way to me via Amazon. Well, in a few days, at any rate.

I adore Lady Kate and Lyle, as well as the whole premise of The Dangerous Duke.

Congratulations, Christine!

I never read romance novels aloud, but I like to hear MINE read aloud TO me so that I can hear if the rhythm and cadence are what I want. Writing is about so much more than the words themselves, but include the arrangement of the words and phrases. I'm a little embarrassed when my reader gets to the sensual scenes, however.

Christine Wells said...

Oh, dear. Sorry all! I'm late to my own party. Very bad form. Lady Kate will be seriously annoyed. Or she would be is she weren't otherwise occupied. *g*

Dina, congrats on the GR! Commiserations, JaMama, pipped at the post!

Christine Wells said...

Hey, Kimmy, thanks for the quotes! Where does the one about laughter come from? If it's true, I'm going to have a very long life. I have to laugh at my own expense quite a bit.

Dina said...

Congrats Chritstine on your release. :) The cover is so beautiful too.

I' try to find my fav quote and post later today.

Christine Wells said...

Hee, Foanna, thanks for the lovely words about The Dangerous Duke! I'm especially grateful because I know you're officially in the cave, cooking up another wonderful oeuvre for our greedy consumption!

Christine Wells said...

Hi Donna, thanks so much for joining the party. I hope you do enjoy The Dangerous Duke. It might be just naughty enough to tempt you!

Have a cocktail. No, have two! Take a cabana boy as well.

Can you tell I'm delirious to have finally handed in my book??

Christine Wells said...

Hi Jo, thanks so much! It does seem like forever, doesn't it? I hope Amazon gets TDD to you soon.

That's so interesting you get your novels read to you. Does Dr Big do it? In which case, I'm surprised you ever get through the um...sensual scenes.LOL

Christine Wells said...

Hi Dina, thanks so much for the congrats! Look forward to hearing your quote!

Natalie Hatch said...

All I have to do is photoshop my face into that picture and I'm happy, although I'd probably wear an uplift bra to be honest, my boosies haven't recovered from the twinlings yet... damn.
Congrats Christine on your release, now you have to get started on the next one...lol.

jo robertson said...

Wow, favorite quotes! I have so many.

Othello is one of my favorite Shakespeare plays and I love the lines where Othello, speaking of his new bride Desdemona whom he suspects of cheating on him, says,

"Perdition catch my soul but I do love thee! and when I love thee not, chaos is come again."

Okay, I'm a geek but I love Shakepare!

jo robertson said...

Yes, Anna, but the spry Dina beat me out!

Great quote from The Color of Money, Kimmy!

Louisa Cornell said...

Hoorah for the chicken fighters!! Much less cruel than cockfighting and the combatants are much better dressed - even if they are wearing their PJs!

Everyone stayed up late for the PAR - TAY!! I am SO excited that this book is FINALLY out!! I have been DYING to read it since I first saw that scrumptious cover. And they reading LK's diary and well, of course it is our lovely Christine writing it so it is guaranteed to be HOT!

One of my favorite quotes is from Dolly Parton

"If you can't say anything nice about anyone, come sit by me!"

Another favorite (no idea who said it)

"You can't control the wind, but you can adjust your sails."

Another of my favorites is from Loretta Chase's LORD OF SCOUNDRELS. When Jessica asks Dain "What have I done that's so unforgivable?" And he says (in Italian so she won't understand)

You made me want you. You made me heartsick, lonely. You've made me crave what I vowed I would never need, never seek."

There is just something about that big, bad to the bone man saying that, in Italian no less, that - to quote Ms. Parton again - "Melts my butter!"

Here's another one :

"The survival of the human race depends on a woman's capacity to forgive, my good man. Always has. Always will."

Another quote from the same character, a Mr. Jonathan Crane.

"In love, Snydley, we all pay for the sins of others. 'Tis the nature of the beast."

Any guesses?

Anonymous said...

Christine, I think it was Albert Einstein.

Congrats on the release Of The Dangerous Duke. Can't wait to read it.

Louisa Cornell said...

Great Shakespeare quote, Jo!! Love Othello!

jo robertson said...

So funny, Christine. I meant my critique partners read MY manuscripts aloud to me so I can "hear" the mistakes.

Uh, Dr. Big would simply blush, stutter, and stammer. He says he skips over the sex scenes when he reads my manuscripts. Silly man!

jo robertson said...

Uh, I'm now officially renaming William the Bard as that Shakepare dude.


Louisa Cornell said...

My favorite George Bernard Shaw :

"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man."

Here's to all of the unreasonable men and women throughout history!

And I've decided when people tell me I am never going to be a published author .... I'm going to be extremely unreasonable!

Christine Wells said...

Hi Natalie! Thanks for commenting. Are you thinking you'd like to be Lady Kate in that photo? Poor Lyle, if it were me, I'd squash him flat as a bug. Thanks for dropping in!

Louisa Cornell said...


Okay, no more drinks for Jo! Double up on the cabana boys, but no more liquor!

That Shakepare Dude! I love it!

Christine Wells said...

Hi Jo, can I join you in geekdom? I love Shakespeare too. Although one of my faves is
The quality of mercy is not strained/It droppeth as the gentle rain upon the place beneath...etc

It has such a wonderful cadence when spoken aloud. Gives me shivers.

Christine Wells said...

Hi Louisa, thanks for staying up and part-aying with me!! Now those are some fantastic quotes.

Ooh, my butter is melting at Dain's speech, too! Didn't Loretta Chase get the recipe right with that man? He just had it all, really, didn't he?

I really hope you enjoy The Dangerous Duke. Btw, I promised you a copy when you won another contest, so it will be winging its way to you soon.

Christine Wells said...

Hee, Jo. I can't believe Dr. Big is the blushing type!

And yah, we know you're still in a frenzy from almost snaring the rooster, so we'll forgive you your Shakepar!

Christine Wells said...

Thanks, Kimmyl!

Louisa, I know he was a dreadful man but George Bernard Shaw often makes a lot of sense to me!

My fave quotes are from people like Oscar Wilde and Dorothy Parker. Hm, maybe I just like snark. I'll have to dig them out.

Fedora said...

Woohoo! A party in the Lair! And congrats on the GR, Dina! Sooooo close, Jo! ;)

I'm not sure where this is from, but I've liked, "She who laughs, lasts"--seems to apply to a host of situations :)

And I'm not sure I've read a romance aloud before, although that might be fun to try. I have been reading the Little House books aloud to my kids, but that's a whole different sort of read-aloud experience :D

Happy Dangerous Duke day, Christine!! Can't wait to read this!

Louisa Cornell said...

I agree completely, Christine! Shaw was an awful fellow, but he did have a handle on a number of things.

I adore Oscar Wilde. My favorite of his?

"I can resist anything but temptation!"

Yes, Dain definitely has it all! One of the great all time romance heroes, without a doubt.

Of course I love Byron too, especially his ode to his dog, Boatswain.

A copy of the DD winging its way to me soon?? SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Another hot hero to add to my stable, so to speak!

Christine Wells said...

THanks Fedora! Great to see you here. Have a buttery n...OK, no we're not doing any R-rated drinks today.

Anyhoo, yes, she who laughs lasts is a very positive one, isn't it? Nice!

As for reading aloud, anyone seen In Her SHoes, where one of the characters reads a Stephanie Laurens novel out loud as a joke and then admits to getting turned on?

Christine Wells said...

You have a stable of hot heroes, Louisa? I knew you were an animal lover...*g*

Yes I love that Oscar Wilde quote, too! And one of my favourite ones is something like: "He who calls a spade a spade should be compelled to use one. He is fit for nothing else."

pjpuppymom said...

Christine, congrats on the release! I really loved this book. Everyone should rush out and buy a copy of their very own.

"A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval."..Mark Twain

"Most people would like to be delivered from temptation but would like it to keep in touch."..Robert Orben

"Men are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own minds."...Franklin D. Roosevelt

"Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens."...Jimi Hendrix

pjpuppymom said...

Nice catch, Dina! :)

pjpuppymom said...

I don't think I've ever read a romance novel out loud. Maybe I should try it. Oh, Lars!

Christine Wells said...

Hi PJ, thanks so much for your kind words about The Dangerous Duke! I'm pleased you enjoyed it!

Wow, who knew Jimi Hendrix could be so profound? I like that one a lot. THe others are great too. You sound like you're a quote collector also.

Christine Wells said...

LOL, PJ! Romance with a Swedish accent. Sounds fun!

Christine Wells said...

You know, I'm thinking how utterly cool the Bandita Buddies are. I didn't expect to see anyone up and about still so I'm extremely grateful and pleased you've all turned out in force for this launch party. We often say it in the lair but it bears repeating, you guys are the BEST!!

Lyle said...

My dear Kate, I think the party has started without us.

Anonymous said...

Party? What party?

Louisa Cornell said...

I think it is a Bandita law "No Bandita Left Behind" when it comes to partying!!

And why wouldn't we make sure Lyle and Lady Kate get a good sendoff ??

Animal lover, yes, Christine, that's me. VBG

A few more quotes and then I am off to bed. I WILL however return to the party in the AM as I am off work tomorrow!! YAY!!

From Winston Churchill :

"If you are going through hell, keep going."


"I like pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals."

And from one of my favorite Alabama girls - Helen Keller

"We can do anything we want to do if we stick to it long enough."

"Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing."

"Self-pity is our worst enemy and if we yield to it, we can never do anything good in the world."

"One can never consent to creep when one feels the impulse to soar."
"Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. The fearful are caught as often as the bold."

Anna Campbell said...

PJ, does Lars make you see Stars???!!! OK, I'm only sticking my nose in, filling up the margarita jug, then skedaddling but I'm loving the quotes. I've got a quote I really like on my HarperCollins site - "You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star." Nietzsche. I think that's kinda cool, especially as my soul is a designated chaos area ;-)

cheryl c said...

Oh,good, Sven is back with his bulging...muscles!

A favorite quote? I recently read an old Jennifer Crusie book "Welcome to Temptation" and it contained a funny quote that made my little romantic heart giggle. Phin says "Marry me, Julie Ann. Ruin the rest of my life." ;-)

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, Cheryl, I adore Welcome to Temptation! Isn't Phin the most gorgeous hero?

Perrin said...

Congrats on the book Christine! I love collecting quotes too. My favorite is the one I have on my myspace page:

What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us. -Emerson

I also love that infamous quote by Mae West:

When I'm good I'm good but when I'm bad I'm better.

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...


Cabana boy, fetch my margarita! Sven, my neck has a kink, apply your magic fingers!

I'm with Donna, the cover alone is enough to make me eager to read THAT BOOK! SUPER CONGRATS Mrs. Wells! I know the copies will be flying off the book store shelves.

Aunty grooves to the Shakespeare dude too! My fave quote from my fave comedy Twelfth Night: Some are born great, others achieve greatness, and some have greatness THRUST upon them!

For years I used GB Shaw in my signature line at work: No good deed goes unpunished.

And my favorite from the movies needs to be every writer's creed. Spouted by Han Solo in the original Star Wars: Never tell me the odds!

ready for another Margarita

Anonymous said...

Louisa, thank you! Do I detect a trend in your quotes??? Are you a risk-taker, by any chance?

I'm sure those risks are going to pay off in spades! Thank you so much! Sweet dreams!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Foanna. I certainly need to open a file to copy in all these wonderful quotes. Sometimes I feel like I write my best when I'm really, really depressed. Isn't that insane? But it sort of bears out the chaos theory, doesn't it?

Are these pomegranite margaritas, btw??

Christine Wells said...

Oops, I've been commenting under Lady Kate's profile! Oh well, I might as well since she's gone off somewhere again with Lyle.

"Marry me, Julie Ann. Ruin the rest of my life." ;-)

Oh, that's so Crusie. I love it! Loved Welcome to Temptation, too. Thanks Cheri!

Christine Wells said...

Anna, every time I see Matthew McConnaghey (sp?) I think of Phin. I wish they'd make it into a movie.

Christine Wells said...

Perrin, thanks and isn't that the truth about the untapped potential in a human being? Lovely!

Oh, and I knew we'd get something from good ol' Mae West. She's priceless.

Christine Wells said...

Thanks, Aunty Cindy. I hope you're right about this book flying off the shelves. I wouldn't mind having a bit of that greatness thrust upon me (though in light of my blog maybe thrust is the wrong word to use!)

Great quotes! Oh, and I love Han Solo. One of the best anti-heroes evah! Great to see you in the party spirit, AC!

Joanne Lockyer said...

Hi Christine! Just wanted to add my congratulations and a HUGE HUG into the mix! Can't wait to read xxx

Christine Wells said...

Hi Joanne!! MWAH to you too! Thanks for the congrats. Look forward to catching up with you soon.

Tawny said...

Whoohoooo it's party time!!! I'm so excited that The Dangerous Duke is out!! I'm heading to the bookstore this week to grab me my very own copy! Its my reward when I finish this deadline - I plan to prop it here next to my monitor and torture myself with it to make me write faster ;-)

Congratulations, Christine!!! I'm so thrilled for you.

And lets see... favorite quotes. Hmm, I have so many.

"I'm not bad, I'm just drawn this way." ~ Jessica Rabbitt

"When I'm good I'm very, very good, but when I'm bad, I'm better." ~ Mae West

As for books being read aloud, I just found out that RISQUE BUSINESS is going to be offered as an audio book and I cringed. It would be SO weird to hear it read... I mean, I wrote it and I don't want to hear it LOL.

Annie West said...

Christine! A book launch! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!
So excited that your DD is appearing on the shelves. I can't blame our 'hosts' for getting carried away after being apart so long, especially since you've brought Sven and Lars. Do you think Lars could swing by here with a triple margarita? Are there such things as triple margaritas? I don't care. I'm having one. It's been that sort of day. And to have your launch to celebrate is the perfect excuse.

Congratulations! Here's to many more fabbo books from you. I'm utterly selfish here...

Enjoy the party, Christine. And I hope you get some sleep soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Christine,

Love the look of The Dangerous Duke and love what I’ve heard and read of it. I’m looking forward to having my own opinion of the content (and apologise for not already having one).

A quote, you should know by now how weird I am, how about;

‘Everything that happens to you is your fault, but that’s not your fault.’

Regards, --- Eric

Christine Wells said...

Hi Tawny! Oh, wow! Isn't that fantastic they're offering RISQUE BUSINESS as an audio book! WTG you. And don't worry, as long as you don't have to listen, it's ok.

Glad to know TDD will be used as an instrument of torture.LOL Good luck with meeting your deadline and thanks for taking the time to swing by:)

Christine Wells said...

Annie, how lovely of you to drop by with all that's happening around your way right now. Thank you for the good wishes and if there is such a thing as a triple margarita, you deserve one! In fact, heck, just take the jug! Foanna will be back to mix some more.

Take care of yourself.

Christine Wells said...

Hi Eric! Thanks for dropping in. Nice quote. It's kind of like an epigram, isn't it? Or is that a paradox? Or am I just making things up to make myself sound erudite? Someone help me out. JoMama? Do you know?

Helen said...

Well done Dina

I am late to the party the family was here for dinner they have just left so I am here at last I will have a drink and join in the fun.

THE BOOK love the sound of that Lady Kate and Lyle as for reading romance books aloud I often used to read little bits to my hubby and he always just pulled faces at me with a smile on his face, now when I am reading a book and I laugh or make any sounds anyone who is home just say "must be a good part in the book" and laugh at me.

As for a quote one of the ones that I remember most is Rhett Butler in Gone With The Wind
"Frankly My Dear I Don't Give A Dam".
I really have a bad memory for quotes.
I am going to read all the posts now and I will be back

Have Fun

Helen said...


Huge congrats and hugs on the release I am waiting for it to arrive from Rendezvous I ordered it 2 weeks ago I hope it is here anyday so as I can start reading it I might have to call in sick at work so as I can read it I am really looking forward to the trip Lady Kate and Lyle are going to take me on

Have Fun

Margay Leah Justice said...

Congratulations on the "dangerous" launch, Christine!

A pithy quote, huh? I'm trying to think of one, but the brain hasn't been adequately soaked in caffeine yet to bring it up to normal functioning mode. Hhmmm.......

Oh! How about this from the Princess Diaries: "As if I'm not enough of a freak - let's add a tiara!"

Christine Wells said...

Helen, you're SUCH a sweetheart! Thank you so much for your support. I love the idea of your reading good bits out to your hubby. He sounds like a sweetheart too. How flattering that you'd miss a day of work for The Dangerous Duke! I hope you enjoy him:)
Yes, wasn't that a great quote in GWTW? An absolute classic!

Christine Wells said...

Hi Margay, Love it! Sounds like I have to get a copy of THe Princess Diaries! Thanks for swinging by!

And may I say, that's a wonderful image of your brain getting soaked in caffeine.

Margay Leah Justice said...

What can I say? I'm a writer! And the quote is from the movie (love it!), not sure if it's in the book or not, because I (gasp) didn't read it. Maybe I will someday...

Christine Wells said...

Hey, the movie works for me! Is that the one with Julie Andrews?

Deb Marlowe said...

Congrats to all three of you! I can't wait to read THAT BOOK! And super congrats on meeting your deadline!

favorite quote from my teen years:

"If at first you don't succeed, keep on suckin' 'til you succeed."
Squiggy from Laverne and Shirley. :-)

Deb Marlowe said...

Oops, that should read 'until you DO succeed.'

One should never misquote Squiggy. :-)

Christine Wells said...

Deb, I have your books ready and waiting for me now I've handed in book #3. Yay! Thanks for dropping in to the party. Have yourself a raspberry mojito (sp?) and a nice relaxing massage.

Margay Leah Justice said...

Yes! Love her! My youngest sister actually met her backstage at an event she was performing in a few years ago and she said she was the nicest lady. I'm still jealous over that one!

Christine Wells said...

Oh, and yeah, Squiggy is SO profound!

Christine Wells said...

Margay, it begs the question, what do you say to a woman you've seen sing The Sound of Music 68 times? I'd be literally gobsmacked.

Margay Leah Justice said...

Me, too! I'd probably do something silly - like ask her to sing it for me right there!

Marisa O'Neill said...

My goodness this party is going strong. Christine I wondered where Sven got off to. Thank goodness he's here, I'm in desperate need of a little rub.

I sometimes read parts of romance novels out loud to my friends when I find a passage that is particularly moving or funny or well written. Of course they all want to grab it right out of my hands. But I'm selfish and make them get their own.

Anonymous said...

Christine, Paradox I think. Teenagers know it well, wait a few years and ask the children. They’ll explain how they’re regularly pulled up and blamed for of some pre-determined rule (that isn't their fault). --- Eric

Buffie said...

Good grief -- so many posts this early in the morning??!!?!!?

Since I'm at work right now and don't have access to any books other than legal guidelines (boring!) I'll have to wait until later to post some of my favorite lines.

Can't wait to read the book Christine!

Christine Wells said...

Margay, I'd probably do worse--I'd probably start singing!!! I can just imagine Julie's wince.

Christine Wells said...

Woohoo, hi Marisa! So lovely to see you here. Here comes Sven--oh, and Lars, too--to give you the works!

Glad to hear you're doing what you can for romance sales, making your friends buy their own.LOL Thanks for dropping by!

Christine Wells said...

Ah, the logic of teenagers. Something to look forward to. A paradox? Yes, thanks Eric!

Christine Wells said...

Buffie, I'm looking forward to those lines of yours but thanks for sparing me the legal stuff!LOL

Thank you and I hope you do enjoy THE DANGEROUS DUKE!

pjpuppymom said...

FoAnna said; PJ, does Lars make you see Stars???!!!

You'll notice I didn't return last night, Anna. Yes, Lars and I definitely saw stars! (grin)

BookEnds, A Literary Agency said...

Congratulations! Of course it's an absolutely fantastic book. I'm just going to grab a glass of champagne, some of these fine chocolates and head out. Thanks for the invite to the party though.

--Jessica (agent to Mrs. Wells)

Christine Wells said...

PJ, I'm shocked!!! I didn't know you were an astronomer...

Christine Wells said...

Hi Jessica, lovely to see you here. Thanks for stopping by!

pjpuppymom said...

Christine, give me the right instrument (snicker) and I'll spend the whole night in the stars! (wink)

Christine Wells said...

Snork! PJ. I'm going to leave it riiight there...

Gillian Layne said...

Good grief! I just stopped by before flying out the door--look at all these people!

Can the cabana boys do my work today? Or at least carry me there? No, wait--how about they have dinner ready when I get home tonight! ;)

Huge Congratulations, Christine!!

Christine Wells said...

Ah, Gillian, that's the beauty of cabana boys--they're so versatile, they can do all three! Hope you have a lovely day and thanks for stopping by:)

Carol said...

A very early catch Dina...well done! Just a feather between you and Jo!

My!... Lady Kate in person! (whisper behind hand- can't wait to read what's the go with these two...ummm)
Lyle Wow he's a cool dude!

Christine, Congratulations You must be very happy today, another notch on the book-belt!
Best wishes and lot's of sales.

A quote...
One small step for man, a giant leap for mankind! (I remember hearing that on the old B&W TV.)
Neil Armstrong.
'Never in the field of human conflict has so much been owed by so many to so few'
A debt of gratitude paid by Winston Churchill to the pilots and crew in the Battle of Britain...
(from the war movies we all watched in the 60's and onwards...)

Cheers Carol

Michele Ann Young said...

Great post Christine, can't wait to read the book. (Who said that?)

Suzanne Ferrell said...

GOOD GOD! It's 8:18 CST in America and there are 93 freaking posts!!! Who started the party without me?!?

Elyssa Papa said...

Congrats on the release! My copy should be arriving soon!!!

Favorite quote:

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"

M. said...

congrats on release and the pretty cover.
even though i haven't been the subject of such a book, i confess that i do get a bit squirmy if, like lyle, my DH picks up one of my many "in-the-middle-of" books and begins declaiming aloud. not really sure why - maybe it's a male/female thing, as in, he just doesn't get what appeals to me about it?
and here's a favorite quote:

"I don't want to achieve immortality through my work. I want to achive it through not dying." Woody Allen

Delilah Marvelle said...

Huge congrats on your release!!! I can't WAIT to read it!
My favorite quote:
"The resistance of a woman is not always proof of her virtue, but more frequently of her experience."
Ninon de L'Enclos (1620-1705)

Christie Kelley said...

Woohoo it's usually any excuse for a party in the lair, but a release it the best occassion ever! Congrats, Christine on the release. I just happen to HAVE to go to Barnes and Noble next week, so I'll pick it up then. I can't wait to read it.

Send a cabana boy over with a margarita, please.

Eva S said...

Congrats on the release Christine! I've been looking forward to this book, I'd love to add this duke to my collection!

One of my favorite quotes is :"It’s the friends you can call up at four a.m. that matter" by Marlene Dietrich. The same goes for all here...

Terri Osburn said...

Are you serious?! Not even noon and I'm the 100th commenter. Gah! I'll never catch up.

I'll say one of my male co-workers picked up a book I was reading and starting reading aloud. Of course the page he opened to just had to include the word "manhood". I can honestly say it did NOT sound anything like the way it sounds in my head. LOL! So, no, I'd say don't read it aloud!

Terri Osburn said...

Forgot to add a quote. This is one of my favorites though it went around email with being attributed so I have no idea who wrote it.

Live your life in such a way that when your feet hit the floor in the morning, Satan shudders and says "Oh Shit....She's Awake!

And for the record, I once went out with a guy named Lars. Yes, he was Swedish though born here. Yes, he was 6'7". No, he wasn't worth it. LOL!

Unknown said...

Congrats on your new release! Hmm do I think romance novels should be read aloud? No I don't think so.
Favorite quotes.

"Frankly my dear I don't give a damn"

"If at first you don't succeed,try, try, again.

Minna said...

Here's one:
"When I have a little money, I buy books, If any is left, I buy food and clothes." - Desiderius Erasmus

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Great day in the morning! Well, it's not longer morning - 12:01 EST in the US, but wow!!! Parrrrteeeeee!

I'll have an Irish Coffee, please. Whoever said that about soaking her brain in caffeine...yep, good one. Is Demetrius here yet? Mmmm. I have a thing for him, you know, but he's totally devoted to Joanie T. Some kind of Roman thing, I think. Sigh.

Christine, darling!! THAT BOOK is OUT!! Whooooohoooo! Congrats to you and *vbg* um, good day to Lyle and Lady Kate, who seem to be...absent...for the moment. (Good for them!)

Oh, Sven? When you're done with Aunty Cindy - who's obviously really enjoying your attentions - would you work on my shoulder? Thanks. And quit winking at PJ.

Christine, you have QUITE the soireee/luncheon/bash going on here. Thanks for the invite. I can see that we need some hearty hors d'oevers...oh, here they come now.

Quotes, I LOVE quotes. One of my favorites is from To Althea from Prison by Lovlace:

Stone walls do not a prison make, nor iron bars, a cage. Minds innocent and quiet take that for an hermatige. If I have freedom in my love and in my soul am free? Angels alone that soar above, enjoy such liberty.

I also love George Carlin:

"If dogs look like their owners, and owners like their dogs....who changes?"

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hey Christine...Like I said, I love the quote thing...

How about:
Courage and perseverance have a magical talisman, before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish into air - John Quincy Adams


Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen - Hebrews 11:1

(Face it, as a writer, you have to have faith!)

Nancy said...

Christine, congratulations on your book's release! Your characters certainly seem to be . . . into it. *g*

I think romance novels can be read aloud, with a couple of caveats. First, the reader(s) should take the material seriously, not go tongue in check or mocking in tone, as the readers at the RWA LA conference did. Second, the most intimate scenes probably don't lend themselve to reading aloud because intimacy is such a difficult topic in our society.

Dina, congrats on the chook!

Beth Andrews said...

Congrats on your latest release, Christine! I can not wait to read this book!

My three kids are always quoting movies. My older daughter likes this quote from Mean Girls: "There are NO rules in the house. I'm not like a *regular* mom, I'm a *cool* mom."

And of course, she wishes she had a *cool* mom instead of a *regular* mom :-)

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Delilah! Is this your first visit to the lair? If so, welcome, pull up a chair and grab a margarita. Love the quote, by the way!

Sadly, PJ, I can't think of anything to rhyme with Sven. Apart from pour that cocktail, Sven. I will say ven! Not quite like Stars on Lars (hmm, getting very Dr. Seuss here!).

Mrs. Wells, you sure now how to throw a party - I just wish the guests of honor were um, less interested in the guests of honor if you know what I mean. And I'm sure you do!

We've got so many celebs here, it's like the latest Hello mag! Welcome, Marisa! Welcome, Jessica! Hello, all you other Stars! We've got Lars for Stars and bars!

Christine Wells said...

There was a young man named Sven
Who had a little yen
For PJ, but Lars
Could make her see stars
And that's how PJ chooses her men:)

Louisa Cornell said...

One more margarita and La Campbell will be signing dirty limericks on top of a table. Quick! Somebody get that woman a margarita!!

jo robertson said...

My goodness, what wonderful quotes are bopping around the Lair today. I knew we had smart readers!

I love the irony of the quote, "Better to be a happy idiot than to know the truth."

Sometimes I feel like that -- I DON'T WANNA KNOW!!

Louisa Cornell said...

Love the Erasmus quote by the way! I need that one on a plaque or something!

Louisa Cornell said...

Here is my favorite Confucious!

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.

Christine Wells said...

Hi Carol! LOL, you'll get all the gossip very soon! Thanks for the congrats. I'm stoked to have a new book out and THE DANGEROUS DUKE is lots of fun. I hope you enjoy it!

Your quotes have a very momentous feel. I'm a bit more trivial--I liked it when a woman said to Churchill. "Sir you are drunk!" And her replied. "Madam, you are ugly. But at least I shall be sober in the morning."

Esri Rose said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, Christine! Looking forward to this one so much!

Congrats on the Rooster, Dina!

Christine Wells said...

Hi Michele! THanks for dropping in. Great to see you here:)

Christine Wells said...

Hey, Suz! Have a margarita! And give one to your anime self as well! This is such a cool party, thanks everyone for making this such a fun day.

Christine Wells said...

Hi Ely! Hope you enjoy it! THat Confucius quote is so apt for a writer, isn't it?

Christine Wells said...

M--You bring up an interesting point. Is it the material in a romance novel that's not readable or is it that we like to be private with our emotions?

Snork about Woody Allen. I shudder to think...

Christine Wells said...

Hi Delilah! Thanks for your congrats and I must return the favour because your MISTRESS OF PLEASURE is out in September, too, isn't it. What a fantastic cover! I hear it's a wonderful read.

Your quote reminds me of the Byron one about whispering I'll ne'er consent, consented. Good one!

Christine Wells said...

Thanks, Christie! Margarita's coming right up.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hey Christine...as to reading it out loud, I have a friend who's hubby is going through chemo. I'm not sure whether he had a hard time sitting long enough to read, or just needed the distraction. Either way, my friend said they read my book, Dark and Dangerous, to one another.

Evidently, the sensual parts were "inspiring" when read without smirking.

Double smirk.

So, it CAN be done, but in this case they were intimates already so I'm guessing the "intimate bits" weren't distressing when read aloud. I would think they WOULD be if you were reading them to someone you didn't know well or with whom you weren't intimate!

Kestrel said...

Sorry I'm late for the party! One heck of a weekend...

Quotes! I love quotes... Another Christine who collects them! (That's my real name!)

There have been some awesome ones mentioned here today, I have a random quote thing on my blog that I can add quotes to, so I hope y'all don't mind me stealing some! Here are some of my personal favorites:

"The clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society." Mark Twain (hehe, he said 'naked people')

"Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought." J.F. Kennedy

"Life is pain. Anyone that says anything different is selling something." Wesley in 'The Princess Bride'

"Great minds have always encountered opposition from mediocre minds." Albert Einstein

"Take not God's name in vain, select a time when it will have effect." Ambrose Bierce

Let's see as far as quotes in romance novels. I think most of them sound a little weird spoken aloud, though I wouldn't mind re-enacting a scene or two...
There is one comment I always remember though, it's from Jude Deveraux's 'Mountain Laurel' and it comes when the hero corrects the heroine on her grammar when she is talking about someone who was just hanged, but she said 'hung', (Pardon me if I get some of this wrong), he says, "That's 'hanged'. Someone is hanged for their crimes, 'hung' is when God gives a man a very special gift." That just cracks me up every time! Great book...

Mrs. Wells, your book sounds delectable, I would be horrified if someone found my diary, ss LK...
I write so I can pretend that my fantasies don't really belong to me... :)

Christine Wells said...

Eva S--you collect dukes? How wonderful!!*g* Thank you so much!

You wrote: One of my favorite quotes is :"It’s the friends you can call up at four a.m. that matter" by Marlene Dietrich. The same goes for all here...

THat's so sweet! Right back at you, Eva! Hey, Foanna, you matter! When I got the CALL I phoned Foanna up at 4am. Of course I'd already emailed and knew she was awake, but still... One imagines Marlene was less considerate.*g* Very nice quote!

Christine Wells said...

Terrio, it's so often in the tone of voice, isn't it? Have you seen In Her SHoes? Seems appropriate!

Cool quote! Wish I could be like that, but I think Satan's more likely to rub his hands together and wonder what new thing he can tempt me with today...

Oh, and OUR Lars is TOTALLY worth it. Or so I hear...

Christine Wells said...

Hi Virginia! Thanks for visiting. It's hard to get past that Rhett Butler quote, isn't it? And we writers sure know about persistence!

Pat Cochran said...


Congratulations, Ms. Christine!

Favorite quotes:

The most precious possession that ever comes to a man in this world is a woman's heart- Josiah G. Holland

Till I loved, I never lived - enough!
- Emily Dickenson

There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.
- George Sands

Love is my religion. I could die
for that. I could die for you.
My creed is love and you are its
only tenet. You have ravished me
away by a power I cannot resist.
- John Keats

Pat Cochran

Christine Wells said...

Minna! What a great quote. I think Desiderius is a man after my own heart.

Christine Wells said...

Hi Jeanne! Glad to see you're getting into the spirit of the thing:)

Love the quotes! I've often noticed the JQA one on your signature. Lovelace's words are beautiful, aren't they? Reminds me of a writer, too, because I'm never bored or lonely even when I'm queueing for the doctor or whatever because my stories are always with me. Does that make me sound like a saddo? Hm.

Jane said...

Congrats, Christine. What a fabulous launch party. My favorite quote is from Sun Tzu's "Art of War," "Keep your friends close, your enemies closer." It's not a romantic quote, but it's a great one. Okay, I'm ready for my first cocktail.

Christine Wells said...

THanks for the congrats, Nancy and for your thoughtful response to the read aloud question. I agree it's mainly society's perception of emotion and lovemaking that makes the excerpts from the book seem a little ridiculous and also the reader's interpretation of the work. I hadn't thought very deeply about it but I'm sure you're right.

Christine Wells said...

Beth wrote: And of course, she wishes she had a *cool* mom instead of a *regular* mom :-)

But she does have a cool mom! She will so appreciate you when she's out in the wide world and knows how to behave like a decent human being. Great quote!

THanks for the congrats!

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Okay, when I popped on earlier I was on my way to bed so............

Congratulations Christine!! Can't wait to make a trip to the bookstore to get my copy!!

Favorite quotes...

"Life is a great big canvas. Throw all the paint at it you can."--Danny Kaye

"What do we exist for if not to be sport for our neighbors and turn around and make sport of them, too." [paraphrased] Mr. Bennett to Elizabeth from Sense & Sensibilities.

"I'll be your Huckleberry." Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday from Tombstone.

"When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping." Annonymous

Christine Wells said...

Foanna, have you been at the Cherry Ripe again?

Christine Wells said...

Louisa did you mean signing or singing? I mean I know Foanna's talented and all...

Gannon Carr said...

Wow! Y'all have been very busy! I could use a drink and a little attention from those cabana boys!

LOL, Christine! I love your limerick you wrote about PJ!

As far as reading romance novels out loud, I'm listening to OUTLANDER on my iPod now, so I suppose that qualifies. I absolute love it, and I've fallen in love with Jamie Fraser all over again.

Quotes are one of my favorite things. Here's one I use as my signature on my e-mails:

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."

Christine Wells said...

Jo wrote: "Better to be a happy idiot than to know the truth."

Oh, I so agree with that sometimes! When I was at high school I used to pick over what everyone said, esp the Mean Girls and look for hidden meanings. I wasn't as paranoid as it sounds, there often *were* hidden meanings, as it turned out. Now I just trundle along and try to assume everyone is acting/speaking with goodwill (they usually are, we're all more grown up now) But back then I knew a girl who was always happy and took snide remarks at face value, which kind of was the best armour when you think about it! I wished I could be like that. Thanks JO!

Christine Wells said...

Louisa wrote:Here is my favorite Confucious!

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.

Hm, I wish I'd remembered that at the Berkley party in San Fran!

Christine Wells said...

Hi Esri!! ::Waving Madly:: Thanks for popping in! Who won Esri's shoe contest from RWA? ANyone know?

Christine Wells said...

Wow Jeanne, what a lovely story about a couple reading DARK AND DANGEROUS! That's interesting about the intimate bits. You did a great job with those. I think maybe a man would be more comfortable with it all in the context of a dark, gritty suspense novel like yours than maybe some other romance. Maybe?

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Okay, can you tell I need to go back to bed...Obviously the Mr. Bennett quote was from Pride & Prejudice...Geesh!

Christine Wells said...

Oh, wow, Kestrel/Christine, I LOVE those quotes! Esp the hanged/hung and the naked people. Hee. I said my mind was trivial, didn't I? Mark Twain has so much to offer to a quotaholic, doesn't he? I like this one, which is so appropriate for writers:

"Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great."

Christine Wells said...

Pat--be still my heart, what lovely quotes about love! And you mentioned my favourite poet, the wonderful Keats! Thank you so much!

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, Pat, that Keats quote made me want to cry. How gorgeous!

Signing dirty limericks, huh, Louisa? I've certainly signed dirty books - snork!

Delilah, congratulations on your release too!

Christine, do you think Lars will make me a Cherry Ripe margarita?

Christine Wells said...

Hi Jane! THanks for the congrats. Make yours a double! It should be the right time of day over there, shouldn't it? I like the friends/enemies one but I try to keep as far away from poisonous people as I can and that suits me fine! Hardly have enough time for my friends, much less enemies.

Christine Wells said...

Hi Suz! Thanks for the congrats. Love the retail therapy quote! And Danny Kaye was right--we often get lost in the mundane things and forget we're only here once!

Christine Wells said...

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."

Wow, Gannon. If I could write something like that I'd take my own breath away. Wonderful quote! Thanks for coming!

Thank goodness the prizes are going randomly this time. I certainly couldn't come up with only two winners from this lot.

Christine Wells said...

Suz, never mind! We knew what you meant! I've done so many typos trying to keep up with all y'all, I am not one to point a figner.*g*

Christine Wells said...

Foanna, isn't Keats just divine?

One Cherry Ripe margarita, coming up! Make mine a raspberry mojito. PoshT got me addicted to them in San Fran, that evil leader astray of innocent Australians!

Gannon Carr said...

I forgot to say congrats on the chook, Dina!

Brace yourself, everyone, I just went through some of my favorite quotes. Here they are...

"It is not our abilities that show what we truly are. It is our choices." - Dumbledore

"Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life."

"Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless." - Mother Theresa

"If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun." - Katharine Hepburn

"A woman is like a tea bag--you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water." - Eleanor Roosevelt

"If a man speaks in the forest and there is no woman there to hear him, is he still wrong?"

"A friend is like a good bra...hard to find, supportive, comfortable, there to lift you up and is always close to your heart."

Some serious and some funny, but I love them all.

pjpuppymom said...

There was a young man named Sven
Who had a little yen
For PJ, but Lars
Could make her see stars
And that's how PJ chooses her men:)

I love it! (Very Big Grin)

Margay Leah Justice said...

Hey, Christine, I thought of another quote for you. It's from the movie Desperately Seeking Susan with Madonna and Rosanna Arquette (good flick by the way). There's a scene in the kitchen between Rosanna's sister-in-law, husband and the sil's boyfriend and I think the men are gorging on food (haven't seen it in awhile). Anyway, the sil gets upset with the men and says, "Why don't you take a valium like normal people?"

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Twain's a great one for quotes, isn't he?

My favorite Twain quote is:

Next to a book, a dog is man's best friend. Inside a dog, it's too dark to read.


Helen said...

WOW what a party it is early in the morning here in OZ and I have just checked out all of the posts some great sayings here and did someone menton cherry ripes I'll be in on that

Have Fun

pjpuppymom said...

Gannon, those are terrific quotes. I especially like the one you use as your signature.

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, man, dirty limericks rule!

There was a young lady called Anna
Who swapped a Sven for a Banna.
When he asked if he could,
She said, "Oh, yes, I would,
But Ms. Wells tells me I canna."

There was a sweet gal called Kate
Who expressed a strong yen to mate.
She met up with Lyle
And fell for his smile!
How Dangerous, that Duke of Fate!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Wow, La Campbell! I bow in awe-filled respect at your Limerickness.

Grins. I wanna try someone's Cherry Ripe Margarita. Sounds good.

And had to LOL about Posh T being a Leading Corrupter of Australians. She'll like that.

Louisa Cornell said...

Okay! No more cocktails for me either! I meant SINGING!! Sheesh!!

pjpuppymom said...

Chocolate is cheaper than therapy and you don’t need an appointment.

Chocolate is nature’s way of making up for Mondays.

Anna Campbell said...

I had to LOL at the 'innocent' adjective applied to Mrs. Wells. Believe me, the descriptions in THE DANGEROUS DUKE are considerably more apt!

catslady said...

I used to have pages of quotes that I loved and then my computer crashed :( There's always "Frankly, my dear I don't give a damn" from GWTW. Another of my favorites from Star Trek "The needs of the manyoutweigh the needs of the few" - not a romance quote but I still like it lol.

Susan Gee Heino said...

I just ran out and bought THAT BOOK, Christine and I can't wait to read it. I've laughed my pants off at Lady Kate and now I can't wait for the scenes where Lyle gets out of his.
Good luck, and great quotes everyone! Pretty much the only quotes that come to my mind these days are by Spongebob Squarepants. (Hey, don't knock it! Sea life can be very profound at times.)

Christine Wells said...

Gannon, those are wonderful. There's so much wisdom in Harry Potter, isn't there? I think that's part of the reason the books resonate with so many people.

"A woman is like a tea bag--you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water." - Eleanor Roosevelt

That's the theme of a lot of great romance novels, isn't it? Love it!

Helen said...


I love those chocolate sayings they are right up my alley

What can I say the limericks are great I don't want to go to work I would rather spend the day in The Lair partying

Have Fun

Christine Wells said...

Cool, glad you liked the limerick, PJ.*g*

Christine Wells said...

Margay, I'm sure I watched DSS at least twice as a pre-teen but I couldn't tell you the first thing about it! Laughed at the quote. Thanks!

Margay Leah Justice said...

I'm thinking it's time to revisit that movie - it had other good quotes, too.

Christine Wells said...

Snork! Good one, Jeanne. I also like Twain's "Whenever I feel the urge to exercise I lie down until it goes away." A sad commentary on my sedentary lifestyle of late!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Susan, welcome to the lair! And congratulations on your Golden Heart!

Anna Campbell said...

My favorite Twain quote is "There's lies, d*mned lies and statistics." Always remember that one when people start quoting figures at me.

Christine Wells said...

Helen, not you, too! Cherry Ripes are the vilest candy in creation!! Next time I'm sorting out my Cadbury's Favourites, I'll know where to send the CRs!

Margay Leah Justice said...

Wasn't it also Twain who wrote something along the lines of "whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right."

Anonymous said...

::emerging into the light, blinking and rearranging clothing::

Miss Campbell, what humorous poetry! His smile? Er, um, yes, of course! THAT was what attracted me to Lyle.

Kestrel said...

Oh, I remember one that fits this group well! I saw it on a bumper sticker -

"Well-behaved women rarely make history."

And here's another I like, which I have added a bit to...

"Love is a double-edged sword, it cuts both ways, but if you leave it sheathed, you will never win any wars."

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love word games! Limericks? Shall I try one? Let me see...

There once was a gang of banditas
Who made all the best margaritas
The BBs were rowdy
They made quite a crowd-y (!)
Between them they drank 90 Litres.

Christine Wells said...

Louisa, she COULD have been signing! Difficult to do on all those Cherry Ripe margaritas, but possible!

Christine Wells said...

Hey, Foanna, had to snork at the Duke of Fate! Do you remember I wanted to call this book DUKE OF HAZZARD?? Both Denise and Jessica said NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

Christine Wells said...

Ah, a winning combination PJ--a quote AND chocolate...

Christine Wells said...

Foanna, are you impugning my innocence! I'm shocked! Quill pens at dawn for you, m'dear.

Hm, I think I'm hitting the wall here:) Hasn't this party been great?

Christine Wells said...

Hi catslady! I'm surprised no one else has mentioned Startrek! TO boldly go... Thanks for popping in!

Christine Wells said...

Hi Susan!! ::Waving madly:: Everyone, Susan just sold her historicals to my editor, Leis Pederson. Fantastic stuff!

THanks so much for getting THAT BOOK, Susan. I hope you'll find Lady Kate a leetle more sensible in the novel than she is in the Lair, but just a leetle. Let me know what you think!

Anna Campbell said...

Lady Kate, I hereby choose you as winner of the limerick contest! That was brilliant - I laughed out loud!

Hey, SUSAN!!!! WHOO-HOOOOOO! Congratulations!

Christine Wells said...

Oh, Helen, we wish you could stay, too!

Foanna, yes, it's funny how numbers always *seem* so absolute. Until you realize how they arrive at those numbers!

Margay, that's a good one, too. It sounds like Twain, doesn't it?

Christine Wells said...

Kestrel, that love is a double edged sword one perfectly summarizes what my next book is about. Thank you!

Lyle said...

Limericks, eh? Let me see.

There was a young lady named Kate
Who never wanted to wait
So insatiable was she
She's fatigued even me
Whose stamina has always been great

Anna Campbell said...

Lyle, your, uh, stamina is legendary in the lair. And yes, Lady Kate has been talking out of school!

Anonymous said...

There was an OLD MAN named Lyle
Who seduced a poor maid with his guile
Such a blackguard was he
That at a party
He read out bad verse that was VILE!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

SNORK!! Lord Lyle and Lady Kate, your dueling limericks have me undone! I must now go and replace my Diet Coke and wipe down the computer monitor.

Sigh. Always with the Diet Coke, but the Laugh was worth it!

Anonymous said...

Elegant restraint, indeed! This party is a free-for-all!

Your Grace de Snork, do be careful drinking Diet Coke! I consumed an entire can of it one day and spent the rest of it feeling quite peculiar...

Pat Cochran said...

I'm not so much a writer of salty
limericks, but I have been known to
dabble in a haiku or two:

Today Banditas
celebrate Christine Wells and
The Dangerous Duke.

The Dangerous Duke,
Lady Kate, the Duke of Lyle:
Magnificent Tale.

Pat Cochran

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...


Kim Castillo said...

Hi Christine! I just wanted to pop in to offer my congrats on The Dangerous Duke! Yay you:D

um, my current favorite quote is from a movie:D

"What are steroids?"
"Something that makes your pee pee small."
"Ohh, there must be steroids in macaroni and cheese."

Followed by a "ggaaawwwdddd" LOL.

I watch too much Jon Heder.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat! LOVE the haiku! Thanks so much:)

Christine Wells said...

Hey, KimPossible! Thanks so much for dropping by. Snork at the mac cheese! My 5yo eats it every night so it has particular resonance with me:)

peggy said...

look before you leap

Anne said...

What a fabulous launch, Christine. Best of luck with TDD and all who sail in her!!

As for romance novels being read aloud, some friends of mine do that -- they do it with all their books, not just mine, taking it in turns to read.
That was hard enough to take.
And then there was that little bit of extra info I reeeeally didn't need to know about -- the husband revealed to me they also acted out my sex scenes. LOL!

Christine Wells said...

Hi Peggy! Thanks for dropping in! Yes, good advice for Lady Kate, actually;)

Christine Wells said...

Anne, thanks so much for dropping in. What a star-studded line-up we've had today.

OMG about re-enacting the lurv scenes. Definitely too much information. Flattering, but TMI!!!

Joan said...

"Dear, Lord," Joanie T said as she looks aghast around the lair. "I knew Christine was launching today but..."

A small moan in one dark corner followed by a string of giggles in another draws her attention away from the trio of empty margharita glasses at her feet. The scent of Cherry Ripe is thick in the air. She walks slowly through the dim light, bending to pick up a bucket boot. She sniffs. Champagne?

Still stunned at the devastation, she ventures deeper into the Lair. Assorted unmentionables hang from the chandelier, bits of paper with witty and naughty limericks are scattered on the floor. Shaking her head, she reaches down and covers the cabana boy snoring softly under the table.

Wow, what a party for THAT BOOK! Blasted DDJ, she thinks with a pout. I missed out on all the fun! And Lyle! She'd missed out on THE Dangerous Duke.

Oh, and Lady Kate of course.

Lost in her misery, a glint from the corner of her eye draws her attention to a round metal object in the middle of the floor. She stoops and picks it up.

A shield.

*D's* Shield!

She narrows her eyes and stares at the corner where the giggling abrutptly stops. "Duchesse!"

Anna Campbell said...

There was once a lady called Anna
Who took 200 as her banner
She had the last word
Of Lyle and his bird
And cherry ripes were her manna!

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