Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Jennifer Haymore -- Three's not Always a Crowd

by Christine Wells

Joining us in the lair today my good friend, Jennifer Haymore, whose new release A HINT OF WICKED is taking the historical romance world by storm!

Jennifer and I first 'met' online when we were both members of the same critique group. I still remember how excited I was when I first read her work and it's no surprise that today, Jennifer's first historical romance for Grand Central Publishing is flying off the shelves.

Jennifer, welcome to the lair! Pull up a cabana boy--ahem, I mean, chaise longue--and tell us a bit about A HINT OF WICKED.

A HINT OF WICKED is a spicy historical romance about Sophie, a woman who’s spent seven years mourning her husband lost at Waterloo. She finally marries again only to have her first husband return less than a year into her new marriage. She’s legally bound to her first husband, her second husband is appealing to the courts, and she’s completely torn between the two men.

What inspired you to write this story?

The core idea for A Hint of Wicked was my husband’s—I use him as a sounding board and a brainstorming partner all the time. The story, however, has developed quite a bit from his original “vision,” which was of an enraged husband catching his mourning wife in bed with another man. I latched on to that scenario and ran with it…but I don’t think I ran in the same direction he envisioned for the story! I guess that’s my prerogative as the writer .

I remember when we found each other on an online critique group -- we were both yet to be published. I still recall the vivid picture you painted of your setting, rich with historical detail. When is A HINT OF WICKED set and how did you go about researching the period? Is there any interesting fact you unearthed that you'd like to share?

A HINT OF WICKED is set in the spring of 1823 in London. While I was writing the book, I became addicted to Google books (www.books.google.com). There’s nothing quite like a source written in the same time period you’re writing in. I now have an extensive, organized Google books library filled with books written in the early 19th century about everything from medicine to fashion to travel and architecture and dinner menus. The rather bizarre cure for opium overdose in A HINT OF WICKED is taken from these texts!

The dilemma your heroine Sophie faces is one many women would like to have--a choice between two very sexy men! But of course, it is a wrenching decision for her. Can you explain a bit about the appeal of each man and the appeal of the "two guys and a girl" storyline generally?

Mmm…the appeal of Garrett and Tristan? Easy!

Garrett: Sophie’s first love, possessive, a military man & leader, rough & dangerous, loyal, quiet & keeps to himself, blue-eyed and muscular, has always loved her

Tristan: Tall, dark and handsome, loyal, charismatic & charming, refined & aristocratic, a leader, treats Sophie as an equal, wants to protect her & has always loved her

I think it’s a common woman’s fantasy to be fought over by two wicked & sexy men. I’m not sure the reality would be so great, but the fantasy…yum!

Best of luck with A HINT OF WICKED. I'm sure it will be a huge success. What's next for you?

A TOUCH OF SCANDAL picks up four months after A HINT OF WICKED ends, and it’s due on the shelves in April, 2010. It’s hard to talk about ATOS without revealing spoilers for AHOW, but I will say that it’s the continuing story of the “losing” man from the first book. Most of the characters from the first book make an appearance, and Lady Rebecca, Garrett’s younger sister, plays a key part in the story’s conflict. The third book in the series (currently untitled) is Rebecca’s story.

Sounds fabulous, Jennifer. Looking forward to reading it!

OK, here we go...Please tell our readers 3 quirky things about you.

1. I love to watch my son play baseball, but my nerves get so tied up in knots that I usually have to turn away or close my eyes when he’s pitching (otherwise, I might throw up!).

2. I’m a terrible loser (just ask my husband, whose gotten playing cards thrown into his face more than once. In my defense, he tends to gloat obnoxiously when he wins…).

3. I turned in a book to my editor at 3:00 a.m. this morning!

Yay, double congratulations are in order!
And now, for our contest...Jennifer wants to know, given just the descriptions of Tristan and Garrett above, who would you choose and why? The prize is a signed copy of A HINT OF WICKED!

Jennifer and I are running a Wicked Contest together. For more details, please check either Jennifer's or my contest page.


Anna Campbell said...

Ha ha! He's mine! More vallium for you, Mr Chook!

Christine Wells said...

Haha, congrats, Anna! You were quick of the mark!

Jane said...

Hi Jennifer,
Congrats on the release of "A Hint of Wicked." I don't know who Sophie chooses, but I think I might choose Garrett. I'm attracted to tortured heroes and Garrett seems like one.

Anna Campbell said...

Wow, did you see that time line? Me at 2:31, Madame at 2:32 and Jane at 2:32. I won't tell the Rooster - he's got enough of an ego problem as it is!

Jennifer, huge congratulations on the release of A HINT OF WICKED and wow on the buzz you're getting for this book. I can't turn around without hearing from someone new how much they love your story. I think you've definitely touched a nerve in the modern romance reader's psyche. Does a psyche have nerves? Hmm...

Christine Wells said...

Hello, Jane! My, you were quick, too! Thanks for commenting.

Yes, we do tend to like a wounded hero, don't we?

Oooh, I see I'm going to have to be so careful not to give away spoilers here. Remember, everyone, no spoilers!!

Christine Wells said...

Anna, it's interesting to see the two hero book move into historical romance, isn't it? We've seen a lot of it in erotica, but not so much in romance. I wonder if this will be the start of a new hot trend.

PinkPeony said...

Hi Christine...congrats, Anna...Valium, eh? That's the ticket!
Welcome Jennifer! Wow, what a gorgeous cover! Now, I HAVE to buy your book because I NEED to KNOW which guy Sophie chooses!!! If it were me, I'd choose Garrett.
Does anyone remember that song...Torn between two lovers, feeling like a fool, loving both of you is breaking all the rules.... ?

Christine Wells said...

Ooh, Jen! I haven't heard of that song but it sounds like it could be the theme song for AHOW!

Isn't it a gorgeous cover? That color is simply stunning.

Hmm, another vote for Garrett. Do I hear a Tristan anyone?

chekru said...

Garrett, I love the strong quite type. plus blue eyes..

Leslie said...

Hello Jennifer and congrats on the new release. :)

If I had the task of chosing between Garrett and Tristan I would pick Garrett. Why? Three words - rough, dangerous and loyal. Mmmm... just how I like my men. ;)

Vallium Anna? Is that legal? LOL - congrats. :)

Lynz Pickles said...

Hi Jennifer, and double congrats! Oh God, why does this have to be such a difficult choice... I'd probably fall in love with Tristan but if I had to choose one to spend the rest of my life with, it'd be Garrett.

Why I'd fall for Tristan? I have a thing for guys who treat their women as equals, especially when their stories are set in a time when society didn't view women that way. I also have a thing for TDH men, men who've always loved their women, and... well, just about every quality you've listed for Tristan, to be honest. That being said, I don't think I could handle being with Tristan in the long-term. He's so damn perfect that I'd feel inferior and get all self-conscious. He, being perfect and whatnot, would assure me that I had no need to feel that way, which would just make me feel worse. Plus with the whole charismatic aristocrat thing going on, his life would be full of people - which he'd enjoy - whereas I prefer a small group of friends I'm really comfy with.

I wouldn't just choose Garrett because Tristan wouldn't work out, though. He's got stuff going for him too. Like the whole "tortured hero" thing, for example. One of my favourite quotes of all time is from a book review on rakehell.com: "I love a tortured hero (I maintain that torturing men is good for them)." *giggle* I also think it's adorable when someone marries their first love - mine was at least twenty years older than me and has been happily married for quite some time, so it's not about to happen for me, but whatever. I'll live vicariously through my characters. The loyal, quiet type suits me to perfection, and his blue eyes would match mine every so nicely. Plus he's muscular, and we all know that's what really matters.

Okay, now I'm just rambling. In essence: I'd fall harder for Tristan but I wouldn't be able to handle life with someone so... sparkly. Perfect. Whatever word you want to use. Life helping Garrett get over his tortured-ness in quietness, though, I could totally handle. So if I had to choose - and since I'd want to choose for the long-term - I'd have to go with Garrett.

Except that it seems everyone else who's commented has agreed with my assessment and I'd have to win a battle royale to get at him... maybe I should just settle for insecurities and Tristan. At least that way I could guarantee I wouldn't be assassinated just for the sake of freeing my husband up.

Tiffany Chalmers w/a Tiffany Clare said...

Who would I choose... the man that wants me to be an equal probably. There's a man ahead of his time and very sure of himself to put what society thinks the lesser sex on par with him. :)

But, damn! If it's fantasy, why can't we just have them both?

Jennifer, I'm really looking forward to this book! I just know it's going to be fantabulous! My crit partner won an ARC and said it's totally up my alley!

Helen said...

Congrats Anna enjoy your day with him

Jennifer and Christine what a wonderful interview.

I have been following the blogs you have been on Jennifer and thank you so much for the pressy that you sent of chapter one I am so dying to read the rest of this book.

Now who would I choose I tend to want both as well but if I have to I would go for Tristian who wouldn't want a hero
Who is Tall, dark and handsome, loyal, charismatic & charming, refined & aristocratic, a leader, treats Sophie as an equal, wants to protect her & has always loved

I do like the sound of that and the bit about treating her as an equal is great for me I do like a strong heroine as well.

Thanks for a great interview Ladies and I have entered the contest Christine so I have my fingers crossed but I will be putting in am order hopefully this week and A Hint Of Wicked will be on it.

Have Fun

Llehn said...

Tristan sounds like quite a catch. I do love a man who is loyal and treats you as an equal. His good looks don't hurt either!

PJ said...

Welcome Jennifer! Great interview!
I've heard incredible buzz about your book, Jennifer. It's being talked about all over the internet.

Both heroes sound delicious but I'd have to go with Garrett. a military man & leader, rough & dangerous, loyal, quiet & keeps to himself, blue-eyed and muscular, has always loved her

Though my mind tells me life would be easier with Tristan, my heart would only be satisfied with Garrett.

PJ said...

Congrats, Anna! Valium? He must have had one heck of a good time at Becke's yesterday!

Billie Jo said...

Hi Jennifer!

I would choose Garrett hands down. I love the brooking, edgy guys because underneath you know they are all soft and tender...sigh

Billie Jo

Joan said...

Hi Jennifer!

Welcome to The Lair!

I don't think I CAN choose, but being a single lady....I'll be glad to take the "loser" off your hands :-)

Your book sounds fantastic and man...how lucky you are to be CP's with our own Christine.

Gosh, shouldn't have said that probably...she's very sentimental, our Christine. Might get a tear in her eye!

~Drew said...

Hi Jennifer, your book sounds just wonderful, TWO men!!? Wow.

I guess I will be different here and go with Tristan, you had me at tall, dark and handsome, the three main things on the old checklist!
Refined and aristocratic, love that, check~ which means he may be a smoldering mass of desire underneath! One can hope! Treat her as an equal and protect her, sound good to he!
But, I have a feeling Tristan is the 'loser', first loves always have the field advantage, and Garrett has his own appeal~ dangerous, blue-eyed, muscular *fanning self*

Look forward to reading this!!

Laurie said...

I'd choose Garrett. She pined for him for 7 long years. You never forget your first love. He's struggled to get back to her, wants her, loves her.

Maureen said...

Hi Jennifer,
Congratulations on the new book. What a choice for poor Sophie. I think I would choose Tristan because it sounds like he appreciates everything about Sophie.

Blodeuedd said...

I'd take Tristan, I liked his character more...oh and that tall, dark and handsome did play in too ;)

Prue said...

Thanks for the interesting chat. Gosh, I don't know how you'd pick. I guess I'd go for the one that I had more passion and connection with in real life which is a bit boring. In a fantasy world I go for the possessive, strong silent type. So I think in my fantasy world Garrett would be for me :)

Kirsten said...

Hi Jennifer! Welcome to the Lair! I must say, any recommendation by Madame Wells is a must-buy for me! And I'm a sucker for the torn-between-two-lovers books. I suspect Garrett wins this round, but I'd pick Tristian, myself. He sounds like he's got a sense of humor, and I can't say the same for Garrett. He probably takes himself a bit too seriously. LOL.

I guess I'm on my way to Borders to find out for myself! :-)

sarah said...

Tristin... cause I would probably want to beat Garrett in the head for being too alpha.

And I heard about your book about a week ago... can't remember where... I'm very interested in reading it!

Barbara Monajem said...

This book sounds like sheer torment. Either way, someone really wonderful has to lose. BUT... I guess the loser wins in the next book, so I'll read both!

As for the two men, uh-uh. It's impossible to choose one or the other. I want parts of each of them smooshed together into the perfect combo.

flchen1 said...

Woohooo, Jennifer! Great to see you in the Lair, and huge congrats on A Hint of Wicked! I've definitely been hearing all kinds of great things about your debut--yay!

As much as having two equally incredible but different men longing for you makes for a great fantasy, I imagine the reality would be heart wrenching. I think I'd choose Garrett, because one's first love is pretty powerful, but that's my answer this moment and I allow that I could easily be swayed! I SO glad the "loser" gets his own story, too!

Congrats on the GR, Anna!

Louisa Cornell said...

I have it on very good authority that La Campbell ties the Chook up and tosses him in the pantry if he misbehaves!

Hello, Jennifer! Can't wait to get my hands on this book. I LOVE a good mystery and how on earth could a woman choose between those two men?

I'm with Tiffany. I'd just take them both. Big estate - two houses - three days with one, three days with the other and a day off to rest. Now THAT is a plan!

Have to say I am a bit partial to men named Tristan!

Did you know from the beginning which man she would pick or did you have to write the book to find out?

penney said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Welcome, Jennifer!! What a fabulous sounding book...two men. SLURP!

Tristan or Garrett? Hmmmm. Both? All of the above? Heehee.

And I'll second Joan, how fun for you to be CPs with our own Christine!!

Now Anna C, no valium for the Prince of Chook Spies! Have to say, though that he was subverting Becke's lawn gnomes and writing muses yesterday. Who knows what mischief he'll get up to today, jetting down to Oz!

BTW, everyone, thanks for the fab Lanch Party yesterday! (Pissenlit, you PROMISED to bring those Cabana Boys back in one piece. I don't care if their tired, but they do need to be in good shape....)

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Louisa said: I'm with Tiffany. I'd just take them both. Big estate - two houses - three days with one, three days with the other and a day off to rest. Now THAT is a plan!


CrystalGB said...

Hi Jennifer. I think I would choose Tristan. I like a man who is loyal and treats a woman as his equal.

Minna said...

Tristan would be my choise, too. Also I like a man who is loyal and treats a woman as his equal.

MAARIT Tuuli & Taivas (Wind & Sky)

Pave Maijanen - Lähtisitkö

Kristiina Wheeler - Sunny Day

Nik Kershaw - The Riddle

Suzanne Welsh said...

Good morning and welcome to the Lair, Jennifer!

Love the love triangle story. Threesomes are rather near and dear to my heart...er..uhm..yeah.

Anyways, if in that situation, I'd choose Garrett. Something about making the strong, dangerous, quiet type lose control would tempt me daily!

Jennifer Haymore said...

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for having me here!

Anna, I think you have a time zone advantage! ;-)And thanks for the congrats!

Jane, I'm a big fan of tortured heroes too. The darker the better (which is partly why I drool over Anna's books!).

Chris, this book is funny, because there are two heroes, but there *truly* is only one hero. The question is...which one is he?

PinkPeony, Ever since people recently started talking about triangles on the internet, I've had that song in my head! Make it go away! LOL!

Chekru, Yay, 3 votes for Garrett. He's definitely yummy!

Leslie, another one. Yep, the rough, dangerous and loyal type is irresistible. I think it's some cavewoman instinct in us--we want a guy who will protect us at all costs! Although, I do have to give credit to Tristan--although not outwardly as fierce as Garrett--he'd definitely do anything to protect Sophie too...

Jennifer Haymore said...

Lynz, Oh my gosh! I love that quote about tortured heroes! So perfect! I love your analysis, too. It makes a lot of sense. You came up with a lot of reasons why if I had the choice, I'd probably choose G too. We'd be equally flawed, lol!

Hi Tiffany! Congrats on your book deal! And, heh, I like the "both" choice too! I hope you enjoy AHOW! :)

Hi Helen, and thank you! I love the reasoning that Tristan is ahead of his time--that's so true! He really does have a lot of respect for the woman he loves. And I'm glad you received the 'goodies.'!

Llehn- Tristan is a great catch, for sure! Clearly there is no wrong answer, because now even I am swaying back to his side!

PJ-I'm thinking you're another one who goes for the protective-yet-dangerous men. Yum!

Billie Jo--You're so right! They're all pussycat beneath those rough edges, aren't they? hehe!

LOL, Joan! How gracious of you to take the "losing" man! I love it! And Christine is wonderful, isn't she? I wouldn't be writing romance today without her encouragement!

Maija P. said...

First when I read your description of Garrett, I thought this is _the_ man. But then there was also this charming description of Tristan and I was thinking "oh no!". Both sound too good to be true. But if I had to choose, I'd have to pick... Tristan.

Treethyme said...

Wow, how did the GR get back to Oz so quickly?

I'm excited to see Jennifer Haymore here -- her book is next up in my TBR pile. It looks soooo good!

jo robertson said...

Jennifer, welcome to the Lair. I love the premise of A Hint of Wicked and the promise of a story of his own for the "loser."

Hmmm, I think I'd go for Tristan, mainly because he treats her like an equal. That's a deal-breaker for me! And often first love has a way of being less romantic than we remember as we mature.

Either way, the book sounds like a wonderful ride. I look forward to reading it.

Can you tell us a little about your road to publication? I always love call stories.

Yay, Anna!!

Jennifer Haymore said...

Hi Drew--ooh, it's hard to answer your comment without spoilers! I hope you like how it turns out!

Laurie, Yes, there's always something about first loves you keep in your heart, isn't there?

Maureen, Tristan definitely has been through a lot with Sophie, and she knows it! Her choice definitely isn't an easy one.

Blodeuedd-I go for the tall, dark and handsome types too. Mmm...just something about them!

Prue, You're right--it's not an easy choice. I think as much as we fantasize about such a thing happening to us (two gorgeous men madly in love with you--who doesn't want that?), I think it would be a pretty nightmarish situation to actually be in!

Kirsten, Good point about having a sense of humor. I think those dark, dangerous types do sometimes take themselves too seriously! I hope you enjoy AHOW. :)

Sarah, Hahahaha! You make me laugh out loud! I do love the scowling alphas in theory but in practice, I'd probably beat one over the head too. Hehe--still laughing!

Barbara, If only we could smoosh the best elements into one Man of Perfection--that would definitely be ideal (but then the book would be a paranormal, lol!)... I'm working on edits for the sequel right now. I'm having a great time with it!

flchen1, thanks so much! I'm so glad Christine invited me to come visit you! You're so spot on, too, about this being a heart-wrenching situation!

Hi Louisa! I like the two men idea too, but unfortunately... :) The outcome of the book changed three times before I started writing! But from the beginning of writing this version, I knew who was ultimately the right choice for Sophie. Getting to that decision, though, was agonizing!

Jennifer Haymore said...

Hi Penney, Ooh, I love the cover too! I think the cover gods were definitely smiling down on me.

Jeanne, I think your next book should be a threesome! :) Sounds like you're ready to "research" with some cabana boys, lol! Congrats on your release!

Crystal and Minna, Tristan does seem to have it all, doesn't he? :)

Hi Suzanne--I'm thrilled to be here. Ahh...another one who can't resist those deadly alphas, lol!

Maija, It's not an easy choice, is it? I love making things hard on my characters (insert evil author laughter here!).

Treethyme: Oh, yay! I hope you enjoy AHOW!

Jo, Someone asked me to write about my call story, and I realized that I remember my call experience like a hazy, surreal dream. And I only remember it in fits and spurts. I seriously think that when my agent said those words "You have an offer," it set off some strange, drug-like, mind-altering chemical in my brain! My husband was nearby, and he remembers me stuttering quite a lot and saying things like, "What?" and "Are you sure?" LOL.

Karen H in NC said...

Hi Jennifer,

Congratulations on the release of A Hint of Wicked. I have already placed the 2nd book on my books-to-watch for list.

After reading the descriptions of the two men, I think I would opt for Tristan because he 'treats her like an equal'. That sounded good to me.

Can't wait to get my hands on this book.

Pissenlit said...

Jennifer, happy belated book birthday and congrats on the turning in of another book! Oooh, I need to read A Hint of Wicked to find out who Sophie picks! And I'm glad the "loser" gets the next book. I always feel sorry for the "loser".

As for the choice between Garrett and Tristan? A little of column A, a little of column B. :D If I HAD to choose, I think I'd pick Garrett. I'm a sucker for the "first love" thing.

Jeanne - Pissenlit, you PROMISED to bring those Cabana Boys back in one piece.

I brought them back! They seem to have all fallen asleep over there, behind that rooster-shaped topiary...speaking of which, where did that come from?? ;)

Joan said...

They seem to have all fallen asleep over there, behind that rooster-shaped topiary...speaking of which, where did that come from?? ;)....

Hmmm...I suspect Treethyme had a hand in teaching the GR gardening skills. He WAS hanging out with her garden gnome yesterday!

Lisa said...

Hi Jennifer,

Congrads on your new release.

Garrett gets my vote. I love mysterious and rough over refined anyday.

I love the storyline and love forward to reading AHOW!

Mary Marvella said...

What a story! It sounds "wicked" good! I don't want to choose. Both, please!

RachieG said...

:) I think i would choose.....Garret. From the description... "Sophie’s first love, possessive, a military man & leader, rough & dangerous, loyal, quiet & keeps to himself, blue-eyed and muscular, has always loved her"

how could you not fall in love???

Plus I'm picturing a hottie since he was in the military....and I like me a little danger :)

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Jennifer said: Jeanne, I think your next book should be a threesome! :) Sounds like you're ready to "research" with some cabana boys, lol! Congrats on your release!

Hmmmmmmm, now THERE's an idea!

Donna MacMeans said...

Hi Jennifer - I love the sound of this book - and the cover - YUM!

My very first manuscript - the one that will never move from it's coverted spot under the bed - also had two men fighting over the same woman. It truly is a popular fantasy. Of course, I resolved the issue in my version by killing off one of the suitors (grin). No sequel for that book!

I'm guessing that it's the one that appeals to her heart, not her head, that shall win out. Guess I'm going to have to find this book to find the answer.

Congratulations on turning in that next book - now that's worthy of a serious celebration!

terrio said...

I don't think I could chose between these two. Not just from those descriptions. Couldn't I just keep both? ;)

I like the muscles and blue eyes, but charming and treats me like an equal is hard to resist.

Happy to report Jennifer will be visiting us over at the pirate ship on Thursday, so everyone stop in with her there too!


Virginia said...

Congrats Anna on nabbing that Chook! I was trying last night but gave up and went to bed.

Congrats on your new release Jennifer. As to your question. I believe I would go back with the first husband, because if I had morn for him for sever years, it would have been true love. I guess it would depend on which one I cared the most for.

catslady said...

Garrettw would be great to have fun with but I would pick Tristan - possessive gets tiring after a while and I do want to be treated as an equal!!

Carol L. said...

I have heard so many good things about this book Jennifer and wish you much success. What a dillema to be in. Two men who love you and sexy as well ? Someone has to get hurt.So to make it easier I'd take both. :) I'd like the being an equal part.But I also love the tall, dark and handsome..Love to win this.
Carol L.

Beth said...

Welcome to the lair, Jennifer! Congrats on the release of A Hint of Wicked - sounds like a fantastic read *g*

I'm afraid I can't decide between Garrett and Tristan without more facts. I'll let you know which is my favorite AFTER I've read A Hint of Wicked ;-) I can't wait!

What has surprised you the most about being published?

chey said...

Hi Jennifer;
Congratulations on the new release.
I'd choose Tristan because he treats her as an equal.

MsHellion said...

I'm not sure I can pick! They both sound so delicious!

However, this sounds a bit like the dilemma in Sweet Home Alabama--and although I have a soft spot for witty and charming--I have a softer spot for FIRST LOVE and the rough, gruff closet romantic that Garrett sounds like he is.

So I'd probably end up picking Garrett.

I'd be happy with either guy, I mean, let's be honest. I shop Yahoo Personals and you can't find EITHER of the heroes you just described! *LOL* No where.

Jennifer Haymore said...

Hi Karen, thanks for keeping a watch out for AHOW. And I definitely agree-there’s a lot to be said for a man who treats you like an equal!

Pissenlit, Thanks for the congrats! I’m one who always feels sorry for the loser, too. I just HAD to give him his own book—because he truly deserved his own HEA.

Thanks, Lisa! I’m such a sucker for alphas myself, so I totally agree with your answer! I hope you enjoy AHOW.

Hi Mary, too bad Sophie can’t choose both. She definitely thinks about it…in rather explicit detail, in fact!

RachieG, Heh…I have a soft spot for men in uniform too. Yum!

Donna, I think you need to dust off that ms and send it to your editor. But maybe you should resurrect your poor dead hero—have you ever thought of writing paranormal? :)

Hi, Terrio! Good to see you here! Yes, this definitely isn’t an easy choice. ;-) I’ll see you Thursday!

Virginia, I think you’re right—you definitely have to follow your heart in matters like these.

Catslady, Treating your partner as an equal is definitely turning in to a common attribute in these responses! I bet if Garrett was the one who treated her as an equal, he’d be the overwhelming “winner” here!

Thanks so much, Carol! You’re right—someone does have to get hurt. This book isn’t exactly rainbows and butterflies in the long run, though it does have a happy ending. It is truly a gut-wrenching decision for Sophie to make.

Beth, I can’t wait to hear who you liked better! I think what’s surprised me the most about being published is that once you have your book deal in hand, you don’t get off the roller coaster. I think as an unpublished writer, I thought that it would be smooth sailing if I could only get that contract—how wrong I was!

Chey—Hm, I think I need to write more of these ahead-of-their time respectful heroes! They’re definite winners!

MsHellion (love your name!)—Yahoo personals needs to get its act together. Surely there have to be more Tristans and Garretts in this world! Why do they make them so difficult to find?

Christine Wells said...

Jen, a very warm welcome to the lair! So sorry I couldn't get back earlier. Living in Australia means I'm asleep when my American guest arrives.

I'm loving all the discussion on which hero? You are all going to have to buy Jen's book to find out what happens! And then you're going to have to read the next one, too, to find out...more:))

Jen, thanks so much for visiting with us today. I know you have so much on your plate with a punishing writing schedule, a family and now a full-on blog tour! Can you tell us a bit about your writing process?

Christine Wells said...

Hey, Jen, I just read your comment about me and I AM getting a tear in my eye--thanks a LOT, Joanie T, who knows what a watering pot I am!!

Thanks so much, Jen. I really appreciate it and you have helped me enormously with my writing both with your critiques and your encouragement.

Sigh, it's a mutual admiration society, isn't it?LOL

Caffey said...

Hi Jennifer! Having a blast chatting with you! I'm excited about this release!

Gosh this was hard. I love the strong and quiet character as well as one that is alpha. I shall go with Garrett and I'm so hoping that who doesn't get their HEA in this book gets their own story :))

Jennifer Haymore said...

Hi Caffey! I think it's definitely a good thing that the loser gets his own book. I love him! I couldn't leave him miserable and rejected...

Chris, my writing process is...well, I'm a pantser, so it's hard to say. And as I deal with writing a new book mixed in with edits and galleys and copyedits, etc., I find that it's a fluid process for me. I'm still learning!

Kate Carlisle said...

Oh wow, I absolutely love the premise of this book! I just ordered it on Amazon. Whew. I can relax now.

Welcome to the Lair and congratulations on the release of what sounds like an absolutely fabulous book, Jennifer! Great interview, Christine!

I'm not even going to bother trying to choose between these two men. I simply must have them both. I guess that means I'll have to get book two as soon as it comes out. :-)

Easy on the valium, Anna! Save some for those poor cabana boys. Jeanne worked them hard yesterday!

Amy S. said...

Garrett, love a guy in a uniform! lol

Christine Wells said...

Jen, thanks so much for being with us today on Romance Bandits! We had a great time and it's clear you already have a loyal fan base! Looking forward to A TOUCH OF SCANDAL!

limecello said...

Hi Jennifer - thanks for visiting with us! And congratulations on your new release! (Depending on time zone it's still your release day...)

Hopefully I'm not too late to the party...

Haha - congratulations on the GR, Anna. I think I'm going to go from first, to last comment for a while. :P *NOW* can I have Sven please?

Anyway, based on your description? Tristan, please. I could go for some old money security right now. And... I'm more a "summer in a luxury cabin" rather than "sleeping in a tent" girl. (Not that I have/have been to a souped up cabin, but I just know myself ;) )

Jennifer Haymore said...

Kate, It was great to be here! Thanks for picking up AHOW--I hope you enjoy it!

Amy, yeah, there's just something about a guy in uniform...mmm...

Limecello, Your post made me chuckle because...well, I can't say...spoilers... But so true about the tent vs. the luxury accommodations! ;-)

Thanks, Chris, and all of you for being so welcoming and fun! I had a great time and hope to visit you again sometime!