Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sinful Secrets

posted by Nancy

Today Noelle Henderson, who's half of author Chloe Harris, makes her first visit to the Lair. We're going to chat about her steamy historical debut novel, Secrets of Sin, from Kensington Aphrodisia.

Welcome, Noelle!
Tell us about Chloe Harris and how she was created.

Barbra Kolten and I (Noelle) were critique partners with very busy lives. Eventually we discovered that we worked together very well and could get a lot more done working together.

As far our writing process goes, it seems to always work out that one of us will have either a great idea for a scene/chapter or a better grasp of the character who's speaking at that point in the story. That person will do the first draft of the chapter. Then the chapter goes back and forth a minimum of three times sometimes ore and by the time we've both added, deleted, moved around etc to the point where we're both happy then the voice is Chloe's and not Noelle's or Barbra's.

What is Secrets of Sin about?

On a Caribbean island of alluring delights, Emiline du Ronde-Barhydt commands a large estate, vast wealth, and unwavering devotion. Her inheritance and dazzling beauty insure that she's granted her every wish... or almost. The one thing she can't get is freedom from her proud wayward husband.

When her husband, sea captain Reinier Barhydt finally agrees to give his determined wife the divorce she craves - it's for a price: three days of total submission to his every erotic demand.

Both fall under the spell of the most forbidden sensations that reignite every delicious inch of their bodies... and Reinier soon realizes that he is no longer master of his carnal game. At the mercy of his own raw shattering needs, the three red hot days may just turn into a lifetime of smoldering passion...

What inspired the Caribbean setting? We don't see those as much as we used to.

Part of it started with a class project my daughter did where she had to find a pirate to profile. She chose John Julian an Aphro-Indian ship's pilot that sailed with Black Sam Bellamy. John came to a sad end but I imagined my own ending for him that included marrying a beautiful French noble woman, whisking her away to a private Caribbean island and having a daughter named Emiline.

What a cool way to get an idea! Who are the hero and heroine, and what's their biggest problem apart from their relationship?

Emiline du Ronde has run her sugarcane estate since Reinier Barhydt left her fours years before, and now she wants a divorce. Although she is of mixed heritage, she's become a strong, successful business woman and wants nothing more than to cut her ties with the man that broke her heart.

Driven by a dark past to seek freedom, Reinier likes to tell himself he never wastes a thought on the beautiful wife he's left behind. But when rumors she has a paramour sends the sexy Dutchman home, his old feeling resurface and the estranged lovers strike an erotic bargain. Will he show Emiline who rules L'Île de Ronde-and her-or will his heart be lost instead?

Secrets of Sin is a very relationship centered story. There are few secondary characters and no bad guy or of outside issue to overcome. It's truly about these two people and their marriage.

What's the biggest issue between them?

I'm not sure I can pick just one. They have a lot of issues. LOL Trust for one, forgiveness, jealousy, self acceptance and understanding but I could go on and on.

Can we have a peek inside the book?

"As I told you, Monsieur Barhydt." Emiline thrust her chin up to make her point clear. "I rule Bougainvilla and I surely do not take your commands. But you are right about one thing, Sir. We will continue this discussion tomorrow."

Turning away and marching toward the door, the breath flew from her lungs as Reinier came up behind her. His muscular arm gripped her small waist when he crushed her tightly against his body. She felt him aroused and straining against his breeches through the silk of her dress. Once again, a deep blush moved from her cheeks to the tightening tips of her breasts.

His breath was hot and demanding against her throat. "You may very well rule Bougainvilla, madam," he purred, passion and promise all rolled into one."But before I leave here again, I will rule you. And rest assured, wife, you will beg me to do it."

Emiline's whole body stiffened in resistance. As suddenly as he'd captured her, he let her go.
She wasn't sure if it was his words or the definite twinge of excitement she felt that scared her most. This man she now considered barely more than a stranger, somehow saw into the farthest part of her mind-a part that she only even admitted to herself in the darkest of dark and lonely nights.

What's next for you?

In Deep, the sequel to Secrets of Sin comes out in November.

Here's the Blurb.

Desperate enough to sell her body at Madame Poivre's, the best establishment for entertaining gentlemen in the West Indies, Lady Jaidyn Donnelly meets Connor O'Driscoll. She finds something in Connor's caress that sets her skin ablaze and touches her heart as he introduces her to his brand of sexual delights.

Connor finds everything he wants in Jaidyn's Irish beauty and her fiery temper that matches his own. But Jaidyn is a woman with secrets and refuses to become his mistress. When Connor learns she needs to get to the Carolinas, he risks everything to keep her close and take her there.

On this wicked journey of sizzling pleasures and growing affection both know that as the Carolina coast looms near, reality will shatter their love. The magic between Jaidyn and Connor is impossible to withstand, but can they overcome the betrayals and dangers of both the past and present to have the love they both yearn for?

For more about Chloe Harris, check out her website, blog, and twitter.

Noelle is giving away a copy of Secrets of Sin to one commenter today, so tell us, what's your your favorite book or movie with a Caribbean setting? Do you have a favorite place in the Caribbean where you've been or would like to go? If you were going to be marooned on a Caribbean island, what book, movie, or real hero would you like to have with you?


jo robertson said...

Hi, Noelle, welcome to the Lair. Thanks for bringing her to us, Nancy.

I've only visited the Caribbean once, but I did enjoy the charm and beauty of San Juan.

Congratulations on your book, Noelle. Secrets of Sin sounds hawtly delicious.

jo robertson said...

Hehehehehe, little chicky, come to JoMama.

flchen1 said...

Woot, Jo!! What will you and the GR be up to today? :)

Welcome, Noelle! I think one of Sarah Mayberry's books is set on a Caribbean cruise--Island Heat? I love her writing :)

I'd want to be marooned with my husband and a good chunk of my TBR, please :)

Kirsten said...

I don't think I ever read a book with a Caribbean setting, or if I did I don't remember it. Maybe it's about time I'd try one... Secret of Sin sounds great.

As for a movie, well that's easy: Pirates of the Carribbean. (The curse of the black pearl) I think everybody knows WHY I love it :)

Helen said...

Congrats Jo have fun with him

Hello Noelle and Nancy great interview Ladies and boy does this book sound hot and good.

Unfortunatly I have never been to the Caribbean but would love to visit one day. Back in the 80's a lot of historical romances were set around the Caribbean and I am sure I read most of them I love pirate stories I think it was Kathleen Harrington that wrote a lot of them can't remember the name of them but loved them.

If I was stuck on a Caribbean Island I would love to have Hugh Jackman with me and if he was there I may not need my books but like Fedora would have to take a lot of books from the TBR pile with me.

Congrats on the release. I find it very interesting when two authors write as one.

Have Fun

Laurie said...

WOW I'd love to read Secret of Sin Emiline & Reinier's story!! CONGRATS!

Other books with Caribbean ties:

Kat Martin's Deep Blue- Pleasure Island near Jamaica

Kathleen Woodiss's Shanna

Jennifer Blake's Perfume of Paradise Haiti

Joanna Lyndsay's A Pirate's Love, That Perfect Someone

Constance O'Banyon's Siren's Song

Catherine Coulture's Calypso Magic Savarol Island

Heather Graham's Night Sea & Stars

I've never been to the Caribbean but my brother loves St Marten.

I'd love Orlando Bloom to be there too. I liked him in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Books to take along: SECRET OF SIN + I'd reread all of the above and the LOTR trilogy.

Laurie said...
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Deb said...

Congratulations on your book, Noelle. It sounds great and has a setting I've not really read about before.

What's that old movie with Judy Garland and Gene Kelly that has a Carribean setting? I remember watching it a long time ago.

Book to have with me---just one, are you serious?! Toughie.

My husband (former Navy vet) was in the Virgin Islands and says St. Thomas is pretty. So, I'd go there with hubby!

Noelle (Chloe Harris) said...

Good morning everyone!
I’m happy to be here. Several of you mentioned not having been to the Caribbean. Please give it a try if you get a chance. Of the three places I’ve been, Jamaica, The Bahamas and Aruba, I would recommend Aruba even though it doesn’t have quite as much Colonial history as somewhere like Grenada where part of the story takes place.

And if you’re looking for a place to be stranded, Ronde island where the story is set is for sale. It’s uninhabited and all you need is 100 million and it can be yours.

Hi Jo, I have only seen the Airport in San Juan after a slight glitch in our travel plans once but from the air it looked simply beautiful.

Wow Flchen, stranded for a while with Hubby and a TBR pile sounds heavenly.

Hello Kristen, I love all the Pirate of the Caribbean movies too.

Good Morning Helen, you know I do remember reading some romances set in the Caribbean right around the time I started reading them. I was a late comer to romance.
Hi Laurie, thank you so much for the list! I can’t wait to check those out.

Deb, I love watching classic movies I think it’s called The Pirate. I checked and it will be on Turner Classic movies Wed, Apr 7, 2010 1:30 AM. I wish I had a DVR.

denise said...

Welcome the the Lair.
I have never been to the Caribbean, but I definitely want to visit there someday.
It would be hard to pick just one book or person. I like a variety.
I would love your book.

Nancy said...

Jo, congrats on the rooster!

I've heard San Juan is gorgeous, but I've never visited that part of the world.

I'd love to see Jamaica someday. One of my books is set there, also a historical, and I'd like to see the place.

Nancy said...

Fedora, being marooned with the TBR pile is a great idea! With no new books coming in--unless a crate should drift ashore--the pile would finally and inevitably shrink!

Nancy said...

Kirsten, Secrets of Sin is a smokin' book.

The Caribbean used to be a popular setting, mainly for pirate stories, which used to have a bigger market share than they now do.

Kathleen Woodiwiss's Shanna is one of my favorite island stories, though I think that might not be the Caribbean. And on my keeper shelf is one of the earliest romances I read, Shirley Busbee's The Spanish Rose. The hero is an Englishman enslaved by Spaniards (the heroine's family) who escapes, becomes a pirate, and captures her. Definitely Caribbean settings. Very 1980s, too, but I've kept it because I love the characters.

And she's not a brat like Shanna. The main reason I like that book is because of Ruark.

Nancy said...

Helen wrote: I would love to have Hugh Jackman with me and if he was there I may not need my books

LOL! Too true, Helen.

Of course, you already ARE on an island where Hugh Jackman lives, aren't you? Just a very, very big island and not the Caribbean? *g*

Nancy said...

Hi, Laurie--Wow, what a list!

The dh and beaches don't get along well because the Swede in him sunburns easily, but if there are beaches AND historical places of interest, as in the Caribbean, or on our own NC Outer Banks, he's fine. We visit the beach before the sun gets too intense, then go do other stuff during the day, then go back to the beach near sunset.

So I might actually get him to the Caribbean someday.

Nancy said...

Deb, I have no idea what that movie is, but it sounds great.

You wrote: Book to have with me---just one, are you serious?!

Well, sorta. But I'd have a hard time picking, too.

I like the notion of taking the whole TBR pile and whittling it down, and Laurie has a point about LOTR as a choice because it would certainly take a while to read. And it does come as one massive hardback if we want to be technical about it.

Nancy said...

Noelle, I remember reading that the late Raymond Burr (best known as Perry Mason) owned a tropical island and raised orchids there. So somebody could buy Ronde and do that.

Doesn't Eve's Roarke own an island?

How did you find Ronde?

Noelle (Chloe Harris) said...

Hi Denise, thanks for the welcome! I’m a huge fan of variety too. ;)

Nancy, I honestly can’t remember how I came across Ronde in all my research. But once I did and read about the “breathtaking drop-offs over 'bottomless' vertical walls, coral-encrusted canyons - and even a swim-through cave which opens to an underground cavern decorated with stalactites and quartz crystals.” I knew it was the place for Emiline and Reinier.

jo robertson said...

Flchen1, I think I may "encourage" the chook to go to church with me today. He's taken up some wild ways lately, I've noticed. May do him some good, tee hee.

Hmmm, marooned on a desert island with piles and piles of books, gotta love that!

jo robertson said...

Helen, one of my chapter mates wrote a time travel book about a pirate coming to the 20th C; it was hilarious.

jo robertson said...

I haven't scrolled through all the comments, Noelle, but has anyone asked you to tell us more about the Kensington Aphrodisia line I'd be interest in knowing more about that.

jo robertson said...

Wow, Laurie, that's an impressive list. I was hard put to think of one Caribbean set story. Shows how much attention I pay to setting when I'm scrarfing down a book!

jo robertson said...

Noelle, Ronde Island sounds super. I'll just cash in my 401K which is SURELY more than a hundred mil and snap it up LOL!

I can't imagine anyone buying an entire island. Such extravagance!

San Juan has a lot of history, which is one of the reasons I enjoy it. We ate at a restaurant which supposedly invented the pina colada. Boy, was it yummy!

jo robertson said...

Deb, I think that movie was called THE PIRATE. It was a romantic musical by Cole Porter. Of course, we were all mere gleams in our parents eyes when it came out, right?

jo robertson said...

Oops, way to be on the ball, Noelle. I just saw you answered the question about THE PIRATE.

Thanks for the update on when it shows on Turner Classic.

Noelle (Chloe Harris) said...

Well Jo,

Believe it or not what the Aphrodisia line is is a bit of a tricky question because Aphrodisia is in a bit of a revamping period.

In general Aphrodisia was the brain child of Kate Duffy and is a line of trade paperback erotic romances that cross all romance subgenres from dark paranormal to contemporary to historical.

The line recently changed senior editors and went from four books a month to two. The stable of authors is also changing with some authors leaving and come new ones, like us, coming on board.

What I’d like to see in the line in the future and what we tried to do with Secrets of Sin, is to bring the romance more into the forefront. We worked very hard to make sure Secrets of Sin was first and foremost a romance. We tried our best to make sure every erotic scene also moved the romantic plot forward. I like to think of the really spicy scenes as icing on the cake to a great romance.

If you like that favor of icing that is. ;)

jo robertson said...

Thanks, Nancy, San Juan is beautiful. I was also planning a book set in San Juan around their becoming a commonwealth. Not a very popular setting, however, being so close to our time period. Hmmm, maybe the Spanish-American War? Is that when yours is set?

Noelle (Chloe Harris) said...

Please excuse any errors in my posts, I'm following your comments, making lunch and working on edits all at the same time. lol

jo robertson said...

Oops, Nancy, I totally misread that! Jamaica, not San Juan!

Joan said...

Why do I feel a sudden need to book a cruise to the Caribbean???


Shanna by Woodiwess was set in the Caribbean and it is my FAVORITE!

Joan said...

Oh, so caught up in the excerpt I forgot to actually WELCOME you to The Lair Noelle/Chloe.....

Where'd I put that fan???

jo robertson said...

Noelle said, "I knew it was the place for Emiline and Reinier."

I'm very curious about how you came up with the unusual names of Emiline and Reinier for your hero and heroine in Secrets of Sin.

Nancy, as Eve says, Roarke owns half the known universe, so a paltry island or two would be a snap!

jo robertson said...

Noelle said, "In general Aphrodisia was the brain child of Kate Duffy and is a line of trade paperback erotic romances that cross all romance subgenres from dark paranormal to contemporary to historical."

Thanks for giving us the low down on the Aphrodisia line, Noelle! One more reason why I loved Kate Duffy, such a loss to the publishing world.

I love this concept. I think most women don't read erotica for the sex alone, but for the romantic relationship with the sexual barriers lowered.

Good for you and your partner!

jo robertson said...

All errors forgiven, Chloe-Noelle! Why, oh why, do we women insist on multi-tasking? Well, that's obvious, isn't it?

LOL, Joanie, you should've sneaked into Aunty Cindy's suitcase and you'd be enjoying that Caribbean cruise right now!

Noelle (Chloe Harris) said...

Hi Joan, Thanks for the welcome. You certainly will need a fan while reading Secrets of Sin. :)

Jo I wanted names traditional to the characters ethnic backgrounds. Emiline is French and Reinier is a common Dutch name.

I had the great pleasure of having drinks once and lunch twice with Kate Duffy. I just loved her.

Nancy said...

Denise, picking just one place or person would be hard, wouldn't it?

Nancy said...

I just remembered one of my favorite pirate movies. Before Disney's pirates hit the Caribbean, there was the marvelous, swashbuckling, noble Peter Blood, brought to life brilliantly by debuting actor Errol Flynn in Captain Blood.

Dueling on the beach over Olivia DeHavilland, Flynn and Basil Rathbone, who'd fenced for Britain in the Olympics went on to become my favorite movie Sherlock Holmes, performed the first of several dynamiic on-screen battles.

It's a wonderful movie.

Nancy said...

Noelle, Ronde sounds gorgeous. I noticed you have info about it on the Chloe Harris website, too.

Nancy said...

Jo, a dose of church might do that bird good. He has been pretty snippy of late.

Nancy said...

Hi, Jo--No, mine's not 19th century. It's a Restoration-era paranormal. I never wrote the whole thing. It has plot problems, but I may go back in and fix them someday.

Nancy said...

Noelle, I'm the queen of comment typos, and nobody's thrown anything at me yet. We're pretty forgiving around here.

Nancy said...

Jo, I may've said Jamaica, but I'd be okay with San Juan, too. :-)

Noelle (Chloe Harris) said...

Ladies I'm off to my daughter soccer game for a bit. Be back soon.

chelleyreads said...

hi noelle! secrets of sin sounds really good! i haven't read that many books with a caribbean setting by i did very much enjoy the first pirates of the caribbean movie (i also watched the other two but it got too busy and confusing for my tastes).

Nancy said...

Hi, Chelleyreads--I loved the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, and that has become my favorite Disney ride. It's about as swoopy as I can tolerate, and it's very atmospheric.

I've never seen the 2nd and 3rd movies all the way through. I can't seem to catch them at the beginning on TV.

Nancy said...

Noelle, I hope your daughter wins!

jo robertson said...

Nancy said, "No, mine's not 19th century. It's a Restoration-era paranormal. I never wrote the whole thing. It has plot problems, but I may go back in and fix them someday."

Nancy, I'm a firm believer of the distance form of revision. My students always wrote better (of course, this is expositive writing, not narrative) when I kept their writing and -- oops -- returned a month later for revisions. I find this works for me too, getting distance (time away from) from the work makes you look at it in a whole new light.

I'll bet the Restoration story is about ready for it's time to come.

Noelle, hope your daughter's team wins the soccer match.

jo robertson said...

OMG, I NEVER make the "its, it's" error, but sure enough I did!

Hanging my head in abject shame.

Donna MacMeans said...


Your book sounds sizzling and your writing relationship enviable. Love the idea of sharing the load to get more accomplished.

Good to see a caribbean setting. There's something about the tropics that adds to the romance. Favorite movie - has to be Pirates of the Caribbean. favorite book with a caribbean setting - it's an old one, but I think Rosemary Rogers did one ...was it the Tea Planters Wife?...that was set in the sultry tropics.

jo robertson said...

Thanks, Noelle, for the lowdown on your characters' names. I don't think I've ever read about a Dutch hero before, should be very interesting.

Can you describe Reinier for us?

jo robertson said...

Donna said, "Your book sounds sizzling and your writing relationship enviable. Love the idea of sharing the load to get more accomplished."

I know, Donna! I envy that writing relationship too. Do you both live in the same area, Noelle, or do you complete your work load via internet? I'm curious about how that works because I could see myself wasting time chattering if we were face to face.

jo robertson said...

Hi, Chelleyreads, thanks for dropping by. I love the spelling of your name. Is that pronounced like "Shelley" or like "ch" in church?

gigi said...

Hi Noelle,
Congratulations of the new release.
The books sounds wonderful.

I love Pirates of the Caribbean the movie and of course I would want Captain Jack Sparrow to be there.

Nancy said...

Donna, I've never been to the Caribbean, but it does seem romantic. Maybe it's the idea of all those flowers along with moonlight on the ocean.

Nancy said...

Jo, I KNOW I would burn time chatting if I tried to collaborate with someone face to face. Even critiquing has tended to wander down various tangential pathways when done in person.

Nancy said...

Hi, Gigi! There are a lot of Pirates of the Caribbean fans here today. I think there's actually a prequel about Captain Jack Sparrow coming out sometime soon, a book, not a movie.

flchen1 said...

LOL, Nancy! And hopefully with just my TBR and my hubby (maybe to read aloud to ;)), I can make some progress on reducing the ever-growing TBR :D

Noelle (Chloe Harris) said...

Update. Still at the game. Pouring rain. Score 7-1

joder said...

I've never been to the Carribbean, but it looks gorgeous and I'd love the tropical climate. And I'd go anywhere there as long as it was a resort with yummy food and a pool and massage whenever I want.

As to what I'd want on my island. Ryan Reynolds and his abs of steel could keep me entertained for months on end. I'd also take my tbr mountain since Ryan would need to rest occasionally.

This book has been on my wishlist for a long time now and I'd love to win it!

catslady said...

Off hand I can't think of a book but ages and ages ago we took a cruise and visited an island called St. John - was quite beautiful and very isolated with white, white sand.

Nancy said...

Fedora, some scenes are more, um, interesting to read aloud than others. :-)

Nancy said...

Noelle, they're playing in the rain? Ugh.

7-1 in whose favor?

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Jo, a chook for you! Congrats!

Noelle, I'm always fascinated by people who co-write. I'm sure I'm too much of a control freak to be any good at it - in fact, much as I love all my writer friends, I think that goes for writers in general. We like to play God. That's one of the reasons we write, LOL! Did you have any teething troubles before you settled into a good way of working together?

The new book sounds great! And really hot.

Nancy said...

Anna, I share your feelings about control. I co-wrote fan fiction, but I had the control freak joystick since the plots were mine. I don't know that I have it in me to collaborate in the fullest sense of the word.

Noelle (Chloe Harris) said...

I’m back! Normally they don’t play soccer in the rain but it started too late to cancel anything.
But they won 7-1.

Hello Chelley! Thanks for the compliment on Secrets of Sin.

Hi Donna M. having a partner is great way to try and have a family, a full time day job and a writing Career. I’ll have to check out the Teas Planter’s wife.

Hello Gigi. All this talk about the Pirates of the Caribbean movies make me want to go back and watch them again.

Joder, I’m so glad to hear it’s on your wish list. Good luck in drawing.
You know I have a confession. I’m shocked that so many of you haven’t been to the Caribbean. It’s such a tradition among my family and friends to go to the Caribbean on your honeymoon or a milestone anniversary I guess I thought almost everyone has been there.

Catslady – I’ve heard great things about St’ John it’s also very historical.

Hi Anna! There weren’t that many growing pain I think because we both had struggled so long for different reasons to complete a contract worthy novel that we were both happy to have help. But now we are both also working on solo projects.

I think somewhere in the list of comments Jo asked about Reinier. Back in the 90s I remember reading a romance novel I found at my grandmother that had to be ten years old that featured a Dutch Captain. I guess that struck with me. Reinier is a second son that left Holland and, like many many Dutch, sought to make his fortune in the shipment and trade of spices and other goods between the Caribbean, the American Colonies and Europe. Many islands like Aruba are still Dutch or have Dutch influences.

jo robertson said...

Thanks for talking about Reiner, Noelle. My SIL is from Denmark and I still hear her slight accent after all these years. Ken calls her his Danish Danish, ha ha.

I didn't know about the Dutch influence in that area. Thanks for sharing.

Congrats on winning the soccer game.

I think many of our readers from the so-called Left Coast :-D haven't made it to the Caribbean yet. We're more prone to make trips to Mexico, Catalina, Baja. It may be simply a matter of geography.

Nancy said...

Noelle, it's interesting that your family has this Caribbean tradition. I know only one person who has been there (not counting banditas - I think Aunty Cindy has been just about everywhere, with KJ close behind).

Congrats to your daughter on the rainy win!

Nancy said...

Jo, I've never been to Mexico, either. The dh has, when he was a boy, but I've never even been close.

Jennifer said...


I have not been to the Caribbean, but if I got stranded I would love to have Matt Farrell with me from Perfect by Judith McNaught!!

Karyn Gerrard AKA~Drew said...

Hi, the book sounds wonderful, truly.
And I love that you and your critique partner wrote a book together! And loved reading about the process!
I would want Sawyer from the TV show LOST on the island with me, not only for his dimpled hotness, but he knows his way around a tropical island!

Noelle (Chloe Harris) said...

Jennifer that sounds like a perfect combination!

Karen/Drew, thank you. Sawyer would be a great choice.

Nancy said...

Hi, Jennifer--Matt sounds like a great choice! You've also reminded me I should re-read that book.

Pat Cochran said...

Hi, Noelle, Welcome to the Lair!

Answers to questions:
1. None
2. No
3. Seeley Booth aka David Boreanaz.

Pat Cochran

Nancy said...

Karyn, would you believe I don't know much about Lost? Some of my friends are fanatics about it, but I always felt like I needed to know things that had gone on before. The people who watch it regularly really love it! Maybe I can catch up with rentals.

Nancy said...

Hi, Pat--I have a friend who is a huge Bones fan, partly because David B. was on Buffy.

Noelle (Chloe Harris) said...

Pat, nice choice I love both Seely and Angel.

Mitzi H. said...

I've never been to the Caribbean but would love to see it some day...sigh.

A couple of books I read recently took place on the high seas (although I can't recall if it was the Caribbean). Both were by Marsha Canham titled The Iron Rose and Across A Moonlit Sea. Both were Absolutely Awesome!!!

Can't wait to read Sinful Secrets!!! Count me in please!!!

Nancy said...

HI, Mitzi--I'd love to visit the Caribbean, too. Thanks for suggesting the Marsha Canhams.

limecello said...

Hi Noelle! Thanks for visiting with us today! I'm a bit late to the party but... Caribbean, eh?
Um... is it bad I immediately think of rum first? And then... these suckers that were sold in middle school that had Caribbean as part of the name...
Movies or books - Pirates of the Caribbean of course... books - I want to say something like the Cove, but that's fuzzy for me.
Congratulations on this new book, I've been hearing fantastic things about it.

chelleyreads said...

hi Jo! thanks! I've always pronounced it as "shelley" b/c my real name is michelle. It's actually a combination of my sister & my name b/c we share our book blog.

I went and looked for a longer excerpt of noelle's book & I want to read more! I also went on the website & read the "don't try this at home" warning under Connor's book. LOL it made me more curious!