Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Three Diamonds of the First Water!

by Anna Campbell

It's always fun to have Bandita favorites back. And today, I've got two faves and a wonderful new guest for you all to meet. Let the festivities begin!

Amanda McCabe, Deb Marlowe and Diane Gaston are launching their new anthology for Harlequin Historicals, THE DIAMONDS OF WELBOURNE MANOR. Here's the blurb for what sounds like a really intriguing trio of stories:


Guardian to the unconventional and newly orphaned Fitzmannings is not a role that brooding Gerald Brenner relishes. But Justine, the illegitimate daughter who strives to hide her shame, calls powerfully to something deep within him….


House party guest Ned Milford can see the inner passion and beauty that Annalise Fitzmanning hides. But how close should they become when his reason for being at Welbourne Manor would prompt a society scandal, not a society marriage!


Charlotte may be the youngest Fitzmanning girl, but she knows her own mind—and she wants Lord Andrew Bassington! Drew requires an eminently proper bride, something free-spirited Charlotte has never been. So how can she make him see the beautiful woman she has become…?

Now it's my great pleasure to introduce the heroines from all three books, Annalise, Charlotte and Justine, as they enjoy a very elegant Regency afternoon tea together.

Charlotte Fitzmanning, who had only been Lady Andrew Derrington for a few weeks, surveyed the drawing room of her new London home in nervous excitement. Everything seemed to be quite in order—the new furnishings, the stylish silk draperies, her sister Annalise’s paintings on the walls, the vases of hothouse roses, the polished silver tea service that was a wedding gift laid out on the table with her mother’s Wedgwood.

But was it perfect?

It had to be, for not just any guests were soon to arrive for her first tea as a married lady. She expected her sisters, Justine and Annalise. She wanted so much for them to see she was happy and settled, that she was a fashionable lady and not just their wild little sister! That she and Drew had a lovely life together.

“No, Oliver!” she cried, grabbing up the pug just as he lunged for a cake. Just in time, too, for the butler announced her first guest—Justine.

Justine entered the room and immediately enveloped Charlotte in a big hug. “Oh, Charlotte! It is so good to see you. I’ve missed you so.”

“I’ve missed you, too.” Even though her life with Drew was like a dream come true, Charlotte did miss her sisters and brothers and their carefree days at Welbourne Manor.

Justine surveyed the room. “Why this is lovely, Charlotte. I must get some decorating ideas from you. Our townhouse is no longer gloomy, but you’ve achieved the very latest in fashion.” She spied the Wedgewood. “Oh, your mother’s tea set. How pretty it looks here.” Justine and Brenner lived with Brenner and his father, who was once married to Charlotte’s mother, who, of course was Brenner’s mother, too, but not Justine’s. So Brenner was Charlotte’s half-brother, but, then, so were Nicky and Stephen, but that was because the duke was their father, as well as hers, Annalise’s, Leo’s, and Justine’s. But not Brenner’s.

Charlotte pressed her fingers to her temple. Sorting out their family always gave her a headache. “How is baby Catherine?” she asked Justine.

Justine smiled. “She grows by the day! And she is so clever. You should see her shake her rattle and I would swear she is trying to talk with the sounds she makes.”

The butler returned to announce that Annalise had arrived. Justine and Charlotte immediately turned to greet her.

“Good afternoon, you two!” Annalise’s wide smile spoke volumes as she entered. Justine stood closest, so she got the first hug. “Where is my niece? I was hoping to see her today.”

“She is at home, charming her father away from his accounts and his estate matters, I hope.”

Charlotte loved to see the tenderness that softened Justine’s face when she spoke of her husband and daughter. “Today is just for us.”

“Well, I shall just have to make do with Oliver, then.” Annalise laughed as she scooped the pug up from another sneak attack on the teacakes. Her other arm looped around Charlotte’s waist and she gazed around the room with satisfaction. “I don’t have to ask what you have been doing, little sister. I can see you’ve been hard at work—and how lovely it has all turned out!”

Charlotte flushed with pleasure. “Thank you, Annalise.”

"And what of you, Annalise?” Justine asked. “Have you been sequestered in your studio? Brenner ran into Ned yesterday and he said that the gallery is nearly ready for its first showing.”

“I have been painting like mad. My new husband, my new studio, my new life, it’s all been perfect.”

Charlotte heard the trembling note in her sister’s voice and squeezed her tighter. “Come,” she said to distract her.“Everything is ready. I’ll pour and it will be just as if we were girls again at Welbourne, playing tea party.”

“Hardly girls.” Annalise took her seat with a sigh, Oliver still in her lap. “Look at us! Brenner and Justine have worked hard until his estates are flourishing. I saw a mention of the pair of you in the papers, too! You’ve become an exemplary young society couple. Ned and I are so happy together, and he’s about to open his gallery at last.”

Charlotte leaned in to hand her a cup and saucer and Annalise took it with a grin. “Even our wild little Charlotte is a respectable married lady.”

“Who would have thought it would turn out this way,” Justine said quietly, “That day when Brenner first came to Welbourne with such terrible news?”

They sat quietly a moment, reflecting on all the highs and lows that had led to this moment of happiness.

Finally Charlotte could take the solemnity no more. “Do you know, as I was preparing for this afternoon, I had a thought. The three of us are settled so happily . . .” She let her voice trail away suggestively. “But what of the boys?”

Justine grinned. “I’ve entertained the same notion.”

“Surely, working together, the three of us could contrive something,” Annalise said with an evil grin.
Oh, dear, sounds like the boys in the family are facing their collective Waterloo! As a long-time reader of Regency romance, I know that when sisters unite to matchmake, the poor male in question hasn't got a hope! I can't wait to see what happens.

The girls have a couple of questions for the Banditas and Bandita buddies. They want to know whether you like linked anthologies. They also want to know whether your own families are candidates for starring in an anthology. Wow, that's an interesting thought! Diane, Amanda and Deb have very generously donated a copy of their latest anthology THE DIAMONDS OF WELBOURNE MANOR to one lucky commenter today. Good luck!


limecello said...


limecello said...

Hi Amanda, Deb, and Diane! Great post, and thanks for visiting with us today!
As for linked anthologies - yes, I do like them. It's nice when there's some common factor that ties all the novellas together. (Especially when it actually fits the story.) Loosely connected novellas are fine be my as well.
As for whether or not my family would be a good candidate... well, my extended family, I suppose might work. My dad had a lot of brothers and sisters, so I've got 19 [first] cousins. And of course they're pretty much all married and have kids... There's no secret story or "interesting" history. However, they're all frighteningly accomplished.
Your new anthology sounds terrific - congratulations on the release!

Treethyme said...

Oh, I have An Improper Aristocrat in my TBR pile! I'll have to read it as soon as I get caught up with deadlines. The last few weeks have been a writing binge, so my reading has sadly fallen behind. So nice to meet you, ladies! I look forward to reading your book(s)!

flchen1 said...

Hi, Diane, Amanda, and Deb! Thanks for the excellent introduction--I do enjoy linked anthologies! I'm a sucker for anthologies anyway, but I do enjoy them when there are connections and the authors take the time to flesh them out meaningfully. As for my own family starring in one, no thanks! ;)

Tawny said...

Ladies, welcome!!! Its so awesome to hear about your book and it sounds GREAT. Congratulations. I have to ask, were you all buddies before you wrote it, or did that come with the writing of a connected anthology?

I just love connected stories, be they anthologies or series. Its so wonderful to see different authors perspective of the 'same' characters.

Virginia said...

Hello Amanda, Deb, and Diane! I have been hearing about your book around the blogs. I also love to read anthologies and when they are connected its all the better. I love it when the stories fall right together but you don't find that often. I would love to read you alls anthology. As far as my family being a good candidate for an anthology, maybe years ago but most are all gone now. My father had 11 brothers and sisters, so I came from a large family. My mother there was only two children. There is just not that many left in my family.

Anna Campbell said...

Amanda, Diane and Deb, welcome to the lair! Lovely to meet you (and your heroines). What I'd like to know is - what's coming up next for all of you?

Leslie said...

Hello Amanda, Deb and Diane,

I like linked anthologies because they seemed to work better for me. And if my family were in an anthology it would be a romantic comedy. Lots of goofy, lovable people in my family.

limecello ~ I think the GR has moved in with you and should be paying you rent. LOL You must feed him well. :)

Minna said...

I sure like linked anthologies.

Aikakone - Keltainen

Chesney Hawkes - The One and Only

Christine Wells said...

Hi Deb (my sister!), Diane and Amanda, welcome to the Lair! Or welcome back, I should say.

I love the sound of this anthology and I'm really looking forward to reading it. Could you tell us a bit about the process you undertook when writing?

My goodness, Limecello, you must be sick of that rooster by now. Congrats!

Helen said...

Congrats limcello have fun with him

I loved the post Anna I have heard a lot about this book and really want to read it I really love linked anthologys and families because I feel like I know the characters from the stories and with each story you get to know them better and learn more about all of the characters.

As for whether my family are canditats for an anthology I would say just about everyones family could be in some way or another I come from a rather large family with lots of cousins and relatives my father was one of 8 my mum one of 4 and actually one of my grandfathers was one of 11 boys thats a big family. I actually would love to read about them all LOL

Have Fun

Diane Gaston said...

Hi, everyone. You are up way too early (or you're Down Under! Hi, Anna and Christine!!!)

I'm off to Ft Meade MD to a lunch for military wives organized by Kim Lowe, who some of you might know through SOS.

I'll come back this evening to see if you all behaved.

Maureen said...

Hi Diane, Amanda and Deb,
I do enjoy linked anthologies because it does not tax my poor memory like linked books that are released many months apart. We are a bunch of married with children people in our family so no good stories ready to happen yet.

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

My family wouldn't qualify for an anthology I'm afraid but I do love to read them. I especially like to read them to find new to me authors. I think they are a great way to start or to end a series of books by any one of the authors.

Deb Marlowe said...

lime! What are you doing to the GR, to lure him again and again? I hope you two will have a good day today!

19 first cousins? It could be a fun family movie, but if it all those folks were in an anthology, their stories would be awfully short! :-) Just teasing!

Oh, and I missed your question the other day--Nope, no pony. I've never been to see the swimming of the ponies either, although I still want to!

michellewillingham said...

Good to see you ladies here today! I love anthologies and can't wait to read this one. :)

Deb Marlowe said...

Thanks Banditas for having us! I've been looking forward to the Diamonds partying in the lair!

Deb Marlowe said...

Hi Treethyme!

Oh, I hope you love An Improper Aristocrat! I just found out yesterday that it is a finalist in the 2009 Desert Rose Golden Quill!

I've seen your word tally adding up in your FB posts! I feel like a slacker!

Deb Marlowe said...

Hey flchen!

I don't think I want my family in a starring role either. It would waver between a family drama and a slapstick comedy!

Although I have to say, my grandparents' lifelong romance was lovely. I felt privileged to have been a part of it.

Deb Marlowe said...

Hi Tawny!

Yes, we've been friends for years! I'll let Amanda describe how she became Diane's mentor, but I met the both of them on a Regency Tour of England lo, these many years ago. :-) We stayed in touch, met up at RWA and hung out at the Beau Monde soiree every year. Eventually both Amanda and I followed in Diane's footsteps and became Harlequin Historical/Harlequin Mills and Boon authors!

I think that the historical team knew we were friends and that was a large factor in our offer to do this anthology.

Deb Marlowe said...

Hi Virginia! I hope you are not sick of us yet! :-)

Ah, it's sad when families shrink, isn't it? But at least you've got a great romance community/family to visit every day!

Caren Crane said...

Lime, did the GR simply roll over and keep snoring? *g*

Ladies, welcome to the Lair! We're so happy to have you all here. I've been hearing about this anthology since long before it was written, thanks to Deb. I can't wait to get my hands on it!

I love anthologies, especially if I know and love at least one of the authors. I also love anything that "feels" like a linked series of books, so linked anthologies are great!

My family would make for just the sort of books I write, oddly. Southern, humorous but with loads of drama and high emotion. There's a reason all those great Southern authors coined the Southern Gothic, y'all. I know Louisa and Jeanne and others will back me up on that!

Caren Crane said...

Becke, do yourself a favor and move "An Improper Aristocrat" to the top of the pile! Deb is a wonderful author and I adore her books. You will, too!

Deb Marlowe said...

Thanks for having us, Fo!

I know Diane and Amanda have some exciting stuff coming up! I'll let them tell you, but I can say I've been waiting for Amanda's Muse trilogy for a long time!

In October I have a new North American release. Her Cinderella Season is a connected book to An Improper Aristocrat. Jack Alden finally gets his own story! He's met his match in Lily Beecham, the daughter of Evangelical reformers who is determined to finally experience something of life!

After that comes Tall, Dark and Disreputable, which is Mateo's story, Sophie's merchant sea captain cousin from Scandalous Lord, Rebellious Miss.

Deb Marlowe said...

Hi Leslie! If you enjoy linked stories then this will be right up your ally!

Diane and Amanda and I were intrigued by the idea of blended families in the Regency. We wondered what would happen if a Duke abandoned his wife and lived happily for many years with his vivacious, married mistress. The consequences for their children, his, hers and theirs together, would be far reaching and difficult to deal with!

TDOWM follows the highs and lows encountered by the three daughters of the house as they approach a marriageable age.

Gillian Layne said...

Hi ladies! Diamonds sounds great (and it's a rockin' title, too) and I can't wait to read it.

Link away! I love connected stories, and I'm always sad when a series is over. Til I find the next great series, of course. :)

I'm in the last three weeks of school (paperwork, meetings, and testing up to my eyeballs) but my TBR pile is my reward when it's all over for the year. I'm going to read for a week!

Joan said...

Welcome to the Lair Deb, Amanda and Diane! Great to have you here.

I love anthologies especially as directly connected as the Diamonds sound, unlike ones that have common theme i.e. they just all happen to be paranormal stories but don't relate to each other.

As to families...probably not though I've got lime beat with 63 first cousins! Unfortnately, not too close with many of them but...from stories I've heard...they would be fodder for the storyteller.

Now I'd love to join the tea party though I don't favor the drink...pass me a cake and...got any Regency Diet Coke?

Joan said...

Oh, and Deb congrats on the Golden Quill!

Our own Tawny is a finalist too!!!

Gannon Carr said...

Hi, ladies! Sounds like a great book. I love linked anthologies, so I'll definitely be picking this one up.

Congrats on the GR, limecello.

Llehn said...

I don't mind linked anthologies so long as they are well written. I don't think my family would be a good candidate for anthologies because we are way too dull ...

CrystalGB said...

Hi Ladies. Good to see you here. I do like linked anthologies. You get to read all the characters' stories. I think that a few family stories would be suitable for an anthology.

jo robertson said...

Welcome to the Lair, Deb, Amanda, and Diane! Yes, I do love linked anthologies and this once sounds delicious.

Clever way to introduce us to your heroines. I can't wait to read their stories.

jcp said...

I like connected anthologies.

Sarah said...

Great post/interview Anna! I love anthologies as they often provide a taste of authors I may not have read in the past. Although, I admit, I am especially a sucker for linked holiday stories:)

I can't wait until my copy arrives from Amazon (thansk to my recent shopping spree). I'm also looking forward to Christine Well's latest. On that note, I'm off to see if the UPS man has arrived yet!

Amanda McCabe said...

Thanks for having us here, Banditas!! The 3 of us are very excited about this anthology. (I love reading linked stories, but would have been scared to write one if I hadn't been able to work with friends!). I doubt my own family would make an interesting story--we're too small for one thing (I have only 1 sibling!), and too dull. :)

As for what's coming up--gosh, where to start! I have another "Welbourne"-linked novella coming out in a Christmas anthology in November (Mary and Dominic, from "Charlotte and the Wicked Lord"), an Elizabethan-Christmas book, also in November ("The Winter Queen"), and a reissue of two of my old Signet Regencies in September ("Spirited Brides", perfect for Halloween!).

In 2010, my Harlequin "Muses of Mayfair" trilogy will be out in the US in April, May, June (3 artistic sisters getting involved in antiquities shenanigans). And my alter-ego Laurel McKee will debut in February with "Countess of Scandal" from Grand Central Publishing.

Whew!! Now I think I need a nap. :)

housemouse88 said...

Hello Amanda, Deb, and Diane,

Your new anthology sounds intriguing. I enjoy anthologies as long as the characters and the plot are interesting to me. If the authors work well together, I know the stories are going to excellent. Have a great day.

Deb Marlowe said...

I'm back! Today was "Muffins with Mom" day at the youngest kidlet's school. Whew! What a crowd!

Deb Marlowe said...

Hi Minna! You always have the best links.

Aikakone looks cool! I wish I could understand the lyrics!

Deb Marlowe said...

Hello Christine, my long lost twin!

Our process was a lot of fun! We were so excited to get the offer--over mexican food and marqueritas with my first editor--the lovely Maddie West.

The three of us met in Williamsburg, VA for a plotting, shopping and touring weekend. The more we walked and shopped, the more ideas came! We got together in the evening with our notebooks and then the ideas really flew.

We went home and sent each other a gazillion emails over months, hammering out the details and fleshing out our lovely family.

And now we're doing promo together, which has been lots of work, but lots of fun--and we're meeting up again later this month at BEA--the only time we'll get to sign copies of the book together.

Deb Marlowe said...

Helen! Thank you for the kind words about TDOWM--I hope you will love it!

11 boys? I have 3 boys in the house(I'm counting the dh)--I'm trying to imagine what my bathrooms would look like if I had 11.


Deb Marlowe said...

Have a great time, Diane! We'll wait to hear the report.

Hey Maureen! Don't give up too soon--lots of good stuff happens to married-with-kids too. :-)

Louisa Cornell said...

Lime, perhaps they should write a linked anthology about the GR and his many loves! You would have a starring role!

Hello, Deb - Amanda - and O Divine One, Diane !!

I LOVED The Diamonds of Welbourne Manor. It was so much fun!

I really enjoyed linked anthologies and stories about families are some of my favorites. My family in a linked anthology? I don't think so. Maybe if it was written by Jeff Foxworthy!

I am really looking forward to all of the projects you three ladies have coming out in the future!

Deb Marlowe said...

Hi Diana!

I like it too when an anthology is connected to the beginning or end of a series. My cp, Liz Carlyle did that with her Never series. The family was introduced in the School for Heiresses anthology she did with Sabrina Jeffries, Julia London and Renee Brenard.

We have some projects connected to this anthology, as you can see in Amanda's post!

Also Diane has a Historical Undone ebook called The Unlacing of Miss Leigh at eHarlequin.

Also at eHarlequin I have a free online read called Journey to Welbourne!

And that's not to mention what might be coming in the future. :-)

Margay said...

I do like linked stories, whether they're in an anthology or not. If my family was the subject, I think they would have to be in separate books!


Deb Marlowe said...

Hi Michelle! How are your little ones? I hope you are getting in lots of writing before school is out. :-)

Deb Marlowe said...

Having heard lots of Caren's family stories I *know* they'd make a great book. Her mom is just the sort that everybody deserves to have.

We love them because they've made you the jewel you are, Posh T!

Deb Marlowe said...

Good luck with the end of year, Gillian. A pile of books sounds like my kind of reward, too.

Deb Marlowe said...

Hey Joan! Sorry, no Coke! Maybe we could shock them and introduce them to iced tea, since you're a Southern girl!

Or, we could raid the wine cellars for something stronger? I've always wondered if brandy really *does* burn going down!

Deb Marlowe said...

Whoops, Hooray Tawny! Congrats on the Golden Quill!

Deb Marlowe said...

Hey Gannon! Nice to see you!

Deb Marlowe said...

Hi LLhen,

We're pretty dull around here too, although I'm trying to prepare for the dreaded teenage drama years...

Deb Marlowe said...

Hey Crystal and jcp--we're following you guys around the net!

Deb Marlowe said...

Hi Jo--Thanks to all the Banditas for having us!

Deb Marlowe said...

Hi Sarah,

I know! I'm salivating for Wicked Little Game too!

Maybe we can get Christine to drop us a few hints!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hi Diane, Deb and Amanda! Popping out of the cave to say hello - HELLO! - and congrats.

As to my family, they're such a mixed lot that matchmaking would be an endeavor, indeed. :>

Back to the cave...

Minna said...

Deb, here are the lyrics in English:
From the window I hear how
the birds are singing happily,
telling a message to us.
Snow is melting, grass is growing,
the sun may again
change everything again.

Spring rain clears and
makes the earth weary.
Light gives time for everything.
Even a sleepy mind
senses the glow.
The skin wants to touch.

Yellow May,
why don't you come already?
I've expected in vain
for a gentle wind.
Now, into a great dream
I want to dive
and I hope time won´t
ever end.

Summer gives everybody a happy feeling
which you can preserve.
When the autumn afternoon
is darkening again
the memories of summer can warm.

I go below a rainbow,
closing the gate of winter behind,
standing on moist moss.
The sun, too, begins to shine,
rain changes the lane.
I'll change yellow in to my mind.
In to the yellow mind.


Kristiina Wheeler - Sunny Day

Robbie Williams - She's madonna

Lexie said...

I love linked anthologies--they're less like individual stories with one connecting theme and more like family stories.

My mother's side of the family could work as an anthology of 'how love doesn't work', or if you venture towards the Irish cousins/aunts/uncle/etc a family tour of Ireland (at last count, including only first, second and third cousins/aunts/uncles I have close to 100 family members spread throughout all of Northern Ireland).

My dad's side would work I think. We have mafia members (shh), a chef, government works, retail, school, two nurses, two law-field candidates, a computer geek, karate guy, video game nerd, beauty queens...though I think it would be more like a murder mystery ala Clue.

Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

Hey, Amanda, Deb and Diane (who is also one of my Wet Noodle Posse buddies). I think working on a three-person anthology like this is fascinating. Sorry if you've already addressed this (haven't read all the previous comments yet), but how did the idea come about? Did was this an author-generated anthology or a publisher-generated one?

Beth said...

Welcome to the lair, Amanda, Deb and Diane! What a fun post *g* The Diamonds of Wellbourne sounds like a fantastic read! Yet another book to add to my TBR mountain :-)

I love linked anthologies! I don't think my brothers and sisters would make good candidates for an anthology. However, my own kids might when they get older ;-)

p226 said...

They want to know whether you like linked anthologies. They also want to know whether your own families are candidates for starring in an anthology. I haven't read any linked anthologies that I'm aware of. However, I have to say it'd probably be neat. Hearing things from multiple perspectives just makes the experience that much richer.

As for my family as candidates? Oh wow. We actually probably would make great candidates. Maybe titled like the "Study in Dysfunction" series. My brother and I have pretty interesting stories. My sister, yeah, her too. Mom 'n dad? Interesting, yes. Interesting in the way that a train-wreck is kind of interesting. "Oh my, it's horrible but I can't look away."

People would probably read it. Then set it on fire. Then bury the ashes. Then surround the burial site in concertina wire and hazmat signs.

Anna Campbell said...

Lime and Becke, I like anthologies too. I find it's great to pick one up and read it when I don't have time to get lost in a longer novel.

Fedora, I agree with you on the family NOT starring in my reading of choice. Unless I suddenly develop a taste for horror ;-)

Anna Campbell said...

Virginia, sorry to hear about your family thinning out over the years.

Leslie, laughed at the idea of a goofy romantic comedy for your family anthology. How lovely!

Minna, another anthology fan? Clearly we all like them! Yay!

Christine, I too am fascinated by the process. Did an editor come to you with the original idea? Did you come up with it yourselves? How much input did Harlequin have into the final stories? How much toing and froing was there between the three of you to avoid continuity glitches?

Anna Campbell said...

Helen, I have to say I thought of you when I heard about this book. Seems to be right up your alley!

Diane, thanks for popping in. Hope lunch was great. Congratulations on the new release. And don't forget to tell me what you've got coming up next.

Maureen, I think those good stories are just a matter of time!

Dianna, you're right about anthologies being a great way to try new authors. I know I've been converted to new authors by reading their work in an anthology that's included a story by someone I already know and love.

Anna Campbell said...

Deb and Michelle! Great to see so many wonderful Harlequin authors gathered in one place. What's the collective noun for a group of Harlequin authors? A crush?

Deb, congrats on the Golden Quill! Did you know our Bandita Tawny has TWO finallists too? Clearly the GQ is packed with wonderful judges!

Caren, the South offers an automatic charmismatic setting, doesn't it? I can remember reading SOOO many romances set in the south when I was a teenager. All that Spanish moss!

Anna Campbell said...

Deb, the forthcoming books sound fabulous, really passionate and sparkling. Can't wait! Do you come up with your own titles or does Harlequin change them?

Gillian, I'm eyeing my TBR pile as a reward for finishing this endless first draft too. Hope we both get to dive in soon!

JT, Regency diet coke coming up (snort!). What? It tastes just like tea? Whoda thunk it! 63 cousins! Wow!

Anna Campbell said...

Gannon, join the anthology fan club!

Llehn! I don't think you've visited a blog I've hosted before. Welcome! Pull up a chair. A chair, I said! NOT A CABANA BOY!!! NOT A... Oh, all right, he looks happy, take him!

Crystal, another anthology fan! Yay!

Jo, I love it when we get a sneak peak into the characters like this. I still remember the wonderful hero invasion with Michelle and Nicola and Amanda a few months ago! The place was crawling with Vikings and pirates and Regency rakes! Yum!

Anna Campbell said...

JCP, another anthology liker!

Sarah, Christine's latest is mind-blowingly good. Seriously, if any of you want a great book to read, pick up Wicked Little Game! It's got one of the best heroes I've ever read!

Whew, Amanda! You really DO have a lot hitting the shelves. Lucky us. Do you want to tell us more about your alter ego? I think these books sound amazing!

Anna Campbell said...

Housemouse, one of the things I love about this anthology is that it's united in one volume writers who were friends anyway.

Deb, I hope it was muffins to eat, not the roll that appears over the top of hipster jeans! Williamsburg sounds like a hoot!

Louisa, isn't it great that these three wonderful writers are going to fill our TBR piles for the next little while?

Margay, another anthology fan! So far we have no nay-sayers!

Anna Campbell said...

Lexie, ha ha! Your family sounds like it could fill a whole library, let alone an anthology! Thanks for popping into the blog!

Trish, I'd love to hear more about how the idea came about too.

Beth, I'm sure your kids are budding romantic heroes and heroines!

Snort, P226. You might want to work on that blurb for this anthology before you present it to a publisher ;-) Um, instead of the hazmat warning, can we say it's so hot, it's radioactive?

p226 said...

can we say it's so hot, it's radioactive?..

How about:

This compelling anthology piece by P226 is guaranteed hot enough to mutate nearby amphibians and sterilize goats.

Anna Campbell said...

Um, P226, I think you're edging closer to that blurb that will get people to pick up your story (with oven mitts!). What about guaranteed to linger in your life long after you've read it?

Donna MacMeans said...

Hi Ladies!

I love linked anthologies. The stories are short enough that I can read while waiting in line at the post office *g* or when I need a quick fix. I love the different voices for the different sisters.

p226 said...

What about guaranteed to linger in your life long after you've read it?..


"Guaranteed to linger in your life long after you've read it as a superfluous third nipple."

Or is that going the wrong direction again?

Anna Campbell said...

Donna, great to meet another anthology fan.

Actually, P226, I think with the current vogue for shapeshifters and urban fantasy, we could be onto something with this third nipple pitch! What about two heads? We could pitch that as something for the intellectual in the family!

Deb Marlowe said...

Hey Jeanne! Hope you are being productive in the cave!

Deb Marlowe said...

Thanks Minna--that was so sweet of you. They sound like an awesome group!

Caffey said...

Hello to you all!! Absolutely enjoying the visit from you all in and out of the book! That was fun and exciting to read! So looking forward to meeting them more in the book! I think this is so neat to do this with related stories in an anthology! Sometimes I get anthologies that I'd get to read some new to me authors and others of bringing back my favorites together but not much at all that the anthologies stories are related so this is great.

I have 3 other sisters and 2 brothers and I would think along the lines of a regency too of their stories! There's so many different personalities of us 6 that it would be all unique stories of them!

With your question to us, it makes me curious if you ever did series and kind of created them from your family or other families you may know?

Deb Marlowe said...

Hey Lexie!

Your family sounds fascinating--lots of good books to be found there!

Deb Marlowe said...

Hey Trish!

When HH offered us the anthology, we had complete freedom to come up with the idea/theme. It was great--and a little daunting.

We were fascinated with idea of blended families in the Regency, like those of the Duchess of Devonshire and her sister Lady Bessborough. Amanda had also been reading about a similar Elizabethan family. It sparked a discussion and we were off!

Christine Wells said...

Deb, it sounds like you all simply clicked. That sounds like so much fun! I think I might be too much of a control freak to do something like that, but it would be fun to try. Did you have anything you couldn't agree on? It sounds like the process was pretty smooth all around.

Sara and Deb, it's not the right time to talk about WICKED LITTLE GAME now when we have guests but I'll be posting excerpts etc very soon!

Anna, you're lovely to say that about WLG--as you know, I really loved writing that book!

etirv said...

I enjoy linked anthologies, more please! Oh no, my family is too boring, no anthology potential there!

Anna Campbell said...

Caffey, interesting idea whether the girls created their stories based on their own families!

Etirv, is this our first meeting? If so, grab that cabana boy wandering by and settle in! Actually I wish there were more anthologies!

Mari said...

I love anthologies. It's a great way for me to try out new authors that I am curious about, as well as old favorites.

As far as having an anthology written about my family??? Well now that would be a family saga long enogh to rival anything by Proust.

Deb Marlowe said...

Taking a break from ducking tornadoes to say I just heard Diane is a DOUBLE finalist in the Golden Quill too!

Whoo hoo!

*Takes a deep breath* And now back to our regularly scheduled blog.


flchen1 said...

LOL!!! P226, I'd buy it! :D

Hi, Anna! Just wanted to say hi, back! It's lovely, as always, to see you!

Diane Gaston said...

I'm back from the Ft Meade luncheon and had a lovely time. The wives snapped up copies of The Diamonds of Welbourne Manor! (there was a booksigning as well as eating)

Michelle Willingham was there and I got to see the little one and her daughter (who is as pretty as her mother!)Michelle's mother was there, too, and you could tell she was so proud.

Janet Mullany, my fellow Risky, came. She, Sally MacKenzie and I carpooled. Mary Jo Putney was there...I sat next to Tracy Anne Warren. There were a bunch of authors there!

I think someone asked what was next for each of us? For me, RIGHT NOW, I have a Harlequin Historical Undone, a short estory, that you can buy from eHarlequin. In the last two weeks it was the number ONE bestselling ebook on eHarlequin 8 out of 10 consecutive days. It's called THE UNLACING OF MISS LEIGHThen I have the first book in a Regency trilogy about three soldiers, as yet untitled, coming Dec 2009 and I have to write Leo Fitzmanning's book.

Thanks to Deb and Amanda for keeping you Banditti in line!

Deb Marlowe said...

Ack! p226--I'm staying out of that title discussion! But your family does sound fascinating!

Anna Campbell said...

Goodness, it's a quiver of Golden Quill finalists. Congratulations, Diane! And what's coming next sounds grand!

MJP is the keynote speaker for our Aussie conference this year and I'm very much looking forward to meeting her.

Mari, snickering at your family and Proust! I hope you've got lots of biscuits for dipping in your coffee!

PJ said...

Hi All! Looks like it's been a fun day in the lair. A big welcome to our diamonds of the first water! :)

I love anthologies and connected anthologies are even better. I enjoy the writing of all three of you so I'm very much looking forward to The Diamonds of Welbourne Manor.

Deb, congrats on finaling with An Improper Aristocrat. I thought it was terrific!

Pat Cochran said...

Welcome, Diane, Amanda & Deb! So nice to have you in the Lair today!
Congratulations on your book!

I join the "for anthologies" group.
Like p226, I like the idea of the multiple perspectives on a story.
But I think that's about all on which I can agree with him! Hazmat?
LOL!!!!!! (Sorry, p226!)

Pat Cochran

catslady said...

I don't think I've ever read a linked anthology (ducking) but I love historicals and I'm sure I'd enjoy it :)

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, PJ, as always, great to see you! The party continues in the lair. It's been a huge week so far, hasn't it? I thought everyone would still be licking their wounds after the anniversary bash. But it just seems to have challenged the party animals to keep the fiesta going.

Pat, P226 always cracks me up!

Catslady, you've never read a linked anthology? The ones I've read have mainly been tied up with a holiday like Christmas but I always find them fun!

PinkPeony said...

Hello Amanda, Deb & Diane and Lady Anna... I've read a few anthologies but never a linked anthology. Your's sounds wonderful. As for anthology about my family...it would end up being a huge tome encompassing arranged marriages, unrequited love, the ravages of war, murder, insanity, long-held secrets, secret babies, kooks, a few normal people and lots of inordinately cruel nicknames. Of course there are tales of love, fortune and triump over adversity... but it's not as exciting to write about!

Amanda McCabe said...

Ditto what Deb said on the genesis of the anthology! Harlequin gave us an extraordinary amount of freedom--they just took us out to dinner at RWA, said "we'd like you 3 to do a Regency anthology, whatever you'd like" and we were off! :) Luckily they liked our idea and we didn't have to go back to the drawing board.

Anna, my alter-ego is Laurel McKee (my middle name + random Irish name from the phone book) and she has 3 books coming out from Grand Central called "The Daughters of Erin." They're stories of 3 aristocratic Irish sisters (another connected family!) during the time of the 1798 Rebellion. It's been a blast to research and work on so far!!

Anna Campbell said...

Jen, your family sounds like it could fill a soap opera, forget the anthology! Must be fun when you all get together!

PinkPeony said...

Anna..unfortunately, the really interesting characters are long gone. I always wanted to meet the aunt, the Hong Kong department store heiress, who was told by a fortune teller that the key to happiness was to marry the first man she met on the street. And she did!

Anna Campbell said...

Jen, what happened? Was she happy?

Nancy said...

Sorry I'm late to the party, y'all! What a fun post. Welcome to the lair, Diane, Deb, and Amanda.

Anna C., thanks for hosting them.

Looks like y'all have had a great day. I prefer linked to non-linked anthologies. I feel more as if I'm reading one big story when they're linked. I have this book and am looking forward to reading it.

I don't think our family would be a good anthology candidate. We're too mundane. :-)

Anna Campbell said...

Actually I always wish I'd known my father's aunt better. Her first husband was a WWII ace who died in a crash in 1942 when he was training other pilots near Townsville in north Queensland. She had a really swish and stylish apartment in central Sydney and she spent the later years of the war having what sounds like a very passionate affair with a Colonel from Virginia. He wanted to marry her but she couldn't leave Australia where she was now running a huge sheep station (in between trips to Sydney). We've got some bits and pieces she gave Mum and Dad over the years - she was a woman of amazingly sophisticated taste and I think I would have really liked her!

Nancy said...

Congrats to Deb and Diane on your wonderful Golden Quill finals!

Deb Marlowe said...

Hi etirv!

I'd love to do another project like this! Maybe Diane and Amanda and I will get the chance! Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Deb Marlowe said...

LOL, Mari! Nice to 'meet' you!

Deb Marlowe said...

Sounds like a great day, Diane!

Hey PJ! Thanks so much for the good wishes and the kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed AIA--I loved Trey and Chione!

Deb Marlowe said...

Hey Nancy! I'm with you--my family is dullsville compared to some of these stories!

Anna, your aunt sounds amazing. I wish you had known her better too--I'd love to hear more.

Thanks so much for a great banditas!

Deb Marlowe said...

OMG--PinkPeony--I just saw your post! Holy cow--that's an amazing story!

PinkPeony said...

Anna...I know you write historicals but the story of your aunt and the colonel from VA, the sheep station..omigosh..it could be another sweeping epic like The Thorn Birds! I think their story needs to be written! I would love to hear more about it! My mom's sister fell in love with a Japanese officer in Malaya during WWII. He used to bring them food during the occupation. After the war, he was imprisoned in a camp and the family would visit him and bring him food. When he was released, he asked my aunt to marry him but my granny wouldn't allow it. The soldier settled in Taiwan and became a successful businessman and visited my aunt, who was also married (unhappily) and still living in Malaysia.

The aunt in HK who married the first man she saw on the street...He was a commoner (hiss!) and when they married, they moved into a mansion. They had one son, who was well educated but never worked. He bought a lot of land in China and then lost it after the war when the communists took over. He unwisely attempted to argue his case with the communists, who imprisoned him and then executed him for being a spy. His son, a retired teacher, lives in China and has been known to say that if his father wasn't such a hot head, he too, would have lived in the lap of luxury! The department store heiress' family owned "Sincere" which kind of the equivalent of Macy's here in the States. Ah, what could have been!

Anna Campbell said...

Wow, Jen, what a story! It's certainly a sweeping epic too. And I love the love across the lines of war story about the Japanese soldier too. I only remember meeting my great aunt once - she was very tall and thin and elegant, although she had cancer at the time so it could have been a result of the illness. She had the most exquisite taste! She and my father's uncle basically brought my father up - I think his uncle dying stayed a source of powerful grief for my father all his life. He was like a surrogate father and he sounds like such a dashing, wonderful man!

Anna Campbell said...

Thank you, everyone, for a great day in the lair! Thank you to Amanda, Diane and Deb. May your anthology fly off the shelves!

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, and don't forget to check back t see who won the book!

limecello said...

lol Joan - how is that *possible*? I only counted the kids my aunts/uncles had-which ends up at nineteen, on my dad's side. If I counted their spouses and the cousins on my mom's side the number would increase, but 63 would still be WAY more. Ack!

Blodeuedd said...

Fun post :D
As for the question, nope my family wouldn't really be anthology material. I think tat would be a rather boring read, where nothing big happens.

But I guess if we create drama, like that my mum and dad where happy just living together, but their families wanted a wedding so they got married when my mum was 5 months along.

And my aunt that wanted to get married at 17, but then you had to write to teh president to ask permission,

Anna Campbell said...

Bloduedd, what an interesting post! Writing to the president? I wonder if that kept him busy!