Thursday, September 4, 2008

She Made Me Do It

by Tawny Weber and Beth Andrews

Tawny: Did you ever have a friend who pushed or encouraged you? Who was always there to help you along and maybe dare you to do something that you probably wouldn't have done on your own? You know, skinny dipping in the moonlight because your friend dared you? Or asking that hottie out you were crushing on? Or, you know, maybe something a little more life altering?

Beth:Oh, yeah, I have a pushy mean a wonderfully encouraging friend *g* She not only pushes me to set goals, but insists I am more than capable of meeting those goals. She cheers me on when things are going well and cheers me up when I'm down. Meeting her and becoming critique partners with her definitely altered my life in the best way possible! You know, thinking of friends who encourage each other reminds me of Delaney, the heroine of your latest Blaze release Risque Business, and her best friend Mindy.

Tawny:Hmmm, you remind me a LOT of Mindy, Beth. You know, the sweet innocent looking one who hides her bulldozer tendencies behind her mellow exterior? The one that won't listen to any excuse--no matter HOW reasonable (I mean, really -isn't sorting orphaned socks a solid excuse not to write? I think it is)--to keep me from pushing for a goal. And then when I think maybe I can take the easy route, there you are booting me in the butt to push harder.

*sigh* Is it any wonder Delaney went for the makeover? She was afraid of what Mindy would do to her if she chickened out.

Beth:Now, now. I don't bulldoze you. I gently nudge you in the right direction.

You know the only excuses for not writing I'll accept are: Sick kids (yes, they have to be YOUR kids, the neighbor kids don't count) Sick author (but only if you can't stay awake for longer than fifteen minutes at a time) or an unforeseen emergency (which begs the question: aren't all emergencies 'unforeseen'?) Of course, there are times when I realize an author might need a mental health day. Which is why I fully support your right to re-read all 7 Harry Potter books or watch every last episode of Friends.

Just not when you're on deadline.

But you know I only you for your own good. Which is why Mindy wanted Delaney to get the makeover. She knew her friend needed a bit of...direction shall we say, to become her best self. And since Delaney ends up making a super sexy bet with extremely HOT author Nick Angel, I don't think she's complaining ;-)

Tawny:Okay, Okay... I get it. Sometimes a good friend is the person who shoves you out the door in spite of your well-justified excuses. And you're right. Delaney owes a LOT to Mindy. Not only for suggesting the makeover but also for helping her get the job at the TV studio. And those two steps were crucial in Delaney's journey of growth and self-empowerment (doesn't that sound grand?!). That, in turn, made her a worthy opponent in her own eyes to tackle Nick and all his sexy challenges.

Hmmm... I guess this means I have to admit that nagging friends are a blessing, right? Because I know I wouldn't be nearly as excited about Risque Business if it hadn't been for you nagging... I mean, encouraging me throughout the story! And every time I hit a wall, you were right there telling me how it'd rock.

So - I publicly admit it, like Mindy did in Risque Business, Beth has definitely earned her "I told you so" rights with me over the years.

How about you? Do you have someone in your life who tends to know better than you do what's best for you? You know, that person who is there to push you along, encourage and support you and always seems to see just the exact thing you need to do to fix the problems. (Even if you don't want to listen to them *g*)
Who are your favorite Friends from books, TV shows or movies? The classics like LaVerne and Shirley, Richie and The Fonze? Or more modern friendships like Harry, Ron and Hermione? Tawny will give one lucky commenter signed copies of her first two Blaze books, Double Dare and Does She Dare?


Louisa Cornell said...

If the GR comes to my house, my little dog Frodo will be his best friend AND get him into trouble!

Louisa Cornell said...

FRODO! You don't bite your best friend's leg even if he IS a chicken!

Joan said...

Ack! Louisa! Is that anyway for a GR Mom to be?

Keep your baby safe!

Joan said...

Congrats on your new release, Tawny!

And I don't know. Both of ya'll were pretty quiet and demure when I was in your presence in SF. I didn't get a "push" vibe at all.

I do have an assortment of friends who each have a different knack (or angle..if you will) for smacking me back to reality. Who knew writing could produce bruises?

Favorite friends. Well, the classic ones were Lucy and Ethel. Ya gotta be good friends to dress up like Martians and flit around a New York rooftop.

Louisa Cornell said...

YAY!!! Now, my favorite saying about a best friend is this :

A good friend will come and bail you out of jail ... but a true friend will be sitting next to you saying, "Damn ... that was fun!"

I've been very fortunate to have some really great friends in my life. I have a dear friend with whom I sang in a number of operas. He is a tenor who happens to be gay, black and Catholic and he was born and raised in Alabama! He's an overachiever.

We wandered all over Europe together and had some truly marvelous times and narrow escapes! We were arrested in Vienna at a Free Tibet rally. Trust me, Austrian policemen get very upset when they discover they have arrested people with American passports. Always as we stepped on stage he would grab my hand and say "Okay, girlfriend. Lets give 'em hell!"

I've been so fortunate in my writing to have encouragement from so many really good friends. The girls of the Avon FanLit event, especially the Talking Fishbowl Heads and Friends - Sherry, Tessa, CM, Sara, Lacey, Darcy, Amanda and I know I am forgetting someone. They continue to encourage and support me.

My two great mentors who hold my hand, kick my butt and give me great advice - the Incomparable Anna Campbell and the Divine Diane Gaston are so much a part of the great writing year I am having.

The Passion's Slaves girls - Terry Jo, Beth Ann, Marianne and Erin who really walked me through the birth of Lost in Love.

The Romance Bandits, the Risky Regencies, the History Hoydens, the Wet Noodle Posse and of course the fabulous PIXIE CHICKS keep me going when I think I just can't finish this second book.

But I think the person who helps me the most on a daily basis is my fabulous CP, Erin McClune. She is a SLAVE DRIVER!!! If I am not writing I get yelled at! If I feel sorry for myself I get yelled at! If I try to give up, I get yelled at! See the pattern here? She gives me great advice, worries more about my writing than I do, put up and tweaks my website. She knows what excuse I am going to come up with BEFORE I do! She has no problem at all telling me if I am off base or if I am being self-indulgent in my writing. She really is the most fantastic nudge there is. She gets in my head, rummages around, throws out the trash and then kicks the tires and starts me on my way. Most of all, she believes in me, even when I don't believe in myself.

Louisa Cornell said...

Tawny I can't wait to read your newest. Hot stuff to be sure! Don't worry, Joan, the GR is safely ensconced in a doggy bed on top of one of the bookcases.

Lucy and Ethel are truly the best, best friends of all time. But I do love the sisters who are friends in Jane Austen's books - Lizzie and Jane, Elinor and Marianne. And I really love the friendships in Steel Magnolias and The Ya Ya Sisterhood. Great tough Southern women who are there for each other. Love it!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Louisa, m'dear! Looks like the rooster is heading for Alabama for the day! I hope he makes it out again in one piece!

Beth and Tawny, what a lovely blog. As you know, Annie West, who writes wonderful Harlequin Presents, is my critique partner and she nags...uh, encourages me all the time too. And man, do I need it! I'm eternally grateful to the writing gods for letting me get my hot little hands on her at my first RWOz conference! To think, someone else could have nabbed her!

Tawny, as you know, I've read Risque Business and I think it's absolutely marvellous. Congratulations on the release of what I guarantee is going to be a huge hit. As I keep saying to you, your books turned me into a Blaze reader. Now, how big a statement is that of your talents? Now, stop hanging around this blog and go and write me another story, gal!

Anna Campbell said...

And Louisa, I wanted to say thank you for calling me Incomparable (mind you, I thought Claudia Dain had the trademark on that adjective, LOL!). Honestly I haven't done much aside from say, "Have another square of Cadbury chocolate, woman!"

Tawny said...

YAY Louisa - Congrats on the rooster nabbing. But tell Frodo to be gentle with him :-) If he gets roughed up too much, he just might start spilling secrets!

Tawny said...

Hmm... Joanie called us quiet and demure. Well, that would be me. The quiet and demure one. Beth's naughtier and louder, for sure!

Beth? Beth? Did you faint? Or just leave the lair to hide your laughter.

Tawny said...

Joan :-D Writing DOES leave bruises! Usually mine are on my forehead from banging my head on the desk, but still...

Isn't it great to have friends who do push and nag us? Because lets face it, life is rough. And often its easier to take the, well, easy route if it weren't for friends there to hold our hand or shove us off the cliff.

Tawny said...

LOL Louisa -I love that quote!!! And I'd have to say, if we were in the same town and I was arrested, I'm sure Beth would be right next to me. Gotta love friends like that, right?

What a wonderful list of friends! I'm laughing about your overachiever friend ;-) And cheering for all the writing support and encouragement you get. Its having that cushion that really helps us along, isn't it?

Three cheers for nagging CPs!!!

Beth said...

LOL, Louisa! Perhaps Frodo should eat a big meal before he goes out to play with the GR? Just to be on the safe side *g*

Oh, I'm picturing Frodo and the GR as best buddies in an action/adventure movie! Sort of like Danny Glover and Mel Gibson in the Lethal Weapon movies :-)

flchen1 said...

What fabulous friends! And how fun to hear about everyone's bestest! Mine is definitely my sister--she's the one I call first for anything, and she's there to give me a push when I need that, too.

Please don't enter me--I've got and loved Tawny's books--looking forward to some Risque Business! ;)

Congrats on the GR, Louisa! Have he and Frodo buddied up yet?

Tawny said...

Foanna, thank you so much :-D I appreciate your praise. And appreciate more that I've turned you on... to Blaze, that is ;-)

And high five on snagging such a fab-o CP! I'm betting she feels just as lucky as you do.

Beth said...

Boy, Joan, did Tawny have you fooled *g* I, of course, am always quiet and demure.

Until my dear CP and BFF needs a little push. Then I put on my angry face and get tough :-)

My youngest daughter is a huge I Love Lucy fan! You're so right about their friendship. No matter what crazy stunt Lucy came up with, Ethel always had her back *g*

Tawny said...

PRIZE UPDATE: If you have the books already and win, I'll send you a bunch of other books from friends or fun reads I picked up at conference!

So Fedora ;-) You're still in the game! And how awesome that you and your sister are that tight. I'm close with my brother, but I've always wished I had a sister.

Louisa Cornell said...

La Campbell, NEVER underestimate the power of offering and providing large chunks of Cadbury's chocolate to a writer! And you provide much more than that with you wonderful friendship, not to mention the occasional "Finish the damned book!" when necessary!

And the GR was mumbling something about a party last night, cherry somethings, shield sliding in a wading pool full of margaritas? Then when he heard Tawny and Beth described as quiet and demure he started cackling and hasn't stopped. Very disconcerting.

Beth said...

Louisa, it sounds like you've truly been blessed with some wonderful friendships! There's nothing better than knowing there's always someone you can turn to when things are tough. Or who'll celebrate with you when things are going great *g*

Writing has brought me so many wonderful friends as well: The Bandits, all of our wonderful Bandit Buddies, my dear friends over at Writers at Play. I'd be lost without you all!

btw, I'd love to get some pointers from Erin. She sounds like a fabulous CP and friend :-)

Beth said...

Oh, forgot to say: Louisa, I'm sure you'll love Risque Business! It's truly a wonderful story - sexy, funny and emotional! *sigh* I do so love a Tawny Weber book *g*

Beth said...

Anna, isn't it great when Fate brings such wonderful people into our lives? Tawny and I met through an online chapter and just clicked *g* I honestly don't know what I'd do without her. She really 'gets' my writing. And me! She appreciates my sarcastic sense of humor which is definitely a plus

Tawny said...

And the GR was mumbling something about a party last night, cherry somethings, shield sliding in a wading pool full of margaritas? Then when he heard Tawny and Beth described as quiet and demure he started cackling and hasn't stopped. Very disconcerting.

*snicker* Ask Frodo to hush that naughty rooster up please. I'm afraid he'll spill secrets.

Beth said...

Tawny said: Joanie called us quiet and demure. Well, that would be me. The quiet and demure one. Beth's naughtier and louder, for sure!

LOL - nope, I didn't faint but I am giggling! I didn't even read this when I posted my comment.

There's a reason we say we share one brain. We're way too much alike :-)

jo robertson said...

OMG, it's not even Thursday yet and y'all are ripping it up!

Congrats, Louisa. Uh, are you sure Frodo can be trusted with such a tasty morsel as the Chook?

My friend who knows me better than myself sometimes, and this is truly terrifying, is my daughter! I think it's because she and I are so much alike, but enough dissimilar that she can have some perspective. She's a wonderful sounding board and I love how she's my best friend.

Anna Campbell said...

Tawny, SNORK!

Beth said...

fedora, my sister is one of my best friends as well. It's especially nice to have a friend who appreciates all the reasons your parents/family drive you nuts but more so, they appreciate why you love them anyway ;-)

Beth said...

Then when he heard Tawny and Beth described as quiet and demure he started cackling and hasn't stopped. Very disconcerting.

LOL - that's because he can't believe someone actually described Tawny that way *g* Obviously he's witnessed her wild behavior at more than one launch party in the lair :-)

Beth said...

Jo, that is so wonderful! I'm not at the friends stage with my girls yet (they're too young) but I do look forward to being their friend. They're both so much fun - it's great to imagine what they'll be like as adults :-)

Kestrel said...

LOL, Louisa... your comments about your dog biting the GR reminded me of that cartoon "Back to the Barnyard" or whatever it is (comes on Nickelodeon, yes I have very small children). The chicken's best friend is torn between trying to eat him and being best buds...

Oh, and my fave best friend quote is along the same lines as yours... "A good friend will help you move, but a true friend will help you move a body. (And offer to bring trashbags and rent a woodchipper!)" hehe... No, I have nothing to confess, I swear!

Tawny, I just finished "Does She Dare?" and I loved it! I must admit it has been awhile since I read a simple Harlequin/Blaze novel, but it was really a delight! I think I am in love with Dante... Congrats on your new book!

Ok, back to the question at hand, about best friends... Actually, I usually find myself in the position of being the best friend who pushes those around them to be their best. I am certainly the cheerleader in my relationship with my hubby, but he has his moments... Like right now, he's off in dreamland and before he fell out he told me it was ok to stay up late and write because I am in the middle of a burst of inspiration. Usually he would try to guilt trip me, but this is the farthest I've ever seriously pursued my writing, and he's getting more comfortable with that, even if it is 'romance'. (Dragged out in the most sarcastic manner possible.*g*)

I have not seen my best friend of over 15 years in person for about 4 years, and I miss our late night sessions at the Waffle House, where we would talk all night and into the morning about all our plans. She would be my preferred critique partner, but we have such different lives now... :(

Tawny said...

Kestrel, thank you so much :-) I'm thrilled that you liked Does She Dare?! Dante is definitely yummy, but I'm pretty sure Nick is just as hot. Just a little naughtier!

YAY that you're on a writing roll, btw! I wish you lots of awesome inspiration as you kick out the pages. And bummer that you and your bff are so distanced. That makes it rough, especially when lives veer off in different directions.

Christine Wells said...

Hi Tawny! Hi Beth! Loved that chat. You both deserve each other--and I mean that in the nicest possible way!

Congratulations on the release of Risque Business, Tawny! I can't wait to read it. I love the sexy premise and the idea of a hot author--yum! Oh, and I LOVE a makeover story, so I'm raring to read:)

My best friend Vikki is quite a reticent character (well she's English, so, you know...sorry VA!) But when she knows I'm making excuses she has this eyebrow quirk that immediately puts me in my place.LOL She's wonderfully supportive, already planning to buy 10 copies of my book to give to all her nearest and dearest.

Then there's Denise Rossetti my crit partner, who visits the lair occasionally and talks about my characters as if they're real. She gets this intense, teacher-like stare when I'm bumbling and stumbling over motivation, etc and she picks and picks until we've worked out all the knots.

And of course the Banditas, who are so motivational just by being themselves. It is amazingly energizing to be around such a dedicated, savvy bunch.

COngrats on the GR, Louisa! I'm sure he can handle himself with Frodo. Just think of Ickey!

Helen said...

Well done Louisa I hope they don't get into too much trouble LOL

What a beautiful post Ladies true friends are the best always there for each other whether it be tears or laughter and everything in between.

I have a group of friends at work and we call ourselves the steel magnolias we can talk to each other about anything and often have days out to lunch together and really laugh and have fun it always makes us feel better love them all.

I too love Ethel and Lucy and The Golden Girls they are a great bunch of friends and of course who could not love Harry Hermione and Ron aren't they the best.

Tawny I am really looking forward to reading Risque Business.

Have Fun

Helen said...

BTW Louisa there is a contest going on where I work for customers to win a 10kg block of cadburys chocolate I offered to taste test and share with some overseas friends but they wouldn't be in it sorry.

Have Fun

Marisa O'Neill said...

Hi Tawny and Beth! Congratulations Tawny. This is a great blog. I know my BFF is Maria and she pushes me to do things I never would think to do. Thank goodness for her, she's far more adventurous than I am.

My absolute favorite BF from TV? Alan Shore and Denny Craine from Boston Legal - actually, they're one of my favorite 'couples' on TV - such an unusual pairing and yet oh so right.

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

You folks make me feel lazy, here I am sleeping and you all have a full blog and comments complete.
Congrats on the GR Louisa, I dare say Frodo will be the one needing protection from him sometime today.
I do have friend now that would be like that. Well, she is like that. I was ready to let my hair go to gray and she wasn't having it, she nagged and fussed and pushed and finally just yanked me out of bed one Sunday, sat me down and colored my hair herself....LOL The woman has a real dislike of gray hair.

Louisa Cornell said...

10 KG of Cadbury, Helen?? THUNK!!! Ask the two Annas. I am a CADBURY FIEND!!! And Anna S and La Campbell can be quite competitive about which is best - English Cadbury's or Australian Cadbury's.

The GR finally quit laughing, but now I can't find him .... or Frodo .... or my CAR KEYS!!! I knew I shouldn't have let them watch Thelma and Louise last night. Do I hear sirens?

Carol said...

I am pleased little Frodo lets the GR down from the bookcase now!- but maybe just to taste him!!

Kestrel wrote:
Oh, and my fave best friend quote is along the same lines as yours... "A good friend will help you move, but a true friend will help you move a body. (And offer to bring trashbags and rent a woodchipper!)" hehe... No, I have nothing to confess, I swear!

That reminds me of that fantastic movie Fargo...Francis McDormand

I do love Harry and Co. great kids,
and I know this is a bit off the track! but I love those movies which have faithful animal friends in them. Lassie and K-9 and recently Eight Below. I loved Seabiscuit too.
But honestly I could not stand Lucille of the worst ever movies I saw when I was a kid was Lucille ball in a caravan trip...never forgotten it!

Cheers Carol

Deb Marlowe said...

Oh, Marisa, I am SO with you on Denny and Alan! LOVE those two! Just some of the funniest, wittiest stuff out there right now.

And dianna, you are right, friends never let friends go gray--unless they have that gorgeous, thick silver gray which my grandma had in spades, and I do not!

flchen1 said...

LOL! Louisa, I can't wait to hear what the GR and Frodo, new best buds, have done with the car keys (and presumably the car) ;)

Ooh, thanks, Tawny! I've got a brother, too, and he's terrific, but it's probably a combination of age and gender for us--I think I treated him more as a kid as we were growing up, and so even now, we're slightly more big-sis/little bro rather than just buds, where my relationship with my sister is definitely more equalized somehow.

And Beth, you're so right--there's nothing like a sister! :) (Which is why I was slightly sad that my daughter doesn't have one, but not quite sad enough to go make her one--as if we could place an order or something ;p)

Joan said...

Beth's naughtier and louder, for sure!

Maybe on a different ASTRAL PLANE!

Beth, do you play poker? Cause you sure are adept at concealing your naughtier, louder self.

Beth said...

Kestrel, I have to agree about Dante - he's one yummy hero!

Yay on the burst of inspiration and understanding hubby! Sometimes all we need to keep going is support by those we're closest to :-)

rebekah said...

Congrats on your release Tawny. My best is my husband to now when and how to push me so I do what I need to do. If I didn't have him I would probably sitting around telling myself I can't do it. I'm pretty negative, but his postivity help me not over run myself with the negative.

Rebekah E.

Donna MacMeans said...

I'm thinking we didn't ply Tawny with enough alcohol. I'd like to see that loud side myself *g*.

Excellent post, ladies! I've been blessed with many really, really good friends in my life. Sisters - whether from the same mother or not - are invaluable and allow us to cope with so many things in life.

Have you noticed that most of the really popular TV shows are based on best friends? What one would do - even if it's incredibly embarrassing - for another just because they're friends? And we get it because we know we'd do the same for the sake of friendship. I like Seinfeld, Friends, and Frasier for that reason

Beth said...

Christine, isn't it lovely to have a CP who is almost as invested in your story as you are? The only problem Tawny and I have is sometimes we're too close to each other's stories. A character's motivation might need amping up but we don't realize it because we 'know' the reason the hero's keeping his distance from the heroine because of his cheating ex-wife. Even if we didn't show it in the writing *g*

I too find the Banditas energizing! And inspiring!

And a whole lot of fun ;-)

Beth said...

Helen, my mother has a group of friends like your Steel Magnolias. They're all retired now so they're able to meet for coffee every day. My older daughter went with her a few times this summer and had a blas with her grandma and her crazy friends :-)

p226 said...

Hmm. No, not really. I don't really have anyone nudging me along or pushing/encouraging me to do this or that for my own good or otherwise.

'Cept maybe Cassondra. I can't tell you how many times phrases like "shut up and write" or "just write your damned book" have come through my inbox. Sometimes I even listen, and dig into my WIP.

And, I'm not much of a pusher/encourager either. Those closest to me are pretty damned driven people. There's no need to .. "encourage" unless they're hitting a rough spot. Maybe that's a commentary on the friends I choose. Thinking about it a little, it dawns on me that without fail they tend to be visionary, and then have the focus and resolve to put behind their efforts.

An example...

My wife has gone back to school. A couple of years ago, she mentioned that she'd like to go back. My response was simply that she should, and I'll do what I can to help. That was it. Now it's two years and a 3.91 GPA later. I didn't have to push or encourage. She set her mind to it, and off she went. You can't even count my endorsement as a "nudge," let alone a "push."

All of my closest friends are like that. They just do what they feel needs done.. Each of them are successful leaders in their professional lives. Not to say they're all captains of industry. But whatever they do, they do well, and they wind up leading other people. Managing teams. Running projects.

This is why Cassondra is the only instance I can think of where someone is nudging or encouraging me to do something new. I'm very much a "do whatever the hell I want, when I want" kind of guy. I'd never really given writing any serious consideration. She'd seen me write snippets here and there in various venues and said "you should write."

"Huh? Me? Write?"

"Yes. You. Write."

"Write what?"

"Whatever the hell you want. Just do it."


I chewed on the concept for at least two or three months. Not the concept of my WIP, mind you. The concept of actually writing. And now I'm doing it. Slowly. In little flurries punctuated by long pauses. Go figure.

This is well outside my norm, as I am not easily influenced on much of anything.

Beth said...

Hi, Marisa! I think Tawny is more adventurous than I am now but we've discussed our teenage years and all I can say is thank goodness we didn't know each other then! We would've gotten into no end of trouble :-)

I've never seen Boston Legal. I'll have to add it to my To-Be-Watched list *g*

Some of my favorite TV friendships include:

Hawkeye and BJ from Mash

Buffy and Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Andy Sipowicz and Bobby Simone from NYPD Blue

Rachel, Monica and Phoebe from Friends :-)

Beth said...

LOL, Dianna! Only a really good friend cares enough to make sure no gray hair shall go uncovered *g*

Sometimes we all need a little push :-)

Beth said...

The GR finally quit laughing, but now I can't find him .... or Frodo .... or my CAR KEYS!!! I knew I shouldn't have let them watch Thelma and Louise last night. Do I hear sirens?

ROFL - looks like the GR and Frodo are off on a Road Trip!! Hope they bring your car back in one piece, Louisa *g*

Beth said...

Carol, I don't think you're off track at all! I love movies where characters are good friends with animals *g*

I especially loved My Dog Skip and my kid watched Air Bud and Free Willy over and over when they were little :-)

Beth said...

Fedora, my daughters are 2 1/2 yrs apart and are really close. While they don't hang out together socially (there's a big difference between an 11 yr old and an almost 14 yr old *g*) they get along wonderfully.

It was especially nice when they were younger and they played together constantly :-)

Beth said...

Beth, do you play poker? Cause you sure are adept at concealing your naughtier, louder self.


See, Tawny? No one's buying your claim that I'm naughtier. They know me too well *g*

Beth said...

Rebekah, sounds like you have yourself a keeper! So glad your husband encourages you!

My husband is the same way. There are some days when I think he believes in me more than I do :-)

Beth said...

Donna, that's a great observation about popular TV shows being based on friends! I never watched Frasier but I love Seinfeld and Friends *g*

A few more I can think of off the top of my head are:

Will and Grace

That 70's Show (this show cracks me up *g*)

Beverly Hills 90210 :-)

A newer one is How I Met Your Mother. I haven't seen much of it but what I have seen was very funny *g*

Tawny said...

Hi Christine :-D

thanks for the congrats, I'm jazzed about this book's release. I can't wait to hear what you think. Did you wrestle it away from Fo yet?

I'm giggling over your best friend's reticents. VA has assured me that the English are just a little reserved. I, of course, keep telling her 'but I'm American and I'm reading this and I need to see MORE." Good thing she's too reserved to smack me *g*

You have some awesome friends :-)

Tawny said...

Hi Helen :-D

I love the idea of a Steel Magnolias group! I'm always impressed and empowered by seeing a group of women support and cheer each other on.

and awwwww, on Ron and Hermione :-) I love them!! I loved the Golden Girls, too! And Hawkey and BJ, and Monica and Rachel, and Data and Geordie LOL.

Tawny said...

HI Marisa and thank you so much! I think the Banditas are amazing, and I don't just say that because I hang in the Lair *g*

Isn't it great to have the a bff who pushes us? Or if we're the pushy one (ahem, Beth) to be the voice of reason.

Tawny said...

Awww, Dianna :-) I love it! Friends don't let friends go gray LOL. How cool that she's there to encourage and push you!

Tawny said...

The GR finally quit laughing, but now I can't find him .... or Frodo .... or my CAR KEYS!!!


Tawny said...

Oh Carol! Homeward Bound!! I looooved that movie. I mean, yes, I know the friends were all animals LOL, but I'm a sucker for opposites attract and that movie really pulled together some opposite friends!

Tawny said...

LOL - I hear you, Deb, on the right gray to go. One of my grammas is still barely sprinkled with gray and she's in her 80s. The other (in her 80s too, go figure) was a carrot top and her hair just sort of softly faded into the most gorgoeus pale pale pale red.

Tawny said...

Beth, do you play poker? Cause you sure are adept at concealing your naughtier, louder self.

Ooooh, you know what? She'd probably whip my tush in poker. I can't keep anything to myself!

Tawny said...

Awww, Rebekah :-) Thats fabulous that your husband is such a perfect balance for you --and so supportive!

Tawny said...

heeheehee, Where were you Friday, Donna?

and you're right about the TV shows. I think there is something universal in friendship that we can all relate to.

Tawny said...

P226, dude, you need to listen to Cassandra ;-) She's a GREAT supporter and encourager!

You know, you hit an important point here. Even if we're supportive and encouraging -its up to the people involved to do the work. But having a friend who knows the right buttons to push is a great thing sometimes!

Tawny said...

See, Tawny? No one's buying your claim that I'm naughtier. They know me too well *g*

Ha... I know you too. And I call naughty!! Of course you do have that subtle, quiet snarky thing going on, so maybe its just not as obvious as some louder, more out there naughtiness.

Nancy said...

Louisa, congrats on the GR!

Yes, Tawny and Beth, I'm lucky to have several friends who push--er, nudge--in this way.

Tawny, congratulations on your release. Don't you have other good news about it?

Marisa, Boston Legal is one of my favorite shows! I agree that Denny and Alan's friendship (and who knew Shatner could truly act, before this?) is crucial to the show's success. I think it's about time for new episodes.

Joan said...

OMG, Beth you've never watched "Frazier"?

You've got to try. Lifetime shows reruns twice a day 10 am EST and 12MN EST. The earlier to mid shows are the best but the repartee between Frazier and his brother Niles...ROTFL

limecello said...

A number of my friends are super honest and have no problem telling me like it is. :P This is good, but sometimes I'd also like someone to be on my side/just non objective- and actually, I can't get that.
Haha. Maybe that's a good thing?
As for friends in books... oh gosh. I LOVE secondary characters. The friends, support - siblings - hmmmmmmm I honestly can't pick a favorite, but a really good one is the Bonner Brothers in SEP's books. :D [Nobody's Baby But Mine and Dream a Little Dream]

terrio said...

Whoot! for the new release!! And congrats on the GR, Louisa. I'm sure he's happy to be home with mama.

I have too many friends to count. Beyond blessed! My pirate buddies are always there with a smack or a pom pom cheer when I need it. Then there's my vanettes. They make me laugh, inspire me, and support me. I've met great authors like my wonderful Aunty! She's a total treasure. And all of you give me inspiration everyday. That's why you can't get rid of me. LOL!

For television, I loved the show Friends. I could relate to every episode they ever had.

Beth said...

Hey, Nancy! I can tell I'm going to love Boston Legal *g*

Am I the only one who loves Shatner in those price line commercials? Especially when he does his little kung-fu move? And the one where he has the three babies and he says their names are Robby, Robby and little Billy. Cracks me up!

Beth said...

Joan, I'll definitely check Frazier out. Another show I've only caught bits of pieces of but cracks me up is Will and Grace.

Guess I'd better hurry and meet my deadlines so I can watch more TV *g*

Beth said...

limecello,I love friends in books too! I agree with you on SEP and I also thing Nora Roberts does a fantastic job portraying both male and female friendships. I can't wait for Nora's The Pagan Stone, the third book in her Blood Brothers trilogy. Love the friendship between Gage, Caleb and Fox :-)

Beth said...

terrio - can't get rid of you? As if we'd ever let you leave!

I love Friends too but not as much as Tawny. I lost interest the last few seasons and only caught a couple of episodes. One of the things on my to-do list is to rent and watch every last Friends episode.

Just as soon as I've caught up on Supernatural.

And Smallville.

And Heroes.

And now Frazier ;-)

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hi Tawny and Beth! What a great post! (Oh, and congrats Louisa on the chook...hope you get your car back in one piece...)

*sing-song-chanting* I got Risque Business, I got Risque Business!

At the Target, no less. Can't wait to read it, but I've got some pages to get down before I can treat myself with a Tawny Weber Special. Grins.

Now to go out and find Trish's book...

Encouragers and best pals abound in my world, thank goodness. My Sis, my DH, The Romance Bandits, My friends Leah, Malena, Donna and Barb...gosh I could go on and on there...My friend Jean, so many...Grins. Isn't it Fabulous to have that?

P226, had to laugh about being driven. I think all the folks in my life are driven, but they're encouragers too

Pat Cochran said...

Just one comment/question:

Where would we be without friends??

Pat Cochran

Tawny said...

Nancy, thank you :-)

I do have other news, I guess, don't I? I was lucky enough that ereader is offering a complimentary download of RISQUE BUSINESS for the iPhone. SO if anyone has an iPhone, check it out:

Tawny said...

Limecello, I'm laughing about the lack of objectivity you get :-) Every once in awhile we just need a hug and a get-out-of-nagging-free card, huh?

Like you, I adore secondary characters. There's nothing like falling in love with some supporting player and later they get their own book. In Beths NOT WITHOUT HER FAMILY, the heroine's brother caught my heart. I'm beyond thrilled that he'll be out in April in his own story!!!

Tawny said...

Terrio - I am a HUGE Friends fan! I watch the seasons on DVD when I exercise and laugh like crazy. Which usually causes me to trip and fall off the elliptical... but that's okay. I love the show.

I'm so glad to see how blessed you are with friends :-) Your Aunty sounds fabulous.

Tawny said...


YAY *g* I can't wait till you get your pages done and tell me what you think.

Yes... it IS fabulous to have friends :-)

Tawny said...

Where would we be without friends??

In a really sad place, Pat. In a really sad place!!

Louisa Cornell said...

All Points Bulletin issued in Alabama for a blue Hyundai heading west. Believed to be the getaway car used in a Petco robbery and the theft of 20 bags of chicken feed from the local feed store. Occupants are believed to be wild and dangerous. Descriptions are hazy, but the one driving is said to be short, brown, furry with big ears and an underbite. Has a high-pitched irritating voice and the tendency to bite. The other perpetrator is said to be golden, feathery with a wiggly thing on his head a beak-like nose and a really nasty attitude.

Comments overheard include "Are you sure this is the way to Tawny and Beth?" and "Do they have Cadbury's in New Orleans?"

Neither suspect should be approached. They were spotted heading down the interstate at a high rate of speed throwing taco bell and KFC wrappers out the windows. If you spot them call your local sheriff's department or animal control officer!

Tawny said...


Those poor critters... If they are trying to reach us, they are gonna have to choose. Tawny OR Beth... we're on opposite coasts.

But you know, that rascally rooster could probably manage it. I'll keep the porch light on and listen for someone thumping on a closed trunk in case they show up with a kidnapped Beth!

Helen said...


If I could I would be sending that 10kg cadbury chocolate to you that might ease your worry about the two ecapees until they arrive back home safe and sound maybe under police guard LOL

Have Fun

Beth said...

Jeanne, you're one lucky lady! Not only to have such wonderful friends but because you have Risque Business *g*

Beth said...

Pat, you're so right! I honestly don't know what I'd do without my wonderful friends. I'm just hope I never have to find out *g*

Beth said...

Tawny, I'm so excited Risque Business is available as a download for iPhone! I might have to buy an iPhone just so I can get it :-)

Beth said...

Louisa! OMG, I'm ROFLMAO!! Those two really did pull a Thelma and Louise, didn't they? Maybe Tawny and I should each take a road trip (her East and me West). We could meet in the middle and then take off with Frodo and the GR. I bet that would be an interesting road trip LOL!

Tawny said...

Hey, the dog and the rooster have Taco Bell. I'm in!!!

Dina said...


So sorry to have missed the fun yesterday, but alot of great friends were listed.

Tawny said...

Thanks for stopping by anyway, Dina :-D Isn't it cool to see such a fabulous ode to friendship?!

Dina said...

Yes Tawny, true friendship is one of a kind.