Friday, March 12, 2010

Bandita Booty!!

by Anna Sugden

Kate Walker's handsome cat, Sid, has picked his winner. Actually, he must have been very hungry (see the picture of Sid picking winners on Kate's post!) because he picked several winners!

So ...

The winner of the main prize - a copy of both Kate's RT Top Picks - The Konstantos Marriage Demand and Bedded by the Greek Billionaire is ...

Di R!!

And the runners up are:

Karyn aka Drew


You get your pick of one of these Kate Walker books:

At the Sheikh's Command

The Italian's Forced Bride

Sicilian Husband Blackmailed Bride

The Sicilian's Red-Hot Revenge

The Greek Tycoon's Unwilling Wife

Cordero's Forced Bride

Bedded by the Greek Billionaire

Kept For Her Baby

Please email Kate with your snail mail details (and book choice) at


Karyn Gerrard AKA~Drew said...

Whoo-Hoo! Now, *wringing hands* what book do I choose? I need Kate's cat Sid to make the decision for me!

Suzanne Welsh said...

OMG!! I won something? Wow! Thanks Kate and Anna S!